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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 5, May 2015 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Swing Set Irrigation System

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Ambe Verma, Ankita Pandey, Jagriti Shanker, Nitu Pandey, Swati Singh Sarkar, Ajay Yadav





ABSTRACT: India is a vast country based on agriculture and irrigation is the most important factor for agriculture. In India there are many sources provide for irrigation. Every day new technologies are emerged in the world which brings a revolutionary change in the nature of this world. day by day the energy resources used by the large population of this world are coming on the last stage This project give the idea that how the other different form of energy can be used and implemented efficiently to overcome from this problem The aim of this project is to achieve the objective of energy lasting problem which is likely to be faced over in coming decades. Energy lasting is a big problem in India. This is faced by every people, who live in the country. Swing energy is the form of energy. In this paper we have represented the methodology of swing energy using for rural area of application. This paper is all about Swing Set Water Pump in which the water pump will execute with the help of a swing set of canopy type. As we need a motor to operate the water pump but in this project we use the swing in the place of motor and we use oscillatory motion of swing in the place of rotating motion of a motor. Everybody has needed the energy at an increasing rate, ever since he came on the Earth. Because of this lot of energy has been exhausted and wasted. All the member are dedicated the amount of their important time to participate in multiple meetings, read and research for making the content to the report. We would especially like to thanks for the efficient condition of the entire Advisory member and their experiences. This study was initial and performed within the BUDDHA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, GIDA, Gorakhpur the final report represents the labour and interest of the entire member working for this project. Finally, we would like to thanks to all the member of our college workshop who helped us in manufacturing of this project model.



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