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IJSTR >> Volume 4 - Issue 7, July 2015 Edition

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About Modern Graphic Reconstruction Wall Painting Of The Throne -Room Of Afrasiab

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Sultanova Dilshoda



Index Terms: Painting of the Ambassadors, wall pre-islamicpainting, ,picturesque manner 3D film coproduction by northeast Asian history foundation and Samarkand state united historical Architectural and art museum of the republic of Uzbekistan.The “Painting of the Ambassadors,” found by accident in 1965, is currently housed in the Afrosiyob Museum. This masterpiece of Sogd art, which dates back to the 7th century, is well known throughout the world. Unfortunately, due to its age, this masterpiece is in danger of disintegrating. Because of its current state of deterioration, it needs to undergo a complete restoration as soon as possible.



Abstract: In article are considered bases scientifically-creative reconstruction of pre-Islamic paintings hall of ambassadors of Afrasiab, executed in interior foyer of institute of Archaeology RUZ.As a result of benchmark analysis modern painting with original museum of Afrasiab possible to define, not before our days of a part and fragments in holistic type that is to say in beginning, what looked before destruction arabic conqueror. Afrasiab paintings, as specific facility more than 16 centuries is studied in our republic and has a questions, which wait their own decisions.The author presents for the first time in picturesque manner to your attention, its interpretation painting, coming from its scientifically-creative experience. Given exploratory work, possible consider, as significant contribution to science on archaeology architecture and art.



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