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IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 2, February 2019 Edition

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Kansei Words Of Batik Samarinda As A Differential Questionique II Questioner In Determining New Motif Batik Samarinda

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Darius Shyafary, Dita Andansari, Rony H.



bati,k design, preference, Samarinda, SD I , questioner, kansei words



Typical batik craft of East Kalimantan is one area that has a major contribution to the improvement of the regional economy. However, there are not many product innovations conducted by SMEs Batik Craft in East Kalimantan. Recent product development trends lead to a product designed based on customer needs (customer-oriented). There has been no attempt to develop batik products based on customer preferences of handicraft products. Existing problems are (1) How is the preference of the people of East Kalimantan to the current batik design (2) How can kansei customers to batik East Kalimantan. The objectives of the research are (1) To know the preference of East Kalimantan people to the design of batik of East Kalimantan at this time (2) To know the customer's kansei to batik design of East Kalimantan The method used is the initial design of the research, collecting kansei words, preparing the Semantic Differential Questionnaire (SD) , distribution of SD I questionnaire, the statistica analysis I, a collection of product samples. The results of the analysis of the distribution of SD I questionnaire that consumers in choosing batik Samarinda influenced by four factors that explain the total variance of 69.649% with details: design factor with variance of 36.880%, display factor with variance of 10.509%, material factor with variance of 7.860% and emotional appeal factor with variance of 5,465%.



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