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IJSTR >> Volume 5 - Issue 12, December 2016 Edition

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Structural And Lithological Reconnaissance Studies Of Part Of North Central Nigeria Using Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus [Etm+] And Shuttle Radar Topography Mission [Srtm] Satellite Imageries

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Apata Dolapo Moses, C.I. Unuevho, S.A. Oke, D. C. Okujagu



Structural, lithological, lineaments, drainage, rossete, Landsat, fault, Joints, folds, Remote Sensing, outcrop, radar, GIS, Basement complex, shist belt, reconnaissance and Nigeria



The Structural and Lithological studies of a part of North Central Nigeria which lies between latitudes 9o11l21.87N and 11o 3l37.29N and longitudes 7o 43l 53.01E and 6o 25l50.65 E covering an area of 170 km by 183 km was carried out using Landsat enhanced thematic mapper plus[ETM+] and shuttle radar topography mission satellite imageries [SRTM]. These imageries were visually and digitally interpreted using softwares such as ArcGis 9.2™, Global mapper™, Multispec™, Ilwis 3.4™ and Microsoft Paint™. The zone is comprised of cellar [basement] rocks such as Granite, Migmatite, Gneiss, Schist and Quartzite which show megascopic structures such as joints, faults and folds. The drainage pattern within the area which include dendritic, rectangular, braided and annular were identified and their geologic implication was inferred. A Rock Outcrop map and a Lineament map of the study area was constructed. Rossete diagram made from the lineaments shows that the principal Strike direction in the study area is NNE-SSW which conforms to the general structural trend direction in the Nigerian Basement.



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