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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 6, June 2015 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil Using Envirobase And Sodium Silicate With Lime

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Pramod Kilabanur, Tanveer Ahmad, Dorothy Bhagabati, Nitesh Kumar, Yasaswini S



Keywords: Black cotton soil, California bearing ratio, Envirobase, Lime, plasticity index, sodium silicate, soil stabilization



Abstract: Soil stabilization is a term used for improving mechanical, chemical, physical, biological or combined method to improve the properties of natural soil and making it fit for engineered purpose. This research is focused to evaluate the suitability of Envirobase and Sodium Silicate with lime on some of the geotechnical properties of black cotton soil obtained from Azadpur, Gulbarga located at northern region of Karnataka. The properties include Index properties and Strength properties such as compaction and California bearing ratio. It was observed that addition of Envirobase to the black cotton soil had increased the California bearing ratio by a remarkable amount and the addition of sodium silicate with lime reduced plasticity index of the soil.



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