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IJSTR >> Volume 6 - Issue 11, November 2017 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Telecommunication Delivery Among Operators Of GSM In Ekiti State.

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Olumuyiwa Oludare Fagbohun, Oluwumi Adetan



Call quality, Coverage area, interconnectivity and subscribers.



Data survey on the service delivery of the three principal Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Operators in Ekiti State, Nigeria was conducted with a questionnaire administered among its citizens. Three locations: Ado Ekiti (7o381 5o131), Ikere Ekiti (7o301 5o141) and Aramoko Ekiti (7o431 5o31)were selected. Based on the responses from various subscribers using the networks, the performance analyses of the operators were assessed using the descriptive statistical method. The assessment was based on the coverage area; interconnectivity, call quality, number of subscribers; growth and other supplementary services to assist the various GSM operators know the area of weakness and improve on the quality of the service delivery. It was discovered that the users have more complaints to offer with the performance generally rated below average, and a need for fast and better network optimization for needed improvements for an effective telecommunication delivery.



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