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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 5, May 2015 Edition

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Influence Of Sympathetic Hyperactivity And Levels Of Endothelin-1 In Hypertension To Pregnancy And Small For Gestational Age (SGA)

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Pesta Corry Sihotang



Index Terms: PIH, CPT, ET-1, SGA



Abstract: Pesta Corry Sihotang. Effect of sympathetic hyperactivity, Endothelial Dysfunction Due to Hypertension and Small for gestational age (SGA). In Indonesia, hypertension due to pregnancy (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension) range from 5-10% of all pregnancies. This is a major cause of death, after bleeding. Hypertension due to pregnancy can be Preeclampsia and eclampsia, if not handled appropriately. This study aimed to prove the influence of the sympathetic hyperactivity, endothelial dysfunction on the incidence of PIH and SGA. The study design is nested cohort. Methods and ways of working: 30 pregnant women who were willing to participate in this study examined after signing the agreement / informed consent. Research subjects are grouped into groups of PIH and Normal and followed until delivery. In conclusion there was a significant difference between the incidence hype-reactor and hypo-reactor second trimester with the incidence of PIH and normotensive with Chi-Square P <0.05 against the incidence of hypertension. While the risk of PIH on hype-reactor group in the second trimester has RR 3.66 (CI 1.04 to 12.9), while the results of the third trimester there is a difference between having hype-reactor and hypo-reactor with RR of 5.83 (CI 1.37 to 24.6). Results ET-1 shows the differences in levels of endothelin in the third trimester with PIH and normotensive patients, namely (R = 0.38 p = 0.038 and R = 0.49, p = 0.005). Furthermore, in the third trimester relationship with the incidence of PIH R = 0.74 or 0.01 p in the end there are differences between the mean levels of ET-1 in the third trimester between PIH and normotensive group (p <0.05). Recommendations CPT (Cord Pressure Test) is a tool that can be used to predict the incidence of hypertension in pregnancy, especially in the second trimester, while the results of Elisa can predict the incidence of hypertension in pregnancy.



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