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IJSTR Volume 7 - Issue 12, December 2018 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

Publication for Volume 7 - Issue 12, December 2018 Edition is in-process. The publication process will complete on December 15, 2018; the full text will be available after the completion of publication process.
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Effectiveness Of Framework Therapy And Reflection On Reduction Of Blood Pressure In Hypertension Patients In Working Area Of Langus Baras Barsa Barat, Langsa City

Elfida,Idwar, Maghfirah and Eva Sulistiany

Cupping (Bekam) is a therapy that aims to cleanse the body of blood containing toxins. So far there has been growing trust from the public, especially Muslims, that Cupping (Bekam) can be used as a therapy for hypertension, this is because Cupping (Bekam) is a therapy recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW that can overcome various diseases.To determine the effectiveness of Cupping (Bekam) therapy and reflection on blood pressure reduction in hypertensive patients in the Langsa Barat Health Center in Langsa City.This type of research is quasi experiment. Design used before and after control. The sample in this study were hypertensive patients as many as 30 people according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria.The reduction in systole in the Cupping (Bekam) group was 19.3 in the reflection group reduced by 12.5. Diastole pressure results in Cupping (Bekam) group decreased by 8.0 while in the reflection group decreased by 11.3. The results of diastole analysis between Cupping (Bekam) and reflection groups only differed by -1.4. Cupping (Bekam) also decreases diastole pressure by 1.4 greater but this decrease is not significant with a p value of 0.77.The results of paired ttest systole and diastole analysis in Cupping (Bekam) and reflection groups after intervention were significant changes (p


Utilization Of Pineapple Leaves Adsorben For Decreasing Phosphate Content Of Laundry Waste


Phosphate is the biggest part of detergent. Constituent subtances exceeding Phosphate concentrate could contaminant the environment. One of methode to reduce phosphate content is adsorption using an adsorbent from pineapple leaves. This research intend to know effect of time and weight adsorbent of pineapple leaves. Pineapple leaf adsorbent who has been activated using 15% HCl. Adsorption process do with phosphate concentrate 2 ppm, 4 ppm and 6 ppm variation using adsorbent 2 gr, 4 gr and 6 gr with time duration 60 minutes. Phosphate concentrate analysis with spectrophotometry devices. 2 ppm concentrate using adsorbent as much as 6 gr obtaining the biggest reduction a number of 99,2 %. Results from characteristic pineapple leaf adsorbent gained 6.2% moisture, 6.8% ash content, fly ash 14.7%, fixed carbon 78.1% and adsorption againts iodine 19%. This result showing that active carbon has been qualified refers to SII No . 0258-79.


Improving The Establishment Of The Goals Of Care With Patients- A Strategy To Reducing Hospital Readmissions In The US


Hospital readmissions have become a problem in the US and many reports have shown that majority of these admissions are avoidable. There can be huge national health cost savings if even just 10% of such readmissions are avoided, because of this CMS) is now penalizing hospitals for what they count as excessive admissions. The causes of these readmissions are multifaceted, and health institutions have different rates. One of the problems hospitals face that largely contributes to these high readmissions rates is poor establishment of goals of care with patients and this can be improved by increasing physician communication and patient engagement. Poor physician communication with patients and suboptimal patient engagement can be attributed to low physician/patient ratio, the EHR effect, language barriers, physicians’ poor communication techniques, literacy level of patients, physicians’ time spent doing administrative work, etc. This article highlights interventions for these problems, some of which are communication skills training program, increasing the physician/patient ratio, physicians training to overcome the interpersonal distancing with which computer use is associated, ready availability of translators, and provision of language specific and literacy appropriate patient educational materials.


The Unprofessional Developer In Nigeria: A Case Of Failed Urban Development Laws

Obiadi, Bons N.

Abuja is the viable outcome of an ambitious national dream that is transforming a virgin savannah terrain into the show piece capital of the most populous black nation-Nigeria. Abuja officially became the capital of Nigeria on 12, December 1991. In establishing Abuja, a Master Plan was developed. The Master Plan was prepared such that land use, infrastructure, housing, transportation, recreation, economic and social services were to be coordinated and inter-related however, successive governments in Abuja neglected the principles and that in urban slums. It is the aims of this paper, to evolve modalities for spatial housing design capable of remedying the existing urban spatial distortions, in a sustainable manner within the Central City areas. The authors adopted content base analysis, targeted data from both primary and secondary sources. The Abuja Master Plan was elaborated to put in place, a sustainable urban spatial environment for all groups or classes of activities to be carried out in the Capital Territory. The Master Plan actually provided for low-income settlements areas, to be built by the government and to be occupied by the public servants; the private sector servants did not appear to be properly provided for and that led to Abuja slums. The goals and objectives of the Master Plan, development laws, the use of professionally trained staff in the execution and implementation of the Master Plan and integration of the informal settlements into the formal settlement areas of the Central City are recommended.


Analysis Of Islamic Public Finance Management In Baitul Māl In Perspective Of Life Is Place Of Worship Domain In Spiritual Management (A Study Of Taqiyuddin An-Nabhani's Thought)

Diyaa Aaisyah S.P.A1), Muhsin Hariyanto2), Royanti. S3)

The purposes of this study is to reveal, explain, and analyze an-Nabhani’s thought regarding public finance management in Baitul Māl using Spiritual Management. This research is motivated by the fall of the last khilafah at 1924 that being replaced by capitalism system. Capitalism system orients on advantage and affected in Islamic economics thoughts nowadays. Taqiyuddin an-Nabhani is the Islamic figure that embraced Islam kaffah, but he lived in the transition of Khilafah to Capitalism. The result shows that Taqiyuddin an-Nabhani’s thought regarding assets management in Baitul Māl are basically post revenue and post expenditure that reflect the income and outcome of khilafah state and not separated from syara’. General analysis shows that an-Nabhani’s thought are related to political characteristics that emphasizes on the role of daulah, imam and khalifah. Implicitly, there is productive assets management through the land of kharajiyah. Besides, the concept of Baitul Māl stated by an-Nabhani is related to property asset that not only manages the social funding but also manages the people’s assets in the scale of daulah. Analysis of formal object shows that Taqiyuddin an-Nabhani’s thought in the context of Baitul Māl have been accordance with the spiritual values within spiritual management.


The Role Of Leadership As A Promise Of Working Achievement Of Employees Of The Religious Ministry Of Lumajang Regency-East Java Province-Indonesia

1. Muhammad Mudhofar 2. Tatang Ary Gumanti

A leader of an organizationsshall have the ability to empower all the potentials that exist in it to improve employees’ work achievement, performance, and work motivation. The ability of a leader to change and influence the behavior of individuals and groups within the organizationis very necessary.This research examines the influence of leadership as the driver of employees work achievement, performance, and work motivation among employees of the government organization. Results using Structural Equation Modeling analysis show that effective leadership is a direct driving factor ofemployees’ work achievementand and it indirectly affects the increase ofemployees’ performance allowance and work motivation. Keywords: leadership, performance allowance, motivation, employees’ work achievement.


Numerical Simulation Of Natural Ventilation For Full-scale Office In Malaysia

Abdulhafid M. Elfaghi

The Natural ventilation is the sustainable solution to maintain the health and environmental conditions comfortable in buildings. This paper presents a 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to investigate indoor environmental conditions of naturally ventilated typical size of single office room of a high-glass wall fitted with two operable windows. The purpose of this work is to facilitate design and analysis of suitable window measurements. The numerical results obtained for a particular time (solar time) available and the maximum discrepancy obtained are 1.7% of temperature and 3% of velocity which are within the accepted level and computations with the CFD based model show best agreement with measurements and good thermal comfort is achieved when the outdoor temperature is moderate.



Eko Adi Widyanto, Nyoria Anggraeni Mersa

Abstract - The two main factors forming student achievement are generally divided into internal and external factors. Internal factors are usually derived from fundamental intelligence possessed by the student concerned while external factors are the competence of educators that are related to the teaching and learning process of the student . The purpose of this study to determine the effect of the competence of lecturers consisting of personal competence, social competence, professional competence, pedagogical competence and students quotient consisting of intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, social intelligence to understanding science accounting department at Samarinda State Polytechnic. Data analysis techniques are done with multiple regression analysis through instrument testing (validity and reliability), classical assumption tests ( normality, multicollinearity, heteroscedasticity and autocorrelation ), and hypothesis testing ( partial and simultaneous ) . The data used is the population of the 6th semester students of 145 students who come from 2 study programs at the Accounting Department of Samarinda State Polytechnic . The results showed that the lecturers' competencies consisting of personality competencies, social competencies, professional competencies and pedagogic competencies all had a positive and significant influence on the understanding of accounting science for students of the Accounting Department of the State Polytechnic of Samarinda. Of the intelligence variables tested, which consists of 4 (four) intelligences namely intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence and spiritual intelligence, only the variables of intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence that influence the understanding of accounting science, while 2 (two) other variables, yakti variable social intelligence and spiritual intelligence have no significant effect.



Devirahtiasari, Restia Fitrarahmasari, Isti Fadah

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) shows that companies are not only oriented to profit seeking, but also must maintain harmony with stakeholders, environment and society. Islamic banks run their business through Islamic law, their CSR policies and practices must achieve the Qur'an and Sunnah. This research is a theoretical and empirical study of research that aims to determine whether CSR in Islamic banks in Indonesia is in accordance with the sharia perspective or not. Islamic banking business activities and CSR practices in Indonesia must be based on sharia principles that have been terminated by the Act. The results show that Islamic banks in Indonesia have implemented and reported CSR activities on companies in the social, educational and environmental fields in accordance with the concept of Sharia Enterprise Theory. CSR activities do not only affect the surrounding community but have a positive impact on the company's reputation



Satria Andhika D. K., Rizky Dwi P., Muhamad Hasan, Isti Fadah

The firm value is the investor's view of the level of success of the company associated with stock prices. Factors that influence firm value include capital structure and profitability, both of which have a relationship and influence on inconsistent company values. This study aims to analyze and assess whether capital structure and profitability affect the value of companies. The method used in this study is comparative and literature study by comparing research with one another to obtain a conclusion. The results of this study indicate that the capital structure and profitability affect the value of the company. Because optimal capital structure and high level of profitability can increase the value of the company.


Take Home Assignment And Performance Of Grade 11 Students

Cherly C. Cordova, Denis A. Tan, Jenyliza T. Ucang

Teachers often complain that students show a negative attitude on their participation in class. They oftentimes go to school unprepared for the lessons, they showed passive attitude towards activities in the classroom, and their awareness on their own learning process is very limited. Thus, this study examined the effect of assignment on the performance of the grade 11 students. The study adopted a quasi-experimental research design. Homework assignments were used in the study to determine if there is a significant difference between two groups namely, the with-assignment group with 57 students and without-assignment with 58 students. In addition, significant difference on the performance of the student when grouped according to gender was analyzed. Mean, standard deviation, t-test for independence and ANCOVA were used in the study. Results revealed that there is no significant difference on the performance of students for both with assignment and without assignment group. Findings also showed that there was no statistical significant difference in the mean achievement of male and female students exposed to with assignment.


The Effect Of Yoga Towards Birth Delivery Output

IGA Karnasih

Breast Pregnancy is a stage of human life that is very influential on labor. Comfortable childbirth and the results of a good labor process are the goals of the mother and childbirth helper. Therefore the mother must be prepared during pregnancy so that complications during pregnancy and childbirth can be prevented. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of yoga in pregnancy on labor output , including: time of delivery, comfort in labor, fetal well-being including: infant fitness, and weight of newborns and milk production. Research uses a pre-experimental design with a static group comparison design . The sample of this study was 32 of the mothers who gave birth to TM III in the BPM area of Patrang Jember Indonesia. The sampling technique in this study uses simple random sampling . The results of the study showed that there were significant differences in birthweigth, length of delivery and pain scale between mothers who do yoga and do not. P value < 0.05. Index Terms— : yoga, birth, delivery


Information Technology In Government Services Delivery: A Case Study Of Huduma Center Kenya

Consolata Gakii and Langat O.K

The Huduma Kenya program was developed by the Kenyan government with an aim of using technology to improve the service delivery to the citizens. This program combines brick-and-mortar centers with digital services by taking a multichannel approach. The platforms ensure that citizens with or without internet access are reached while keeping pace with the latest technological developments. The Program uses many channels to meet different and varied needs of the citizens by having a one stop shop environment. The main objective of this paper is to examine a successful information technology project in Kenya that has changed the government service delivery due to the advancement in technology. The case study in this paper is Huduma Kenya program, under which the Government of Kenya has advanced citizen-centered public service delivery through a variety of channels, including deploying digital technology and establishing citizen service centers across the country. The project was initiated by Kenyan government who are also the main sponsors since 2013. The success of this project can be attributed to the use of existing infrastructure in Post offices of Kenya and the support from the Kenyan government. Information communication technology (ICT) enabled communication between centers and the Secretariat, automated data collection and closed-circuit television monitoring, are major contributors to Huduma Kenya’s positioning as an antithesis to inefficiency and corruption.



Dr. Nensi Gandhi,Dr. Nisha Aakvod, Dr Bansari Patel

Topic: Effectiveness of myofascial release versus TheraBand flex bar exercise in tennis elbow: Sports player. BACKGROUND: Tennis elbow is a condition in which the tendon that attaches the elbow joint to the forearm muscle becomes inflamed due to overuse or degenerative changes. The main symptoms of tennis elbow include pain and soreness on the outside of the elbow and weak grip strength. Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. The Flex bar is made from dry, natural rubber and it is a foot long. They are available in different diameters that take more or less force to bend into a U shape. It has ridges to make it easier to grip. The eccentric exercises and the concentric exercises are done with the TheraBand Flex bar. AIM: The aim of this study is to compare the Effect of myofascial release and TheraBand flex bar exercise verses TheraBand flex bar exercise in tennis elbow: Sports player. OBJECTIVES: To relief pain by myofascial release on nonspecific tennis elbow. To improve the strength and functional abilities by TheraBand flex bar exercise on nonspecific tennis elbow. METHODOLOGY: •Source of data: Parul Sevashram Hospital. •Study design: A comparative Study. •Sample size: 30 •Sampling method: Simple Random Sampling using random number table sampling method •Study duration:4 weeks 6 INCLUSION CRITERIA: •Age:20 to 35 •Gender: Both male and female •Voluntary participation •People who are able to understand and follow simple verbal instruction •People who are signed in consent form voluntary EXCLUSION CRITERIA: •Patient with any history of trauma •History of surgery •Symptoms of acute infection •Malignancy •Systemic disorders OUTCOME MEASURE: •Numerical pain rating scale •Patient related tennis elbow evaluation •Hand dynamometer: for grip strength PROCEDURE: Pre and post intervention assessment will be done numerical pain rating scale for measuring functional disabilities 30 subject meeting inclusive and exclusive criteria dividing in to two group by simple random sampling. GROUP A: Myofascial release technique GROUP B: TheraBand flex bar exercise 7 STATICAL ANALYSIS: Descriptive statistical analysis has been carried out in this present study. Outcome measurements are measured using myofascial release and TheraBand flex bar and presented as mean SD. significance is assessed at 0% level of significance p


Mathematical Model To Determine Rice Milling Degree Based On Absorbance Characteristic Of Rice Solution At UV Spectrum

Mardison, Sutrisno, Usman Ahmad dan Slamet Widodo

Degree of Milling (DM) is an important parameter in determining the quality of milled rice, especially for the graded and labeled rice to put in the market. The development of method to determine the DM quantitatively is very important for checking the quality of rice quickly and accurately before packaging and labeling. This study aims to develop a mathematical model to determine the DM of milled rice based on the absorption characteristics of electromagnetic waves in the UV spectrum by rice solution. The method used in the model development was the empirical approach of the absorbance characteristics of electromagnetic waves in the UV spectrum, resulted from the Ciherang rice in n-Hexane solution. Pre-processing of spectral data by applying smoothing, the first derivative, second derivative and normalization were conducted in the development of mathematical model. It is known that the characteristic of electromagnetic wave absorption in UV spectrum of the rice solution was dominated by 331 nm wavelength. Furthermore, the mathematical model for predicting DM value was developed through the calibration stage and model validation using absorbance data at that wavelength. The calibration stage used the gravimetry method and put as reference to develop the exponential mathematical model with determination coefficient (R2) of 0.9595, while the determination coefficient for model validation is 0.9504 with Root Mean Square Error of Prediction (RMSEP) of 0.6193.


Interactive Drama For The Health Voccational Students

Wisnu Istanto

Implementation of interactive drama method is an effort to improve the achievement of English speaking skill especially for healthcare vocational students. The purpose of this study is to determine the effective implementation of interactive drama method to improve the achievement of students' English speaking skills. This research can be categorized as experimental research. This study used experimental and control group design with pre-test and post-test. Two groups will be selected, the experiment group and the control group. This research use random sampling method. Each class has 28 students. The research was conducted in the Department of Health Analyst and Electrical Engineering of Polytechnic of State Health of Surabaya. Interactive drama teaching steps are divided into four stages consisting of (1) working on drama script, (2) drama exercises, (3) drama production, and (4) drama evaluation. This research has also proved that there are significant differences in the application of interactive drama method with General English teaching methods. The difference value is indicated by the Independent T-Test test of 0.000


Effect Of Labor Social Security On Job Satisfaction

Hendra Gunawan, Gunawan Bata Ilyas, Nur Naninsih

Labor social security is a protection for workers in the form of compensation in the form of money in lieu of part of lost or reduced income and services as a result of events or circumstances experienced by workers in the form of workplace accidents, illness, pregnancy, maternity, old age and death world. Social security is a guarantee provided by the company will provide peace and a sense of security for the workers. The provision of social security will greatly affect the increase in performance and job satisfaction for workers. When someone feels safe and comfortable at work, it will be easier to improve performance and job satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of the provision of labor social security on employee job satisfaction at PT. Kallarent Makassar City. This study uses primary and secondary data. The population of this study were all employees of PT. Makassar Kallarent. Data collection is done by observation and interview. In determining the respondents conducted by purposive sampling method. The analysis used is a single regression analysis. The results showed that labor social security had a significant and positive effect on job satisfaction in employees of PT. Kallarent of Makassar City, while the relationship (correlation) of labor social security with job satisfaction is categorized as a strong relationship.


Radio- Sensitivity Test Of Acute Gamma Irradiation Of Two Variety Of Chili Pepper Chili Bangi 3 And Chili Bangi 5


Abstract Induced mutation is a powerful method to generate heritable variation by exposing plant materials such as seeds, seedlings or other plant parts to physical or chemical mutagens. Mutagenesis remarkably enhanced the agronomical and physiological characters such as pest and diseases resistance, improve yield and yield related traits in crops. Gamma radiation is the most extensively use mutagen to induce mutation in plant breeding because of cost effectiveness, high mutation frequency, and reproducibility. Based on this background, this study was conducted on two chili varieties namely, Bangi3 and Bangi5 by exposing them to different dose of gamma ray 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 Gy to determine LD50 and the morph-physiological responses. The irradiated seeds along with the control seeds were sown in nursery bed in the greenhouse in field 16 at Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia. Lethal dose LD50 of two chili varieties was determined. The effect of gamma- ray on shoot length, length of root, fresh and dry weight of shoot and root, survival plants were assayed. The result revealed that the low gamma irradiation doses enhanced some of the growth parameters, however high doses severely affect these traits. Therefore, mutagenic dose of 310 and 447 Gy were estimated as the LD50 for Bangi3 and Bangi5 variety, respectively.


Biological And Oceanographic Analyzes Of Intoxication By Marine Animal Consumption (IMAC) Precursors In Diego Suarez Bay And Northern-east Of Madagascar


Based on a retrospective view, the study aimed at analyzing the Intoxication by Marine Animal Consumption (IMAC) incidents occurred in north and northeastern Antsiranana. The study took place in September 2016, March 2017 and in July 2017 to February 2018 using oceanographic data (such as sea surface temperature (SST), rainfall and wind speed) and biological data, including the epidemiological data, the inventory of Dinoflagellates and chlorophyll a (chl-a). 108 cases were hospitalized. The age group most affected was 18 to 41 years (50%). The overall case fatality rate was 14%. The animals highlighted are a sea turtle, Sardinella and a Tuna. 40 genera of Diatoms and 09 genera of Dinoflagellates (g Prorocentrum, g Protoperidinium, g Scippsiella, g Dinophysis, g Gonyaulax, g Gymnodium, g Lingulodium, g Ostreopsis, g Preperidium) are reported throughout the Diego Suarez Bay. Parameters such as SST, rainfall, wind speed, the importance of terrigenous input and the morphological unit condition the establishment of Harmful algal blooms (HAB) which is favorable to the IMAC presence. The IMAC may possibly occur 10 days after the harmful algal bloom.


The Effectiveness Of "WhatsApp" As An Information System Tool For The Optimization Of Office Resources In Some Polytechnics In Ghana

Ismail Mahamud Zakaria, Iddrisu Ibrahim

The primary aim of this study was to investigate whether “WhatsApp”, as information system tool, could be used to optimize office resources and also examine the challenges that confront WhatsApp users. The survey research design was employed to achieve this objective. Findings from the study revealed that, the use of paper, ink and electricity was optimized when WhatsApp was integrated in information system for office operations. The survey results also showed that users of WhatsApp were faced with the problem of poor network stability and purchase of air time was equally difficult for them. The study could have some implication in the area of the sale of smart phones and prices of telecommunication services. Thus, policy makers were recommended to make pragmatic policies to encourage communication service providers come up with more affordable products and services for the Polytechnics. Finally, we suggested that future research should look at other social media like Facebook or Tweeter to dig out other diverse perspectives especially, if the proposed study would cover other Polytechnics and traditional universities.


The Effect Of Managerial Ownership, Institutional And Investment Opportunities On Stock Performance In Manufacturing Companies That Are Listed On The IDX


The objective of this study was to analyze the effect of managerial ownership structure, institutional ownership and investment opportunities on the performance of stocks in the manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. For this purpose it is used to apply the analysis of managerial ownership, institutional ownership analysis, analysis of investment opportunities and stock performance analysis, multiple linear regression analysis, the classical assumption test (normality test, multicolinearity, autocorrelation test and test heterokesdastisitas) and hypothesis testing. The results showed that the effect of managerial stock ownership structure and a significant positive effect on the performance of stocks, but institutional ownership has a positive effect but not significant increase in stock performance. While investment opportunities and significant positive effect on the performance of the stock. Test results obtained by the finding that in unison between managerial ownership, institutional and investment opportunities jointly affect the performance of the company's shares are listed on the Manufacturing Indonesia Stock Exchange. Keywords: Managerial ownership, institutional ownership, investment opportunities and stock performance


Assessing Patient Satisfaction And Some Related Factors In The Kasena Nankana District - Ghana

Affi Osei Prince

To access the relationship between patient satisfaction and some contributing factors, a study was conducted on 200 patients from the War Memorial Hospital. 54% of the patients were males whilst 46% were females. About 67% of the patients were satisfied meaning the satisfaction level at the hospital is higher. A logistic regression model was developed to establish a relationship between patient satisfaction and some contributing factors (age, sex, education, job, health, LTIME, AESTH, PHWR and NHIS). The result indicates that the most important variables associated with patient satisfaction are Sex, LTIME (length of time in attaining services), AESTH (aesthetic features) and PHWR (Patient health-worker relationship).


Review Of D2D Communication

Vanshika Kuchhal,Akarshita Shankar,N Raghavendra Sathvik,Mamatha T

Intelligent transport management is one among the remedies that could be employed for the betterment of the roads. Along with betterment of roads, it ensures safety. It is an advanced application which without much intelligence provides advanced services relating to traffic management and various modes of transport. This enables the user to be alert and make smarter and safer decisions. This paper talks about the survey on various techniques used for the vehicle to vehicle communication. Discussion is made on the comparison of the various simulators that can be used for the system and thereby deriving inferences based on them.


Mitigating Risk On Capital Structure Decision

Indah Martati*, Suminto, Dyah Kusrihandayani

This research is an explanatory research using secondary data in the form of annual audited financial statements for manufacturing company LQ45 in Indonesian Stock Exchange the 2012-2016 periods. The Population was 25 companies with 9 samples. The research aims to prove whether there is a causality relationship between variables that represent the capital structure and the variables that represent profitability in relation to risk prevention efforts. Spearman rank correlation test proves the existence of a causality relationship between Total Asset Turn Over (TATO), Working capital Turn over (WCTO), Debt Equity Ratio (DER), Debt Ratio (DR), Price Earnings Ratio (PER) with Return On Asset (ROA) and Return On Equity (ROE). Furthermore, earning per share (EPS) and prices do not correlate with ROA and ROE of manufacturing companies in LQ45 on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. It implies that in order to mitigate risk in determining the capital structure, it is necessary to maintain the variable stability that reflects the capital structure until the condition of the balance between debts and own capital occurs. Keywords— TATO, WCTO, DER, DR, PER, EPS, ROA, ROE, Mitigating Risk, Profitability


Biofuel Production From Jatropha Curcas Oil As Non-Edible Feedstock And Its Use In Diesel Engine

Muh. Irwan

The utilization of domestic biofuell is still very small and has the opportunity to be optimized. Biofuel is a fuel used as an alternative to fuel from diesel engines. The biofuel production through alcoholysis process of triglyceride from jatropha curcas oil using different type of catalyst. This works was conducted determine of the performance diesel engine using jatropha oil fuels biofuel. The biofuel is mixed with diesel are certain level comparison to obtain B10, B20, B30, B40, and B50 (B10 is mixture of biofuel 10 % and diesel 90 %, etc). In this study the rotation is used 1500 rpm. The results of diesel engine performance research show biofuel fuel B40 produces the best engine performance at 1500 rpm. In this round obtained the Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) 0.19 % and Brake Thermal Efficiency (BTE) percentage of 30.22 %


The Impact Of E-Commerce On Express Delivery Services In China: An Employment Prospect For Ghana

Philip Kofi Alimo, Dr. Zhang Yu Zhao

E-Commerce and express delivery have proven to have a synergetic relation. This relation has led to the expansion of logistics in developed countries like China and USA. In Ghana however, express delivery is in a decline and e-commerce is also not developing at the expected rate due to low synergy between the two, technological deficiencies and other challenges. This study gave an overview of express delivery and e-commerce in China, which has the largest market for both sectors. It further examined the challenges facing e-commerce and express delivery in Ghana through secondary data and made recommendations on measures needed to revamp both sectors in order to expand the economy and create jobs for the mass unemployed youth.


The Effect Of Islamic Leadership, Competence And Compensation On Work Dicipline And Teacher Performance Of Madrasah Aliyah In Makassar City

Syamsul Bahri 1 , Salim Basalamah 2 , Jeni Kamse 3 , Jamaluddin Bijang

This study aims to examine and analyze the influence of Islamic leadership, competence and compensation on teacher work discipline, and the influence of Islamic leadership, competence, compensation and work discipline on teacher performance and the influence of Islamic leadership, competence, compensation on teacher performance through teacher work discipline Aliyah Madrasah in Makassar City . The population of this study was 500 madrasah aliyah teachers in Makassar City, with 151 random samples drawn by simple random sampling. The results of the study were analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) analysis, to see the effect of independent variables on the dependent variable directly . The results of this study indicate that Islamic leadership has a negative and insignificant effect on teacher work discipline, competence has a positive and significant effect on teacher work discipline, compensation has a positive and significant effect on teacher work discipline, Islamic leadership has a positive and significant effect on teacher performance, competence has a negative effect and not significant to teacher performance, compensation has a positive and significant effect on teacher performance, work discipline has a positive and significant effect on teacher performance, Islamic leadership has a non-significant influence on teacher performance through work discipline, competence has a non-significant effect on teacher performance through work discipline and compensation have a non-significant effect on teacher performance through work discipline . Keywords: Islamic Leadership, Competence, Compensation, Work Discipline and Teacher Performance.


Effect Of Market Orientation, Service Quality And Service Orientation On Semen Tonasa Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty In Makassar City

Fitriani Mandung 1 , Basri Modding 2 , Sabri Hasan 3 , Hamza Ella 4

These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for IJSTR JOURNALS. Use this document as a template if you are using Microsoft Word 6.0 or later. Otherwise, use this document as an instruction set. The electronic file of your paper will be formatted further at IJSTR. Define all symbols used in the abstract. Do not cite references in the abstract. Do not delete the blank line immediately above the abstract; it sets the footnote at the bottom of this column. The study was carried out at PT Tonasa Pangkep as a reference for its Marketing system, by sharing questionnaires for customers and distributors by setting a sample of 100 respondents based on the Sloving formula. The questionnaire results data were analyzed using the Structural Equation Model , using AMOS 18 assistance. The results of the study found that Market Orientation directly had a negative and significant effect on customer satisfaction, a positive and not significant effect on customer loyalty. Direct service quality has a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction, thereby increasing customer loyalty . Service orientation has a positive and significant effect on loyalty through customer satisfaction. Market orientation has a positive and not significant effect on loyalty through customer satisfaction. Quality of service has a positive and not significant effect on loyalty through customer satisfaction. Service orientation has a negative and not significant effect on loyalty through customer satisfaction .


Strategies For Increasing Customer Loyalty PT. BRI Multifinance Banyuwangi

Setiyo Adi

PT.Banyuwangi Indonesia Multifinance BRI is an institution that distributes financing for motorized vehicles and heavy equipment, and machinery. Along with the development of the City of Banyuwangi, many similar institutions operating in this city include PT. Mandiri Tunas Finance, PT. BFI Multifinance and others. Each institution certainly wants to serve its customers as well as possible so that in the long run it remains its customer. Customers like this are called loyal customers. To get loyal customers, of course it must be followed by fulfilling the basic needs for service to these customers. In order to further increase customer loyalty, PT. BRI Multifinance Banyuwangi seeks to research, discover and implement Customer Loyalty Enhancement Strategies using SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis is an effort to identify the scope of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that determine the company's performance. The results of the analysis show that the problems faced by PT. Banyuwangi BRI Multifinance is a relatively long process / stage of financing because it is associated with a processing system that is centralized at the Jakarta Multifinance BRI Head Office. In addition, workers / employees who are relatively new, have not been educated properly, so that product knowledge and mastery of the work field are not optimal.



Arie Siswanto

The city of Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia. The community is dynamic with the many mothers who become workers and must leave their children. In fulfilling nutritional needs for their children, there are many alternative brands of formula milk available in minimarkets and supermarkets in the city of Surabaya. SGM Milk is a market leader in marketing formula milk, an interesting thing to do is research on the marketing strategies that are carried out. How consumers determine purchasing decisions that become distribution and promotion mediators in building customer satisfaction. This study used a sample of 117 respondents who were buying mothers who were buying SGM milk more than once. Hypothesis testing in this study used the AMOS version 19.0 program. The results of this study distribution and promotion variables have a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions and customer satisfaction. The influence of purchasing decisions on customer satisfaction is higher than distribution and promotion, showing positive purchasing decisions to be distribution and promotion mediators in building customer satisfaction,


Purification Of Bioethanol With Bamboo Activated Carbon As Adsorben

I Putu Surya Wirawan, Sutrisno Suro Mardjan, Kudang Boro Seminar, Leopold Oscar Nelwan

Bioethanol purification techniques have developed very rapidly. Bioethanol purification techniques are usually carried out in several ways, namely distillation, membrane pervoration and adsorption. Purification technology is still being developed to obtain an efficient and easy to do purification technology. Purification technique by adsorption is one of the purification techniques that is very easy to do where the raw material of the adsorbent is very easy to obtain. This study used adsorbents from petung bamboo with sizes 80 and 200 mesh that were activated. This study was conducted to determine and characterize pellet-shaped bamboo carbon from bamboo activated carbon with a size of 200 mesh and obtain a bioethanol concentration greater than 99% through a distillation adsorption method simultaneously. The results of the adsorption process are expected to be one of the solutions for renewable energy raw materials replacing fuel oil sourced from non-renewable fossil materials.



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