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IJSTR >> Volume 6 - Issue 9, September 2017 Edition

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Factor Analysis Of Competitiveness Small Medium Industry Case In Serdang Bedagai District, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Satria Tirtayasa, Mukmin



Minimum 7 keywords are mandatory, Keywords should closely reflect the topic and should optimally characterize the paper. Use about four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.



Small Medium Industry (SMI) is one of important sector for Indonesia economy, especially for the region/province development. Because of the North Sumatra province goverment has to indentify the competitiveness of SMI industry of every districts and analysis what are dominant factors that has a high competitiveness of SMI at Serdang Bedagai Districts, thus it can make contribution for goverment program and activity to increase SMI. The SMI competitiveness research analysis based on the five aspects, such as capital, production, promotion, management, and sales. The reseach sample of Serdang Bedagai Distric t are 100 SMI where spread at 15 Sub-Districts. The reseacrh have found that two sub-Districts has high competitiveness, such as Pantai Cermin Sub-Distric and Sei.Rampah Sub-District. Meanwhile, factor analysis found that promotion aspect and production aspect are dominant factors for SMI compettiveness at Serdang Bedagai Distric (North Sumatra-Indonesia) with Variance Explaince 35,65 %. Therefore, both aspects (promotion and production are importan factor of Serdang Bedagai District government to enhance the SMI.



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