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Effect Of Pinealectomy And Recovery Treatment Of Melatonin Dose On Vertebral Column Of Catfish (Heteropneustes Fossilis)

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Reeti Panchal, Sudesh Rani



catfish, melatonin, minerals contents, pineal removal, vertebral column



In order to study the effects of pineal removal on catfish (Heteropneustes fossilis) vertebral column, three groups of catfishes were formed.) Group-A was taken as control where normal fishes were placed. In Group-B, the surgery of pineal gland was performed i.e. pineal gland was removed and considered as pinealectomized group. Group-C fishes were pinealectominzed, administered with injections of 200mg melatonin dose/Fish. At the end of experimental period, growth abnormality in vertebral column and minerals contents in bones were measured. Results indicate that in pinealectomized group and melatonin received group fishes, the growth was reduced and hence lives weight gain values were obtained with negative sign. Results on vertebral column suggested that more curvature in spine was recorded in pinealectominzed fish. Whereas the fish which received melatonin dose the change in vertebral column was only slightly. Which indicates that melatonin is helpful to overcome the deficiency of mineral contents in bone.



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