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IJSTR >> Volume 10 - Issue 5, May 2021 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

The Effect Of Natural Rubber (Latex) Addition On Hrs-Wc Asphalt Mixing With Fly Ash As Filler

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Mohammad Erfan , Vega Aditama , Afriza Marianti S.



Asphalt, fly ash, latex



Increasing traffic volume which is increasing rapidly can result in a level of damage such as deformation of the road surface layer caused by the influence of excessive traffic loads (overload), it is necessary to have a good quality pavement mixture with high durability or durability. Improve the quality of the asphalt mixture with the addition of natural rubber (latex) as an additive which is expected to improve the characteristics of the pavement. In addition to the addition of natural rubber, the use of rock ash filler is replaced with fly ash. This study used variations of asphalt content of 7%, 7.5%, 8%, with variations in the content of natural rubber in 7%, 8%, 9% of the total weight of asphalt and variations of fly ash filler 4%, 5%, 6% of the weight. specimen to find the optimum mixture. Based on the results of testing the characteristic value of Marshall with the addition of latex using fly ash filler in the HRS-WC mixture, it can be seen that the stability value has increased by 15.75% from before the addition of latex. The results of the correlation analysis are 0.99899, this indicates a strong relationship. Based on the results of hypothesis testing, it was found that the effect of variations in latex levels, variations in levels of fly ash, and variations in asphalt levels on the marshall parameter value.



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