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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 4, April 2018 Edition

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ISSN 2277-8616

The Effect Of Brand Equity On Purchase Decisions Laptop Toshiba In Magister Students Faculty Economic And Business USU

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Nasria Rosa Fitri, Endang Sulistya Rini, Beby Karina Fawzeea Sembiring



Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, Brand Association, Brand Quality Perception, Brand Loyalty, Purchase Decisions.



In line with the technological advances and the high level of people's busyness in today's modern era, it also changed the way people meet their daily needs, such as the need for information fulfillment. Society needs a tool that is able to provide information, facilitate work, easy to carry and easy to use like a laptop. Laptop comes from the word lap and top, which means on the lap. This tool has become a phenomenon in recent eras because it has been able to provide solutions for the modern era of people who have dynamic jobs and moving places, so the laptop becomes a good solution because it can be taken anywhere. The purpose of this study is to know and analyze the influence brand awareness, brand association, brand quality perceptions, and brand loyalty to Toshiba laptop purchase decisions to Magister students at faculty of economics and business in University of North Sumatera. The type of research is descriptive quantitative, and descriptive explanatory approach. The population in this study is the Magister students at Faculty of Economics and Business in University of North Sumatera who ever purchased on laptop Toshiba at least once, and the samples are as many as 87 respondents. The sampling technique used is accidental sampling. Methods of data collection were done with questionnaires and documentation studies. Methods of data analysis were done by multiple linear regression analysis. The results show that brand awareness, brand association, brand quality perception, and brand loyalty simultaneously have a positive and significant effect on Toshiba laptop purchase decision. Partially brand loyalty had the most dominant influence to the decision of purchasing of magister students at Faculty of Economics and Business in University of North Sumatera.



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