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IJSTR >> Volume 6 - Issue 1, January 2017 Edition

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Political Identitiy Of A Minority Group: Study Of Noaulu State Community Survival Strategy In Sepa Central Maluku

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Abdul Manaf Tubaka, Hamka Napping, Armin Arsyad, Tasrifin Tahara



The politics of Identity, Minority group, Survival Strategy, and Religion of Noaulu.



This study has five objectives. Firstly, why religion of Noaulu can survive in the Midst of social change Increasingly. Secondly, how the relationship that has developed between Naulu Community and the government maintains Reviews their identity. Thirdly, how the government treats the minority of Noaulu along with Reviews their existence. Fourthly, how the factors of social ,, culture and politics influence the sustainability of the political dynamic of Noaulu community in Sepa. Sixthly, how the shared value that has been applied by Noaulu community and the political identity as addressing the political dynamic of the social structure of society. This study used a qualitative method with the approach of verstehen or understanding to dig the data is from inside (inside view) of values or meanings that comes from the subject of the study through the individuals and the phenomenon of political identity in Noaulu community. Data were gained through the observation, depth interview and documentation. The analysis of data begins with making the abstraction, Categorization, coding, checking the correctness of the data and then interpreting the data is and drawing the conclusion. Results of the study Showed that; firstly, the religion Becomes the adhesive strength of identity that Allows the sustainability of Noaulu Community. Secondly, each of the minority community, it will adapt Strategically to the power of the state in the relations of Resistance in compliance. Thirdly, the New Order State has made the space plurality of race, religion and ethnicity in the political stability that is rigid, Thus it turns off the articulation space of religion and cultural identity of each minority group. Fourthly, factors of social, cultural, political and give impact in the area of social relations, culture, and politics as well. Fifthly, each of minority community, always possess shared values such as high trust, commitment to the religion, loyaity to the group, and the value of reciprocity where everyone helps each other, keep exist. Reviews These practices Become a marker strength to the identity politics of Noaulu minority community in maintaing Reviews their beliefs of religion and culture.



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