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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 3, March 2015 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Apparatus Development In Maros

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H. Aras Solong, H. Sulaiman Asang, Badu H. Ahmad, H. Muh. Akmal



Key Words: Development, Local Government, Apparatus, Maros



ABSTRACT: This study aims to identify and describe (1) Development of Administrative through education and training (training), promotion, transfer and rotation, and the application of demotion system (non-title) under Law No. 43 of 1999 on the development of career civil servants based merit system and work performance, and Government Regulation No. 101 of 2000 on Education and Training (Training) for Civil Servants. (2) Revealing differences in work motivation based on the intensity of the education or training (training) using Herzberg's Two Factor Theory of extrinsic factors (hygiene) and intrinsic factors (motivator) that influence employees motivation Maros regency government in carrying out its duties and functions as members civil in public service. This study uses a quantitative approach to date collection techniques through a questionnaire (Questionnaire). Informant are civil servants who occupied echelon II, III. And IV, while the analysis of the date used quantitative analysis to uncover the implementation of personnel development and employees motivation difference Maros region based on the intensity of the education or training (training) to get job satisfaction in the public service. The results of this study will reveal that; (1) Development of Apparatus for improving the knowledge, ability, professionalism, competence, skills, can work as a reformer, change attitude, eager to work, motivated to do the work, get satisfaction in work and getting justice in employment. (2) The difference in work motivation Maros local government employees affected by extrinsic factors (hygiene) and intrinsic factor (motivator) is the variable gain high salary (H) occupies the first ranking, while serving the community satisfaction variables (M) occupy the last ranking. That is, that the satisfaction of serving the people affected by the high salaries earned by the employees to do the job.



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