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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 6, June 2015 Edition

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Change On The S-Z Effect Induced By The Cooling Flow (CF) On The Hot Electronic Gas At The Center OF The Clusters Of Galaxies

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Enkelejd Caca



Keywords: Cluster of Galaxies, X-ray, Comptonization, Cooling Flow, S-Z effect



ABSTRACT: Building more accurate profiles for temperature and density of hot electronic gas, concentrated in the center of clusters of galaxies, is a constant problem in survey of Sunyeav Zel’dovich effect (SZ). An effect that consists in the inverse Compton effect of the hot electronic gas interacting with Cosmic Microwave Back- ground (CMB) photons passing through Intra Cluster Medium (ICM). So far, the Isothermal model is used for temperature profiling in the calculation of the inverse Compton effect, but based on the recent improved observations from satellites, which showed that the hot electronic gas presents a feature, called Cooling Flow (CF). Temperatures in this model differs towards the edges of the Clusters of Galaxies, leading to a change on the Compton parameter in comparison with Isothermal model. In this paper are processed data, provided by X-ray satellite, Chandra. The X-ray analysis is based on two models for the electron density and temperature profile. A sample of 12 clusters of galaxies are analyzed, and by building the temperature profiles using CF model, the differences on the Compton parameter, are 10-100% in comparison with Isothermal model. Therefore to increase the accuracy of evaluation of the Compton parameter, we should take into account the change of the electronic gas tempera- ture, change that affect changes in both, CMB spectrum and temperature, from SZ effect.



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