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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 6, June 2016 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Design And Analysis Of Doppler Radar-Based Vehicle Speed Detection

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Su Myat Paing, Su Su Yi Mon, Hla Myo Tun



CW Doppler Radar, Doppler Effect, Doppler Shift, Microcontroller, Amplifier.



The most unwanted thing to happen to a road user is road accident. Most of the fatal accidents occur due to over speeding. Faster vehicles are more prone to accident than the slower one. Among the various methods for detecting speed of the vehicle, object detection systems based on Radar have been replaced for about a century for various purposes like detection of aircrafts, spacecraft, ships, navigation, reading weather formations and terrain mapping. The essential feature in adaptive vehicle activated sign systems is the accurate measurement of a vehicle’s velocity. The velocities of the vehicles are acquired from a continuous wave Doppler radar. A very low amount of power is consumed in this system and only batteries can use to operate. The system works on the principle of Doppler Effect by detecting the Doppler shift in microwaves reflected from a moving object. Since, the output of the sensor is sinusoidal wave with very small amplitude and needs to be amplified with the help of the amplifier before further processing. The purpose to calculate and display the speed on LCD is performed by the microcontroller.



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