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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 12, December 2018 Edition

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Comparison Of The Level Of Decreasing Scale Of Dysmenorea Pain Using Warm Compress And Massage Counterpressure Methods To Junior High School Students In Cimahi City

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Yosi Oktri, SST,MM, Ando Fikri Hakim, S.Kep.,Ners.,MAN, Ryka Juaeriah, SST,MM,M.Keb.



dysmenorrhoea pain, Warm Compresses, Massage Counterpressure.



In Indonesia, the incidence of menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea is 64.25%, consisting of 54.89% of primary dysmenorrhoea and 9.36% of secondary dysmenorrhoea. Dysmenorrhea pain occurs due to contractions of the uterine muscles due to the release of prostaglandins. This pain can spread from the stomach to the waist, lower back, and inner thighs, and can carry out daily activities. Dysmenorrhea can be released non-pharmacologically can be given through warm compresses, cold compresses, counterpressure massage, exercise, rest, deep breathing relaxation techniques, chocolate administration, yoga, and hypnotherapy. This study was conducted to look at a better scale of dysmenorrhea after using counterpressure massage methods and warm compresses on female students in junior high school in the city of Cimahi. The design used in this study was quantitative by observational method using two groups of posttest pretest designs without control. The subjects of the study were 240 female students from 3 junior high schools in Cimahi City who were visited by primary dysmenorrhea, using total sampling. Respondents were divided into 2 groups, namely massage suppressing groups and warm compress groups. The study was carried out for 4 cycles of dysmenorrhea. Data analysis which is different from the independent mean with the t test. The results showed that there was a large scale before and after warm compresses, with a value of p = 0,000 (p <0.05) and there was a decrease in the scale of pain before and after massage with a value of p = 0,000 (p> 0, 05). The results of the study can be duplicated and are very efficient and massage can reduce the scale of dysmenorrhoea pain. Non-pharmacological treatments for hot compresses and counterpressure massages can be used by middle school students to reduce the scale of dysmenorrhoea pain.



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