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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 12, December 2016 Edition

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Isolation Of Total RNA Silkworm (Bombyx Mori L.) Larvae (LEPIDOPTERA:BOMBYCIDAE) C301 On Their Several Body Tissues

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Masitta Tanjung, Maryani Cyccu Tobing, Darma Bakti, Syafruddin Ilyas



Bombyx mori, cuticle layer, rectum, silk gland



Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera:Bombycidae) a group of insect has high economy value. Continually domestication by human leads to the insect get loss of its productivity and more sensitive to high temperature especially while its cultivated in tropical climate. The temperature effect HSP gene of Bombyx mori larvae that responsible for maintaining the body from temperature stress. The gene was obtained by isolation total RNA of larval 5th instar from several organs such as head, silk gland, cuticle layer and and rectum using Trizol reagent. Results showed that the total RNA was found on larval head, silk gland and rectum, whereas, clumping of calcium carbonate occurred on cuticle layer. Based on analytical and RNA quantitative quality using Nanospectrophotometer UV-vis indicate that RNA total on larval cuticle was not detected because of undisolved RNA total in DEPC water and ddH2O.



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