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IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 8, August 2019 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Effect Of Spalling In Different Position Vertically On Mid Span Of Tooth In Mesh

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Akhilesh Lodwal, Dr. Ashesh Tiwari



TVMS, Spall



Time Varying gear mesh stiffness (TVMS) provides important information about health of a geared system. The spalling created/ developed on gear profile causes change in Time Varying gear mesh stiffness behaviour of the system. In this paper the spalling is assumed in mid of the gear tooth profile anywhere from top of the tooth to the bottom of the tooth and then the effect of change in TVMS by changing in width and height of spall is calculated. The potential energy method is used for the above calculation. This study is done by keeping in mind the vibration behaviour change due to sudden change in gearmesh stiffness. The metrology of gear is used to do calculations. It is found that as the fault occurs near the tip it may give impulse due sharp change in mesh stiffness but as we go towards root side the variation of TVMS is found throughout the contact of teeth. So in all the position of spall may take some span in the dynamic behaviour. Firstly an analytical method is used to calculate stiffness & then the effect of change in stiffness is calculated by varying the geometry of spalling. This paper will help in fault finding of gear analytically and data may be useful for dynamic analysis.



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