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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 12, December 2016 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Reliability Based Spare Parts Management Using Genetic Algorithm

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Rahul Upadhyay, Suprakash Gupta



Spare parts, Management, Genetic Algorithm.



Effective and efficient inventory management is the key to the economic sustainability of capital intensive modern industries. Inventory grows exponentially with complexity and size of the equipment fleet. Substantial amount of capital is required for maintaining an inventory and therefore its optimization is beneficial for smooth operation of the project at minimum cost of inventory. The size and hence the cost of the inventory is influenced by a large no of factors. This makes the optimization problem complex. This work presents a model to solve the problem of optimization of spare parts inventory. The novelty of this study lies with the fact that the developed method could tackle not only the artificial test case but also a real-world industrial problem. Various investigators developed several methods and semi-analytical tools for obtaining optimum solutions for this problem. In this study, non-traditional optimization tool namely genetic algorithms (GA) are utilized. Apart from this, Cox's regression analysis is also used to incorporate the effect of some environmental factors on the demand of spares. It shows the efficacy of the applicability of non-traditional optimization tool like GA to solve these problems. This research illustrates the proposed model with the analysis of data taken from a fleet of dumper operated in a large surface coal mine. The optimum time schedules so suggested by this GA-based model are found to be cost effective. A sensitivity analysis is also conducted for this industrial problem. Objective function is developed and the factors like the effect of season and production pressure overloading towards financial year-ending is included in the equations. Statistical analysis of the collected operational and performance data were carried out with the help of Easy-Fit Ver-5.5.The analysis gives the shape and scale parameter of theoretical Weibull distribution. The Cox's regression coefficient corresponding to excessive loading and rainfall was obtained in IBM-SPSS Ver-23. The objective function so developed is programmed in MATLAB-2013 and run in Genetic Algorithm environment to obtain the minimum total cost of the inventory. And finally the sensitivity analysis is carried out for this industrial case study problem to find out which component of the cost has greater impact on the total cost of inventory.



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