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IJSTR >> Volume 1 - Issue 11, December 2012 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Oral Health Status of Institutionalized Street Children Aged 5-15 Years In Guntur City, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Dr. Srinivas R, Dr. P. Srinivas, Dr. V. Viswanath, Dr. S. Suresh, Dr. T. Devaki and Dr. V. Narayana



KEY WORDS:- Institutionalized Street children, Substance use, Caries prevalence, Treatment needs.



ABSTRACT :- OBJECTIVES: To assess the oral health status, oral hygiene practices and personal habits of institutionalized street children in Guntur city. METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on all street children (255) between 5 -15 years present during the study period in Guntur city. Information regarding the demographic factors, personal habits and oral hygiene practices was obtained by interview method using questionnaire in a private area away from other participants. Along with this oral examination was performed according to ADA type III examination using mouth mirror, CPI probe in a natural day light. Data was collected by using modified WHO Proforma (1997). RESULTS: Mean age of study subjects was 11.02±2.3. Among the children interviewed in the present study, 3.1% had indulged in substance use any time in their life. Bleeding and calculus was diagnosed as 52.5% and 42.4% respectively in children. Prevalence of dental caries was 50.19%. The mean dmft value was 0.70±0.395 and mean DMFT value was 0.49±0.930. 43.13% subjects require one surface filling, 11.4% subjects require two or more surface fillings, 17.3% subjects require extraction. CONCLUSION: The present study reveals higher levels of dental caries experience and untreated dental disease. Institutionalized street children from present study are commonly faced with oral health problems, especially periodontal problems.



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