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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 5, May 2015 Edition

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Settlement Dynamics In The Northern Fringes Of Port Harcourt Metropolis

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Ibama Brown, Wachukwu Fyneface Chijioke



Keywords: Settlement, Settlement Growth, Settlement Dynamics and concept of infrastructure



ABSTRACT: Growth in Port Harcourt has been experienced in terms of population and space. However, while some settlements in the northern fringes of Port Harcourt metropolis are growing rapidly, some are almost stagnant if not shrinking. This work has identified reasons why Port Harcourt is growing towards the north, factors for changes in population, land-use and infrastructure, the magnitude of the changes in population and infrastructure have been identified, the role of both the public and private sector in addressing the issue of rapid growth of settlements that are immerging as the bigger settlements in an unplanned and uncontrollable way have been discussed. Questionnaires were administered, oral interviews were conducted and personal observations helped in gathering information about the study area. Findings indicates that there is correlation between population and infrastructural development, some settlements are densely populated while others are sparsely populated, some settlements need facilities that will cause multiplier’s effect while others need facilities that will serve their basic needs. People are moving to the northern fringes of Port Harcourt metropolis because land is available, less expensive and the topography encourages infrastructural development. This work has assessed the dynamics of settlements in the northern fringes of Port Harcourt metropolis by looking at changes in population and infrastructure.



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