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IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 8, August 2019 Edition

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Improvement On Service Quality Of Automobile Service Center

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Ashish Jain, Dr. Devendra S. Verma



Service quality; SERVQUAL; Automobile service center; QFD, HOQ.



For an organization customer satisfaction is very important factor. The main aim of this research is measured after sales service performance of the Automobile service center to increase the satisfaction level of customers. In this research, preventive maintenance service of 100-110cc Bike segments in an automobile dealership have been considered for increased satisfaction level of customers. This research uses SERVQUAL model to measure satisfaction level of the customers linked with Quality Function Deployment to translate Voice of the Customers into Technical Requirements and House of Quality is used to compare the Voice of Customers with the Technical Requirements to determine their respective relationships for Service Quality improvement. Improvement on Service quality in the automobile sector on 100-110cc Bike Segments are not constantly practiced. In the current situation the demand of 100-110cc bike is higher so service quality is extremely important. To achieve higher customer satisfaction level, we will have to provide excellent quality as well as high grade preventive maintenance services.



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