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IJSTR >> Volume 6 - Issue 9, September 2017 Edition

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Evaluation Of Drainage Channel Dimension Plan Based On Planned Discharge In Jalan Flamboyan Raya Of Tanjung Selamat Village

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Basyarullah Lubis



Dimension, Drainage, Planned Discharge



In the construction of public facilities and infrastructure, attention should always be given to matters that are directly or indirectly related to the construction of such facilities and infrastructure. As in the construction of drainage, there are several things that affect it, one of which is most often used as a reference in the calculation of drainage channel dimension is maximum rainfall or maximum daily rainfall intensity. Tanjung Selamat is chosen for study because this road is a liaison route for the surrounding community activities and Tanjung Selamat area and Medan city or Pancur Batu District. Therefore, it is necessary a review of the existing drainage channel of rapid development that occurred in Jalan Flamboyan Raya of Tanjung Selamat village both residential areas and places of business. This situation reduces the area of water catchment so that water is often abundant and make the existing drainage channel cannot accommodate it. This research is conducted in several stages, and with Pearson's Log Distribution Method of Type III which aims to determine the magnitude of the peak flood discharge in a particular repetitive period. Based on the results of research and calculations that have been done know that the amount of existing drainage discharge ( )is smaller than peak flood discharge ( )in the area around Flamboyan Road Raya of Tanjung Selamat village. Other causes of the flooding that occurred in the location where the research that the authors do is human behavior that is not friendly to the environment such as littering haphazardly or into the drainage channel, less attention to the maintenance of drainage channels around their dwelling, soil-walled conditions so very vulnerable to changes that affect the ability of the channel to drain the water. Equally important is the development around Jalan Flamboyan Raya of Tanjung Selamat village especially the establishment of various buildings either for residences or for business places resulting in reduced water catchment area. To overcome the problem of puddles / floods with the concept of minimizing or eliminating it in the area around Jalan Flamboyan Raya of Tanjung Selamat village which has an area of water puddle  6.839742165 Ha is rearranged the existing drainage network.



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