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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 12, December 2016 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Sensory Evaluation And Analysis Of Physico-Chemical Parameters Of Some Plain Set Yoghurt Brands Sold In Matara Municipal Area Of Sri Lanka

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K.K.G.U Hemamali, S.M. Amarathunge



chemical parameters, consumer acceptance, physical parameter, plain set yoghurt, sensory evaluation, yoghurt brands, yoghurt quality.



Production, selling, consumption and concern of plain set yoghurt show incitement in the last few time periods in Sri Lanka. New plain set yoghurt brands are coming to the Sri Lankan market very quickly too. The aim of this study was an attempt to do sensory evaluation and compare the physical and chemical parameters of some selected plain set yoghurt brands sold in Matara municipal area of Sri Lanka. Five different brands of plain set yoghurt samples were selected on the basis of preliminary survey done. Then all the selected plain set yoghurt samples were test for organoleptic characters such as color, aroma, appearance, thickness, taste, sourness, sweetness and over all acceptability. After that all the selected plain set yoghurt samples were analyzed with their physical and chemical parameters such as syneresis effect, pH, titratable acidity, total protein content. By doing analysis of sensory evaluation, the brand 12 was the least acceptable product while brand 15 was the most acceptable product by thirty untrained panelists. It also revealed that the thickness with appearance and taste had significant influence (p<0.05) on over all acceptability of the plain set yoghurt brand. According to the results obtained, all physico-chemical parameters significantly differ (p<0.05) between the plain set yoghurt brands too. Hence, plain set yoghurt manufacturers must give attention on improvement of thickness, taste and appearance for better consumer acceptance and for better production. Overall plain set yoghurt quality assessment needs good care on quality control during processing.



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