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IJSTR >> Volume 10 - Issue 2, February 2021 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Moda Choice Between Water Moda And Land Moda On Kertapati Station -16 Ilir Palembang Route

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Chairul Insani Ilham, Dahlia Dewi Apriani, Raffi Muhammad, Besar Alviansyah



Traveling time, general cost, land mode, river mode.



The congestion that occurs in Palembang City is caused by the number of vehicles that have exceeded the road capacity. One way to reduce congestion in Palembang is by shifting road loads to the Musi River. research will be carried out on prospects service users to switch from the land mode, namely city transportation (public transportation) to river mode, namely water buses on the Kertapati-16 Ilir route, by comparing traveling time and cost between these modes. If the general cost of water buses is cheaper than the general cost of public transportation, the proportion of water bus use can reach 53%. If the general cost of water buses and city transportation has a price value that is comparable or nearly the same or greater, then the proportion of water bus service users ranges from 30-40 percent, so it is possible that the desire of service users to use water buses is possible.



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