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Nov 2018 to May 2020


IJSTR >> Volume 9 - Issue 3, March 2020 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Knowledge Management System Of Furniture Production And Distribution

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Hanif Yahya Alyazidi, Syaifudin, Gatot Budi Santoso, Wegig Murwonugroho



Becerra-Fernandez, Expert System, Forward Chaining, Furniture, Knowledge Management System, SDLC, Universitas Trisakti



Furniture is one of the largest industrial sectors in Indonesia, Furniture is also one of the largest export commodities in Indonesia. At present the demand for furniture in Indonesia can still be met by domestic furniture production while the rest is controlled by imported products and growing rapidly. The lack of regulatory support, for example such as the difficulty of export permits, the difficulty of obtaining raw materials, high loan interest rates and education about the production and distribution process of furniture makes the furniture industry in Indonesia even worse. As a result today many furniture industries are experiencing a decline due to the lack of furniture entrepreneurs because they do not understand how to market furniture, There are still many furniture entrepreneurs who do not know choosing good wood and many do not know how to start a furniture business. The purpose of this research is to get a knowledge management system design and expert system that can be used by novice furniture entrepreneurs, furniture manufacturers, furniture distributors and furniture consumers. The method used is for KMS using the Becerra-Fernandez development framework, Expert Systems using the Forward Chaining method, System development using SDLC, System design using DFD, ERD and applications are implemented using the Drupal Framework. The results of this study are in the form of a Knowledge Management System website for furniture production and distribution that can be used by furniture manufacturers, distributors and furniture consumers.



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