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IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 8, August 2019 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Parental Encouragement And Achievement Motivation Among Adolescents

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Dr. Suvidha, Divya Gera



achievement motivation and adolescents and parental encouragement



The study aimed to assess the level of Parental Encouragement and Achievement Motivation. The study was conducted on 200 secondary and higher secondary students (100 girls and 100 boys) from 2 schools one private and one government schools of Delhi. The major objectives were to find out gender differences in Parental Encouragement and Achievement Motivation, to find out the differences in Parental Encouragement and Achievement Motivation in students of government and private schools and to find out correlation between Parental Encouragement and Achievement Motivation. The standardized tools used for data collection were Parental Encouragement Scale by Dr. R.R.Sharma (2014) and Deo-Mohan achievement motivation scale developed by Prof. Pratibha Deo and Dr. Asha Mohan (2011). The results showed that majority of adolescents possess average level of parental encouragement and achievement motivation followed by high and low. Findings of the present study also revealed that non-significant gender differences existed in parental encouragement and achievement motivation levels of girls and boys respondents indicating that boys and girls adolescents perceived their parents to be non-biased as far as parental encouragement is concerned. On the other hand, there is significant differences in Parental encouragement and achievement motivation in students of private and government schools students, Result revealed that parental encouragement and achievement motivation are significantly correlated with each other. It can be concluded that more the adolescents are encouraged by parents, greater is their achievement motivation.



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