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IJSTR >> Volume 8 - Issue 10, October 2019 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Optimization Of Surface Roughness Using Jaya Algorithm In EDM

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Neeraj Agarwal, Dr. Nitin Shrivastava, Dr. M. K. Pradhan



EDM, electric discharge machining, surface roughness, optimization, Jaya algorithm, advanced optimization, single objective optimization, RSM, Titanium alloy.



Electric discharge machining (EDM) is the most popular advanced machining process. EDM is able to cut any material. Titanium alloy has very good strength to weight ratio but It is very difficult to cut with conventional machining processes. Finishing process required an excellent surface finish. In this research paper surface roughness (Ra) is optimized. Four input parameter peak current (Ip), pulse on time (Ton), duty factor (t) and voltage (V) considered as a process control parameter. Response surface methodology is used to develop a predictable mathematical model to show the relation between surface roughness and four input parameter Ip, Ton, t, and V. This mathematical model is used to optimize surface roughness using advanced optimization technique – Jaya algorithm.



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