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Nov 2018 to May 2020


IJSTR >> Volume 9 - Issue 5, May 2020 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Regionalization Of Agricultural Development Region With Z Score From The Perspective Of Indian Agriculture: A Case Study Of Sipajhar Revenue Circle, Darrang District, Assam

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Pabitra Kumar Nath, Chinmoy Raj Saikia



Agricultural Development, Spatial Pattern, Spatial Variation, Choropleth mapping, Z score technique



Currently increasing demand for non-agricultural uses on farmlands leads to a pressing need for the formation of agricultural development regions. Such regionalization of farmland can be of functional use for preserving the same as headquarters of agricultural production by investing more in production infrastructure. Sipajhar revenue circle, Darrang district, Assam having diverse farming practices among different communities, a scientific inquiry into the pattern of agricultural development has been made to have a clear insight into it during 1915-16. The spatial pattern of agricultural development in 14-gram panchayats of the revenue circle is represented through choropleth mapping. Thus the study demonstrates a significant spatial variation concerning different aspects of agricultural practices in the circle and delineates it into three agricultural development regions by using the Z score technique based on six variables. The required data have been collected from a field survey with the help of structured questionnaires and also from secondary sources. The present study is designed to provide a rationale for the future orientation of agricultural planning for a laggard district like Darrang in Assam.



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