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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 6, June 2015 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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The Social And Economic Impacts Of The Mile 1 Rumuwoji Market In Port Harcourt On Its Immediate Environs

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Ibama Brown, Wocha Chikagbum, Udoh Imoh Jerimiah



Keywords: Central Place, Effects, Hazards, Market, Mitigation and Enhancement



ABSTRACT: In recent years, the development of standard markets and its impact on the environs has become a burning issue in the minds of many governments and people alike. Consequently, this paper is poised to take a comprehensive look at the location of the Rumuwoji Mile 1 Market in Port Harcourt with respect to the social and economic impacts on the environs. The State Government has shown considerable interest in the location of the market and other ancillary activities and facilities around it. This led to considerable emphasis being placed on the relationship between the various land-uses, viz: residential, commercial, recreational, transportation etc, in most urban centers in like Port Harcourt. This has become imperative as there seem to be palpable hazards and effects being exacted on the environs daily by different socio-economic activities within and around the market. In the same vein, this paper has taken special interest in identifying different hazards and the real and potential effects the Mile 1 Rumuwoji market has on its immediate environs as a segment of an urban city of Port Harcourt. The methodology employed in conducting the research was the Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP) to ascertain the hazards and effects posed by the market. From the research, it was discovered that the market serves as a central place because it attracts people from different origin to the area and that properties in the area are of mixed uses. The market provides employment in the area. Noise and unhealthy sanitary practices are allowed to thrive there and inadequate parking spaces. To mitigate these challenges, some of the recommendations includes: the adoption of the social impact mitigation and enhancement framework, provision of basic facilities and services, the creation of more parking spaces. Sanitary laws and effective refuse collection and disposal should be put in place. If these are done, the living conditions of the people living in the area will be improved and the quality of their lives enhanced.



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