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IJSTR >> Volume 9 - Issue 1, January 2020 Edition

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Complex Of Country Architectural Ensemble Complexes Chor Bakr

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Dinara Anvarovna Nazarova



Chor Bakr complex, suburban architectural ensemble, necropolis, mosque, khonako.



This article is regarding to the study of architectural structures in the Chor Bakr complex, located close to Bukhara on the territory of Uzbekistan. The article reveals the history of the emergence and further development of the Chor Bakr complex. Different consideration is the main structures that make up the ensemble, such as the madrassa, the mosque, the khonaka and the minaret. Also given are some data on the culture of the development of traditional landscape architecture, lost to this day in the complex under consideration. Based on the analysis of the main architectural structures and conclusions are drawn, which reflect the principles of the formation of the medieval architectural ensembles of Uzbekistan



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