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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 12, December 2018 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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The Effect Of Product Innovation, Consumer Attitude And Advertising At The Purchase Decision Of Yamaha Motorcycle In CV Sejati Mitra Motor Medan Marelan

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Derajat Pulungan, Amrin Fauzi, Endang Sulistya Rini



Product innovation, customerís attitude, advertisement attraction, buying decision.



Yamaha as a growing automotive company realizes intense competition among automotive industries. Yamaha continuously convinces the consumers provide the best further. There are many Yamaha distributors in Medan selling various parts of its products. Nowadays, in Indonesia, the selling of motorcycle is still dominated by four well-known brands such as Honda ,Yamaha, Suzuki , and Kawasaki. These brands have been familiar to the Indonesian. Yamaha, one of the biggest motorcycle companies in the world, is the second leading company selling motorcycle in Indonesia. In 2012, the selling of Yamaha Motorcycle was recorded as many as 2.433.354 units, while as many as 3.147.873 units were registered at AISI (Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association) in 2011. Target market of Yamaha decreased to 39.14% in 2011 and to 34.07% in 2012. The purpose of the study was to find out and analyze the influence of product innovation, consumerís attitude and advertisement attraction on the decision to buy Yamaha Motorcycle at CV. Mitra Motor Sejati Medan Marelan. The data obtained were analyzed through multiple linear regression tests. The result of the study showed that simultaneously the innovation of product, customerís attitude and advertisement attraction had a positive and significant impact on the decision to buy Yamaha motorcycle. Partially, the product innovation and customerís attitude had a positive and significant impact on the decision to buy Yamaha motorcycle. Determination coefficient showed the ability of the innovation product (X1), the consumerís attitude (X2), and advertisement attraction (X3) could explain the adequately strong variation on the decision to buy Yamaha Motorcycle.



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