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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 6, June 2018 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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A Comparison Investigation On The Effect Of Base Oil And Recycle Oil On The Concrete Performance

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Abdullah Jaber Hussain, Merzah Kareem Imran, Hala Kadhim Tayyeh



recycle oil, concrete, compressive strength, base oil



In the present investigation recycled oils used in concrete mixture. The lubricant grade are according to the US standard 5w20 , 5w30 , 10w30 collected from internal combustion engines. The amount of added oil ranged from (10-15) % from the water content hence a reduction of water by the same percentage was take place from the standard unit of concrete (cubic meter), however, the amount of this reduction was calculated and found that the oil added to the single test cube is 50 ml, then SP90 also added to the concrete mixture by amount of 150 ml. A comparisons was made between the lubricant and SP90 for the concrete mixture . The study showed that the results match fairly with the findings of other researchers. The recycle oil used in concrete mixture increase the workability , maintain and improves compressive strength and increases air content. The study also investigate and compare the effect of recycled oil and fresh oil on the concrete mixture and no significant effect observed aluminum sulphate were used to remove the debris from the used oil , which proved efficient in this field according to the practical results mentioned in this work.



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