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IJSTR >> Volume 9 - Issue 1, January 2020 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Enhanced Lexical Based Technique For Opinion Mining In Tourism

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Meenakshi Bansal



Ontology, Reviews, Opinion Mining, sentiwordnet, lexical, tokens.



Today is the era of online shopping. Most of the people do online shopping for their convenience. It includes both M-Commerce and E-Commerce. Important part of the online shopping are the reviews given by the customer which gives the rating to the product they have purchased. In addition to the product reviews, customer also give reviews about company and post purchase experience. These reviews effects the promotion of the product and also helps others to take wise decisions regarding the purchase of goods. This research is focused on studying the reviews on tourism. In which people gives reviews regarding Hotels, Recreation places etc. They also reviews regarding Food, Room, Room Service, Parking, Pick up facility etc. In this research lexical based approach is used to identify the collective analysis for positive and negative reviews. So that people who are trying to take the services following the reviews can see the collective scenario. Current lexical based approach is better than the previous research which was based on sentiwordnet. In sentiwordnet the marks or grade given to the positive, negative, and neutral word. With the help of lexical approach reviews have been tokenized. Positive, negatives and neutral reviews are compared with established Ontology. This mined information will provide better view regarding the total reviews rather than studying all the individual reviews. Experimental results shows much better performance to have collective analysis by automated tool in terms of accuracy and time taken.



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