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IJSTR >> Volume 10 - Issue 11, November 2021 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

Design of Cloud Control System for Supply-oils of color Offset Press

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Xiaopeng Zhou, Peng Cao, Mingfei Wang



color offset press, printing-oils, control system, cloud-edge-end computing



Traditional control method of printing-oils for color offset press is usually based on a single computer system, which has many inconveniences in realizing remote control and centralized management. We designed a CMYK oil-supply control system based on cloud, edge and end-devices. The system is divided into clouds layers, the edge layer and the field equipment layer. The computer is used as the server of the cloud layer and the edge node of the edge layer, design a visual interface through LabVIEW software. STM32 is used as the core controller of the master station and the slave station of the field equipment layer. The STM32 of the master station is transplanted with μC/OS-Ⅲ operating system and LwIP protocol Stack. The master station is connected with the slave station by RS485 bus, and it is connected with the edge node by Ethernet, which realized multi-task scheduling and completed the protocol conversion. Experiments show that system has reduced the delay of transmission by 80% compared to the traditional technology, and the control precision of supply-oil-keys have increased some, at the same time, it also has better performance in real-time and reliability.



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