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IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 3, March 2019 Edition

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The Effect Competence And Motivation To Satisfaction And Performance

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Fikri Adam, Jeny Kamase



Competence, Motivation, Satisfaction dan Performance.



This research aims to find out and analyze the influence of the competence, motivation towards job satisfaction.To know and analyze the competence and motivation towards the performance of employees.To know and analyze to find out and analyze the influence of the competence and motivation on performance through job satisfaction. The method of this research is quantitative descriptive using observation, interview and kuasioner in analyzing data to explain the phenomenon.Analysis tools used are SEM to explain all the hypotheses put forward in this study through the application of AMOS.The population in this study as many as 150 employees and a sample of this research using a multistage sampling, where the method is done by stages as follows using the sampling or judgement based on criteria and both use proportional stratified random sampling. The results of this research are positive effect not significant competencies against job satisfaction, motivation and positive effect significantly to job satisfaction, the positive effect of competence and not significantly to the performance of the employees.A positive and significant effect of motivation against the performance of employees. Job satisfaction the positive and significant effect against the performance of employees.Competence of influential positive and insignificant against the performance of employees through job satisfaction.significant motivation and a positive influence on performance that is mediated by job satisfaction.



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