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IJSTR Volume 8 - Issue 11, December 2019 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

Publication for Volume 8 - Issue 12, December 2019 Edition is in-process. The publication process will complete on December 15, 2019; the full text will be available after the completion of publication process.
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A Case Study On Manufacturing Industry Used Prognostic Tools To Remove The Problems In Shop Floor Challenges Faced In Maintenance Engineering

Ajay Kumar Pagare, Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Dr. Mohammad Israr

This case study reviews that the maintenance engineering process which is used by small scale industry and faced many time problems in shop floor and in this case stop the production and call the maintenance engineer but right now is not possible to any maintenance engineer is free come and rectify the problem, so this type of process some time given very big losses to the industry, example is HMT company follows the breakdown maintenance policy they never change yourself with time and the latest demand is to use predictive maintenance with prognostic and diagnostic process with CMMS (Computer maintenance management system) software.


Influence Of Partial Curing On Strength Of Concrete

Rashmi Mishra,Reshma T V, Bhavya B S, Sankalpasri S S, Poojashri R Naik

This study is based on curing of concrete and determining the compressive strength for M30 grade as per 10262.2018.The cubes were cured using two methods(water ponding and nylon covering) made of two types of cement (ordinary portland cement and pozzolana portland cement)testing on 3,7,14 and 28 days of curing period. The cubes were casted based on mix proportion design. The compressive strength of concrete cubes is tested on the respective curing ages and maximum strength gaining age of concrete i.e. 28days is tested after air drying the cubes for every curing period. The results of the investigations demonstrate that superior strength is achieved by nylon covering method for OPC than nylon covering method for PPC and water ponding for OPC achieved more strength than PPC for longer ages.


Medsinfo: An Android Application For Recognizing JFDA Approved Medication And Acquiring The Corresponding Arabic Leaflet

Rawan Ghnemat, Amer Mansour, Jaafar Abbadi, Rola Madain, Alia Madain

This paper proposes a mobile application that targets the local Arabic speaking audience who use the local pharmacies in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is aimed towards providing the ability for this specific audience to acquire the Arabic leaflets of the medication approved by Jordan food and drug administration. The application uses optical character recognition to recognize the enquired medication and provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the user and to display required information in Arabic. We provide a small-scale experiment over 20 medication boxes. Every step in the process of identifying the medication is tested separately. The experimental results show that the application was able to identify the majority of medication boxes tested.


The Development Of Textbook Ecology Based On Local Wisdom To Improve Scientific Attitude Of Graduate Students

Hunaepi, Laras Firdaus, Taufik Samsuri, Endang Susantini, Raharjo

This research is development research which consists of two stages, namely the development stage and the implementation phase. The purpose of this study is to develop and see effectivity of textbook ecology based on local wisdom towards scientific attitude of graduate students. The development stage refers to 4-D model, that is defined, design, develop, and disseminate. The validation results indicate that the developed textbook ecology based on local wisdom is valid by the validator or has a good category in all aspects (material, language, and presentation), so it can be applied in learning process. The results of the graduate student response analysis showed that most graduate students give a positive response to the developed ecology textbook based on local, which amounted to 73.67%, and after the implementation of the ecology textbook based on local wisdom to improve the attitude of the developed, it was found that it can increase curiosity (61.80%), and caring attitude of graduate students on life and the environment (70.25%), but low on open-mindedness or flexibility (46.78%), and critical reflective (43.27%). Because the existing ecology textbooks are not yet integrated with local wisdom, so the results of this research will be recommended as an ecology study guide book that is integrated with local wisdom and scientific attitudes to the graduate students in IKIP Mataram.


A Critical Analysis Of The Relationship Between Depression And Smoking Using Machine Learning

Mohammad Kharabsheh, Ahmad Qawasmeh, Omar Megdadi, Nadera Jawabreh, Rola Mudallal, Sukaina Alzyoud

Smoking has been a major concern for many decades due to its negative impact on societies. A study of the role of decision support system for student smokers in order to find the depression type is investigated in this research. In this work, we developed a hybrid machine learning model that consists of clustering and classification. The idea of this model is to predict the type of depression for youth smokers using numerous novel features such as father’s job, how many narghile (Shisha) heads students usually smoke, and some other relevant features. Our model illustrated a significant relationship between smoking and depression. Our model demonstrated a prediction accuracy of 97% when applied on a dataset consisting of 993 student smokers in Jordan. Therefore, efficient solutions must be considered to find useful alternatives to smoking.


Spatial Representation On Geometry

Shinta Wulandari, Cholis Sa’dijah, Abdur Rahman As’ari, I Made Sulandra

Spatial representation is important in learning geometry. Spatial representation is needed by students to communicate spatial objects to others. This research is a qualitative research. The purpose of this study is to describe the thought process in students' spatial representation. The research subjects were students of grade VIII junior high school level who were able to complete geometry assignments. The results showed that the spatial representation contained 4 components of representation, namely shape, size, position, and special attributes. The importance of this research is that spatial representation is needed to know what someone is thinking and how to communicate it with others so that others understand what is represented.


Critical Tradition On Hadith By Persis's Scholars (The Analysis On Acceptance And Rejection Of Al-Mustadrak Book)

Rafid Abbas

The book of al-Mustadrak composed by Abu Abdullah al-Hakim seemed to contain controversial hadith, especially those which were not found in the sahihain i.e. the book of Bukhari and Muslim but making use of the terms prepared by both or one of them, as well as sanad and matan on some hadith using another narration. Al-Hakim has contributed much in the science of Dirayah and became the methodological foundation in determining the validity of a hadith. Al-Hakim also specified the hadith criteria of valid, fair and weak, but not systematically, and much more that al-Hakim contributed to the science of hadith. Al-Hakim also received many judgments from Hadith scholars; there were criticisms, reproaches and praises, among his criticisms, some claiming that al-Hakim was a Shi’ite follower of Rafidli Khabith, but with a Sunni face, fanatical followers of Ali bin AbiTalib and hate Mu'awiyah. Hadith that are reported to be better known among the Shi'ites, but still use the sahihain theory, others claim that the hadith narrated by al-Hakim are not found in sahihain's terms and others praise him that al-Hakim is a reliable narrator of hadith, because it is very rigorous, powerful, objective, tsiqah and wara' (careful). PERSIS sees that the hadith compiled and narrated by al-Hakim are full of controversy. Therefore it is necessary to conduct research and using the theory of thariqatuljam'ie (collect all the hadith then re-examined, after that takes his own attitude) and the scholars of PERSIS do not recognize the term fadailula'mal


The Effects Of Instant Messaging Services On Working And Communication Quality

Anas M Abudaqa, Hasan Al Mujaini, Affendy Abu Hassim, Mohd Farid Shamsudin

Instant Messaging (IM) usage at work place bring different point of view among scholar since it does cause interruption to work and at same time workers, team and firms benefit this new technology by using it strategically. In accordance with communication performance and social network theories, this study suggest that work interruption will be cause by IM usage and at same time it will improve quality of communication among workers. The research was conducted to measure the relationship between the working interruptions, interactivity and social network towards working communication quality. 180 questionnaires were distributed using convenient sampling but only 134 useable data processed for the analysis using IBM SPSS 24. The results indicated that all variables are important and contribute significantly towards beefing up quality of working communication.


Data Interpolation Using C2 Rational Quartic Spline

Adila Harim, Samsul Ariffin Abdul Karim, Mahmod Othman, Azizan Saaban

This study discusses the construction of new C2 rational quartic spline scheme in from the quartic numerator and quadratic denominator with three parameters. Unlike the derivation of C2 continuity for some existing splines interpolation, the proposed rational quartic spline can achieve C2 continuity without the need to solve any system linear of equations. The main advantages of the proposed scheme is that we will obtain various C2 rational just by manipulating the free parameters. We test the proposed scheme to interpolate data and we compare the performance against established schemes in terms of root mean square error (RMSE) and coefficient of determination (R2). From numerical results, the proposed scheme is best than some existing schemes in terms of smaller RMSE and higher R2 value.


EMatsya – An Innovative Data Acquisition System To Collect Fish Catch Data From Reservoirs And Other Inland Water Bodies

M. Karthikeyan, B.K. Das, U.K. Sarkar, R. Vijayaraghavan

Collection of real-time fish catch data from inland water bodies of India has been a huge challenge for a multiplicity of factors – a large number of inland water resources and their scatter being the most important among other things. To overcome this problem, making use of mobile communication technology, an Electronic Data Acquisition System (eDAS) was developed along with an Android Application - eMatsya that was implemented on smart mobile phones of fishery friends (knowledgeable fishers who could send data using eMatsya) to collect fish catch data from inland water bodies. The data sent by fishery friends using eMatsya would get populated in the database MySQL in the webserver. Trial-implementation of eMatsya in selected reservoirs of Karnataka and Jharkhand (Indian states) not only yielded promising results but also proved that the scaling-up of this eDAS implementation is easy and when done at the national level would result in a continuous flow of authentic information on inland fish catch data. The eMatsya would significantly reduce the time, cost of collection of data and would facilitate in developing a database of the inland fish catch of the Indian reservoirs.


Modelling Of Water Supply Cost For Offshore Platforms

N.Ismail, M.Z.Ahmad,M.N. Hussain, A.N.Ariffin, Zainol I.

An offshore platform like other industries requires water resources to support daily operation and activities. Supplying water to offshore platform mainly executed in two conventional ways: transported using offshore supply vessel and self- produced onboard platform using seawater desalination process commonly known as a freshwater generator. An alternative method such as water reuse or water recycling also received growing attention as one of a promising integrated solution for improvement of water resources. However, each water supply options have different characteristics and limitations in term of supply capacity, cost associated and level of water quality. Hence, it’s difficult to identify which water supply sources that fulfil the demand and cost-effective. This paper proposes a new mathematical model namely Economic Water Supply Model (EWSM) for the operating cost function that includes the most representative variables in the process. This model enables decision-makers and owners to assess the economic value from the different sources of water supply for the offshore platform. The calculation of these extended cost function also enables a detailed comparison to be made of the various water sources from an economic of view in order to analyze the effects of supply capacity for cost-effective of various suppliers. In this sense, a model of the structure costs associated with each of the available water supply technologies can be useful input for future design, planning and operational stage of offshore water supply process.


The Urban Traffic Congestion Problem In Benin City And The Search For An ICT-Improved Solution

Wilson Nwankwo, Akinola S. Olayinka, Kingsley E. Ukhurebor

Many hours are wasted often due to the intense traffic congestion on roads in highly populated cities with resultant loss of labour productivity. The reason is that while road infrastructure follows an arithmetic progression and often fixed in developed cities, population and road usage patterns follow a geometric progression. In Nigeria, as well other countries with huge road usage, traffic management is a critical challenge to the Government and traffic managers alike. Traffic officers complemented with time-based traffic control infrastructure have remained commonplace. A lot had been done on traffic control systems especially in high traffic density-prone cities. Many studies had proposed the use of sensor arrays. This study is centred around Benin City, the sixth largest city in Nigeria with its unique geography and socio-economic characteristics. In this paper, traffic management challenges are addressed through an improved model and with regard to the existing infrastructure and environmental factors. Two motion sensors are implemented per lane and placed at intervals apart with a range counter and an optical recognition module is interfaced with it. Any vehicle in between the sensors is considered the number of vehicles in the queue whereas once a vehicle gone pass the last sensor point, the counter is reduced accordingly. The design of the prototype is preceded by a 15-day road traffic usage survey in Benin City. The prototyped solution is a 3G/4G network-enabled integrated solution that enables the relay of traffic information from one location to another enabling the dissemination of traffic information to road users and traffic control authorities.


Laboratory Investigation Of The Suction Of Peat Soil In Drying And Wetting Process

Yulindasari Sutejo, Anis Saggaff, Wiwik Rahayu, Hanafiah

The suction of peat soil illustrate the characteristics of peat soil. This research aimed to investigate the peat soil suction (drying and wetting condition). Filter Paper testing (Whatman42) has been used for testing. The peat soil sample was acquired in village III Banyu Urip, Regency of Banyuasin, South Sumatera province. The percentage values of optimum water content in this study are: W1=41 %, W2=42 %, W3= 43 %, W4=44 %, W5=45 %, W1=46 %, W1=47 %, W1=48 %, and W1=49 %. The results of the test such as: the average water content () = 263.538 %, average of acidity (pH) = 3.353, the value of optimum water content value (opt) = 45 %, the value of optimum dry content weight value (γdopt) = 0.954 kN/m3. The results of peat soil suction value (Ψ) due to the influence of wetting and drying are: P = 321.860454 kPa, W1 = 46.75611 kPa, W2 = 56.67991 kPa, W3 = 43.48429 kPa, W4 = 65.56742 kPa, W5 = 37.42705 kPa, W6 = 32.04885 kPa, W7 = 37.86667 kPa, W8 = 35.74133 kPa, and W9 = 28.58823 kPa. The results in the drying condition were greater when compared to the wetting condition.


Blended Learning Rotation Model Of Cognitive Conflict Strategy To Improve Mathematical Resilience In High School Students

Syamsah Fitri, Edi Syahputra, Hermawan Syahputra

This study aims to analyze the effect of students 'mathematical resilience after applying blended learning rotation learning models of cognitive conflict strategies, as well as to see the interaction between learning and initial mathematical ability (KAM) on increasing students' mathematical resilience. This research is a quasi-experimental study. Data obtained through the initial mathematics proficiency test (KAM) and students' mathematical resilience questionnaire. Data were analyzed by a two-way ANOVA test. Before using the two-way ANOVA test homogeneity tests were used in the study and normality in this study was 5% significant. Based on the results of the analysis (ANOVA), the results of a mathematical resilience study of students taught by the blended learning rotation cognitive conflict strategy model are better than those taught through conventional learning. The significant value obtained from ANOVA 0,000


Verification And Proposed Modifications For Punching Shear Design Of Ledged Beams According To CPCI Design Manual 5th Edition

Ahmed M. Soliman, Hatem Ibrahim, Mourad M. Bakhoum

The paper presents proposed modifications for the design method adopted by the CPCI Design Manual, 5th Edition, to calculate the ledge punching shear capacity for ledged beams. The proposed modifications are summarized as follows: (i) Modification in area of crack surface Acr by considering Bearing Length (lb), (ii) Consideration of residual bar stress fsr, (iii) Reduction of Cohesion Stress c, (iv) Introduction of an additional limitation for allowable punching shear stress vr max. The study is based on recent research works’ results for punching shear behavior of ledged beams. The research works were carried out on Short Span L-Shaped beams (span 5.03m) and Long Span L-Shaped beam (span 17.30 m). The specimens under study were previously tested in laboratory by applying jacking force till the punching failure load. The ledged beams were checked for punching according to the current CPCI Method and the proposed design method CPCI-M and the calculated capacities were compared to the originally recorded failure punching loads. The results have shown that the current method for CPCI Design Manual is non-conservative regarding punching design of ledged beams. While, the CPCI-M Method proved to be a conservative approach for the punching design of ledged beams with the proposed modified parameters.



Md. Saifuddin, Maneeth P. D, Brijbhushan S

This report presents the experimental study for “rubber concrete”. Mixes of concrete requires a high need of replacing fine aggregate as the natural resources are depleted which is a concern to the environmental balance. Rubber materials are widely are researched in industries for the applications like asphalt pavement, water proofing systems membrane liners etc. By using this type of choice it leads to wider possibilities and provides better options in the field of construction industries. These technologies relating to sustainability is not only the important for its expansion of eco responsive in construction but also to deal with higher amount of waste with no durability negotiation. It is also considered that the concrete acts as binder when the rubber is mixed with it that leads to higher flexibility and surface smoothness. Due to the grave danger posed on the environment by the non-biodegradable and hazardous tires which are dumped in the landfills there is a great need to protect the environment by making optimum use of the waste rubber tires. The properties of durability and the mechanical properties were studied by replacing the fine aggregates with crumbled rubber tires. The mix design was made with respect to IS10262 – 2009 for M30 grade. In this research the sand is replaced partially with percentages of 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30% & 40% respectively. Tests for example compression test and split tensile test have been conducted. Tests result shows with increase in rubber percentage, significant decline in the compression & split tensile strength also reduces. Slump test was likewise done.


Is It True That Mathematics Anxiety Has A Bad Impact On Problem-Solving Skills?

Surya Sari Faradiba, Alifiani, Abdul Halim Fathani, Ganjar Setyo Widodo, Siti Nurul Hasana, Sikky El Walida, Isbadar Nursit, Anies Fuady

This study aimed to examine how students who experience high mathematics anxiety solve mathematical word problems. This research involved 40 math students of Universitas Islam Malang from 26 out of 34 provinces in Indonesia. From the 40 populations, five subjects were selected on the basis of their high score in Mathematics Anxiety Scale (MAS) questionnaire. Furthermore, these five subjects worked on problem-solving problems. The answers of the five subjects were analysed based on DOTS (Detect, Organize, Transform, and Solve) problem-solving criteria. The results of this study indicate there are two types of problem solving done by the subjects. First, four subjects solved the problem by doing DOTS steps. In this case, the subjects can detect the problem structure, but they have difficulties in applying arithmetic operations both in numerical and algebraic expressions. Interestingly, one of the four subjects can organize the information, but she misapplies commutative as well as associative properties when carrying out subtractions/divisions and fails to use distributive property of multiplication over addition. Meanwhile, the other one subject can do the DOTS steps at the same time. From these five subjects, it can be seen that mathematics anxiety does not always lead to failure in problem-solving. This can be seen in the fifth subject that shows good performance on problem-solving and goes through the DOTS steps at the same time.


A Low NF, High Gain Of 2.4ghz Differential LNA Design For Wireless Applications

Mahesh Mudavath, K. Hari Kishore

This article presents the differential Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for wireless receiver at the frequency of 2.4GHz. This differential LNA provides less noise figure (NF), high gain and good reverse isolation as well as good stability. The designed LNA is simulated with a 180 nanometers CMOS process in cadence virtuoso tool and simulate the results by using SpectreRF simulator. This LNA exhibits an input reflection coefficient (S11) of -8.4dB and output reflection coefficient (S22) of -10dB. It produces a noise figure (NF) of 0.54dB, a high voltage gain (S21) of 30dB, a good reverse isolation (S12) of -48dB, and it maintains good stability of Rollet factor Kf > 1, and also alternate stability factor B1f < 1, respectively.


Livelihood Status Of Uraly Tribes In Sathyamangalam Block, Tamil Nadu

Arul Actovin C, C. Satheesh Kumar

The present study focuses on livelihood issues of Uraly tribes which is one of the thirty-six tribal communities in Tamil Nadu. The tribal populace is one of the most underprivileged communities in various social, economic and other factors in India. The problem of survival has become a major concern of tribal communities in the current scenario. Despite numerous initiatives for the welfare of these communities, tribal communities still stand at the lowest end of the country's socio-economic ladder. The current study examined the livelihood issues of Uraly tribes in Kuthiyalathur Panchayat, which is located in Sathyamangalam block of Erode district, Tamil Nadu. The descriptive research design is adopted and a self-structured interview schedule was used in this research study to collect primary data. The study findings throw light on key livelihood issues of Uraly tribes, which are liable for their present predicaments. The study identifies critical concerns like wild-animal menace in agriculture, which indeed necessitate prompt action from the authorities. This study suggests taking that the promotion of livelihoods among Uraly tribes requires alternative occupation with sustainable development in the study area.


The Effectiveness Of The Implementation Of Lesson Plans Based On Entrepreneurial Values In The Kindergarten

Anggarda Paramita Muji, Alwen Bentri, Dadan Suryana, Yaswinda, Asmar Yulastri, Amril Amir, Abna Hidayati, Hendra Hidayat

This research aims to describe the effectiveness of the implementation of lesson plans based on entrepreneurial values in kindergartens. This research method uses a research and development approach, with the development model using the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) models. The development of lesson plans based on entrepreneurial values in kindergarten is carried out in 5 stages, namely: Phase I: Analysis, Phase II: Design, Phase III: Development, Phase IV: Implementation, Stage V: Evaluation. This research is only focused on Phase IV, namely the effectiveness of the implementation of lesson plans based on entrepreneurial values in kindergarten, which involved 11 students in entrepreneurship learning at Nibras Islamic Kindergarten, Padang, Indonesia. The instrument for collecting information and data uses an effectiveness observation sheet. Method of analysis with descriptive statistics. There are several items observed about students' entrepreneurial values, namely, 1) Independent, 2) Discipline, 3) Honesty, 4) Creative, 5) Curiosity, 6) Cooperation, 7) Communicative, 8) Responsibility, 9) Dare to take risks. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the results of the implementation of the first test before using the lesson plans based on entrepreneurial values was 54.74% the category Developed in accordance with expectations and included ineffective because the learning device was said to be effective for learning if students gained a percentage of> 65%. The results of the second test were conducted on the role playing, learning activities that have used lesson plans based on entrepreneurial values of 68.13% the category of Developing in accordance with expectations and including effective. Furthermore, the results of the third test were carried out on supporting themes on market day activities with the condition of real learning activities that have used lesson plans based on entrepreneurial values of 79.30% the category of developing very good and including effective. The conclusion of the effectiveness of the implementation of lesson plans based on entrepreneurial values in kindergarten in the effective category, so it is time for this learning tool to be applied to learning in other kindergartens so that the character and values of children's entrepreneurship can be stimulated early on.


Maternal Risk Factors Associated With The Development Of Cleft Lip And/Or Palate In Sudan

Alwyia A. A GENDEL Suheir A. M. Sayed Badria H.Mohamme ,Amni A Mohemed

Background- Orofacial clefts (OFC) are considered as one of the common congenital anomalies that affect the health, impact negatively on patient, family and society as a whole .This anomaly has complex etiology, resulting from interaction of both environmental and genetic factors. Objective of the Study: To identify the most common maternal risk factors of orofacial clefts in patients attending pediatric hospitals and plastic surgery clinics in Sudan, Khartoum State. Methods: The research design for this study was a case descriptive cross-sectional hospital based study. The study was conducted in Khartoum state targeting three hospitals: Khartoum Denture teaching Hospital, Ahmed Gasim Specialized Hospital for children and Soba University Hospital. The study was conducted during the period from 1st of January to 15th of November 2018. It included all mothers of children with orofacial clefts (cleft lip and/or palate), who attended the above mentioned hospitals during the study period and fulfill the inclusion criteria. Data was collected by a standardized, close -ended Questionnaire through direct interview to the mother. The data collected was entered and descriptively analyzed using Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) for windows version 20. Results: The Study sample constituted 280 mothers of children with orofacial clefts. The most common age group of the studied children with OFCs was 1- 5 years (41.8 %) followed by 5- <10 years (30.7 %). Half of children143 (51.1%) had cleft lip with cleft palate (CLP), and more than one third 110 (39.3%) had cleft lip only (CLO). Cleft palate only (CPO) was the least common 27(9.6%). Male patients were more dominant with a ratio of 1.5:1 .Regarding the birth order of the index, 60 (21.2 %) cases were the first baby. The frequency of cleft lip only and cleft lip with palate were more common in males than females (23.1%) (32.1%) respectively, However cleft palate only (CPO) was near equal in both sexes. Most of the families were residing outside Khartoum state (73,2%)and mostly from Kordofan state and rural areas. Regarding socioeconomic status of the families, more than one third of them were under the upper lower social class. Positive family history of OFCs was found in near half of the patients (44.6%), more on the paternal side 49 (39.2%). Most of the children belong to Aljaleen tribe 27(9.6 %).Passive smoking at home or at work place was experienced by 70 mothers (25%), of whom almost half 29 (41.5%) mothers were exposed to about 1-2 pocket per day. 17 (6.1%) of mothers had chronic diseases during their pregnancy course, of which Hypertension was the commonest one (30%). Drugs intake during pregnancy was reported in 55 mothers (19.6 %) and the commonly used drugs were Antibiotics (38.2%). Folic acid supplementation during pregnancy was received by only 110(40%) of mothers, however only 3.6 % received the recommended dose. Conclusion: OFC are congenital defect, not uncommon in Sudan .So recognition of the etiological factors and the education of the females will help to decrease its occurrence.


Learning Integration Techniques By APOS Model And Analysis Of Student’s Error


This research aims to determine the impact of applying APOS Model on Integration Techniques to know student learning outcome and character, as well as to determine the results of student error analysis in solving integration technique test questions. The research method used was to use ex post facto research. The research subjects were all students of class A semester 3 of Mathematics Education Study Program Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University Bengkulu on Academic Year 2018/2019, amounting to 38 students. The type of data in this research was quantitative data and qualitative data. The instruments used in this study were: Test Sheets, Likert scale questionnaires, and open questionnaires by students. After the data was collected and processed the following results were obtained: The average value of student learning outcome on integration engineering lesson was 58.91 and was quite effective. Based on the recapitulation of student answers about integration technique test questions, it can be concluded that: there were 46.38% who answered correctly; there were 12.50% did not answer; 41.12% answered wrongly. There were 72.85% of students operating wrong, there were 27.15% wrong principles; The characters formed after learning the integral calculus based on the APOS Model were: more active, more conscientious, focused, more critical, disciplined, diligent, responsible, diligent, curious, respecting others, able to work together, confident when solving problems, trusting yourself when explaining the material more clearly in front of the class.


Royong Ana: A Form Of Parenting Pattern In Makassarese Family South Sulawesi

Arifin Manggau, Karta Jayadi

Royong Ana' is a form of affection given by parents to the children. Among other things as a mother must have the intelligence in raising, caring, loving, and always being patient to her children. Being hummed without the accompaniment of musical instruments, the baby is rocked slowly until he sleeps. That lullaby songs for a child are a mother's prayer to ensure that one day the child can live happily, be dignified in the community, be a useful person and be able to serve his parents, making it easier for his sustenance.[1] The problem in this study is what parenting pattern contained in Royong Ana’ of the Makassarese tribe in South Sulawesi. The purpose of this study was to study and analyze Royong Ana’ as a parenting pattern for Makassarese tribe community in South Sulawesi. This research method is qualitative with descriptive analysis approach. The focus of the study and data collected are related to the research problem. The techniques of data collection are observation, interview and document study. The validity of the data uses the triangulation method. Data analysis procedures are data reduction, data presentation and conclusion. The results of this study indicate the following matters; forming good characters and good ethics. Morality means the role of morals and good behaviour in life (character) that needs to be based on or understood by a clear and a good mind (benevolence) such as faith, piety, honesty, example, caring, openness, togetherness, and good manners.


Instructional Explanation Strategies: Forms Of Teachers Pedagogic Decisions To Help Students Understand The Concept Of The Sinus Rule

Muchtadi, Toto Nusantara, Abdur Rahman As’ari, Santi Irawati

This study investigates the teacher's pedagogical decisions in providing instructional explanations to help students understand the concept of the Sinus rule. Using qualitative research forms, with expert category teachers who have the characteristics of providing process-oriented instructional explanations to help students understand the concept of Sine rules. The strategy steps used when giving instructional explanations when learning in class are recorded audio-visual, conducted in-depth interviews and analyzed. The results showed there were five strategic steps in providing instructional explanations that were identified as a form of teacher's pedagogical decisions when implementing learning. The teacher's pedagogical decisions can help students understand the concept of the Sinus rule. Therefore, the form of teacher's pedagogical decisions in providing process-oriented instructional explanations needs special attention.


Improving Teaching Techniques Using Visual Python: A Case Study In Physics Laboratories

Ergi Bufasi, Kawtar Lakrad

In order to describe physics phenomena, science develops sophisticated models that use mathematical and formal program languages. When a phenomenon is not accessible to our sense, its description is indirect and understanding can be difficult for students. When one succeed to obtain a direct visualization of a phenomenon inaccessible to sense, it is possible to get a deeper understanding since a very effective channel of learning is involved. Using a variety of visualization tools for teaching and learning science is necessary for students to better understand physics phenomena and formulate appropriate mental models. Here, a simple rendering tool for 3D objects and graphs is presented which is aimed at students with minimal programming background. The purpose of the presented study is to determine the role of simple computer codes to improve the teaching techniques for physics laboratories. Students learn the importance of a virtual laboratory as a visualization element when addressing physics contents within science classes. From the basic atomic physics to nuclear physics, from the magnetic field to the electric field, many phenomena can be suitable for creating 3d visualization that allow capturing a greater perception of the physical world.


Vaic Mediated By Financial Performance And Gcg Increase Stock Prices

Rusdiah Iskandar, Musdalifah Azis, Nur Rahmat

Stock price is one indicator of the success company management. If stock prices increase, investors or potential investors assume that the company has successfully managed their indirect effect Financial performance on VAIC and a good corporate governance. Stakeholders shareholders also hope that company management can manage their resources capital include VACA, VAHU and STVA to be able to create value added of intellectual capital. In achieving the company’s goals, management increasing stock price need a system that can control the company by implementation of good corporate governance which indicated from managerial ownership, institutional ownership and Proportion of Independent Commissioners. A corporate governance and a high VAIC mediated Financial Performance is believed to be able to encourage professional management in create an optimal value of stock price.


Impact Of HRM Practices On Select It Companies Performance In Madurai

G.Stalin, T.Meharajan, P.S.Venkateswaran, P.Karthikeyan

This study examines the impact of Human Resource Management (HRM) practices on select IT companies performance in Madurai. The sample comprises of the employees in select six IT firms. The Researchers developed a questionnaire, which was used to collect the data. The collected data were analyzed by using SPSS 23 software. Descriptive statistics, ANOVA, ranking method were adapted. Sample size was 294 was collected using multi stage sampling method. The major findings of the study reveal that there is a direct link between the level of satisfaction of the employees and their motivation. The study also recommended the steps to improve HRM practices in the IT firms.


Secured IOT-WSN Architecture For Monitoring Environmental Pollution

K.Akila, Dr. D.J.Evanjaline

The environment Pollution is the terrifying issue of this trendy world. A suitable requirement is needed to monitor different environmental pollutions. Many researchers and volunteers are developing and deploying Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) for this purpose. Internet-of-Things (IoT) is one of the widely used cost-effective technologies to design wireless sensor nodes. A spanking new functional module is initiated in this work to constitute the proposed work named as ‘Secured IoT-WSN Architecture for Environmental Monitoring pollution’ (SIAEM) which is indented to overcome some impuissance of applying generalized wireless sensor network architecture in the field of environmental pollution monitoring. The fresh functional module introduced in this work is Dynamic Security Scheme Manager (DSSM). The aim of this projected Secured IoT-WSN architecture is to increase the Security. The impact of proposed method in the performance of Secured IoT-WSN network is measured and stated using benchmark network simulator.


Relavence Of Perception In Health Care Industry

S. A. Quader & Dr. R. Radhika

This paper will try to highlight the relevance of perception in the Health care sector. An attempt is made to present three dimensional view othis sector to have holistic view of health care industry. Will try to bring to the surface the perception in this triangular view where three points of intersection are represented. One as health care professional (Doctor), two pharmaceutical industry (the medical requirements provider), and three the most important around which this sector live i.e. patients (consumer of products and services), how each one in this triangular angle perceive about other two and what is its impact and image of the whole in our society. Where indirect customers (Doctors) are in communication with pharmaceutical companies and direct consumers (patients) cannot have access to companies offering and drug information as per protocol unless approved by medico legal department of companies and laws governing medical sector. In such background how the perception is relevant in this industry where consumer and Drugs offering pharmaceutical companies are depended solely on the doctors decision. Where in at one end medicines are consumed for cure and wellbeing of alleging patients and at other marketed for sole commercial purpose. commercial pursuit of doctors - decrees in emotional attachment and caring touch with patients during treatment not only perceived by the patients to leave consultant buten serve as source to word of mouth which may have multifold impact on his or her practice. Constant and continuous CRM practices from pharmaceutical companies compelling for business support put significant pressure for its share day in and day out on these consultant. Failing to reciprocate will leads to close of doors to companies sponsored- medical conferences, scientific meeting ,value adding medical textbooks, diagnosis supporting medical instruments losing chance to get latest updates in current therapy area and negative image of consultant at pharmaceutical companies. In this delicate and trust centric circumstances how perception is created, nurtured and plays pivotal rule to decide upon which medicines to prescribe to relive the suffering of patients is of utmost importance. Is the integrity of health care fabric is intact and exist in words and means.


Implementation Of Data Augmentation In Convolutional Neural Network And Gradient Boosted Classifier For Vehicle Classification

Marlon D. Hernandez, Arnel C. Fajardo, Ruji P. Medina, Jamaica T. Hernandez, Rhowell M. Dellosa

the implementation of Gradient Boosted Classifier and Convolutional Neural Network in vehicle classification and detection for the intelligent Transport System that can provide vehicle volume, routing and traffic management. A new approach in this paper is that hybrid algorithm that caused overfitting was minimized proven thru test and comparison of the hybrid algorithm without data augmentation and with data augmentation. With still high accuracy of 98.91 and lesser loss 0.25.


Feature Selection Based On Hybrid Genetic Algorithm With Support Vector Machine (GA-SVM)

Waleed Dahea, H.S. Fadewar

Curse dimensionality is the most problem in features fusion, data mining and pattern recognition. To solve this problem there are two methods: Feature Reduction and Feature Selection (FS). In this paper, FS methods are analyzed from two side algorithms and data. FS is a very important task of selecting the most important subset of the feature with the minimum redundancy and the maximum relevant. In order to manipulate with the irrelevant features and redundant features in (high-medium-low) dimensional data, (high-medium-low) observations data and (binary classes, multiple classes) data. FS algorithms model based on the genetic algorithm with Support Vector Machine (SVM) as a fitness function is presented in this paper. Thus, our research tests experimentally how GA-SVM affects both the classification accuracy and the size of the feature subset for FS. GA-SVM is used to select the more significant features that obtain the optimum solution or nearest. Three different types of supervisor machine learning algorithms of classifiers are used in classification Naïve Bayes (NB), SVM and KNN. The performance of the proposed algorithm is tested on 11 UCI Machine Learning Repository data sets that belong to the University of California and is compared with other FS algorithms. Experiment results explain that the GA-SVM is efficient and can provide higher classification accuracy.


Dolomite Mineral Occurrence In Narpala Mandal In Ananthapuramu District, Andhra Pradesh, South India.

T.Madhu, B.Narayana swamy, U.Imran Basha, M.Rajasekhar

Dolomite is a carbonate rock that in its pure form consists essentially of a double carbonate corresponding to CaMg (CO3)2. Dolomite is applied to a carbonate rock in which at least the minimum amount of 41 percent magnesium carbonate is present. Dolomite closely resembles limestone, but close inspection shows many differences between them. Replacement of calcium in limestone by magnesium results in the recrystallization of the limestone to form dolomite. This replacement process, called dolomitization, generally tends to destroy the original or earlier texture and structure of the rock. Complete recrystallization produces a rock in which many dolomite crystals are well outlined. In general, dolomite is more even grained and less fine grained than limestone. The weathered surface of dolomite commonly is mottled and shows the outlines of dolomitic grains and generally shows the extent of dolomitization. Factors governing the kind of materials found in limestone also apply to dolomite. Dharwar Super group, peninsular gneissic Complex-II and Cuddapah Super group. Small exposures of Meta basalt representing Kadiri Schist Belt and amphibolites representing Ramagiri Schist Belt are found in south east corner and west central part of the toposheets respectively. Western part of the toposheet is covered by rocks of PGC-II and is intruded by dolerite dykes and quartz veins. Conglomerate, dolomite, quartzite and shale belonging to Cuddapah Super group is exposed successively towards east. Basic sills are found within shale at top of hillocks in north eastern part. Barytes occurs as fractures filling in Vempalle Formation at several places.


Multiple Regression Model For Optimization Of Yield Of Cotton In Rain Fed Zone Of Maharashtra, India

M. O. Wankhade, U. V. Kale

This study relates to the optimization of yield of cotton with respect to variations in the monthly rainfall from June to September and the area under crop. Multiple regression model with interaction effects is fitted for the time series data of rainfall, area under cotton and yield of cotton from 1964 to 2018. The optimized solutions for yield of cotton with respect to various combination of monthly rainfall are suggested. Also an interaction effects between monthly rainfall, area under cotton and yield of cotton are studied.


A Study Of Evaporative Cooled Condensing Units And Its Effect On Energy Consumption Reduction

Jasem Mohammed Abdeen

In the Arabian Gulf states, as well as in Middle East and Mediterranean countries, the pressure and temperature of air-conditioning units with air –cooled condensers will increase considerably. As direct result, the high-pressure side of the refrigeration cycle will increase and the power consumption of the air conditioner will be higher than its design. As result, the A/C unit pressure increases and exceeds the pre-set design value of the pressure switch in control circuit. Control shuts down the compressor, as well as reduces the total cooling capacity of air-conditioning unit (A/C) .Therefor the performance of any A/C unit equipped with air- cooled condenser will decreases considerably with high pressure and ambient temperature . One of the best solutions to increase the performance of Air-conditioner is to decrease the condenser coil temperature. To achieve this, it is required to decrease the air ambient temperature on A/C unit before it passes across the condenser coil. The cheapest and easiest way for decreasing the ambient air temperature is using the evaporative cooling system. This could result A significant energy savings would be the result, if thousands of air-conditions in residential and commercial sector. This will save a great amount of megawatts in the network.


An Analysis Of Library And Information Science Job Market In Mainland China: Content Analysis Of Job Vacancy Advertisements Of Library Professionals

Chenwei Chen, Moses M. Naga

Purpose of the study: Based on the analysis of recruitment advertisements, the main items of competency skills of library professionals in Mainland China will be analyzed, in order to provide basic reference for professional education of higher education and retraining programs of working professionals in Mainland China. Methodology: Through the self-built crawler system to collect relevant advertisements, this study will use content analysis method and social network analysis method to analyze the competency skills required for library professionals in Mainland China. Main Findings: The relationship between the competency skills were obtained along with classification of seven capacity modules. According to the final results of data analysis, three directions with regards to the development of library professionals in Mainland China were suggested, namely, optimizing job-oriented LIS curriculum, establishing qualification certification system of library professionals and retraining education for working library professionals. Novelty/Originality of this study: A missing gap of research in competencies and skills required by current Library and Information Science job market in Mainland China shall be bridged. Meanwhile, the competency skills of library professionals can be interpreted from multiple dimensions through the social network analysis method.


Automated Brain Tumour Detection In MRI Images Using Threshold Based FCM

K.Rajesh babu,V.A.S.Chakravarthy,S.Sandeep reddy,G.Phani kumar,M.Vamsi kumar

Brain tumour decreases the life expectancy of the human if not identified at early stages. MRI has been widely used as one of the identification procedures. Image segmentation was important character in analysing medical images. Accompanied by variety of segmentation algorithms, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been widely used as a reliable evaluation procedure. Brain tumour recognition is one of applications that involve an image segmentation technique and pre-processing stage added to increase the recognition accuracy. In this paper, different types of automatic tumour detection technique are included such as FCM, Thresholding and Threshold based fuzzy C-Means segmentation. FCM method works by conveying membership to each data point equivalent to each cluster centre based on distance between the cluster centre and data point. The thresholding is the simplest and widely used method for segmenting the medical images and used for discriminating foreground objects from the background. The Thresholding based FCM is the combination of both features of fuzzy C-Means and thresholding process to avoid drawbacks in that methods. In the threshold based FCM clusters are determined automatically by selecting an adequate threshold. And finally, we can observe as per the performance metrics threshold based FCM perform better than FCM clustering and Threshold algorithms.


The System Dynamic Model For Policy Evaluation Of Navy Personnel On State-Duty Aspect

Sukmo Hadi Nugroho, R. Madhakomala , Kazan Gunawan

The duties of the navy personnel state relating to the Public Service aspects and Welfare aspects of the navy soldiers are two aspects that significantly influence the performance policies given to the navy soldiers. This study aims to evaluate the performance allowance policy by assessing the welfare aspects and state duty-public services of navy personnel. The methods of policy evaluation use a model of the system dynamic method. Variables Identification on the aspects of welfare and state duty-public service has been done including the relationship of interaction between aspects as a system. The output of the research model is a score or the evaluation index of variables. The index of policy evaluation serves as an indicator that the aspect variable needs to be evaluated according the strategic meaning obtained. Next policy scenarios are simulated on the model. Based on the evaluation and the results of the analysis conducted on the scenarios, the score of evaluation index of the policy is: Evaluation Score : Performance Allowances of Navy Personnel: 8.31 (height; warning), Navy Personnel Welfare Aspect: 8.20 (high; warning), Professional Income of Navy Personnel : 7,51 (high; warning), Social Status of Navy Personnel : 6.09 (medium; moderate), State & Public Service Aspects: 8.32 (high; warning), Navy Personnel Workload: 9.22 (very high; alert ), Risk of Assignment: 8.99 (high; warning).


Road Handling Priority In Ogan Komering Ilir Regency Using AHP, TOPSIS And MOORA Methods

Deddy Ardiansyah, Joni Arliansyah, Edi kadarsa

The limited budget on road handling is a problem that often occurs among cities and regencies in developing countries like Indonesia. The strategy to overcome available limited budgets is by determining road handling priority which is right on the target. Therefore it is required a decision support system as tool for the decision makers in order to decide the evaluation. Decision support systems in this study was using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) method, and Multi Objective Optimization on the Basis of Ratio Analysis (MOORA) method in order to determine priority handling towards 21 regency roads located in Ogan Komering Ilir. The evaluation decision used were costs and financial, road network conditions, road conditions, socio-economy and area development aspects. The scale analysis of priority in AHP was using data processing from questioner results and scale priority analysis was using TOPSIS methods combined with the data taken from questioner results and physical conditions in the field, however on MOORA method as scale priority analysis was only using the data taken from physical condition from the field. Wilconox Signed Rank Test was conducted to analyze significance difference road priority rank results taken from combinations of research method used. Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test showed the results of the priority that there wasn’t any significant difference rank priority of road handling which obtained from all research methods respectively due to the difference of data source used. AHP method is so much depended on the perception of decision takers. So, decision takers will be able to choose method based on the physical data availability in the field or based on their perceptions.


Car Parking And Reservation System Using Iot And Cloud

Praveen Dominic D, M. Adimoolam, John A, Ganesh Kumar T

With exponential increase in the number of vehicles and world population day by day, finding a space for parking becomes more and more difficult thereby resulting in the number of conflicts such as traffic problems. We offer a system for parking reservation and security maintained in a private car parking field in an urban metropolis using IOT and cloud-based car parking system. Our system design consists of an IOT module which checks the state of availability of parking slot and enables the user to reserve the slots while moving on the road. So, time and fuel wastage are reduced. By this, we can save more than 75% to 85% of fuel wastage in searching a car parking area.


Comparative Analysis Of Brain Tumor Detection Using Deep Learning Methods

K. Rajesh Babu, U. Sai Deepthi, A. Sudha Madhuri, P. Sai Prasad, Syed shameem

Brain tumor means growth of abnormal cells in brain. It occurs mainly due to the damaged DNA. Human brain has more than 10 billion working cells. The damaged brain cells are diagnosed themselves by splitting to make more cells. In advanced stages brain tumor is most dangerous disease which cannot be cured. Hence, it should be detected in the early stages with the help of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image).So; there will be more changes to the patient to survive. For detecting tumor we have used MRI grey scale images. The MRI grey scale image based brain tumor detection is much complicated task due to difficulty and inconsistency of brain tumors. We proposed a model to detect tumor with the help of machine learning techniques. We used CNN and ANN to detect the brain tumor .And in CNN we are using two types of dataset un-augmented and augmented. The main goal of the paper is to compare two models accuracy, precision, sensitivity, specificity and based on these parameters the best model will be predicted.


Technology Impact On E- Banking Towards Customer Satisfaction In Public & Private Sectors Bank [With Special Reference To Vellore District Of Tamil Nadu- India]

M. Shuaib Ahmed, Dr. S. Abdul Sajid

: Banking segments in India have been on the up of late due to high liquidity, changing demographic profiles, changing interest rates and increasing demand for the consumer. Brief scrutiny of the Indian banking industry would extract the reasons behind the current scenario governed by the Banking Regulation Act of India, 1949. The Indian banking industry can be broadly classified into two major categories: Non-scheduled banks and Scheduled banks. This research paper aims to study the impact of internet banking services on customer satisfaction at public and private sector banks. Questionnaires were designed by the researchers. The primary data have been collected by using a structured questionnaire from 525 selected respondents as random bases. Research Tools for Data Analysis, collected has been analyzed using SPSS. The statistical tools such as percentage, Chi-square and independent Sample Test (Z Test) have been used for data analysis. The study attempted to explain the various means of internet banking services which might lead to customer satisfaction. This paper showed that the banking service over the internet has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. This study recommended that both sector banks should focus on spreading the knowledge of electronic banking services to the customers. This study highlighted that electronic banking services highly recommend and should spread the technical awareness among current and potential customers, and develop suitable groundwork for electronic banking services for customer satisfaction.


Feasibility Analysis And Economic Valuation Of Hybrid System Having Time Of Use Pricing For Residential Load

Ravindra Kumar Yadav, P.N. Hrisheekesha, Vikas Singh Bhadoria

the worlds demand of electrical energy is escalating very fast mainly due to industrialization and change in life style of human beings. This growing demand of electricity cannot be fulfilled in future because of depletion of fossil fuels with a rapid rate thereby showing the complete depletion within almost 200 years. The world community is examining for new long lasting resources for generation of electricity and the best option is renewable energy resource. In this study a feasibility analysis and financial assessment of grid connected solar PV system along with battery energy storage system for residential load with time of use pricing (TOU) is discussed. The feasibility and financial assessment is accomplished by using HOMER Software. It is observed from this study that the system under consideration gives minimum expenditure with solar PV panels and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Simulations results of HOMER demonstrates that the total net present cost, levelized cost of energy, operating cost is reduced significantly when compared with the existing grid system. In this system the purchase price sell back price are equal.


Validity Of Development On Authentic Assessment Tool Of Curriculum 2013 Based In Information Technology

Oriza Candra, Syaiful Islami, Syamsuarnis, Elfizon, Hastuti, Habibullah, Fivia Eliza

This study aimed to develop authentic assessment based on information technology, so that it could be used to provide assessments more quickly and easily accessible (using a personal computer, laptop or mobile). This system was named Information Technology based Curriculum 13 (K13) Authentic Assessment System. The K13 Authentic Assessment System based on Information Technology was developed using the procedure of developing research on Borg & Gall which was simplified into five stages: (1) analyzing product requirements; (2) developing initial products; (3) expert validation and revision 1; (4) small-scale field tests and revision 2; and (5) large-scale field tests and final products. The tools used to develop this scoring system were the 2013 curriculum, interview forms, research questionnaires, and information system modeling diagrams, with respondents from principals, vocational teachers and students in Padang City.


Institutional Competency Assessment And Other Factors Influencing The Nurse Licensure Examination

Dexter P. Cendaña, Rosana Grace Belo-Delariarte, Ryan Michael F. Oducado

The passing rate in the Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) is considered a key indicator of the quality of nursing program. While a plethora of studies have identified the factors affecting NLE success, no study have tried to explore the role of an institutional standardized competency examination on NLE. The purpose of this was to determine the relationship between institutional terminal competency assessment (TCA) and other factors on NLE performance of nursing graduates. This study used a descriptive-correlational research design using data sets from nursing graduates of West Visayas State University from 2015 to 2017 (N=354). Pearson’s r set at .05 alpha level was used in inferential analysis. TCA was significantly related to NLE performance. Other factors such as High School Grade General Average, College Grade General Weighted Average and scores in College Admission Test, Nursing Aptitude Test, and Pre-Board Examination were significantly correlated with NLE. Aside from the know factors in the literature, nursing schools may also benefit from developing and conducting an institutional standardized competency assessment administered at the end of the nursing program to aid them in assessing students’ likelihood of success in the NLE.


Usage Of Random Forest Ensemble Classifier Based Imputation And Its Potential In The Diagnosis Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Afreen Khan, Swaleha Zubair

Objective: To evaluate and compare the performance of Random Forest (RF) ensemble classifier in imputation and non-imputation method of missing data values, and its impact to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease (AD) based on longitudinal MRI data. Method: We studied 373 MRI sessions involving 150 AD subjects aged 60 to 90 years [Mean age ± SD = 77.01 ± 7.64]. T1-weighted MRI of each subject on a 1.5-T Vision scanner were used for the image acquisition. The MRI dataset was taken from OASIS (Open Access Series of Imaging Studies) database. Based upon the MRI acquitted features in the dataset, we applied missing data imputation using RF ensemble to classify the subjects as demented or non-demented. We then compared them to determine which is more precise in the AD diagnosis Result: RF model-based imputation analysis outperforms with better accuracy than RF non-imputation method.


The Impact Of DDOS And Ping Of Death On Network Performance

Waleed Iftikhar, Zunair Mahmood and Daniel Mago Vistro

: A network’s performance can be affected by a number of things. Network attacks significantly reduce a networks performance and the most common attacks are the ping of death also known as DOS and the DDOS attacks. Networks of all kind whether on cloud or internet of things are affected by these attacks. Literature related to DDOS and its implications on various networks and their performance has been critically reviewed. Riverbed modeler was used to set up an experiment and Low orbit ion canon (LOIC) was used to perform a DDOS attack on the target website. Based on the outcome of the experiments conducted, DOS, DDOS, and Ping of death attacks significantly slows down the performance of the network.


The Use Of Guava Leaf Extract (Psidium Guajava) As An Organic Inhibitor For Corrosion On Low-Carbon Steel

Lubena, Restu Rahayu Ningrum, Aep Fauzan

Corrosion is a natural phenomenon and occurs on all materials. It, thus, cannot be stopped and only be slowed down. One of the causes of this process is the surrounding environment. There are several ways to slow down corrosion, one is the use of inhibitors. Generally, there are two types of inhibitors, which are organic and inorganic inhibitors. The latter comprise of synthetic chemical compounds that can be expensive and dangerous because of the toxicity and environmentally unfriendly nature. Whereas the former are relatively inexpensive and extracted from natural sources, such as plant materials containing tannin. One of these tanning-containing plant sources is the leaves of guava. The aims of this study were to extract tannin from these leaves and use it as an inhibitor against corrosion. The procedures included extraction employing maceration in ethanol at room temperature, characterization of the resulting extract, and tests of inhibitory activity of the extract on low carbon steel. The variables tested were the amount of tannin and the length of treatment time. The corrosion rate was measured from the weight reduction. The qualitative tests showed the presence of tannin in the extracts. The treatment without the addition of inhibitor produced the highest corrosion rate after three days of treatment at the value of 16.8641 mpy. The smallest value of 5,6214 mpy was produced by treating the low carbon steel with 3% HCl and 5000 mg extract for nine days. This translated to an efficiency of 39.31624 %.


Review On Emergent Ways To Raise The Strength Aspect & Durability Of Concrete Structure By Adding

Bacillus Megaterium Mtcc1684, Shaik Bifathima, Dr T.V.S Varalakshmi

Concrete mainly used in construction material. When concrete is exposed to temperature fluctuation, corrosive chemicals, and excessive stress, crack is arising in concrete. Bacterial concrete is the latest technology in recent days we use different bacteria as a self-healing agent. Hence, there will be a misfortune of quality and solidness of concrete. Expansive cost is caused all over the globe to repair and keep up the concrete structure. For repairing splits, an assortment of strategies is accessible. Still, the line shares of conventional repair framework are chemical-based labour intensive costly and lead to natural and wellbeing risks. As of late microbiologically actuated calcite precipitation has been proposed a successful creative repair strategy for stopping of micro-cracks and pores in concrete. We have presented the most recent method in setting splits with naturally inviting natural forms that are ceaseless self-remediating prepares. Within the study, bacillus megaterium MTCC1684 that's copied in soil has been used to acculturate caco3 precipitation. This bacteria remediation procedure is bio-based, eco-friendly and cost-effective. Urea positive macroscopic were found to impact the hydrolysis of urea to carbon dioxide and alkali, coming calcite precipitation within the bacterial surroundings.


Commuter Ride Sharing Model: Need Of The Hour

Mira H Gohil, Dr. Ravi M. Gulati

Increasing congestion on roads in metropolitan region and increasing usage of private vehicles are the serious issues that affect the development of the transportation sector. So far, many researchers have studied the assessment of sustainable development of Urban Transport System and commuters’ problem in megacity. Quite a lot of valuable concepts have been proposed like Uber share and Ola pool. Numerous data mining algorithms like clustering, machine learning, optimization etc. are used in this domain to get the Feasible Transport Model. Comparative analysis is the best practice to understand the problem and it will be beneficial to the community interested in exploring and extending such approaches further. In this paper, an attempt has been made to take an account of various approaches undertaken so far on Commuter ride sharing model which is very important for gap analysis.


The Influence Of Adsorption In Enhanced Oil Recovery Using SLS Surfactant From Bagasse

Rini Setiati, Septoratno Siregar, Deana Wahyuningrum

Adsorption is one of the important parameters in assessing the SLS Surfactant performance in chemical enhanced oil recovery injection due to the use of its scores to determine the number of materials absorbed in the reservoir. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of adsorption on Enhanced Oil Recovery Using SLS Surfactant from Bagasse. A low surfactant value means lower absorption in the rock during the injection. Moreover, chemical adsorption by the rock reservoir reduces the concentration of the chemical slug and causes low-efficiency displacement. Adoption can be measured either statically or dynamically. The static adsorption was conducted by saturating rock in surfactant solvent while the dynamic was by measuring the surfactant in the solvent before and after the injection. Generally, surfactant adsorption depends on many factors such as the type, concentration, equivalent weight, ionic strength, pH, salinity, and temperature. Furthermore, at 20.000 ppm - 4,5%, more SLS surfactant was absorbed in the core rock to produce low performance while fewer surfactant were absorbed in 80.000ppm-1,5% leading to better performance. This research showed surfactant concentration, formation, and water salinity influence adsorption of surfactant in enhanced oil recovery. Therefore, in an injection process, the adsorption in the reservoir should be considered.


Software Test Case Prioritization Using Genetically Modified Flower Pollination Algorithm (Gm-Fpa)

Priyanka Dhareula and Anita Ganpati

Abstract- The Nature Inspired Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms (NIMOA) institutes towards explanations to optimization glitches in countless realms. Numerous NIMOA have been employed in the dominion of Test Case Prioritization (TCP) for Regression Testing (RT). There are some NIMOA that have not been thoroughly investigated for TCP in RT. One of the recent additions made to NIMOA is Flower Pollination Algorithm (FPA), that has not been used for TCP in RT as per the literature survey. This study has made a theoretical attempt to find the most efficacious metaheuristic technique for TCP. The theoretical results have reflected that Genetic Algorithm (GA) is the most prevalent NIMOA used for TCP. Although a particular NIMOA cannot be considered as efficacious for TCP. This study tries to bridge the gap between most popular metaheuristic techniques used for TCP and recent addition made to NIMOA. The main objective of this study is to propose an enhanced metaheuristic TCP technique. Henceforth, the study proposes Genetically Modified-Flower Pollination Algorithm (GM-FPA) for TCP in RT. Also, GA is used in the present study to perform TCP. GM- FPA is empirically evaluated by comparing the value of Average Percentage of Faults Detected (APFD) metrics with the APFD results of FPA, GA and traditional approaches for TCP in RT. The empirical results have reflected that GM-FPA outperformed the FPA, GA and traditional ways of TCP.


Morphological Material Analysis Of Affixation In 2013 Curriculum Thematic Teaching Books In Indonesia

Guesa Maiwinda, Aninditya Sri Nugraheni

This article discusses the morphology material in the field of affixation in the integrated thematic textbooks of the 2013 curriculum class V theme II on 'Clean Air for Health'. Many morphology materials in the field of affixation that we often encounter in various reading books, both formal and informal reading books. It's just that the reader doesn't know what affixation is or what is commonly called affix. The purpose of writing this article is to describe the many morphological studies in the field of affixation contained in thematic textbooks made by the government. The use of morphological material in affixation studies includes prefixes, infixes, suffixes, and confixes. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The data in this study are words that contain elements of affixation in the study of morphology in thematic teaching materials in class V theme II. The results showed that there were many morphological studies in the 2013 V grade II thematic curriculum thematic textbooks.


Psycholinguistic Study On The Expression Of Joy And Sadness Of Children Aged 6-8 Years

Navisatu Sholihah, Aninditya Sri Nugraheni

This study aims to determine the verbal and non-verbal aspects of linguistics that appear in the expression of joy and sadness of children aged 6-8 years. This type of research is descriptive qualitative to describe the phenomena that occur in research subjects. Data collection methods used are direct observation and techniques of listening, engaging, and proficient at expressing the joy and sadness of children aged 6-8 years. The results showed that in expressing the joy and sadness of the linguistic aspects of children aged 6-8 years, they were able to pronounce the language clearly that was able to be understood by others because, at the age of 6-8 years the vocabulary of the children had a lot and in interacting with others was already good marked when conversing and can respond to conversation. From the non-verbal aspect of expressing the joy shown by children aged 6-8 years, namely by smiling, beaming, laughing, and cheering, while the expression of sadness is usually indicated by crying, pouting, etc.


Variation Phonology Of Indonesian Language In Minangkabau Speakers

Dea Rakhimafa Wulandari, Aninditya Sri Nugraheni

Indonesian is used as the main means of students who come from Padang to communicate, both in the fields of education, technology, and social activities. However, Indonesian is not the first language of Padang students. As a result, variations in certain vocabulary words appear in the Indonesian language. The purpose of this study is to describe variations of Indonesian phonology in Minangkabau language students. Things discussed were about vowels, consonants, and phenomena at the phonological level of Minangkabau language students in speaking Indonesian. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative method with observation and recording techniques. The data that has been obtained in the analysis using descriptive analytic methods. The results of this study found that there are differences in vowels and consonants in the two languages, in Indonesian there are 6 vowels and 21 consonants and Minangkabau language 5 vowels and 19 consonants, launching vowels ê to a vowel phoneme both after phoneme i and phoneme u, vocal changes / a / becomes the vowel phoneme / o /, changes consonants to [s] and [k] to [h], sound absorption and sound addition.


A Review On Research Areas In Educational Data Mining And Learning Analytics

AbhilashaSankari, Dr. ShraddhaMasih, Dr. Maya Ingle

Over the last two-decade or so, educational data mining has evolved as an emerging discipline to analyze the type of data that comes from academics. Several research studies has carried outin Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS), Difficulty Factor Assessments, Latent Knowledge Estimation, Knowledge Inferences, Recommender System and Social Network Analysis.Gathering evidence of learning from educational setup has laid the foundation of learning analytics and educational data mining. Bayesian Knowledge Tracing (BKT), Q-Metrics, Performance Factor Analysis and Latent Knowledge Estimation methods are useful for the study of student’s success. Other methods like matrix factorization and knowledge components are suited for analyzing the student’s knowledge and performance. On the other hand, knowledge engineering and clustering is useful to develop student models for educational software.The current scope of research areas and methods utilized in educational data mining and learning analytics has discussed in this paper


Load Balancing In Routing Protocol For Low Power And Lossy Networks (RPL) Used In Iot

Manish Mishra, Dr. Piyush Shukla, Dr. Rajeev Pandey

RPL is the IPv6 routing protocol for low-power and lossy networks, standardized by IETF in 2012 as RFC6550. Specifically, RPL is designed to be a simple and inter-operable networking protocol for resource-constrained devices in industrial, home, and urban environments, intended to support the vision of the Internet of Things with thousands of devices interconnected through multihop mesh networks. More than six-years have passed since the standardization of RPL, and we believe that it is time to examine and understand its current state. In this paper, we review the history of research efforts in RPL; what aspects have been (and have not been) investigated and evaluated, how they have been studied, what was (and was not) implemented, and what remains for future investigation. . We reviewed over 97 [41] RPL-related academic research papers published by major academic publishers and present a topic-oriented survey for these research efforts. Our survey shows that only 40.2% of the papers evaluate RPL through experiments using implementations on real embedded devices, ContikiOS and TinyOS are the two most popular implementations (92.3%), and TelosB was the most frequently used hardware platform (69%) on testbeds that have average and median size of 49.4 and 30.5 nodes, respectively. Furthermore, unfortunately, despite it being approximately four years since its initial standardization, we are yet to see wide adoption of RPL as part of real-world systems and applications. We present our observations on the reasons behind this and suggest directions on which RPL should evolve. The RPL routing protocol published in RFC 6550 was designed for efficient and reliable data collection in low-power and lossy networks. Specifically, it constructs a Destination Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph (DODAG) for data forwarding. However, due to the uneven deployment of sensor nodes in large areas, and the heterogeneous traffic patterns in the network, some sensor nodes may have much heavier workload in terms of packets forwarded than others. Such unbalanced workload distribution will result in these sensor nodes quickly exhausting their energy, and therefore shorten the overall network lifetime. In this paper, we propose a load balanced routing protocol based on the RPL protocol, named LB-RPL, to achieve balanced workload distribution in the network. Targeted at the low-power and lossy network environments, LB-RPL detects workload imbalance in a distributed and non-intrusive fashion. In addition, it optimizes the data forwarding path by jointly considering both workload distribution and link-layer communication qualities. We demonstrate the performance superiority of our LB-RPL protocol over original RPL through extensive simulations.


The Device For Studying The Electromagnetic Effects On The Vital Cells I

K. M. Omar, S. S. Saad, M.A. Sebak and A. El-Taher

The exposure to electromagnetic fields EMF has become an active area of biophysics research. Modern lifestyle exposes nearly all humans to EMF, particularly to man-made visible light. Prolonged exposure to EMF induces persist changes in weight and neuronal activity. However, the modulation of synaptic efficiency by EMFs in vivo is still unclear. The study focuses upon design, evaluation and investigation of a Linear Source Lamp (LSL) device. The LSL visible light irradiation issued for the bio-electromagnetic effects. The living organism, particularly in humans, can be affected adversely by highly coherent EMF. Twenty-seven mice were divided into 3 groups in addition to the sham and control group. The three groups were exposed to the visible field for different durations (5, 10, 15days). Every day they were exposed for 8 hours as a daily dosage. The exposure doses were produced by LSL neon lamps. The sham and control group was placed in an identical chamber with no electromagnetic field. After the exposure period, mice were weighted daily. The exposure area on the bottom of cage was measured, evaluated and treated by the software SURFAR7 to determine the optimum area of irradiation as well as the intensity of the EMFs. On the basis of a detailed analysis of the present situation and experimental conditions, the number of recommended doses was chosen to prompt higher degree of electromagnetic bio-compatibility between these fields and the living human organism. This new scientific findings can be used to update human standard doses. Certain studies, because of their strength of evidence or because of the severity of the health out come under study, may be more likely to prompt a reevaluation of the science informing standards than others. Changes to standards or policies should be made after a proper assessment of the science case as a whole to ensure that the conclusion of the research in a given area is consistent.


A Scientometric Analysis Of Social Entrepreneurship

Dr Anil Kumar, Dr Prabha Kiran, Dr Krishna Kishore SV

Impactful studies in social entrepreneurship area has garnered attention of the researchers in recent times. The interest and importance is generated in this area because of its nature in addressing social problems and welfare of the communities and societies. The study aims at providing insight on scientometric analysis in the domain of social entrepreneurship. The study further identifies researchers exploring sub domains considering parameters like publication language, outlook of publication patterns that changed every year, contextual journals to perform a literature review, primary subject areas in which research is being conducted, most productive institutes/universities, most productive countries where research is being conducted in the domain of social entrepreneurship and the most prolific authors in the area of social entrepreneurship. This study is a pathfinder for researchers with plans to conduct studies in social entrepreneurship domain by leading them to relevant scholarly journals and authors for greater impact.


Digital Transformation Strategies In Different Areas: A Review

Dr. Harjinder Kaur , Prof. Amandeep Kaur Bath

A digital transformation process consists of information technology implementation and digital transformation strategy. It is based on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Digital transformation is adopted by public as well as private sectors. It affected both manufacture based and service based industries, customers, employees, educational institutes, banking, healthcare, society etc. This paper throws the light on digital transformation, its components, implementation areas of digital transformation and still having challenges in the digital information.


Marketing Engineering And Making Marketing Decisions

Mahmood Jasim Alsamydai

The concept of marketing engineering has become, today, an issue of great importance because it has helped in enabling marketing management to gain information and analyze it by using computer devices, communication networks, software and marketing decisions support systems, thus helping marketing management to take marketing decisions. The term marketing engineering can be traced back to Lilien et al. in "The Age of Marketing Engineering" published in 1998. In this article the authors defined marketing engineering as the use of computer decision models in making marketing decisions. The definition of marketing engineering was also developed by Lilien et al. 2002, who defined marketing engineering as "the systematic process of putting marketing data and knowledge to practical use through the planning, design, and construction of decision aids and marketing management support systems (MMSSs)". Among the driving factors toward the development of marketing engineering are the use of high-powered personal computers connected to LANs and WANs, the exponential growth in the volume of data, and the reengineering of marketing functions. other researcher also called marketing engineering "the systematic process of putting marketing data and knowledge to practical use through the planning, design, and construction of decision aids and marketing management support systems." Marketing management works in a variable and unstable environment, where it is requested to be flexible and interactive with these changes in the internal and external environment of the organization. There is a tremendous flow of information, where marketing engineering has to collect and analyze, by adopting information systems, information technology management decision support systems. Marketing engineering played the major role in that and enabled marketing management to adapt to and accommodate external environmental factors and take the proper marketing decisions. The objective of this paper is to know the relation between marketing engineering and the process of making marketing decisions and to provide the knowledge frame for marketing engineering, the supporting phrases of it, the technology used, as well as the information technology, marketing technology, market technology and phrases used in support of marketing engineering.


IOT Based Ration Distribution System Using Aadhar Card

S. M. Turkane, Tejashree D. Dhavane, C.B.Kadu, P.S.Vikhe

Ration card assumes a crucial job for the family subtleties, for example, to get gas association, relative subtleties, it goes about as location evidence and so forth. In current apportion dispersion arrangement of India there are numerous restrictions and negligence at different dimensions, which should be improved. This idea speaks to a savvy proportion card framework utilizing Aadhar card and IoT to avert the misbehaviors and defilement in the present apportion dispersion framework. A brilliant proportion card framework utilizing Aadhar card and IoT anticipate the acts of neglect and debasement in the present apportion conveyance framework. This framework displays a proficient technique for the purchaser to purchase the items in the apportion shop. The on-going proportion dispersion framework is having defilement in abnormal state, for example, material robbery, huge holding up time and mistaken estimation of merchandise in apportion shop. Additionally to deal with group isn't simple while circulation of proportion.


Effect Of Newly Designed Coil Arrangements Slinky, Spiral, And U-Type On The Horizontal Ground Heat Exchanger Performance

Jaya Prakash Killi, V. Rambabu, Sanjay Kumar Gupta

In this work, a new coil arrangement ground heat exchanger unit is developed. The different coil arrangements i.e. slinky, spiral, and U-type have been arranged in series and formed one loop of horizontal ground heat exchanger. In this model, the copper material was used since copper show high thermal conductivity augmentation as compared to the extensively employed plastic resources. The prime objective of present work is to assess the thermal performance and parametric study of the developed horizontal ground heat exchanger. For that the ground heat exchanger experimentations were conducted in the developed experimental setup. In order to authenticate the obtained experimental results, the thermal performance characteristics corresponding to the same coil arrangement as obtained from the developed experimental set-up is compared with the published literature. After the validation, the effects of different operating parameters on ground heat exchanger performances are evaluated based on the experimental results. The thermal response tests (TRTs) were carried out for 10 h constantly to measure the rate of heat exchange for the ground heat exchanger at different inlet (fluid) temperatures (50°C, 45°C, and 40°C). The different working fluids like Distilled water, Ethylene Glycol+ Distillated Water, Methanol +Distillated Water were flowed through the ground heat exchanger loops. From the analysis, it is found that the maximum heat exchange rate is achieved with water at the inlet temperature of 50°C. The average fluid temperature for the water + methanol was higher than the other working fluids. It is consideration that heat is effectively flowed to the sand by the developed GHE with water as a working fluid, because of the better thermal and physical property of water.


Isolation And Identification Of Steroides From E.Hirta

Prity Sharma, Shushila Dhaka

Euphorbia hirta Schrad. is an important medicinal plant belonging to family Euphorbiacae. Some phytochemicals was isolated from in vivo (leaf, stem, and root) and in vitro species. The dried samples were separately soxhlet extracted in 80% methanol and then reextracted with petroleum ether, diethyl ether and ethyl acetate. The fraction was concentrated and subjected to TLC. The Rf value of isolated metabolites and standard metabolites was calculated. The purified material was subjected to its IR spectra, H1 NMR, C13 NMR, GC-MS and identified as different metabolites which are not previously reported. This study is also of practical importance because these are an important ingredient of Euphorbia hirta.Euphorbia hirta Schrad. is an important medicinal plant belonging to family Euphorbiacae. Some phytochemicals was isolated from in vivo (leaf, stem, and root) and in vitro species. The dried samples were separately soxhlet extracted in 80% methanol and then reextracted with petroleum ether, diethyl ether and ethyl acetate. The fraction was concentrated and subjected to TLC. The Rf value of isolated metabolites and standard metabolites was calculated. The purified material was subjected to its IR spectra, H1 NMR, C13 NMR, GC-MS and identified as different metabolites which are not previously reported. This study is also of practical importance because these are an important ingredient of Euphorbia hirta.


Multi-Objective Optimization For CCHP Systems Based On Regressions Considering Economic And Environmental Aspects

Lahoud Chawki, El Brouche Marwan, Dakroub Jad, Al Asmar Joseph

: CHP (Combined Heating and Power) and CCHP (Combined Cooling, Heating and Power) systems defined by a high energy efficiency and a fewer polluting emissions in comparison to the separated energy generation leads to a high attention during the last decade. In order to combine these systems into a grid, the economic aspect and an environmental aspect must be studied. In this study, a multi-objective optimization is developed to study these aspects. This optimization is based on the economic and the environmental challenges of a trigeneration system that produces cooling, heating and electricity simultaneously. Due to the complexity of the system a genetic algorithm is used to find the optimal solution. then, a new decision-making strategy for the optimal power of the CCHP system that must be integrated in any sector based on mathematical regressions is introduced. Different load levels were studied in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of this proposed optimization.


The Feeding Habit Of Yellow Fish (Selaroides Leptolepis ) In Lekok Waters, East Java

Putri Anugerah, Diana Arfiati, Endang Yuli H.

Yellow selar fish (Selaroides leptolepis) is one type of fish that live in the waters of the East Java Sea, one of them is Lekok, Pasuruan Regency. Yellow selar fish favored by the people of East Java to become economically valuable consumption fish. Natural catches are felt to decrease with time and efforts are needed for domestication and cultivation. An analysis of the contents of the stomach has been carried out on yellow selar fish from Lekok waters. The study was conducted in July - August 2019. From the research results it is known that the Selarides (Selaroides leptolepis) are a group of carnivorous fish which can be seen from the Prefonderance Index value which consumes Copepoda (60%) as the main food. Ochrophyta (16.3%), Cyanobacteria (8.3%), Chlorophyta (7%) are categorized as a complementary food and Myzozoa (2.6%) and Charophyta (0.3%) as additional food.


Admission Policy In Universities: In Search Of Empirical Evidence

Jonathan A. ODUKOYA, Dare O. OMONIJO, Elizabeth I. OLOWOOKERE, Mercy JOHN and Aderemi A. ATAZYERO

This study set out to verify the hypothesis that ‘mature undergraduate students, in terms of chronological age, would significantly perform better than immature undergraduate students academically’. Data on 679 undergraduate students were utilised in the study, out of which 375 were females and 304 were males. Their age ranged from 14 to 22 years with standard deviation of 1.2 while mean age was 17.05 years. The Grade Point Averages [GPA] for 100 level and 200 level first and second semesters, called alpha and omega semesters in this study, were utilised. The parametric statistics employed for analysis was the analysis of variance [ANOVA] which compared the GPA of the least, average and most mature students categorised with age range of 14-16, 17-18, 19-22 years respectively. The result showed that the least mature students, in terms of chronological age, consistently featured significantly higher academic performance than the average and most mature students (Mean Diff. = 0.153, p = 0.033 for 100 level alpha; Mean Diff. = 0.192, p = 0.0 for 200 level alpha). This finding tends to put to question the rationale for the adoption of the policy of not admitting applicants below age 16 into public universities on the ground of immaturity.


Quality Management, Total Quality Management And Six Sigma

Mudit M. Saxena,, Dr. KVN Srinivas Rao

Quality is the characteristic which distinguishes a product and service from its rivals. Quality is not the responsibility of a single member to ensuring superior quality of a service or product. TQM is a combined endeavor of management, Employees, workers and suppliers in order to get and go beyond client happiness point. PDCA cycle is major part of TQM. TQM is a joint effort of both top management and employees of a company to devise efficient policies and strategies to give good quality goods which meet and exceed customer satisfaction. Each TQM model incorporates customer feedbacks with applicable data and strategy as per the design effective plans to attain high quality goods. Few quality management tools are check list, Pareto chart, Fishbone diagram, Histogram, Scatter diagram, and graphs. Six Sigma make sure better quality of goods by eliminating the imperfections in the systems and processes. DMAIC and DMADV are two methods of Six Sigma. Kaizen is explained as a constant attempt by all employees to make sure enhancement of all system and processes of a particular company. “Five S” of Kaizen is a methodical approach which directs to infallible systems, standard strategies, set of laws and regulations to give rise to a strong work culture at the company. There is a vital role of managers and customers in implementing Six Sigma. Six-Sigma and TQM both are efficient tools for quality management but there exist a thin line of difference between them. Six-Sigma gives improved and efficient outcomes as compared to TQM. There are some differences in methodologies of manufacturing and service sectors.


Micro-Characterization Of Pure Mg And AZ91D Used As Sacrificial Anodes In Reinforced Cement Concrete

Yogesh Iyer Murthy, Sumit Gandhi , Abhishek Kumar,

Off-shore reinforced cement concrete structures are exposed to severe chloride atmosphere and are hence prone to corrosion. Prevention of corrosion of such structures by cathodic protection technique has evolved as a major method. Magnesium and its alloys are very commonly used as sacrificial anodes in this regard. The current paper investigates the micro-characterization of pure Magnesium (Mg) and AZ91D anodes used for cathodic protection of structural steel reinforcement in concrete slabs using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) coupled with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) after 270 days of embedment in concrete. The presence of inter-mettalics was found to decrease the rate of corrosion in AZ91D compared to pure Mg. Bare steel reinforcements with and without anodes were also tested in severe Chloride atmosphere for weight loss and tensile strength on different days and compared for 80 days. The tensile strengths and weight loss of bare steel reinforcements with anodes were found to be much less affected in chloride atmosphere, as against those without anode, indicating the effectiveness of the latter, although similar values of stresses were found for both Mg and AZ91D. The results of micro characterization, tensile strength and rate of corrosion can be used for optimal selection of anodes for different exposure conditions.


Hegemony Construction Of Local Government Financial Accountability In Indonesia

Banu Witono, Eko Ganis, Roekhudin, Nurkholis

This paper purpose is to uncover the NPM hegemony construction of local government finance accountability in Indonesia. The formulation process of local government autonomy policy and financial management are used as an entry point to uncover the hegemonic practices in financial accountability of local governments. The accountability concept is closely related to democracy concept and legitimacy (Erkkilä, 2007). Democracy is represented by local autonomy and legitimacy is represented by local financial management under the legal umbrella of regulation. Regulation is an important instrument in accountability (Tower, 1993); it is seen as an entry point for the existence of NPM hegemony. This study uses qualitative research with Gramsci hegemony methodology approach. Data collection gives more attention to document review and regulation as well as in interviews with key informants. The interview technique used is planned unstructured with the data analysis methods is critical discourse analysis. The study results show that NPM adoption in Indonesia governance, especially in management of government finances, has opened up hegemony space for ruling class. But the perceived effect does not necessarily lead to improvements in financial accountability of local governments. This research has important meaning and contributes through the concept of local autonomy, local financial management and financial accountability of local governments in Indonesia.


Aluminium Phosphide (Slow) Poisoning: A Narrative Case Review

Dr R.Santhosh Kumar, Dr Sivasankaran Ponnusankar

Aluminum phosphide poisoning has been difficult to manage since there is a lack of specific antidote to treat it. The current case review provides an insight on various methods that has been handled by physician to manage the poison, and this review also provides the clinical manifestations that play a significant role in deciding the appropriate treatment. A retrospective study of the scientific literature reporting on cases of aluminum phosphide ingestion was carried out, using the inclusion criteria: 1) patient of all age groups 2) patient with an accidental exposure, 3) patient with an intention of self-harming, 4) successful and unsuccessful management of the aluminum phosphide poisoning. A total of 14 case reports were collected, from which 7 cases has been reviewed, of which four cases were due to the intention of self-harming and the other three cases were due to accidental ingestion of aluminum phosphide in various forms (tablets, granules, powders). The important manifestations that were seen in all these cases were 1) changes in ECG mostly resembling ST elevation or depression, 2) metabolic acidosis and 3) severe changes in hematocrit values affecting almost all the hemodynamic parameters. Management of aluminum phosphide poisoning has its major setback due to the unavailability of specific antidote, successfully managed cases shows that early diagnosis and detection of important clinical manifestations provides an advantage, other factors like appropriate history collection from patient relative is significant in providing an accurate treatment in a timely manner.


Performance Analysis Of Analog Data Compression And Decompression Using ANN In 32nm Finfet Technology

Sujata.A.A and Dr. Lalitha.Y.S

The extension within the production of IC for applications of VLSI domains like medicine imaging, Signal processing and telecommunication are becomes a desire for brand spanking new technologies and existence. These productions are due to the approach of advantages of VLSI technology. The additional varieties of researchers are operating for medicines Sciences to create things are less complicated and robotic. Absolutely genetic performances abundant nearer to artificial Neural Network (ANN) are generally used for information compression and reconstruction of medical field signal, organizations and identification of diseases. For signal compression and reconstruction using PCA, HMM and DCT techniques are generally used, however losses are a lot of. To deal with these problems, the chip level style exploits FinFET 32 nm technology for ANN is projected and it consists of Gilbert cell number, sigmoid activation function (SAF) and bias circuits that are supports to extend the compact magnitude relation and precision. In view of this paper, ANN has been outlined in Cadence Virtuoso analog tool employing FinFET 32nm technology, all sub-units are outlined from Layout level to design through LVS, DRC and RC Extraction, and eventually chip level i.e. GDS-II level. ANN predominantly aims at the style of Feed Forward Artificial Neural Network (FWANN) and it's instructed by employing Back Propagation (BP) design. The overhaul loads hold on 16bit 6T SRAM cell, the counterfeit results has been created 10% increase in delay, 7.5% improvement in power consumption and 0.5% information loses compressed subsequently.


Micro-Propagation Of Dendrocalamus Strictus And Its Importance

Dr. Anil Bora , Miss Sibani Borah

Vegetative propagation by rhizome cutting, layering, pre-rooted and pre-rhizome, branch cutting, nodal branch chips, offset and culm division are also common in various bamboo. But such methods have various limitations like large scale multiplication, cost of production, microbial infection, difficult in transportation, etc. So in this paper special attention is given to mass propagation of Dendrocalamus strictus using seeds as explants.


Understanding The Moderating Role Of Generation On The Factors Affecting The Adoption Of M-Shopping

Shivani Tyagi, Dr Sujata Khandai

Purpose –The aim of the study is to empirically examine adoptive concerns of shoppers who use mobile phone as a mode of shopping and to understand this Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Theory of Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) were used. The research also tries to moderating effect of generation on antecedents and dependent variable. Research Methodology–A sample of around 315 respondents were drawn and selfadministered survey data was collected. To determine the relationship among the antecedents and to validate our research model statistical tools like CFA, SEM was used and to check the moderating effect PROCESS version 3.3 by Andrew .F Hayes was used. Findings – Current study reveal that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and personal innovativeness creates a positive impact on the adoption of mobile shopping whereas price is negatively impacted and it is found that perceived risk does not create any impact on mobile shopping adoption. Study also showed the existence of the moderating effect of generation on personal innovativeness. Practical implications /limitations–Findings of the study enlighten mobile shopping service providers and mobile retailers who are involved in this digital business. The authors also try to compare the adoption of mobile shopping Generation X and Generation Y to see the effect on adoption, which provides understanding to develop marketing strategy accordingly. Limitations of the study are restricted to sample size in Indian context only. In future scope can be improved by testing the same model at the global level. Originality/value – The study provides a theoretical and practical understanding of adoptive concerns of the mobile shoppers considering “Price” as one of the important variables which is less used in the field of mobile shopping and also finds the moderating effect of generation


The Business Evaluation Analysis Of Milkfish Otak-Otak (Chanos Chanos) At Gresik District, East Java

Mimit Primyastanto, Candra Intyas, Moh. Fattah, Ira Rosita, Aldy Khoiri. W

The business evaluation analysis of Milkfish Otak-otak was done in Gresik District. This study was conducted to find the business feasibility of Milkfish Otak-otak. Research methods were observation, interview, and documentation. The study results showed that Milkfish Otak-otak business was feasible and can be developed. The market aspect showed this business can produce 192,000 unit of Milkfish Otak-otak every year. Meanwhile, the short-term and long-term finance of Milkfish Otak-otak showed this business was profitable today and in the next five years. This can be seen from RC Ratio value was 1.6 with the rate of return earned on average every years was IDR 3,320,272,433.33. The Rentability calculation of Milkfish Otak-otak was 57%. Break Event Point value of this business was IDR 820,056,232.04/year. For long-term finance, NPV of this business was IDR 11,154,241,704.00. Net B/C value of this business was 13.03. Payback period value of this business was 0.31 while the IRR value was 358%.


An Effectual Adaboost Based Regularization Approach For Risk Prediction In Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

S.P.Sasirekha, N.MohanaSundaram

With the rapid development in vehicle scale and road traffic, people have encountered safety risks due to vehicle accidents, during benefiting increasing convenience of life. However, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs) have offered the human society with significant information associated with vehicle data, which assists in developing a new methodology to examine vehicle accidents in high traffic scenario. In this investigation, the problem associated with identifying the risk of vehicle accidents have been analyzed and a solution is made using the Adaboost based Regularized boosting for classifying the velocity of vehicle during the process of transportation and to acquire model for accident risk prediction. In this investigation, identifying risk is significantly grounded on big data processing and real time accident data. Initially, Real time traffic dataset is considered, the missing attributes of the dataset will be complemented and the sample features are considered. Secondly, AdaBoost algorithm is utilized for adjusting the computing power of vehicle terminals, which assists in deploying the VANET effectually. Thirdly, Effectual Regularized Boosting is combined with Adaboost to make the classifier to effectual for risk prediction. Finally, simulation results show that prediction model using Adaboost based Regularized boosting algorithm provides Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and vehicle assistant system with theoretical basis. The parameters such as Notification, End to End delay, Network processing overhead, Reception rate, and Notification distribution are evaluated using MATLAB simulation environment. The proposed method outperforms well in contrast to existing methods.


Microbial Diversity In Weaver Ant (Oecophylla) Gut

Kirti Shivayogi Hosmath, Dr Shivasharana Chandrabanda Timmappa

The aim to study the microbial ecology is to use metagenomics tools to clearly understand the complete genomes of uncultured microorganisms present in the environment. This is done to enhance applications in finding new or novel microbial enzymes, signal-molecules as antibiotics and many more. Ant gut microbiome plays a very important part in hosts development, growth and their environmental habitat. The present research on the ant gut microbiome showstheir important role in exploiting many biotechnological applications using metagenomics tools. Therefore, 16S/18S/ITS rDNA serve as identifiers of biological species, and are important for microbial phylogeny and taxonomic identification. 16S/18S/ITS rDNA amplicon sequencing has become an important tool for the study of the composition of microbial communities in weaver ant gut, and the order and genus of bacteria found are Actinomycetales, Bifidobacteriales, Actinobacteria, Bacteriodales, Flavobacteriales, Caulobacterales, Methanobacteriales, Lactobacillales, Clostridiales, Bradyrhizobacterium, Agrobacterium etc .Hence, in this review, the complete microbialdiversity of ant gut is studied by following 16S / 18S / ITS rDNA amplicon sequencing procedure includes,dissection, culturing,genomic DNA extraction, quality control, rDNA variable region amplification, library construction, high-throughput sequencing, data analysis and identification of microbiome is done to exploit their important functional role in the scientific research like the use in biotechnological applications.


The Leadership Of Headmaster In Praya Public Elementary Schools, Central Lombok-West Nusa Tenggara-Indonesia


Ineffective schools place weak leadership at the top of reasons for under-performance and that behind unsuccessful schools is poor leadership. Further, it is the leadership of the school that makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence. Lack of vision, poor communication, inattention to teaching standards/quality and failure to take decisions are cited as some of the characteristics of poor and weak leadership in failing schools. The subjects of the study were 240 teachers Praya Public elementary schools. The participants were to analyse, through semi-structured interviews and a closed-ended questionnaire, the leadership patterns of their leaders and the barriers to effective leadership in schools. The findings revealed that, generally, leaders in Praya schools practise democratic leadership although not without barriers. Chief among the barriers are the imposition of policies through numerous directives from the Ministry of Education. The study ends with a conclusion that draws from the discussion of the findings and relevant studies to the subject being discussed.


Estimation Of Seismic Stability Of Architectural Monuments Of Khorezm

Gavhar Durdieva, Ergashbek Salaev, Adilbek Zargarov

This article touches upon the issue of seismic stability of historical-architectural monuments. Full-scale monitoring and researches of architectural monuments of Khorezm have shown that the ancient masters-architects were acquainted with quite various destructive effects of earthquakes. Of course, the broad sections of architects, engineer - builders and restorers are interested in their original methods and designs of seismic protection. To identify the technical state of constructions of the madrassahs and minarets, located in Ichan-Kala of Khiva, engineering survey was carried out on its load-bearing structures. Rather, based on the achievements of modem construction science, the constructive decision of above mentioned object is entrusted to engineering analysis. From the point of view of seismic stability of buildings, an attempt was made to extract something common from such difficult situations of ancient times and building regulations that have been emerged in the present.


Android-Based Rice Variety Classifier (Arvac) Using Convolutional Neural Network

Erwil David A. Pasion, Joe G. Lagarteja

Rice is the world’s most important cereal. It constitutes the world’s guideline source of nourishment, being the essential grain for the planet’s most significant populace. It is the staple nourishment and source of dietary vitality and protein. Within the current grain-handling frameworks, grain sort and quality are evaluated by mere visual review. This assessment handle is, be that as it may, dull and time-consuming. Decision-making capabilities can be genuinely influenced by a physical condition such as weakness in vision, the current mental state caused by predispositions and work weight, and working condition such as a disgraceful lighting condition. In this paper, an Android-based image recognition system using Convolutional Neural Network was used as a new method to classify and identify rice variety in terms of visual features such as size, color, shape, and texture of the seeds. Fifty (50) rice samples having eleven (11) rice varieties were used in the study for testing. Results in the study show an overall accuracy rate of 93.8%. Such high accuracy rate confirms that the Android-based Rice Variety Classifier can be used as a tool for classifying rice grains.


Design Of Mathematics Learning Multimedia Base On PBL Model To Improve Student’s Creative Thinking Skill

Nesti Puspandari, Suparman

The purpose of this research is to design learning multimedia that can be used to improve the students' ability to think creatively. This is developmental research using ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation). Subjects in this research were students of class VIII in MTS Karangkajen Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The analysis phase was carried out to gather information about potential and problems in this study by conduct the requirement analysis of students in mathematics multimedia learning. The results of the requirement analysis are used to simplify the process of designing multimedia learning in mathematics. This study is limited to the design phase. For further research will continue at the stage of development and dissemination. The result of development is the multimedia consist of the start page, home page, materials page, evaluation page, guidance page, and about page. The results of the feasibility test show that the average score is 80, so the design is included in the category of good and worth developing.


The Fragmented Man Gets Transformed Due To The Sufferings

Sreehari.S.V , Dr. Prem Chandar.P

: From even the viewpoint of a deep set concentration on 'enduring,' Bernard works are herein approached to bring forth his way of standing along with Jews. How Malamud's books in the light of 'enduring' assumes a critical role is deeply dealt in as by means of this article. The purpose of this article is to have approached Bernard Malamud’s books and how his books have approached towards the Transformation of Man—Fragmented Man. This article claims that Malamud speaks all so wonderfully about the transformation and he proves or establishes too such a Transformation as very genuine by means of supporting with right and utopian arguments and even characters surpassing. This particular investigation intends to play out a sharp and severe research of Bernard Malamud's books The Fixer, Dubin's lives, The Natural, The Assistant and The Tenants, focusing on the reclaiming role or recovering part enacted by anguish (suffering) and compassion (empathy) in the life of the cutting edge man rather. The research method that has been employed is the approaching towards delving deeply in his books themselves and quotations of other authors touching his works and sayings of other authors touching him. Thus the Transformation of the Fragmented Modern Man has been discussed herein as all through this article very promptly with all the intention of establishing his movement such as the Transformation of Man—Fragmented Man.


Influence Of Piper Betel Leaf Extract To Prevent The Premature Spoilage Of Milk

Dhasarathan P, Keerthika B, Naavarasi N R, Ranjitsingh A J A

Milk is a nutritious and complete food with minerals and vitamins. Milk provides almost all the nutrients for growth and maintenance of the human body.The milk is a highly perishable commodity and it must be protected from spoilage before reaching the consumers. Currently an interest is going on to use natural products based preservative to prevent spoilage of milk before cooking. In the present study a natural product, betel extract is tested as milk preservative agent.The shelf life of the raw and pasteurized milk added with Piperbetle Linn.extractwas found to be 5 hours and 11 hours respectively without refrigeration. This is due to the action of the plant extracts on the microbes which causes spoilage.


Implementation Of Environmentally Friendly Marketing For Smes Featured Products To Strengthen Competitive Advantages

Erni Yuningsih, Endang Silaningsih

SMEs are required to apply environmentally friendly marketing to the products produced and have a high consistency of environmental values including aspects of product development, production, energy and waste management, consumer protection and even social policies and environment. SMEs who are able to implement environmentally friendly marketing strategies will have a competitive advantageThe research objective is to determine the application of environmentally friendly marketing to SMEs, environmentally friendly marketing strategies in increasing competitive advantage and testing the effect of the application of environmentally friendly companies on competitive advantage.: The research method uses descriptive and verification analysis. The sample uses a saturated sample technique consisting of 43 craft UKM and 38 culinary UKM. The data analysis technique used is multiple linear regression analysis, correlation coefficient and determination coefficient. In addition, classical assumptions were tested which included: normality test, autocorrelation test, multicollinearity test, and heteroskedasticity test, F test and t test. The results of testing the hypothesis show that all proposed hypotheses are accepted. Product, Price, Distribution Channel and Green Promotion simultaneously and partially have a positive effect on competitive advantage. By implementing environmentally friendly marketing, the company will gain competitiveness compared to other companies, because the company benefits in the form of exclusive access to limited resources, namely raw materials, consumers and locations. Things that businesses need to pay attention to are finding alternative environmentally friendly raw materials, adopting environmentally friendly technologies, shops or distribution channels that are environmentally friendly and strengthening promotion of environmentally friendly.


Improved Segmentation Techniques For Image Manipulation With Shadow Based Digital Forgery Using Vanishing Point Computation

N.R Gladiss Merlin, B. Santhosh Kumar, R. Cristin, R.Arun Sekar

Now a day, in the visual imagery trend image manipulation appears to be in every domain or field where imagery plays a significant role. From newspapers, articles, magazines to scientific research papers, image manipulation is blow-out. Shadows in an image are unavoidable. The shadows are present in the image because of the objects in the image scene content. When an image forger tries to manipulate the image containing shadow, special effort should be shown to make the shadow inconsistency in the image clueless. Either the shadow of the object in the image has to be copied from different image containing same object or shadow of the objects is distinctively copied and pasted on to the image. This paper proposes to develop a new forgery detection methodology based on shadow inconsistency. The intent is to estimate the position of the light and shadow vanishing point of the image and to compare the vanishing point. If any difference in vanishing point exists, it resembles the inconsistency of the shadow present in image and judge whether the image is tampered.


Iot And WSN Based Smart Surveillance System For Patients With Closed-Loop Alarm

Amit Sundas, Surya Narayan Panda

A smart surveillance system for patients is an emerging subject in the current time for health and safety patient’s life in a remote location. In patient’s surveillance system, sensor devices have an important function to communicate, collect data and analyze it for real-time applications. The precondition of the patient can be monitored and analyzed by using the various body sensors such as Spo2, Pulse, acceleration, temperature, etc. Sensors can be utilized to collect data from patient’s body and send it to the remote location for analysis. This data can be used in the real-time application for monitoring the patients in a remote location. This paper discusses the state-of-art technologies that have been employed in literature for Smart surveillance system for patients. Also, the authors offered a novel architecture for a patient surveillance system that utilizes the concept of IoT (Internet of things) and WSNs (Wireless sensors networks). The proposed architecture acts as a surveillance system to monitor the patients with a closed-loop alarm which further help the concerned authorities to take the necessary and immediate action.


Big Data Education At The Chilean Academy: Is This Possible?

Cristian Vidal-Silva, Erika Madariaga, Claudia Jiménez, Luis Urzúa

Technology evolves, and the human being presents a growing need for the use and generation of large volumes of information and data (Big Data). Working with Big Data with traditional computer systems is not feasible: Including new knowledge and technology of Big Data for inclusion in professional computer and computer education is necessary. The main objective of this work is to answer whether or not the Chilean academy is prepared to train specialists in Big Data. In addition to describing theoretical and practical components of Big Data along with introducing an essential tool of the subject, this work defines and presents the results of a survey to explore and analyze the reality of the academy in Chile regarding the degree of viability to train and train professionals competent in Big Data. Necessary conditions for developing Big Data competences in the Chilean academy require more adjustments. Specifically, the Chilean academy needs to adopt Big Data topics and solutions for developing those competencies in future professionals.


Study Of Stereotype Units In Old Turkic Script

Shakhnoza Tulagonova

This article is dedicated to one of the stereotypical units - stylistic features of ancient Turkic scripts. There are cliched units in scripts. This seems to have been caused by tautology, the simplicity of the text, or the author's mistake. It is clear that the texts are not mere repetitions, as they penetrate deeper into the content. These units can even be subdivided into species. However, the stereotype units we investigate are quite different from related units. We cannot conclude that different phenomena are referred to in terms of epic clichés, epic formula, stylistic formula, formulas. Indeed, the units referred to in these terms are used repeatedly in the texts. In this respect they are alike. In particular, two types of events can be distinguished in ancient Turkic writings. The article describes the common and distinctive features of stereotype units from related phenomena such as formulas and stylistic formulas. It also analyzes their meanings and transformations into later periods.


Experimental Investigation To Examine The Effect Of Shape And Size Of Dimples At Suction Surface Of Aerofoil

Diksha Singh, Radheshyam H. Gajghat, Mrinal Kanti Manik

Aerofoil, the cross-sectional shape of a wing, has a significant role in any aircraft due to its capability of generating adequate lift to hold that aircraft in the air with less drag. The design of the aerofoil with desired aerodynamic characteristics is not so easy till date. Although, at early stages of technical development, it was compromised with the performance due to the random designing while test in a flow section. But as time rolled on to the later phase of the development era, Wright brothers (Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright) came with the cambered section. At present NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) has given a proper definition for Aerofoil, which helps us design aerofoil using formula instead of randomizing it, to achieve the optimal performance to some extent. In this work, an experimental investigation was carried out to enhance the performance of an Aerofoil NACA 4311 by surface modification. Initially the aerodynamic performance of three different shapes viz. cambered, flat and symmetrical shaped aerofoil was checked experimentally. Based on this investigation it was concluded that symmetrical aerofoil gave quite better performance than cambered and flat shaped aerofoil. After surface modification by placing dimples of different sizes and shapes at suction surface of symmetrical aerofoil, it was found that the medium semi cylindrical dimples gave better aerodynamic performance as compared to other modifications.


A State Of Art Survey For Web Server Performance Measurement And Load Balancing Mechanisms

Omid H. Jader, Subhi R. M. Zeebaree, Rizgar R. Zebari

Nowadays, the massive load on the internet by the demanders and diversity of web applications, the web servers have become crucial. Therefore, many related companies and web developers try to generate powerful structures and efficient systems for web servers in order to satisfy internet users and the web servers from being overworked. Furthermore, in big web-based companies due to enormous number of clients, one server could not handle all the incoming requests and some of them be rejected. Hence, the idea of cluster server and load balancing methods been provided to tackle the problem. In this paper, twenty up-to-date references have been depended for reviewing different studies who addressed web server performance and load balancing algorithms in the last half-decade, to compare their capabilities and provide an efficient platform to build web-based system structures.


Fortifying The Messages

Mita Darbari, Prashans Darbari, Soumya Nema, Mansi Sahu, Reena Soni

In this paper, a method for sending secured messages on internet is presented in a very simple way using Special Pythagorean Triangles.


Glycerol In Food, Cosmetics And Pharmaceutical Industries: Basics And New Applications

Nur Izyan Wan Azelee, Aizi Nor Mazila Ramli, Nor Hasmaliana Abdul Manas, Nurrulhidayah Salamun, Rohaida Che Man, Hesham El Enshasy

The world demand for a greener and sustainable environment has driven researchers all over the world to put effort in utilizing all the waste into valuable products. The circular economy is aiming to reduce the amount of waste being produced to almost zero waste by reutilizing and recycling as possible as we can. Glycerol being one of the main by-product from the biodiesel production is recently gaining interest as one of the emerging renewable feedstock for various applications. This mini review starts with a brief introduction on the history and physico-chemical properties of glycerol. The state-of-the-art for different types of glycerol production is also reviewed from the perspective of conventional chemical process as well as biological process. Finally this work highlights the potential of glycerol applications in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.


A Survey On OCR For Telugu Language

Buddaraju Revathi, G.Naveen Kishore, V Dheeraj

Text in the image file will not be in editable format on computer. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process to understand the text in the image, either printed or handwritten and creates a file with the text in the image file that can be editable on the computer. OCR for English language is well developed. At present day there is a need of OCR for Indian languages to preserve historical documents which are written mostly in Indian languages, to organize books in library and for application form processing etc. OCR for Telugu language is difficult as a consonant or single vowel forms a single character or it can be a combination of vowels and consonants that can form a compound character. This paper presents survey on methodologies used in OCR system for Telugu Language till now.


Reliability Issues In Online Applications Of Private Learning Institutions In Malaysia

Parveena Sandrasegaran, Kesava Pillai Rajadorai

Private Learning Institutions in Malaysia face several challenges in the online application they offer for prospective students. These challenges cause several liability issues in the industry and prevents the application from evolving with technological advancements. In order to understand industrial liability, reliability management issues were identified and further broken down to analyze the effects of the issue. Based on the study, reliability issues pertaining to the application’s infrastructure, database, and interface were recognized. Subsequently, solutions were suggested to eliminate the challenges and enhance the reliability of the online applications provided by the Private Institutions. The solutions developed guaranteed user satisfaction as applicants who utilize the system vary from different backgrounds and age. Additionally, the system was able to permit the implementation of new requirements without experiencing data loss or defects within the system. Based on the suggestions, the relevance of the reliability issues was discussed regarding the system’s development in order to justify that the proposed solution enhanced the system’s reliability


Biometric Bus Ticketing System In Mauritius

Gooljar Veerajay , Sathiapriya Ramiah Hemalata Vasudavan

In the recent years, the number of people using the public bus to commute to work or to other locations of Mauritius has drastically increased. Mauritians prefer to utilize public transit rather than using their own vehicles due to the increase of petrol prices. They find it more frugal to utilize public transport rather than private vehicles due to parking and commuting cost. Since there is an issue with the traditional ticketing system, this study proposes a public transport ticketing system with face recognition. The system allow users to register themselves as passenger and enable them to utilize the services. Before proceeding with the development of the biometric system, the people of Mauritius were surveyed and changes were made accordingly to the functionalities of the system to increase its efficiency amongst the users. Final system testing were conducted with potential users at Mauritius and the acceptance level of this system is encouraging


Design And Development Of Multi-Stream Cloud Forensic Technique

Mr.Kalyan Devappa Bamane

A proposed multi-stream forensic technique for performing forensic investigations in an electronic system includes capturing and associating multiple streams of information. The multi-streams refer network stream, storage stream, and virtual stream. The network stream contains a record of network activities such as traffic data, server logs, host activities details, and firewall data so on. A storage stream refers to data of storage media such as hard disk, memory, flash drive, and network area storages which record both read and write activities. A virtual stream refers to data of virtual machines, virtual servers, virtual memory, virtual drives and related sources. A comprehensive summary logs can be obtained with each network, storage, and virtual activities coordinated during particular time. To enable investigation for finding the suspicious events across network, storage, and virtual domains multi-stream forensic technique has been proposed. It achieves cloud security breach investigation and recovery. Proposed framework refers multiple stream sources and logs for investigation through identifying the footprint and recovering the data


Effective Classroom Management: A Study In Three Public Junior High Schools

Mohammad Muspawi, Siti Rahma Sari, Harlina Harja, Sri Hidayati, Sophia Rahmawati, K. A. Rahman, Muazza

This classroom management study of nine teacher participants at three public junior high schools in Muaro Jambi Regency aimed to investigate participant teachers’ implementation, efforts and hindering factors of effective classroom management. A qualitative case study approach was employed to gather the data of the study. Data were collected through interviews by using purposive sampling technique in selecting study participants. The findings showed that the effectiveness of classroom management was measured by the standards set by the teacher and student participation. Effective classroom management is achieved if two substantive elements of behavioral management and environmental management are carried out properly. The efforts made by the teachers included the use of verbal and non-verbal language, building personal relationships with students, developing relationships through social media, and changing class layouts. Furthermore, Physical environmental conditions, socio-emotional conditions, and misuse of multimedia technology were factors that inhibit the effectiveness of classroom management in this study.


FDTD Analysis Of A Rectangular Monopole Antenna For Wireless Application

Debajit. Patir and Dipak Kr. Neog

A symmetrical slotted rectangular plus shaped patch antenna using a defected ground structure is studied with the 3D-FDTD method. The operating frequency bands of the printed monopole antenna cover the GPS, WiMAX and WLAN applications. The designed antenna is simulated with HFSS-13 and fabricated on FR4 substrate with =4.4. The dimension of the patch antenna is 38×25×1.6 mm3. The experimental measurements of the fabricated antenna are taken by using Agilent VNA E8362C at Department of Physics, Tezpur University. It is found that FDTD simulation result along with measured and HFSS simulations are agreed satisfactory


Developing A PBL-Based Interactive Physics CD To Improve Diagram And Mathematics Representation Ability On Simple Harmonic Motion Material

M. Galeih Saputra, Ariswan

This research aims to: (1) develop a Problem-Based Learning (PBL)-based physics interactive CD on simple harmonic material. This research is research and development applying the 4-D model. The field trial subjects included 64 students in SMA Negeri 4 Yogyakarta consisting of 32 students as the experimental class and 32 students as the control class. The results are as follows. First, the PBL-based interactive physics CD on Simple Harmonic Motion material has been developed. Second, the developed PBL based physics interactive CD is declared eligible to be used and belongs to a very good category as indicated by the score of 4.36 from a maximum of 5. Third, the developed PBL based physics interactive CD is declared effective because it can improve the ability of the students of SMA Negeri 4 Yogyakarta to deal with diagram and math representation.


Utilization Of Different Metamaterial Types For Solar Absorbers

Victor Du John H, Jackuline Moni D

Natural materials are a mixture of individual atoms and molecules that are combined into a chemical bonding mechanism. The major three phenomena like absorption, reflection and transmission of the material are obtained by the hitting of sunlight i.e. electromagnetic radiation. If the material is accepting some light then it is called as absorption, if the material is not absorbing some portion of light then it is called as reflection, and finally some portion of light neither accepted nor reflected then it is called as transmission. All these are depends on the atomic characteristics of the material. This new idea shall be used as the periodic structures for the design of solar cells. This review tells about the various parametric study, materials used and different sizes of the unit cells obtained by various authors


Requirements Modeling For A Custom-Made Materials Handling System - A Case Of Anti-Biotic Manufacturing Plant

Dinesh Shenoy, Hoshiar Mal, Syeedun Nisa

Globally, suppliers of custom-made materials handling systems (MHS) are under pressure to deliver systems that exactly meet their customer’s needs. They have to elicit complete and unambiguous requirements from their customers that include stated as well as latent requirements. However, customer requirements are usually ambiguous, unstable and often have solutions embedded in it. This paper proposes a technique that can help MHS suppliers elicit all types of solution-free requirements for a custom-made MHS in order to deliver maximum value to a customer.The methodological approach in this paper employs a comprehensive review of more than twenty requirements elicitation and analysistechniques that are in use in the engineering industry. This is followed by the development of a hybrid model, one that combines KJ+ interview and Kano Analysis, which can greatly increase customer satisfaction while designing custom-made MHS. The hybrid model isapplied to a real-life case on an antibiotic tablet manufacturing MHS. The paper discusses how this hybrid modelwould be particularlyappropriate and useful in designing custom-made equipment where competitor data is unavailable


Automatic Traffic Density Estimation And Vehicle Classification Method Using Neural Network

S. Rakesh, Dr. Nagaratna P Hegde

A reinforcement learning (RL) technique is a solid structure for learning a reactive traffic light policy for short-term web website traffic need remodellings without prior environmental expertise. Previous RL strategies could handle high-dimensional attribute room taking advantage of a regular semantic network, e.g., a convolutional semantic network; however, to manage web traffic on the road associated with various intersections, the mathematical features in between streets need to be generated by hand. In this particular paper, the prophecy of blockage is actually operationalized by utilizing the formula of back proliferation to teach the semantic network. As well as additionally within this paper, automatic web traffic density evaluation and vehicle distinction approach making use of neural network appears.


Role Of Hr Towards Specifying Performance Standards And Also Tracking Results To Achieve Performance Objectives

M.Rajyalaxmi, Kafila, Veerati Radhika, R. Archana Reddy

The top priorities, strategies and activities are actually totally incorporated with business top priorities as well as strategies of the CSC Record on Strategies and also Top Priorities. The Strategic Plan for Human Resource Management will adapt to any kind of modifications created in your business top priorities of CSC and will definitely be actually updated on an annual basis. Regional as well as Field tasks in the place of Personnel Management flow coming from this Strategic Plan. Today, much greater than 40 scholastic companions across the globe collaborate to collect this particulars, making it the complete most comprehensive on-going HRM review around the world. The study goal is in fact to acquire knowing straight in to biggest approaches in the HRM sector, to pair patterns of HRM techniques and methods throughout nations, as well as to explore exactly how HRM improvements in time.


Supply Of Skilled Workers Towards Performance Of Construction Organisations In Nigeria

Mohammed Isah Leje, Bandi Shamsulhadi and Abdullah Fadhli

Skilled workers are highly instrumental in the performance of any construction organisation. Yet, skilled workers in Nigeria is dwindling as it overlooks the relative shortage of particularly skilled trades required by the construction organisations. Hence, the purpose of this study is to identify the skilled workers towards performance of construction organisations. The objectives of this study include to identify the skilled workers required by the construction organisations and to evaluate the degree of agreement between construction organisations in ranking the skilled workers. Data for this study was collected through a self-administered questionnaire on a stratified sample of construction organisations. 290 validly questionnaires were returned and were analysed using Relative Importance Index (RII) on a scale range from 1-5 for ranking comparison between construction organisations. Kendall’s coefficient of concordance was used to evaluate the degree of agreement between construction organisations related to the ranking of skilled workers. The results of RII indicates that asphalt/tar sprayers were ranked topmost by engineers, while, glaziers were ranked first by quantity surveyors, and equipment operators were ranked first by builders and architects. Accordingly, the results revealed that equipment operators, glaziers, insulating specialist, asphalt/tar sprayers, fabricators, scaffolding specialist, suspended ceiling specialist, plumbers, electricians and roofers are the ten skilled trades required by the construction organisations. The results of Kendall’s coefficient of concordance revealed that a high agreement between construction organisations occurred in the ranking of the skilled workers. The results revealed that the skilled trades that were ranked topmost are highly technical trades which are significant for the performance of construction organisations. Thus, efforts should be geared towards improving the supply of these skilled workers.


Effect On Lifetime Of Routing Protocols By Means Of Different Connectivity Schemes

Gaurav Bathla, LokeshPawar, Gulista Khan, Rohit Bajaj

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) consists of sensor nodes, which are distributed over the field of interest. Low cost sensor nodesand integration with IoT spur the proliferation of WSN in a large number of applications. This paper analyzes and comparesdifferent routing techniques in context of lifetime of the sensor network. Two Layered Heterogeneity (TLH) is a static routingscheme based on heterogeneity of sensor nodes, where higher energy nodes are cluster heads (CH) and rest nodes are membernodes. In addition, a routing scheme based on mobility of the nodes is also compared with its static counterpart. 4-way full BinaryTree Structure based Routing scheme has also been referred. This scheme possesses good Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), enhancedlifetime and consistent Energy Depletion Rate (EDR). A grid-based routing scheme (VTGDRA), which partitions the network into adifferent number of grids based on the number of nodes is also taken into consideration, in which data transmission follows MSTlink connectivity between communicating nodes of the network. Each of the proposed schemes is simulated and compared. Simulations show the better outcomes of full binary tree structuredscheme as compared to existing techniques.


An Efficient Task Scheduling Method In A Cloud Computing Environment Using Firefly Crow Search Algorithm (FF-CSA)

Senthil Kumar Avinashi Malleswaran, Bhaskararao Kasireddi

Cloud is a collection of interconnected computers which varies from personal computer to servers. It offers huge amount of storage and increased computing power to the user applications via internet. In cloud computing, task scheduling is an important issue which needs to be managed in a better way. Task scheduling assigns user tasks to the suitable Virtual Machines in order to attain Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. Optimization algorithms can be used to solve Non-deterministic Polynomial (NP) hard problem like Task scheduling. In this paper, Crow Search algorithm is combined with Firefly algorithm to improve the global search capability. The proposed algorithm minimizes the makespan and maximizes the throughput of the cloud system. Crow search algorithm is used to enhance the global optimization of the Firefly algorithm. The proposed algorithm results perform higher than the Crow search algorithm and Firefly algorithm results.


The Influence Of Competence, Work Participation, And Job Satisfaction Of Lecturers Toward Work Productivity

Muhammad Yusup, Mukhtar, Risnita

This research is a quantitative study with a survey method. The study population was all lecturers in the Islamic High School in three Islamic college at STAI SMQ Bangko, STAI Ma'arif Kota Jambi, and STAI An Nadwah. The sample of this study was 94 people taken using total sampling techniques. Likert scale questionnaire was used as an instrument. Data were analysed by path analysis (path analysis) beginning with analysis prerequisite tests which include normality tests through the chi square formula, homogeneity tests through the Bartlett test, and linearity and significance tests of regression. The analysis shows that there are: 1) The direct effect of lecturer competence on lecturer work productivity with a path coefficient of 0.44; 2) The direct effect of work participation on the work productivity of lecturers with a path coefficient of 0.47; 3) Competence of lecturers and work participation simultaneously affect lecturer work productivity by 0.89; 4) The direct effect of lecturer competence on job satisfaction with a path coefficient of 0.44; 5) The direct effect of work participation on job satisfaction with a path coefficient of 0.47; 6) lecturer competence and work participation simultaneously affect job satisfaction by 0.57; 7) The direct effect of job satisfaction on lecturer work productivity with a path coefficient of 0.76; 8) Lecturer competence, work participation, and job satisfaction simultaneously influence lecturer work productivity by 0.94; 9) The indirect effect of lecturer competence on lecturer work productivity through job satisfaction is 0.11; 10) The indirect effect of work participation on the work productivity of lecturers through job satisfaction is 0.12. The conclusion of this study is the lecturer competence, work participation, and job satisfaction affect the work productivity of lecturers. The implication is increasing lecturer competence, with maximum work participation and high job satisfaction, the higher the work productivity of lecturers.


Automatic Ticket Issuing System For Conductorless Buses

K.R.Aravind., R.Arasu, Asick Ahamed.K., R.Rajakumari

In our country, most of the people use buses for their transportation. During the peak hours, it is very difficult for issuing and getting tickets. Also the main problem is proving balance to the passenger by means of change. The probability of ticket fraud is also high. Moreover the passengers need to safeguard the ticket until they reach their destination. To overcome this type of difficulties the automatic ticket issuing system is proposed. In this work, a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) reader is used to read the tags. A keypad is assigned to get the number of co-passengers. An Infrared (IR) sensor is used to verify if the entered count is correct. Global Positioning System (GPS) system is used to track the distance traveled by the passengers and with the help of this information the ticket amount is deducted. Also accident detection can be done with the help of an accelerometer and the accident location is sent to the nearby hospitals by the help of GPS and GSM system. The RFID tag can be recharged.


Improvement Of Reading Comprehension Ability By Using CORE Models Of Class VII A Students Of SMP Negeri 10 Bengkulu Tengah

Hermanudin, Suhartono, Suryadi, Noermanzah

This study aims to describe the improvement of reading comprehension skills and learning activities using the CORE Learning model (Connecting, Organizing, Reflecting, Extending) of Class VII A students of SMP Negeri 10 Bengkulu Tengah. The research method uses the Classroom Action Research method. Data collection techniques using test, observation, and documentation techniques. Data analysis techniques by analyzing test scores of students' reading comprehension skills, analyzing the results of observations of student activities, analyzing the results of documentation of learning activities, interpreting test results, observations, and documentation, and concluding research results. The data validity test uses a data triangulation test sourced from tests, observations, and documentation. The results showed that there was a significant increase in the learning outcomes of reading comprehension and learning activities in class using the CORE learning model. This can be seen from the results of each cycle of learning activities. The average value of students in cycle 1 is 68.42 enough categories and in cycle 2 the average value of students is 82.62 very good categories. The increase in the average value from cycle 1 to cycle 2 was 14.2 scores. Classical learning completeness of students in cycle 1 61.90%, in cycle 2 90.48%, an increase from cycle 1 to cycle 2.


Pos And Neg Classified Using Chikungunya Symptoms Through Big Data Analytics

.M.Mangayarkarasi,.C.Jamunadevi, Dr.P.Balasubramanie

Instinctive disease of mosquito-borne transmitted to the human beings and it spread hastily into various countries, and people affected by Chikungunya virus (CHIKV). Chikungunya fever is onset of rapid, typically a febrile disease, characterize by headache, intense asthenia, rash and arthralgia. While the onset of illness test make to diagnose the infection of serum are collected approximately within the Six days. If the symptoms are obtainable more than a week, the antibody Chikungunya test is conducted using two serum types first develop the Immunoglobulin M (IgM) and it is followed by Immunoglobulin G (IgG). In the proposed system, the big data analytics used for categorizing the level of positive and negative using the t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (t-SNE) algorithm for prediction. t-SNE is applied to genetic data computing, human, even though it is usually used in the other data intensive of biological fields. Classified the predicted level of chekungunya using t-SNE by symptoms types of method our model predictions were finally predicting the accurate Infection level often the output results in severe fever, debilitating polyarthralgia and rashes.


Evaluation Of The Performance Of UWB MB-OFDM System Under Four Indoor Channel Models Of IEEE802.15.4a Under Noisy Channel Conditions

C.Rajanandhini, Dr. SPK. Babu and Dr.S.Leonard Gibson Moses

This Paper evaluates, the operations of Ultra-Wideband (UWB) system based Multiband-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (MB-OFDM) channel models at Indoor conditions. In recent days the UWB plays vital role for short-range of communication with remarkably high speed. The main focus on channel models created from Modified S-V model. The MB-OFDM is utilized in wireless communication in recent years owing to its high transmitting speed as well as excellent immunity in multiple paths. UWB OFDM based system is designed representing physical layer in IEEE 802.15.4a standard. The UWB provided channel models in support of both LOS and NLOS of indoor residential, office, industrial, outdoor, and one open outdoor environment (NLOS). The four indoor channel models are observed with simulation results that elaborates the UWB indoor Channel Models performance of IEEE802.15.4a.


The Determinants Of Human Development Index And Economic Growth In Indonesia

Arkas Viddy, Rafiqoh, Besse Asniwati

The performance of government could be indicated by its economic growth, and the economic growth is influenced by several factors such as national income, fundamental economic, foreign debt, export and human development index. The aim of this research is to identify and analyze the effects of foreign debt and export on human development index and economic growth ini Indonesia. The time data series will be used is from 2010 to 2018, while the analysis instrument is Structural Equation Model SmartPLS 3.20 version which built the foreign debt and human development index as the exogenous variables, human development index as the intervening variable and economic growth as the endogenous variable. The results of this research, it is examined that only Indonesian foreign debt has a positive effect significantly, while export has a negative effect but not significant on human development index. The foreign debt has a negative effect but not significant and export has a positive effect on Indonesian economic growth. The human development index has a positive effect but not significant on Indonesian economic growth. It is also proved that all of indirect effects of foreign debt and foreign debt and export have effects but not significant.


Circular Monopole Antenna With Dual Reconfigurable Band Stop Characteristics

D. Sreenivasa Rao, Dr. I. Govardhani

A simple reconfigurable circular monopole antenna with controllable band stop characteristics is designed and fabricated. In this proposed model to achieve bond notch characteristics, two reversed U-shaped slots one is etched on the patch and another is on feed line. Furthermore, to control band stop characteristics two p-i-n diodes are inserted across the slots. The slot length is controlled by ON/OFF state of the diode, When the diode is in ON state slot is divided as two parts, so there is no band notch characteristics. This antenna is constructed on 38X38X1.6 mm3 FR4 substrate with dielectric constant 4.4 and loss tangent 0.019. This proposed antenna rejects the interference from Wi-MAX (3300-3700 MHz) and WLAN (5150-5900 MHz) at a return loss -4.8dB and -4.7dB respectively. Simulated and experimental results achieved for this antenna shows good radiation characteristics within the UWB range.


The Potential Of Organic Rice Commodities In North Buton Regency

Awaluddin Hamzah, Muh.Aswar Limi, Mukhtar, La Ode Jabudin, Abdi

The results of the study showed that the organic rice farming in North Buton Regency had an enormous potential to be developed and it was a commodity base region. The productivity of the organic rice farming in this region has increased with an average growth of 2.6% within 5 years. This study was conducted in 6 (six) districts that have organic rice potential. These areas include: Bonegunu, Kambowa, Wakorumba, Kulisusu, West Kulisusu, and North Kulisusu Districts. Data analysis methods used are descriptive analysis and location quotient analysis (L / Q).


Core Stability Training On Muscular Endurance Among Novice Badminton Players

Dr.S.Sivamani, Dr. S.Thirumalai Kumar, Dr.S. Manikandan, & Dr.A. Manoj Kumar.

Core stability training is a structure of training to increase an endurance and neuromuscular control. Its role to improving the fitness level of strengthening body core muscles as well as core stability training on muscular endurance among novice badminton players. The current research report was to discover Core-stability training on Muscular Endurance among novice badminton players. Thirty badminton men players were selected from Adukalam Badminton Academic, Pondicherry and the participant level age categories in between 17 to 22 years. The total numbers of participant 30 numbers were categorized into two groups and were erratically assigned as Experimental and Control group. The Experimental group undergone Muscular-endurance training programme and Control group doesn’t involves any sort of training programme. Muscular endurance was assessed by push-ups. The data was collected the fore and after eight weeks of training programme. Further this result reveals there is no significance were found and increased in the core stability Muscular-endurance was analysis for control group in the present study.


Play4fit: Enhancing Users’ Engagement With Smartphone Health And Fitness Application Using Gamification Concept.

Mohd Kamal Othman, Nicklos Ugap, Nur Diyana Rahman

This paper elaborates the design, development and evaluation of health and fitness smartphone app, Play4fit. The Play4fit app was developed using systematic approach called Mobile application Development lifecycle (MADLC). This study explores the use of gamification concept in engaging the users whilst using the smartphone app. Game experience questionnaire (GEQ) was used to measure participants’ engagement with the Play4Fit app. A study in the wild was conducted with a total of 30 participants and they were assessed using seven components of GEQ, competence, sensory and imaginative immersion, flow, tension, challenge, negative affect and positive effect. Mean scores obtained in this study shows that only two components, competence (M=2.60, SD=0.62), sensory and imaginative immersion (M=2.8, SD=0.71) have the higher mean, above the median value. Results of this study suggest that the gamification app for health ad fitness, Play4Fit have an impact on users’ engagement particularly sensory and imaginative immersion.


Nationalism Study Of Primary Students In The Border Area Of West Kalimantan-Indonesia And Malaysia

Prima Gusti Yanti, Nini Ibrahim, Fauzi Rahman

The sense of nationalism of Primary Education students (SD and SMP) in the border area between West Kalimantan and Malaysia needs to be maintained and upheld because the border area is the spearhead of the realization of the unity, harmony and resilience of a nation. The objective of this study is to determine the sense of nationalism of primary education students in the border area between West Kalimantan and Malaysia. The data of this study are taken from students, teachers, and principals of primary education in Sajingan Besar sub-district of Sambas Regency, Jagoi Babang sub-district of Bengkayan Regency, and Entikong sub-district of Sanggau Regency. The method used in this study is quantitative and qualitative methods. Data are obtained through instruments that have 4 grids and 12 questions developed from the grids. Whereas the instruments used is Likert Scale. Secondary data is obtained through interviews with students, teachers, and principals. The outcome of this study implies that there is no relationship between nationalism and the development of infrastructure. In fact, nationalism depends on the program and creativity of principals and teachers.


Trusted Third Party Auditing For Cloud Security Using Digital Signature And Dna Cryptography

Nayna Agarwal, Anand Mahendran, Ramanathan Lakshmanan

Storing and exchange of data in cloud computing has become the necessity of modern working pattern in IT industry. Several applications are developed and hosted in cloud platform nowadays. The increased use of the cloud technology also increases the concern for security for cloud storage and communication. A cryptographic cloud is proposed for implementation and design to secure the storage of the cloud server. Cryptographic cloud provides secure client-server communication for data exchange and a secure technique for sharing and transfer of file between users. In most of the cryptographic techniques either the time and space complexity are much higher, or they are much frequently used and utilized from the classical security point of view. Thus, in the proposed method, DNA cryptography is used for cloud data security. This method is less computational cost effective and efficient. The security is improved by using digital signature for data authentication. A trusted third-party auditor is used to maintain data authenticity and invigilation of the entire communication.


Investigating The Factors Affecting The Selection Of Grapevine Top-Wire Method In The Malekan - East Azerbaijan Gardens: Economic Growth

Sedigheh Asghari Baighout, Alireza Abdpour, Sandeep Kumar Gupta Serdar Vural UYGUN, Rabi Kumar

Grapes are one of the most important crops in Iran and the rest of the world. East Azerbaijan Province is one of the central provinces of grapevine production in Iran. In the province's Grape is a significant garden product in Malekan, so that the city has 65 % of the province production of the area and 7.2% of the country's grape production. Despite the advantages of the top wire method in grape production, the process of the top wire method in vineyards is prolonged. Therefore, in this research which is applied descriptive - correlation method for the study of the economic, social factors, individual and professional characteristics.


Integration Facility Management: Human Resources

Dimas Indra Laksmana, Maranatha Wijayaningtyas

Buildings maintenance after construction is increasingly important as a factor of safety, security and comfort for building users. The basic about building maintenance are evaluated from management, building component, mechanical, electrical, cleanliness and spatial. Integrated facility management make management of controlling facilities and infrastructure based on working conditions and environment what that needs and can be utilized by all elements, such as for management administration of facilities and infrastructure, maintenance and repair of assets to support work. Facility management integrates the principles of science, business administration and human behavior in achieving for more optimal work productivity. As an integrated process management that considers human, processes and places in the context of the organization, includes an efficient physical environment, technology, safety, comfort and occupational health. The purpose of this study is to coordinate and integrates the interface between human, places, processes and technology. Everything is to better integrate existing organizational factors, simplify complicated processes to identify and schedule tasks, records, decisions maker and more. This research was conducted by structured model designing and stages for 3 (three) year (human, products, processes). Focus of this year's research is obtained integrated human resource system, and continued with following year which focuses on products and processes. Which step by step research, will be get a comprehensive system integration management facility.


Magnum Opus Of Phishing Techniques

Ronnie T Baby, V. Ebenezer, N. Karthik

As time evolved, the definition of phishing has taken drastic meanings supported by various subsections or type of phishing technique available around the internet and used commonly by spammers and black hat hackers. Phishing has found its roots long back from the starting of the internet and was actively used to target incautious users and continues to be used even now in various forms. In this paper, we review types the various phishing techniques available online and suggest preventive measure against them.


Skin Lesion Detection Using Adaptive Regularized Kernel Based Fuzzy Algorithm

Dr.P.Tamije Selvy, N.Shabarish, M. Anitha

Skin cancer is found to be the worst type of cancer which is generally difficult to predict in early stages. In recent days, it has been proved that Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) System provides best result in automatic diagnosis of lesions in skin. The purpose of this research paper is early and automatic diagnosis of lesions in skin. Preprocessing, Segmentation by Adaptive Regularized Kernel Based Fuzzy and feature extraction is done in order to achieve a rapid and reliable diagnosis. This proposed work is implemented on 232 images obtained from International Skin Imaging Collaboration (ISIC) archive.


Key Creation Using Biocryptosystem To Secure The User Data In Cloud Environment

M.Akila , Dr.S.Ravichandran

This paper deals the generation of biometric keys for the cryptosystem and furthermore, the significant skeptic of the users is that "Is our entire data safe and secured?" and to earn the trust of the users the biometric security is utilized while movingthe user data to and from the cloud archives. The paper deals with fingerprint security and begins from acquiring the fingerprint from the client, preprocess the fingerprints to enhance the clarity, extricate the significant features, convert the features into bit matrix structure, and create large number of keys for a specific user from the biometric procured from them. The greater part of the users faces tremendous trouble to remember long and complex cryptographic keys and hence the key is generated from the biometric procured from them. The principle goal of this paper is to incorporate the fingerprint of the client to deliver the security key to be utilized in cryptosystem particularly in the cloud storage.


The Mediating Effect Of Financial Inclusion On Financial Literacy And Women’s Economic Empowerment: A Study Among Rural Poor Women In Sri Lanka

Kumari D.A.T.,. Ferdous Azam S. M

Women’s Economic Empowerment is a combination of individual’s knowledge, ability, skills and confidence in handling their own financial decisions. Today, most of the social scientists believe that the degree of women’s economic empowerment can be considered as a powerful indicator of their economic empowerment for the development of the respective countries. Even though women’s economic empowerment is a circumstance of several antecedents, many researchers argue that financial literacy becomes a one of the major contributors of women’s economic empowerment specially, among rural women. Further, this association can be varied in different socio-cultural contexts. However, there are sufficient evidences to argue that the association between women’s economic empowerment and financial literacy can be changed with the effect of Level of financial inclusion among rural women. Hence, in this study, researchers examined this issue by investigating the mediating role of financial inclusion on the relationship between financial literacy and women’s economic empowerment among rural women in Sri Lankan context. The sample for this study was drawn from rural poor women who are living under the poverty line by representing nine provinces in Sri Lanka. Altogether 426 rural poor women were selected and data were collected using a researcher administrated questionnaire. Further, the sample was designated based on the multilevel mixed sampling method and the unit of analysis was the women headed households in rural areas. Furthermore, as the principle data analysis approach, the partial least squares structural equation model (PLS-SEM) was employed, and Smart-PLS 3 was employed as the main analytical software. The findings revealed that financial literacy made significant impact to the women’s economic empowerment and the influence of financial literacy is exaggerated by the mediation effect of financial inclusion among the rural poor women in Sri Lanka. Findings of the study will help the policymakers of Sri Lanka to undertake financial literacy development programs to ensure greater participation of women in the formal financial sector for enhancing their economic empowerment process.


Indicator Of Teacher Work Stress

Imam Shofwan, Rini Sugiarti, Erwin Erlangga, Adiprana Yogatama, Hariningsih

The purpose of this study was to obtain the form of parameter estimates and the form of estimation of fit models on the work stress of temporary teachers in Brebes Regency. The method used in this study is to use the analysis of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) based on variance, namely Partial Least Square (PLS) to find out the truth of the theoretical concept of the factors that influence work stress. PLS is a powerful analytical method because the method is not based on the number of assumptions where such data does not have to be a normal multivariate distribution and the sample does not have to be large. Silahturahmi variables become intervening variables that can mediate compensation variables against work stress variables. These results can be translated that the work stress experienced by temporary teachers caused by low compensation can be prevented by good silahturahmi between principals and temporary teachers


Mobile Cloud Computing In The Technology Era: An Overview Of The Factors Influencing The Adoption Process

Dr. Mahmoud Odeh

Mobile cloud computing considered as a hot topic in the information systems field. However, despite the advanced technology adopted in mobile devices, they are still a limitation in several aspects such as processing power, storage capacity, scalability, battery life, security and privacy, and cost. Fortunately, cloud computing provides several solutions for mobile limitations through the integration of cloud technology and mobile devices. This integration provides the ability to use the advance application through mobile devices for users. However, the process of adopting mobile cloud computing in developing countries still need more research and investigations. This paper presents the main benefits and challenges of using mobile cloud computing and suggests a new theoretical framework for such usage. A triangulation methodology has been employed in this study for the data collection process. Accordingly, data were collected from twenty-two interviews, two focus groups, direct observation, and 223 qualitative surveys. Nvivo software and other tools were applied for the data analysis process


Design And Fabrication Of Tamarind Seed Removal Machine

R. Karthikeyan, B.E. Nirmal, M. Pravin kumar, N.K. Pavithran

Tamarind is a seasonal crop. it's an awfully helpful kitchen product. It's once more a very important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines. These desires are consummated by tamarind pulp, which become obtainable once the separation of seed and cover from tamarind. The standard methodology of preparation of this pulp maybe a hand method that becomes a tedious and prolonged task to remove out the cover and seed from Tamarind. Additionally, this operation desires immense manpower needs. Preparation of tamarind pulp is one in every of the joint unit enterprises in most of the villages. Tamarind seeds are separated manually which is less hygienical and grueling. All this method needs a ton of your time and hands which might be reduced by automation of the method. Continuous type tamarind deseeding machine with the deseeding capability of 9 kg/hr. has been fabricated. The machine consists of a seed separating the unit during which the fruits are subjected to shear force. Deshelled and dried tamarind is feed into tapered grooved disc one by one manually with facilitate of roller. The tapered grooved disc is driven by a motor at very low revolutions per minute. Once tamarind comes close to the cutter blade that is driven by a motor at high speed it shears the tamarind pulp. The projection in tray removes the tamarind seeds out of the oblong sieve, therefore the tamarind is deseeded. Since the machine is economical and efficient in separating tamarind seeds thus most of the farmers can afford it. The machine will scale back human labor, labor cost, and time, keeping the property of tamarind pulp of the pulp more or less unchanged


Transmission Intensity And Impact Of Control On Skin Diseases Due To Temperature Change

Nita H. Shah, Ekta N. Jayswal, Moksha H. Satia, Ankush H. Suthar, Foram A. Thakkar

Skin is the largest covering of human body. It is sensitive to changes in the temperature. Daytime variation in ambient temperature affects the skin as it is the contact medium between environment and human body. This notable, sometime high variation in environmental temperature is due to raise in global warming results the skin diseases. Recovery of such disease is less permissible. This model is formulated for applying Z-type control to the system of non-linear differential equations. Threshold value reveals the how much skin diseases transmit. With essential conditions, stability analysis is worked out for every equilibrium point. Periodicity depicts the chaotic oscillations on each compartment because of reinfection in skin disease. Numerical simulation shows the behavior of Z-type control and its impact on model; mainly to control chaotic oscillations and also concludes recovery rate on skin for validating data.


Innovation And Empowerment Of Fishermen Communities In Maros Regency

Ahdan S, Kaharuddin, Abdul Hafid Burhani, Yusriadi Yusriadi, Umi Farida

The research aims to study and create a database of socioeconomic conditions and determine the dominant factors affecting the income sector of fishers on the coast. Instruments for field data collection included questionnaires and interviews — data collected by 45 respondents, including five people as interview informants, data analysis using analysis of variant with the help of SPSS and Microsoft Excel programs to make flowcharts and equipped with qualitative analysis. The results showed that education had a positive effect (P <0.01) in increasing fishermen's income. The study revealed three types of fishers; there were significant differences in the number of working family members (P <0.01). Socially, economically, and the characteristics of fishers, there are differences between fishers in coastal areas and fishers on small islands. Inshore anglers have many options for doing work, both at sea and on land. In the high winds and waves season, coastal fishers can work on areas such as masons, trading, raising livestock, planting and farming. Unlike the fishermen on small islands, for them, there is not much choice except to be a fisherman.


Potentiality Of Tourism In Morigaon District, Assam

Tinku Nath

Tourism has major contribution towards the economic development and social welfare. Morigaon district of Assam has immense potentiality for the development of tourism. Its natural beauty, religious historical places, culture and tradition can easily make it a very important tourist spot. Moreover, wildlife sanctuary in the district can attract the tourists from all over the state as well as from the country. Though it has the potentiality for tourism development, but due to lack of required infrastructural facility, other challenges as well as government funding made available to tourism sector, its contribution in not much satisfactory. To develop tourism industry in the district, proper infrastructure facility, cooperation, help of public and private sector is needed.


Short-Lived Content, A Social Media Platform It’s Purpose, Perspective Of Generation Z

Dr. Gunita Arun Chandhok & Dr. V.Nithya

The new spanking called Generation Z, is a freshest group took its birth in the mid/late years of 1990’s. Needless to say this crowd operates in a very fast pace according to the fastest wavelength of the technology. This technology based demographic group has the potentiate capacity to just thread the generational timeframes in just a matter of years than decades. This paper analyses about the short-lived content, which is the temporary content (images, video,etc.,) of the brief life span of 24 hours, after which it disappears automatically from the profile. In that context the short-lived content, in the social media platform, the different factors like familiarity, involvement, usage, liking & preference, intention with attitude component took its shape in, how it created a strong role in the digital lives of the generation Z category. The study concludes, the Generation Z is very much familiar with the short-lived content and they prefer to use the feature of the social media in various platforms.


Thermodynamic Analysis Of An Organic Rankine Cycle Based Waste Heat Recovery System In Cement Plant

Zunaid Ahmed, Dimbendra Kr. Mahanta

Clinkerization is a subprocess in cement manufacturing plant that consumes three-fourths of the total energy used, as process heat. However, in this process significant amount of heat is wasted by the flue gases and the air-cooling of the clinker (about 35%-40% of the process heat). A heat recovery system could be used to utilized this waste heat to increase the efficiency of the cement plant. The purpose of this paper is to perform energy and exergy analysis on a Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) system employing an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to evaluate its feasibility.


Improving Partitioning Of ARPT By Using Clustering Technique

K. Devika Rani Dhivya, Dr.V.S. Meenakshi

Software testing is normally accepted technique for assessing software quality. Whole software testing comprises successively running all the tests in the test suite. This is exhaustive and will take an inordinate volume of time. However, gathering and running a large test suite or test cases is still infeasible, as it would not be likely to run all test cases. An approach that grouping of Adaptive Testing and Random Partition Testing which is called as Adaptive Random Partition Testing (ARPT) strategy that enhances the testing ability. The objective of this proposed work is to improve random partition in ARPT strategies by utilizing clustering algorithms like Expectation Maximization (EM) algorithm and Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) clustering algorithms and the Self-organizing map (SOM) which can be efficiently utilized for partition. In this way, random partitioning is improved to reduce the time conception and complexity in ARPT testing strategies. Improved ARPT (IARPT) utilizes clustering algorithms to improve the random partitioning of ARPT testing strategies. This paper describes how the clustering algorithms reduce the computational complexity of random partitioning testing in the ARPT testing strategy.


Text Detection And Recognition From The Captions Of Streaming Videos Using Tracking

Sasanko Sekhar Gantayat, Soujanya Yellumahanti

Text is a part of direct source of information in a scene image. But it is a great challenge for us to detect, extract and recognise the text by seeing a scene image due to the difference in size, style, orientation, robustness to background complexity, text degradation and distortion, text variations, and moving objects. A few applications are helps for outwardly impeded people, interpreters for sightseers, data recovery frameworks indoor and outdoor environment and programmed robot route. Existing strategies for scene content recognition can be arranged into three groups: sliding window-based, associated segment-based AdaBoost Classifier and Clustering systems. Sliding window based strategies are otherwise called region-based techniques; the sliding window is utilised to scan for potential texts in the image and after that utilisation AI methods to recognise text. Connected component-based methods separate CCs from images by connecting-components by grouping character-candidates into the text; extra checks might be performed to dispose of the non-text regions. The AdaBoost technique is for connecting the clusters by their pairwise relations. The AdaBoost technique is for connecting the clusters by their pairwise relations. MSER algorithm is used to check the connected clusters are connected correctly or not. Analysis of video data is of high prominence nowadays and text in videos is a chief source of information in them. Extracting text from videos has been implemented in many ways. It is focused on tracking text with detection and recognition of text. Using on a Bayesian framework with bilateral filter, we carry out the extraction of embedded caption text in web videos. The Bayesian framework of tracking based text detection and Recognition(T2DAR) from videos is used, which has significant tasks of text tracking. The missing detection is retrived by tracking the text is tuned the scales of detected tracking based text recognition. An agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering is implemented to cluster the over segmented trajectories. This approach of tracking the text and detection has given a better result when compared to existing ones.


Socializing Prostitution, Sexuality, Economic Slavery, And Depreciation Of Female Identity In Bernard Shaw’s Mrs. Warren’s Profession

Rabindra Kumar Verma

The paper explores George Bernard Shaw’s presentation of prostitution, sexuality, women’s economic slavery, and depreciation of their identity in Mrs Warren’s Profession. It contextualizes enforced prostitution, women’s sexual exploitation, and their economic oppression in a male dominated capitalist society of the 19th century England. As a Fabian Socialist, social reformer, and dramatist, Bernard Shaw’s views on these issues vied attention of the social and political thinkers, and feminist activists. Prostitution was one of the important issues concerning women that transformed them into saleable bodies, performative ocular sexuality, and coerced them into sex in the brothels of the English society. It not only relegated women to the secondary position, but it explicitly treated them as sex objects. What has not yet been explored, is that by staging prostitution, Shaw advances the notion that woman’s role is to receive pains, suffering so that men can advance their knowledge. By making use of masculine dominance over traditionally female values, like other intellectuals from the Victorian period, Shaw viewed inflicting pain as necessary masculine prerogatives.


Retaining Talent In Smes Malaysia

Yuen Yee Yen, Tan Sin Yee

More than 1 Million of employees in SMEs had migrated to other country since 1957. Approximately 38 percent of SMEs worldwide faced problem in finding a suitable talent worker for job position. In order to resolve serious brain drain issues in SMEs, this study is one of the pioneer study in Malaysia that examines the influence of pays, job satisfaction, working conditions, employment benefits, promotional opportunity and intrinsic rewards towards talent retention in SMEs. The researchers spent 3 months from 1 January 2019- 31 March 2019 to collect 200 survey questionnaire, which were distributed to 200 employees aged 18-55 years old in 20 randomly selected SMEs in central region in Malaysia. Multiple linear regression was conducted to identify the significance of each independent variables towards independent variables. Pays (β = 0.211, p-value = 0.003) and promotional opportunity (β = 0350, p-value = 0.003) has significant positive relationship with talent retention. When pays and promotional opportunity increase, talent retention in SMEs will be intensified.


Model Of Organization Of Inter-Settlement Services In The Oasis Zone Resettlement Of Uzbekistan

Balgayev A. –docent, PhD, Balgaeva Sh.A. – professor, PhD

the paper discusses the problems of organizing inter-settlement services in the oasis zone of Uzbekistan and proposes a model of their organization using the example of the Samarkand region, located in the Zarafshan oasis.


Talking Fingers For Speech Impaired People

Shakthipriya K, Senthil Kumaran R

As per the demographic of the total population, there are 2.68 million people are differently disabled, among that 2 million people are suffering from speech disability. Communication play a vital role in human life. Mute people are used to communicate with others through the sign language but normal people cannot recognize gesture language. Sign language is known as gesture language. There is a communication gap between normal -mute people and mute-blind people. To overcome this, following project develop a device which capture hand gesture of speech impaired people and covert them to voice output by introducing a new methodology of Open CV and image processing


An Analysis On The Performance Of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over Http By Performing Diagnostic Analytics On Video Streaming Features

A.John Pradeep Ebenezer, Dr. J.Abdul Samath

In this paper a complete analysis on Adaptive bitrate algorithms and its performance is actualized. The core target of adaptive bitrate algorithms is to ensure high quality of experience for the viewers. Normally streaming across networks has to overcome all the network related overheads such as delay, jitter, and bandwidth. Adaptive bitrate algorithm, adapts to the network condition, decides on the bitrate needed to transfer the video segment to the client and also performs efficient management of the cache. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) is the latest Adaptive bitrate algorithm (ABR) which ensures the viewer the maximum quality of experience. The MPEG-DASH algorithm uses BOLA and DYNAMIC bitrate algorithm. In this paper a complete analysis on the impact of DASH algorithm on video streaming is analyzed. The Speed Video Global Operating Platform (SVGOP) established by Huawei is used to estimate the impact of DASH on video streaming. The research take into account the Mean opinion score, loading of the content, quality of the content, video stalling, initial buffer latency, video initial DL rate and video initial buffer stable rate for analyzing the performance of DASH algorithm. The correlation between these features is analyzed and the future perspective and advancement that can be implemented in adaptive bitrate algorithm is suggested.


The Significance Of A Predictor Of Awareness Of Podcast Software In Nigeria Higher Education

Adu Emmanuel Ifedayo, Associate Professor Azidah Abu Ziden, Associate Professor Aziah Binti Ismail

This research investigated issues regarding the significance of a predictor of awareness of podcast software in Nigeria higher education. The study introduced a cross sectional quantitative method of survey type, which involved a total of two hundred and seven (207) respondent. Also, this study adopted and adapted questionnaire research instrument from existing literature. The instrument went through experts’ validation to establish the face and content validity. The research instrument pilot test gave a reliability coefficient of .948, which revealed that the instrument was valid and reliable for this study. The study hypothesis was tested at a .05 level of significance. This research findings showed that podcast software advertising significantly predicted podcast software awareness. Based on these findings relevant suggestions and conclusion were made in this research.


Motivation And Blockades For Entrepreneurship Among Graduates

Slima Pinto, Prakash Pinto, Iqbal Thonse Hawaldar, Adel M Sarea

The Indian government is facing a main challenge of youth unemployment for decades. Entrepreneurship is a frequent topic of discussion to many academicians and research scholars. It is a treasured supplementary tactic to generation of jobs, upgrade lifestyle and economic freedom of young people. With potential efforts and strategies by the government, educational institutes and the communities, it is important to boost employment and job creation for the youth of our country. Entrepreneurship has been an engrossing subject for most of the researchers and it has been put forth regarding an individual’s skills, characteristics, and interests. The study focuses on the entrepreneurial intention in general and to analyse the blockades and motivating factors for business start-up among graduates. The study consists of final year graduate students studying in different colleges affiliated to Mangalore University. The study is exploratory in nature and the sample size consists of 433 final year students from various colleges within Mangaluru city. The data is interpreted through descriptive statistics, factor analysis, and correlation tests. The results reveal that most of the students are not certain about their future goals. It is explored that they have a significant correlation between inclination towards entrepreneurship and desire for autonomy, self-determination, realisation of own ideas, thinking innovatively and ability of risk-taking. Meanwhile, the students also lack creative skills, confidence, and business idea. It is concluded that the graduates are found to be reluctant towards entrepreneurship. It is necessary to inspire them to take up challenges and think creatively through various entrepreneurship related activities in the colleges.


Housing Affordability Stress Among Generation Y In Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Shazreen Azillah, Nor Diyanah Shohaim, Ishak Ismail, Norhaslina Jumadi, Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor, Mohd Shahril Abdul Rahman

Nowadays, a significant number of households are still unable to afford to buy their own houses due to the high prices on the market. However, household income is also at odds with the market price of housing. Housing affordability stress, therefore, refers to a situation in which households spend only 30% of their income on housing costs. Therefore, two research objectives were set. The first objective is to identify factors affecting the stress of housing affordability between Gen Y. The second objective is to examine the relationship between income and house prices affecting the stress of housing affordability. Data are collected through secondary sources and information provided by respondents through questionnaire surveys. The data are then analyzed using the Social Sciences Statistical Package (SPSS). Method of data analysis includes Frequency Analysis, Likert Scale Analysis, Cross Tabulation Analysis and Pearson Chi-Square Analysis. The results show that 67 respondents still haven't had their own house and they live with their families or still rent a house. Just 33 respondents own their own house and most purchase just RM200,000 to RM250,000 one-storey terrace homes. The high house price provided, household income is not parallel to the current economy and high down payment and other charges are three factors that strongly influence the housing affordability pressure.


Quality Management In Real Estate Industries

Ying Li Yap, Mohd Shahril Abdul Rahman

The aim of this paper is to explain the application of the quality management system to different real estate industries. Five Real Estate industries Facilities Management (FM), Property Management (PM), Property Development (PD), Estate Agency (EA) and Property Valuation (PV) have been taken into account. It provides a conceptual framework for the quality management system in the real estate sector. The literature review was used to describe the role of the quality management system in the field of real estate. Most of the previous studies focused on property development, few quality management studies in property management and facility management. In general, the quality management system definitely improves the performance of the real estate industry. More research that focuses on property valuation, the estate agency is needed because there is a lack of research to investigate the implementation of quality management. Real estate players should be made more aware of the practice of quality management systems.


Factors Affecting Commercial Property Value

Haw Li Ping, Janet Jemes, Lim Kian Fung, Ngoo Pei Yin, Nur Aiza Maidin, Mohd Shahril Abdul Rahman

Commercial property in real estate is an asset that makes commercial profits, including shops, malls, office buildings and industrial parks. The objective of this study is to determine the factors that affect the value of the commercial property. It determines the factors that affect the value of the commercial property, whether the value of the commercial property rises or falls. The findings show that economic factors, transport, land use, quality design requirements, energy efficiency, etc., have an impact on the price of commercial property. In order to do these, market changes will have an impact on the value of commercial properties and require further action to overcome and accommodate them, i.e. policy review further research.


Design Of PBL Student’s Worksheet In The Properties Of Determinants And Matrix Inversions

Nafida Hetty Marhaeni, Suparman

Problem-solving, including methods, procedures, and strategies, is the core and primary process in the 2013 curriculum. The presence of teaching materials that integrated with these skills is one effort to increase problem-solving ability. Designing of problem-based learning student’s worksheet to extend the problem-solving ability of eleventh-grade senior high school in the properties of determinants and matrix inversions is the intention of this study. The kind of research is development research and uses a 4D model. That is define, design, development, and dissemination. The eleventh-grade of senior high school 1 Imogiri, Indonesia were the subject of this research. Afterward, the curriculum, student’s characteristics, and evaluation of teaching substance is the object of this research. This research shows that it is necessary to analyze problem-based learning student’s worksheet to improve problem-solving skills needed. For that reason, the design of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) student’s worksheet was made which had the potential to improve student’s problem-solving skills. Cover, introduction, table of contents, instruction manual, basic competencies, supporting information, action steps, and exercises consists in the design of student worksheets. This research can continue to the development phase and the dissemination phase.


Design Of Module To Increasing Critical Thinking Ability For Seventh Grade Students

Irma Andriani, Suparman

Critical thinking is needed in overcoming various complex problems in aspects of life. Critical thinking is one of the skills associated with thinking activities, evaluating our own ideas and others without prejudice. The purpose of this study is to design of mathematics learning modules that are useful for students in increasing critical thinking with the PMRI approach. The type of this research is research and development and used the development model is the ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation). The subjects of this study were seventh grade students. Research instruments include interview guidelines, observation guidelines, and tests. Interview guidelines are used to obtain data on student characteristics. Observation guidelines are used to obtain data about the curriculum, materials, and modules used by the teacher. Tests are used to obtain data regarding students' critical thinking abilities. Data analysis consists of reduction, presentation and conclusion drawing. The results of this study showed that this research uses the ADDIE type of development model. In the analysis phase carried out analysis for curriculum, material, and student’s character. At the design stage, the initial framework of the module is prepared and the framework developed at the development stage. In the implementation phase validation is carried out from the module framework that has been developed and continued with improving the design according to the results of validation.


Building And Hosting A Computer Vision API On AWS Using An EC2 Instance

Kaushik Arvind Jadhav

This paper aims to propose a methodology to host a Computer Vision API that can recognize and classify various objects in a particular image on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances. The images that were used to train our deep learning model were collected from different sources. The API takes an input image from the user and generates an output of the object present in the image and its most abundant color. In order to run Python scripts via the web, the RESTful API protocol has been used. Before developing the API, a Web App was developed and tested locally using Flask. The final end product is able to detect objects present in images and determine the most abundant color in the frame of the image.


Design And Simulation Of MEMS Inertial Sensor For Detection Of Sleep Apnea

Prasad B.K.V, Prasad M.V.D,G.R.K Prasad, M.SivaKumar, Sambasivaraokommu

Sleep Apnea is the serious sleep disorder where breathing continuously starts and stops.There are many types of Sleep Apnea are,Obstructive Sleep Apnea,Central Sleep apnea and Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome. In this paper, comb drive resonator consists of folded beam, anchors, movable comb, fixed comb, input substrate and output pad .To detect Sleep apnea the comb drive resonator application is developed.which works with the airflow during the breath delivered while sleeping. Due to the force applied from the airflow, the displacement of the proof mass of the proposed structure is varied. Comb driver resonator was designed and analyzed in FEM tool COMSOL Multi Physics.


Impact Of ICT On Career Aspiration Of Students Belonging To Indigenous Communities And Most Backward Sections Of India: An Empirical Study Of Tribal Development Board Schools Of Odisha.

Pabitra Kumar Das, Jayant Kumar Panigrahi, Iswar Chandra Naik, Biswajit Das

Career aspiration is associated with students’ interest and attitude towards a specific career which they desire to be engaged in their future profession or occupation. Students’ career aspiration is defined as an ability to identify and set goals for the future, while being inspired in the present towards those goals (Quaglia & Cobb, 1996). Young people’s aspiration is considered as the reflection of aspiration of their community and society. In the age of information, communication and technology (ICT) indigenous students are exploring different pathways for their career. This descriptive study adopted qualitative analysis and the quantitative approach in investigation of the students belonging to the Scheduled Tribe community. Career aspiration of students of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Development Department (SSD) run schools are explored. The focus of the study was on their aspiration and its relation with social and environmental factors and the influence of ICT. Under this study career aspiration, the concept is anticipated as a composite of educational aspiration as well as occupational aspiration. Result of the investigation reveals; i) higher level of career aspiration of indigenous students; ii) economic and demographic status of their families’ bearing social and economic disabilities; and iii) ICT playing a highly significant role in career aspiration of students.


Attitude Of Urban Dwellers To Waste Management And Control In Ogun State, Nigeria: A Developmental Challenge And Concern

Obatunde Bright, ADETOLA Dare Ojo OMONIJO

Waste generation has been identified as a major challenge in many developing societies. In Ogun State, South West Nigeria, just like other states, the challenge has continued in spite of some very obvious steps taken by the government to curtail it and the problem it poses to the citizens. Although, a few studies have been carried out on waste situation in the state but such efforts ignored the: waste constituents in Ogun and Lagos States, behavioural patterns in waste disposal at the household level, categories of waste and disposal methods, waste sorting attitudes and practices and monthly environmental sanitation exercise: A government response to waste. The study used questionnaire (self–administered type), In-depth interview (IDI) and personal observation to obtain information from respondents. Among other things, the paper found that the highest waste constituents from households were nylons and papers at 50.5%, indicated categories of waste as Solid, liquid and sewage and shown that wastes were predominantly disposed through waste collectors, and toilets at 77.6%. Based on these findings, the study suggested some recommendations to improve the situation of waste management in the state.


Village Funding Program Performance: Good Governance And Human Resources Competence Bancak District, Semarang Municipal Indonesia

Pandi Afandi, Grahita Chandrarin, Edi Subiyantoro

This explanatory research aimed to analyze influences of human resource competence toward village funding program performance through good governance at Bancak district, Semarang municipal, Indonesia. The sample consisted of chief of the village, village secretary, and Local Monitoring Agency at 9 selected villages. The total of the respondents was 45. The research used path analysis. The findins explained that human resource competence positively influenced good governance but it was not significant. Human resource competence was not significant and did not influence village funding program. Then, the good governance improved village funding program. Human resource competence was proven to have influence on village funding program through good governance as intervening variable. It showed that human resource competence contributed to village funding program through good governance. Therefore, good governance of the village run properly could improve village funding program.


Classification Of High Dimensional Big Data In Distributed Computing Environment Using Fusion Based Learning

Dr. Rashmi Jha

With the introduction of high-dimensional big data storage and streaming information, deep learning has unexpectedly become a critical need on a very large scale. Such deep learning should be highly quick, should readily scale up with quantity and dimension, should be prepared to know from streaming data, should be prepared to reduce dimensions for high-dimensional information automatically, and should be deployable on hardware. Neural networks are well placed to tackle these large-scale deep learning difficulties. In this study work on the suggested algorithm for High Dimensional Big Data Classification using the method of Big Data-as - a-Service to portray, decrease, incorporate and manage High Dimensional Big Data, and then provide proactive facilities. The model suggested consists of three aircraft, the detecting flight, the cloud flight and the implementation flight. Our suggested model centered on fusion-based teaching (MLP-based approach and CNN-based approach) to obtain successful efficiency by taking advantage of the residual network in classifying high-dimensional information. To unfold the load forward and backward method into a distinctive method, it is introduced in each remaining module. Learning depending on fusion is assessed on various datasets and successful outcomes have been shown that exceed past finest outcomes.


Applying Ai Chatbot For Teaching A Foreign Language: An Empirical Research

Tran Tin Nghi, Tran Huu Phuc, Nguyen Tat Thang

Chatbots or artificially intelligent conversational tools are the automatically new tools designed to interact humans and computers. The tool of chatbot system is very effective in marketing and launching new products. Using chatbot as a tool of learning with logical sequences of cognition has attracted a lot of attention from many foreign language centers, such as VUS, ILA, etc. This research is conducted to apply AI chatbot for helping students to learn a specific knowledge of a foreign language. The research also discusses students’ interests and engagements, and performances in two ways of learning: with and without the help of AI chatbot via the case of teaching some English prepositions. 200 students were selected and divided into experimental and control groups (100 students for each respectively). The purpose of this empirical experiment is to test whether or not the AI chatbot is effective and useful for enhancing students’ performance and engagement in learning a specific point of a foreign language. With the preliminary results, the students benefit a lot from a new learning experience with the use AI chatbot in teaching. Most of them perceived AI chatbot tools as an essential part of their learning process. The AI chatbot also generates excitement and fun for their learning. The research may open up a field for language teachers to explore and apply for their teaching in the digital era.


Waste Segregation Using Artificial Intelligence

Waste Segregation Using Artificial Intelligence

The current waste segregation methods include manual segregation of waste by the waste generators. This method though simple is not effective when it comes to accuracy and time interval of waste segregation. We present an effective system for the above purpose which segregates waste based on supervised machine learning algorithms and segregates the waste into cardboard, glass, metal, trash, paper and plastic. Initially, data is collected and augmentation is done. The algorithm converts the image sets available in different folders into gray scale converting it to a 2D matrix. The images are then converted and stored in a 1D array which are further used for labeling while testing. By using CNN the input images are sampled and then convolved to determine the edges in the images. Pooling is done iteratively to reduce the dimensions of the image. Further, on application of activation function the output image is obtained. The proposed system presents a simple and an effective method to segregate waste using machine learning, thus completely removing human intervention in the segregation stage. An efficiency of 80% has been achieved in the testing process.


Image Steganography Using LSB

Dr. Amarendra K, Venkata Naresh Mandhala, B.Chetan gupta, G.Geetha Sudheshna, V.Venkata Anusha

Steganography is defined as the study of invisible communication .It usually deals with the way of hiding the information of the existence of the communicating data .It hides the facts of information. It is the process of hiding the data from one digital media to another digital media and recover the same information afterwards .This paper focuses on a process of hiding data to image by using the least significant bit(LSB) and the symmetric key between the sender and the receiver. Here we have to choose the bits that will get the minimum resolution between the original image and stego image. This paper further explains how the encryption and decryption processes are done..


Maximized Composite Functions Based Optimized Software Reliability Growth Function For Reliability Prediction

Y. Geetha Reddy , Dr. Y Prasanth

As the size and complexity of the software systems are increasing day-by-day, the software reliability is an essential research concern for both software developers and clients. Software reliability make sure that the software products are failure free and reliable for software testing and product deploymentphases. Also, software reliable models are the key metrics to find the software quality and customer satisfaction. A large number of software reliability models have been proposed in the literature to improve the software product quality and failure free. However, no single model is suggested to optimize the software faults with high prediction rate and minimum error rate. Also, as the number of software faults are increasing in size then these models are restricted to limited parameter constraints for reliability prediction. Since, the reliability of the software products may increase or decrease depending on the selection of optimal parameter estimation and optimization functions. To overcome these problems, a novel software reliability prediction model with maximized composite functions is designed and implemented on various software failure datasets to estimate the software reliability with high accuracy. In the proposed model, a novel optimization parameter is used to improve the decision making on the software reliability using the optimized software reliability growth function. This proposed growth function is based on set of maximized composite functions for parameter estimation. Experimental results proved that the proposed model has high software reliability prediction rate with less error compared to the existing software reliability models.


Modern Era Hacking

Dr Amarendra K, Venkata Naresh Mandhala, SaiSri Damecharla, Praveen Gollapudi, Pavan Kumar Ponuganti

Internet is a most common communication connection between people of similar boundaries or dissimilar boundaries in the modern era. As in this modern era every little detail is digitalized so this internet is the key for the hackers who are willing to hack the contents related to any organization, financial details, personal information. Any kind of such data which is crucial of the end user or an individual is precious to hacker. And in this lays the foundation for the necessity of knowing about HACKING. How can the users keep their data secured and what kind of preventive measures should the users take in order for not being hacked.


Gamification In The Teaching Process In International Schools In Bangkok, Thailand

Daryl Davis U. Apas, Randy Joy M. Ventayen

Gamification is a fairly new concept that involves using game elements in non-game contexts. Living in the world that faces a lot of distractions makes people consider their goals and actions. The main objective of the research is to explore gamification in the teaching process in International Schools in Bangkok, Thailand. The study takes a descriptive approach and focuses on the extent of application of gamification to the teaching process, as well as the level of seriousness of problems on the use of gamification in the classroom. The extent of application of gamification to the teaching process provides insights on which elements of gamification are teachers often being used in the class. In the meantime, the level of seriousness of problems on the use of gamification in the classroom describes the barriers that teachers encounter gamifying in class. Combined together, the extent of application of gamification to the teaching process and the level of seriousness of problems on the use of gamification in class open up the discussion that serves as a solid basis for answering our hypotheses. The research results suggest that there’s a few elements that commonly use and apply in teaching. In order to discover what elements are present in the teaching process and the problems encountered, it is essential to evaluate which elements of gamification are actually being used as well as the specific problems that occur. The results reveal that teachers often applied gamification elements in the teaching process and the results also reveal that serious problems related to gamification were encountered.


The Useful Plants In Nepenthes Spp Community Of Customary Forest Of Lingkat Lake Kerinci

Try Susanti, Indah Kencanawati, Darma Putra

One of the plant communities that many have encountered in the Customary Forest of Lingkat Lake Kerinci is the Nepenthes spp community. Nepenthes spp lives in a nutrient-poor place, propagate on trees, on sharp cliffs and coexist with other plants such as pterydophyta, Glichenia linearis (resam nails), Melastoma malabatricum (senduduk), Clidemia hirta (senduduk bulu) and other plants. The method used in this research is Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and purposive sampling techniques to interview people who were selected based on their understanding of plants useful and used to support people's lives that were tailored to the needs of researchers during the research process. The data analysis was done qualitatively and quantitatively. The qualitative analysis was done by describing the society knowledge on the use of plants and the conservation of the natural resources. The quantitative analysis was done by calculating the significance and usage of the plants.The results of the study found 3 types of Nepenthes Spp, namely Nepenthes ampullaria Jack, Nepenthes mirabilis Druce and Nepenthes gracilis Korth. The catagory of useful plants in Nepenthes spp community are : vegetables to consume, cattle’s food, medical or traditional remedies, building structure, craft, farming toos, ropes, coloring essence, magic, ornament plants and food wrap used in traditional events that take place in Kerinci.


Existence Of Good And True Use Of Indonesian Language: Exploring Bilingualism And Diglossia

Hastari Mayrita, Ayu Puspita Indah Sari, Darmawan Budiyanto, Dani Sartika, Novi Berliana, Herianto, Marzul Hidayat, Amirul Mukminin

The purpose of this qualitative research was to explore language used by students of the Indonesian language study program at one private university in South Sumatra, Indonesia, and the situations they used the language. We related it to the existence of students in the use of Indonesian language that was good and right. The theory used is bilingualism of two languages by one speaker based on the situation and the use of language in society. Data collection was through demographic surveys and semi-structured interviews. The findings of the study indicated that participants could understand and use Indonesian properly and correctly. Participants chose to use Indonesian for academic and formal situations or for meeting a stranger. The existence of participants in Indonesian wasn’t yet accustomed to using Indonesian language; the majority of them used Palembang (local) language. The use of Palembang language or regional languages is still carried over in the formal and academic environment. This study can be used as inputs for policy initiatives; more assertively and wisely directing students to use Indonesian in academic activities.


The Dynamics Of Acculturation Between Islam And Custom And Their Contribution To Education

Ahmad Jamin, Heri Mudra, Dairabi Kamil, Muhamad Yusuf

This research is focused on the implementation of custom and Islam in two villages, Pulau Tengah and Tanjung Pauh. More specifically, it discusses the acculturation of custom and Islam of the two villages and several problems and underlying factors that influence the acculturation. Furthermore, it investigates some contribution of acculturation between Islam and custom on education in Kerinci. The purposes of the research are as follows: 1) To describe the implementation of acculturation between Islam and custom in Pulau Tengah village and Tanjung Pauh village; 2) To describe supporting and disturbing factors of the acculturation between Islam and custom in Pulau Tengah village and Tanjung Pauh village; 3) To find out the contribution of acculturation between Islam and custom in Pulau Tengah village and Tanjung Pauh village on education in Kerinci. This present research reveals that there are three key elements of acculturation between Islam and custom in Tanjung Pauh and Pulau Tengah villages. First, it is stated that the acculturation consists of several aspects of Adat namely traditional ceremony, inheritance, marriage, and funeral. Second, the acculturation is supported and distracted by several factors. Third, the acculturation is important for education, particularly Islamic education and local culture education subjects at school. To conclude, it is noted that the acculturation between Islam and Adat need to be articulated as important key elements among villagers’ activities.


Cloud Computing Based Big Data Analytics For Learning Patient Health Systems With Heterogeneous Cognition

S.Deepa, M.Arumugam, Dr.P.Balasubramanie

Technology is serving health care environments more efficient and improves interaction between the experienced healthcare patients and providers the timely flow of resource information. Having an optimal infrastructure span of all locations bottlenecks information’s eliminated this can help the effective health care service for both the providers and the patients. Better understanding and strategic implications users need a big data analytics for technology oriented function. Here, proposed system Heterogeneous cognition division multiplexed (HCDM) based algorithm need for resource allocation, preferring patient’s location such as time and cost limitation using cloud-based system. To improve the health care the Patient Learning Health Systems is designed for HCDM for out-patient maintaining, scheduling and resource maintaining. Our goal supported to clinical trials of large pragmatic of health care system and effective communication between the patient and provider within the optimal network.


Automated End Of Line Product Validation For Soft Drink Bottles

Dr. D. Bhavana, G. Anish kumar, B. Abhilash K. Rohit Prathyush I. Ram Kumar, Dr. K. Kishore Kumar,

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is furiously focused. In this way, for the accomplishment of organization, adaptable powerful business strategies is fundamental which can be changed quickly at whatever point new difficulties are gone up against. In showcasing, bundling and brand worth has a significant job in deciding the eventual fate of an item. It is the brand which conveys confidence and fulfilment among the purchasers. To satisfy the hopes of their buyers, organizations need to put their earnest attempts to keep everything set up. They utilize mechanized apparatus in each progression of creation prompting higher efficiency and consistency in items. Notwithstanding, in spite of cautious creation, a few deformities still creep inn which may be in the form of incorrect barcode being printed, illegible or no labelling, no caps, improperly filled bottles etc. This checking turns into a difficult undertaking for a human monitor when huge quantities of items are to be assessed and can prompt human mistakes. Therefore, to guarantee in general nature of the created articles, computerizing the investigation procedure appears to be a feasible arrangement. The complete validation is provided by implementing processing an image technique on one of the platforms called LabVIEW. In this process there is no disturbance in high-speed line in production. A Smart Camera 1742 from National Instruments is used to acquire images of goods and products travelling on a conveyor belt and those are processed to fulfil the above needs and requirement.


Exploring Lanthanum Sulphide Characteristics For Its Physical Properties

Kavita R. Kolte, Kevil Shah, B.S. Chakrabarty

The rare earth Lanthanum sulphide (La2S3) complex has been synthesized and characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD),Optical Microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FTIR) and Photo-luminescent measurements techniques. The synthesized samples have been doped with Europium (Eu) and Terbium (Tb) to study its physical properties. Under the photo excitation, these complexes exhibited characteristic emission similar to its metal ions. These investigations indicate that synthesized complexes have different energy levels than the doped lanthanide sulphide complexes. Presented data and detail examination of the synthesized complexes shows better characteristics than conventional Lanthanum sulphide. The properties of the undoped Lanthanum sulphide complex and doped samples were studied for exploring its possible thermoelectric applications


A Novel Hybrid Organic –Inorganic Cdo Doped Poly-O-Toluidine Polymer Nanocomposite For Gram Positive Anti-Microbial Activity

S. Tamilselvan, N. Dhachanamoorthi , R.Thiyagarajan

An organic-inorganic hybrid Poly-o-toluidine-CdO (POT-CdO) nanocomposite has been synthesized by Insitu chemical oxidative polymerization method. The prepared pure POT and POT-CdO (50%) polymer nanocomposite are characterized by using FTIR, UV-Vis, XRD, SEM, EDAX and antimicrobial activities. In FTIR spectra reveals the information of functional groups (N-H, C-H, C-C, C=C) in pure POT and POT-CdO (50%) nanocomposites also confirm interaction between POT and CdO nanoparticle, The optical absorbance of pure POT and POT-CdO was measured in the range of 250-1000 nm. This absorption spectrum shows two absorption bands centered at 316, 622 nm (pure POT) and the optical band gap energy is (3.93 eV, 1.99 eV) and 314, 613 nm are observed in POT-CdO (50%) nanocomposite and the optical band gap energy is (3.95 eV, 2.02 eV). The XRD pattern of pure POT shows the amorphous nature and the XRD pattern of POT-CdO nanocomposites reveals high crystalline material. The SEM micrograph of POT has porous and irregular structure and POT-CdO nanocomposites are highly agglomerated and form cluster spherical shaped morphology due to Vander Waals force of attraction, the morphology of the material has been confirmed with the formation of organic-inorganic nanocomposite material. The EDAX spectrum of pure POT and POT-CdO nanocomposites C, S, O and Cd elements are present in different weight percentage. The antibacterial activity of pure POT and POT-CdO nanocomposites against gram positive and gram negative were observed using agar well diffusion method. It was also found that POT-CdO has enhanced antibacterial activity compared to pure POT.


Assessment Of A Prototype For Application Of Discharge Planning Using Android

Abdul Aziz Alimul Hidayat, Musrifatul Uliyah

Discharge planning (DP) is a form of nursing service that relies on information and education, and information technology can accelerate its delivery. The issue revolves around the delivery of the service in some hospitals that are ineffective and may fail in the long-term. Information technology can be used in discharge planning. This research assessed a prototype application installed in cellular devices to plan discharge of patients from hospitals. The study involved an exploratory and descriptive research, carried out at Muhammadiyah hospitals in Surabaya, Sidarjo and Gresik. The development of the prototype was carried out in three stages, namely defining the system, developing the data entry during work system design, and maintenance. The results showed that the application using Android bore positive results, although some of the nurses at the hospitals reported some difficulties, while others didn’t experience any problems. This application assist both nurses and patients in discharge planning, but it still can still be improved in terms of layout design, color, etc.


Patients’ Perception Towards Tamil Nadu State Hospitals, India.

Ramaiah Itumalla, Gajenderan Vijaya Kumar, Nishad Nawaz

Now-a-days, hospitals are realising the importance of quality of services delivery to patients in maintaining strategic position in market as service seekers evaluates the hospital on different determinants while choosing one. Paper attempts to determine perception and expectations through SERVQUAL. Analysis revealed there exists significant gap between perception and expectations forcing hospitals to make improvements across all dimensions of service quality for survival.


A Comprehensive Survey On Soft Computing Based Optical Character Recognition Techniques

Shrinivas R. Zanwar, Ulhas B. Shinde, Abhilasha S. Narote, Sandipann P. Narote

Character recognition has been one of the most interesting and challenging research areas in field of image processing and pattern recognition in the recent years. This paper describes the techniques for better character recognition in document into machine readable form. Several techniques like OCR using Feature extraction and OCR using neural networks are reviewed in this paper. Before going to future research work, analyze and update recognition techniques in detail which are implemented previously. The purpose of this paper is to discuss various algorithms, techniques, processes, and achieve direction towards research work to improve the problems faced by existing systems to get more recognition rate.


Iot Sourced Real Time PV, Wind And Fuel Cell Models For Micro And Nano Grids

L. P. Sivakumar, S. B. Ron Carter, K. Premkumar, T. Thamizhselvan, M. Vishnu Priya

Integration of Renewable energy in Grid is increasing enormously. The main Grid comprises of multiple Micro Grids and numerous Nano Grids. Micro Grid is a localized Grid that can disconnect from the Main Grid to operate autonomously when the Main Grid fails. Nano Grids consists of small Micro Grids which supplies power to single building or a small area. In order to pre-determine the electrical system parameters in the Nano and Micro Grids, the mathematical model of proposed RE sources (Photovoltaic PV, Wind, Fuel cell) are developed and analyzed through real time data. The IOT based cloud is to be used to acquire real time data from various locations. The designed mathematical model is to be simulated by suitable software package and experimentally evaluated through the recent embedded TEXAS INSTRMENTS LAUNCH PAD’s (MSP432E401Y, CC3220SF), Arduino Due and (Raspberry pi) hardware. The both simulated and emulated outputs are compared and equated in real time.


An Optimized Encryption Algorithm And F Function With Dynamic Substitution For Creating S-Box And P-Box Entries For Blowfish Algorithm


In the field of cryptography, there has been a massive amount of enhancement in manipulating the plaintext which is unreadable, less prone to crackers and hackers, again manipulating this unreadable form to get back plaintext in some way. The Blowfish algorithm is a block cipher, has complex in structure in generating P-box and S-box entries using encryption algorithm. By simplifying the structure of encryption algorithm as well as F function with dynamic substitution, this can improve the performance by generating P-box and S-box entries of blowfish algorithm. In this paper, the proposed method simplifies the structure to produce P-box and S-box entries in order to reduce computational cost and demonstrates the performance of blowfish. The approach considers different security aspects namely EQ analysis, KS analysis, AV analysis, Entropy, Floating Frequency analysis and Correlation of horizontally adjacent pixels in an encrypted image


Comparative Analysis Of Mother Wavelet Selection For EEG Signal Application To Motor Imagery Based Brain-Computer Interface

Sanjay Ganorkar, Vrushali Raut

: Brain-computer interface (BCI) system intends to control the environment for the individual using only his thoughts bypassing muscular pathway. Electroencephalography (EEG) is non-invasive signals corresponding to underlying brain wave acting as potential input to BCI. This paper used EEG corresponding to Motor Imagery (MI) of Right hand and Left-hand movement as input to the system designed. Spectral components with a temporal resolution of signal acted as strong features in BCI and achieved by using wavelet transform. Extracting relevant features is linked with wavelet basis selection. This work proposes a new method of energy compaction in the approximate band for wavelet basis selection. Daubechies and Bio-orthogonal family, the preferred wavelets for biomedical signals, are used for band energy comparison. Experimenting verifies biorthogonal wavelets bior2.8, bior3.1, bior5.5, bior6.8 and Daubechies wavelets db10, db13, db14, db15 carries more energy in the approximate band for signal under test. This paper further suggested the restriction on features extracting from µ band (8-12Hz) and β band (15-30Hz), reducing the burden on the classifier. The higher-order statistical features extracted in this work represent the dynamics of the signal. Bior6.8 and db10 emerge as the matching wavelets with a classification accuracy of 82.01% and 82.82% respectively using Support Vector Machine (SVM) for classification


Software Development Process Models Comparison And Assessment Of Degree Of Agility Based On Agile Practices And Performance Implementation On XP And Scrum

Rishi singh, Sowmay Vijayan, V. Ilango*, A. Abdul Rasheed

: Software Process Improvement is generally regarded a key to economic success by increasing the quality of software systems, accelerating time-to-market and decreasing development costs. The new software development paradigm is much different from the traditional approach. It is necessary to study and analyze the gap between classical and modern software development methods. The use of agile methods is becoming widespread in the system development industry. Agile methods have several benefits over traditional plan-based methods, in particular their ability to handle projects where requirements are dynamic Organization’s varying needs and environments results in context specific adjustments of agile methods. In the present digital transformation world, agility processes, practice and degree of agility need to be assessed. The assessment of agile work is often based on how well the organization complies with a commercial method. In the last few years, a number of agile software development methods have been developed but a detailed evaluation (which is essential) of these methods is not available. In this paper, we survey and compare traditional software development models and agile software models, described their advantages and disadvantages, and discuss the features they inherit. The aim is to identify how gaps between practice and priority can be measured. A detailed study has been conducted to measure the perceptual performance of five Scrum practices with consideration to the prioritization of seven agile aspects. The results shows that the studied agile aspects are considered essential in the organization and that practices in some cases underperform or over perform. This paper presents a detailed comparative analysis of two well-known agile methods, XP and Scrum, based on agility characterization. However, in this study, compliance of practices to strategic priorities is considered.


Analysis Of Heat Transfer Enhancement Of Electronic Chip Using CFD

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Manish Kumar Rawat, Nitin Kukreja

As the technology is advancing day by day, experiments and researches are being carried out to make the cooling of electronic systems such as PCB and projector’s internal electronic components more efficient. The motive of this paper is to endow the better cooling environment to the electronic devices. The location of a fan or the blower installed in them is varied to enhance the heat transfer through forced convection phenomenon. If the cooling system of an electronic device is designed effectively the high heat generated at the maximum load can be easily cast off, and hence better reliability can be achieved. Turbulence model is applied to visualize the flow behavior. This analysis is done on the software ANSYS 15.0 (modeling in ICEM CFD, and flow analysis on FLUENT). This analysis will help to predict the better conditions for the manufacturing of cooling models for electronic systems.


A Study Of Image Possession And Pre-Refinement Of Finger Vein Recognition

Dr.P.Senthilkumar, Dr.M.Jawahar, M.Muthukumar

This paper presents the complete outlined of the finger vein recognition system and it represents an method of finger vein identification experiment. Initially vein patterns extract method to detect the finger vein shapes and its location of features. The proposed method extracts the vein shape stored in database and examines the finger vein matching score from the clear different images. The results show the investigation of finger vein based identification achieve low error rate. The achieved results are compared with conventional system to exhibit high match scoring rate of 98.79%.The finger processing helps to increase the importance of finger vein recognition. In this paper, the non linear manipulation of finger print is available in public vein database. The methods to examine the finger vein recognition are as follows: 1) Unsystematic removal of trivialities.2) Unsystematic exchange of obvious trivialities. 3) Unsystematic interrupt of positions and directions of trivialities. The investigation results exhibits how and to what range finger vein trivialities can be manipulated without causing enlarge to simulated matching score rate.


Distribution Of Allelic Frequencies Of 15 Microsatellite Markers (STRs) In Tangier Population

Lamiaa Habibeddine, Mohammed El Ouardani, Saaïd Amzazi, Jalal Talbi.

STRs or Short Tandem Repeats allows tracing the demographic history of populations, and the interactions between different population groups. The introduction of these markers in the study of populations explains their strong informative capacities and their high degrees of polymorphism. In this study, 15 STRs markers (D8S1179, D21S11, D7S820, CSF1PO, D3S1358, TH01, D13S317, D16S539, D2S1338, D19S433, vWA1, TPOX, D18S51, D5S818, and FGA) are used to study genetic diversity of the Moroccan population of Tangier. The study involved a sample of 300 individuals with informed consent. The results show that the population is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for all markers, except for 3 markers except 3 markers which show a significant deviation D21S11, D18S51 and D19S433 (p = 0.0000).


A New Approach To Assessing Organizational Agility And Recommending IT Levers Of Improvement: Case Study

Mohamed Amine Marhraoui, Mohammed Abdou Janati Idrissi, Abdellah El Manouar

The current business environment is changing at a rapid pace due to technological, political, economic and social changes. Companies should be able to continuously adapt to these changes and exploit them as development opportunities. Indeed, organizational agility is a key enabling capability that allows the company to monitor environmental change and act effectively in order to maintain and improve its sustainable performance. Through this article, we focus on the most significant levers, including the IT ones, likely to improve the level of organizational agility. In fact, we propose a global approach for the company in order to evaluate its agility index and recommend improvements according to the IT levers. Concerning the evaluation of the agility index, our approach is based on two widely used methods in the literature: a fuzzy method that calculates the fuzzy agility index and the second one that computes an index based on three metrics which are market share, efficiency and response capacity. For the recommendations part, our approach relies on an AHP model which allows the company to select the IT levers having the highest priority and likely to improve its agility index. Furthermore, we verified the applicability of our approach through a real business case study.


A Survey: Evaluating Impact Of Varying Buffer Size And Message Lifetimes In A Disconnected Mobile Opportunistic Network Environment

Pooja Bagane

In the present world Smartphone is growing up frequently and the importance of using the mobile opportunistic network may assist users of the mobile to communicate and exchange packets with each other wherever and anytime in a disconnected environment. The opportunistic mobile network is a category of a delay tolerant networks and complement of a mobile ad-hoc network and this network has a special feature which is rare connectivity. End to end connections for communication and transmission of data is missing here and they make use an approach known as a store, carry and forward method to send packets to an appropriate destination node. This paper, provide a general review of the Opportunistic network, architecture, problem, and present-day categorization of algorithms in the mobile opportunistic network that’s adopted so far by the scholar. Finally, this survey paper explains human mobility models in opportunistic Network, and we bring to a close this paper with future work.


Experimental Study Of Composite Connections For Cold-Formed Steel Using Isolated Joint Test

Muhammad Firdaus, Anis Saggaff, Mahmood Md Tahir, Shek Poi Ngian, KM Aminuddin, Saloma

Cold-formed research that has been studied, which still focused on the capacity of beam and column components. Nonetheless, there is still a lack of data and knowledge on the composite construction behavior, and the performance of CFS Composite beam advantages such as strength and cheapness have led to the dominance of composite beam in the commercial building. The purpose of this study is to investigate the failure modes that occur and present the results of the strength and stiffness of the gusset plate connection of the composite structure. This study uses one type of connection made in the form of cantilever beams whose floor plates use concrete cast with metal decking. The shear connector used uses M12 grade 8.8 bolts with the same tensile stress as the other bolt connections. Beams and columns use cold-formed steel with a thickness of 2.4 mm with a DLC200 size for the beam and a DLC300 size for the columns. The connection uses a hot-rolled steel type gusset plate with a thickness of 6 mm. This failure mode can be indicated that there is an influence of the sliding bolt resistance and bolt support on the joint resistance. Deformation also occurs on a concrete plate that occurs at a distance of 100 mm from the face of the column flange The recording results show the ultimate load achieved is 31.6 kN with 62.26 mm deflection. The ultimate moment occurs is 31.6 kNm with a rotation of 0.038 rad, and the stiffness experiment is 730 kNm/rad. The ratio of the moment experimental with analytical calculations showing a good agreement of 1.41. The ratio between other study has 0.50 ratio of moment resistance and 0.46 for stiffness


Internet Of Things (Iot) For Smart Agriculture And Farming In Developing Nations

Shiva Pujan Jaiswal, Vikas Singh Bhadoria*, Amit Agrawal, Hemant Ahuja

Agriculture has been primary economic activity for the people of developing nations. The green-house based agriculture system enhanced by IoT for monitoring and controlling would provide better yield as well as quality as per required by the market. The use of Wireless Sensor Nodes (WSN), actuators, remote database server/cloud computing, remote access through user application integrated as part of IoT, will enable the efficient utilization of resources available. This paper aims to design the IoT based system for operation of agricultural activities which is scalable and cost effective so that developing countries and rural areas within the available infrastructure like internet, renewable resources maximize their throughput. The data collected can be further analyzed for environmental and climatic conditions and the economically productive crop to be cultivated throughout the year can be planned.


Machine Learning-Based Approach For Detecting Driver Behavior Using Smartphone Sensors

Mohammad Abbadi, Ahmad Abadleh, Saqer Alja’afreh, Zaid Halhouli

This paper aims at combining machine learning techniques with Smartphone sensors (i.e. accelerometer sensor) to develop a smart model capable of classifying vehicle driving style into (Excellent, good or weak) categories. In this paper, we use several machine learning algorithms (Neural network, KNN, Naïve Bayes and Random forest tree) to train and test data extracted from Smartphone sensors. The results indicate the possibility to exploit Smartphone sensor readings in the design of a reliable model capable of identifying the driving style based on accelerometer readings. All examined machine learning algorithms maintain high accuracy in classifying the vehicle's driving class; however, the neural network classifiers achieve the highest accuracy ratio reaches (99.9%).


Application Of Materials Management Construction Project (Case Study In Central District Sumba)

Agus Bambang Siswanto, Kemmala Dewi, Hari Setijo Pudjihardjo, Aris Krisdiyanto, Edwyn Boloe

The application of good management and proper materials are very useful for the smooth running of a construction project .. This study aims to determine the inhibiting factors, the impact and the best solution application materials management problems in Central Sumba Regency in addition to determine the quality of construction management in the region. This research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to companies contracting in Central Sumba District. Then the data is analyzed to obtain an average value (mean) and standard deviation values (standard deviation). The analysis is the analysis of the range of average value (mean range analysis), analysis of the rating value of the average (mean rank analysis) and the value of regression Based on the survey results revealed that the main obstacle in the implementation of material management in Central Sumba District is the geographic location that requires the distribution of the material relied on maritime transport impact on the delivery time becomes longer, in addition to the means of transport and the selection of suppliers of material can also be an obstacle to the management of materials in the District Central Sumba. Although there are these constraints but based on the results of the analysis of data processing with an average range of values (mean range analysis) can be seen that the application of material management in Central Sumba Regency already well underway. based research note value regression Y = 1.827 - 0,135X1 + 0,359X2 + 0,296X3 If the reduction constraints (X1), the increasing impact of (X2) and the solution (X3), the application of the material management would be much better


Filtering And Forwarding Approach: For Feature Reduction And Classification For Anomaly Detection In Iot Environment

Suresh B, Venkatachalam M and Saroja M

Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving concept with some ability to change physical interaction amongst organizations and individuals. IoT attempts to swap “things” in reliable and secure manner. IoT has acquired application in numerous fields like learning, training, healthcare, resource management, information processing and so on. Moreover, real time implementation of IoT technology is to fulfil numerous privacy and security that are to be alleviated for large scale deployment. Prevention approach is anticipated to improve IoT device security and network against DoS attack which takes huge bandwidth in present IoT devices. As networks are self-configuring and wireless and it does not require pre-existing infrastructure and possess changeable node movements, security turns to be a most crucial crisis to be resolved. The anticipated model is sourced on investigations and analysis of bandwidth attacks that significantly concentrates on DoS which is considered to be significant challenge and complexity to identify; as well it reduces network performance. DoS comprise of set of malicious/vulnerable nodes and target certain node to stop users from accessing resources and services. Intrusion prevention devices are approaches considered as Add-ons’ to aggressively identify and avoid it for IDS detection process. Here, 3-tier (3T) intrusion prevention model, that is, at first, features dimensionality has to be reduced. Subsequently, Linear Discriminate Analysis (LDA) is for linear computation of intrusion features in order to carry out effectual classification. Thirdly, Linear filtering and forwarding (LFF) is to block unnecessary data that influences IoT devices. Simulation is carried out in MATLAB environment, performance metrics like accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, recall is computed for evaluation


E-Worksheet Using Kvisoft Flipbook: Science Process Skills And Student Attitudes

Haryanto, Asrial, M. Dwi Wiwik Ernawati, Wilda Syahri, Aulia Sanova

This paper presents research on laboratory-based e-worksheets using Kvisoft to see the science process skills and attitudes of chemistry education students. The e-worksheet was created with the stages of development, implementation, and evaluation adopted from the branch using 80 samples obtained from purposive sampling techniques. The aim is to look at science process skills and student attitudes after using e-worksheets on laboratory-based science process skills using the kvisoft application. The findings of this study are that e-worksheets using Kvisoft Flipbook can improve the science process skills and attitudes of chemistry education students.


Using The Gong Perdamaian Nusantara Monument And Planetarium To Develop Mathcitymap Tasks

Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo, Afit Istiandaru, Fariz Setyawan, Adi Nur Cahyono, Vita Istihapsari, Chistina Erlin Disasmita

Gong Perdamaian Nusantara is a monument of the diversity of Indonesia located in Taman Pintar Park—an education tourism object in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, while the Planetarium is also located there as one of the science center. We bring the idea of making mathematics task about the monument in a digital application platform—the MathCityMap. We chose the monument because it could challenge the visitors—mostly children—to engage in a fun mathematical activity while appreciating the value of “unity in diversity” at the monument. Furthermore, we also developed tasks installed on two objects that are pulley simulation and planetarium back door. This article aims to describe the development process and result of the task. This research is design research with the type of development studies refers to Plomp model. First, the preliminary stage was done to analyze the object, the related mathematics material, and the potential task. Second, the formative evaluation stage included the self-evaluation, expert review, one-to-one, and panel discussion. The task resulted has been installed well in the application of MathCityMap which can be accessed worldwide through the application store for Android


An Evidence-Based Approach To Developing An Effective Electronic Information Resource Selection Method For Academic Libraries

Woojin Paik

A growing number of researchers in universities prefer using electronic information resources, such as electronic journals and web databases, to conduct their literature reviews. This trend has resulted in continued increases in the electronic information resource acquisitions budgets of academic libraries. Thus, it is crucial to understand the specific needs of these researchers to maximize the effective use of the limited budgets available. The current electronic resource selection methods include surveying university members and analyzing the searches and downloads of journal articles made via the online library management system. However, the electronic resource subscriptions selected using these methods are often insufficient for meeting the information needs of researchers. In this study, the references listed in the academic journal papers published by the members of a particular university were analyzed to determine which e-journal consortia or web databases made the largest contributions to the research reports. This method enabled the discovery of which new resources to subscribe to, as it helped identify the referenced literature that was available through the existing online library management system at the time. Based on the outcomes of this study, academic libraries should be able to better assess the coverage of their electronic information resources in terms of their affiliated members' research outcomes. Eventually, this method should also facilitate the libraries' effective use of their electronic resource acquisition budgets.


Exploration Of ERP Execution And Growth Of Smes In AP

Talluri Sai Kiran, A Rama Kumar

The study encompasses the ERP technology and its significance in the organisations of Andhra Pradesh. The advantages of ERP technology and the challenges that are faced in the implementation of ERP have been discussed in the study. The study also comprehends the disadvantages that ERP provides to the SMEs in Andhra Pradesh. The present status of ERP in SMEs of Andhra Pradesh has been discussed in the study. Key attributes related of the ERP and its implementation has been analysed in the study. The gap that exist between the different pieces of literature written in this context have been tried to be analysed. The impact of ERP on the SMEs productivity and its different aspects has also been incorporated in the study. The study has also tried to provide numerous ways through which the ERP can be smoothly adopted in the organisations of Andhra Pradesh. The ways through which the challenges can be mitigated regarding the implementation of ERP have also been conferred in the study.


Colonial State, Hegemony, History And The Identity Of Tea Tribes In Assam

Paresh Borah

Identity can be constructed and represented in different ways. If identity is constructed out of social relations it is an arena of power and symbolism where relations of domination, subordination and solidarity take place. The study would emphasise upon identity not only as a natural category but political, social and economic as well. The tea tribes of Assam are one of the most backward tribes in North east India. They were brought to Assam as indentured labourers by the East India Company mostly from present-day Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. The descendants of these labourers are now called tea tribes in Assam. Assertion of identity and aspiration of the tea tribes, in revolt against their perceived socio-economic and politico-cultural deprivation, had begun during the colonial period. They were bought to Assam by the colonial planters giving them false assurance regarding easy work, ideal condition of work, better pay etc. Gradually the migrant workers realized that it was all false assurances given by the colonial planters, and hence they started to agitate against the exploitation and to form an identity of their own in Assam. The primary focus of the paper is to understand the colonial factors leading to the construction of tea tribes identity in Assam and its later day crisis.


AES And Merkle-Hellman Knapsack Hybrid Cryptosystem

Maricris C.Castro, Edwin R. Arboleda, and Reynaldo R. Corpuz

To develop an enhanced cryptosystem by combining two existing algorithm is the objective of this study.The encryption process is composed of the Merkle-Hellman key generation combined with the AES sub-byte transformation that utilized an S-box. The strength of the proposed algorithm is provided by the extended Euclidian division of the Merkle-Hellman and the S-box of the AES algorithm. The proposed algorithm was tested using an example proving the encryption and decryption process.


The Effects Of Different Worm Feeding To Estradiol 17β At The Gonad Maturity Level Of Domesticated Uceng (Nemacheilus Fasciatus)

Lik Anatus Sholikah, Agoes Soeprijanto, Yuni Kilawati

Uceng is a freshwater fish that has huge potential in Wlingi area, Blitar. Until now uceng fish can not be cultivated and still rely on catches from nature to meet consumer needs, it is necessary to do domestication. Domestication activities related to fish reproduction, especially gonad maturity. The selection of natural food such as red worms, silk worms and blood worms to help accelerate the maturation of uceng fish gonads. The purpose of this study was to obtain levels of the hormone estradiol-17β and gonad development of uceng fish. The research method used is an experimental method and a completely randomized design that is treatment A (red worms feed), treatment B (silk worms feed), treatment C (blood worms feed). Each treatment with 3 replications. The highest levels of the hormone estradiol 17β A were 141,92 ng/L. Gonad Maturity Level is highest in treatment A, namely Gonad Maturity Level IV. The effect of giving natural food types in the form of red worms can influence the highest levels of the hormone estradiol 17β in treatment A and the best gonadal histological conditions in treatment A is Gonad Maturity Level IV.


Recognition Of Faulty Node Detection Using Fuzzy Logic In IOT

D Ganesh Kumar, N.Insozhan, Dr.V.Parthasarathy

Internet of Things (IoT) is the expansion of connectivity to all the physical objects in our life. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a group of nodes containing self-sustaining sensors, which senses surrounding conditions. Interconnection of these sensors into IoT will be a big revolution in growing sensor technology. The growth of sensor nodes, leads to the increase of faulty nodes count. This by default affects the Quality of Service (QoS) of WSN based IoT. Therefore by detecting the faulty nodes and reusing them enhances the quality of monitoring to a large extend. Due to the difficulty in identifying the internal status of sensor nodes, it is important to develop algorithms to find faulty nodes. The existing fault detection algorithm yields low accuracy. In this work, three input fuzzy inference system (FIS) is used, which identifies hardware faults like, transmitter circuit condition, receiver circuit condition and battery condition. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme increases the detection accuracy when compared to the conventional schemes.


Effectiveness Of Assimilating Technology In Drafting

Ramelito R. Paler

This study determined the effectiveness of assimilating technology in Drafting. The quasi- experimental particularly non-equivalent groups design was used in this study. Sixty-six (66) students were identified as participants, 31 in the group taught with Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) and 35 in the traditional strategy. Mean and t-test were used. Performance of the group without CAD resulted from satisfactory to very satisfactory in isometric and remain satisfactory in orthographic. Performance of the group with CAD moved to very satisfactory both in orthographic and isometric. No significant difference was manifested in the pre-tests between groups in orthographic and significant in shape in the isometric. A significant difference was manifested in the post-test between groups in shape and position in orthographic and position in isometric. Thus, the two strategies are effective in teaching orthographic and isometric. Teachers can use both strategies and should be at par in integrating technology in the classroom.


Natuna Tourism Application Design To Learn Foreign Language With Mnemonic Method

Yi Ying, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama, Bahtiar Saleh Abbas

Tourism is the main driving force of the Indonesian economy. So far, Indonesia's maritime economic potential has not been optimally developed, especially in Natuna. The area of Natuna Sea is 99.25%, so it is very potential to develop marine tourism. Natuna is also included in the planning of the Global Maritime Fulcrum and is given the authority to manage tourism. Natuna Geopark has also been inaugurated by UNESCO in 2019. The presence of a geopark in Natuna will have an impact on the movement of foreign tourists. Thus, it is necessary to prepare human resources for tour guides to welcome foreign tourists. This study describes the design of Natuna Tourism application with an emphasis on mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) to introduce Natuna tourism in Indonesian, English and Mandarin. Through this application, students can learn independently. This application also features pictures and sounds with a quiz that helps learners to memorize vocabulary. Before designing this application, researchers first conducted interviews with the Natuna tourism service and religious high schools. From the interviews, the application was designed using the Mnemonic method. Researchers hope that with applications on smartphones that can be used offline, the Natuna tourism agency will develop and can contribute to improving the maritime economyfishermen, fish processing technology and illegal fishing. Whereas the obstacle in the field of goods distribution is the Sea Toll Program which is of little help due to the trip schedules of ships which are only twice a month. The fishermen's catch has become no longer fresh and cannot be sold at high prices. There should be special treatment for Natuna by developing a model of economic integration of Maritime and tourism.


Mobile Technology On Learning Through Mobile-NOS Model To Enhance Students Awareness Of Epistemology Of Science

Yusran Khery, Baiq Asma Nufida, Suryati, Sri Rahayu, Endang Budiasih

Student scientific literacy development on learning should be supported by student awareness of epistemology of science achievement. An offline and online environment on mobile learning design can be utilized on this purpose such as mobile-NOS model of learning. The Aim of this research was to evaluate the influence of Mobile-NOS model of learning application towards Students' awareness of the epistemology of Science. In the form of pre-experimental research, this study has been carried out by pretest-posttest non-control group design. The research subjects consisted of 27 students participating in the Basic Chemistry II course in the chemical education program of IKIP Mataram Academic Year 2018-2019 collected by saturated sampling. Data of awareness of epistemology of science was obtained using questionnaire. Data were analyzed by paired sample t test. The results showed significant enhancement on students' awareness of the epistemology of science after Mobile-NOS model of learning application. The value of t count (5.353) is greater than the t table (1.706) in the one-tail hypothesis.


Delving The Sentiments To Track Emotions In Gender Issues: A Plutchik-Based Sentiment Analysis In Students’ Learning Diaries

Jasten Keneth D. Treceñe

Several emotional obstacles are known to obstruct learner’s academic development, however, learners will be able to accomplish well if they feel positive emotions towards a lesson. This research aimed to explore the views of students towards gender issues based on the learning diaries of the students. The students are required to write their reactions to the topics discussed, their feelings and other thoughts that relate to the topic. This study used the sequential exploratory design utilizing content and sentiment analysis. The use of sentiment analysis was to extract emotions from the students’ learning diaries based on Plutchik’s eight-wheel of emotions. Fifteen diaries selected based on the contents that fit on the rubrics. The results revealed various emotions expressed in the students’ learning diaries over time such as joy, trust, anger, sadness, and fear. There has been a major shift of emotions throughout the the period, from positive to negative emotions. It was found out that the emotions of the students expressed during classroom discussions were influenced by the topic and will depend on the teaching strategy. Overall, this study will improve the teaching and learning in the classroom by analyzing the sentiments, emotions in students’ learning diaries to help administrators especially teachers address problems and take corrective actions.


Analysis And Scenario Of Navy Performance Allowance Policy Using System Dynamic Model

Sukmo Hadi Nugroho, R. Madhakomala, Kazan Gunawan

This study aims to conduct analysis and scenarios on performance benefit policies on the Professional, Welfare and Public Service aspects of the Indonesian Navy. This is because the current performance allowance given to Navy Personnel is not yet entirely based on achievement, workload, and risk of work performed. The policy evaluation method used is the development of a System Dynamic Concept-based model. The formulation is carried out by evaluating the main variables and aspects as a system that interacts. The output of this Dynamic System Model Analysis is Scenario and policy evaluation on the variable being assessed. Policy scenarios serve as indicators that show that variables need to be evaluated according to the strategic significance obtained. Then the policy scenario is simulated on the model. There are four scenarios: (a) Improvement of Professional Capability, (b) Increasing Professional Allowances and incorporating into the Performance Allowance structure, (c) Increasing Workload that impacts Assignment Risks and (d) Combined or Integrated Scenarios. Based on the analysis of all the scenarios, the best scenarios that can be applied in the implementation of the performance allowance policy are in the Navy.


Science In Everyday Life To Build Science Literacy

Friska Octavia Rosa, Mundilarto, Insih Wilujeng, Anggraeni M. Sulistyani

Science exists in everyday life, as a habit, behavior, belief, technology, and everything close to life. Reviewing everyday life and relating to science learning will give importance to the learning process because it provides meaningful value to the learners. It is able to strengthen the application of learned concepts. This study used a sample of prospective students in the 5th semester to analyze competencies in the curriculum, analyze concepts and determine the things in everyday life that use the concept. The results of the research showed that the ability is very good in analyzing the competence and good ability to determine aspects and themes. To build awareness of science literacy in teachers, it is necessary to make training materials based on daily life as stock or basic since the time of the pre-service teachers.


Village Woman In Sembalun Lawang Ecotourism Area, At The Foot Of Rinjani Volcano, East Lombok, Indonesia

Desti Ariani, Fikarwin Zuska, Ria Manurung, Rizabuana Ismail, Hadriana Marhaeni Munthe

: Ecotourism should be a facilitator, where each woman takes her role according to the abilities and influences of the surrounding environment. The presence of ecotourism also gave a different response to the group of village women in the Sembalun Lawang ecotourism area, East Lombok. The results of the study show that women involved in ecotourism are motivated by their desire to play a role in the public sector, increase their capacity and want to improve the family economy. While the group of women who did not follow the changes in the presence of ecotourism was caused by cultural factors, social construction by patriarchal culture, and their desire not to fully involve themselves in the ecotourism sector.


Demographic Sensitive Inter-Vertical Technologies Association For Smart City Planning And Management: Optimistic Integrated-SCPM Proposal For Muscat

Mohamed Haneefuddin

The decision making process of smart city planning is challenging task. In this paper we explore that task with IOT as well as Big data. Multilayer optimization model is proposed that intends to augment both IoT data gathering as well as Big data processing. the novel smart city concept while taking into consideration of all factors such as such as demographic factors, people perception, people-choice, adaptability, marketability, technology as well as its optimistic success perception, is of paramount significance. It is compared with classical approach to reduce the computation cost, time and service quality. The proposal has employed both primary data based case study to access people (from Muscat) perception and their preference towards smart city.


Effect Of Bio And Nano Zinc Fertilization On Nutrient Content And Yield Of Rice

P. Ponnmani , T. Muthukumararaja, M.V. Sriramachandrasekharan

A field experiment was conducted in zinc deficient soil belonging to Padugai series (Typic Ustifluvent) at the farmer’s holding during the Navarai season of year 2017. The results revealed that grain and straw yield was significantly enhanced on addition of different sources of zinc over control. The grain and straw yield was maximum with application of RDF+ soil application of bio zinc @ 30 kg ha-1and was on par with RDF + Foliar spray of 0.5 % ZnSO4. Similarly, the nutrient content (N, K and Zn) was recorded with application of RDF+ soil application of bio zinc @ 30 kg ha-1.But application of RDF (120: 40: 40 kg ha-1) alone registered the highest phosphorus content status at all stages of crop growth.


Analyzing The Conditions Of Family Business Enterprises

Dr.S.Dinesh, M.Ananthi, Dr.S.T.Surulivel, Dr.V.Rengarajan

This study aims at identifying the secrets of the success of those family businesses which are successful and also the reasons for the failure of a few of the family firms. It also aims at identifying and figuring out the future prospects for the family business houses in the changing international scenario. The study has used a “Empirical Research design” of a conclusive nature. In order to establish the probability simple random sampling, a lottery method of lucky draw was used. Thus, 150 samples were collected from each district on random basis. The representative sample respondents were contacted by the field investigator under the supervision of the agent as well as the researcher. For the purpose of the study, a sample size of 450 was decided on. Major finding of this study focussing on, 348 enterprises forming 77.3% of the total enterprises were small ones, 57 enterprises forming 12.7% of the total enterprises were micro enterprises, and 45 enterprises forming 10% of the total enterprises were medium enterprises. Nearly three fourths of the enterprises chosen for the study were small enterprises. Major suggestion of this study are, Family tours and get together can be arranged once in six months where various family games can be conducted and This will enhance the unity of the family and that in turn will help the growth of the family business.


Study And Analysis Of Local Area Network By Using Packet Tracer

D. P. Tripathi, P. Saleem Akram, P. Ravi Teja, M. Siri Chandana

In our new era PCs become our part of life for every personal and professional requirement. Majority of organizations depend on the finest possible working of their systems for correspondences, organization, mechanization, online business solutions, and so on. LAN is the best fundamental and significant PC system claimed by discrete organizations and might be utilized for interconnection of wide region systems. A LAN provides effective cost sharing of fast processing information handling gear, for example, mass stockpiling media, centralized server PCs or tiny computers and various types of printers. Asset sharing is generally similar as significant where a Local Area Network (LAN) serves as the entrance path for an Internet. In view of this, framework supervisor’s requirement professional tools to help them with the motivation of improvement of QoS and maintenance of LANs. So in our present article, a LAN system is structured utilizing Cisco Packet Tracer. This article explains just how the apparatus can be used to build up a re-enactment model of the Local Area Network (LAN) for College of Engineering which contains different departments like Bio Technology (BT), Civil, Mechanical, ECE and EEE of our University. The examination gives a knowledge into different ideas such as IP address setup, topology plan and how to send data as packets in a solitary network and for the usage of Virtual Local Area Networks to isolate the heavy traffic produced by various departments by using a main Server.


Satirical Vein In George Bernard Shaw’s Plays

Dr P.Sreenivasulu Reddy, Dr Ramanadham Ramesh Babu, Pragdna Chintakayala

Bernard Shaw’s purpose of writing is social reform, and he uses his plays as weapons to change people’s mind, conscience, and cherished institution. He uses satire to puncture a host of social institutions and conventions, thus providing the people with a Mephistophelian image. He has been considered a great satirist by critics. As good satirist his object of writing is to change or correct human or social shortcomings, vices or follies, and that of laughing is the tool he uses for his purposes. He takes attention on what he needs to change, and as a satirist he frequently exaggerates reality with intensity and lashes at it. Through the present research, we aim to highlight how Bernard Shaw used his literary carrier to criticize the follies of his contemporary society; also to attempt to explain how satire is used to reject the social values in the Victorian era.


Leadership Strategies In Good School Governance Early Childhood Education Unit

Luluk Elyana, Yuli Utanto, Yoris Adi Maretta

Early childhood education is a strong foundation in efforts to prepare young people for academic competition at the next level. The research aims to analyze the factors of leadership that be a factor deciding the application of good school governance. The research method used is quantitative with a survey approach using a questionnaire given to respondents to uncover the influence of leadership on good school governance. The results showed that the higher the leadership role, the greater the success factors of good school governance. This was proven by the results of statistical tests using AMOS software, which showed a standardized estimated parameter value of 0.335; value standard error (SE) of 0.089; the value of the critical ratio (CR) of 3.715 with the value of probabilitas by ***) <0.001. By using a significance level α = 0.05, it can be concluded that there is strong empirical evidence to state that the better the leadership, the better Good School Governance. This research is useful as a guide in making decisions about the selection of good school governance models and the analysis of strategic factors related to leadership in early childhood education.


Web Application Facilities Can Build Academic Atmospere Promotion Student Satisfaction In College

Wisnalmawati, Choirul Huda, Ifa Khoiria Ningrum, Kukuh Lukiyanto

Teaching and learning processes are facilitated through face-to-face and online activities. The web application facility allows students to easily find information related to education and the business world. This study aims to analyze the direct and indirect (mediated by the academic atmosphere) effects of web application facilities on student satisfaction. Research respondents were Postgraduate Program students majoring in Management Masters. Structural Equational Model (SEM) with PLS and SPSS Program were used in the data processing. The results of this study indicate that (1) Web application facilities did not have effects on student satisfaction; (2) The application facilities affect student satisfaction if mediated by the academic atmosphere. There has not been much research in Indonesia because the web usage program is new in Indonesian education. The research results contribute to the development of consumer behavior models. Web application facilities assist soft data storage for accreditation purposes and accelerating graduation of quality students to construct a conducive atmosphere affecting student satisfaction.


Role Of Bank In Keeping Environmental Awareness Values In Pangkalan Indarung Village District Kuantan Singingi

Supentri, Yuliantoro

Environment has a role on humans, if humans do not allow it then the environment will be a problem for humans themselves, such as environmental damage that occurs in humans. The fact that occurs in the field that the river has changed many functions as we see in observational data, that Riau Province which has 12 regencies and cities, has the same problem of environmental damage, such as river flow that changes functions so that it causes drought in the dry season and flood in the season rain. So far there has been a strong ban on protecting environmentally conscious values. The role of lubuk ban becomes a model in maintaining clean and clear river flow so that it becomes a source of livelihood for the community but also plays a role in protecting local fish that have started to become extinct, becomes a model in protecting the social environment (social sanctions), besides that it is no less important play a role in maintaining trees along the river as a form of greening and the last is an economic source for the community because of the tourism that is visited by visitors who are a source of income for the community while the role in education as a study material in school learning.


Validation Of Revised Academic Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (AERQ) In The Indian Context

Rajib Chakraborty, Dr. Vijay Kumar Chechi

The present study tried to validate the Academic emotion regulation questionnaire (AERQ) developed by Buric, Soric and Penezic (2016), in the Indian context. The sample of the study comprised of 355 students (330 boys and 5 girls) of IInd and IIIrd years “School of Mechanical Engineering, Lovely Professional University”, Phagwara, Punjab, India. The original tool had eight dimensions, measured by 37 items on a five point Likert scale. In the present study, exploratory factor analysis conducted using SPSS Statistics Ver. 23.0 software, extracted seven dimensions, with 49.045 percent of variance explained. The dimension Situation selection was dropped owing to its poor reliability estimates. Confirmatory factor analysis was used to validate the factor structure of AERQ with the help of SPSS AMOS Ver. 23.0 software. The good fitness of indices like CMIN/DF, GFI, TLI, CFI, RMR, RMSEA were used as the estimates. The tested model had excellent goodness of fit estimates and thus displayed construct validity. Since one of the notorious limitations of the Cronbach alpha is underestimation of the true reliability of a scale under the violation of Tau-equivalence condition, a rarely reported the greatest lower bound (GLB) reliability, was used in this study, calculated using FACTOR software, which revealed acceptable reliability estimates for the seven extracted dimensions. The revised version AERQ, with its 30 items and seven dimensions is thus found to posses the required psychometrics for administration on the Indian university students. A parsimonious model of academic emotion regulation using two of the mostly studied dimensions of academic emotion regulation, was also validated to present a parsimonious version of the construct..


Study On Mechanical Properties Of Concrete By Using Industrial Waste

Jayachandra, C. Venkata Sai Nagendra, Ajay Bhaskar Reddy, Sanjith j

Red mud is a residue of Bayer’s process during the production of alumina from the Bauxite ore and it gives significant amounts of fine high percentage of alkalinity residue of bauxite. It produces equal quantity of metallurgical alumina and it is disposed in sealed and unsealed bags which lead to an important environment issue. Foundry sand is a good, evenly sized, smooth, high-quality silica lake sand bonded to form a casting mould for ferrous and nonferrous metal. When these sand has been used for longer time where the sand can no longer be reused in the foundry and it will be treated as waste foundry sand here four test groups were conducted with the replacement percentages of 0%,5%,10% and 15% of cement by red mud and foundry sand of 0%,15%,25%, and 35% by fine aggregates.


Agriculture Monitoring System Using Smart And Innovative Farming: A Real-Time Study

Andzio Elion Privat Dany, Prof. Xiong Shuming

In this article, we propose to develop an optimal crop irrigation/agriculture system based on a network of wireless sensors. The work intended to strategize and maintain a control organism utilizing crop sensor that senses with data managing with a web application and a smartphone. Consisting three modules mobile applications, web applications and hardware. Initial module was developed and executed in the device of the connected control box to collect crop data. Using Soil moisture sensors employed to observe the soil relative to a control unit. Second one module holding a web use developed and executed to operate all related details to crop data and farming area information. Applying data mining to assess data to calculate humidity, soil temperature, and humidity for ideal prospect conduct of crop nourishment. In last part, it is largely observed to maintain crop irrigation with a mobile app on a mobile device. Given process helps manual or automatic user management. The electronically managed practice processes data from the soil moisture sensor for irrigation. On the other hand, an end user can choose for manual management of crop irrigation in operational management mode. Given system can conduct warnings with an API LINE for a LINE app. This mechanism was executed and verified in farms and fields. Results indicated that the execution was advantageous in cultivation. A soil moisture capacity has been adequately maintained for plant evolution, cost reduction, and increased cultivated production. Furthermore, this effort signifies the impelling force of agriculture by digital invention.


Regulatory Sandbox Analysis To Prevent Money Laundering Crime Of Financial Technology In Indonesia

Recca Ayu Hapsari,S.H.,M.H., Dr. Maroni,S.H.,M.H. Indah Satria,S.H.,M.H.

The presence of fintech which rely on Internet of Thing has made the industry operates accross different juridicial boudaries. A sandbox regulatory is a safe limited-assessment-scheme to asses the Fintech organizer include its product, service, technology, and/or business model. Both Regulatory Sanbox’s concept and implementation are expected to encourage digital financial-in its bound on the development model of regulatory sandbox-toward the prevention of money laundering through financial technology in Indonesia. Researchers will be looking at how the implementation of this model could be used as an effort in preventing the case on money laundering, as well as ways to integrate the regulatory sandbox for the financial technology in indonesia.


Adopting C2cad Model To Eco Capsule Wardrobe Design

Marzie HatefJalil, Siti Shukhaila Shaharuddin

This study aimed to design a series of essential clothes made of Eco-fashion materials, especially recycled content in the capsule wardrobe. It has been designed to develop strategies during the clothing design process and promote the use of Eco-fashion materials in the fashion and clothing industry. Guided by the concept of C2CAD model, this research applied multifunctional convertible design in fashion and produced an ‘Eco capsule wardrobe’ with ten pieces of clothing. Besides, this study has applied Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for using the jigsaw puzzle technique in the pattern-making process as another sustainable practice. This paper focuses on the most important casual clothes which can find in any women’s wardrobe. The research methodology included design concept, design experiments and evaluation stage. Based on the C2CAD model, the Eco capsule wardrobe evaluated by a focus group of twelve participants to assess quality and design. Overall, the Eco capsule wardrobe is perceived as casual, good quality of materials, using Eco-friendly features, multifunctional, comfortable, good appearance and design. The proposed prototype of Eco capsule wardrobe provides an example of Eco-fashion design that will reduce landfill clothing waste. This may lead to design sustainability, where clothes can be disassembled and recycled easily after use. Clothing design for Eco capsule wardrobe provides practical application. It may educate and promote the use of Eco-fashion materials that support fabric recycling activities.


Ebcqi: Enhanced Bcqi Downlink Scheduling Algorithm For Voip In Mobile Networks

Dr. Ramkumar Krishnamoorthy, Dr. Nismon Rio Robert, Mrs. Udhuma Abdul Latheef

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a currently growing technology. It gives high speed data with several useful applications. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the top most applications in that LTE. Scheduling is the main issue in LTE. This paper proposing an updating version of Best Channel Quality Indicator (BCQI) downlink scheduling algorithm. The proposed algorithm assigns the highest priority to VoIP users followed by video traffic and then other remaining traffics in next priority order. The simulation reports give the better results of increased average throughput in all users, as well as the spectral efficiency development is also increased. Here, in the proposed algorithm, the percentage of packet loss is also consistent with the existing BCQI algorithm. And, it totally emits positive results in both rural and urban area environments with different mobility. Number of user access is also high when compared with BCQI algorithm.


Detection And Classification Of Plant Pathology With Image Processing Technique

Dr.D.Sivabalaselvamani, Mr.D.Selvakarthi, Mr.L.Rahunathan, Mr.P.Leninpugalhanthi

About 70% of the India economy relies upon horticulture. Because of plant illnesses and bug bothers, the harvest yield gets influenced harshly. It requires cautious determination and opportune dealing with to shield the harvests from overwhelming loses. Ranchers experience staggering issues in changing beginning with one contamination control course of action then onto the following. The examinations show that depending on unadulterated unaided eye perception of specialists to identify and order ailments can be tedious and costly, particularly in country territories and creating nations. The point of this task is to configuration, execute and assess a picture handling programming based answer for programmed location and arrangement of plant leaf ailments. Picture handling underpins the ranchers in the recognizable proof of infections at an early or starting stage and give helpful data to its control. In picture preparing, the work starts with catching the pictures. At that point the example matches contrast the data from this picture and the data of sound plant's data which was put away in the database. The various highlights are extricated and contrasted and the shading and surface of the leaf. In view of the example acknowledgment a leaf can be distinguished as solid or ailing. This paper shows an investigation on methodologies that use propelled picture taking care of frameworks to recognize, measure and mastermind plant contaminations from electronic pictures in the undeniable range. Despite the way that affliction signs can appear in any bit of the plant, just systems that examine unquestionable symptoms in leaves and stems were considered. The proposed strategy or isolated into three classes as per the targets as recognition, seriousness evaluation and arrangement. Every one of these classifications, thusly, is additionally characterized by the fundamental specialized arrangement.


Location Aware Health Monitoring System For Emergency Cases

A. El-Nour, M. Tarique, D. Foyez, L. Hassan, and A. Rashed

Patient monitoring system has drawn considerable attention of the researchers for the last few years. An effective patient monitoring system should be able to record, display, and transmit patients’ critical physiological data to their healthcare service providers from anywhere at any time. Recently, mobile technology has led to significant innovations in this field ranging from implantable devices to smart applications. In this work, we present an innovative patient monitoring system that integrates an application and wearable devices to monitor the patients’ critical physiological data. In addition, it uses the global positioning system (GPS) so that patients and healthcare service providers can track each other. We have field tested our system and the results show that our proposed system can send vital physiological data as well as the location information of patients to a remote healthcare service provider with a high precision. The system also generates alarm messages for the patients and it also assists the patients to locate the nearby healthcare service providers. The location information is automatically updated with the patients’ movement.


Knowledge Sharing Factors: Perception Between Junior And Senior Academicians In Malaysian University

Norazila Mat, Jamsari Alias, Nur Atiqah Abdullah, Zaleha Yazid, Nazri Muslim

Healthy competitions between Malaysian University to achieve the higher ranking throughout the globe provide an interesting background for a research to understand how they practices knowledge sharing (KS) among their academicians to gain competitive advantages. Plenty have been discussed on knowledge sharing but comprehensive understanding of knowledge sharing between academicians especially in regards to different seniority has been less mentioned. This study aimed to identify the comparison between junior and senior academicians on three knowledge sharing driver factors; organizational factor, technological factor and individual factor. This study is carried out with a set of survey among academicians in a Research University (RU) in Malaysia. Results from this study shows that top management under organizational factor and knowledge self-efficacy under individual factor are the most important factor that motivate KS for both junior and senior academicians. Senior academicians also agree that system infrastructure under technological factor is also crucial in knowledge sharing. These findings conclude that the strength of knowledge sharing in RU strives from its top management as well as individual factors in academicians but improvements can be made in areas such as organizational rewards and system quality where both junior and senior academicians only moderately agree that they are important factors in knowledge sharing.


Special Genres In Korean And Uzbek Literature: Their Similarities And Specific Features

Saidazimova Umida

In this article, we discuss the sources of the development of pheasole, the genre of Korean medieval narrative prose, and kissa, the genre of Uzbek literature. The commonness of motives and typological features of these genres are described in this article. There was justified the role of these genres in the development of national literature in this article.


Management Controls For Minimizing Risk In Public-Private Partnerships In Kurdistan Region Of Iraq

Sevar Neamat

In order to reduce the associated risk of Public-Private Partnership (PPP)s, is absolutely essential to use the management control in facing the difficulty of transferring the risk to the private partner. There are many reasons in the developed countries which limit the capability of transferring the risks from the public to private sectors. Concentrating on a power of PPP plan in a progressing country. The research investigates that the management control being prepared by the public partner in order to deduct the risk that results from private partner’s work. The research discovers that many different control types from various degrees of un-similar phases of PPP have been used by the public partner to reduce the risk and gain the value of money. Also, it outcomes that despite impacting the contingent factors specified in the transaction cost economic theory, control differences and the recognized environment also impact the degree that every kind of management control can be used through various stages of a PPP.


Aplication Of Marketing Mix: Study On Two-Wheeled Vehicle Users In Deciding To Buy Fuel On Roadside Unofficial Kiosks (At Samarinda Indonesia)

Martinus Robert Hutauruk

The study aims to investigate of marketing mix application on two-wheeled vehicle users in deciding to buy retail fuel in the roadside unofficial kiosk. The study examines marketing mix factor as customer solution, customer cost, convenience and communication, are saw by consumer perception, besides, psychological factors are also adding by a complement. Personal interview data took about 210 respondents as two-wheeled vehicle users of fuel buyer at unofficial roadside kiosks, as a source of data for testing empirical hypotheses about the relationship between variables. The conseptual model investigates the relevant relationships among the variable, and descriptive research design was used and quantitative research was conducted, with multiple linear regression analysis through SPSS 25th version software. The research result shows that customer solution, customer cost, convenience, communication as partially not related to buying decision, however, psychological factors can dominant influence the purchasing decision significantly. There has been a contradiction in the application of marketing mix theory from the point of view of consumers, especially two-wheeled vehicle users or as consumers. So, it is necessary to add psychological factors in the marketing mix as complementary. The local governments need to review their policies to support the welfare of the people.


Do Malaysian Employer Impress With The Skills Of Malaysian Engineering Graduates: A Fundamental Study

Hasan Saleh

This study try to determine employer impression regarding skill of engineering graduates’ that have been polish to the young engineers. This study attempt to investigate the most accurate skill that will impress the employer and with that the engineering graduates will going to be hired by them. This study use the questionnaire that have been adapt and modified suit to this study from previous researcher. 195 respondent have participate in this study from senior management of the manufacturing company from Pulau Pinang, Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. The data have been analyzed using descriptive analysis from statistical Package for Social Science version 22.0. From this study also, it was conclude that overall employer was impress with the skill of the engineering graduate especially in term of supervisor focus.


The Analysis Of Liquidity And Its Effect On The Social Performance Of Tribuyut Gapoktan Cooperative, Tanjung Raja District, Ogan Ilir Regency

Neny Rostiati, Harsi Ramli, Fakhry Zamzam

Tribuyut Sakti Agro Cooperative is an Agribusiness Microfinance Institution (LKMA) formed through the PUAP program. This institution is needed for interests such as savings and loans in the form of soft credit and the provision of factors of production (fertilizer, seeds, products and agricultural equipment). In addition, it is expected that LKMA which has grown from Gapoktan can become a guarantor for the selling price of agricultural products owned by farmers so that they can become pioneers of microfinance institutions in rural areas to improve the economy of rural communities. This study analyzes the effect of Liquidity (CR and QR on social performance (Average Loans) of gapoktan using time series data (annual financial reports from 2012-2016) and cross section data (6 farmer groups), the method of determining the sample with a purposive sampling method, testing the hypothesis using multiple analysis techniques with the application of SPSS version 23. Liquidity data analysis results using the t-test, CR has a positive and significant effect with the value of t count 2.134> t table 1.709 and QR, no effect on t count of -0.959 < t table 1.709 on Social Performance (Avg_LOANS). Simultaneously based on the F test of Financial Performance (Liquidity) with an F count of 2,295> F table 1,702 influential on Social Performance (Avg_LOANS). Based on the Kemenkop UKM Financial Performance Standard Criteria No.6/Per/M.KUKM/V/2006, the average financial performance results are Good.


Default Settlement On Credit Agreement Imposed By Security Right (Case Study At Pt Bank Danamon Tbk. Dsp Boyolali Branch)

Himawan G. Pangestu, Pujiyono

The purpose of this study was to describe the process of Default settlement with warranty deed by Danamon Tbk. DSP Company Boyolali Branch in the settlement processes with warranty deed and the way to resolve it. The research method used empiric juridical approach, data sources consist of interview as primary data whereas statutes and scientific books as the secondary data. The data analysis method was qualitative descriptive. The results showed that the settlement processes with warranty deed by exercising preventive and repressive measures, a warning letter and the letter of summons as measurements. Juridical and non juridical are the constraintssuffered by Bank Danamon Tbk. DSP Company Boyolali Branch, the settlement is by exercising periodic examination of the files and documents of the debtor.


Family Economic Education, Financial Literacy And Financial Inclusion Among University Students In Indonesia

Setya Ayu Rahmawati, Bagus Shandy Narmaditya, Agus Wibowo, Dwi Wulandari, Prih Hardinto, Putra Hilmi Prayitno, Sugeng Hadi Utomo

This study aims to analyze financial literacy among students in several universities in Indonesia. In addition, the paper is conducted to determine the level both financial literacy and financial inclusion of students and the relationship between family economic education toward financial literacy. This research applied a quantitative method by using path analysis. The data were gathered from the questionnaires. The data were also collected through focus group discussion with Stakeholders, Bank Indonesia and Students. Path analysis is applied in order to analysis the role of financial literacy in achieving financial inclusion of students. The findings showed that the level of students’ financial literacy is categorized sufficient literate, whilst the level of financial inclusion classified as high inclusion. The results also provided information that family economic education has a positive relationship to both financial literacy and financial inclusion. Further more, financial literacy plays role as intervening variable in improving students’ financial inclusion. Lastly, an attempt to enhance financial inclusion of students, it should provide greater financial literacy.


The Impact Of Parental Influence On Career Perspectives Among Higher Secondary Students In Kerala.

Devika Krishnan, Lasitha.A

This study is an attempt to analyze the effects of parental influence on the choice of career among higher secondary students in Kerala. The data collection was pointed to the gender-wise and home background variables. The selected sample consisted of hundred students randomly were chosen from both government and private schools. Questionnaires were used as data collection tools. The data gathered was analyzed using Pearson’s Correlation Analysis, Regression analysis, Hypothesis test, Time series analysis and sequential plots. The finding revealed that parental involvement in their children’s career options has significantly influenced their achievement. Based on the finding, it was concluded that academic and career achievement is likely to be high if parents’ careful attention and assistance to their children are there. It was recommended that parents’ regular attention and advice at home facilitate achievement. The analysis was done using the software Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS).


Storm Properties: Literature Review


To decide on the necessary elements in the analysis of storms properties, a review of literatures was detailed for the parameters used worldwide. Several studies in North and South America, Asia, Europe and Africa were consulted. The analysis of the bibliographic references shows different definitions of a storm. Moreover, before analyzing the instantaneous rainfall, it is relevant to define the elements allowing the separation and the analysis of storms. The analysis of storms concerns generally the minimum inter-event time (MIET), storms duration and storms depth. Storms can be also classified according to their quartiles. The definition and choice of storms to be analyzed must take into account the predefined objectives, the data available and the time allocated to the data processing.


Mathematical Module Based On CTL Approach To Increase Learning Motivation And 4C Skills

Athifah Rahmi, Suparman

This study aims to analyze the application of ADDIE learning design models learning models to improve learning motivation and 4C students in Indonesia. 4C skills are important skills students have in 21st century learning and the industrial revolution 4.0. Meanwhile, student motivation is low impact on learning outcomes are low. So to improve motivation to learn and 4C skills the need for providing teaching materials in accordance with the characteristics of students. The subjects of the study were students of class VIII at a junior high school in Yogyakarta. Research objects include 4C skills, learning motivation, CTL approach, mathematics learning modules, ADDIE learning design models and Numbers Pattern material. This study used qualitative research methods. The instruments used include observation and study of literature. Data analysis using Miles-Huberman consisting of data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. This study provides results in the form of making a mathematics learning module by applying the ADDIE learning design model, CTL approach to the Numbers Pattern material to increase students' motivation and 4C learning skills.


Effect Of Different Planting Geometry And Application Of Liquid Organic Fertilizer On The Growth And Yield Of Abelmoschus Esculentus L. Intercropped With Vigna Unguiculata L.

Thuiyalage Sachini ishanka jayasinghe, Somasundaram Sutharsan, Shanmugalingam Srikrishnah

The Increasing world population demands higher agricultural crop production to fulfill the food requirement. Therefore, intercropping is the best way to increase productivity in limited land area with organic inputs. To enhance the positive attitudes towards intercropping and organic farming, this experiment was carried out at the Crop Farm of Eastern University, Sri Lanka from January to April 2019 to study the effect of planting geometry with the application of liquid organic fertilizer (Jeewamirta) on the growth and yield of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L) intercropped with Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.). The experiment was laid out in a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with four replications. Treatments were okra as a sole crop with the spacing of 90cm×60cm (T1), cowpea as a sole crop with the spacing of 30cm×15cm (T2), okra in 60cm×60cm with one row of cowpea (T3), okra in 90cm×60cm with 2 rows of cowpea (T4) and okra in 120cm×60cm with three rows of cowpea. This investigation revealed that there was a significant (p<0.05) effects in planting geometry in intercropping. The significant (p<0.05) highest values were obtained in okra with two rows of cowpea (T4) in plant height, leaf number, shoot biomass, root biomass, leaf area, average weight of fruit, 100 seed weight and yield than respective monocroppings. Further, Land Equivalent Ratio showed a significant (p<0.05) increase in T4. Therefore, it could be concluded that okra in 90 cm × 60cm with two rows of cowpea can be recommended for okra-cowpea intercropping to enhance the growth and yield.


Does Gender Influence On Nationalism? Study On Pre-Service Teachers In The West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Lalu Sumardi, Farida Hanum, Rispawati, Dahlan

Gender is a topic that is always interesting and important to discuss because a lot of research that has been done reveals that gender bias has a negative impact on all aspects of life. But on the other hand, there are several studies that show gender bias does not have a negative impact, on the contrary it has a positive effect. This study aims to examine the effect of gender on nationalism on pre-service teachers in universities in the province of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. In uncovering the problem, the research approach used is a positivistic approach with survey type. The number of samples in this study was 20% (582 people) of the total population taken by stratified random sampling technique. The data analysis technique used is the ANOVA analysis technique. Based on these research methods it is known that the F count = 4.682 ˃ F table = 3.857 in the significance level (α) 5%. The results show that the average nationalism of the two populations is significantly different, which means that gender has a negative impact on nationalism where women's nationalism is lower than men.


Reduction Of Delay Rate In Open Queueing Network

K.Banu Priya, P.Rajendran

A new method namely, Reducing Delay Method (RDM) is proposed for the open queueing network (OQN) and deterministic timed petri nets (DTPN). The main aim of the RDM is to find a minimum reduced delay rate which occurs in the airports. Airspace transportation plays an important role in passenger’s travels and passengers face more delay issues in airport queues. The flight delay by because report collected through the Operations Network (OPSNET). OPSNET is used to analyze the performance of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). By using the RDM, it is found that the delay rate is very much reduced and is shown with the help of a numerical example.


A Novel Survey On Intrusion Detection System And Intrusion Prevention System

Vijay Ramalingam, Dr. R. Saminathan, Dr. K.M Baalamurugan

The capacity to distinguish interlopers in PC frameworks increments in significance as PCs are progressively incorporated into the frameworks that we depend on for the right working of society. This paper surveys the historical backdrop of research in interruption identification as performed in programming in the setting of working frameworks for a solitary PC, an appropriated framework, or a system of PCs. There are two essential methodologies: inconsistency location and abuse recognition. Both have been polished since the 1980s. Both have normally scaled to use in appropriated frameworks and systems.


Sector Wise Advances Of State Bank Of India

A.Thangam, Dr.S.Ganapathy, S.Nachammai

This research aims to sector-wise advances of State Bank of India. Sectors consist of four types are priority sectors, public sectors, banking sectors, and other sectors. The priority sectors are included Agriculture and allied activities, Industry (Micro & Small, Medium and Large), Services and Personal loans. Public sector advance consists of financial institutions. A Banks advance means public sectors and private banks are included and last advances in other advances. The researcher used only secondary data. The researcher has used analysis is the trend, forecast and two-way Anova. The data was collected from State Bank of India annual reports. The sectors wise advances of State Bank of India during the ten year period, from 2009-10 to 2018-19. The study reveals the global of banking and finance is converting very speedy and banks are leveraging expertise and era in providing newer offerings to the customers. In this look at sectors clever advances of kingdom bank of India in 4 sectors (precedence sectors, public sectors, banking sectors, and other sectors) were analyzed. The examiner reveals that the values of quarter smart advances of SBI range drastically from every enhance and there may be a growing trend except 2011-12 in the Total Advances of SBI. There is a fluctuating trend of Growth Rate in each total advances as an entire as well as in each area. advances.


Design And Simulation Of Path Planning Algorithm For Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation System Using EKFSLAM

Kanchustambham Pallav, Gadamsetty Venkata Sai Siva Prasanth, Telaprolu P B M Shanmukha Sree Charan, Deepak Kumar Nayak, Selvakumar. R

In the present generation, surroundings molding has become a primary task in the navigation of mobile robots. It is very important for an autonomous robot to automatically build an abstract over surroundings as it is not possible for human intervention all the time. A robot must work on both the localization and mapping to adapt itself to the surroundings. In this work, a surrounding molded algorithm has been developed which purely based on the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). The mapping and localization issue, called Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), is an operation of developing an abstract map on the surroundings to identify the robot coordinates. The SLAM algorithm mainly begins with a mobile robot in an undetermined position without previous knowledge of the surroundings on the map.


How Training Data Influence The Recognition Performance?

Yunfan Chen, Sai Rishi, Atharva Sharma, Hyunchul Shin

Effective fusion of multispectral images captured by visible and infrared cameras enables robust pedestrian detection under various surveillance situations (e.g., daytime and nighttime). However, the performance of detecting small-sized pedestrian instances is still not satisfactory, while small pedestrian detection is important for self-driving and drone vision. Therefore, our effort focuses on improving the detection performance of small-sized multispectral pedestrians which are relatively far from the camera. Since existing multispectral pedestrian datasets mainly consider the large size pedestrians of 50 or more pixels in height, we generate a multispectral pedestrian dataset, named HH (Hanyang and Huins), in which the pedestrian height is from 25 to 50 pixels. To balance the trade-off between the detection performance and speed, we investigate a fusion network to combine two single-shot detectors (SSDs) for the fusion of visible and infrared inputs. The proposed fusion network is trained on public KAIST and KAIST + HH datasets, respectively. From the experimental results, we can observe that the detection performance has been improved a lot by incorporating HH dataset into KAIST dataset for training. The network trained by the original KAIST dataset has only 7.40% average precision (AP). However, the results can be significantly improved to 88.32% by using KAIST + HH for training. This indicates that training images have a great impact on detection performance.


Syeikh Mahfudz Al-Tirmisi’s Thought And His Contribution Towards Hadith: Study On The Book Manhaj Zawi Al-Nazar

Adrika Fithrotul Aini

This paper discusses the thinking of scholars in the archipelago that have international gait, namely Syeikh Mahfudz al-Tirmisi. Wanderings in search of knowledge made an enormous contribution to the development of science and education in the archipelago. He produced many works and became a reference for science assemblies both in the archipelago and abroad. One of his monumental works is Manhaj Zawi al-Nazar, a book of commentary of Alfiyyah al-Suyuti. This book gives a great contribution in the scientific tradition. Thus, this paper will discuss the Mahfudz’s idea contained in the book and also its contribution in the scientific tradition in Indonesia.


Developing A Product Design Educational Program For The Post-Globalization’s Designers

Dr., Tarek Ismail Mohamed

After the widespread of the term globalization in the 21st century, companies and educational institutions have realized the strategic value of design and the urgent need to prepare a new generation of designers to meet the new requirements of post-globalization, and this paper discusses the modern impact of globalization in modifying and developing the educational programs of the product designers everywhere, to reach a multicultural educational program in different institutes of design in the world, in order to prepare a new generation of international product designers who have different nationality but can speak one design language, work together, communicate and understand each other in the different countries of the world especially when they are working in overseas companies.


The Impact Of Electronic Word Of Mouth On Intention To TravelThe Impact Of Electronic Word Of Mouth On Intention To TravelThe Impact Of Electronic Word Of Mouth On Intention To TravelThe Impact Of Electronic Word Of Mouth On Intention To Travel

Hanandeh Ahmad, Al-Ghadir Hamad, Hanandeh Raed, Al-Hawaidi Maram

: the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust. : the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust. : the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust. : the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust. : the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust. : the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust. : the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust. : the purpose of this study is to identify the impact of electronic word of mouth (E-WOM) on intention to travel in tourism field. Three main dimensions were considered to represent the e-WOM (Quality, Quantity, and Trust).The research used quantitative method and analytical descriptive approach which was executed through distributing a research questionnaire designed through google drive forms tool, dedicated for the followers and active users of social platforms (Facebook, twitter, and Instagram). 522 responses were submitted for the questionnaire, 484 questionnaires were accepted, which constitute a response rate of 93% were used in the statistical analysis, and (38) questionnaires were found to be invalid. The research used the following statistical analysis methods which included: Mean and standard deviation, Simple regression, multiple regression, Person correlation (R), (β) value, (T) value, (F) value analysis, Multicollinearity test, and Cronbach Alpha (α). The research results showed that the e-WOM (quality, quantity, and trust) has a positive impact on the intention to travel, the highest impact was for the e-WOM quantity, and the lowest impact was for the e-WOM trust.


Computation Of Available Volume (Va) And Intermolecular Free Length (Lf) In 4-Hexyloxybenzylidene)-4’alkoxy Anilines, 6o.Om Schiff’s Compounds

V.Prasanthi, Dr. Y.Rama Krishna, Dr. K. Sunil Babu, K.V.Surya Narayana Raju

In Present studies we have calculated molecular parameters such as available volume (Va) molecular radius (Mr) intermolecular free length (Lf) and Beyer's acoustic nonlinearity parameter (B/A) of homologoues series of 4-(hexyloxybenzylidene)-4'alkoxy anilines, 6O.Om with m = 4 to 10 liquid crystalline (LC) compounds by employing thermal expansion coefficient obtained from variation of density with temperature in liquid crystal and isotropic phases. The intermolecular free - length of liquid crystalline compuned is computed in six different ways and the data obtained is compared with the available literature.


Investigating Concept Progression Of Prospective Primary School Teachers In Indonesia

Neni Hermita, Otang Kurniaman, Eddy Noviana, Adam Malik, Chaerul Rochman and Andi Suhandi

The aim of this study is to investigate the learning progression that occurs in pre-service primary students during Visual Multimedia Supported Conceptual Change Text (VMMSCCText) activity about battery function in the electrical circuit. VMMSCCText is a conceptual change text supported by visual multimedia developed for the purpose of remediation of misconceptions through text mode. The method used in this research is mixed method (quantitative descriptive and qualitative). The study was conducted on 118 subjects of pre-service primary students in Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar program at FKIP Universitas Riau Indonesia. Learning progression describes a change of conception from the initial state to the state of the process and then to the final state of the VMMSCCText activity. Analysis of student worksheets and conception tests has been used to diagnose the state of conception in each of these circumstances. Learning progression consists of four types, namely 1) Type I, consistent with scientific conception; 2) Type II, progressing well; 3) Type III, not progression; and 4) Type IV, degradation. The results showed that during VMMSCCText activities most of the subjects were in well-progressed types (81.25 %) and almost half of the subjects were still in non-progressed types (12.25 %). No subject is in the consistent with scientific conception type and type of degradation. The results of this study indicate that developed VMMSCCText is good enough in facilitating the learning progression of students in order to change the conception of the condition of misconception and lack of knowledge to the condition of scientific conception


Influence Of Online Food Delivery Apps On The Operations Of The Restaurant Business

Shantashree Das, Debomalya Ghose

Technological evolution has completely changed the entire scenario of the restaurant industry. It has uplifted the usage of online food delivery services and enabled us to order food at the comfort of our home, compare prices and conveniently access these services. These online food delivery services are boosting the option of choosing meals from a wide variety of restaurants with a single tap of our smartphones. From this research paper, we would be able to understand the benefits of integrating online food delivery apps within the restaurant business and the influence of online food delivery apps on the inventory management of the restaurants. The study also lists out various issues faced by the restaurants which the restaurateurs should keep in mind to provide better services to the customers and earn better profit margins


A Survey On Deep Learning Approaches For Vehicle And Number Plate Detection

Avinash Bhujbal, Deepak Mane

In the modern world, the data is captured on multiscale and multiplatform where the data captured provides a way to understand and analyze different domains. In all the analysis of real-time data which is time crucial helps evaluate and respond quickly one such application is in terms of transportation field whereas the vehicles on road are increasing day by day this is the need to map, understand and analyze the data generated from them this analysis could be in the form of security, finding of stolen vehicles, toll booth, etc. Vehicle detection and recognition system can provide a general approach for providing traffic analysis which could be a type of clutter of vehicles, an area where the traffic is more or more issues. As the data generated and analyzed is in real-time and due to the tremendous increase in the capability of computation power, we use a machine learning approach for processing this data. Due to the use of high-Powered graphical processing units, parallel computing and ease of resources and availability of systems the approach are feasible. This paper provides an overview of multiple pattern classification and detection methods in the literature. The overview of the paper is accompanied along with the comparisons of algorithms along with various datasets. Here the goal is to provide an idea for several methods with different data and to find the various approaches of the methods also to give a perspective of different approaches used for the detection of vehicles using different scenarios.


Augmenting The Outcomes Of Health-Care Services With Big Data Analytics: A Hadoop Based Approach

N Pranav, Devavarapu Sreenivasarao, Shaik Khasim Saheb

In today’s data-driven world, one of the many emergent topics of great significance turns out to be Big Data Analytics, because in the recent years, it has led to a paradigm shift in various sectors, in terms of the strategies they implement to improve their operational effectiveness. However, Big Data Analytics poses great challenges too, because the analytics of huge mounds of structured and unstructured data is a highly arduous task, and hence, to make this task simpler and flexible, a nimble framework has to be equipped. Hadoop is one of many such frameworks, which has proven to be coherent, simple and highly efficient towards processing Big Data. One of the many sectors turning towards Hadoop based analytics is the medical industry, because of its ergonomic design and the accurate predictions made, which have succeeded in counteracting the results of laborious and fallible age-old diagnostic practices still being employed in most healthcare centres. Hence, this paper gives a brief overview of the applications of Hadoop in the healthcare industry, and its contribution towards strengthening the practices adopted in medical diagnostics.


An Effective Feature Selection With Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) Model For Stock Market Prediction

S. Punitha, dr. M. Jeyakarthic

At present days, the prediction of stock prices is very complicated as it depends on various factors. Several researches have been done to foresee the stock prices which will be helpful for users to identify the direction of stock price movement. Recently, machine learning and bio-inspired algorithms are employed for precise Stock market prediction (SMP). Though classification methods perform wells on SMP, the presence of numerous factors in the stock process decreases the efficiency of the applied classification algorithm. So, feature selection methods are applied to reduce the computation complexity and enhance the classification accuracy of SMP. This paper projects a novel new feature selection based classification model for forecasting the stock prices in an effective way. The proposed algorithm employs particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to select the features properly which will enhance the classifier performance. In addition, we employ a novel architecture of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) based classifier for forecasting the closing price of stocks. The presented model is validated using Borsa Istanbul Index (BIST) dataset. The simulation outcome showed that the projected model is the compared methods under several aspects.


Automatic Spoken Digit Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network

P. Sarma, S. Sarmah, M.P. Bhuyan, K. Hore, P.P. Das

Speech Processing is a vast domain for research work where Speech Recognition is a small part of it. This research work is an attempt to recognize ten spoken English digits starting from zero to nine by using Artificial Neural Network. The system will be able to recognize digits spoken in English. Although the spoken language is English, the utterance may vary from speaker to speaker. We have built the system by training the voice samples of the people of the Northeastern region of India. After recognizing the utterance it will display the recognized digit as output. We have programmed and simulated the design in MATLAB. The design of our research is based on using the Linear Prediction Coefficient (LPC) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for signal analysis. We were able to get an overall accuracy of 82%.


Geochemical Modelling Of Kushawathi Watershed Area Chikkaballapur District, Karnataka.

Dr. T.M Mohan Kumar, Nanjundi Prabhu

Water is a fundamental component of life. Groundwater is commonly used for residential, agricultural and irrigation activities. One of the major problems associated with the drinking water in the granitic terrain of Karnataka state, is enrichment of fluoride in groundwater. The study area, Kushavathi watershed is an over exploited area. In the Kushavathi basin, hydrogeochemical studies are performed throughout order to assess the value of groundwater for its suitability for domestic purposes. SWAT measures dissolved oxygen and carbonaceous biochemical demand for oxygen entering the main channel with surface runoff in this analysis. Nitrogen and phosphorus conversion and movement within a hydrological response system are modeled in SWAT based on cycles. The well-known schist belt of Kolar and Chikkaballapur containing rich gold deposits also contains in pegmatites fluorite and flour-apatite. Natural groundwater contamination with fluoride causes plant and human health irreparable damage


Technology Trend Towards Development Of Future Generation Of Computer

Dr Premansu Sekhara Rath, Dr Nilamber Sethi,

Everyone needs high speed computing system. The use of computation is covering almost in every field of science. Hence it is important to maximize the computational performance of the system. But it is very difficult, impractical and costly to do a physical experiment for developing a computational system. On this context, we have to ensure both hardware and software development to maximize the output. So a scientific theoretical experiments are done to improve both hardware and software components by using different model or tool or simulator. In this paper, some of the challenges and technologies are described to develop a high speed super computer for future generation.


Strength Rate Analysis Of Hot Asphalt Mixes Of Bituminous Class -II By Part Of Substituent By Conventional Concrete With Copper Slag

M. Madhusudhan Reddy, Bodanapu Sony, U. Praveen Goud, K.Raja Sekhara Reddy, S.S.Asadi

Aggregates are significant constituent of any infrastructure building including roads. Use of natural aggregates like sand, broken up stone and rocks are increasingly restricted by the zoning regulations, urbanization, environmental concerns and increased costs. Though the utilization of slag has begun in India, technologies and studies should be advanced to make full utilization of slag. But use of slag aggregates in road construction is least practiced in India. Limited utilization of slag is made in preparation of hot asphalt mixes. Hence there is a need to study the properties of hot asphalt mixes prepared using slag aggregates. In the present investigation an attempt made to examine the properties of hot asphalt mixes prepared by adding copper slag as major admixture by conducting laboratory studies on strength and performance of the mix. Copper slag used as partial replacement of conventional coarse and fine aggregates respectively. Bituminous concrete grade-II as per Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORT&H) specification is selected for the present study. The conventional aggregates were replaced with copper slag in the hot asphalt mixes of bituminous concrete grade-II. Marshall Stability Test (MST) and Indirect Tensile Strength (ITS) were conducted on bituminous concrete grade-II asphalt. From the MST it is noticed that the highest stability for mix containing copper slag and the increase in Marshall Stability is about 7% respectively compared to conventional mix. The tensile strength ratio of mixes containing copper slag for varying temperature of 25oC, 35oC, 45oC, 55oC and 65˚Cwas found to be 1.94, 2.01, 2.16, 2.76, and 4 times higher respectively as compared to conventional mixes.


Science Process Skills: Basic And Integrated In Equilibrium Practicum

Haryanto, Maison, Ai Suryani, Artha Lumbantoruan, Utari Prisma Dewi, Sofia Christine Samosir, Nirmala Sari, Dodi Setiawan Putra, Orin Hidayusa Wiza

Science process skills (SPS) are a summary of all skills that consist of basic SPS and integrated SPS. Good SPS is demonstrated through the attitude of students in conducting experiments in the laboratory. This study was to determine the differences in science process skills in Physics Education students with Chemistry education students at Universitas Jambi both using conventional practicum guidebook, as well as students using SPS-based guidebooks. The skills reviewed in this study consisted of basic SPS and integrated SPS. The basic skills indicator consists of 1) classification, 2) making conclusions, and 3) measuring, while the integrated skills indicator consists of 1) processing and processing data, 2) explaining the relationships between variables, 3) making graphs, 4) making hypotheses, and 5) identifying variables. This research is a quantitative study with quasy experimental type using a static group comparison design. The research sample was all students of Physics Education and Chemistry Education students with a total sample of 201 students, consisting of 108 Physics Education students, and 93 Chemistry Education students. The assessment instrument used was the SPS’ observation sheet with the skill score used in the form of a Likert scale. The results of this study indicate that the use of SPS-based practicum guidebooks can develop students' skills in science processing as indicated by the significant difference in SPS mastery scores of students in the experimental class and students in the control class in each study program


A Study Of Gender Parity With Respect To Education Of Scheduled Tribes In India

M. O. Wankhade

This paper relates to the study of gender parity on the higher education of scheduled tribes in India. The time series data for the period 2005-06 to 2016-17 is taken for the study. Pearl Reed S-shape logistic curve and quadratic models are fitted for data under study and trends are estimated. The forecasts are generated for next 20 years under both the models. The estimated trend values as well as the forecasts so generated are tested for significance of difference between the models used. It was observed that there was no significant difference between the models for trend values but they are significantly different for forecasts. We reveal that Pearl Reed S-shape logistic curve is the curve of best fit for the problem under study.


Neologisms In Online Dictionaries As A Reflection Of Social Changes And Formation Of The Social Structure Of Society

Aimankul Aldash, Kamar Sagingalievna Aldasheva, Manshuk Kudaibergenovna Mambetova, Aigul Sergeevna Yeleuova, Gulim Bakberovna Kozhakhmetova, Indira Sagyndykovna Sultaniyazova, Aibolat Sarsenbaevich Nabidullin

Changes in language intertwine with changes in society: social, cultural, and historical shifts reflect on the vocabulary of the language. Extralinguistic changes transform into linguistic ones. New phenomena, concepts and objects demand the creation of new words - neologisms. Social changes result in many neologisms enriching the Kazakh language. To examine the current trends in neologisms, we analyzed the materials of the online dictionary at www.sozdik.kz and concluded that it is a useful source for neologisms in the Kazakh language. It is one of the first online dictionaries in Kazakh culture. The static analysis and classification of the data suggest that online dictionaries of neologisms remain flexible avoiding tendency to codifications.


Microstrip Wideband Bandpass Filters Using Step Impedance Resonator Techniques

Hussain Bohra

In this paper, microstrip wideband pass filter in various topologies viz. open stubs, short stubs and via holes are presented. The microstrip bandpass filter is designed with 6.85 GHz resonant frequency and return loss (>70 dB) at resonant frequency is proposed. The designed wideband bandpass filter has insertion loss of (< 1 dB) in its passband. The filter is implemented employing SIR techniques. The SIR based bandpass filter is implemented on Roger RO3010 substrate with fractional bandwidth recorded to be 109.5%. The Agilent ADS software is used to carry out the design and simulation of S-parameters for proposed design. The proposed wideband filter can be employed in various wireless systems due to its ease of design and compactness


Categorizing Research Papers By Topics Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model

Mahesh Korlapati, Tejaswi Ravipati, Abhilash Kumar Jha, Kolla Bhanu Prakash

Topic models are extensively used to classify documents into topics. There are many topic models in the field of text analysis which classify the documents efficiently. In this paper, we propose a method to categorize research papers to topics using LDA or Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model for text categorization. The research papers are selected randomly and based on variational parameters; every document is classified into a topic. It is proved that the LDA model among the topic models is efficient, reliable and simple for classifying textual data. By our observations, we infer that the LDA model is better than the conventional Naive Bayes and Support Vector Machines in the field of text classification. We use the Cora dataset to observe the distribution of ten topics over nine randomly selected scientific documents.


The Analysis Of Economic Structure Based On Shift Share Approach In East Java Province (Study In Minapolitan Area)

Endah Kurnia Lestari, Siti Komariyah, Siti Nurafiah

Minapolitan area is a part of the region that functioning as a center for production, processing, marketing of fishery commodities, services, and / or other supporting activities. Based on its progress, not all the districts included in the Minapolitan Area have a better growth rate than other district. The purpose of this study is to determine the potential competitiveness of the fisheries sub-sector in the future in each district / city that is included in the Minapolitan Area. The analytical tool used is Classic Shift Share and Esteban Marquillas. The analysis shows that the performance of the district / city fisheries sub-sector in the Minapolitan Region experienced positive growth. The district that has the highest average level of specialization is Lamongan Regency (Specialization 3,444,251). While the highest competitive advantage is Tuban District (Competitive Advantage 3.006382).


Causes Of Career Indecisiveness Among Adolescents In Institutional Care

Dr. Supreet Kaur, Dr. Gauri Nagpal

Career related decisions often begin at the high school level and many adolescents face problems in this process, which are referred to as career indecision. Career indecision can be divided into two types, development indecision and career indecisiveness. It is crucial to bring out the difference between indecision that is a typical stage in life while choosing a career and indecisiveness which is an attribute exhibited in the person’s failure in making decisions in diverse life situation because dealing with indecision of different types will require different measures. Many studies, both from India and abroad, have demonstrated that adolescents in institutional care face many emotional and personality related issues which may predispose them towards career indecisiveness. Therefore, it is especially important to distinguish between these two types of career indecision in case of these adolescents. Further, as career indecisiveness is more chronic in nature, a prolonged focused strategy is required to alleviate it. With a view to help adolescents in institutional care deal with career indecisiveness, this paper discusses the results of a study conducted to find out the causes of career indecisiveness in adolescents in institutional care.


Ravshan Saydakhmedov, Kudratkhon Bakhadirov

Kudratkhon Bakhadirov

The crystallographic texture of the AA1050 aluminum alloy was studied under symmetric and asymmetric rolling in various technological modes of rolling equipment. The rotational speeds of the rolls and the number of passes varied. Rolling aluminum sheet alloy was carried out on an experimental - laboratory installation. The crystallographic texture before and after rolling was investigated using X-ray diffraction. X-ray analysis data was processed using MTEX MATLAB toolbox 75. The pole figures and the texture of the samples of aluminum alloy on the Euler space are given. It was shown that pole figures obtained on the basis of X-ray analysis of samples, rolled by the traditional way, had orthorhombic symmetry, and the sample texture had typical components of traditional rolling, like Cu (copper), Su (with lower intensity) B (Brass).



Syed Inthiyaz, Sanath Kumar Tulasi, R.S.L.Jayanthi, Ch.sahitya, Ch.jyothi

This paper shows a Schmitt-trigger based twofold finished 21T based SRAM cell it generally consumes low power. As we have known the notation transistors expanding the power utilization likewise increments by thinking about different stock voltages. In this paper, we propose the radiation-set Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) bit cell centered at a low-voltage value while keeping up high fragile mix-up quality. The proposed SRAM uses a novel twofold decided separated information segment with various stock voltages to suffer upsets with charge stores at a scaled 500-mV supply voltage. In this paper, a novel balanced Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) cell-based CMOS Schmitt trigger inverter planned for memory structures that keep up the high sensitive screw up life is proposed. The Stability of CMOS Schmitt trigger inverter is more contrasted with fundamental CMOS inverter. Results have been checked by 32nm CMOS innovation.


Productivity Improvement Through Flexibility Creation In Disk Pad Module

Nithyanandhan Kamaraj, S.Ranjithkumar, N.Dhavaneeswaran

The proposed are various methods and alterations in the Disk Pad Module (DPM) to improve the module productivity. The disk pad module has several processes which are performing, curing, baking, painting grooving, grinding, inspection printing and packing and has their corresponding men and machines working. But the customer demand for recently increased number of models could not be met with the current equipment and features as they need additional time and labor to change the machines to suit them. The area of study is selected and is evaluated based on the work study technique which brings out the processes to be improved. Various suggestions are made based on the results of the study to improve productivity.


Learning In Nature Science: Social Implications, Normality Of Scientist, Attitudes Towards Investigation Of Natural Science, And Interest Adds To Science Learning Time

Maison, Margaret Dwi Wiwik Ernawati, Retni Sulistioning Budiarti, Wawan Kurniawan, Yulia Ningsih, Tari Okta Puspitasari, Nurdatul Jannah, Dodi Setiawan Putra

The purpose of this study was to look at the attitudes of students at Junior High School 5 Muaro Jambi and Junior High School 6 Muaro Jambi in science subjects. The number of samples used was 921 students in Junior High School 5 Muaro Jambi and Junior High School Junior High School 6 Muaro Jambi who used total sampling techniques. The method used was quantitative and qualitative, or what is often referred to as the Mixed-Method approach, precisely explanatory mixed-method design. The instrument used was a questionnaire followed by an interview. Analysis of the data used is descriptive statistics that will display the mean, median and mode. Based on the results of research that has been done, it was found that students' attitudes on social implications, scientist normality, attitudes toward science inquiry, and interest in increasing science learning time were positive results. Where the attitude of students in junior high school Muaro Jambi 5 and Junior High School 6 Muaro Jambi in the good category.


Problems And Practices Of Micro-Scale Dairy Entrepreneurs In Salem District, Tamilnadu

Dr.M.Selvakumar, Dr. G. Yoganandan

In India, dairy business is plays a significant role in the form of employment, income generation, economical contribution and export opportunities. The rural people strongly believe in employment and income from dairy business. All over the world Indian dairy sector in front of dairy production but entire production to meet local demands. In this connection dairy business have more opportunities to start an entrepreneurial activity, it helps to improve the employment and constant income earning in dairying. This paper concentrates on problems and practices of micro level entrepreneurship in Salem district of Tamilnadu. The data collected from 119 respondents and interpret thorough descriptive analysis, garret ranking and factor analysis. The outcome of results shows about due to investment problems, minimum amount of income from dairy business, treated as female business and dairying any members from family for that reason serious issue for the dairy business. The dairy entrepreneur ready to invest in secured amount of investment with support from bank loans, supportive income of family from dairy business, employment and known business for encouraging dairy activity.


Efficient Implementation Of Remote Terminal Module For MIL-STD 1553B Applications

Santhosh Reddy S, Dr. Shivaputra

In the present fast growing digital real world applications, the demand for highly efficient communication is increased day by day since decades. When it comes to military applications, the requirements will never be vanished. So to meet this increasing demands the main objectives need to be fulfilled like high reliability, speed, low power and less area utilization. MIL-STD 1553B protocol is the standard that met all these requirements. It is Dual Redundant TDM Serial Bus Protocol invented by Department of Defence of US. After evolving in the areas of military applications it also occupied commercial applications like boeing, Airbus etc. This paper focuses on efficiently designing and implementing Remote Terminal module using Verilog HDL and developed as chip using Cadence NCSIM ,Cadence Genus and Cadence Innovus tools for inclusion in mil-std 1553b based applications.


Skilling Odisha


Odisha is a land of rich and diverse cultural identity and artistic achievements. The social culture, social customs and cultural heritage are the flavour of Odisha which makes proud to the people. Odisha as a distinct tradition of dance, music, painting, sculpture, architecture also Odisha is famous for her handicrafts which exhibit the skill and creativity of her artisans. Odisha’s brass work, silver work, terracotta art objects, appliqué work, hand woven silken cotton sarees of Sambalpur, Cuttack and Berhampur are the unique examples of artistic excellence. Besides golden grass, cane works, horn works, patta chittra, sand art, stone and wood carving have been recognised by several national and international bodies. In Dance Chhau, Piaka Nrutya, Odishi Dance, Jatra, Palla, Daskathiya, Chaiti Ghoda Dance, Ghumura, Gotipua, Sambalpuri, Danda Nrutya and other folk dances are the rich culture of Odisha. Odisha is famous for its Ratha Yatra, Bali Yatra, Dhanu Yatra, Sital Shasthi and so many others like Snana Yatra, Chandana Yatra, Dola Purnima, Makara Mela, Magha Saptami, Khandagiri Mela, Doranda Mela, Raja, Jhulana Yatra, Nuakhai, Dhamu Yatra, Harishankar and Nrushingha Nath Mela etc. In the geographical features Odisha is rich with a coast line stressed over 480 kms. The mountainous regions cover three fourth of the area of the state. This area is fertile, well drained and thickly populated. Rivers like Brahmani, The Mahanadi and the Banshudhara are the non perennial in character. These three rivers are the potential river for Odisha. Besides there are a number of rivers like Kathajodi, Samolia, Gobari, Prachi, Kadua, Dhanua, Ratanchira, Salandi, Budha Balanga, Salia, Tel, etc. Harnessed for higher agricultural production in Odisha. There are rich stock of forest resources and mountain in Odisha even then, Odisha is displaying all typical symptoms of a failed state. In this in-depth article the author dive deeply into what it means skilling of Odisha and its drawbacks and promotion.


The Use Of Environmental And Social Performance Information As Risk Assessment In Recommending Credits

Ega Aditya Widyaka, Susi Sarumpaet, Fajar Gustiawaty Dewi

The purpose of this study is to examine whether there is a difference between the use of environmental and social performance information on loan recommendations by loan officers. This study used an experimental method using a total of 96 students as research subjects. Data testing was performed using the Anova test to compare between environmental and social risks assessed by experimental subjects. The results of this study indicate there is an influence between the use of environmental performance information on credit recommendation decisions.


Does Dilemma Or Trilemma Hypothesis Exist? Evidence From Asean-5

Ida Ayu Oka Martini, Desak Made Febri Purnama Sari, I Made Suidarma

This research aims at identifying the existence of trilemma or dilemma concept in ASEAN-5 countries. The data were taken from secondary data of the period of 2000-2016 in ASEAN-5 countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) was applied in the analysis. Trilemma hypotheses were evidenced in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore meanwhile dilemma circumstance occurred in the Philippines and Thailand either during the short or long term. The findings indicate different results on the regimes adopted by the countries.


Document Plagiarism Detection On The Internet With Accounting Synonym Forms Of Words

Jasurbek Atadjanov

: This article provides an algorithm for checking the Internet for similarity with the full text of the various types of content. There are also some ways to convert full-text text in different formats. The information search process is based on Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Yandex.XML. Based on this algorithm, it is possible to develop a system that checks the synonyms of words on the Internet.


Theoritical Modelling Of DSTATCOM For Minimizing Harmonic Distortion

D.Sai Sathvik, Harshith Ch, Anuddep Vurity, S.Jagadish Kumar

With the possible future of a localized grid connected photovoltaic power system, the emphasis on the power quality at the distribution level has become much more of a priority. However, one of the major problems with self-generated power supply is the lack of power quality consistency due to the generation of harmonics via local non-linear loads. In an effort to overcome the aforementioned limitation, a custom grid-connected DSTASTCOM is proposed, which can theoretically reduce the generating harmonics to improve the overall power quality. The control strategy is based on the D-Q frame control theory and is theorized to provide a cost-effective alternative to the more conventional and expensive equipment.


Environmental-Induced Displacement: Impact On Rural Women Of Dibrugarh District Of Assam

Environmental-Induced Displacement: Impact On Rural Women Of Dibrugarh District Of Assam Rashmi Baruah

Displacement is a worldwide phenomenon. It is multidimensional in nature which affecting the lives of people including economic, social and cultural spheres. The displacement affects men and women adversely, but women are affected more than men. Knowing the causes of displacement is the most significant aspect to understand the plight of women and womanhood. The causes are mainly responsible for the activities of women after displacement to survive themselves in a new situation. Displacement is one of the social phenomena which impacts the life chances and lifestyle of human beings. The consequences of displacement also raise the gender issues. Therefore, this paper is an attempt to explore the causes and consequences of displacement of women in Dibrugarh district of Assam.


Influence Of Administrative Management In Business Formalization

íctor Dávila Arenaza, Edwin Arce Álvarez, Teodoro Carranza Estela, César Eduardo Jiménez Calderón

The general objective of the investigation has been to determine the influence of administrative management in the decision to formalize business in northern Lima; quantitative approach, non-experimental transectional design, hypothetical-deductive method, applied type, causal level; the sample consisted of informal businesses 380 of the Los Olivos district; 367 of the district of Puente de Piedra; 360 of the district of Comas; 325 of the Carabayllo district. The data were collected using the survey technique using a validated and reliable questionnaire as an instrument. According to the results, administrative management influences the formalization of business; The main causes of informality have also been determined; factors that did not allow the decision to formalize the business; the key factors considered by informal traders to achieve their formalization goals and objectives and the key actions that support informal businesses for the decision to formalize in the North Lima market.


Police Preventative Against Cyber-Bullying Crimes In Indonesia

Abdul Sakban, Sahrul, Andi Kasmawati, Heri Tahir

The impact of bullying action reflects the demeaning behavior of others through various sentences, drawings, and symbols of bullying. The research aims to explain the preventive efforts of cyber-bullying crimes in Indonesia. The method used is qualitative with a descriptive approach to analysis and libraries. Data collection using observation, interview, library, document analysis, participant, and data analysis using descriptive analysis. The results showed that the police should take preventive measures against cyber-bullying so that cyber-bullying crimes could have been prevented early. Preventive police carried out in the form of counseling activities in school institutions, education and institutions, and public places, further socializing the form of print media and online media and campaigning more intensive in schools, campuses, government agencies, and private companies.


A Study On The Awareness Of Indian Government Schemes Among The Women Entrepreneurs Of Coimbatore District

Sathiyabama P Velmurugan R

Indian Government is offering numerous incentives and has introduced various schemes to promote women entrepreneurship. A recent scheme named ‘Stand up India’ announced by the government, which aims at financial benefits for women, permits women entrepreneurs (WEs) to avail themselves of bank loans from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore in the manufacturing and trading sectors. The Government has also launched a ‘Mudra Yojana Scheme for Women’, which extends loans ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 10 lakhs for aspiring Wes, who wish to establish small business enterprises. Additionally, there are various banks that offer different schemes to WEs based on their loan requirement and enterprise size. In India, numerous institutions are established for the promotion of women entrepreneurship, namely, Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FASME), Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), District Financial Institutions (DFI) in general, World Assembly of Small and Medium Entrepreneur (WASME), National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD), National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Small Industries Development of Bank of India (SIDBI), etc. Hence, this paper is focused on identifying Wes’ awareness of Government-promoted WE schemes in Coimbatore district and offering suitable suggestions to raise their awareness. The primary data have been collected from 150 WEs by adopting convenience sampling method. The tools used for the analysis are simple percentage method and Weighted Average Rank. The findings of the study disclose that most of the WEs are aware of Muthra Yojana scheme, “Industrial Finance Corporation of India Scheme of Interest Subsidy for Women Entrepreneurs”, “Annapurna Scheme” etc.


Waste Management Analysis From Economic-Environment Sustainability Perspective

Sahar, Israr Ahmad

Waste management is beneficial from an environmental, social and economic perspective. This study aims to investigate the general public and informal garbage collector’s perception from social, environmental, and economic aspects. A total of 300 respondents were interviewed (125 households and 125 informal garbage collectors) from seven districts of Faisalabad. The results reported that the majority of the residents blamed themselves for poor management of solid waste which leads to different environmental issues. Lack of awareness among the general public about waste management practices is one of the key factors for environmental issues. Further, solid waste collection by informal garbage collectors would not only improve the social and environmental sustainability but would also serve as a source of income (economic value). Ordinary least square (OLS) method was also used to check the impact of different factors affecting the income level of garbage collectors. Working hours was the only variable which has a significant impact on income. The policy makers should increase the awareness among masses regarding the improvements of the environment by better management. There should also be an awareness program for garbage collectors regarding health hazards by involving NGOs and other volunteers.


Proposed Model For Solid Waste Management In Sri Lanka

Udara S. P. R. Arachchige, Heshanka S, Peiris H. I. S, Udakumbura M. G. P. M, Nishantha P. G. U

The conservation of natural resources as well as for protecting the environment with maintaining quality living standards can be achieved by the proper waste management system. Sustainable development, waste elimination, minimization, recycling, reusing and replacing are playing a major role to handle waste management. Waste to energy and landfilling are the most promising technologies today. However, waste segregation is necessary to achieve the targets by filling the vacuum between households and local government authorities. The waste to energy is not much popular in Sri Lanka due to the high moisture content of the municipal solid waste. However, the pre-drying mechanism with solar heating can be applied together with bulking agents to minimize the moisture content of the waste. The rotational solar drum has been identified as the best option with minimum operating cost to implement the waste to energy process.


The Effect Of STEM Integration On Primary School Students’ Scientific Literacy

Fransiska Astri Kusumastuti, Olifia Rombot, Freddy Widya Ariesta

This study aims to determine the effect of integrating STEM education on elementary school science learning activities to student's scientific literacy. The study was conducted for 3 weeks at an elementary school in West Jakarta. 40 students that involved in the study were divided into 2 classes. Each class consists of 20 children, and each of them labeled as control class and experiment class. The instrument was a 10 item test that developed from scientific literacy indicators PISA 2015. Data processing was carried out in two ways, first statistically test used to see the significance of difference in scientific literacy achievement from both class control and experiment. Wilcoxon test on both class normalized gain showed significance of 0.004 which is smaller than the normal level α = 0.005 which means that the hypothesis was accepted, where the integration on STEM education could significantly improve students' scientific literacy. In addition, a qualitative analysis also conducted to get deeper understanding of students' improvement. The result shows that students who studied with the integration of STEM education have improved the quality of answering questions and provide a better explanation than the students who study with common project-based study.


Small And Medium-Scale Software Contracts: From Initiation To Commissioning

Wilson Nwankwo, Kingsley E. Ukhurebor

Software development is a core component in the academic training curriculum in various computing disciplines in universities, colleges, polytechnics, and vocational institutes respectively. In many of the said academic curricula there is often a superficial treatment of vital project management elements such as scheduling, costing, risk and quality management, and basic legal concepts of contracts. Every software developer/engineer is expected to have basic knowledge of the said elements which go a long way to boosting his/her professionalism during contract negotiations and execution of software-based contracts. The absence of the use of real-life cases during academic training undermines the extent of project management knowledge transferred to the trainee software engineer/developer. This paper is presented using a real-life software development contract involving a private secondary healthcare provider in Lagos Nigeria. This paper provides a concise but informative case study report emphasizing on basic project management methodology. This paper reflects on how project costing and analysis of return on investment is key to determining the reality of small/medium-sized software contracts.


Development Of Extruded Snacks Using Pumpkin Flour

Udara. S. P. R. Arachchige, Dinali W.A.M, Lankanayake H.B.A.A.K, Madhubhashini M.N, Marasinghe M.A.W.N

The post-harvest sector involves the processes from harvest to consumption. Losses of fruits and vegetables are a major problem in the post-harvest chain. Post-harvest loss is the degradation of both the quality and quantity of agricultural produce. Sri Lanka is an ideal county for agriculture because it is a tropical country. Climate is well suited for agriculture. Because of that, the yield of the agricultural commodity is getting high. But levels of post-harvest losses continue to persist in fresh produce value chains in Sri Lanka because of a large variety of factors varying from growing condition to handling at keep level. Fruits and vegetables are the most perishable produce. When considering Sri Lanka, pumpkin holds a priority in post-harvest losses. Not only are losses a waste of food but they also show a similar waste of human effort, agriculture inputs livelihoods, investment and scarce sources such as water. This is one of the major issues in Sri Lanka that we identified. The objectives of this article were both the utilization of pumpkin which produces in excess amount, for product development and partially replacing wheat flour with pumpkin flour. The manufacturing of extruded snacks with pumpkin flour is the healthy food alternative regarding the utilization of pumpkin to reduce the post-harvest loss.


Bayesian Control Charts Using Gamma Prior

Amin Shaka Aunali; Venkatesan D. and Michele Gallo

The SPC (statistical process control) method is the most common method for the most efficient evaluation of the production process based on the sampling inspection and the chart performance. This problem is currently being studied in the economic planning of control charts and more recently in adaptive control charts. The traditional approach to the control charts' design uses the traditional structure of the control charts to determine the values of the parameters of the chart, that is, the sample size, sampling intervals, and control limits for meeting economic or statistical needs. Under the Bayesian approach, one can focus on defining the best control policy based on the posterior, thereby reducing the total expected costs in the finite time horizon or the average expected long-term costs. In this paper, the Bayesian control chart is developed using Bayesian approach by employing Gamma prior distribution, which is considered as generalization of exponential prior distribution.


Management Settings Of Pahawang Island Tourism In Protection And Preservation Of The Object Of The Tourism

Zainab Ompu Jainah, Lintje Anna Marpaung, Risti Dwi Ramasari, Intan Nurina Seftiniara

Pahawang Island is an island that has the potential of tourism which is quite attractive to the people in the area even outside Lampung Province. Pahawang Island is famous for its underwater beauty and fish that often get the nickname Nemo Fish. Besides that, the natural scenery around the island adds to the exoticism of Pahawang Island. Even so, the management of the tourist area of Pahawang Island is not optimal. The problems in this study are a) What is the arrangement of management of the tourist area of Pahawang Island in the protection and preservation of tourism objects? and b) What are the inhibiting factors for Pahawang Island tourism development? The research method in this paper uses a normative and empirical juridical approach. Pahawang Island's potential can be optimally realized if there is cooperation from various parties by equating the vision and mission between the government and the community. In this way, people's understanding of the importance of integration orientation for the sake of people's welfare will be formed. In addition, the inhibiting factors for the development of tourism objects in Pahawang Island are the lack of attention of the government of Pesawaran Regency, lack of budget funds for the management of Pahawang Island tourist areas, lack of promotion of Pahawang Island tourist area and the absence of village regulations regarding the management of the Pahawang Island tourism.


Empirical Validation Of MSR-SM Framework

Ausaf Ahmad, Tamanna Siddiqui

The readability of a program is concerned with its maintainability. The maintenance of software generally stands for evolving software, and even customizing existing code is a significant practice of modern software engineering. Readability also correlated with software quality, code change, and defect reporting. Code readability is a very decisive factor in software development. Code readability mainly provides a mechanism to ease of maintainability and code reusability. In order to measure the readability of code, we proposed readability metrics. In this paper, we validate our proposed MSR-SM Framework for the above purpose. An empirical study is conducted to achieve the aims of the study. We have written a code to extract the code information stored in historical repositories to collect the data for validation practice. We have extracted the data from a series of versions of the program to examine the variation in the ratio of source codes and comments between them. Contribution- This study comprises of a significant amount of empirical details related to association between code attributes and readability. We recognize that these details probably would have implications for the style of coding and its evaluation as well as for the design of programming


The Technology Of Enriching The Teacher

Dr P.Sreenivasulu Reddy, Dr Ramanadham Ramesh Babu, Kandula Rekha

As it is often said that the destiny of a nation is designed and shaped inside the sacred four walls of classrooms, it is the bounden duty and the humble responsibility of a teacher to rise to the heights of the expectations of the nation. Undoubtedly, the development of a state is dependent on its education policy. As an example of this, we have seen nations flourishing on all fronts based on the sound education system. The advancement of America in all aspects is only due to its academics- America has invited the best brains i.e., scholars, scientists, technocrats - from all parts of the world and could establish the paramount universities and attract millions of foreign students. It’s only a very few countries that could become the centres of learning. The obvious reason is- the education policies of those nations. In this paper, we have discussed certain best teaching practices that need to be adopted and practised by a teacherIndex Terms— Minimum 7 keywords are mandatory, Keywords should closely reflect the topic and should optimally characterize the paper. Use about four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.


Synthesis, Structural And Magnetic Properties Of SrFe12O19 Hexaferrites

S. J. Margarette, a. Venkateswara rao, raghavendra vemuri, *n. Murali, y. Ramakrishna, v. Veeraiah, m. Indira devi

In this study, SrFe12O19 hexaferrites is synthesized by citrate sol-gel auto-combustion route. The standard analytical techniques such as X-ray Diffraction analysis (XRD), Field Effect Scanning Electron Microscopy (FE-SEM), Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS), Fourier Transformer Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy and magnetic studies (VSM) are applied to study the characteristics of the sample prepared. The X-ray diffraction patterns are used to analyse the structural properties of the sample. The information about the particle formation and size are obtained using scanning electron microscope (SEM). An energy-dispersive x-ray analysis tool (EDX) provides the elemental composition of the nano-particle. The Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectra revealed about the functional group bonds between metal and oxygen (M–O). The vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) technique, which is recorded at room temperature, revealed the magnetic properties of the sample with the hysteresis loops showing its magnetic behaviour.


Food Additive Learning Based On Home Materials For The Establisment Of Student Character

Nanang Rahman, Agus Abhi Purwoko, Muntari, Haifaturrahmah

The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of food additive learning of home materials based on the formation of student characters and inrease learning outcomes. The research method used is quasi ekeperimen. The research population of school students are first in the city of Mataram, West Lombok and Central Lombok. The study samples were used in two schools in each city. Research result in the form of improving the character building cares about the environment, responsibility and creative, in the experiment class obtained a standard gain value greater than 0.3, so it belongs to the category "Medium". Improved character building in the experiment class is greater than the control class. This is because the experimental class is taught using a development-result learning device aimed at character building, while in the control class using conventional learning devices. The student's character changes cannot change quickly in a short period of time. Increased student characters in the experiment class and the control class only to the "moderate" category. To be able to embed certain characters in learners, it is necessary to habituate in the form of exercises that take a long time.


Enhancing The Performance Of RSA-Type Cryptosystems

Ch. JL Padmaja, V.S.Bhagavan, B.Srinivas, P.L.R. Kameswari

Many RSA variants have been proposed to improve the efficiency of the standard RSA cryptosystem. Out of all such RSA-type cryptosystems, Rebalanced RSA has been constructed for effective transactions with smaller machines. In this scheme, decryption is made faster by choosing “d”, the secret key first in key generation instead of choosing the public key “e” as in the case of RSA leaving the computational burden on encryption side. This chapter introduces two new schemes to further enhance the efficiency of Rebalanced RSA.


Design A Hybrid Algorithm For Improving Cyber Security Using Steganography

Pinky Ramchandra Shinde, Dr. Dhanraj Varma

cryptography and steganography both technique used for security improvement but these technique have a number of issue.The issue with the cryptography method is that the cipher text appears irrelevant, so the intruder interrupts the transmission or performs extra cautious controls on the sender's information to the receiver. The issue with steganography is that the signal is expected to evolve after the event of concealed data is found or even assumed. Proposed hybrid algorithm in the study job Our hybrid algorithm based on the concept of AES and advance hidden algorithm. Two provide the two level security. To design a hybrid algorithm for improving cyber security using steganography.


Survey On Proactive And Reactive Based Reliability-Aware Technique In Cloud Computing

Vivek Kumar Gupta

As cloud grows in popularity, thousands of companies are simply rebranding their non cloud products and services as “cloud computing”. Number of clients uses services offered by Cloud computing.. According to user demands increases day by day, there is a need to enhance the cloud services to deliver timely and accurate services. Cloud services must be reliable in order to provide a quality to the clients requirements. The need of physical size of high performance computing environment is also increase rapidly. Higher the need of physical size , more failure are likely to occur that result in poor reliability of system. To deal with reliability, services providers must know the failure issues of cloud computing. In some cases fault tolerance is the major challenge for cloud environment. Some fault tolerance technique like self healing, job migration, are established but they are not fully reliable for cloud computing. In order to better handle the failure using fault tolerance aware techniques at the time of scheduling the application tasks. Thus, in this paper we presented the survey of fault tolerance aware scheduling technique. This survey helps the researchers to work in the area of fault tolerance aware scheduling to take best scheduling decisions and increase the reliability and efficiency of application.


The Video Learning Based On Local Wisdom And Students Critical Thinking

Sukarno, Junaida Dyah Eka Rahayu

:Video learning of science is a useful tool to give the concept of thinking to students in real terms. By taking a comprehensive learning video, the learning process in the classroom will be easier and interesting and able to bring students closer to the real phenomenon in nature. So that,it will facilitate the understanding of the material and critical power of students to maintain and preserve the natural surroundings.This research is Research & Development (R & D) which test and produce a video of contextual learning based on local wisdom of Java. The analysis of this study is using N-gain test, so it could be known how big the value of the increase in the students’critical thinking. As a result, video learning based on local wisdom has proven to be effective in improving students' thinking ability. Based on these five critical thinking indicators; (a simple explanation, building basic skills, conclusions, making further explanations, strategies and tactics), resulted the average score of pretest is 114 and postest is 275, the index of N-gain is 0.77 with high category. So it can be concluded that the video learning of science based on local wisdom is significantly able to improve students critical thinking skills.


Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition Using Artificial Neural Network

Ms.G.Thilagavathi, Ms.G.Lavanya, Dr.N.K.Karthikeyan

Conversion of Handwritten English documents into editable digital documents has been done in many parts of the world. Though this conversion is being expanded to many other languages such as Spanish, French, Greek, Indian Languages are still untouched. Our Proposed System aims to convert handwritten characters of South Indian Languages (mainly Tamil) to digital characters which can help converting those handwritten documents into digital ones. It uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) with Stochastic Gradient Learning Algorithm with Back-Propagation as learning methodology. Neural Network Model is a learning model which mimics human art of learning using primitive components named neurons. The Neural Network, that this system uses are made up of sigmoid neurons. Previous implementation of such conversion systems has shown accuracy over 90%. It can be used in Banking Sectors, Answer Script Evaluation Systems for Subjective Answer Evaluation and areas that involve intense Human-Computer Interaction Areas.


Strategy Of Guru Tua To Develop Education Character (1930-1969) In Middle Sulawesi Palu

Sagaf S.Pettalongi

This research focuses on strategy of Guru Tua to develop character education in Palu, Central Sulawesi. The study was conducted to identify the approach and steps taken by Guru Tua to build and creating the character of Palu community. The research uses qualitative methods. Data is collected by dept interview and documentation. Data is analyzed by data reduction techniques, presentation (display) and data verification. The research results show that Guru Tua build character education in Palu by two approaches namely the cultural system approach of Kaili community and mental religious attitude approach. The strategy to develop character education is done by Guru Tua through the development of character education in family environment, educational institutions and community. The Guru Tua believes that to build character the community must create synergy between family, school and society. The three lines of education are closely related to each other.


Studying The Innovative Methods Of Specialists Training In Aerospace Complex

Natalia Neverova, Lyudmila Rybakova, Natalia Eremeenkova, Natalia Galyuk, Lyudmila Fedotova, Elena Nikol’skaya

The aim of the study is to determine how susceptible to the use of information technologies the students of the departments of aerospace direction are. The novelty of the study is that such pieces of research are conducted for the first time among the future flight technicians, as the experts of the profession are increasingly responsible for the full functioning of the flight complex. The practical application of the research is that it not only allows the training plan adjusting, but also shows the feasibility of the development and dissemination of the gained experience to the rest of the aerospace training branches.


Development Of Two Stages Variable Sampling Plans (2S-VSP) With Measures Of Mean And Variance For Continuous Production Process

Dr S. Devaarul, D. Senthil Kumar

In modern quality control sections, the variable sampling plans are widely used in deciding the acceptance or rejection of the products. In industries variable quality characteristics play a vital role in making the decision about the process or batches. Many quality control practitioners insist that in a variable sampling plan, if a batch is not accepted based on first sample then the decision should be based on more strict criteria. Indeed variation should be monitored in the process. Hence a special type of two stages variable sampling plans is being developed. In the first stage variable criteria, the measures of Location (mean) is considered, the second stage is dealt with measures of dispersion( Variance). The performance measures such as Operating characteristics function and its related measures are derived. A new designing methodology for determining the parameters of the sampling plans are given. Tables are constructed to facilitate easy application of sampling plans in the Quality Control Section of production industries.


Evaluating Industrial Liabilities Based On Cloud Application Reliability Of Mass Media Company


today's mass media companies are often defined as advertising and media companies. With the development of science and technology, cloud technology is more and more penetrating into various fields. Traditional software management has been unable to meet the needs of the company's mainstream business, so the company decided to host the software to the cloud end to focus on its core media business. However, there is not enough concern about whether cloud-based management is reliable. Therefore, this paper will discuss the reliability of cloud applications. This paper will be a literature review of journal articles, conference papers and books. Since the reliability of software directly affects the level of software quality, this paper will focus on the availability, security and adaptability of software quality reliability, and discuss each attribute together with cloud applications and mass media companies, and give some Suggestions to improve the reliability of software system.


Lekersmulia: Improving Indonesian Students’ Environmental Responsibility Using Multimedia In Environmental Learning

Mieke Miarsyah, Diana Vivanti Sigit, Ilmi Zajuli Ichsan, Rahmat Fadrikal, Mahrawi Suprapto

This study aimed to examine the effectiveness of Lekersmulia (Lembar Kerja Multimedia Siswa) or multimedia-based student worksheets on environmental pollution material to improve students' Environmental Responsibility (ER). The study was conducted from February 2018 to June 2018 with the experimental method. The study sample was 10th-grade students in 15 schools in the provinces of Jakarta, Banten and West Java with a sample of 1840 students. Lekersmulia was used as the media, which can be accessed at http://Lekersmulia.blogspot.co.id and http://lekersmulia.com. Based on the results of the prerequisite test, the data showed normal and homogeneous distribution. The hypothesis was done using the t-test by comparing the average gain score of the experimental with the control class. The results of the t-test between pre-test and post-test in experimental group showed the value of sig.000 <0.05, the average gain score comparison shows sig. 000 ≤0.05. This showed that learning by the Lekersmulia effective to improve students' ER. In conclusion, Lekersmulia effective to improve students' ER and recommended for teacher to use in class.


Self-Concept, Achievement Motivation, And Moral Reasoning Of Navy Officers

Wiwin D. Handayani , Mareyke M.W. Tairas , Nur Ainy Fardana Nawangsari

Social interaction and personality are things that are believed to affect the ability of an Indonesian Navy officer to understand the ways of thinking of others and equip them to make decisions that are fair and based on respect for humanity. This research was tested with quantitative research design, with the hope of helping the process of fostering effective Navy officers. The subject involved 398 Major Navy. Sampling using a simple random sampling technique. Measuring instruments used were Defining Issues Test (DIT), achievement motivation and TSCS to measure self-concept. All measuring instruments have gone through an adaptation process stage and validity test with the CFA test. The results show that there is a significant effect of achievement motivation on the moral reasoning of Navy officers (P-value 0.004 <0.05 and R.C. 2.851> 1.96). There is a significant negative self-concept influence on the achievement motivation of Navy officers (P-value 0.00 and C.R. -3.772). The weaker the self-concept of an officer the stronger the motivation for achievement. Conversely, the stronger the self-concept of an officer, the less he has the drive to achieve better performance. Regarding moral reasoning, self-concept does not affect.


Smart Farming Technology For Sensing Soil Moisturing Using Iot

M. Rajesh Khanna, A. Varshini

Automated irrigation system in agricultural fields is very much needed for day to day agricultural practices and will also be useful to the farmers and to the people who have garden and are facing problem to water the plants when they are not in home without wasting water. Since water is very much essential for living organisms in daily life and its demand will be increased in future years, we must adopt a automated system for conservation of water. In automation system, the crops or plants are watered automatically by sensing the moisture level and temperature of the soil through controlled irrigation. This is a mobile Integrated and smart irrigation system using IOT base. The main objective of this project is to control the water supply and monitor the motor status through a Smartphone using external conditions such as temperature and moisture level of the soil.


Urban Growth And Its Challenges In Kano Metropolis Cases Of CO And NO2

Hashim Abdullahi, Gobi Krishna Sinniah, Ho Chin Siong,

The aim of the study is to assess the air pollutants emission with reference to carbon monoxides and Nitrogen Oxides with the view to make urban and regional planning recommendation towards low carbon society. Primary data was gathered from field with the aid of gas sensing device (Gas Sensor By Crown Cone) Outdoor carbon monoxides and Nitrogen Oxides was sensed in four (4) selected local government authorities namely Kano Municipal, Fagge, Nasarawo and Tarauni based on the land uses interactions and 4 major road intersections (junctions) in each local government reading stations was sensed each in a specific days. Monday and Fridays was selected as the busiest day. Friday was used for Kano Municipal and Nassarawo while Fagee and Tarauni Monday was employed the. The study also utilized secondary data obtained from available sources of majorly related journals. The result was tabulated for comparison. The result depict that the study unveiled that, Tarauni local government has the highest average value of carbon monoxides of 21Ppm. The study also indicates that on the other hand, Tarauni local government demonstrates the highest records of Nitrogen Oxides (NO2). This is due to its high volume of traffic. Nassarawa and Fagge local governments relatively portrays very close records of sensed carbon monoxides with 16Ppm and 15Ppm. The result further indicates that Kano Municipal local government maintain the least records of both Carbon monoxides and Nitrogen Oxides of 13Ppm and 00.4. This is due to the facts, the traditional city has less vehicular movements because of its connectivity challenges with the walled city. This therefore affects its rate of emission. Urban plaining towards Low carbon society is to strongly recommend so as to safe guard the environment in sustainable manner. This could be achieved through in-depth study of environmental implications of urban growth within the study area.


The Market Of Retail Banking Services In Uzbekistan And Its Prospects

Khudayarova Khurshida Abdunazarovna

This article is about a market of retail banking services in Uzbekistan and its development. It covered the practical significance of retail banking services, analyzes the current state and ways to improve it.


The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Hrm And Organisationalculture Of Women Entrepreneurial

P.nivetha, m.ramapriya, s.prasanth , dr. S.sudhamathi

This study expects to explore the role of emotional intelligence in hrm and women entrepreneurial, the executives and business enterprise in the perspective on proprietor administrators and workers, The exploration strategy utilized subjective technique to affirm the phenomenology enthusiasm with top administration position which womens are in regards to their profession way by utilizing purposive inspecting technique. that HR the board has positive relate with the business enterprise are including the enrollment procedure, preparing specialist, proficient profession improvement and reward framework effect to business person's information and advancement of corporate business in separately to bring a truly solid way. Business enterprise is an endeavor wherein specific individual continues along great open doors by misusing the accessible assets effectively. Business people can't deal with a business without any assistance. An women Entrepreneur needs to select, apportion people to various work, impact the representatives and moderate them for the development and extension of the endeavor. As there are numerous undertakings to be performed from setting up to the development of an endeavor, the procedure of women Entrepreneurship is a facilitator to the necessities of Human Resource Management rehearses. This exploration paper features the emotional intelligence of HRM rehearses with setting to Women Entrepreneurial. In reprisal, investigate is done dependent on the applied perusing of accessible writing survey of human asset the board practices, business enterprise and the connection between the two factors.


Analyzing Working Compensation And Climate On Teachers’ Performance

Muazza, Siti Rahma Sari, Silvina Noviyanti, Robi Hendra, Makmur, Harlina Harja, Marzul Hidayat

: The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the effect of compensation and work climate on teacher performance in Islamic Boarding School located in Jambi City. The research instrument used a questionnaire and involved 187 teachers with different (heterogeneous) study backgrounds as research samples. Proportional random sampling was chosen to determine the number of teacher samples by using the Slovin formula. Descriptive analysis technique was used to describe the compensation variable (X1), working climate (X2) and teacher performance (Y) by compiling a frequency distribution table to see which categories being studied. Normality test was carried out by using the Liliefors test technique or in the SPSS program called Kolmogrov-Smirnov. The results of the linearity and significance of linear regression were performed using SPSS version 20.0. The results showed that; first, there was no significant effect between compensation and teacher performance. This means that teacher performance is not always determined by compensation. Second, there was an effect between working climate and teacher performance. This meant that the higher the working climate, the higher the teacher's performance results, however, the performance of teachers whose performance was low due to the low working climate. Third, there was an effect between compensation and working climate on teacher performance. This meant that the higher compensation and the better working climate, the higher the teacher's performance. Then, there is a relationship between compensation and work climate on teacher performance. This meant that the higher compensation and working climate of a teacher, the higher performance results of the teacher and vice versa teachers whose performance was low due to compensation and working climate was in low level.


The Development And Assessment Of An Online Student Affairs System With Short Message Service

Cris Norman Patacsil Olipas

This study was developed to provide a possible solution to the problems and difficulties encountered by the office of student affairs in a secondary high school in the Province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It covers the management and organization of student records and the effective delivery of information through Short Message Service (SMS) notification to students, parents, and guardians. This study utilized a developmental method of research and clustered-random sampling composed of Information Technology (IT) professionals, secondary high school students, and teachers. The system was developed following the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which include Planning, Analysis, Design and Coding, Testing, Implementation and Maintenance. A series of observations and interviews were done to identify the needed requirements. The results of data gathering procedures were the basis for the development of the system. The system was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio environment and MS VB.NET as the programming language. The database was constructed using MySQLYog environment and Structured Query Language (SQL). The developed system was assessed on the basis of its technical quality and quality of use. The technical quality was based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9126 standards which includes Functionality, Reliability, Usability, Efficiency, Maintainability, and Portability while the quality of use was assessed based on three criteria which include relevance, feedback, and graphical user interface. The Online Student Affairs (OSAS) with Short Message Service (SMS) passed the assessment made, and was proven to be beneficial to the Office of the Students Affairs of a Secondary National High School.


Smart Switching Devices Using Internet Of Things


Smart switching condition can be happen through LAN, WAN and through internet remotely. Design the particular application for On and Off or Start and Stop commands and follow their applications. This project proposes an embedded system for making smart plug. This system consists of CC3200 and old energy meter which gives the energy consumption in the form of pulses. Each and every electrical appliances present in the room are connected via power outlet that is operated by the fuse in the MCB unit. Each and every electrical appliances present in the room are connected via power outlet that is operated by the fuse in the MCB unit. Each and every electrical appliances present in the room are connected via power outlet that is operated by the fuse in the MCB unit. When the electrical appliances are switched ON at home it consumes an amount of power per hour. This gives rise to certain amount of consumption value which depends on the type of the load. If the pulse is greater than the pre-set value, the power consumption value is uploaded through onboard Wi-Fi module. The mobile will have a webpage or app that consists of control buttons to switch OFF the specified relay circuit thus removing the supply to electric appliance. This reduces the unwanted power consumption at home and saves energy.


The Influence Of E-Commerce Toward Internal Factors Of Startup Business Success (Case In Indonesia)

Fivi Rahmatus Sofiyah, Yulinda, Iskandar Muda

This research aims to find out the influence of e-commerce illustrated through business expansion, sales volume, and promotion media, either directly or indirectly, toward startup business success in Medan, Indonesia. This research is causal and associative research. The sample is collected using purposive sampling technique, taking the research sample based on certain criteria. The samples of this research are owners of startup business located in Medan, Indonesia. Analysis method used is multiple linear regression analysis and path analysis. The primary data is collected by distributing questionnaires and interviewing respondents, while the secondary data is collected using literary review. The research result will provide a description of the influence of e-commerce, either directly or indirectly, toward startup business success in Medan.


A Review Of Recent Detection Methods For HTTP Ddos Attacks

Priteshkumar Prajapati,. Nidhi Patel, Dr. Parth Shah

There has been a tremendous increase in dependency on web technologies alongside which its disruption attempts have also increased. Web servers that run on Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) are exposed to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Distributed denial of service attack is among the most dangerous internet attacks with the ability to overwhelm a web server. The content provides review of recent detection methods in recognizing detection attacks at the application layer. Trojan, Botnets, Advanced Persistent threat, Distributed Denial of Service attacks are increasing the security risks and are posing a great threat to critical information. Also, applications of Machine learning and Deep learning helps in the exclusion of false positives.


A Deep Learning Approach For Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Convolution Neural Network

Sai Meghana S, Amulya P, Manisha A, Rajarajeswari P

The objective of this project is to develop a fully automated system for segmentation and classification of brain tumor using convolutional neural networks. Tumors are of any shape and size in the brain. This motivates us to use a deep neural network of high capacity. This paper gives the summary of the work done by us and the methodology we used. We used BraTS dataset to develop this project and to test the trained models. This dataset contains the MRI images of 200 patients. The MRI scans are segmented using patch wise segmentation. This methodology shows approximately 95.6% accuracy on the test dataset. Many experiments are done by us to find the depth of the neural network and to know the best architectures that can be used. The exact location of the gliomas is found by the convolutional neural network. For finding the spectral location of the gilomas in the glilac cells, we used combination of deep neural network and convolutional neural network .This architecture can also be used to predict the future status of the organs.


Protozoan Diversity In Deepor Beel, Assam, India

Kumar Kritartha Kaushik, Pimpi Sahu, Prof. Karabi Dutta

Among various riverine wetlands, Deepor Beel is one of the significant and vital wetlands in the Brahmaputra valley of lower Assam, India. The present study document 14 species of protozoa belonging to 9 families.


Lifestyle And User Preferences Online Transport Service

Mohammad Ihsan, Sihol Situngkir, Ade Perdana Siregar

Online transportation will be the biggest business in the Southeast Asia, the market value on online transportation is always increasing every year. ASEAN countries namely Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines is a high country of growth in the use of online transportation services. The high growth of the online transport business will increase the value of the digital economy market in every country. This development is one of the consequences of human desire to fulfill his needs. Users of online transport services have different motives and behaviors or habits in fulfilling their needs. Lifestyle can create one's preference in choosing a product, both goods and services in fulfilling their needs. The purposes of the study are: (1) identification of influences between lifestyles to the decisions of users of online transport services, (2) identification of influences between lifestyles to the user preferences of online transport services. (3) Identification of the influence between user preferences of service services to the decisions of users of online transport services. (4) Identify the role of preference capable of the effect of lifestyle influence on the decision of the user of online transport services. The population of this research is a customer who uses online transportation in Jambi city while the sample is a customer who uses online transportation services in the city of Jambi more than once as many as 200 people. The data method uses path analysis. The results of the research are known that the lifestyle has a significant influence on the consumer preferences of online transportation services; lifestyle and consumer preference to give a significant influence on the decision of service users Online and Lifestyle Transport gives a significant influence on the decision of the online transport service users through consumer preference.


An Integrated Cognitive System (ICS) For Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Vijay Franklin J, Kiruthikaa K V, Yuvaraj S, Ramya R

In the recent times, as per the health records of most of the countries in the globe, the Diabetes Mellitus (DM) are the most dreaded disease which heavily impacts the health of its victims. A wide range of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are utilized in health care domain for identifying and diagnosing diabetes mellitus disorders. The proposed system deals with an intelligent cognitive system for prognosis, diagnosis, treatment and behavioral analysis for drug pattern selection. It is an integrated system, means that the system is composed of identification, classification, prognosis, diagnosis, therapeutic plan, drug recommendation and disease eradication modules.


Histopathological Changes In Vital Organs Of Channa Punctatus Of Moradabad Caused By Helminth Parasitic Infestation

Dr. Shalini Roy and Neelam kumari

Present reports deals with the histopathological impacts in vital organs (liver, intestine and muscles) of freshwater fish Channa punctatus caused by helminth parasites, which mainly includes vacuolization, sinusoidal formation, degeneration of villi, an increase number in the cells (hyperplasia) as well as size of cells (hypertrophy) and epithelial necrosis as estimated by the degree of tissue change (DTC). Among the vital organs DTC was recorded highest in liver and lowest in muscles. As in our investigation a lots of lesions in vital organs of host fish has been reported which favours the river contamination due to parasitic burden


Factors Affecting The Success Of The Application Of Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) Base Application In Village Enterprise In Asahan Regency

Arifin Lubis, Abikusno Dharsuky, Iskandar Muda

This study aims at a user acceptance model that supports the duties and functions in compiling and implementing an integrated Village Unit financial reporting application menu and can be used daily by the accounting division of Village-Owned Enterprises in North Sumatra. The types of village financial reporting menus that are produced are Journal Input menu, General Ledger and Financial Reporting Processes such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow and Equity Change in Computerization. The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of Technology Resistance, Understanding, Human Resources, Funds Support and Training factors on the successful implementation of the Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Base Application for Rural Enterprises. This type of research is applied descriptive research in the form of applying open source-based systems and software frameworks. The study population was a Village-Owned Enterprise in the District of Asahan, North Sumatera where the sampling technique was carried out using the purposive sampling method. In addition, an assessment of people's perceptions of the implementation of a computerized village accounting system and resistance was also carried out using a questionnaire designed according to the research object. The results showed that Technology Resistance, Understanding, Human Resources, had no effect on the successful implementation of the Village ERP Base Application while the Fund and Training Support variable influenced the successful implementation of the Village ERP Base Application.


The Role Of Technology Marketing Micro Business, Small And Medium Enterprises (Smes) Agents For Repurchase Intention And Its Impact On The Community Satisfaction (Case In Indonesia)

Beby Karina Fawzeea, Fivi Rahmatus Sofiyah, Ilyda Sudardjat, Iskandar Muda

Today bussiness competition is more stringent with the development of technology communication and information so consumers have known the completed information about products on to choose available in the market. It is caused by internet users in Indonesia has increased with the information technology growth quickly. The utilization of digital marketing is the promotion and market search by the digital media in an online manner to benefit from various social network facilities for example. The virtual world is no longer is only able to connect people with a device, but also between people with others around the globe. Digital marketing, consisting usually of interactive marketing and integrated way facilitates interaction between the manufacturer, an intermediary market, and expecting consumers. The use of the marketing concept based on the digital marketing gives the best wish for SME’s to develop into a center of economic power. Candidates, consumers can find and get information about products only by means roam the virtual world so ease the process of his quest. Up to the present time, it was rarely the use of social media publication for SME’s and benefits of the use of social media SME’s in Indonesia, specifically the precinct north Sumatera. Because of the importance of information on how to the use of social media SME’s and benefits, so one would have to do with observational research The purpose of this research is to know the influence of the business development of sustainability to the offender SME’s in North Sumatera against repeated the community interest in buying after doing the utilization of technology marketing. This research takes 100 samples in 5 districts of a city in north Sumatera purposive technique the sampling method. The method of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a statistical technique that is able to analyze the latent variables and processing the data using path analysis.


Delving Into The Reasons For Demurrage In Air Cargo From Customs House Agents Perspective

S.Iswarya, Dr.S.Preetha, S.Ajith Kumar

: Importers often encounter demurrage charges. This has been a sensitive issue between the Clearing House Agents (CHA) and the importers. So, the reasons for the occurrence of demurrage has been explored using judgemental sampling survey method from Clearing House Agents. From the research we observe that age in business doesn’t seem to impact on demurrage charges being paid. The main reasons for demurrage are lack of awareness of the consignment for the importers, communication barriers between importer and exporter and less knowledge on documentation procedure. Necessary measures should be taken which will enhance the business mutually.


Determination Of Lq 45 Stocks Portfolio Performance Model

Faurani Santi Singagerda, Abhsor Marantika, Anuar Sanusi

The purpose of this study is to compare the optimal portfolio formation models and to evaluate the performance of LQ 45 stocks in Indonesia. This research uses quantitative analysis method used to form and analyze portfolio performance measurement by using Single Index Model, Constant Correlation Model and Markowitz with influenced by macroeconomic factor of Indonesia. This study found that the inflation rate, exchange rate, economic crisis, and GDP as the macroeconomic indicators used, generally affect the portfolio return. So it can be concluded that based on the four models of Portfolio Performance, the optimum portfolio with constant correlation model has the best result compared to single index model and Markowitz model. This means if investors who want to form an optimal portfolio can consider using a constant correlation model because the model can provide optimal return and risk than other models


Clustering Model For Solar Irradiation Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithm

Prachi Sharma, Dr.Megha Kamble

With every year the sources of energy are getting reduced and requirement of energy in increasing every year worldwide. Solar irradiance is renewable source of energy provided by sun naturally. So the research community is also proposing methods to convert solar radiance into energy and use it in place of depleting non-renewable source of energy. In need to understand from where this sun energy can be obtained in huge amount, it is necessary to predict the collection of energy for particular place. Solar irradiance varies with meteorological data longitude, latitude, wind speed and change of weather at different areas. Machine learning is a popular set of techniques to predict solar irradiance using weather forecasting data such as wind speed, wind direction and many such parameters in the day span. This is a survey paper which contains the review of previous work done such as ANN, SVM, NN in the field of predicting solar irradiance using weather data parameters in the different parts of world. This paper will help in understanding the use of different machine learning techniques for predicting solar irradiance and also provide future direction to retain renewable energy source like solar energy. A comparative analysis of different techniques is done using output parameters RSME ,MSE,MAE,MAPE and stated the future direction in this research article.


Efficient Ed3wt Method For Robust Medical Image Watermarking

Ramanand singh ,. Piyush Shukla , Paresh Rawat

Watermarking provides us to capability to authenticate medical imaging data. Embedding watermark within medical image adds ability to claim for copyright protection and makes image data robust against the various attacks. In this paper an efficient invisible and robust watermarking method is proposed using novel Edge Detection in Double Density discrete Wavelet Transform (ED3WT) domain method. In the proposed method the input cover image is decomposed in to wavelet coefficients using two level double densities DWT. The edge of the decomposed image s ub bands are calculated using the Sobel edge detector. Watermark is inserted to the edge of the high frequency sub-band coefficients of the decomposed image. This in turn adds the better invisibility. The benefit of using the double density DWT is its robustness against noise and filtering attacks. To add further robustness scaled morphologically dilated high frequency edge coefficient is used as key and is embedded within the image. This further improves the robustness and maintains the invisibility of the watermarking. Performance of proposed method is evaluated using medical images of different environments. The imaging data set includes skin images, MRI, Scalp images, CT scan, images. The parametric evaluation is carried out by calculating the MSE and PSNR. It is observed that method improves the invisibility and is robust to attacks like noise, mean and median filtering. Therefore method is useful for medical imaging data authentication using robust watermarking.


Learn Idioms The Fun And Mobile Way With Quizizz

Yasmine Liong Pui Kwan Abdullah, Alia Nathara Abdullah, Peremalatha Govindasamy, Melor Md. Yunus

Literacy in the English language is, undoubtedly important as it is one of the prominent languages in education over the years. Among the four skills, the most difficult skill to be mastered by ESL pupils is the writing skill and using idioms is even more challenging. Locally, the use of idioms in writing for national examination, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 1119/1 paper, is essential because it reflects pupils’ language competency., thus enhances their chances to score more credits. Self-assess learning (SAL), on the other hand, plays an essential role for teachers to provide suitable and accessible learning material. Pupils could access these learning materials at their own convenience via a game-based platform (Quizizz). Hence, this is a mobile self-assess learning via Quizizz. This action research aims to determine if Quizizz could help forty seventeen-year-old pupils from a suburban school learn idioms. Findings and discussion are based on the comparative analysis of their continuous essay writings, the number of idioms used pre- and post-SAL as well as their achievement scores from each level of the quizzes provided in Quizizz.


Free Radical Scavenging Potential And LC-MS Based Identification Of Secondary Metabolites Of Deinococcus Radiodurans

Illiyas Maqbool, Ponniresan Veeramani Kandan, Ezhumalai Dhineshkumar, Nagarajan Rajendra Prasad

Deinococcus radiodurans is an extremophilic organism that shows resistance towards radiation exposures and oxidative stress. The present study investigated the total phenolic and flavonoid content, antioxidant potential and presence of bioactive compounds in the crude secondary metabolite extract (CSME) of D. radiodurans by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) analysis. The total phenolic and flavonoid content in CSME of D. radiodurans was calculated to be 3.8 mg PGE equivalent/g CSME and 5.3 mg QE equivalent/g CSME, respectively. The results also show considerable scavenging activity of D. radiodurans CSME against DPPH (IC50 180 μg/ml), ABTS (IC50 210 μg/ml), hydroxyl (IC50 240 μg/ml) and superoxide (IC50 244 μg/ml) radicals. Further, a total of 286 metabolites were identified in the CSME of D. radiodurans. Among these, some major compounds present in the CSME of D. radiodurans are Mannosamine (m/z 149.21; environmental pollutant), Xanthone (m/z 195.15; insecticide and larvicide), Cytidine−5−triphosphate disodium salt pyrimidine (m/z 165.19; pyrimidine biosynthesis and coenzyme in glycerophospholipid biosynthesis), Ethanolamine (m/z 441.4; pharmaceuticals, corrosion inhibitor, and chemical intermediate), Folic acid (m/z 61.08; pharmaceutical applications in end-stage renal disease, hyperhomocysteinemia), Octadecanoic acid (m/z 117.15; cosmetic applications), Butyrate (m/z 85.11; anti-inflammatory, used in ulcerative colitis and colorectal cancer treatment), O−Palmitoyl−L−Carnitine chloride (m/z 115.13; used for treating cardiomyocytes), pyrroloquinoline quinone (m/z 330.11; antioxidant) and Myxothiazol (m/z 487.32; mitochondrial cytochrome bc1 complex inhibitor). Therefore, this study proves that CSME of D. radiodurans could be a potential source of bioactive compounds that could be tested for various pharmacological properties.


The Real Intellectual Impact Of Cloud Accounting In Achieving The Competitive Advantage In The Jordanian Industrial Companies

Alaa Jaber Matarneh, Saqer Sulaiman Al-Tahat, Osama Abdul Moneim Ali, Ibrahim Jwaifel

The aim of this study was to identify the effect of cloud accounting on the competitive advantage of the Jordanian industrial companies. To achieve the objectives of this study, the descriptive and analytical approach was used. The study society is composed of 65 Jordanian industrial joint stock companies. Eight questionnaires were distributed to each company of the sample of the study which was a total of (23) companies in a simple random sample distribution, the researchers retrieved (155) questionnaire, and after reviewing the questionnaires found that there are (8) questionnaires considered not valid for statistical analysis, and (147) questionnaires were valid for analysis. In order to analyze the study data and test the hypotheses, the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) was used in the various statistical analyzes, the descriptive statistics and the internal consistency coefficient (Kronbach Alpha). The multi-linear correlation test was also used and the study reached many results. (Providing IT infrastructure, providing software to users, providing communications, providing user-friendly applications, flexibility in performing various tasks, saving and reducing costs) in achieving competitive advantage using its combined dimensions (Quality, cost, flexibility, differentiation) in the Jordanian industrial companies. The most important recommendations are summarized as the need for industrial companies to adopt effective cloud accounting approaches that will enrich the companies from the need to provide a full team that is specialized in the management of devices and servers and the cost of spare parts and supplies and other needs, which increases the competitive advantage at the local and global levels.


Development Of Food Packaging Design With Kansei Engineering Approach

Okka Adiyanto, Hapsoro Agung Jatmiko, Erni

The packaging is a product wrap with a creative design that aims to convey a description of information. The packaging has the primary purpose as a protector so that the physical product remains intact. One factor that can be used as an attraction for consumer interest is attractive packaging. The packaging is one of the focuses in developing a food product, and this is because the packaging is an aspect that can give a first impression to consumers. The purpose of this study is to improve consumer preferences in fried banana packaging, in addition to redesigning packaging. In this study, the design of fried banana packaging design uses the Kansei Engineering (KE) method. KE is a method that combines emotions and feelings with product design, resulting in product design that is by consumer emotions. Based on the research results obtained three alternative designs based on Kansei Engineering.


Investigation Of Contemporary Attacks In Android Apps

M.Kireet, Pavithra rachala, Dr.Meda Sreenivasa Rao, Rukmini Sreerangam

This paper investigates the recent attacks in android Smartphone’s. The popularity of using the android smartphones has increased immensely all over the world which made the malware writers to target android as major platform to introduce different type of attacks and extract user sensitive information. This paper gives the brief study and solutions on the recent six malware attacks namely Man-in-the-disk attack, Attacks using Fake apps, Attacks through privacy violation, Attacks due to Pre-installed apps, Collaborating apps, Attacks through outdated apps in android smartphones. All the attacks mentioned in this study does not have proper solutions which are leading to extraction of sensitive user information. Most of the attacks mentioned use the loopholes provided by developers in developing the apps. Finally, this paper provides the analysis of latest attacks with the best possible solutions to enhance the android app detection.


Evaluation Of Heart Rate Variability Indices During Postural Changes

Jae Mok Ahn, Jeom Keun Kim

: Hear rate variability (HRV) is an interesting and noninvasive way to identify autonomic nervous system (ANS) imbalances as well as to assess the effects of stress on the body in various environments. At present, there is no accepted standard for ANS activity measurements when one’s posture changes from a sitting to a standing position. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of postural changes on ANS activity by evaluating HRV indices. HRV indices in the time and frequency domains derived from fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis and a nonlinear analysis were investigated. We evaluated the ANS activity before and after postural changes throughout the entire measurement session. A total of 271 HRV segments were analyzed by shifting the 1-minute data window forward by 2 s for the entire 10-minute HRV dataset. The HRV indices that were affected most by postural changes were SDNN, TINN, CVAA%, SD2, ApEn, and Ln LF. Among the indices, the nonlinear parameters such as CVAA%, SD2, TINN, and ApEn reflected ANS activity better than frequency parameters did. The results demonstrate that a simple change in posture such as moving from sitting to standing increases sympathetic activity and fluctuations in Ln LF magnitude and that the parasympathetic activity recovers one minute after standing up. Therefore, postural changes may be an effective approach for investigating parasympathetic activity through evaluations of nonlinear HRV parameters.


Status Of Water Quality In Watersheds Due To Mining Industry Activities

Muhammad Ichsan Ali

Indonesia is one of the gifted countries with abundant natural resources in many sectors such as plantation, fishery, agriculture, and mining. To support the rapid population development, the natural resources exploited massively to fulfill the needs of humans. As a result of this massive exploitation, environmental degradation could not avoid such as air, soil and water pollution. Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry, located in Konaweha watershed, indicates polluted the water in the Konaweha river. Therefore, this study aims to identify the pollution index water of Konaweha River through physical and chemical parameters as well as to recommend river management system. Sampling has taken in two places in river, which were first around the settlement and second around mining industry. Sampling analysis underwent in laboratory and Index of Pollution (IP) used to identify the level of pollution. The result shows that the highest pollution index is in location 1 located near the mining industry which is 7.20 IP and has moderate pollution level. This happens because in first location, the industrial disposal going to the river and the human activities such as agriculture, plantation and illegal sand mining. Meanwhile, in second location has lower index pollution at 5.40 IP. This is because, in second location, the primary source of pollution comes from human activities such as agriculture, plantation and illegal sand mining.


International Journal Of Scientific & Technology Research, Vol 1, Issue 1

P. Praveen Kumar, P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy and P. Srinivasa Rao

Sign language recognition is a potentially difficult process using RGB video data in a deep Learning framework due to data inconsistencies during capturing. To improve the recognition accuracy of SLR systems as a whole, researchers applied variable inputs such as depth and motion frames in addition to RGB video. However, skeleton data was little used along with RGB and depth inputs for SLR, although its been in operation for human action recognition. In this work, we explore the possibility and challenges in using RGB, depth and skeletal sign language data for recognition. The recognition is accomplished using a three stream Convolution Neural Network with score fusion on spatial data. Each CNN stream is made up of 8 convolutional layers, two fully connected and a soft max layer. Finally, score fusion is performed to extract the labels during testing. The proposed framework has shown an improvement in recognition accuracy


The Increase Of Students Discipline, Self-Confidence, And Interest In Indonesian History Learning Through The Talking Stick Model

Victor Novianto, Ervinta Dian Febriani, Niken Wahyu Utami

The purpose of this study is to measure the increase in students' discipline, self-confidence, and interest in learning Indonesian history through the talking stick model. This classroom action research employed observations, interviews, questionnaires, and documentation as to its data collection methods. The main findings are (1) the observation of students discipline in cycle I showed that 58.1% of all the students participating in this study (satisfactory) exhibited discipline, and the same data collection method in cycle II revealed 86.1% of all the students (good); (2) the observation of students self-confidence in cycle I showed that 65.2% of all the participating students (satisfactory) exhibited increased self-confidence, and in cycle II the figure increased to 86.9% (good); (3) the interest in learning questionnaire data in cycle I revealed that 61.2% of all the participating students (satisfactory) exhibited interest in learning the Indonesian history, and the figure increased to 84.3% (good) in cycle II. Therefore, it can be concluded that the talking stick model can increase students' discipline, self-confidence, and interest in learning Indonesian history.


Utilization Of Carbon Black Waste For Subgrades In Flexible Pavements

S. Naveen Kumar, A. Vijaya Kumar, P. Abhinaya Sai Teja Reddy

Characteristics of soil subgrade play a prominent role in pavements. As an essential concern, weakly sub graded soil enhanced by adopting the most efficient stabilization techniques. The principle point of the present investigation is to validate that the by-products from scrap tyres like carbon black can be utilized as stabilizing the material. In this study trail tests have been conducted to find out the improvement in CBR by adding 2% to 10% of the carbon black and observed that the addition of carbon black proportions in soil results in a definite increase in CBR. The carbon black stabilized soil can be used in low volume road construction where there is less movement of traffic like HCV’s, leading to significant cost advantages. Besides rendering the safe disposal of scrap tyres in to an environment as a recycled product for various constructions purposes in the modern era where they have a massive importance.


A Comparative Study Between Multi Queue Multi Server And Single Queue Multi Server Queuing System

S Vijay Prasad, B Mahaboob, Ranadheer Donthi, J Peter Praveen

Queuing theory is a mathematical phenomenon which has a large number of applications in many branches like Management Sciences, Medical Sciences and Econometrics. In this, the different types of consumers are provided the required service by different types of servers following to precise queuing orders. This research article explores the superiority of SQMSM over the MQMSM and this is shown by using the principle of finite mathematical induction. Besides the corresponding mathematical equations are derived and results obtained are more practical and effective in applications point of view.


Glocalisation And Development Of North-Eastern Region

Sivanath Chutia

Socio-cultural variations in Northeast India, particularly in Assam and Meghalaya, can be beneficially examined in terms of the concepts of globalization. Cities of the region which are the arenas of global interaction, have redefined the conditions and the processes of regional and local developments and have regenerated the new infrastructural conditions of the global economy while seeking to identify their advantages, assets and power to compete with other cities of the country. The region has been affected from the globalization process due to its geographical and strategic location, historical and cultural assets, dynamism and functional capacities. While the emergence of new development modes such as foreign direct investments and attractiveness of the service sector has been observed in the socio-economical and spatial aspects at the national and local level, other new developments have emerged in providing services to neighboring state at the international level. The impacts of these developments are great on both the spatial growth and the planning process. Actually, NER redefines the conditions of regional and local developments to become the center point of “South East Asia”. In contradiction of this background, the aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of gloaclization in the region.


Rain Streak Removal Using Sparse Coding

V V Satyanarayana Tallapragada, Rukminidevi Potlabathini, A. Narmada

Rain removal from a single image and a video is a challenging task of image processing which has numerous applications in the area of out-door surveillance. In addition to applications point of view, deraining is a challenging task in image processing point of view as well. Deraining involves removing rain drop marks or rain streaks from the image. While the removal of these marks taking place, the leftover region need to be filled with that of true image which is not available. The second and important operation is not to distract the remaining region in the image. In this paper, a model of deraining was developed using sparse coding. Suitable regularization terms of required components were defined and iterated to get the approximation of clear image. A brief survey on deraining is presented. The simulation results shows superior performance of the proposed scheme. The simulation results also suggest that the proposed scheme is applicable only if the volume of rain drop size is below a certain level.


A Collaborative Learning Intervention Module To Improve Speaking Fluency

Muhammad Azhar Khan bin Ashfar Ahmad, Melor Md Yunus

In the current English Syllabus in Malaysia, speaking skill is given the least importance when it comes to testing. Apart from the School Based Oral Assessment, speaking skills is not tested in Malaysia’s most important public examination; the Malaysia Certificate of Education. This would almost always result into students who can score their writing and reading tests well but are not able to communicate effectively in English. Some of the reasons that influenced the lack of speaking skills among students are anxiety, inhibitions and the lack of opportunity to use the language. Hence, an intervention module is created with the aims to lower students’ anxiety and inhibitions of using the language and also to give them the opportunities to speak. With Collaborative Learning, Creative and Critical Thinking skills are enhanced through 21st century learning. This project requires students to recreate a replica of Malaysia’s Iconic Buildings and display them in an exhibition. Students organized the exhibition to the public which caters to creative and critical thinking skills together with developing a nationalistic identity. Data was collected through pre-test and post-test, students’ reflections and researchers’ field notes from a group of 27 form four students in a fully residential school in Kluang, Johor. Findings show that students’ inhibitions and anxiety are lowered. Additionally, students’ speaking skills are improved as a result of increase in motivation. This goes to show that using collaborative learning would benefit English language teaching and learning, especially the speaking skills


Mixed Stochastic Input Oriented Data Envelopment Analysis Model

Nahia Mourad, Assem Tharwat

Data envelopment analysis (DEA) is a mathematical tool used to evaluate relative efficiency of decision-making units (DMUs). It is a bench-marking method for these units. To measure this relative efficiency, data related to a set of inputs and outputs are provided from all the DMUs under analysis, and then implemented in a suitable DEA model. Stochastic DEA allows the inputs or outputs to be stochastic random variables. In this article, we consider combination of deterministic and stochastic inputs following Normal and/or Poisson distribution. To the best of our knowledge, variables following Poisson distribution are not yet considered in these methods. We introduce the stochastic input-oriented data envelopment analysis (SIODEA) model. The random inputs, following either normal or Poisson distributions, are controlled by chance constrained. Using functional analysis techniques, the chance constrained with Poisson variables is replaced by difference of Marcum functions evaluated at points related to the parameters of these variables. Consequently, we formulate a deterministic equivalent model with mixed random inputs. Finally, a numerical example is presented and the efficiencies of different DMUs are calculated using the obtained equivalent model to test its validity.


Adaptive Control System Of Uncertain Dynamic Objects No Stationary Parametrically

I.H. Sidikov., M.O. Atajonov., S.T. Yunusova., M.F. Sherboyev

In operation the task of stabilizing on an output of indefinite dynamic objects no stationary parametrical with inaccurately given relative level in the conditions of action of unknown perturbation, delay and unaccounted dynamics is considered. For support of high convergence of an output variable, the algorithm of setup of parameters of the regulator under different laws of control depending on change of value of an output variable of the relative hit to some area of movement is offered. The modified control algorithm parametrically of indefinite dynamic objects is offered. The analysis of stability of closed management system is made by no stationary dynamic objects and stability conditions of management systems of this class are discussed.


Ethnic Boundaries During And After The Assam Agitation Of 1979-1985

Nabanita Sharma

The Assam Agitation against alleged foreigners in Assam raised identity questions amongst the diverse ethnic groups living in the state. The Agitation showed dominance of a middle-class Assamese speaking group of people. The eulogy of “mother Assam” brought a short-lived sense of unity amongst the people. The demand for Udayachal during the Agitation and Bodoland afterwards shows growing ethnic boundaries in the region. This paper is an attempt to find the roots of ethnicity based autonomy demands in the Assam Agitation. The Agitation, irrespective of the validity of its aspirations, reflected unparalleled unity of people. It also showed an ugly facet of communal clashes at the same time.


The Choosing Methods Of Landscaping For Boulevards, Streets And Avenues (Plants In Architectural Planning)

Surayyo Kodirova

In this article, trees and plant species that can be used for landscaping in the country are selected for air purification and noise suppression. In addition, dense and non-dense areas directly illuminated by the use of landscape design methods. This landscape design method is effectively used in the protection of buildings


Design Of A Compact Two-Port MIMO Antenna For UWB Applications

Felix Urimubenshi; Dominic B. O. Konditi; Edward N. Ndung’u

: In this paper, a small two port ultra-wideband multiple input multiple output antenna (UWB-MIMO) is proposed. The proposed antenna consists of two identical modified semi-circular annular ring radiators placed at the end of taped feedline excited using CPW technology. These two radiators are placed orthogonal to each other for good isolation and share the common ground plane. Antenna has a compact size with an overall surface area of 1095.12mm2 , a bandwidth of 8.472 GHz starting from 3.8GHz up to 12.272 GHz and a return loss less than -10dB. Over the entire bandwidth, the antenna has stable radiation pattern with quasi-omnidirectional characteristic. The achievable gain is in the range of 2.883dBi to 4.682dBi, and efficiency is 79.4%-99.3%. The MIMO performance has been investigated based on Envelope Correlation Coefficient (ECC) and Diversity gain (DG). Proposed antenna has ECC<0.01 and DG>9.9, with port to port isolation S2, 1<-12.5dB.


Evaluating The Efficacy Of Active Reading Software In Enhancing EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Skills

Imran Khan, Ainol Haryati Ibrahim, Asiah Kassim, Raja Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan

Reading ability of the learners plays a pivotal role in their academic success. Reading without comprehension affects learners’ learning outcomes. However, the development of learners’ reading ability has always been a great challenging task for language teachers. The efficacy of computer-assisted language (CALL) in improving language skills has been endorsed by many studies under different socio-cultural settings. However, in Saudi EFL context, using CALL in teaching and learning languages is still scarce and there are more for researchers to explore. The current study intended to examine the effects of Active Reading Software (ARS) on reading comprehension skills of Saudi EFL learners at tertiary level. A quasi-experimental study was carried out at Majmaah University involving 30 EFL learners, which were equally clustered into a control group and an experimental group. A four- week treatment incorporating the ARS was assigned to the experimental group, while the control group received the same learning materials in a traditional classroom setting. Data acquired from the study were evaluated using t-test. Findings revealed a substantial difference between the mean scores of the two groups in terms of reading comprehension; the experimental group outperformed the control group. These results indicate that utilizing ARS can further enhance the EFL learners’ reading comprehension skills and thus, it can be assumed that the ARS software can be a facilitative learning tool in the teaching and learning of reading.


Researches Of The Solubility Of Copper Sulfate In Orthophosphoric Acid At 30 And 80°C

Turaev Zokirzhon, Shamshidinov, Israilzhan Turgunovich Usmanov, Ilham Ikramovich Usmanov, Isakova Oygul Madamindzanovna

With introduction of trace elements in the composition of phosphate-containing fertilizers, the formation of various compounds of trace elements with different solubility, depending on the place of introduction. The article presents the results of a study of the copper sulfate-phosphoric acid-water system at 30 and 80°C. The solubility diagram of the CuSO4-H3PO4-H2O system at 30°С has one branch corresponding to the release of CuSO4 ∙ 5Н2O copper sulphate pentahydrate into the equilibrium solid phase, and the solubility isotherm of the system at 80°С consists of two branches: the first branch the solubility curve corresponds to saturated solutions, of which copper sulfate pentahydrate crystallizes into the solid phase, the second branch corresponds to the formation of a new compound CuSO4 ∙ CuHPO4 ∙ 2H2O in the system.


Methodology For Determining Bearing Capacity Of Subgrade Of Sand Dunes Under Vibrodynamic Effects

Ergashev Zukhritdin Zaydinovich

The article discusses the methodology for determining the bearing capacity of a subgrade of sand dunes under vibrodynamic effects, taking into account the volume forces of inertia and a decrease in the strength characteristics of sand dunes under the influence of a vibrodynamic load, describe the ultimate equilibrium of subsoil subgrade only until the discontinuity of the subgrade. This is achieved by creating some initial, possibly triaxial, stress σstart> 0, in the presence of which at any point the absence of tensile stresses under vibrodynamic action is guaranteed, i.e. σ ≥ 0.


Painting Pictures With Words Via Google Classroom

Wan Alia Athira Wan Nazari, Noor Adira Abd Raub, Lavaneesh Rama, Melor Md Yunus

An adjective is a part of speech that has its own significance in describing or modifying a noun or pronoun to make it specific as well as interesting. Using multiple adjectives to describe a noun, however, is confusing to ESL students as there is a certain order to be followed, which contradicts or does not even exist in their L1. At the same time, students nowadays are prone to technologies. In this era of technology advancement, the use of Google Classroom as an online tool plays an important role in education. The teaching and learning process could be enhanced as numerous features of Google are available on this blended learning platform. Therefore, the study aimed to examine the effectiveness of utilizing short videos and online games via Google Classroom in teaching the order of adjectives to the students. The participants of the study were 67 ESL students from an urban secondary school. Action research was carried out and the data was collected by the means of pre- and post-tests. It was highlighted that the results from post-tests showed an increase compared to pre-tests. The findings had proven that the integration of Google Classroom positively enhanced the teaching and learning process rather than being the conventional grammar lesson, and facilitated students to master the focused grammar rule. Therefore, Google Classroom should be seen as a viable learning tool to be implemented in ESL classrooms.


The Effect Of Application Of Cavendish Jepara 30 Banana Pseudostem Flour On Production Of Short-Chain Fatty Acids And Cholesterol In Caecum Digesta Of Hypercholesterolemic Mice

Yuliatmoko Welli, Murdiati Agnes, Pranoto Yudi, Marsono Yustinus

Cavendish Jepara 30 banana pseudostem flour (EBP flour) was reportedly rich in bioactive components.The objective of study was to determine the effect of EBP flour and canna-starch-EBP based food bar on the production of short-chain fatty acids and cholesterol in the caecum digesta reduction in terms of lowering blood cholesterol. One group of normal mice consisted of 5 mice were given standard food diet. Five groups of hypercholesterolemic mice, each 5 mice, fed with a standard diet and EBP flour. The analysis on caecum digesta consisted of water content, weight of digesta caecum, pH, levels of short-chain fatty acids, and cholesterol levels. Dietary interventions of canna starch-EBP based food bar produced the highest concentration of propionic acid of 38.1 ± 15.3% followed by blanched EBP flour 18.1 ± 9.1%. However, the intervention diet of blanched EBP flour showed a higher number of cholesterol of caecum digesta compared to the canna-starch-EBP based food bar and natural EBP flour diet, 83.9 ± 2.1 mg GAE/100 g, 79.1 ± 1.2 mg GAE/100 g, and 53.3 ± 1.4 mg GAE/100 g. To conclude, blanched EBP flour and canna starch-EBP based food bar increased the concentration of propionic acid and cholesterol excretion on caecum digesta so that both could benefit for health.


Individual Morality To Accounting Fraud Tendency At Whole BMTs In Kudus

Sudarman, Septian Yudha Kusuma

This research has purposes to find out individual morality to accounting fraud tendency at whole BMTs in Kudus. This quantitative field research uses primary data through survey by using questionnaire distribution. There are two variables (X) individual morality and (Y) accounting fraud tendency. All BMTs’ employees in Kudus joining PBMT, 302 employees are the population. Meanwhile, 173 respondents selected by purposive sampling are the sample. The findings show individual morality influences accounting fraud tendency shown by direct effect coefficient of individual morality to accounting fraud tendency (lance c) of model (1) -0.37 and is significant (0.01).


A Review On Fractal Image Compression

Geeta Chauhan, Ashish Negi

This study aims to review the recent techniques in digital multimedia compression with respect to fractal coding techniques. It covers the proposed fractal coding methods in audio and image domain and the techniques that were used for accelerating the encoding time process which is considered the main challenge in fractal compression. This study also presents the trends of the researcher's interests in applying fractal coding in image domain in comparison to the audio domain. This review opens directions for further researches in the area of fractal coding in audio compression and removes the obstacles that face its implementation in order to compare fractal audio with the renowned audio compression techniques.


Application Of Productivity Enhancement Tools In RIGS Manufacturing Industry: ABC AND MRP

Dr. P. Sundharesalingam, Dr. M. Mohanasundari, and Dr. P. Vidhyapriya

Since the mid-1980s the strategic edges of inventory management and production designing and scheduling became obvious. First, inventory represents a serious money investment for any company. Inventories represent of 25 to 50 per cent of total assets in manufacturing firms and 75 to 80 per cent in wholesalers and retailers. On the opposite hand, from the operational perspective, inventories add an operational flexibility. Adequate inventories unbroken in producing corporations can sleek the assembly method. The paper attempts to identify the gap between inventory management theory and Practice based on the critical examination of the trends in academic research and the practicing world. This paper attempts to provide suggestions to potentially bridge this gap.


The Role Of Chemical Methods In The Protection Of Newly Planted Legumes And Potatoes From The Root-Bearing Frost

Kholliev Asomiddin, Hudoykulov Azamjon, Mahmudova Shakhnoza, Norkulov Aliddin

In this article, the prevalence of late ripening (Agrotis segetum Den. Et Schiff) and ripening tinctures (Agrotis exclamationis Den. Et Schiff) on re-seeded mash and potato sowings, with damage and seedling Avalanche 70% n. (5kg / t) and the Cruiser Extra 362 sus. (3 l / t) The plants are fully protected from root-ripening trunks for up to 21 days after the germination of the plants after application of the preparations. Maximum 55% s.c.s., and Primagold 36% Eq., Against rodent tunnels during plant growth, were experimented and monitored to determine the efficacy of chemicals. According to Max, 55% s.e.g., 0.1 mg / ha per hectare, was 86.6% effective on day 7 of the study. According to the Primagold 36% absorbed version, 1.5 l / ha, the maximum efficiency was 82.4% on the 7th day.


Dynamic Queue Management For Optimized Qos In Manets

C.Siva Krishnaiah, N.Geethanjali, Dr. T.Harikrishna

This paper explores a Queue based management approach for optimized QoS in MANETs. This presents a dynamic Active Queue administration scheme for traffic control in the presence of static and mobile infrastructure network environments. This strategy was proposed to manage efficiently both priority-based and non-priority-based communications. This guarantees a minimum operational resource for communication over MANET. The non-priority-based communication is anticipated to absorb the drawbacks of reduced connectivity during ultimate period of congestion. This appears as desirable QoS progress towards optimized MANETs in inadequate, unstable network situation.


Comparative Analysis Of LLC Resonant Converter And Z Source Resonant DC-DC Converter Designed For Wide Input Voltage And Variations In Load

Aniket J Aher, Shrikant S. Mopari

In recent years enhancement of power quality has become essential due to tremendous usage of power electronics devices and converters. Moreover, having a wide range of input voltage along with variations in the load has become a common necessity. Resonant converter holds good for all the above parameters and have proved to be far more beneficial than other converters in many aspects such as Efficiency, Power factor, Losses, Voltage Stability and THD. Due to this, resonant converters have attracted many large scale applications such as in Power Distribution, Renewable Energy, Battery chargers for Electric Vehicles, Power factor correction etc. In this paper, two converters, namely LLC Resonant converter and Z-Source resonant DC-DC converter are suggested. This paper also presents a comparative analysis between LLC resonant converter and Z source resonant converter for reliable performance and suitable applications


New Results In Production Theory By Applying Goal Programming

B.Venkateswarlu B. Mahaboob, C. Subbarami Reddy, C. Narayana

In this research article postulates of Data Envelope Analysis (DEA) and factor minimal cost function and its properties are mentioned because they are prerequisites to understand the goal programming estimation of stochastic cost function. The LPP by which the factor minimum cost is obtained has been proposed here. This research paper includes the two stages of estimation of stochastic cost function. The properties satisfied by factor minimal cost function are stated and a diagram by which the concepts of technical, allocated and overall production efficiencies can be understood is proposed. The GP/CR model with single priority is specified and the GPP by which the estimation of full frontier can be estimated is presented. The LPP by which the output technical efficiency is estimated has been specified here. The goal programming problem by which DA can be formulated is derived and DEA-additive model is proposed. Furthermore some applications of goal programming in portfolio management have been proposed.


Performance Analysis Of SEPIC And Zeta Converter For Power Quality Improvement

Fakirrao T.Chavan, Shrikant S.Mopari , Panchayya S. Swami

In recent trends the rapid evolution in power semiconductor devices is increased a wide series of applications such as robotics, industrial, and several others. A harmonics distortion produced by power converter is becoming a serious concern for reliable operation of the system. All the same, a usual method by means of rectifier with capacitor has adverse consequences and supplementary losses. This paper enlightens the relative performance analysis of SEPIC and Zeta converter for power quality improvement. The suggested topologies provide the reduction of THD by employing proportional integral technique with voltage follower approach. The performance for proposed converter has simulated in MATLAB that provided an improved power quality at AC mains.


Parenting Model Of Working Mothers On Their Digitally Native Teenagers In Using Gadgets

Rina Patriana Chairiyani, Menik Winiharti

In most part of the world nowadays, people - including parents and teenagers – are quite connected through the internet, especially through electronic devices such as computers and smartphones. Therefore, it is interesting to explore how teenagers nowadays use their gadgets and how their parents control this use. This study aims to investigate the parenting models of working mothers on their digitally native teenagers in using gadgets. The participants of this study are mothers who work outside their home. They are asked questions with regard to their teenagers’ using gadgets by means of interview techniques. The method used for analysis is qualitative and descriptive one. The results show that in doing their parenting, working mothers basically apply democratic style. This style encourages children to discuss what they want, thus there is cooperation between parents and children. In addition, children are perceived as individuals, therefore, parents should provide guidance and direction. As a result, the control on the use of gadgets is still provided.


A Study On Smart Irrigation Systems For Agriculture Using Iot

Dr. J. Jegathesh Amalraj, S. Banumathi, J. Jereena John

Agriculture plays an imperative role in the country’s development. In our country, more than 72% of people depend upon farming which is one-third of the population invests in farming. Thus, the challenges and issues concerning agriculture need to be focused to hinder the country development. The only recommended solution to this issue is modernizing agriculture using smart technologies. IoT can construct agricultural and farming processes more efficient by tumbling human intervention through automation. In agriculture, irrigation is one of the processes which support crop production by supplying needed water to the soil. The irrigation methods involve a lot of time and effort in farming. A Sensor-based automated irrigation system provides a promising solution to manage agricultural activity. This research article provides a vast study on the irrigation system in smart agriculture.


Design And Development Of Assistive Feeding Device For Physically Challenged Persons

Logeswaran T, Hariharan S, Karthikeyan P, Naveen T R, Bhuvanesh N

The ultimate aim of this proposed methodology is to assist the persons with movement disorder who need the help of someone to feed themselves. The proposed methodology comprises of six servo motors, one arduino controller and one power window motor. By closing the switch which is near to the feet of the user, the required height will be obtained through the rotation of power window motor. Arduino nano is programmed in such a way to co-ordinate the required movements of the arm. The desirable robotic arm position is accomplished by the rotation of servo motors. The assistive feeding device has a spoon clamped on the top shaft which is mounted for rotation adjustments. The top shaft will rotate in clockwise direction to take the meals. The user will get the food at an angle of 120 degree. Switches are provided near the feet of the person so that the person can control the arm movement by pressing the switch.


Automated Granary Monitoring And Controlling System Suitable For The Sub-Saharan Region

Temesgen Belay Tedla, Joe Joe L. Bovas, Yonas Berhane, Maxim Nikolaevich Davydkin, Shaji James P.

In the Sub-Saharan region, a large amount of the harvested grain is lost during storage. The inability to precisely monitor and control the internal conditions of a storage house is one of the major factors leading to this loss. Timely, relevant and accurate information regarding the internal status of the granary helps in maintaining the quality of the grains as well as in storage loss reduction. This paper presents an automation system for grain storage houses found in the Sub Saharan region. The automation system was built on the paradigm of the Wireless Sensor Network, where spatially distributed sensor nodes seamlessly communicate with a Linux based Raspberry Pi computer. The communication between them is achieved through a lightweight and reliable machine-to-machine communication protocol. Each node is equipped with sensors for monitoring the climatic and environmental conditions of the grain storage house. Based on the incoming data from the sensors the system executes a number of tasks to help the grains to be safely stored for a long period of time – with minimum losses. Additionally, an easily accessible and secure web interface has been developed allowing the owner to graphically visualize the status of store, in real-time. If any risk factor is confirmed to exist inside the store, the owner is automatically informed through SMS.


Securing Twitter Data Using Srb21 Phase I Methodology

C Bagath Basha, S Rajaprakash

Today’s world has witnessed the buildup of information through social media like Twitter and Facebook, that are growing hugely day by day. Victimization these social media, users tweet or post on several topics from anywhere within the world through the net. Tweets area unit accustomed analyze positive and negative messages to drive polarity scores and additionally to predict future trends. These polarity scores might be extracted from Twitter, albeit polarity score knowledge area unit placed underneath security. The information will be simply hacked, and dynamical the score results will cause immeasurable problems, like touching the worldwide economic standing, company brands, and therefore the reputations of companies. To tackle these problems, Daniel Bernstein planned to the implementation of Salsa, that has quicker encryption because of the district round with better data security. In the current work, a novel methodology is proposed by modifying the Salsa20/4 to further enhance the security of the polarity scores, which is an important requirement of the current world. The proposed methodology has two stages. The first stage has secret key. The second stage is prime number secret key in N-1 steps which are interchange the secret key value and prime number value. The proposed methodology has good security while to comparing to Salsa20/4 methodology.


The Attitude Of The Vatican And Other Christian Churches On The Issue Of Jerusalem (1967-2019)

Abdulla Rashed AlArqan

Jerusalem occupied a religious position in the followers of the three monotheistic religions and had its own sanctity. In this study the importance of Jerusalem to Christian followers was noted, especially the position of the Vatican. The study answered its main question: What is the position of the Vatican and other Christian churches on the issue of Jerusalem since 1967-2019?. The Study sought to achieve several objectives, the first of which was to clarify the position of the Vatican and other Christian churches towards Jerusalem since (1967-2019), and consequently to draw conclusions and perceptions through which the Arab and Islamic world pressured the Vatican to change its positions in favor of Jerusalem and Palestine. The study used a combination of historical and international system approaches.


Implementation Of OFDM Using FPGA Board

Sumitgupta, Sk.Suffran, M.Sahitya, B.Sowjanya

This paper proposes a dynamically reconfigurable start to finish transmitting and receiving baseband that can switch between three well known OFDM guidelines, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.16, and IEEE 802.22, working in to separate and relate the data. We show that joining FPGA board to system with Verilog code dumping to board with FFT and IFFT modules offers a decrease in reconfiguration time of 71% and a FIFO size decrease of 25% contrasted and the methodologies FFT and IFFT will separate the baseband and send the data in efficient form. With the help of 256-point OFDM we are going to dump this Verilog code to FPGA board which is spartan-3E board.


A Smart Highway Lighting System Using IOT

A.Santhosh Reddy, P.Sarath Naga Sai Ram, SudhaDukkipati

Now a day’s energy is being wasted a lot and it cannot be reduced in many cases. Conventional components are replacing by solar-based components. Lights on highways will work for a period of 12 hours a day i.e. evening to the next day morning. It is aware that many of the highways, communities and developed areas are going with solar-based Highway lights which are a one-time investment. Even though solar-based Highway lights are used, in some or the other way energy is getting wasted because lights are required only when vehicles are going on the highways and rest of the time it is not required. In addition to it, solar energy is not available at night times, but lights need power only at night times. Sometimes light is required at a particular time and the rest of the time it is wasted. Based on these factors modifications should be done for Highway lights to save energy smartly. So, it is suggested to install, “A Smart Highway Lighting System” only for Highway lights, because it is identified that much of the energy is wasted on Highway lights. These Highway lights are basically required at night time but when the road is empty lights can be turned off. Considering all the aspects some data have been collected and calculated the data based on slab rates.So, with the help raspberry pi the status of Highway lights can be operated, in this way much amount of energy can be saved. They can be controlled with the help of Proximity sensor, LDR, Current sensor, Relay in addition to the raspberry pi. So, by using these sensors motion of any vehicle passing through can be detected and using LDR lights can be turned on. Real-time operation of Highway lights can be monitored through server client program. And by collecting all these data the results can be compared before and after implementing the prototype “Smart Highway Lighting System”.


Social Innovation Practices In Sustainable Waste Management: Case Study Of Successful Social Enterprises In Ahmedabad

Nageswara Rao Ambati

This paper aims to understand the role of social enterprises in social innovations that facilitate, promote or challenge the environmental sustainability in the city of Ahmedabad. In order to realise it’s aim, the present research adopts a qualitative case study approach to understand the social innovations adopted by social enterprises for environmental sustainability. For the present study, three successful social enterprises in Gujarat were selected by using purposive sampling and in-depth interviews were conducted. The selected social enterprises have all been in operation for an extensive period and have acquired significant recognition for their contribution in achieving sustainable social change at local, national and international level. The cases are “Ekam Eco Solutions”, “Let’s Recycle” and “Waste-Pro”. After the interview, the cases were analysed with respect to different factors such as motivational factors, entrepreneurial journey, support and challenges in managing social enterprise and the contribution towards environmental sustainability which in turn helps in achieving sustainable development goals. The findings of the study also discuss the level of social innovations adopted while designing, developing and using services/products for target groups. The findings of the study reveal that protecting the environment is paramount for the survival of mankind and therefore, only when the environment is looked after, can mankind survive. Thus, the study provides a theoretical and practical contribution to the role of social innovations implemented by social enterprises and offers useful reflections for policy makers and social innovation education.


Forecasting The Probability Of Ice Drift In The Bulgarian Section Of The Danube River

Yuriy Dachev, Hristo Hristov

The Danube River is the only inland waterway in the Republic of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian section of the river is located in its lower reaches. The river is included in the general network of European inland waterways as a trans-European transport corridor VII. The Rhine-Main-Danube channel connects Western and Eastern Europe providing excellent opportunities for direct navigational links between the Black Sea and the North Sea. It is a convenient waterway to many European countries and their industrial centers. Due to the specific nature of the river, there are various hazards to navigation on it, such as sediment, sills and ice drift. Predicting the formation of sediment is difficult as it depends on many factors. The areas and boundaries of the sills are well known and the Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube (EAEMD) takes measures to ensure their safety. Ice drift is another major hazard to navigation on the river. The article analyzes the hydro-meteorological information about the Bulgarian section of the Danube River for a period of 20 years. The interdependencies of hydro-meteorological data with respect to the prerequisites for ice formation and ice drift on the river are researched. On this basis, a methodology has been proposed to determine the probability of ice drift in the Bulgarian section of the river.


An Effect Of Authentic Leadership As Moderator In Teachers’ Performance Appraisal Satisfaction

Mohd Nadzri Ishak, Tang Swee Mei, Abdul Halim Abdul Majid

Appraisal satisfaction can be defined as the extent to which the employee accepts, satisfies and meets the needs of the employee in the performance appraisal process. Appraisal satisfaction known as one of the important dimensions in measuring performance appraisal effectiveness. This study was conducted to determine whether appraisal justice do affect appraisal satisfaction in teacher’s performance appraisal and to what extent authentic leadership act as a moderator in this relationship. A total of 95 participants of secondary school teachers at the northern part of Malaysia respond to the online questionnaire. Data were analyzed using smartPLS3.0. The findings of the study clearly show that the three dimensions of appraisal justice (distributive justice, procedural justice and interactional justice) have a positive and significant relationship to appraisal satisfaction and that authentic leadership involved as a moderating variable in this study. This study clearly guides policy makers to ensure that elements of appraisal justice and authentic leadership are embedded in the implementation of the performance appraisal process


State Estimation And Demand Forecasting For Operational Planning In Distributed Network Management System

R.Sowndarya, Dr.S.Maheswari, M.Manochitra

In recent days, the distributed network system faces more number of problem by the intervention of significantly installed and embedded PV cells. Demand response capability of the node (distributed transformer) which is integrated with the Photovoltaic (PV) cells makes the distributed energy network to reduce the energy consumption from the traditional EB. NARX (Non-linear Auto-Regressive eXogenous) model play a good role in forecasting the demand efficiently when compared to Least Mean Square (LMS) approach. Periodical analysis of network status alerts the distributed network operator (DNO) about the network issues. Constraint management done at every level to restore the network when it attempts to exceed its allowable limit. Maintaining the network against the negative load shows its strength in the distribution network system. ISSDA (Irish Social Science Data Archive) dataset is used to forecast the demand. The overall methodology constantly uses the smart meter data, recorded supervisory control and PV generation data at each node.


Air Suffocation Prevention Inside A Car Cabin

S.Shankar, V.G.Pratheep, G.Pranesh, P.Umesh, V.M.Vignesh

Mostly individuals or people inside a car switch on the air conditioner (AC) to refresh or for resting when they felt tired. Few will use for sleeping when the engine is idle, tragically after a certain period of time the oxygen substance present interior the car will gets diminished. After that they will be persistently breathing the carbon dioxide which would be breathed out by them. So, after a certain time, since the car could be a constrained space settlement it will raise the chance of reduction in oxygen supply that's required to breathe or it will lead to suffocation and eventually passing, mostly lead to death. A solution is given to this issue with the assistance of an MQ 135 sensor that can be introduced interior to the car which can sense the sum of poisonous substance in the car regularly. If the carbon dioxide (CO2) level within the car isn't up to the set point (i.e. underneath the required level), it will take the control activity by sending a flag to the controller. Based on the flag the controller gives control activity to the D.C. engine that's coupled with rack and pinion which is commonly utilized in opening and closing of the windows in automobiles. When the poisonous level within the car is disposed of at that point the engine will invert its direction (i.e. window will be closed). By this means, the gas level within the car will be monitored and it will be made to preserve the required level of oxygen by the implies of this whole setup/system.


The Influance Of CASE Tools Traits On The Successful Design Of Web Applications

Samer Barakat, Hanady Al-Zagheer

The purpose of this research paper is to examine the Influence of CASE Tools Traits (Flexibility, Integration, and Quality Assurance) on the Successful Design of Web Applications. To achieve the research goals, a random sample of 173 systems analysts, database designers, web application developers and systems administrators were randomly selected from a research population of 17 companies working in the software development sector. The outcome showed positive Influence of CASE Tools Traits (Flexibility, Integration, and Quality Assurance) on the successful design of Web Applications. This paper provided new contribution to the existing knowledge related to the use of CASE Tools in the successful design of Web Applications.


Nox Reduction In IC Engine Using Pressure Swing Adsorption Technique

N. Prasanna, S. Manikandan, P. Guruprasath, S. Mohan Baabu

The reduction of NOx emissions is a main goal of the Clean Air Act Amendments because of their known role in the formation of ground-level ozone. NOx is a generic term for the nitrogen oxides that are most relevant for air pollution, namely nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). These gases contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain, as well as affecting tropospheric ozone. NOx gases are usually produced from the reaction among nitrogen and oxygen during combustion of fuels, such as hydrocarbons, in air; especially at high temperatures, such as occur in car engines. The facility that can reduce NOx emissions from the combustion equipment, is using Pressure swing adsorption. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) is a technology used to separate some gas species from a mixture of gases under pressure according to the species molecular characteristics and affinity for an adsorbent material. Specific adsorbent materials (e.g., zeolites, activated carbon, molecular sieves, etc.) are used as a trap, preferentially adsorbing the target gas species at high pressure. The air from the atmosphere is sent to the compressor and the air is compressed to 6 bar (approx.). the compressed air from the compressor is sent to the two reaction chambers where the two chambers are connected in parallel which works alternatively (when adsorption takes place in first chamber the desorption takes place in another chamber and vice versa). The connection between the two chambers is controlled by using valve. The nitrogen in the compressed air is adsorbed by the 13x zeolite and the remaining air from the reaction chamber is sent to the buffer tank where the air is stored for the continuous input to the engine, for maintaining constant pressure and to compensate the fluctuation in mass flow rate. A part of air is sent to the oxygen analyzer to know the amount of oxygen rich air which is sent to the engine. By using this method, the NOx emission from exhaust is reduced and the performance is increased significantly.


A Review On Methodologies And Performance Analysis Of Device Identity Masking Techniques


The Ransomware is a malicious program,that attacks the compromised nodes of individual system and takes control on the sensitive files to demand revenue (bitcoins) from the administrator.The hacker acquires the information (Device identity)from the insecure proxy server.The device is located based on identity to scan for compromised node or port to perform the attack on system/network.To prevent this,a device identity masking system has been proposed.To avoid the revealing of device identity from hackers.


Methods Of Improvement Of Mechanical And Tribological Properties Of The Surface Of Ss 316l: A Review

Mukhtiar Singh, Ravinder Kumar, Hitesh Vasudev, Vikas Gulati, Mandeep Singh

: Stainless steel 316 L is alloy carbon steel alloy which have been widely used in highly reactive atmospheric conditions for several applications such as food processing equipment, marine applications, architectural applications, medical implants owing to its excellent mechanical properties and corrosion inhibitors. However, low hardness and wear resistance properties of this grade of steel have greatly limited its applications. Extensive research has been going on over years to improve the wear resistant properties of the steel either by addition of any wear resistant alloying element or by other surface treatment methods. One economical solution to improve the surface properties of all types of austenitic steel is heat treatment. This paper has an attempt to review different methods of improving the properties such as hardness, wear and corrosion on austenitic stainless steel SS316L.


Community Development Communication Model And Improving The Role Of Agropolitan Institutions

Zainal, Anna Gustina; Singagerda, Faurani Santi; Sanusi, Anuar; and Akbar, M. Fikri

The objective of research this study is to determine a model for the communication of community empowerment in improving the role of agropolitan institutions. The research follows the qualitative method, involving responses from 56 farmers and considering seven variable communication processes in the development of institutions’ role in Tanggamus, Lampung Province, Indonesia. The results showed that the role in the agropolitan area cannot be implemented because of community characteristics, and communication processes have not been effective as measured by farmers’ perception, attitudes and actions where these aspects influence the attitudes and actions of farmers in the area. Beside that the results also found the characteristics of farmer respondents consisted of age, education, group membership status, land, land status, farming experience, family size and income, and the communication process is dominated by institutions, because of the communication process in farmers group used a linear communication approach, which all members tend to passively wait for information from the relevant agencies. Hence, the dominant method of communication is lecture, where frequency of communication is low. So that the effectiveness of the communication and implementation of the program cannot be reached.


Investigation Of Consumers Online Purchasing Behavior For Electronics Goods

Nausherwan Raunaque, Dr. Indrajit Singh Yadav

This examination adds to the investigation of buyer conduct towards purchasing especially gadgets. It points to explore factors that impact expectation to purchase consumer electronics on the web and discover how they contrast crosswise over different demographics in the Delhi NCR region. The proposed model depended on the Theory of reasoned actions, the Theory of innovation diffusion and the Technology acceptance model. It inferred that frame of mind towards purchasing consumer electronics gadgets on the web, abstract standard, perceived conduct control, frame of mind toward utilizing on the web stores when purchasing consumer electronics gadgets on the web, and social condition of trust impact goal to purchase electronics in an online store.


Entrepreneurial Behavior In Entrepreneurial Pioneer In Ngalang Village

Surahma Asti Mulasari, Fatwa Tentama, Subardjo, Sulistyawati, Desta Rizki Kusuma, Tri Wahyuni Sukesi

Gunungkidul Regency is one of the regencies in Yogyakarta with high unemployment. The high unemployment rate is caused by several things including low labor competitiveness, low levels of education and lack of employment. One of the efforts to reduce the number of unemployed is to create business opportunities, namely by creating entrepreneurs. Based on the results of the interview it was found that the Ngalang village community is a community that does not have a permanent job, has low knowledge and skills, cannot take advantage of the opportunities that are around and difficulties in terms of capital. One way to encourage the emergence of entrepreneurial behavior is to provide entrepreneurial training in the form of training in making food businesses, training in making briquettes and training in making garbage banks. The purpose of this study was to determine the description of entrepreneurial behavior in the Ngalang village community before and after participating in the training. This research uses a qualitative approach with a phenomenological method. The location of this research is in the village of Ngalang, District of Gedangsari, Gunung Kidul Regency. The subjects of this study were six people who were obtained using purposive sampling techniques. Data collection techniques used in this study were in-depth interview techniques, then respondents were also asked to fill in the measurement tools for entrepreneurial behavior. The results showed that the factors that support entrepreneurial behavior are opportunity, recognition, initiative, and risk management. The community is able to apply entrepreneurial behavior by applying the results of the training and can start selling the results of the training.


The Influence Of Raden Fatah Towards Spiritual Value On Tombs And Great Mosque Of Demak

Marwoto, Sugiono Soetomo , Bambang Setioko, Mussadun

Raden Fatah was the first Moslem king in Java. Historically, it had huge influences on Javanese civilization and culture. Therefore, Demak becomes the center for pilgrims to visit ancient buildings and tombs as the Sultanate's remains. Even though the Sultanate of Demak had fallen since the 16th century, the spread of Islam and pilgrimage to tombs of Wali (a name given to a wise and religious person teaching Islam) are still famous nowadays. Raden Fatah and other Wali become the icon of Demak. This study is aimed to reveal the fame of Raden Fatah and Wali which make their tombs and mosques are visited by the people as they form of tradition and religion ritual. The method applied are historical descriptive analysis, grounded theory, and phenomenological observation on site. The result revealed that the tombs and the great mosque of Demak have become the symbol of a religious tourism spot. This has happened because the king of Demak had placed the base of Islamic values on a city


Fact Findings Of Exploring ICT Model In Teaching Learning

Vikrant Shaga, Samee Sayyad, K. Vengatesan and Abhishek Kumar

In past few years, ICT has been adopted by many universities, colleges and industries for better transmission of ideas. Industry experts finding it facile in delivering expert talks using webinars, video conferencing and other ICT resources. Government of India took great initiatives by introducing various teaching learning schemes for enhancing curriculum design, professional development, preparation, evaluation techniques and so on. This has created a very good opportunities for the domain experts to explore their innovative ideas to the audiences. This paper will highlight the impact of using ICT tools in various regions of the world. Also, we have focused on the impact of our own designed ICT model in present teaching learning. Impact of our model is measured on the basis of feedbacks given by students. We have analyzed different factors on the basis of student’s approach, satisfaction level and interest. It is observed that level of understanding of students raise to some extent but opinions differ gender-wise in some cases.


Influence Of Technological Modes Of Magnetron Spraying On The Structure And Properties Of Coatings Based On Chrome

Saydakhmedov Ravshan, Kutpinisa Kadirbekova

The production of chromium-based coatings in vacuum by magnetron sputtering refers to environmentally friendly technologies. The technological capabilities of a magnetron sputtering vacuum system are considered. It was proposed to pre-treat the surface of the substrate with argon ions before applying the chrome plating. For this purpose, a designed ion source and a magnetron sputtering device for the chromium cathode are located in the chamber. Chromium-based nanostructured coatings formed by magnetron sputtering with preliminary treatment of the surface with an ion source are investigated. The thickness, adhesion strength and corrosion resistance of chromium coatings were determined. It was shown that the chemical resistance of samples with chromium-based coatings in solutions of nitric and hydrofluoric acid showed their high corrosion resistance. The effect of the thickness of the chromium-based nanostructured coating on the corrosion resistance is investigated. With an increase in coating thickness, the corrosion resistance of chromium coatings changes several times. For coatings less than 1 micron thick, the number of corrosion points (pores in the coating) was 5-10 times larger than for coatings 2.3-2.5 microns thick. Using electron microscopy, the surface morphology and the size of nanoparticles in the structure of chromium coatings were investigated. It was revealed that, depending on the formation modes, the coatings consist of crystallites with sizes from 45 nm to 200 nm.


Design And Fabrication Of Portable Sugarcane Harvesting Machine

S. Shankar, C. Maheshwari, R. Gowtham, P. Kiruba, K. Mohansrinivas

In today’s world, the human population is increasing a lot. Due to this, there is a need for large-scale production of agricultural products. There is a huge demand of sugar and its by product. For the cultivation of sugar, the human daily wages are more than the total profit of the cultivation. The major sugarcane growing states are Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. This work aims to design and fabricate a small scale portable sugarcane cutting machine for harvesting sugarcane's to reduce farmer's effort and to increase the production of agricultural goods. Compared to manual harvesting, this machine has a capacity to cut canes in faster rate and in economical way. This work helps in laying design foundation for any aspiring user to fabricate a machine for application in their farms. Agricultural harvesting requires maximum man power, ample money and also more time- consuming process. In cutting process, it faces various problems and these are not easily solved. The design of this machine is very simple also easy to implement. Sugarcane Cutting Machine is designed to reduce effort and time. This is user friendly cutting machine; anyone can handle this machine in any working condition. Skilled persons aren’t required for operating this machine.


A Gender Study On The Effects Of The “High Five Game” On The Math Learning Performance Of Children

Potenciano D. Conte, Jr.

Researches on educational games in the classroom which aim to enhance Math scores among children continue to enhance research literature. The card game “High Five Game” developed and utilized with the hope of improving the basic math performance and Math appreciation of children. Featuring the combined mechanics of UNO and Bingo Number Tower Game, this new card game was introduced among the 130 grader-respondents from Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines, whose profile were gathered and for whom the pre-test and post-test were administered. The acceptability of the game by various grader-respondents was measured and it was very highly acceptable. Differences between the male and female pupils on their game acceptability and test score performances were determined; there was no statistical difference for both. Finally, in terms of the effects of the game, findings in this study does not support the stereotype belief on ‘Math as a “male” subject’ among children.


Design And Fabrication Of Automatic Onion Peeling And Cutting Machine

P. Ravichandran, C.Anbu, S.Sathish kumar, A.Sakthivel, S.Thenralarasu

Automation plays an important role in industrial and domestic applications. The purpose of automation is to get higher production rates, efficient utilization of materials, better quality, reduce time consumption and to improve safety. In present days, automation is not only implemented in industrial problems but also in domestic applications. This paper describes the application of automation in one of the work in kitchen called onion peeling and cutting. Onion peeling and cutting is one of the fatigues and time consuming job for preparation of food and it is everyday activity in all food processing system. In hotels, hostel mess and restaurants high man power is required for the peeling and cutting the onion and also it consumes more time. On the other hand there is a shortage of workers for these types of works. Hence, there is a good opportunity for the implementation of automation in onion peeling and cutting machine. The objective of this project is to implement the mechatronics approach for automating the onion peeling and cutting operation.


An Evaluation Of Feature Selection Algorithms In Machine Learning

R Ravi kumar, M Babu Reddy P Praveen

In the outline of statistical pattern recognition, feature selection is an vital step aim to dig out the most significant inequitable in order for classification and accumulate it succinctly into a pattern vector of a lower dimensionality. The impetus for applying feature selection is assorted. At first place, features can be expensive to obtain. The cost includes quantity attainment, data preprocessing, storage and transfer, reasons behind computation, etc. Furthermore, high-dimensional problems should more samples for training to accomplish a good overview potential of a classifier (i.e., the curse of dimensionality). Reduced dimensionality of the pattern vector can also help to gain enhanced perceptive of a given problem in applications like medicine or genetic engineering. The main goal of this paper is to design a classifier independent (filter-based) feature selection method that would allow the merit of individual features to be assessed from one-dimensional projections of the data. However, we have encountered several other problems during our research which had to be addressed first.


Recent Developments And Trends In The Chemical Tanker Market

Dimitar Dimitrakiev, Ergun Gunes

The shipping industry has gone through some extraordinary negative changes during the last 10 years. A drastic decline in freight and time charter rates have become apparent after the global financial crisis (GFC). A serious fall in fuel prices in 2014 thana significant price rise in 2017 has played havoc with many shipping companies as they presently struggle to cover their costs. The market, unfortunately, didn’t respondto the increase in fuel prices as anticipated and has not matched the increasesproportionallywith demand forfreight. The author analysed the effect of the GFC on the chemical tanker industry and its players. The results demonstrate that in time of such crises, chartering demand decreases considerably and the players often decide to restructure and frequently downsize, resulting in only the very competitive corporate players remaining in the chemical tanker marketplace andto mitigate debtspeculators generallysell their shares in these companies. However, resilient industries have proven to be those that turn financial crises into a business opportunity. The old adage of “Buy Low Sell High” couldn’t be more suited to the situation with the present chemical tanker industry. The author claims that in keeping with almost all historical financial cycles, the chemical tankers are also prone to peaks and troughs. As such the present might be the perfect time for investing in inexpensive second-hand ships or perhaps engaging vessels on time charter, or even purchasing shipping company stocks/shares for viable long term returns whileturning a collapsing industry into a more sustainable one.


Extension Of Tubular Water Discharge Limitations With Water Flow Extinguishers

Ergash Kazakov, Uktam Jovliev, Gulomzhon Yakubov

This article presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies on optimizing the parameters of a tubular spillway with energy absorbers for a water flow. The results show that the energy quenching obtained on average does not exceed the corresponding indicator for diffusers of other designs. The advantage of the installation of the type described is that, firstly, it provides sufficient damping of the flow energy, and secondly, the proposed solution for optimizing a diffuser with a small angle of attack can ensure flow continuity on its surface. Due to this, the level of turbulence of the flow after passing through the diffuser is lower than that of diffusers of other structures installed in spillway structures.


A New Literature Review Of Automatic Generation Control In Deregulated Environment

R. Ganesan, s. Ramesh, s. Anbarasi

One in all the foremost vital issue is Automatic Generation Control (AGC) in electrical power system design and operation. The main objective of AGC in a power system is to take care of the frequency of the particular power area. If interconnected facility is taken into account then the tie-line power is to be unbroken near to regular values by adjusting the MW outputs the AGC generators therefore on accommodate unstable load demands. This paper reviews numerous control strategies for elegance of Automatic Generation Control (AGC) within the deregulated power system environment. Models and control procedures / structures of power structure that concern the AGC prevention program and application issues tend to be and are fragmented. Further, discussion on challenges and benedictions related to the reviewed Control techniques/ structures have been conferred.


New Distributed Data Fusion Using Pregel For Large Text Dataset

Nimesh Kumar, Sufal Das

The Data fusion method plays a vital role in analysis of large set of data. It can be used in IoT (Internet of Things) applications as well as big data analysis. Semantic data fusion plays a vital role to handle big data where data is very large in size, dynamic in nature and heterogeneous. Multi sensor data fusion is considered to combine the different data from different sensors and to give a more accurate and significant result. It is also consider as an integration of information and knowledge from different sources. Big data can be considered as large, dynamic and heterogeneous dataset. Data fusion techniques play a vital role for providing integration of knowledge from different heterogeneous data sources. Purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of data fusion techniques with big data perspective. In this paper, we have presented a complete comparison analysis of different data fusion methods proposed by different researchers with different methodologies. This paper is concluded with some open is-sues in big data fusion.


Exploratory Factor Analysis: Millennial Generations Intention To Search Job Vacancies Using Social Media

Damar Aji Irawan, Alexander Batara Marpaung, Yulius Chiri

The purpose of this research is to identify the factors that influence millennial generations intention to search job vacancies using social media. This study is quantitative research with explorative descriptive approach and non-probability purposive sampling was used to select participants. The data was collected using questionnaire. The total sample size of this research is 259 millennial generations who works in the capital city of Indonesia or surrounding areas and had experience searching or applying jobs using social media. To analyze the data, this research uses exploratory factor analysis technique using SPSS 20 software. The results of this study indicate that there are 3 factors that influence millennial generations intention to search job vacancies using social media.


Infrastructure Cost Reduction Of Municipal Public Transport Using Machine Learning

Radhika Bembalkar, Pravin Game

Municipal public transport is the backbone of every city. It provides an economical transport alternative. Effective management of resources for optimizing the revenue is an often discussed issue. This work deals with finding opportunities to increase the revenue of PMPML (Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd.) by reallocating the buses based on the shuttle-wise revenue of individual bus. Here threshold revenue is considered for deciding whether to run that shuttle or reallocate the bus on another busy or overcrowded route. As of now, two routes i.e. route no. 27 and 2 (Source: Bharti Vidyapeeth and Katraj Depot respectively, Destination: Shivajinagar) are considered and one day$’$s run-wise revenue data for these routes has been made available by PMPML which is being used for the analysis. Machine learning algorithms are used for classifying buses based on utilization. It is observed that the ID3 (Iterative Dichotomiser) gives better accuracy than logistic regression. The results can be used to reduce the infrastructure cost by reallocating the buses for the routes based on revenue generated.


An Investigation Of Designing And Manufacturing The Hard-Shell Peanut Peeling Machine With A Small Scale-Size

Van Thanh Tien Nguyen, Tien Bao Tran, Truong Giang Nguyen, Huu Hao Huynh, Van Hieu To, Duc Manh Doan, The Quang Nguyen, Van Thanh Dang

Peanuts are not only a highly nutritious nut but also play a crucial role in Vietnam's processing and exporting industry. This is a reason why there have been a wide range of machines built to support farmers in peanut production lines. Especially, in a peanut shell peeling stage, which is also a labor-intensive process and the most time-consuming in the production of peanuts. Nevertheless, the price of these devices is high and their productivity is quite large, which are unsuitable for the current conditions and production capabilities of Vietnamese farmers. Researching, designing and improving the peanut shell peeling machine with a portable size, acceptable productivity, easy assembly and replace parts, are absolutely necessary. Additionally, the aim of a research also ensures food hygiene along with environmental safety. The operation of the machine bases on the principle of two rollers. One is a rotating roller and the other is fixed. The friction created between peanuts and rollers that break the bridge of the hard shells. Afterwards, peanuts and shells would be sorted by fan blowing. Ultimately fine peanuts are brought to vibrate and classify. Through doing experiments, the machine has the highest productivity when the roller rotates with a number of revolutions of 317 rpm and a gap of two rollers is 12 mm. When these parameters are satisfied, the productivity attainted is 100 kg / hour and the scrap rate is less than 25 %.


ASEAN Tourist In Bali, Indonesia; Trend Analysis The Implementation Of Mathematical Methods In Tourism Sector

Dhian Tyas Untari

Bali is one of the areas of tourism development, given the considerable potential possessed by Bali, and high tourism demand in the island of Bali. Tourism itself is one of the significant foreign exchange earners for Indonesia. This research has several objectives to find out; a). how many tourist arrivals from ASEAN countries b). what is the pattern of tourist arrivals from ASEAN countries c). and based on the visiting pattern, the number of tourist arrivals from ASEAN countries for the next few years. To get the forecast of tourist arrivals in Bali, secondary data in the form of time series of foreign tourist arrivals from ASEAN member countries from 2014 - 2018 were processed using the last square model and this study uses the last square method used to get the regression coefficient estimator linearly. The results showed that Singapore had experienced a negative trand, while for tourists coming from Thailand, the Philippines and other ASEAN-origin tourists even though the quantity was not too much but the trand line showed that there was an increase from year to year. And tourists from Malaysia are very potential tourists, seen from the positive trends.


The Effect Of Convolution Code Structural Property To Reduce The Bit Error Rate In Underwater Acoustic Channel

N.R.Krishnamoorthy, Immanuel Rajkumar, Jerry Alexander, Archanadevi, Abirami

Data communication in underwater channel is most challenge task for an ocean researchers. The channel gives least error rate compared to space communication due to the various factors like high attenuation, heavy multipath propagation and dependence of low frequency signal. This limits the low bandwidth and short range communication. To overcome this, structure of the convolution encoder needs to be analyzed thoroughly for better error rate control for an underwater channel. In this paper structure property of convolution encoder with the code rate of ½ is analyzed. It is evident from the analysis that polynomial with least hamming distance and less code weight gives better efficiency than other polynomial.


Spectroscopic (UV, NMR) Investigation, Anti-Microbial And Molecular Docking Analysis Of 2,3-Dichloronaphthalene-1,4-Dione

Marshan Robert H, Amalanathan M, Usha D, Racil Jeya Geetha R, Sony Michael Mary M

In the present study, the complete geometrical parameters of the 2,3-Dichloronaphthalene-1,4-dione (Dichlone) molecule were calculated with DFT method. UV-Vis spectra of the dichlone molecule have also been recorded and the electronic properties, viz. oscillator strengths, frontier orbital energies, excitation energies, calculated energies, and band gap energies are computed with TD-DFT method. The 1H and 13C NMR chemical shifts of the dichlone molecule have been calculated by the Gauge Independent Atomic Orbital (GIAO) method and compared with the experimental outcome. Docking studies were performed for dichlone molecule using the molecular docking software with four bacterial type (tubercular active) PDB's. In-vitro analysis had done with fungal and bacterial pathogens, Aspergillus niger and E.Coli.


Efficient Visual Cryptographic Algorithm Using AES And Modified (K, N) Share Generation Technique

Sapna B K , K L Sudha

Visual cryptography takes an approach to ensure proper protection of transmitted images by allowing the creation of a finite number of share images from a secret image using some mathematical model. The main challenging task in any visual cryptography is to create N shares that are dissimilar from the actual secret image. No information regarding the secret image must be revealed in these shares. In this paper, we propose a new visual cryptographic technique using AES and a modified (k, N) share generation algorithm. The AES is used to encrypt the image to provide high security to the input secret image. Modified (k, N) share generation technique is applied to this encrypted image to generate shares specified by the k and N values. The generated shares by the proposed technique have a granular appearance hiding the information from the observer but with proper decryption procedure and proper key, this algorithm is able to recreate the original secret image whose PSNR is high. The results show that the proposed algorithm is better in various aspects compared to the existing techniques.


Improving The Quality Of Masters Of Bio-Activators In Golden Apple Snail With Addition Of Bamboo Shoot

Rusmini Ali Sadikin, Riama Rita Manullang1Daryono Nur Hidayat

Bamboo shoots are young shoots derived from bamboo plants. Bamboo shoots in Indonesia are mostly used by the community as vegetables because they taste good and economical and are easy to obtain but apart from that bamboo shoots can be used as an additional ingredient in making bioactivators. This study aims to improve the quality of the golden snail bioactivator by adding the best bamboo shoots with different techniques and fermentation time. This research uses a completely randomized design with 3 factors. The first treatment is snail mas bioactivator with the addition of bamboo shoots (b) consisting of 1 level, namely bamboo shoots as much as 5 kg (b1), per second treatment is the fermentation technique consisting of 2 levels namely anaerobic fermentation (f1), aerobic fermentation (f2) ), and the third treatment is the fermentation time period which consists of 3 levels, namely 1 week (w1), 2 weeks (w2), and 3 weeks (w3) which are repeated 2 replications. The observations included the chemical snail bioactivator chemical analysis test including pH, and the content of macro nutrients N, P and K and the bacterial content analysis test. The results showed that the best pH and K nutrient content in the snail bioactivator with the addition of bamboo shoots was on the bm2w3 treatment or the addition of bamboo shoots with aerobic fermentation techniques and fermentation time for 21 days, the best nutrient content of N and P at Bio snake bioactivator with the addition of bamboo shoots is the treatment of bm1w2 or the treatment of adding bamboo shoots with anaerobic fermentation techniques and the fermentation time for 2 weeks and the treatment of bm2w3 or the treatment of adding bamboo shoots with aerobic fermentation techniques and the fermentation time for 3 weeks is the most treatment. contains a lot of bacteria namely as many as 4 types of bacteria consisting of the bacteria Pseudomonas flourescens, Azotobacter sp, Azosprilium and Bacillus sp


Does Going To Public Affect Operating Performance Of Firms ? : Evidences From Indian Insurance Sector.

S.Suresh, Sankararaman.G, T.C., S.Akshaya

This study aimed at analysing the post operating performance of 6 Insurance Companies who made their IPOs during 2015-18. The research tried to find out the initial day returns and the factor affecting the IPOs. The data for the research has been taken of total 6 IPOs. The study applied Listing Day Returns, Market Adjusted Returns, Short Run Performance, and Market Return Sensex on Listing day to analyse the performance of the IPOs. There are few Insurance companies which gave higher returns in short run. And other few Insurance companies which are giving poor returns (or) loss. The listed day returns where better than market return on sensex on listing date. The investors can mainly focus on short run performance of certain companies which are giving higher returns for profit making out of it.


A Survey Paper On Different Software Testing Automated Methods With Its Techniques

Dr.P.A.Selvaraj, Dr.M.Jagadeesan

To generate software with high-quality, it is important to utilize software testing methods and tools effectively and efficiently .In this paper, we survey the various software testing approaches are compared and contrast that are used in the various fields. This survey will be helpful for improving software testing methods and tools practices.


Gbl-Diorama In Teaching Literature

Izyan Safira Ibrahim, Nur Athirah Jamil, Durga Tevi Thamesh Melor Md Yunus

Teaching materials are very important to support student learning, address diverse learning style, and get the desired learning outcome. Hence, do we really need teaching materials in teaching English Literature? and why? English literature lesson can be lackluster, especially when the lesson conducted is more to teacher-centered while students only sitting to listen and receive knowledge conveyed by the teacher. The conventional practice of teaching literature should be transformed from boring rote learning towards stimulating literature lesson. Therefore, this study was conducted to explore the effectiveness of using GBL-Diorama as a tool to help students gain understanding towards the literature components such as drama, novels, poems, or short story being taught in the class and increase their interest in learning literature. A pretest and posttest were given to 25 Form 1 students of secondary school in Kulai to find out the effectiveness of this innovative tool. The mean achieved for the pretest is 13.13 while for the post test is 17.11. In conclusion, the study was found to improve students’ performance in Literature taught and promoting meaningful learning. Thus, it is recommended for teachers to utilize GBL-Diorama in ESL classroom to teach English Literature as it does not only impart interesting learning for students but also help them to be an active participant during the lesson.


A Study Of Aluminum Alloy 6063 Mechanical Properties Under Electrical Discharge Machine (Edm) Wire Cut Machining And Quenching Condition

M. Riaz, Muhd Azhar Ridhwan

Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) wire cut machining is widely used due to its accurate cutting and clean cutting. The machine is used in tool and die and hole making. Common issue with the EDM wire cut machining is the presence of heat affected zone and “white area”, which can influence the surface integrity of the work piece and can propagate cracks, making the work piece more susceptible to failure. By using heat treatment, the work piece can improve its mechanical properties, allowing to last longer without failure. In this experiment, aluminum alloy 6063 will be machined by using EDM wire cut. The finished specimen is then treated with different heat treatment as per suggested by the journals. After heat treatment, the specimen is then will undergo tensile testing and hardness test. Results will be collected and analyzed


Rapid Urban Growth And Land Use Change In Kano Metropolis Nigeria

Hashim Abdullahi, Gobi Krishna Sinniah, Ho Chin Siong,

The study employed four (400) structured questionnaires and Geographical Information System (GIS) was used for the study which covers 35 years (1984 to 2019 ) and it employed Remote sensing technology and the Landsat images of 1984 , 1998 together with 2019 were classified into four major categories. Aim of the study is to assess environmental impact of rapid urban growth in Kano metropolis. The result depicts that changes trend in farm land/open fields within 1984-1998 indicates significantly cut down by (-49.94%), in 1998-2019, it deeply dropped by (-84.90). On the other hand, built up area growth as reveals more obvious trends within 1984-1998 (23.59) positive growth also within 1998-2019 (5.18). Annual Changes records are 1984-1998 (1.67) and 1998-2019 (0.25). The trend of changes in built up areas is 5,563.816 Ha in 1984 but tripled in 1998 with 15,594.642 Ha. Ordinary least square (OLS) explains that coefficient of determination (R2) (0.947663) shows that about 94% of the changes in the dependent variables (environmental impact of urban growth) was accommodated for the changes in the explanatory variables (Number of households per house (NHH), number of people per house hold (NPH) , number of rooms per house( NRH) , materials used for constructions (MTC), number of rooms rented (NRR) and Monthly rent per room (MRR). The study indicated significant environmental impacts of pre-construction and post constructions activities together with locations, sizes of plots and ages of buildings with the study area. Recommendation is drawn based on the identified spatial planning principles


Modelling Software Reliability Growth Phenomenon In Distributed Development Environment

Nesreen Qallab, Omar Shatnawi

The present scenario of software development life-cycle has switched into a distributed environment because of the development of network technology and ever increased demand of sharing the resources to optimize the cost. In the software reliability engineering literature, few attempts have been made to model the fault testing and debugging process in a distributed development environment. One of the reasons can be attributed to the complexity involved in developing large-scale distributed systems. As a result, their testing and debugging process is influenced by many internal and external factors, all of which may not be deterministic in nature. Since reliability is the only measure of software quality, a software reliability model is needed to estimate the current reliability level and the time and resources required to achieve the objective reliability level. As the area of software fault-debugging in distributed development environment is not thoroughly investigated in current literature, even though it is estimated to have been one of the most expensive endeavor in the industry. This objective dictates developing a non-homogenous Poisson Process based testing-effort dependent software-reliability modelling approach for distributed-systems developed under imperfect-debugging environment. The resultant integrated modelling approach describes the relationship among the calendar time, the testing-effort consumption, and fault- correction/debugging process under imperfect-debugging environment. To the best of our knowledge this is the first time that this kind of integration modelling approach has been carried out for distributed systems. Fault-debugging process and testing-effort expenditures are described by a non-homogenous Poisson process and testing-effort curve functions respectively. Such a type of integrated modelling approach is very much suited also for object-oriented software development. Actual software reliability data cited in literature have been employed to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed integrated modelling approach. The results are fairly encouraging when compared with other existing approaches developed under similar environment.


Effect Of School Culture On Students Emotional Intelligence In SMPN 8 Yogyakarta

Hakima Maris, Zamroni

This study aims to investigate the effect of school culture on emotional intelligence. This research is quantitative with a descriptive approach. Data were collected through questionnaires from a population of 959 students in SMPN 8 Yogyakarta with a sample of 282 students determined using Slovin. The validity of questionnaires was measured using CFA. The reliability instrument was calculated using Cronbach’s alpha. Data were analyzed using the simple regression analysis method at the significance level of 0,05. The result shows that there is a positive effect of school culture on emotional intelligence, indicated by a regression coefficient of 0.430 with a significance of 0.000 <0.050. The R2 value of the school culture variable is 0.190. This evidences that 19% of school culture influences emotional intelligence and the remaining 81% is influenced by other variables.


A Study On Biochemical Composition Of Eri Pupae (Pilosamia Ricini)

Meenakshi Dutta Mazumdar

Philosamia ricini commonly known as ‘eri’ silkworm is reared by the indigenous tribes of Assam to obtain eri silk as well as to consume the pupae as a delicacy. For proper utilization of eri silkworm pupae it is necessary to have a detailed knowledge of its biochemical composition. In the present study, biochemical components in terms of moisture, dry matter, organic matter, total ash, minerals, crude fibre, soluble fibre of eri pupae were determined. Lipids were extracted using petroleum ether as solvent and total lipid was determined gravimetrically. A few lipid parameters viz. specific gravity, refractive index, iodine value, saponification value, acid value and cholesterol were also determined. Results of the study indicated that eri pupa is a potential source of protein and dietary lipid with a substantial amount of other nutrients.


Deep Machine Learning In Neural Networks

Basheer A. Hassoon, Mushtaq A. Hasson

A major challenge in neural network is computationally and memory intensive. To solve this difficult we explained deep neural network. In machine learning models, we explained and compared Deep Neural Networks (DNN’s) and Deep learning methods. This paper mainly contains the Deep Compression in three stages of pipeline. Such us trained quantization, Huffman coding and pruning. In this method, compressed the neural networks are done without affecting accuracy. The main aim is to maximize the energy and storage, and its required to run interprets on such large networks. Both compression and learning algorithms are discussed. We estimated the large scale deep neural network applications using multiple GPU machines. Various datasets are compared in this survey.


Real-Time Lane And Object Detection For Driver Alertness Systems

D. G. Ganage, N. S. Nikam, S. A. Wagh

Internet Protocol (IP) camera is employed for lane and object identification. Gaussian blur is applied in preprocessing for smoothing the input image and canny edge operator is utilized for edge identification. The straight line on the lane is detected using the application of Hough Transform. The center of lane is referred as vanishing point, and if the object is displaced on left-side or right-side of the lane with respect to vanishing point result in generating the honking sound to alert the driver. The outcome of the techniques proposed is utilized for the framework to accomplish the goal of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This scheme can be employed in implementation for driverless car system.


Processes For Social And Economic Development Of The Network

Saidov Muhammadali, Ochilov Ilhom, Khudaiberdieva Flyura, Khakimov Abdurakhmon

This article analyzed promising indicators of the socio-economic development of the agricultural sector, as well as measures to develop the sector and the problems associated with this area




Time Loss (TL) occurs along the production processes that have a significant effect on productivity and able to influence the monetary loss in the manufacturing industry. TL becomes critical when an assembly process involves a high product variety in the same production line. The aim of this study is to provide a measure for Gross Profit Loss (GPL) based on Production Capacity Loss (PCL) result. Then, the equation for Production Capacity Loss (PCL) was derived based on the structure of Time Loss Measures (TLM) components known as: (i) Non-valued Changeover Time (NVCOT), (ii) Inefficient Processing Time (IPT), (iii) Unnecessary Overtime (UOT), and (iv) Non-conformance Time (NCT). The TLM had been developed through a thorough literature study on manufacturing operations. In economic view, PCL can be converted into Gross Profit Loss (GPL). Finally, the GPL equation were validated by using case study at five automotive manufacturing companies in Malaysia. The results of the case study show that GPL did occur through the four TLM components that caused an amount of PCL. In conclusion, GPL can be used as a measuring tool for the manufacturing companies to monitor continuously the operational performance of the manual assembly process and semi-auto assembly process in monetary unit.


Higher Education System In India: Challenges And Opportunities

Srimathi H, Krishnamoorthy A

In the last three decades, the higher education system in India has grown incredibly and contributed towards nation building. As the country is likely to become the world’s largest workforce, there is a deep level of nervousness within India to sustain its growth due to the rise of gig economy and technology disruption. The expectation of capturing a high share of global knowledge workforce will be fulfilled only if there is a focused quality higher education benchmarked at international standards. The sound knowledge of predictable forecast with a dynamic swift of strategic planning is necessary to address the multiple challenges. Mere drafts with past success may not be helpful. The higher education must evolve with balanced skill and knowledge to surge ahead of the curve of ever rising domestic and global demand. The study analyzed the present higher education scenario of the country, the way forward with the perspective of global employment.


A Critical Review Of Knowledge Sharing In Various Industries And Organizations

Muhammad Ashraf Fauzi, Noraza Paiman

Knowledge sharing has become the leading factor for a success in an organization. The ability to acquire and disseminate valuable knowledge for competing in the challenging market has raised the awareness to focus on the sharing of knowledge among employees. The nature of knowledge whether explicit or tacit has paved the way for a new dimension of method of sharing in many industries. The ability of an organization to retain and acquire new knowledge enables it to outperform and compare to others and determine its sustainability. Tacit knowledge, being the hardest to retain, requires a different way of disseminating knowledge and method of sharing within different contexts of organization. This disquisition provides an in-depth review on how tacit knowledge is retained and controlled in different contexts of industries, focusing on the organizational, group and individual levels. Several implications are obtained from this review, as such to promote the integration of organizational success and capability of organization in coping with the current technological advancement.


Media Coverage Of Extreme Violence And Terrorism Activities

Dr. Robin Kabha

Media recognized as the basis of generating conflict situations in politics. The sources of media including radio, newspapers, and television can discourage and depress political violence. The news by the media sources resembles with megaphone speech and the information spread all around the world. For example, the news on the radio had a vital role which provides publicity to the nationalist of anti-Serbian parties in Croatia or a group of Nazis in Germany. However, the linkage between the media coverage and terrorism has not been noticed whereas many commentators suggested this point of view earlier. The mutual relationship between the media and terrorism has been studied by many scholars. It has been observed that media publicity consolidates the terrorism foundation. Nowadays, technological advancements in the media enable the effective method to spread the faith, recruit fighters, and intimidate enemies.


A Study Of Problems Relating To Human Resource In Manufacturing Industries Of Madhya Pradesh With Special Reference To Mandideep, District-Raisen, M.P

Mohammad Afraz Khan, Dr.Sapna Singh

This paper enlightened the Human Resourse study in manufacturing Industries aimed to understand the issues of HRM practices country like India. Needs to exploit the massive HR to its best. Human Resource Management includes conducting job analyses, planning personnel needs, recruiting the right people for the job, orienting and training, managing wages and salaries, providing benefits and incentives, evaluating performance, resolving disputes, and communicating with all employees at all levels. Industry in Bhopal is one of the major commercial hubs of Madhya Pradesh, with the secondary sector in the district having grown at 15.2 percent CAGR in the past five years. MPAKVN (Bhopal) Limited, a subsidiary of M.P. State Industrial Development Corporation Limited, has an industrial growth centre on 1350.38 hectares of land at Mandideep and Pillukhedi in the district. [6] Bhopal AKVN has attracted investments from several leading industries such as HEG, Daulat Ram Crompton and Greaves, P&G, Godrej, Lupin, IFB, Nahar etc.


A Review On The Oldest Wonder Drug: Aspirin

Dr. Vikas Budhwar

Abstract Aspirin is one of the most broadly utilized medications in the world. It was discovered as an anti-inflammatory agent in 1874. Since than many other benefits of this drug like antipyretic, anti-platelets, anticancer etc have been demonstrated in animals and humans by various researcher’s time to time. Studies have demonstrated that a small amount of Aspirin for the over 50s can increase life since Aspirin decreases the danger of numerous diseases related with aging. It is one of the oldest drugs used to treat inflammation and cardiovascular diseases in humans, however it is still the first line drug to treat these diseases till date. The present article focuses on physicochemical and pharmacological properties of aspirin along with a brief overview of recent ongoing researches on this molecule all over the world.


Protection Of Refugees On Humanitarian Ground- The Indian Perspective

(Dr). Madhubrata Mohanty

Refugees are the victims of circumstances. Nobody ever wants to leave his own soil unless is compelled to do so for saving his own as well as those of his near and dear ones’ lives. It is never easy to move to another country and seek asylum there as refugees. Even after grant of asylum, one will not be able to live up to his fullest as a human being endowed with all rights unlike the citizens of the asylum provider country. It is quite obvious as the status of the person as a refugee will be guided as per the internal legislations of that country along with the International Conventions, if the country is a signatory to the later. The protection of Refugees remains a major concern for all the countries throughout the globe for quite a considerable period of time even after the framing of the rules in the 1951 Convention and its Optional Protocol in 1967 on the Status of Refugees. Migration of people in ancient times in search of food, shelter and other necessary requirements is completely different from today’s refugee problems as the later escapes a country not because of lack of basic necessities but because of threat to life owing to persecution basing upon race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group as defined in the1951 Convention. Countries who are parties to the1951 Convention and its 1967 Optional Protocol have incorporated this definition of refugees in their internal laws also dealing with the matter. But there are large number of countries in the Asian sub- continent who become home to huge number of refugees even not being parties to the1951 Convention and its 1967 Optional Protocol. In this regard the stand of India in protecting the interests of the refugees coming from almost all neighboring countries is really praiseworthy. India is neither a signatory to the International Convention on the Status of Refugees, 1951 and its Optional Protocol on the Status of Refugees, 1967 nor does it have any national legislation on the point, still its liberal policy have made it a natural destination for the Refugees fleeing due to persecution and threat to lives in their own countries. India goes on with accepting them regardless of being comprised of its own over- a- billion population with no less than six hundred million people still living the poverty line being deprived of basic amenities. This humanitarian approach of India, however, puts it into a very sensitive position as threat of infiltration of terrorists in the name of refugees always remains there and the country has already experienced several such attacks time and again. The geographical position of the country also places it in a vulnerable condition for infiltration of refugees through its borders.


Study Of Indoor Radon, Thoron, And Annual Effective Doses Using Twin Chamber Dosimeter Cups In The Dwellings Of Mathura (U.P.), India.

Roshan Lal Sharma, Ajay Kumar Mahur, S. Asad Ali, K.Y. Singh, Rajendra Prashad

Mathura is a city in the north Indian prefecture of Uttar Pradesh. Mathura oil processing plant sited in the city is one of the utmost petroleum treatment facilities in Asia which was built up in 1978. The Mathura petroleum processing plant discharges harmful gases and arranges squander into the waterways making the region filthy and undesirable. In the present study attention has been given to the estimation of radon and its descendants to know the effect of radioactivity in nearby homes due to refinery waste. Radiological significance of radon and its descendants have been recognized quite a while back, thoron had frequently been disregarded because of its short half-life. Numerous investigations demonstrate that Thoron and its progeny is likewise a noteworthy contributor to the Residential buildings in some Asian and American nations. The present investigation was completed using Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors (SSNTD's) based twin chamber dosimeters. Radon concentration are found to vary from 35.1 ± 4.5 Bq m-3 to 84.8 ± 7.0.Bq m-3, whereas thoron concentrations vary from 3.5±0.3 Bq m-3 to 24.3±2.2 Bq m-3. The annual effective dose from radon and thoron was found to vary from 0.10mSv y-1 to 0.24mSv y-1 which was less then global average value of 1mSv y-1



Mandeep Singh Ramdev, Rohit Bajaj and Ruchika Gupta

Wireless Interoperability for Multiple Access (WiMAX) is one of the emerging fields in High Speed Wireless Communication which has enormous capabilities because of the area it covers and the connection speed it provides. A new standard for WiMAX known as Mobile WiMAX 802.16e was introduced in 2005. This included all mandatory features of 802.16-2005 with some additional features such as OFDMA, downlink and uplink MIMO and Beamforming Features (BF). It can be termed as a futuristic technology because it is capable to provide simultaneous support for web, voice, video and multimedia traffic. For the effective handling of these different types of traffic several traffic classes are used. For QoS support in WiMAX, the traffic is classified into these classes and scheduling algorithms are used for optimized flow of data. This paper classifies and discusses various types of schedulers available for scheduling of data BS



Dr. K. Shyamala, Dr. T. Devi Kamatchi

The current study has been done to identify the relationship between occupational stress and the work performance. The employees of restaurant sector of Chennai were selected as a sample for the purpose of the study. The sample size was fixed at 100 and a structures questionnaire was distributed among those employees. The technique used for collecting the data was convenient sampling. The results so arrived were assessed using quantitative techniques. On the other hand Regression was employed to assess the dependent variable. The data so collected was analyzed with the help of SPSS software. Work performance is predicted by occupational stress. This is the final result of the study. It was found that only six items did not predict employee’s work performance. Further it was found that nearly 56% of the factors of occupational stress had their influence on employee’s work performance. Keyword: Occupational Stress. Work Performance.


Macroeconomic Variables And Their Impact On Exchange Rate Fluctuations: ARDL Bound Testing Approach

Khushboo Bhasin & Syeedun Nisa

This paper endeavour to construct a model for the exchange rate taking into consideration the monetary model that comprise factors which are utilised by the RBI for intervention. The relationship between exchange rate and foreign exchange reserve, interest rate, current account deficit and money supply in India is analysed covering the period 2009-2019. Autoregressive Distribution Lag (ARDL) is employed to analyse the long run association among the exchange rate and its macroeconomic variables and Error Correction Model (ECM) is employed to determine short run dynamics with respect to exchange rate and its explanatory variables. The empirical analysis proved that foreign exchange reserve, money supply and interest rate have a significant influence on exchange rate in India while current account deficit have a non- significant influence on exchange rate. On the basis of this result, suggestion has been made that RBI should intervene in foreign exchange market to counteract the outflow and bring stability in the market by injecting dollars. Future researchers should try to cover longer duration of study of above 10 years with different variable like external debt, crude oil price, foreign institutional investment, gross domestic product.


Formalizing Strategic Relationships Based On Smart Organization Networks

Prof. Ph. Dr. Neamah Abbas Khafaji , Dr Faraj Harahsheh & Dr Eid Sliman Al Hjaleh

Formalizing strategic relations (FSR) is an important part of the strategic change and learning process. This paper contains (35) strategies and practice lead to design a foundation for sustainability innovation. Smart organization Networks (SONs) is new challenges require business agility, operation, cultural, continuous learning, understanding environment, creating strategic alternatives and systems readiness. A vision SONs have two scenarios: The first, an emerging concept for the agile composition of e-business value chains, and the second is a new stream of research, combining global business (GB) and computer science field. A new business paradigm provide a new operation system enhancing (SONs) that building (SR) of (GB). Also an important objective of the paper was to identify the key success factors (KSF) of (SONs), and to maximize the intelligence of the organization as it is willing to accept change and gain. A literature review used to analyze and synthesized themes of a (SONs).


CFD Approach For Different Fluids Variants In Compact Heat Exchangers At Different Parametric Conditions


Compact heat exchangers, because of their compactness, low weight and high effectiveness are widely used in aerospace and cryogenic applications. Here in this CFD approach is done for Compact heat exchanger with varying different fluids like MFC Coolant, Coolant ECSTAR, TFC anti-freeze. The approach is carried for with same parametric conditions for all the fluids to find the better fluid approach in getting temperature difference with CFD. The design is done in CATIA and the analysis is done in ANSYS. The paper mainly focused on the CFD approach with practical value comparison of blended coolants for heat transfer performance.


The Institutional Arrangement Amongst Agents Of Besuki Na-Oogst Tobacco In Jember Regency Indonesia

Adhitya Wardhono, Josi Ali Arifandi, and Yulia Indrawati

The successfully cultivation of Besuki Na-Oogst tobacco as the qualified exported product is determined by good cultivation technique and the institutional arrangement existing among the business actor as well as the policy maker, in this case the government. The important agents in the cultivation of Besuki Na-Oogst tobacco are farmers with their farmers group or farmers’ association, wholesaler, exporters with its exporters’ Association, government and overseas buyers. The research aims at investigating the institutional arrangement and partnership reinforcement amongst the business actors in cultivating Besuki Na-Oogst tobacco. The samples are selected by purposive sampling technique with Na-Oogst tobacco farmers as the respondents, exporters and government. The study applies the analysis using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) and game theory. The findings indicate that the strategy to strengthen the commitment and solving the problem by agreement become the optimized strategy in the institutional relation amongst the business actor in cultivating Besuki Na-Oogst tobacco in Jember regency. The action executed by the farmers and exporters to achieve their optimized strategy of best response to achieve success in their partnership is to be strict to their commitment. The focal point or the agreement related to partnership success is achieved by keeping their commitment as desired by both farmers and exporters.


Selection Of Best Water Quality With Sodium Polyphosphate Inhibitor To Control The Corrosion Of Carbon Steel Sheet

Shahad Falih Hassan & Ali khalid

Many trials have been done around the world to control the corrosion rate especially by adding inhibitors, and in this work, we used Sodium Polyphosphate Inhibitor with different types of water (Filtered water, Soft water, demineralized water) and different dosage of inhibitor, the results shows that best water quality with inhibitor is the demineralized water to reduce the corrosion rate in carbon steel sheet


Establishment Of Psychological Factors Of Engineering Culture Among Students Of Technical Universities

Yulchieva Zulfizarkhon, Usmanova Shoira, Kuvondikova Gulnara

This article sets out the psychological factors determined by scientific and technological progress towards the role of an engineer in production, and the existing educational forms of a technical university. The theoretical solutions to the problem of the formation of readiness for professional adaptation of students of a technical university and the main criteria for the formation of readiness for professional adaptation are analyzed. Educational activity is stipulated, which ensures the formation of readiness for an effective professional adaptation student of technical university.


Psychological Features Of The Formation Of Professional Competency Among Students Of A Technical University

Mirashirova Nargiza, Mustafaeva Inobat, Khamrokulova Dilnavoz

The article discusses the problems of psychological particularities of the formation of professional competence among students of a technical university, gives a brief description of the model of its formation, and also presents the results of experimental work to evaluate the effectiveness of this model.


Effect Of Experiential Learning On Built Environment Awarness: An Experimental Study On Elementary Education Students In Cairo, Egypt.

Mariam Ayman Abouhadid

There are indeed a huge number of Egyptian organizations that work in the field of architectural heritage preservation. But one of the major gaps in the preservation cycle lays in the perception of the common Egyptian people, which does not support the value of heritage. This paper investigates the efforts done around the world in raising awareness of elementary school pupils about their built environment, and tests this experimental approach in Egypt.The researcher tested a group of Egyptian pupils in a specifically designed workshop that introduces the primary concepts of historic buildings and then tested their perception before and after the workshop. This Experiment did in fact raise the awareness of the children towards their natural and built environment. They have gained knowledge about different building materials and architectural trends. They have as well understood facts about historic areas that surround them.



T.Subhashini, M.Kamaraju, K.Babulu

In this paper investigates development of a fully synthesizable 32-bit processor based on the open-source RISC-ISA. Open source Instruction Set Architecture (ISA)s are available in market to design a processor. The main purpose of this processor is to make low cost embedded devices. RISC based architectures are widely used to achieve low power. This work presents designing of single cycle RISC micro-architecture processor using clock gating technique. To design this processor RISC-16 ISA is used. The proposed processor is having a single core, with low hardware complexity. It is developed using Verilog HDL. The Xilinx ISE 13.2 tool used to implement this processor and power is estimated by using Xilinx Power Analyzer. In this work single stage and two stages clock gating techniques are applied and verified power and delays of the designed processor. This processor targeted on Xilinx FPGA device.


SQ-SAT-BI Model: Moderating Influences Of Customer Demographic & Psychographic Traits

Dr. Navjit Singh Mr.Nitin Kulshreshtta Dr.Ramandeep Chahal Ms.rohini

It was discovered through literature review that most of the researchers focused only on the direct impact of individual customer traits, mostly demographic and very few studies that too in different cultural, geographical and time settings were done to examine Mediating & Moderating effects of individual customer traits on ESQ-SAT-BI linkages of Internet Banking services. The study focused on the identified research gap pertaining development of direct & moderating influences of customers specific individual differences (demographic & psychographic) on their perceptions towards ESQ-SAT-BI linkage with reference to Internet Banking in India. The mediation effect of SAT between ESQ & BI was tested through AMOS and the moderation influences were examined with the help of regression analysis from data collected from uses of Internet Banking. It was discovered that all Demographic & Psychographic Personality Traits play an important role in influencing the customer perceptions towards Internet Banking and completely moderate the relationship between SAT -BI.


Effect Of Demographic Variables On Knowledge Of College Girls Of Jaipur City Towards Eco Fashion

Kalpana Munjal, Radha Kashyap

Due to remarkable contribution of the fashion industry to environmental degradation sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important. The purpose of this paper was to assess the knowledge of college girls towards eco fashion. To fulfill the aim 400 college girls belonging to 18-21 and 22-25 years of age group were approached to collect the data through an interview schedule from four girl’s colleges of Jaipur city. The data was analyzed through one-way ANOVA to determine the effect of demographic factors on knowledge of college students. The results of the study revealed that 64% respondents have good knowledge and 36% respondents have poor knowledge towards eco fashion. It was also found that respondent’s age, monthly family income, occupation of mother, literacy level of parents, siblings, family type and marital status have no significant effect on knowledge towards eco fashion. Only occupation of father has a significant effect on knowledge of college girls towards eco fashion.


Ethnobiological Non- Herbal Therapeutics Used For Cattle In Gwalior, M.P.

Sushmita Shrivastava and R.S. Tomar

Nature consists of plants, animals, human beings, minerals and several other physical and chemical factors, which all interact with each other and constitute an environment. This interaction was also reported by our ancestors and aboriginals and expressed in the form of a bunch of information called Ethnobiology. This bunch has various therapeutical and non- therapeutical approaches based on believes, culture and surroundings. Among therapeutical approach there is large description about use of plant recipes, but there are certain plant by- products, animal parts and minerals also which are used singly or in combination with plant products or some additives by the villagers of Gwalior region to treat their cattle. In the present paper, an effort is made to document such non- herbal ethnobiological formulations which can be used as curative purpose for cattle. They are as useful as herbal recipes and plays important role in traditional system of treatment.



Dr.SP.Mathiraj, Shetty Deepa Thangam Geeta, R. Saroja Devi

This research paper attempts to measure the pull and push factors which influence portage and identify the extent of portability action among different categories of customers. The present study is about customer behaviour in mobile number portability (MNP) in Chennai City. The research is based on both secondary and primary studies. By using Osisioma et al. (1974) the formula, the sample size arrived at is 384. A sample size of anything above 384 is quite acceptable. The primary data from the 400 customers was collected using Convenience sampling technique for the survey. The study focuses mainly on examining the behavior and factors influencing the mobile number portability.



R. Christu Paul, R. Balaji, A.X. Amal Rebin, Jason charles karmokar

In this current Research explores the impacts of modifying the tooth profile on the vibration of multiple gear sets. The nonlinear analytical model takes into account the dynamic load distribution between the individual gear teeth and the impact of variable mesh stiffness, profile changes and loss of frictional contact. Compared to nonlinear gear dynamics, the model proposed in this research provides better agreement than two current models. The noise mechanism can therefore be precisely uncovered to noise source, transmission path, and response. The Benchmark contact mechanics in gear mechanisms had compared with various loads, changes to the profile and circumstances of bearing stiffness. This model depicts the complete and partial loss of contact. Based on the suggested model, perturbation analysis discovers approximate frequency response alternatives in the event of no complete contact loss due to optimization. In this work, to increase the speed as well as the torque of the motorcycle by modifying the gear ratios of the gear train. The motorcycle decided to undergo the modification of the gear ratios is Hero Honda Passion. The sprockets provided by the manufacturer consist of 14 teeth and 44 teeth as the driver and the driven sprocket respectively. In this modification two more sprockets having 56 teeth and 32 teeth would be added along with the existing driven sprocket. The sprocket having 32 teeth is provided to increase the speed of the vehicle and the other consisting of 56 teeth is provided to increase the torque of the vehicle. This modification would help the bike attain a higher torque at off-road terrain and also higher speed at highway. The power from the engine to the rear wheel of the motorcycle would be transferred with the help of chain and sprocket assembly. This mechanism would be supported with the help of a chain shifter which would be mounted on the frame of the motorcycle. This shifting of the chain from one sprocket to other will be monitored by shifter provided at the handle bar. This will be manually controlled by the driver with the help of a shifter mechanism. After going through the study and analysis of the newly added sprocket gears, it’s verified that the sprocket can undergo loads without getting damaged while torque is applied and thus, future, this paper helps the researchers to identify the influence on the mechanical properties of gear mechanism and the study in gear noise and fuel saving behavioral of vehicle investigations.



Ram Kumar Madupu, Y Divya,Y Spoorthy,Azmira Krishna

The level of groundwater is the amount of water found beneath the surface of Earth in soil pore spaces and rock formations fractures. One of the important factors affecting the growth of the national economy and society is the ongoing decrease in groundwater rates. The prediction of variations in groundwater level (GWL) is very significant in the management of water resources. Groundwater level has unpredictable characteristics due to natural and anthropogenic factors influences. Water below the land surface appears in two zones - saturated and the unsaturated zone. When rainfall occurs, a part of it infiltrates into the ground. Some amount of this infiltrated rain is held up by the upper layer of soil in its pore spaces


Realtime Measurement Integrated Hydrodynamic Conditions For Improving Port Performance

Puranggo Ganjar

Piers is a subject very important in realizing the function of the sea as a bridge in Indonesia. Each port has a form of service business data which is important especially high hydrodynamic waves, tides, currents and speed. Many researchers who conducted the study to get a measurement tool that can measure the data hydrodynamics. Marine hydrodynamics of data is very useful for maritime traffic and can even be used as a disaster mitigation. Disaster mitigation at sea requires data that is especially important hydrodynamics of wave height, PASAG ebb and flow velocity. However, if the automatic measuring tools and realtime to get three important data hydrodynamics, namely wave, tidal, This study aimed to obtain accurate data on various aspects of marine hydrodynamics that can work in realtime with the output in the form of three types, namely hidodinamika prototype measuring instrument currents, waves measuring devices and measuring devices tide. Hardware or device used consisted of Arduino microcontroller with sensor buoy serves to measure waves, Arduino microcontroller also exists in the meter tidal using ultrasonic sensors, while the measuring tool flows using microcontroller Arduino with a speed sensor that uses two pairs of sensors untrasonik. Target publication of this study is reputable international proceedings in 2019. Keywords : Measuring instruments, high wave, tidal, current speed


Modeling Study Of Generating-Trip Transportation In The Border Zone Area Based On Conditions Of Transportation’s Infrastructure: A Case Study In The Central Java Province-Indonesia

Juang Akbardin, Danang Parikesit, Bambang Riyanto, Agus Taufik Mulyono

The modeling of generating-trip transportation of freight was very important to estimate the needs of infrastructure capacity much better which was based on the development of the border zone area. Variable model utilized in the study was a combination of socio-demographic conditions of the border areas, infrastructures and transportation facilities in the border zone. A border-regions zone required accelerating of potential growth in that region to reduce the margin level of development of the region which was closer to the center of the economy. Commodity production zone of the border areas required high accessibility to raise the level of the economic-products which was produced by the border region so that the producing commodities were able to enhance the growth of the border region based on their products. The results of the modeling of generating-trip transportation in the zone of border region with the equation : Ln Y = 1.85 + Ln 0.982 x1 + 0.140 Ln x2 + 0.00048 x3 - 0.00007 x4 - 0.000034 x5+ 0.000031 x6 - 0.000363 x7 - 0.000115 x8 - 0.000979 x9.The significances value of model was stated by determination coefficient about 0.87. The dominant variables which influenced were demographic factors, the total length of national roads and the conditions of the level of roads damage from small to wide conditions.


Experimental Investigation To Enhance The Performance Of Heat Exchanger By Varying Geometry Of Fin & Flow Rate Of Cooling Medium

Bade Sai Kumar, Dr.C.L.V.R.S.V.Prasad

Performance of the IC engines in most of the automobiles is predominantly influenced by the efficiency of the cooling system i.e. Radiator. The challenge in most of the modern automobiles is to increase the effectiveness of cooling system without increasing of its size as it has an impact on the over chassis design. To address this, optimization of the compactness of cooling system i.e. Radiator is needed. This paper presents the experimental investigations carried for improving performance of the radiator by varying the fin geometry orientation. The main focus of the work is confined to reduce the resistance on air side intended to enhance the efficiency of the system. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools are used for simulating the different possible working conditions by changing the fin geometry, flow pattern. The possible flow patterns are achieved by varying the louver pitch, louver angle and fin pitch. Total 60 different combinations are studied in the investigations by varying the louvered fin configurations and in each case numerical simulations are done for the air flow pattern. With an experimental setup fabricated in the lab the simulated results are validated. The results have shown that the performance of the heat exchanger using the louvered fins has improved by 35.4 % when compared with that having plain fins. Goodness factor which is used to optimize the possible configurations of the louvered fins. The investigation construed that using of the louvered fin radiators will contribute to the reduction of the size leading to the reduction in the cost with a better and effective performance of the heat exchangers.


Crop - Soil Data Management System Of Cropping Decision System

Sikander Singh cheema and Dr Amardeep Singh

There are various cropping system models and decision support tools for different purposes in different countries. These models and tools are providing help to the farmers to grow crops in those areas. As the need grows for analyses on crop production and management, cropping system models and decision support tools are increasingly structured to provide the capability for area-wide simulation and analysis at different ranges. A major challenge is the development of a data management system that can provide dynamic access to the farmers for producing the good crop s so that farmers can get more benefits from production point of view. There is an expanded requirement for soil data that can be utilized for uses of crop. The target of this paper is to present a methodology to develop a Crop and Soil Data Management system that is capable of automatic selection of crop depending on the given soil data, and can provide dynamic access to the crop-soil data by cropping system applications.


PV Based Grid Connected System For Residential Applications

A.Venkatesh, K.Durgalakshmi, M.Pradeep

A technique of combining a solar power photovoltaic (PV) using an electric battery storage space into a single-phase power intended for domestic uses can be provided in this article. One of the suggested work is certainly, to feed a consistent power to the main grid, although charging as well as, discharging of your battery accomplish electric power levels and load leveling besides improved consistency with the system. And the voltage-source converter will act as an active power filter and then functions the harmonics declination using reactive power compensation. The entire control system is flexible within numerous practically developing circumstances including disconnection in the PV array, any electric battery as well as the main grid from your system. Finally, the comprehensive model and then control of the suggested system will likely be shown. The quality with the recommended model can be carried out by using a research laboratory model designed to get end result voltage of 230v.


Availability And Cost Analysis Of A Two Unit Cold Standby Repairable System Subject To Two Types Of Critical Errors .

Surbhi Gupta, Yachika Sharma, Anjali Nathani

This paper deals with a 2-state repairable system with two kinds of failures. In this mathematical model we deal with different state probabilities which have been evaluated using Laplace transform. Here we have considered a cold standby system involving two units- one unit is in operating condition /state and other unit in standby state. These two units are connected through an imperfect switching mechanism. We can say that on failure of operating unit, the system may fail completely either due to failure of software or due to human error. All failures are repairable. In the end, some numerical illustrations are given to explain the behaviour of reliability, M.T.S.F and of the two parameters involved in cost analysis procedure.


Continuous Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCCA) Mapping Applied To Denture Hygiene Among Elderly In Kelantan And Kedah: A Case Of Residential Care Homes

Ruhaya Hasan

Denture hygiene plays a major rule in oral health among the elderly. An unhealthy oral health usually has gum disease, which may cause serious health problems as such heart attacks, stroke and many more. A canonical correspondence analysis or biplot approach was applied for an oral hygiene care case study among the elderly aged more than 60 years living in Rumah Seri Kenangan (RSK) Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan and RSK Bedong, Kedah. Data from 174 respondents who participated in this paper, which consisted of 87 elderly people in the RSK Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan and 87 elderly people in the RSK Bedong, Kedah. A consistent finding from biplot for three different phases has shown that an elderly more than 64-years-old having poor denture hygiene care. In a conclusion, special care on denture hygiene is needed to maintain good oral hygiene among the elderlies.


A Comparison Of Various Machine Learning Algorithms In Designing An Intrusion Detection System

Dr. D. Bhavana, Dr. K. Kishore Kumar, Vishnu Chilakala, Hemanth Gupta Chithirala, Tejesh Reddy Meka

The aim of this paper is to effectively utilize the popular machine learning algorithms and train them on the UNSW-NB15 dataset to design a Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) based on the algorithm. This system is trained and tested to detect 9 different types of common cyber-attacks as defined in the dataset, namely - Fuzzers, Analysis, Backdoors, DoS, Exploits, Generic, Reconnaissance, Shell code and Worms. This dataset developed in 2015, has 49 varied features for each of the training data and the testing data records. The eventual conclusion would be to compare each of the results on various parameters and understand their limitations and advantages to provide a comprehensive report on each of them.




This paper aims to create a new desktop assistant with improved capabilities like voice recognition security and sending e-mail through voice. The interface of this assistant is designed with PYQT GUI tool in python with best user-friendly interface as its agenda. This assistant provides an eminent control over all applications and software installed on the computer and automates all the required task through voice on a single go. It takes the client contribution to type of voice or content and procedure it and returns the yield in different structures like activity to be performed or the query item is directed to the end client. What's more, this proposed framework can change the method for associations between end client and the work area. The framework is being planned so that every one of the administrations given by the desktop are open by the end client on the client's voice directions.


The Basis Of Attack Types, Their Respective Proposed Solutions And Performance Evaluation Techniques Survey.

Mr.Madhav J.Salunkhe,Dr.Onkar S.Lamba

IoT based systems are vulnerable to variety of attacks which are continuously under development and hence are required to be secured against various techniques with continuously upgradable solutions. Deep learning approaches are seen to have capability to get upgraded with respect to attack strategies. In this paper we have addressed few attack strategies and their respective detection and in some cases avoidance solutions developed by various researchers in this era. The paper focuses on the techniques used on the basis of attack types, their respective proposed solutions and performance evaluation techniques used. The paper may become helpful for researchers to form the platform for the understanding of research strategy required while developing security techniques in IoT systems.


Modeling CNT Interfaces Using NEGF Approach

Amardeep, Nisha, Vijay kr. Lamba

In this work we used SWCNT and GNRs, for the purpose of studying their applications as a nanoscale sensors. We assumed in this work that, under the simulated conditions, inelastic scattering processes were negligible and we were dealing with an effectively ballistic transport regime. The observations discussed above revealed the potential applications of carbon nano tube for measuring stress and temperature as well as in SWCNT can be used for wide range applications in design of a versatile nanoscale sensor.


Antibacterial Activity Of Aqueous And Methanol Extracts Of Adenanthera Pavonina Against Human Pathogenic Bacteria_Ausha .N

Anusha .N

Fungi, bacteria, viruses, and parasites are causing infectious diseases to humans and animals. Due to the major health problems researchers are revealed to medicines instead of synthetics. Synthetics medicines are creating major environmental and also give side effects. Plants are the profuse sources of antibiotics without any side effects. Since ancient times, plants are used not only for food purposes moreover medicinal purpose especially antibiotics for bacterial and parasitic infections. These plant material seeds, roots, leaves, stem, and some plant flowers are used for treating the infections of Typhoid, Malaria, and Dengue.


Online Book Recommendation System

G.Naveen Kishore, V.Dhiraj , Sk Hasane Ahammad Sivaramireddy Gudise, Balaji Kummara, Likhita Ravuru Akkala

Recommendation Systems are wise information mining structures that regulates information over-disturbing in a general sense. Study joins fundamental data about AI and recommender structures with their models. Much more totally tended to be the reason for AI's figuring’s, which are utilized in such frameworks. The paper commonly rotated around segregating tallies subject to the zone of clients or battles and dependent on content. The delineation of these tallies joins: similitudes, hindrances and incredible conditions, measures for assessing the calculation, and figuring of the model estimation of the examination check. For our information, we will utilize the "goodbooks-10k dataset" which contains ten thousand unique books and around ten million evaluations. It has three highlights the book_id, user_id and rating. A brief range later, the improvement and doable execution of the calculations depicted above are by at that point introduced. The going with part contains an evaluation of the results and terminations reliant on the preoccupations did on the PC to lay out how the figurings work. Close to the realization of the work, there is a diagram, execution assessment of proposition systems, and activities got from the undertaking, additionally as a suggestion for further take a shot at the issue of such structure's.


Identifying Railway Hawkers In The Informal Sector: A Study On The Railway Hawkers Of Northeast India

Nilanjan Mazumdar & Dr D Ghosh

The study is conducted with a view to explore a vulnerable class of micro entrepreneur in informal sector. Railway hawkers are popular in Indian railway routes, a considerable population of the individuals involved in the unorganized trade find a way for their living through vending on a running train. Until now, the railway hawkers if Northeast India has never been investigated academically and no distinctive study has been made specifically targeting this resilient class of traders. The intention of this study is to recognize the chief function routes where these unorganized vendors/railway hawkers work in Northeast India and to get a socio-economic and demographic distribution the sample population. In an attempt to explore the similar, we position our study to understand the correlation between the different variables under consideration and to indicate the different aspects associated with business such as duration of engagement, category of items, procurement sources, and storage, work hour distribution.


Heuristics For Testing Steps Of The General Search Engine Optimization Process

Dr. Mehul Patel, Mr. Mitesh Patel, Dr. R. D. Modi, Mr. Premal Soni, Mr. Jaydeep Patel

This paper presents general guidelines that can be used for preparing various test cases for the General Search Engine Optimization (GSEO) process to check whether the GSEO steps have been carried out properly or not for various search engines used on the web. An attempt is made to explore test cases affecting steps during the GSEO process on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The paper also discusses the significance of various test cases useful in improving GSEO process steps



U.M Reddy, S.J Gopalkrishna, P.S Kumar and Basavaraj Hatti

Manganese consumption in steel and alloy making has increased rapidly because of the important role of manganese in carbon steel production. The increasing need for good grades of manganese ore makes steel and alloy makers to think on the beneficiation of low-grade manganese ores more economical usage. In the current study, the characterization and beneficiation studies of low grade iron rich manganese ores of Sandur area, India were carried out to propose a flow sheet for typical low-grade manganese ores. For this aim, different gravity separation methods were applied. According to the mineralogical analysis, the major mineral phases are pyrolusite (MnO2) and psilomelane (MnO2) while the major gangue mineral is hematite and limonite Gravity separation tests were accomplished by using jigs, in order to obtain products with high Mn ratio, high intensity magnetic separation was also performed after the reduction roasting. As a result, flow sheet is proposed based on the laboratory studies to obtain a concentrate 40.2% Mn, 20.1% Fe, 6.24% acid insoluble, 0.85% LOI and Mn/Fe ratio >2 could be obtained with Overall % Mn distribution of 63.3 at overall wt.% yield of 49% meeting the local and ferromanganese and steel industry specifications and may be used after sintering..


Sentiment Analysis Of Product Reviews - A Survey

Dishi Jain, Bitra Harsha Vardhan, Saravanakumar Kandasamy

With expanding the development of the web network, informal communities, online gateways, audits, reviews, suggestions, evaluations, and input are produced by clients and it can be about anything like books, individuals, items, explore, occasions, and so on. These opinions become advantageous for organizations, political bodies, and people. While this is intended to be valuable, a greater part of this client produced content requires utilizing the opinion mining methods or sentiment analysis. Sentiment Analysis is a field in which we study about feelings, conclusions, and subjectivity of opinions. This review paper is a similar investigation of numerous as of late proposed calculations' upgrades and different slant examination applications. Mainly for product reviews that how sentiment analysis can be used to recommend a product based on reviews by the client. The related fields to estimation investigation that pulled in specialists as of late are examined. The fundamental objective of this review is to give the nearly full picture of sentiment analysis, its sorts, and characterization. The primary commitments of this paper include the complex orders of late articles and the outline of the ongoing pattern of research in the sentiment analysis and its related territories.


Channel Modeling Network Analysis In Sea Water Medium For High Speed Using EM Waves

Gursewak Singh, Mahendra Kumar

In this paper, channel modeling for velocity control of electromagnetic (EM) waves in water medium through some characteristics such as characteristics impedance of EM waves, refractive index, and electrical conductivity of sea water was analyzed and examined with help of some mathematical tools under simulation process to meet practical specifications. The main problem in underwater wireless communications is the slow speed of available acoustic communication. On the other side, acoustic communication has low data rate capability because of low frequency employment for acoustic signal. One of alternative solution to avoid this problem such as slow speed is an employment of Electromagnetic waves in water medium. The EM waves in water provide us platform of high speed and high data rate at high frequency. The main purpose of this paper was to examine the underwater EM communication network, its feasibility and applicability in underwater wireless communication (UWC). Based on observations, a channel model of EM high speed in underwater medium was designed and implemented using EM waves at high frequency. This development of speed channel model for water medium provides a high speed EM communication technology in underwater channel.


Image Processing Of Clean And Dirty Dishes To Design And Construct A Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

Vince Angelo C. Austria, Edwin R. Arboleda, Elbert M. Galas

In this paper, an image processing of Clean and Dirty Dishes was done using a MatLab M-file that detects the white color percentage of an image. Samples of Clean and Dirty dishes from the Austria household were used in this research. About 60 samples of Clean Dishes and 60 samples of Dirty Dishes were used. Images were taken using a smartphone with a 5MP camera. Results obtained were implemented in MATLAB by way of fuzzy logic. Using fuzzy logic, rules were implemented based on the white color percentage obtained by using the MATLAB M-file for white color percentage.


Optical Maturity On Different Crater Using Chandrayaan-1 M3 Data

Arpita Baronia

Optical Maturity (OMAT) is term used in moon surface for understanding the space weathering effect on the soil of craters. Space weathering is the term used to determine which portion of the lunar soil is affected by the exposure of space weathering which causes the change in their optical properties. OMAT is also used for understanding the age of the craters. In this paper we discuss four craters is used to determine the effect of OMAT on the age of craters. It is found that if the value of OMAT is high means it is immature(Fresh Crater) and If OMAT value is low means the crater is mature craters.In this work it is found that Tycho having high average OMAT value which means this is fresh carters among all other craters.


Validation Of A Cooling Loads Calculation Of An Office Building In Rabat Morocco Based On Manuel Heat Balance (CARRIER Method)


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is the largest source of energy consumption, they are one of the fields most concerned by the energy efficiency. In this research and in order to create a new, ecological and more sustainable market, we took as case of study an office building located in Rabat Morocco. We initiated a study for the latter on the development of High Energy Efficiency Buildings (HEEB) to be able to contribute to the reduction of electrical energy consumption. The objective of this article is to establish a manual heat balance by considering external and internal heat sources and the number of occupancy on a typical area of the building studied, to validate the results already obtained by a software program for calculating the cooling loads, which will allow us to judge the technical and economic feasibility of integrating a new solar cooling technology instead of conventional technologies.


Security Approaches For Integrated Enterprise Systems Performance: A Review

Subhi R. M. Zeebaree, Rizgar R. Zebari, Karwan Jacksi, Dathar Abas Hasan

Advancement in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have become the communication medium for virtually every small or large industry around the world. This technology changed the ways of doing businesses and has led to the invention of a new concept called Electronic Business (E-Business). E-Business involves various activities for any businesses such as ordering, transacting, customer servicing, delivering, and paying. This new type of business consists of many advantages comparing with the traditional form of business, but on the other hand, it faces real challenges related to the approaches used to keep the data secure. The sharing of the sensitive data for any enterprise system requires designing a security management framework in order to enable controlling access to the sensitive information. In this paper, the last efforts of researchers proposed in security field of the E-Business systematically reviewed. Furthermore, the security approaches, techniques and security frameworks have been discussed.


Child-Computer Interaction: Identifying Children’s Interaction Ability And Pattern Formation In Writing Mathematical Numbers

Nor Azman Ismail

Nowadays children already exposed to the new technology and experience excellent learning adventures. Many studies have found that these new and emerging technologies could help children build their discipline and self-motivation. However, the number of studies that address interaction ability and pattern formation in writing mathematical number among kindergarten children are still limited. Designing children computer applications adapted to the capabilities of children is an important part of the today software development methodology. Thus, in this study, an investigation of children aged 5 to 6 years old writing ability in mathematical numbers with and without a computer software was investigated. Total 40 children from a kindergarten in Skudai, Johor were involved in the study. In the first study, the results show that the highest frequency of mirror-writings and formation writings of each error were number letter “7” (more than 53%) and the number letter “8” (more than 32%). Moreover, in the second study, the result show that the highest frequency of drop error and drawing error for each error was number letter “5” (more than 40%) and number letter “7” (more than 30%). However, the frequency of each error is differing due to the high different variability of each number letter. This study reports on the identified children’s interaction ability in writing mathematical numbers. The implications of these findings might encourage and establishing children requirements in designing children writing mathematical educational tool and application more effectively.


A New Technique For Semi-Automatic Road Extraction Using High Resolution Satellite Images

Sudha C

Abstract: Recent days, object extraction such as roads, buildings, rivers etc from remote sensing images is an active research issue in the field of remote sensing. Road extraction system plays a crucial role in many Geographic Information System (GIS) applications mainly in urban planning, traffic management etc. Therefore, it makes use of different approaches with or without human interventions to extract complete road network. With the use of human assistance, semi–automatic road extraction approach provides more accurate results than the fully automatic approach which is not practical. As a result of recently launched satellites, high resolution images are highly available in which complexity increases much in urban areas due to rapid constructions like flyovers, bridges and change in the network often and there exists shadows due to trees, vehicles, buildings etc. Unfortunately, the available methods found difficult to produce an accurate and reliable result for urban areas with many occlusion and intersections. In urban areas, road extraction yet remains a challenging task. A novel approach for the road extraction process based on semi automatic method using high resolution satellite images is proposed. The performance of the proposed method is well efficient in extracting road regions. Keywords: Semi-Automatic Method, Road Extraction, GIS applications, Remote Sensing Images


A Validated Stability Indicating And Enantiospecific UPC2 SFC-MS Method For Separation And Quantification Of (S)- Isomer In Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate In Presence Of Its Degradation Impurities

Umamaheshwar Puppala1, Koduri S V Srinivas2, K Venkateshwara Reddy3*, Muralidharan Kaliyaperumal4, Srinivasa Rao Pakalapati5

A sensitive, validated and novel UPC2 SFC-MS technique has been advanced on behalf of the determination of enantiomeric purity of Tenofovir Disoproxil fumarate in bulk drugs also dosage forms. Tenofovir Disoproxil fumarate is a pro drug used for the HIV treatment. The stereo specific (R) isomer of Tenofovir Disoproxil fumarate is active and administered as dosage form, however the (S) Isomer is through all money owed as a debasement and pharmacologically latent. The created and tested ultra-excessive generally execution first rate vital liquid chromatography with couple mass spectrometry (UPC2 SFC-MS) is referred to as as an unpracticed chromatography approach. Chiral detachment become developed on Chiralpak AD-3(four.6*150mm) 3µm covered amylose segment which has 3,five dimethyl phenyl carbonate as chiral selector, with a float fee of 3g/min the use of CO2 and zero. Five% diethyl amine in ethanol as a co-dissolvable. The impact at the enantio partition through techniques for fluctuating chiral delivered materials and substance of herbal modifier had been explored. The separation was screened on various columns to achieve the maximum resolution. The determination between two enantiomers is found to be greater than 10.0. The technique has good linearity through attention assortments commencing 0.25 to 7.5 µg mL−1.The revealing boundary and quantification limit for the (S) isomer was found to be 0.08µg mL−1 and 0.25µg mL−1 respectively. Forced degradation studies were achieved also totally the degradation impurities were divided commencing product peak as well as no degradation impurity merged with the ‘S’ isomer impurity, the molecular heaviness of impurities were recognized through using UPC2 -Mass spectrometer. The technique was authorized as per ICH guidelines


Analogy Of The Losses In Surface And Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Wind Turbine Generators

Mr. Dhas Bensam Samraj, Dr. Maruthu Pandi Perumal

This paper presents a Wind turbine (WT) system based on Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) using Surface mounted synchronous generator (SPMSG) and Interior magnet synchronous Generator (IPMSG). The analysis is compared between IPMSG and SPMSG. The same amount of copper and iron were used in both generators. In order to broaden the investigation two different appropriate motors have been used. This paper shows the analysis between both SPMSG and IPMSG technique. The copper and iron losses were utilized with machine and inverter loss in SPMSG and IPMSG technique. The SPMSG and IPMSG are compared based on density of power, electrical efficiencies, losses and torque. The angle of voltage, current and power were contributed in both IPMSG and SPMSG technique. In this technique the Back to back converter was utilized in the PMSG system it is utilized to change the power into dc-link. Simulation result shows the comparison of SPMSG and IPMSG technique with WT system and experimental results are obtained based on the power input at the shaft of the generator.


Modeling Of The Process Of Functioning Of The Mechanism Of Economic Security Of Foreign Economic Activity Of Enterprise Taking Into Account Weak Signals And Identification Of Risks And Threats

Nataliia Havlovska, Valentyna Pokotylova, Olena Korpan, Yevhenii Rudnichenko, Iryna Sokyrnyk

The feasibility of using a behavioristic model of the mechanism of economic security of foreign economic activity of enterprise is substantiated in order to determine and detail the features of the qualitative functioning of the mechanism of economic security of enterprises foreign economic activity as a part of the enterprise management system. The use of behaviorism to describe the functioning of the mechanism of economic security of foreign economic activity of enterprise has its own causal basis and its advantages. Firstly, the mechanism of economic security of foreign economic activity of enterprise is not an inherently valuable element of the enterprise management system. In simple words, the composition of the mechanism is not that valuable as its necessary reactions under various stimuli. Secondly, using just behaviorism and content analysis allows us to combine the triad “stimulus-content-response”. Thirdly, the use of behaviorism allows relatively simple, without involving deterministic analytical models, to carry out a scenario analysis of the functioning of the mechanism of economic security of foreign economic activity of enterprise and, if necessary, debug such a mechanism and ensure its adequate content with increasing complexity, variability and intensity of stimuli. This allows to use the model of the functioning of the mechanism of economic security of foreign economic activity of enterprise depending on the needs of the user and the task in prescriptive, descriptive and constructive-reflective modes. Based on the developed model of the functioning of the mechanism of economic security of foreign economic activity of enterprise and the detailed disclosure of each of the elements of such a model, an algorithm for constructing this mechanism is developed. On the basis of the model under consideration, certain elements of such a model and their content, the structure of scenarios of functioning of mechanism, the generated algorithm allows to build an mechanism of economic security of the foreign economic activity of enterprise for a particular enterprise taking into account the specific operating conditions of such an enterprise, the expected incentives from the external and internal environment of the enterprise as for mechanism functioning, its predetermined reactions and its necessary structure, which allows to provide such reactions in existing conditions.


Student Learning Worksheet Design Based On STAD To Improve Mathematical Communication Skills

Yona Ayu Wardani

This study aims to develop a worksheet based on student achievement (STAD) to improve mathematics communication skills of junior high school students especially in eighth grade. communication skills are used to determine whether or not a student understands the material being taught. The Four-D Model used in this study with development procedures refers to four stages, namely: defining, designing, developing, and disseminating. This research was conducted on eighth grade junior high school students in Budi Mulia Dua, Indonesia. This research deals with curriculum, student characteristics, and evaluation of teaching materials. This research produces: a) the results of the analysis of the needs of student worksheets to improve students' mathematical communication skills in accordance with the curriculum, student characteristics, learning material, and learning objectives; b) the results of the students' worksheet designs consisting of covers, front pages, introductory words, table of contents, basic competencies, concept maps, supporting information, exercises, and answer sheets. This research can continue to be developed and disseminated.


Student Visual Thinking Schemes In Understanding The Concept Of Solving Trigonometric Equations

Darmadi, Mohammad Isa Irawan, Imam Mukhlash, Dieky Adzkiya, Sanusi

The motivation of SMK Cendekia Madiun students to learn trigonometry is quite low. Therefore, the ITS and the UNIPMA teams conduct a community service at SMK Cendekia Madiun. The results of community service show that the visualization of trigonometric concepts can increase student's learning motivation. Another result of this community service is that students are able to think visually. This paper discusses the students' visual thinking scheme in understanding trigonometric concepts that are obtained based on the results of descriptive exploratory research using a qualitative approach. Data was collected using questionnaires and semi-structured interviews. In-depth interviews were also conducted to obtain saturated data. Data validation is using time triangulation. Data analysis uses reduction, exposure, and categorization concepts so that students' visual thinking schemes can be obtained in understanding the concept of solving trigonometric equations.


AGC Of Multi Area Hybrid Power System Based On Multi Objective Optimization

V.S.R.Pavan Kumar.Neeli, Dr.U.Salma

This paper presents Automatic Generation Control (AGC) of a Multi area Hybrid power system. The Hybrid power system considered is the combination of thermal generation unit and Distributed generation (DG) resources. The DG system consists of Wind turbine generator, Solar PV system, Diesel engine generator, Fuel cell with Aqua electrolyzer and Energy storage like Battery energy storage system. A Novel Fuzzy PID plus double integral (FPID-II) controller is treated as secondary controllers in the system. This controller gains are tuned with Novel soft computing techniques such as Salp Swarm Algorithm (SSA) based on Multi objective approach and their performances are compared with three different controllers like PI, PID, Twodegree of freedom PID (TDOFPID) controllers.Further in order to extract the effectivenessof SSA technique,the responses are being compared with other popular swarm intelligence technique such as Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm (GOA), Ant Lion Optimization (ALO), Dragonfly Algorithm (DA) and Particle swarm optimization (PSO) for different loading circumstances. A comparative performance of various algorithms proves that the SSA tuned FPID-II controller shows superior and satisfactory performance over other controllers.


Advanced Error Control Method For 3-D NoC

Ashok Kumar K, Vanga Karunakar Reddy

Occurrence of errors is frequent in on-chip interconnects when technology is scaling down. The errors are majorly affect data bits thereby loosing performance or data bits in on-chip interconnecting links. To control the errors without affecting performance, an efficient error control method is required. From literature, a combined error control method are used which is controlled multiple errors efficiently in on-chip interconnects. 3-D NoC is the one of major intercommunications for SoC because of parallel processing. Controlling the faults in 3-D is quite complex comparatively than 2-D NoC hence proposing integrated method for controlling faults. The improved NoC design is presented 48% of performance than existing designs hence the improved 3-D NoC design exactly suitable for FPGA based SoC


Traffic Jam Analysis

S. V. K Chaitanya

Road architecture design is a challenge, with the need to avoid traffic growth, allow for traffic development, and meet the financial plan and the urban environment requirements. Their influence must be perceived when building public places.


Women Participation In MGNREGA: A Case Study Of Tengakhat Block In Dibrugarh District Of Assam

Hirupjit Hazarika

Abstract: Men and women are equally important for a better economy. In India, Basically women are exploited by men. But now a days, the government of India has taken various steps to reduce inequality between men and women. In India, The unemployment problem has become a serious issue for people of India which leads to increase poverty. So the government of India has taken various schemes to provide employment to rural people of India. MGNREGA is one of a wage employment scheme for rural people which a legal guarantee to provide 100 days work in every year who are willing to do a satisfactory minimum wage rate. The act provide equal wage rate both men and women. The paper attempts to study the women participation under MGNREGA in the study area. Both primary and secondary data have been collected for this study. 100 respondents have been collected from the study area as sample respondents. The study also tries to study the impact of income from MGNREGA and other factor influenced on the household consumption expenditure. To satisfy this objective the regression analysis has been done. Keywords: MGNREGA, women, employment, development, income, consumption, respondents.


Optimal Portfolio Selection Based On Jordanian Infrastructure Sub-index Returns

Omar Khlaif Gharaibeh

Industry professional and institutional investors want to understand return behaviour and portfolio attributes of infrastructure investment. However, there are limited empirical analyses that support these investments. The scarcity of infrastructure research motivates this study to apply finance theory to this investment. In this paper by collecting monthly Jordanian infrastructure sub-index returns over the period from January 2010 to February 2017, we address two objectives. The first objective is to examine the importance of listed infrastructure sectors by evaluating the investment characteristics as well as performance of various infrastructure sub-indexes in Jordan. Second, this paper investigates the strategy of infrastructure investors. That is, if the investor obtains diversification benefits by investing in a portfolio including various infrastructure sub-indexes or invests in only a single infrastructure sub-indexes. The results of this study find that Jordanian infrastructure sub-indexes perform differently and provide dissimilarity in monthly returns and volatilities. The current study finds that listed infrastructure sub-indexes are strongly related to general stock market while weakly related to bonds. This study also shows that some infrastructure sub-indexes such as Health Care and Educational Sub-indexes dominate optimal portfolio selection while others such as Hotels and Transportation Sub-indexes are undesirable. This paper presents a first light of Jordanian infrastructure returns and provides the foundation for the evaluation of infrastructure in other countries.


The Effect Of Degradation On Changes In Physical And Hydraulic Characteristics Of Organic Waste

Febrian Hadinata, Betty Susanti, Muthia Soraya, Aprina Sriwita Silaban

The number of landslides occurring in landfills reminds us that landfills are an engineering structure that must be assessed for stability. Due to variations in Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) composition and the effects of organic waste degradation, MSW geotechnical parameters vary greatly and can change in a short time. Therefore, it is necessary to study the geotechnical parameters of MSW for a more reliable calculation of stability. This research is an initial study that examines changes in physical characteristics (unit weight and grain size distribution) and hydraulics (hydraulic conductivity) of (artificial) organic waste, which is made from leaf litter. The results showed that the characteristics of organic waste samples change in a fast time, where the hydraulic conductivity of organic waste decreases, whereas bulk density and moisture content increase along with the degradation process, while the dry density does not show a significant increase. The results of this study indicate that the geotechnical characteristics of MSW in landfills can vary and change, related to the pattern of compaction and management of leachate (waste water). Rapid changes of the geotechnical parameters of the test results make this research must be continued with a wider sample variant and a longer observation time.


Studies On The Morphology, Discharge And Sedimentation And Its Impact On Riparian Community In The Downstream Of Ranganadi River Dam, N. E. India

Jai Dayal Mali

North-east India is endowed with bountiful water resources. The rivers originating in Himalayas are fast-flowing and heavily loaded with sediments. The present study stresses on siltation and erosion in its flood plain that had severely affected the riparian community in the downstream of Ranganadi River dam. The Ranganadi River carries a mixture of big and small objects that includes boulders, cobbles, pebbles, sand and clay. The maximum mean discharge was recorded in monsoon and the minimum mean value was recorded in winter. The maximum mean sediment load value (345933070t/day) was recorded in monsoon and the minimum (5466.8t/day) in winter. The livelihood condition of the riparian community is affected in the valley by sudden floods. Large area of cultivable land had being lost due to sediment deposition; fish catch had gone low and scarcity of alternate employment opportunities was observed. Moreover, there is always threat to lives and animals due to unscheduled and uninformed release of water from the reservoir. Index Terms— Downstream, Discharge, Flood, Morphology, Ranganadi River Dam, Riparian community, Sedimentation.


Governance, Development And Tribal Identity Construction

Partha Pratim Borah, Rabin Deka

Abstract: This paper examine the construction and perpetuation of tribal identity in the process of multiple systems of governance and development. An attempt has been made to study the historical development of the policies of governance and development in the context of tribal groups in India and their manifestations among the various tribal groups in Assam. Various policies of governance and development not only perpetuate the colonial construction of tribe as so called ‘backward category’ but also marginalise them in the process. Key Words: Identity, Governance, Development, Assam.


Clinical Manuscript Architecture For Health Information Exchange

S. Muthuselvan, S. Rajaprakash, Shaik Khalidah Nasreen, Mudiyala Janaki, K. Karthik

Electronic Health Record, is used to store digitized information and records of patients and their state of health over period. This information can be accessed by every hospital which deployed EHR i.e., Electronic health record. These hospitals can track the past data of patient, this helps doctors in understanding the patient and status of their health which further eases the treatment and it’s Quality. Health level 7(Shortly HL7) has come up with an architecture using XML based markup to ensure records of patient are collected effectively and can be understood by Doctor or any when needed. Unfortunately, Hospitals are not deploying Health Information System (HIS) fearing cost expenses, So HIS has to be limited to few countries. It’s difficult too, when every hospital adopts HIS, it becomes tough to manage data unless carefully done. In this paper, we would like to explain Our Clinical Document Architecture of creation of document and its integration into cloud using Open source API and Cloud computing, so that it eliminates the need of licensed product which helps in cost reduction. Our system helps to integrate multiple documents of Patient into single and arranges it in chronological order which makes physicians and patients work easy. Developers who are using different platforms and are interested in enhancing our systems interoperability, they are welcomed.




Morigaon district is marked by very high growth of its population. It is estimated that the explosion of population affect the natural resources, mainly the land use pattern of the district. The decadal growth of the population is always higher in comparison to Assam as a whole. This rapid increase of population is exerting tremendous pressure on the land use (LU) pattern of the district. As a result, areas under different land use category increase or decrease with the passing of time. For example, area under forest has been declining day by day whereas it is quite opposite in the case of area not available for cultivation. The purpose of this research work is to determine the trend population explosion and its influence on the resources of the district. Data and information so required in this study have been collected from different secondary sources.


Development Of Learning Media Based On Interactive Multimedia In Mathematics Learning For Class VIII Junior High School In Indonesia

I Made Arnawa

— Learning outcomes found in several schools are still low. This happens because students lack an understanding of mathematical problems related to real-life around students so students are less creative in thinking. This is due to the learning media used by teachers that have not been implemented optimally. One effort that can be done to overcome these problems is to use interactive multimedia-based learning media on mathematics learning for grade VIII of junior high school students that are valid, practical and effective. This type of research is the development (Research And Development) using the Plomp research design. The Plomp development model consists of three stages of development, namely: preliminary research, development or prototype phase, and assessment phase. Data collection instruments used were validity sheets, practicality sheets by teachers and students, observation sheets and objective questions. The data analysis technique used to measure effectiveness is the Kolmogrof Smirnov test to test normality, and the Paired t-Test to test hypotheses. The purpose of this study was to reveal the validity, practicality, and effectiveness of interactive multimedia-based learning media on mathematics learning for students of class of junior high school. The results showed that multimedia obtained value with a very valid category that is 81%. The results of the practicality assessment conducted by the teacher were 90.60% and students were 89.21% obtained by multimedia with a very practical category. Multimedia effectiveness test results on cognitive competency have very effective criteria.


The Synthesis And Characterization Of (Z)-1-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)-3-(3-nitrophenyl) Prop-2-en-1-one – A Quantum Chemical Study

S. Arulappan, R.Raj Muhamed,A. Ishak Ahamed, S.Krishnaveni, V.Sathyanarayanamoorthi

The Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) and FT-Raman of (Z)-1-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)-3-(3-nitrophenyl) prop-2-en-1-one have been recorded and analyzed. The equilibrium geometry, bonding features and harmonic vibrational frequencies have been investigated with the help of density functional theory (DFT) method. The assignments of the vibrational spectra have been carried out. The optimized geometric bond lengths and bond angles obtained by computation show good agreement with experimental data of the relative compound. The first hyperpolarizability (β0) of this novel molecular system and related properties (β0, α0, and Δα ) of NTA are calculated using B3LYP/6-311++G(d,p) method on the finite-field approach. Stability of the molecule arising from hyper conjugative interactions, charge delocalization have been analyzed using natural bond orbital (NBO) analysis. The results show that change in electron density (ED) in the σ* and π* antibonding orbital second order delocalization energies E(2) confirm the occurrence of intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) within the molecule. The calculated HOMO and LUMO energies also show that charge transfer occurs within the molecule. Finally the calculated results were applied to simulated infrared and Raman spectra of the title compound which show good agreement with the observed spectra.


A Review Paper On Collaborative Filtering Based Movie Recommendation System

Nirav Raval, Vijayshri Khedkar

The recommendation system plays an essential role in the modern era and used by many prestigious applications. The recommendation system has made the collection of apps, creating a global village, and growth for abundant information. This paper represents the overview of Approaches and techniques generated in the Collaborative Filtering based recommendation system [1]. The recommendation system derived into Collaborative Filtering, Content-based and hybrid-based approaches. This paper classifies collaborative filtering using various approaches like matrix factorisation, user-based recommendation, item-based recommendation. This survey also tells the road map for research in this area.



Dikshita Kakoti

The motivation of this paper is to empirically test the factors basically the macro factors affecting the stock market volatility in the emerging countries like India. The macro variables that are chosen for analysis are real interest rate, real effective exchange rate, broad money supply (M3) and rate of inflation in terms of Consumer price index. The findings of the study make a clear picture about the fact that macroeconomic factors cannot be ignored. For empirical investigation various econometrics tests have run to check both association and causal relation among the concerned variable like- Unit root test for checking the stationarity of the data set, Johansen co-integration test for checking the Long run association between the variables, Vector error correction mechanism to check the both short term and long term dynamics and later on Granger causality test has been used to check the pair wise causality among the selected variables.



N.krishna Chaitanya, A.Suman Kumar Reddy

In today’s internet world, security has become a major challenging issue while transmitting the information over the medium. During the information transfer, there is every possibility for hacking the information. So, encryption is certainly required for information transfer. Data encryption is done with the help of encryption algorithms that provides data security over the medium. In this paper, we have proposed and simulated a simple and efficient cryptographic algorithm for data transmission. The basic idea behind the proposed encryption algorithm is a modified version of WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). By our proposed method, it is expected to be very difficult for retrieving the original message. This method utilizes Initialization Vector (IV), Key and plain text.


Varying Deterioration Type Inventory Model Under Three Tired Pricing

D.M.Patel and R. D. Patel

Varying deteriorating items price dependent demand inventory model is developed. We compute three level prices and derive expressions for total profit under different situations to derive optimal solution. We show that three level pricing is better than one level pricing. For parameters, post-optimality calculation is also done.


Utilization Of Banana Peel And Water Hyacinth Leaves As Adsorbent For Removal Of Copper From Wastewater

Riana Ayu Kusumadewi

This research aims to compare the performance of adsorption of copper heavy metal by banana peel and water hyacinth leaves as adsorbent. Heavy metal pollution is one of the most pervasive environmental problems globally. Adsorption of heavy metals on conventional adsorbents such as activated carbon, that produced by carbonizing organic materials, have been used widely in many applications. Some of the low cost adsorbents that were tested in the study for the dye sorption process were banana peel and water hyacinth leaves, focus on the effect of mixing speed, contact time, and weight of the adsorbent on the efficiency of Cu removal. A maximum removal of 99.55% was observed at the adsorbent mass of 5 grams and contact time of 30 minutes using banana peel adsorbent, while using water hyacinth leaves, a maximum removal of 98.39% was observed at mass of the adsorbent of 15 grams and contact time of 60 minutes. Both the observed adsorbents fit the Langmuir isotherm model of adsorption. The quality of water produced after the adsorption process using the adsorbent of banana peel and water hyacinth leaves has met the quality standard according to the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of the Republic Indonesia Number 5 of 2014 concerning quality standards for wastewater in the paint industry. It could be concluded that the organic waste like banana peel and water hyacinth leaves were promising biosorbents and solving the heavy metal pollution in environment.


The Effect Of Innovation And Learning Perspective, Internal Business Customers, External Customers, And Financial On Sustainability Model (Causal Empirical At Studies From Indonesia Case)

Anuar Sanusi, Lydia Sumiyati, Andri Winata

The objective of the study was to develop a model of sustainable competitive advantage as a form of excellence in creating a college-based resource strategy; explanatory through the operational direction of research variables based on the variables of growth and learning perspective, financial perspective, customer perspective, and internal/ internal business perspective as independent variable and variables related to issues of research issue that is sustainability perspective as dependent variable ddependent. The research method uses explanatory survey method (explanatory survey method) containing the description, and relational research focused on the explanation of the relationship between variables. Otherwise Financial Sustainability are not Affect to Sustanability Perspectives because it has already fixed handled by the foundations. So the conclusin of this research can be seen from the development of that model that there is three main pilar in continous work improvement in private univwrsities through Learning measurement, Research and Community engangement.To remind this three pilar functions are supported by one work sustainability presented, together with supporting tools which can be implemented in private higher universities


Mathematical Modeling Of Roll Motion Of Ships: New Approach Of Homotopy Perturbation Method

L. Rajendran, D. Gowthaman, P. Balaganesan

In this paper, a mathematical model of nonlinear roll motion of ships is discussed. The model relies on second-order nonlinear differential equation containing a nonlinear term associated with damping moment. The closed-form analytical expressions of roll angle and velocity are obtained using the Homotopy perturbation method in terms of the time variable. In this work, the nonlinear damping and restoring moment are also presented. Our analytical results are compared with the numerical results, and satisfactory agreement is noted.


Impact Of The Green Supply Chain Management Practices On Corporate Image Of Chemical Industries In Jordan

Ruba Risheed Al-Ghdabi, Reham Zuhier Qasim Almomani, Khaled Mohammad Banyhamdan

The study came with an objective is to test the Impact of the green supply chain management Practices on corporate image of chemical industries in Jordan, green supply chain management with five Practices (Cooperation with customer, Green purchasing, Green manufacturing, Green design, Green distribution), the population of the study consisted mangers of chemical companies in Jordan, 250 managers from different levels were selected to represent the study sample, we received 235 questionnaires valid for statistics , The hypothesized structural equation model was tested using the AMOS software version 20.The results of the study showed that Green supply chain management practices have a direct impact on corporate image, and based on these results the researcher recommends managers and decision makers to implement green supply chain practices that enable the company to obtain many benefits, such as obtaining a company license easily and obtaining funds for investment, and benefit from government tax exemptions.


Evaluation Of Antidiabetic And Anticancerous Activities Of Hydnocarpus Macrocarpus (Bedd.) Warb. (Achariaceae) - An Endangered Species

Mariyaraj J, Anand Gideon V, John Britto S and Steffy Francis

The present study evaluates the antidiabetic and anticancer activity of the Hydnocarpus macrocarpus. Antidiabetic activity was evaluated using α-amylase Inhibitory Assay by DNSA Method and anticancer activity using in vitro ant proliferative effect determination By MTT Assay. The Ant diabetic IC50 for the leaf extracts acetone was found to be 57.82 μg/ml and Ant diabetic standard acarbose IC50 value was found to be 92.87μg/ml respectively.The anti-cancerous studies of cervical cancer cell line of acetone leaf extract showed almost moderate level of inhibition activity. The result obtained in the in vitro methods suggests that H. macrocarpus may be administered for its antidiabetic and anticancerous activity.



Manzoor Ahmad Mir, Punit verma

Abstract— Bituminous Concrete (BC) is a composite material for the most part utilized in development ventures like street surfacing, air terminals, parking areas and so forth. It comprises of black-top or bitumen (utilized as a folio) and mineral total which are combined and set down in layers then compacted, Now a days, the unfaltering addition in high rush hour gridlock force as far as business vehicles, and the huge variety in every day and occasional temperature put us in a requesting circumstance to think about certain choices for the impromptu creation of the asphalt attributes and quality by applying some fundamental changes which will fulfill both the quality just as prudent aspects. Also thinking about the ecological methodology, because of unnecessary utilization of polyethylene in everyday business, the contamination to the earth is gigantic. Since the polyethene’s are not biodegradable, the need of the ebb and flow hour is to utilize the waste polythene in some gainful purposes. This paper shows an examination led to think about the conduct of BC blend altered in with squander polyethylene. Various rates of polythene are utilized for arrangement of blends in with a chose total reviewing as given in the IRC Code. The job of polythene in the blend is read for different building properties by getting ready Marshall tests of BC blends with and without polymer. Marshall properties, for example, steadiness, stream esteem, unit weight, air voids are utilized to decide ideal polythene content for the given evaluation of bitumen VG30.


Investors Perception Towards Stock Market: An Exploratory Approach

Prof. (Dr) Iqbal Thonse Hawaldar, Dr. Habeeb Ur Rahiman

Stock market has become an attractive investment avenue for most of the investors, and stock market has enormously grown over the years. But lot of investors fear to invest in stock market due to the volatility often seen in share market. The risk often undertaken by the investors in share market huge and there exist fear among the investors of losing their hard-earned income. Even though the return, the investors receive in stock market is high, the investors need to bear an equal amount of risk as well as moreover the investors must sure of which investment avenue, they are selecting in order to ensure high returns. This study was undertaken to understand the different personal factors affecting their investment decision and the different factors influencing various categories of investment. The was also conducted to know the source of investors awareness regarding stock market. Questionnaire and personal interview of the investors was conducted to understand the view point, behavior and attitude of the investors as well as their level of awareness. Chi square test was used as a tool to arrive at a decision regarding the association between the two variables. It was that there are many factors influencing the investor’s decision such as risk return, tax benefits, maturity period, capital appreciation and safety of principal. But majority of the investors believed returns is the most important factor influencing their decision. The highest number of investors preferred to invest in stocks, when compared to mutual funds and derivatives. The study also revealed that majority of the investors took their own decision to invest, whereas some of the investors were influenced by Workshops, Seminars, Advertisements and newspapers. Thus, study attempted to learn the behavior of the investors towards stock market.


Analysis The Effect Of Work Stress, Work Discipline And Turnover Intention On Employees Performance Mediated By Job Satisfaction At PT. Epson Indonesia, Jakarta

Edi Sugiono, Dewi Sintia Vitaloka

This study aims to analyse the effect of work stress, work discipline, and turnover intentions on employee performance at PT. Epson Indonesia with job satisfaction as mediation variable. The analytical method is descriptive and inferential analysis with Structural Equation Model (SEM) facilitated by AMOS software. The results revealed that work stress, work discipline and turnover intentions had a positive and significant effect on job satisfaction. Job stress and work discipline do not have a positive and significant effect on employee performance, while turnover intentions have a negative and significant effect on employee performance. Finally, job satisfaction is proven to mediate the relationship of work stress, work discipline and turnover intention on employee performance. This research can be useful for managers and directors to develop disciplinary facilities and a good environment to adopt the values of innovation and learning to optimize strategies to improve the employees performance to achieve company goals.



Zunaidah, Bambang Bemby Soebyakto, Agustina Hanafi, Erwin Rakasiwih

This research analyzes the effect of training, motivation, and job satisfaction on employee performance at PT Techwin BKT. The research objectives are to analyze the effect of training on employee performance, the effect of training on employee performance through job satisfaction, the effect of motivation on performance, and the effect of motivation on employee performance through job satisfaction at PT Techwin BKT. The research population involved 55 respondents. This research processes the data from questionnaires that were distributed to respondents. The data analysis technique of this research applied Partial Least Square (PLS). Based on the analysis results, training has a positive and significant effect on performance, training has a positive and significant effect on performance through job satisfaction, motivation has a positive and significant effect on performance, and motivation has a positive and significant effect on performance through job satisfaction. Traning, Motivation and Job Satisfaction has a positive and significant effect on Employee Performance.


Analysis Of Friction Stir Welding Between Dissimilar Materials Using Bobin Tool

D. Jayabalakrishnan1, M.Balasubramanian2 , P.Prabhu , G.Suganya, C.Ramesh kumar D.B.Naga Muruga

Friction stir welding is a solid-state joining process where the original metal characteristics remain unchanged as a whole lot as viable since joining takes place in a plastic state without melting. FSW tool intermixes the metals at the place of the joint, then softens them and fused using mechanical strain. It is used most often applied on large pieces of aluminium alloy materials that are impossible and not suitable for further heat treatment to recover its characteristics. Finite Element Analysis was performed for the Friction Stir Welding process for the joining of dissimilar materials AA6061 and pure copper by varying the process parameters. For this purpose, a simple model was created for Friction stir Butt-welding Tool and work pieces to be joined using CREO software and stress analysis is did on them by ANSYS Software.


Legal Renewal In The Supervision System Of Constitutional Judges In Indonesia

Meri Yarni, Kosariza, Netty, Bahder Johan Nasution

The Constitutional Court is one of the main state organs in the Indonesian institutional structure that was formed based on article 24C mandate in conjunction with Article III of the Amendment Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. authoritarian towards a more democratic one. The establishment of the Constitutional Court in Indonesia is at least motivated for three reasons: philosophical reasons, political reasons and socio-historical reasons. On these three grounds, it was finally realized that to create a democratic and constitutional government, an institution that has the authority to exercise judicial control is needed. The problems that arise are related to the four functions that must be carried out by the Constitutional Court, namely as guardians of the constitution, interpreters of the constitution, enforcers of democracy and guardians of human rights. The four functions are carried out through the implementation of four authorities and one obligation which can be seen as an authority as specified in Article 24C paragraph (1) and (2) Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. why need renewal and how the ideal system of supervision of Constitutional Justices in Indonesia. The method used in this study is a normative legal research method with a focus on reviewing and reviewing various literatures regarding the supervision model of Constitutional Judges from time to time in order to find the ideal construction model of supervision of Constitutional Judges in Indonesia. The research approach used is the legislative approach, conceptual approach, and historical approach. The results of the study indicate the importance of specific arrangements where efforts are needed to reconsider the current system of supervision of the behavior of Constitutional Justices. Back to the basic thinking about the purpose of the establishment of the Constitutional Court which was then contextualized with the Constitutional Judge as the executor of the judicial power to formulate new construction (ius constituendum) the supervision model of the Constitutional Justice.


IOT Based Attendance Management System With High Security

S. M. Turkane, Jayashri A. Waghe, C.B.Kadu, P.S.Vikhe

online attendance method is helpful for workers who do a lot of activities outside the office or workers with multi-schedule. In recent days, we have seen as abrupt increment in the utilization of face detection technique systems in the fields of industrial technologies, health, agriculture, transportation, etc. Also, Internet of Things is blooming parallel. Therefore, utilizing these, an attempt has been made to solve the attendance management and monitoring issues. Online Attendance Management System is the implementation of Internet of Things through Raspberry Pi and face detection technique in order to reduce the time consumed by the traditional system of recording daily attendance in schools and institutions. This system describe the attendance without human interference. In this strategy the camera is fixed in the classroom and it will capture the image, the faces are detected and then it is recognized with the database and finally the attendance is marked. So everything here in turn gets automated. An attempt has also been made to develop an Android application (app) and help the students’ to view their attendance anywhere, anytime.


Harmonic Signal Analysis And Unwanted Signal Elimination In Stepped Periodic Waveforms Using Switching Angle Optimization Technique


A voltage source inverter is commonly used to supply a variable frequency variable voltage to a three phase induction motor in a variable speed application. The output voltage contains harmonics, the different types of harmonic elimination methods are available. But all the methods having some limitations (both magnitude of harmonics and design of filters). This project deals with how to reduce the particular harmonics in the output voltage of inverter. The concept of multilevel voltage source inverters and their modulation topologies are to be analyzed. The concept of the Harmonic Stepped-Waveform technique for a multilevel inverter is to be presented. By applying this concept, specific harmonics can be eliminated, and the output voltage THD can be improved. A procedure to achieve the appropriate switching angles are to be proposed. A cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter that can be implemented using only a single dc power source with only eight power switches and capacitors. Standard cascaded multilevel inverters require n dc sources for 2n + 1 levels. Without requiring transformers, the scheme proposed here allows the use of a single dc power source (e.g., a battery or a fuel cell stack) with the remaining n − 1 dc sources being capacitors, which is referred to as hybrid cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter (HCMLI). It is shown that the inverter can simultaneously maintain the dc voltage level of the capacitors and choose a fundamental frequency switching pattern to produce a nearly sinusoidal output. This paper mainly focus on control of seven-level HCMLI with fundamental frequency switching control and how its modulation index range can be extended for reducing desired lower order harmonics. The proposed project are to be simulated by using MATLAB and the results are to be compared with experimental setup. The embedded controller is to be used for generating required pulses to the cascaded multi level inverter


Automated Lung Lesion Detection Using Effective Machine Learning Techniques

Dr. A. Balamurugan, Dr.P.Tamije Selvy,. Hindumathy N

Lung cancer is considered to be the most common cause of death for people around the world. Automatic detection of lung lesion accurately using machine learning algorithms provides better accuracy compared to visual interpretation by medical experts. Computed Tomography (CT) images are efficient than X-rays as it provides clear representation of lesions. Automatic detection of lung lesion in this research paper includes the following stages: 1. Image preprocessing (resizing, noise removal using median filter), 2. Segmentation (Expectation Maximization), 3. Feature extraction (statistical, texture, shape). In this study, MATLAB has been used in every procedure. The proposed system is tested in a database of 198 CT images obtained from OASIS. The techniques are analyzed in s step by step procedure and lung lesion in CT image is identified automatically.


Design Of Mathematics Learning Module Based On Problem Based Learning To Improve Critical Thinking Ability Students

Siti Nursolekah, Suparman

The ability to think critically is a form of reason where an individual can increase the potential of his thoughts through a process of problem analysis and evaluation. Modules are used because they set the learning time more by the needs and development of student learning so that they can help students in their critical thinking ability. The purpose of this study was to develop teaching materials in the form of modules based on the problem based learning approach to improve students’ critical thinking ability. This type of research is a method of research and development with the ADDIE development model, namely using a model of analyzing, design, develop, implement, evaluate. The subjects of this study were the class VII junior high school students. The instruments used were validation sheets, critical thinking ability tests, and interview guide guidelines. A validation sheet is addressed to material experts and media experts. Tests to find out student’s critical thinking ability with the use of modules so that it is known whether there is an increase in students’ critical thinking ability. Interview guidelines are given to teachers and students to find out the characteristic of students and the curriculum that applies in the school. The data analysis technique in this study uses data reduction, presentation, and conclusion. The module design is produced based on the PBL approach that is by the characteristics, curriculum, and assignments of students. This research can be developed into the development stage. implementation, and evaluation.


Network Impact Analysis Of AOMV And AOMDV Routing For Real Time MANET Designing

Pradeep chouksey, Diksha Singhal

A mobile ad hoc network (MANET), also known as wireless ad hoc network or ad hoc wireless network that has many open or independent nodes. Within this paper we planned a routing presentation of AODV and AOMDV protocols in MANET. The AODV (Ad hoc on demand Distance Vector) protocol is the unipath routing protocol and forming established the route in on require manner. With the help of AOMDV routing approach average end-to-end delay and routing above your head minimized and increased the presentation of the system. The multipath protocol has ability toward balance the load of the network efficiently. The AOMDV (Ad hoc On demand Multipath Distance Vector) is the multipath routing protocol and established the more than two routes as the back-up route or alternative routes for data transmission and receiving in MANET. The performance of both the protocols are measured through maximum load handling, average load handling capability of nodes and routing performance is based on top of the packet deliverance part, throughput and end-to-end delay. The presentation of AOMDV protocol is superior to the unipath AODV and also handle the load through distributed to alternative paths. The AOMDV provides the better routing performance as compare to AODV routing protocol.


An Updated Review On Anticancer Activity Of Capsaicin

Ali Al-Samydai

Globally, cancer remains as one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Although great advancements have been achieved in the treatment and control of cancer progression, significant short comings of the currently available treatment regimens pose serious challenges. Often, a number of undesired side effects occur during chemotherapy that is why, natural therapies, such as the use of plant-derived products in cancer treatment, may reduce the adverse side effects. Many plant-based products carry out multitargeting naturally are inexpensive and safe. Capsaicin is a naturally occurring alkaloid derived from chillies (Capsicum annuum, Solanaceae) that is responsible for its hot pungent taste. It is an odorlessfat soluble compound. Capsaicin extracted from the fruit of the capsicum plant family. It is a member of the vanilloid family of compounds such as vanillin from vanilla, eugenol from bay leaves and cloves, zingerone from ginger and Capsaicin from hot peppers. The vanilloids possess a vanillyl (4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzyl) moiety and this confers their biological activity. Structurally, like other vanilloids, Capsaicin has a benzene ring and long hydrophobic carbon tail with a polar amide group Recently, many research groups, including ours, found that capsaicin targets multiple signaling pathways, oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes in various types of cancer models. In this review article, we highlight multiple molecular targets responsible for the anticancer mechanism of capsaicin.


The Influence Of Person Organization Fit On Employee Performance With Organization Commitments As A Variable Of Mediation

Aulia Nurlaili Kusuma Wardani, Rr Erlina, Habibullah Jimad

The concept of person-organization fit relationship with employee performance is very important because it is related to its role in achieving an organization’s success. The suitability of organizational values with individuals is one of the main keys to maintaining and maintaining employee commitments that are indispensable in a competitive business environment. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect og person-organization fit on employee performance and the indirect effect through organizational commitment at the Pringsewu College of Health. This research uses quantitative methods by distributing questionnaires of 120 employees. The analytical tool used is path analysis. This research presents that all data are valid and reliable. The results of this study can be concluded that partially person-organization fit has a positive and significant effect on employee performance. For person-organization fit has a positive and significant effect on organizational commitment, organizational commitment has a positive and significant effect on employee performance, organizational commitment as a mediating variable can mediate the relationship between person-organization fit and employee performance.


Double Input Zero Voltage Switching Boost Converter For Low Power Applications

Preethi G, Sathishkumar S

In this paper, a novel Double-Input-Single-Output (DISO) Boost Converter topology for renewable energy systems is proposed. Double-input Single-output converters provide flexibility in terms of the choice and the availability of power source. The designed converter has the advantages of simple configuration and fewer switches. In this boost converter, load is connected to two different sources. The proposed converter has four operating modes. Depending upon the voltage levels, the two sources are connected to the load as individually or in series combination. Snubber Assisted Zero Voltage and Zero Current Transition (SAZZ) topology is implemented at the switching of MOSFET so the stress occurs during the switching is avoided. It also reduces the switching losses. The load connected is operated flexibly with two sources. The proposed converter has ability to produce constant output voltage from the fluctuating DC sources. It is done by designing a PID controller. The output voltage is taken as feedback and compared with a reference voltage. The error obtained is given as input to the controller and appropriate PWM pulses are generated to control the semiconductor switch. The circuit is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK and the results are obtained.


Study On The Properties Of Concrete Using Nano-silica

Towseef Sultan

Nano materials are little measured materials with molecule estimate in nano meters. These materials are exceptionally successful in changing the properties of cement at the ultrafine level by the righteousness of their little size. The little size of the particles likewise implies a more prominent surface territory. The quality and porosity of concrete can be improved by the addition of these nano- materials as they fill up minute spaces in the micro-structure. The compressive, flexural and split-tensile strength of concrete is increased due to use of nano-silica in concrete mix.This thesis gives an insight on the effect of Nano –silica of size 236nm on the mechanical properties of concrete. Nano - silica of 0.3%, 0.6%, 0.9% and 1.2% b.w.c. was used for experimental purpose, considerable increase in early-age compressive, split-tensile and flexural strength and a small increase in the overall compressive, split-tensile and flexural strength of concrete was observed.


The Impact Of RME-Based Design Instructional On Students’ Mathematical Communication Ability

Lily Andriani, Ahmad Fauzan

This study aims to produce effectiveness from the development of learning design through statistical concepts using the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach to mathematical communication skills implemented in HLT (Hypothetical Learning Trajectory), teacher and students book which valid and practical. The method used is a combination of the Plomp design research model and the Gravemeijer & Cobb model, which consists of 3 phases, namely the preliminary research phase (preliminary research / preparing for the experiment), the development phase (development or prototyping phase / design experiment) and the assessment phase ( assessment phase / retrospective analysis). The subjects of this research were students of class VIII junior high school. Data collection techniques that will be used were post test tests from two classes, namely the experimental class and the control class. Data analysis technique was using the Independent-Sample T Test. The analysis shows that p-value = 0,000


Changing Pattern Of Women's Political Participation And Leadership: A Study Of Assam

Mabrur Ahmed, Dr, Neelam Pandey

The present paper is an endeavor to break down the status of women and their empowerment as far as different pointers, for example, access to education, employment, household basic leadership control, money related independence, opportunity of development, presentation to media, political investment, experience of aggressive behavior at home and so on in the province of Assam utilizing supplementary information acquired from different sources. The investigation uncovers that advancement procedure in the state isn't impartial; women’s are treated and considered inferior which has been contrasted with the normal women in India. Level of women at the taxpayer driven organisations and their political investment is very low and doesn't give any indication of noteworthy improvement. Sex proportion, however, not for women is improving after some time. The main objective of the study is that women should be given the better status in the state when contrasted with women in India as far as basic leadership control at the household level while the circumstance is turn around in the event of their monetary self-governance and sexual brutality. Bury region difference is uncontrolled in the state


Role Of Malnutrition Towards Predisposing The Population Towards Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Malavika Bhattacharya

Providing adequate quantities of nutritious and quality food is becoming a huge challenge in wake of exponential growth in human population. This is resulting in undernutrition of economically deprived populations across various countries. Increasingly it is being observed that undernutrition from an early age is aggravating the chances of onset and progression of several commonly occurring Non-communicable disease (NCD) conditions. On the other hand, malnutrition arising out of imbalanced diet is also increasing incidences of NCDs such as obesity. Thus, malnutrition is turning out to be one of the vital parameters that are contributing significantly towards shift in disease epidemiology from infectious to chronic non-infectious ones. This paper is aimed towards understanding and analysing some of the cause-and-effect relationships between malnutrition and a few commonly occurring NCDs.


Impact Of Non-academic Work Stress On Faculty Performance: A Research On Selected Engineering Institutes In Guntur District Of Andhra Pradesh

Dr.simanchal das, Dr.B.kishore babu

Previous studies have found that stress is an outcome of diverse factors which include pressure from seniors, gender and age differences, working circumstances, unfavourable environment, nature of work and salary. It is also found that stress affects the job performance of the employees. In modern days, teaching faculty relatively experience more academic stress contrary to the general perception. This is due to the fact that they are engaged in many non- academic activities which directly or indirectly affect their core performance in teaching and research. As maximum faculty time is spent in maintaining records and files for accreditation, rankings and awards, the teachers hardly get time to prepare for classes and undertaking research projects due to excessive non-academic responsibilities. Ultimately, their overall performance in teaching and research tend to decline. The situation is more acute in private educational sector where they are also engaged in institutional branding apart from doing the aforesaid non-academic duties with irregular pay and unfavourable employment conditions. Thus, engagement of teachers in non-academic activities results psychological pressure and which in turn affects their performance in teaching and research. This study examines the relationship between non academic work load and its impact on academic performance of teaching faculty in selected engineering institutes in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh. It also investigates the effect of demographic variables like gender, age and work experience of faculty on the level of stress due to non-academic workload, unfavourable employment conditions and even irregular payment practices. A well designed questionnaire was used on a sample of 250 engineering faculty members. The results revealed that variation in demographics was not responsible for variation in the level of stress due to the above factors. Rather it is found that irrespective of gender, age and work experience of the faculties, the same level of stress is experienced in them which tend to affect their core academic performance. . Keywords: Non-academic work stress, academic performance, accreditation, research projects


Customer Or Member Satisfaction Of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies In Kerala


Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACs) are now an important component of Indian financial system and are much more important in India than anywhere else in the world. It has gained its significance of the role assigned to them, the expectations they are supposed to fulfill, their number, and the number of offices they operate. The main aim of the primary agricultural credit societies is rural financing continues to be vital even today. Customer satisfaction is a major area in the service sector. Today’s customers are not satisfied with care and courtesy alone, they will expect concern and commitment. Co-operative banks do not pursue the goal of profit maximization. The main aim of the co-operative societies is service. Mutual help and self-help is the main principle of co-operatives. The purpose of the study is to examine the customer or member satisfaction of the primary agricultural co-operative societies. Samples of 140 respondents are randomly selected from the customers/ members of primary agricultural credit societies. The data have been collected through a questionnaire designed for five point Likert scale. The analysis showed that loan term is the most influencing factor that affects the customer satisfaction of PACS in Kerala. Index terms Customer Satisfaction, PACs, interest rate and Service


Models Of Management And Satra Institutions

Satyakam Dutta, Dr. Monoj Kumar Chowdhury

The Satras have been the bed-rock of Assamese civilization for more than 400 years now and have continuously provided the various communities and tribes that comprise the land and people of Assam, a unifying heritage, tradition, and a common culture. The Satras have evolved over a long time and have their ideologies refined over the period. And therefore it becomes pertinent to analyse Management models that can be relevant to the Satra institutions and their longevity. Modern organisations, with all there pomp and show, cannot usually survive beyond hundred years, but Satras have existed for a much more extended period. This study dwells on models relevant to the Satra institutions and based on their efficacy they can be implemented in modern organisations to increase their life expectancy.


Engine Implementation Of Microalgae And Jatropha Biodiesel Blends- A Review

Bharadwaj Dakoju, Chiranjeeva Rao Seela

Growing concern for the shortage of conventional fuels in future has inevitably led the researchers and scientists to develop new formulae to produce alternative fuels at a scale that can suffice the need of whole world. Microalgae and Jatropha biodiesels are two such potential biofuels which can be produced and used in place of conventional diesel. The present work covers the analysis of results from various researches done specifically using Microalgae and Jatropha biodiesels, their blends and nanoparticle emulsions. The reviews of observations made from the relevant works are stated. B20 blend of Microalgae biodiesel and B10 blend of Jatropha biodiesel have resulted in better performance and emission characteristics. And, addition of nanoparticles at 50ppm is known to escalate proper combustion.



Dr. B Menaka

After demonetization initiatives, most of the people in India started electronic payments for conducting their transactions. Everyone from the merchant to neighboring textile shops is embracing digital payment solutions. Slowly India is moving towards cashless economy. A cashless economy is one in which all the transactions are done using cards or through digital means. The flow of physical currency is minimized in cashless economy. The benefits of Cashless economy are many. The increased use of credit cards will definitely reduce the amount of cash that people have to carry which reduces the risk and the cost associated with that. In this paper an attempt is made to examine the Public perception in India towards cashless transactions and the attempt is also made to identify the challenges faced by them during their transactions.



Rajkumar S

The goal of this work is to build an algorithm to automatically detect and segment ships in satellite images. A number of factors can make ship detection and segmentation a challenging task. Some of these factors include flaws in image quality like uneven brightness, obstruction, and also the fact that there are many images that have a similar shape, color, and texture. Another problem is that objects like islands, ports, whales, etc look quite similar to ships. The algorithm had to be extremely accurate because lives and billions of dollars in energy infrastructure are at stake. In this work, we have used a custom MASK R CNN with the backbone as ResNet 50 trained using MS COCO weights. Using mask shape of size 14*14, the algorithm is able to detect and segment ships with a Mean Average Precision of 0.605. The model takes approximately 30 seconds to segment 30 images. Hence this model can be used for real time maritime applications.


Patient Safety And Infection Control Quality Indicators In Delhi-NCR Region

Dr. Vaishali Vashishta, Dr. Puneeta Ajmera, Sheetal Yadav

Nosocomial Infections most commonly known as health care associated infections were the most common complications, which were affecting the inpatients. The risks have been progressively increased during recent decades. Therefore, Infection control is an imperative component for the patient safety. This study focuses on the 18 different patient safety and infection control quality indicators in five hospitals of Delhi-NCR region emphasizing on the contributing factors associated with each of the indicators and the preventive measures to be carried out for future improvement.


An Anthropometric Measurement Of Cerebral Palsy Children For Developing Product Design

Nur Nabilah Binti Wazir, Dr. Musdi Shanat, Dr. Shahrol Mohamaddan

In ergonomics fields, anthropometric data can be used and applied in product design and used to develop design process. The research was conducted to study application of anthropometric data in product design for children with special needs. The research focused on anthropometric measurement of the children’s hand with cerebral palsy. However, no specific data of cerebral palsy (CP) children in Malaysian that could be obtained. The objective of this research is to apply and analyze an anthropometric database of cerebral palsy children (aged 12 month – 15 years old) for product design. The data analyze is using descriptive statistic method producing mean, percentiles and standard deviation (S.D) value for anthropometric variables. 30 children with cerebral palsy are involved in this study and 19 hand dimensions have been measured. The subject was informed before data collection started, that the study was to develop an anthropometric database which can be used to improve product design or other ergonomic consideration for cerebral palsy. The result of the study will provide guidelines for product design process.



Nguyen Phu Loc

The famous psychologist J. Piaget was a founder of cognitive constructivism. He stated that the knowledge of human beings is “constructed” through experience, but not from the information they are given. He asserted that the cognitive development of learner passed through two processes: assimilation and accommodation (commonly called adaptation). From the above idea of Piaget, many educators suggested different models of teaching. In this study, we introduced the Adaptation – Based Teaching by N.P. Loc (2019), the model was developed on the basis of concepts: assimilation accommodation, balance concepts which related to cognitive constructivism, and we also apply the model to teach “The parametric equation of a straight line in a plane” in order to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of it.



Pradosh Chandra Patnaik, Syed Sajid Quammaruddin Javid, M V. Ramana Murthy, Syed Abdul Sattar

The targets for next-generation networks are quite higher data rates, reduced latency as well as dealing with massive data. The success of these targets most definitely call for more modern architecture styles, updated modern technologies along with achievable in reverse assistance, far better protection algorithms as well as smart decision-producing capability. Along with the advent of the 5G period, mobile Web, IoT, cloud computing as well as various other kinds of interaction and data processing modern technology led to the eruptive development of data website traffic, as well as cordless interaction network has gone into the age of big data. This paper provides brief research on wireless big data enabled network architecture.


Critical Thinking Historical Background Of A Decade Of Studies Covering The Era Of The1980s

Dr. Alex Jones

Employers across the world are focusing on employment skills. The main characteristics of attention are having graduates who are job-ready and able to meet the demands of the twenty-first century. There's a lack of focus on critical thinking among educational institutions across the world nowadays. Colleges, Universities, and Business Schools among the many, for instance, are graduating students who lack critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. This article provides a comprehensive critical thinking coverage of studies of 1980 highlighting what critical thinking is and how it was addressed by the world's pioneers of critical thinking. It will be of benefit to scholars, educators, and employers who are focusing on critical thinking as an essential skill of the human capital of today's mankind.


The Effects Of Design-Based Learning In Teaching Augmented Reality For Pre-University Students In The ICT Competency Course

Ahmad Alif Bin Kamal, Syahrul Nizam Junaini

Recent advances in learning approaches and technology made the teaching and learning process became more complex. While many researchers have examined the capabilities of empowering student learning and AR for the purpose of teaching and learning, quantitative evidence for its impacts is still scarce. To contribute to filling this research gap, we applied a two times post-test and collected an instructional materials motivation survey with 280 participants at a pre-university center to measure the effectiveness and motivational impact of design-based learning approach on acquiring practical AR knowledge in an immersive learning experience. We hypothesized that students gained more knowledge and interest on AR by participating in DBL. The theoretical rationale for our hypothesis is that DBL experiences promote higher order thinking skill and informal learning to happen. The empirical results we obtained show that students performed better academically and provided positive feedback in terms of motivation and interest


Competency Acquisition, Difficulty And Performance Of First Year College Students In Mathematics In The Modern World (MITMW)

Adriel G. Roman; Rogacion U. Villanueva

Mathematics in the Modern World (MITMW) is one of the general education subjects taught in the new college curriculum in the Philippines. In this study, the self-assessment of students on their acquisition of the competencies set in the MITMW are being described as well as the extent of difficulties and performance. Using descriptive correlational research design, this study hypothesized that the perceived extent of acquisition of the first year college students on the competencies intended for Mathematics in the Modern World and their extent of difficulties experienced provide significant relationship to their performance. Two hundred seventy-one (271) first year college students were surveyed using validated questionnaires. Results revealed that the first year college students have higher extent of acquisitions on the competencies set in the MITMW (knowledge, values, and skills). Students experienced slight difficulties on the different topics of MITMW with satisfactory performances in the subject. Finally, the study concluded that acquired competencies and difficulties are both significantly related to students’ performance in MITMW.


A Hidden Markov Model Based Recursive Algorithm For Wideband Temporal Spectrum Sensing

B.Chandana1, R.Sudheer Babu2,K.Ayyanna3

Wideband Spectrum Sensing methods can be more efficiently used in order to determine the inactive portions that represent the spectrum holes in the frequency range of a given spectrum. In this paper, we propose, an algorithm that implies Hidden Markov modeling by considering the recursive tree search. The proposed algorithm, considers the dynamic activity of the authorized users within the spectrum. The spectrum holes, smooth in the occurrence of bursting main operator signals can be detected accurately by the planned wide band temporal sensing method. The performance gain, particularly, at the time of small duty-cycle by the licensed operator signals can be demonstrated by the obtained numerical results with the mentioned algorithm.


An Analytical Study On Association Of Women Empowerment Components With Human Development In Context Of Assam

Biman Dutta

Abstract: Empowerment of women is a process of change in personal and social level by which they gain meaningful choices, power and control over their lives. It enables them to leading a fulfilling human life. Women empowerment can contribute to human development by household and community level. When women are empowered and have more control over on say resources, better education and health care, it not only develops the family, but also society as a whole. So a high level of woman empowerment is both a necessary and sufficient condition for improved level of human development. With this back drop, he present study have made an attempt to study about the role of Education, Female Work force Participation Rate and Sex Ratio in empowering women, their interlinkange with and impact on Human Development. The study found that only Female literacy has a significant impact on human development. Key words: Women Empowerment, Female Literacy, Sex Ratio, Human Development, Assam.


Significant Developments Of Artificial Intelligence In Indian Ecommerce Industry In 2019

R. Vignesh

Artificial Intelligence shows a tremendous improvement in scaling up the ecommerce business globally. The investments made on research and development in Artificial Intelligence over the past few decades started reaping its rewards in the last few years. The most of the industries are facing problems in economic slowdown, but ecommerce industry stood stall due to its proper Supply and Demand predictions using AI concepts. The paper explains the recent developments of Artificial Intelligence in ecommerce Industry in 2019 in detail.


The Role Of Information And Communication Technology As A Mediator In The Relationship Between The Management Support And Performance Improvement In Jordan

Abdel Rahman kh. el-Dalabeeh

Information and communication technology (ICT) has been affected the performance by improving it through the ICT`s elements that simplify and accelerate the exchange the relevant information for decision makers which improve the results of those decisions. In other hand, without a management financial (infrastructure, money,…) and non-financial (time and personal,..) support for ICT elements then the effect will be weak. This study examine the mediating role of information and communication technology on the relationship between management support and performance improvement in public universities as one of the most sectors which the elements of the study available and needed in Jordan, the data collected and analyzed from 107 respondent working in financial internal control departments. That used to validate the framework and test the hypothesis related to the relation between study variables using PLS-SEM, the result of the study shows that the management support and ICT will improve the performance of the public universities in Jordan, Also ,it indicate the positive role of ICT as mediator variable in the relation between MS and PI, these results may help the universities top management to be supportive (financially and non-financially) to ICT elements in improving its performance.


Causal Link Between Financial Developments, Financial Inclusion And Economic Growth In Nigeria

Kabiru Kamalu

Abstract— The aim of this study is to examine the causal linkages between financial development, financial inclusion, trade openness, foreign direct investment and economic growth in Nigeria from 1970 to 2018. Moreover, this study employed Ng Perron, Zivot Andrew unit root test; Gregory and Hansen cointegration test; and Non-Granger causality Toda and Yamamoto test. However, the results revealed that all the variables were stationary and cointegrated in the long run. Similarly, the result showed one-way causal relationship from financial inclusion to economic growth, and two-way causal relationship between financial development and economic growth. However, there is no causal relationship between trade openness and economic growth. Therefore, the study concludes that financial development and financial inclusion is an important determinant of economic growth. Thus, the impact on growth is even more pronounced when more people have access to formal financial services. Hence, access to affordable and appropriate formal financial products and services for all especially poor and disadvantaged members of society should be provided, and policies to encourage credits to private sector should be given due consideration in order to achieve more growth in Nigeria.



P V V S Srinivas, L. v n Pavan Sai Sujith, P. Mohana Sarvani, D. Sai Kumar, Dhanush Parasa

people will face many problems in Hospitals while taking Admission. If it is in a popular hospital, they should wait for hours together to take just admission. But it is not at all good at the Emergency Department. Very serious cases will admit in the Emergency Department. So, we need to use more innovative techniques to ameliorate patient flow and prevent Overflowing. So, data mining techniques will show us a pleasant method to predict ED Admissions. Here we Analyzed an algorithm for predicting models i.e. Naive Bayes, Random Forests, Support Vector Machine. For the prediction, we should identify a handful of factors associated with Hospital admission including age, gender, systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, diabetes, previous records in the preceding month or year, admission. We also say about the algorithms which we used in detail. We use the Random Forests algorithm for classifying the data for improving the accuracy of prediction. Naive Bayes is used to identifying the probabilities for each attribute and helps in predicting the outcome. Support Vector Machine is used to classify the given input particular category which helps in predicting the outcome.


PV Based DC-DC Converter Design Using MPPT For Stand-alone System

Dr.Bhagabat Panda, Dr. Babita Panda, Miss. Aradhana khillo

In photovoltaic array, a DC-DC converter plays most important role.DC-DC converter is used to obtain boosted output voltage for the solar PV module. A soft computing technique (MPPT) is required to operate this PV module. We can increase the output voltage of photovoltaic (PV) system by using the soft computing (MPPT) technique. This voltage depends upon the switching frequency and duty cycle of the converter. The paper aims to study PV system which uses a DC-DC boost converter using soft computing as the MPPT for standalone system.


QLETZ: NOUN-YOU-KNOW Online Module For Vocabulary Learning

Nurul Huda Mukhtar, Nurzahirah Zainal, Nur Ain Mat Nasir, Melor Md Yunus

Enriching vocabulary among English as a Second Language (ESL) learners, especially primary school students; plays a major role in developing the students’ holistic proficiency in English language. However, there are some issues regarding the students’ performance in learning basic vocabulary (especially nouns); due to the conventional method of teaching and learning, which does not bring a huge impact on their performance in classrooms. Gamified education has become one of the preferable practices used in teaching and learning among ESL learners due to its creative approach. This intervention intends to study the effectiveness of integrating Quizizz and Quizlet in learning English vocabulary among Year 2 primary school students of a suburban area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia based on Super Minds textbook, which is aligned systematically with Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Quizlet offers flashcards and individual assessment while Quizziz focuses on group assessment. Three topics have been included in this online module, which significantly assists the teaching and learning session to be more comprehensible and practical. The research design for this study is action research based on the model proposed by Kemmis and McTaggart. Pre- and post-tests are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of this module and researchers field note is also applied to obtain the educators’ and students’ feedback. The result from pre- and post-tests indicates a significant improvement in students’ vocabulary acquisition. Hence, educators could possibly apply QLETZ Noun You Know to expand their repertoire of teaching strategies and motivate students to speak in English.


The Influence Of Safety Talk Of Knowledge And Attitude Use A Personal Protective Equipment On Employees Production Section

Fathinah Ranggauni Hardy

The high number of accidents work caused by the lack of awareness of employee to use a personal protective equipment to avoid accident. To increase awareness and knowledge employees about personal protective equipment can be done by giving safety talk before starting the job. The research aims to know the influence of safety talk of knowledge and attitude use of personal protective equipment on employees production for plating section in PT Mitsuba Indonesia. This research was Quasi Experimental used One Group Pretest-Posttest approach by using 57 employees production for plating section as sample of research. The sampling technique used Purposive Sampling. The data collected by measuring the score of personal protective equipment knowledge and attitude using questionnaire. This research&#8217;s analysis used non-parametric Wilcoxon because the data is not normally distributed. The result of the Wilcoxon statistic test that there are increased knowledge about personal protective equipment on employees between before and after safety talk with p-value = 0.000 and there are increased positive attitude use of personal protective equipment on employees between before and after safety talk with p-value = 0.000. so it can be concluded that there an influence of safety talk of knowledge and attitude use of personal protective equipment on employees production for plating section in PT Mitsuba Indonesia.


Spiritual Intelligence In Relation To Expansion And Extension Of Potentials In Ageing

Gurvinder Ahluwalia

This research presented the role of Spiritual Intelligence in the expansion of &#8216;Special Potentials&#8217; in old age. Spiritual Intelligence has implications in socio-emotional development and answerable to all social issues. The researcher accredited the spiritual intelligence, an absolute remedy to the most serious impediments and menace of the present world. It covers multitude of qualities; its implications in elderly can be the issue of great concern for today&#8217;s Social Psychologists and Gerontologist. Present study assessed age comparison of 300 Indian participants of Delhi state by using cross sectional survey of age group 18 to 85 by psychological measure, Spiritual Quotient. Researcher in this study revealed the role of Spiritual Intelligence in the development of &#8216;Special Potentials&#8217; (socio-emotional) and empowering old people. The psychological measure was administered and result indicated &#8216;Old Adult Group&#8217; scored significantly higher than other lower age groups. The higher S.I. helps in developing positive mind-set and helps the elderlies to understand personal commitments, accept individual differences, improve personal relationships, develop leadership abilities, and be composed in crisis situations, resultant they can become powerful driving force for youngsters. They develop discerning mind and generates the feelings of serene and blissfulness within and around by positively influencing the society. Study highlights that S.I. not only equips elderly for personal and civic life rather help them to contribute to the society by changing deeply-entrenched social transgression, and able to establish ideal civilization.


Visual Fantasy In Children&#8217;s Learning Through Virtual & Augmented Reality

Wegig Murwonugroho

The aim of this study is to analyze the impact of using virtual reality technology and augmented reality as a medium of learning for children. Virtual technology and augmented reality are often used as interactive learning media to illustrate how living things interact, with the application of animations as a simulation of aesthetic elements that appear real, though false. Moreover, the realness is due to the power in the presentation of gestures, expressions, and movements of visible things, hence, the visual pseudo-appearance seems impossible in real life. This media has kindled the emotional intelligence of children, enabling an increase in the freedom of expression. Furthermore, research using this phenomenology methodology established the scientific contribution of technology learning essence, leading to the emergence of visual fantasy in children. This encompasses the imagination that appears within the mind as though they were real. In addition, this creates a space, which seems to be unlimited, as the visual elements are colorful and rhythmic, while the wildness of creativity enhances the effectivity of learning systems, through this technology, as well as attaining the position of being children&#8217;s&#8217; preferred choice.


The Influence Of Illumination Variety On Repeatability Quality Of Feature Detectors Using Discrete Cosine Transform Algorithm

Adhi Kusnadi

This study discusses the effect of illumination on the quality of repetition of detector features in correcting keypoints on face stereo images. This is important to determine the best illumination value on the detector feature, which will be used to reconstruct 3D objects from 2D images in 3D face recognition. Variations in illumination are one of the biggest problem found in face recognition system because it can cause more influential than the physical features detected. Previous research on 3D face recognition told about the system cannot be used outside the room because of the influence of excessive illumination. To overcome this, the effect of light is removed by removing the coefficient of high discrete cosine transform (DCT) with a coefficient of 25%, 50% 75%. CLAHE algorithm is also implemented to increase contrast. The results of the F-score were increased compared to previous studies. Thus, this research has improved the quality of the repetition of detector features.


An Analysis Of Students&#8217; Mathematical Reasoning Ability On Abstract Algebra Course

Nina Agustyaningrum

This study aims at revealing the students' mathematical reasoning abilities on abstract algebra courses. The method used a qualitative descriptive method. It involved 31 sixth semester students of the Mathematics Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Riau Kepulauan University, Batam, Indonesia in the academic year of 2018/2019. The data collection techniques employed test and interview. The results showed that the four indicators of mathematical reasoning ability obtained the overall mean scores of 42.12% (low category). The lowest indicator was "do mathematical manipulation" with 21.75% (low category), followed by "conclusions drawing, compiling evidence, giving reasons or evidence for validity of the solution" with 40.25% (low category), the indicator of "making a conjecture" was 43.50% (low category), and the indicator of "drawing conclusions from a statement" was 63% (medium category). Based on the findings, the suggestions can be proposed for lecturers to have more exercises related to proofing in order to enhance the students' mathematical reasoning abilities on abstract algebra lectures.


Development Learning Design Lift Material Flap With Character Education To Improve Problem Solving Abilities

Siti Suprotun

The success of education is not only measured by the achievement of student academic targets. Mathematics learning must be well designed so that the goal of forming students' character through mathematics learning can be achieved. Then the importance of problem-solving is goals the process learning in terms of aspects of the curriculum. The importance of problem-solving in learning is also conveyed with National Council of Mathematics Teacher. Based on previous research, solving mathematical problems of students at school is still low. This is because all this time learning has not provided opportunities for students to develop their ability to solve problems. One of the learning to shape character and improve problem-solving skills is by using teaching materials lift the flap with characters. The purpose from this study is determine to improve of students problem-solving abilities before and after using teaching materials. The sampling technique uses a random sample. The subject of this research is mentally retarded students.


A Corpus-Based Analysis Of English Core Modal Verbs And Their Counterparts In Indonesian

Ikmi Nur Oktavianti

This paper examines the core modal verbs in English and their counterparts in Indonesian. It reveals the plausible modality categories dominant among English and Indonesian speakers, identifying the most salient modality categories. The English core modal verbs being investigated are equivalent to can, could, will, would, shall, should, may, might, and must, which have been selected due to their wide use in formal and non-formal contexts. The analysis indicates the frequency of modal verb usage in English and Indonesian sentence constructions. It provides a contrastive analysis using quantitative and qualitative approaches. Data was collected from several corpora: ARCHER and COCA for English language data and MCP and Wortschatz for Indonesian language data. Data was analysed quantitatively by applying the normalised frequency method and qualitatively by employing the translational identity method. The analysis shows that core modal verbs expressing volition and prediction are most frequently found in English, with the modal verb will being the most frequently used modal verb and its preterite form occupies the third position. As with English, Indonesian also considers the expression of volition and prediction salient because it most frequently uses the modality expression akan. The modal verbs can and could are also used intensively by English speakers, showing that speakers consider the concepts of possibility and permission prominent, as well as prediction and volition. The contrastive analysis shows that, among English and Indonesian speakers, prediction and volition are important notional states in terms of modality expression.


Students&#8217; Entrepreneurial Intention Viewed From Subjective Norms And Hardiness In Vocational High Schools In Yogyakarta

Fatwa Tentama

Subjective norms and student hardiness are one of the factors associated with entrepreneurial intentions. This study aims to empirically examine the relationship between subjective norms and hardiness with entrepreneurial intentions in students at Muhammadiyah 3 Vocational High School in Yogyakarta. The population in this study were students of class XII with a total of 357 students. The sample in this study was 98 students consisting of 4 majors, namely: computer engineering and networking, machine engineering, motorcycle engineering, and pharmacy. The sampling technique was randomized using cluster random sampling technique. The method of data collection was the scale of entrepreneurial intention, subjective norm scale, and hardiness scale. Data analysis was done with multiple linear regression techniques. The results showed that 1) there was a significant relationship between subjective norms and hardiness simultaneously with entrepreneurial intentions indicated by significance values p=.030 (p


Social Media Influence Youth Destination Choice To Visit Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

Nur Amirah

Social media is not an optional extra in the tourism industry and tourism companies, the tourism companies must participate in other social media sites in order to succeed in today&#8217;s highly competitive business environment. The influence of social media is a marketing term that indicates the individual's ability to dominate the thinking of others in the social online community. The aim of this research is to look over the social media influence youth destination choice to visit Pulau Langkawi, Kedah. The expansion of social media within tourism has provided further motivation towards destination information search and image evaluation. The objective of this research is mainly to identify if social media has made any influence in youth destination choice to visit Pulau Langkawi, Kedah. Pulau Langkawi has been gazetted by the United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNECSO) and has a great opportunity in the tourism industry which has yet to be fully exploited. Results of this research show that the usefulness of social media is to enhance the attraction place. Furthermore, most of the respondents agree that positive or negative comments on social media do have an effect to their destination choice decision. Besides that, social media sources are wide to choose from, thus leaving them with so many choices of social media to help them make decisions. Finally, the respondents agree that social media can actually make them consider travelling to a place they never thought they would. Hence, social media does have an influence to the youths as the objectives have been achieved.


The Role Of Plants In Controlling Air Quality: Case Study Of Jakarta

Rully Besari Budiyanti

Jakarta City has been experiencing disturbance in air quality lately due to high pollution, which has exceeded the amount of threshold allowed. Data obtained shows that 70 &#8211; 80% of air pollution in the city is caused by moving sources originating from vehicles, which emits hydrocarbon and lead. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) is one of the aromatic hydrocarbon compounds with the ability to cause cancer, while lead is allegedly able to reduce IQ levels of children up to 5 (five) years. Therefore, considering the health hazards caused by these pollutants, it is essential to reduce its spread in the environment. One outstanding technique used to achieve this is planting with the subsystems of urban ecosystems, which is often seen as a decorative element of landscape, with aesthetic dominating this role. Living things, especially trees, are bio-indicators, known to be capable of reducing air pollution, both in the form of gas and particles while responding differently to the environment. Plants response to an environment is ameliorated or treated, with a balance to the metabolic system in a potentially toxic concentration condition. This study shows plants ability to absorb particles through leaves, thereby, making it able to take up roles in controlling air quality in urban areas and as a bioindicator of air pollution. It was carried out experimentally using a simple random sampling method with the analysis unit in the form of leaves from beautiful Mahogany and Fiddle-leaf Fig trees, while the wet destruction method (Wet Methods).


The Feasibility Of Malang City As College Town

Rahel Situmorang

This literature research aims to determine the condition of Malang city as a city of higher education in Indonesia. Higher education is the main driving force for the development of property, land, and buildings as well as the growth of commercial areas, and is in a good spot for collaborating with communities in dealing with urban problems. The development of higher education in Malang city has improved because many students are interested in continuing their studies in this city. The increase in the number of students reaches 10% per year; this is due to the quality of public and private tertiary institutions, the availability of various types of study programs, high and fast access (from Jakarta, Surabaya, and other cities in eastern Indonesia), comfort, safety, and relatively low cost of living compared to other large cities. Malang has 62 colleges with 300,000 students from various places; this brings changes in the physical environment, socio-culture, and economy in Malang. The results of the analysis indicate that Malang City has met the college town criteria, and this will be used as part of research studentification in Malang. This research is intended to confirm the capability of Malang as a city of higher education, referring to the college town characteristics in the related literature, as well as the use of SWOT analysis to identify the potential and obstacles encountered by Malang city as a college town.


The Advantages Of Water Painting Activity In Teaching English Vocabulary For Children

Doni Damara

The learning process is important part to make children motivated with the things. The teacher will be happy when the children look enjoyed, self-confidence and low anxiety. The objectives of the study are to know the advantages of painting activity in teaching vocabulary for young learner and to know the students respond of painting activity in teaching vocabulary. This research uses the qualitative method. The data were collected from the observation and documents. To analyze the data, this research did the direct observation during the class and taken the documents. The subject of this research is children or young learners who they are 2 till 6 years old. The data is taken form English course for kids. The results show that the advantages of painting activity in teaching English vocabulary are useful. There advantages are appropriate strategy, introducing the art project, practicing psychomotor, giving motivation, building their confidents and independent. The respond are positive because this activity can make the children addictive, enthusiasm and interested.


Student’s Worksheet Design To Improving Problem-solving Ability Of Seventh Grade With PBL

Adhitya Prasetyaningtyas, Suparman

The purpose of this study was to develop student’s worksheet design based on PBL to improve student’s problem solving abilities of seventh class. The development model used in this study is the ADDIE development model. The steps in this study are analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The subjects in this study were seventh grade students of Muhammadiyah 1 Junior high school in Depok, in Indonesia. The objects in this study are curriculum, material, and student characteristics. The results in this study are, first, students need teaching materials that are in accordance with the curriculum, material, and characteristics of students who can improve problem solving skills. Second, the design results in this study include cover, preface, and table of contents, instructions for using student’s worksheet, basic competencies, supporting information, work steps, and individual assignments. The results of design validation show that the student’s worksheet has very good criteria with an average value of 43.


Standard Pathways Guides For The Disabled At The Commuter Line Stations In JABODETABEK

Maria Immaculata Ririk Winandari

The purpose of this study was to obtain and compare the percentage of guiding path facilities in the commuter train station buildings. The three most populous stations in JABODETABEK namely Tanah Abang, Bogor, and Bekasi were involved in the study. The commuter line station is one of the public facilities which needs to be present, as a required standard in the train stations as well as ease in accessing the technical areas by the disabled, especially the blind users. However, all stations have not been able to meet up with these standards such as do not have a guide path from the entrance to the platform and other technical areas. The research therefore was conducted through the quantitative descriptive method with these variables; path locations, colors, guide and warning textures. The results showed that Tanah Abang and Bogor stations had all the required guidelines by 100%. However, Bekasi Station was in compliance by 20% by only fulfilling the requirements as regards the availability of yellow or orange marker tiles near the platform. Furthermore, these three densely populated stations had an average percentage of 73, in terms of availability of standard facilities and accessibility of the buildings by the disable people.


Design Development Of Interactive Mathematics Learning Media Based On Character Education Using Macromedia Flash

Muh Suhuddinul Islam, Suparman

The character of honesty is one of the core competencies students must possess based on the 2013 curriculum. Less honest students tend to take actions that are not commendable and harm others. Learning media that do not integrate honesty has an impact on not achieving one of the core competencies. This study aims to design learning media that can improve the character of student honesty. The subjects of this study were mathematics teachers and seventh-grade junior high school students. The instruments of data collection are questionnaires to determine product feasibility, observation guidelines, and interview guidelines. Interview guidelines are used to obtain information about student difficulties, student learning resources, media used, and student honesty levels. Observation guidelines are used to determine the behavior of students during the school environment both during the teaching and learning process in the classroom and when students are outside the classroom. Data analysis techniques used descriptive data analysis. This study uses the ADDIE method. The results of this study indicate that social arithmetic material is still considered difficult by some students, especially in translating story questions into mathematical models. Also, learning media that can support the character of honesty has not been developed. The study concluded that teachers and students need the development of mathematical interactive learning media with character education


Identification Of Mango Leaves Using Artificial Intelligence

rhowel dellosa

Classifying just from the naked eye what plant variety a certain crop is very difficult and is sometimes not accurate. This requires expertise in the field of agriculture. At the point when there is next to zero earlier education about the distribution of data, or the data itself may be subjective and uncertain, the use of artificial intelligence will improve the automated classification. The use of fuzzy logic and K- nearest neighbor was implemented in the classification of mango variety in the Philippines, specifically the Indian, carabao and saperada mango, through their leaves&#8217; physical characteristics. Necessary image processing methods were applied to the gathered images of mango plant leaves to ensure identification was accurate. These methods include the enhancement of the images to fit for analyzing and the extraction of some morphological features from binary images such as minor axis length, area, and major axis length of the leaf. To improve classification accuracy K-NN and fuzzy logic were implemented as classifiers and results show the potential of the two artificial neural networks as classifiers.


Mathematical Model And Psychology Of Adolescents&#8217; Heart Rate

Ahmad Muhammad Diponegoro

The objective of the present study was to formulate an effective mathematical model of heart rate adolescents, in religious environment with similar activities like mindfulness. Based on an existing model, a system of two coupled differential equations which give the rate of change of heart rate. The modifications introduced to the existing model are justified and discussed. The environment, daily activities, as well as mood are also taken into account. Application of the model provides information regarding the individual&#8217;s heart beat and is able to detect next beat from the last two beats found in the data. To demonstrate examples of successful numerical fit of the model, heart rate data sets of two individuals have been selected and numerical optimization was implemented. The proposed model can serve as a powerful tool for a complete means of heart rate analysis, not only in daily activities, but also in the areas of cardiovascular health.



Syahril Djaddang, Suratno, Widarto Rachbini, Chaerani

This study aims to acknowledge the impact of profitability, liquidity, leverage and company size toward competitiveness. Sampling method used is purposive sampling with certain criterion that are 31 banks and 12 finance companies as sample. The study result shows profitability has significant impact on bank competitiveness, but not significant on finance company competitiveness. Liquidity has negative impact-not significant on bank competitiveness, but significant on finance company competitiveness. Leverage has negative impact- significant on bank and finance company competitiveness. Meanwhile, company size has no significant positive impact on bank competitiveness, but significant negative impact on finance companies’ competitiveness. Key Words: Profitability, Liquidity, Leverage, Company Size, and Competitiveness


Exploration Of Reading And Communication Ability Of Primary School Students In The Existence Of Seloko Culture

Alirmansyah*, Agung Rimba Kurniawan

Purpose: This study aims to explore the reading and communication skills of students in terms of the culture of seloko in elementary school students. Methodology: The study used a quantitative research design with a survey design that used a purposive sampling technique, with 280 respondents consisting of 8 elementary schools in Batanghari Regency. Finding: from the results obtained that students have good reading and communication skills as indicated by the pronunciation indicator with a good category of 45.7% for 128 students from 280 total students, intonation has a good category of 42.5% for 119 students out of 280 total students, conformity has a bad category of 45.7% for 128 students out of 280 total students, tranquility has a good category of 38.2% for 107 students of 280 total students, motion has a good category of 48.2% for 135 students of 280 total students, and appreciation of the good category by 51.1% for 143 students from 280 total students.


Analysis Of River Wastewater Treatment With A Combination Of Neodymium Magnets And Water Jasmine Plants

Farida Arinie Soelistianto, Martono Dwi Atmadja

River water quality in Malang, East Java, Indonesia is still included in the category of mild pollution. However, water pollution is still a major concern of the existence of PERDA 10 of 2010 Article 26 concerning regulations prohibiting the disposal of garbage in rivers. Government and community appreciation in river management as part of the ecosystem that must be maintained quality. Water is polluted if the quality or composition changes directly or indirectly due to human activities, so it can not function as drinking water or household needs. Solid Pollutants water derived from the composition of about 0.1% of human waste consists of organic and inorganic substances. The purpose of this study was to analyze river water quality in Dinoyo Regency, Malang City based on descriptive methods of treatment of wetland filter media combined with 0. 35 mT static Neodymium magnets and water jasmine plants as phytoremediators. Neodymium is a rare earth magnet that attracts minerals in the form of chemical compounds consisting of iron, silicon, or compounds found in phosphate detergent liquid waste from household waste. Water Jasmine (Echinodorus palaefolius) is used as a material to reduce the burden of Pollutants, Werner plants alive, the mechanism of photosynthesis takes place to produce types of chlorophyll a and b on the leaves of water jasmine plants to be controlled. The control is regulated without wastewater and planting media, the first treatment items, namely wastewater, planting media, Neodymium magnets, furthermore wastewater treatment II, planting medium and water jasmine, wastewater treatment III, planting media, Neodymium magnets, and water jasmine. Water quality tests were taken based on the results of filtration from 3 treatments with tested parameters Including TDS of dissolved solids, pH, chlorophyll and chlorophyll water jasmine leaves b. Test results from the treated wastewater produced the following data, the wastewater, plant media, Neodymium magnets and water jasmine plants had the highest TDS of 502mg / L, while the pH of the water approached normal in wastewater treatment, Neodymium magnets and water jasmine approached values normal that is 7,05. Jasmine water leaves chlorophyll levels -a 0:51 mg / L and chlorophyll b is 1.4 mg / L for the 3rd treatment. Testing the quality of river wastewater in Malang City Dinoyo Village can be concluded that, the use of a combination of Neodymium magnets and positive water jasmine to reduce the elements of dissolved pollutants so that the pH becomes a mild base from the flow of river water polluted by sewage from the residential environment along the river.


Design A Novel Approach For Electronic Product

Nilesh Jain, Dhanraj Verma

E-Commerce websites are the major emerging trends in the current scenario, which facilitates online product selection, purchase and sales. Nowadays E-commerce websites have better popularity and advent nature, so numerous count of users wish to share their opinions about their experience in the form of making reviews, ratings and blogs. Each of the first four of these goals can be realized through recommender systems: ¨ “Customize services around standardized products and services”: Recommender systems provide a customized service that enables E-commerce sites to sell their largely commodity products more efficiently. ¨ “Create customizable products and services”: Recommender systems are a customizable product of the E-commerce site. ¨ “Provide point of delivery customization”: The recommender system directly customizes the point of delivery for the E-commerce site. ¨ “Provide quick response throughout the value chain”: We predict that recommender systems will be used in the future to predict demand for products, enabling earlier communication back the supply chain.


Elevators Scheduling In Elevator Group Control System For The Emergency Evacuation Of High Rise Buildings

Malan D. Sale, V. Chandra Prakash

In a high-rise building, elevators are the best solution for transportation. In emergencies, using elevators and stairs has excellent help in population evacuation. However, in recent years, elevator use is prohibited during emergencies like fire detection, flood situation, and bomb detection. Without elevators, it is challenging to evacuate high buildings by staircase during emergencies. The crowd to evacuate may have people of various age groups, i.e., the aged, physically disabled; children’s among whom not all are physically capable of using stairs in such a situation. Some studies propose the use of elevators in fire situations using zoning, which results in complex structure and wastage of time. The elevators are operable from inside to travel between the ground floor and affected floor, which in turn results in a wastage of time. The proposed study focuses on the dynamic scheduling of elevators in Elevator group control system EGCS to evacuate building populations on a safer floor during emergencies like fire, flood, and bomb threat.


The Role Of Peer Social Support And Hardiness Personality Toward The Academic Stress On Students

Wildani Khoiri Oktavia, Siti Urbayatun, Mujidin

Academic stress is the result of a combination of high academic demands with low individual adaptability, social support as a form of caring, support and assistance given to someone for others. In addition, hardiness personality is an arrangement of personality characteristics that makes individuals stronger, resistant, and stable in dealing with stress. This study aimed to empirically examine the role of peer social support and hardiness personality on the academic stress of informatics engineering students. Methods of data collection used an academic stress scale, peer social support and hardiness personality with a Likert scaling model. Also, the number of subjects was Ninety-Nine students. The data analysis applied multiple linear regression analysis, with assumption tests including normality test, linearity test and multicollinearity test. The results of data analysis showed that peer social support and hardiness personality had a very significant effect on academic stress. Partially, there is no influence of peer social support on academic stress. There is a significant influence between personality hardiness on academic stress. The implication of this research is the importance of students having high hardiness, so that students are able to survive in a state of stress. Besides, hardiness plays a role in determining behavior or individual adjustment in dealing with stress.


The Application Of The Fuzzy Delphi Technique On A Component Of Development Of Form Four STEM-Based Physics Interactive Laboratory (I-Lab)

Wan Nurul Huda Wan Ab Kadir , Nurul Syafiqah Yap Abdullah, Izan Roshawaty Mustapha

STEM-based physics teaching and learning embraces creative and engaging activities for students. In addition to producing innovative learning, The STEM-Based Physics Interactive Laboratory (i-Lab) is an innovation of physics laboratory modules that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical elements to produce critical thinking and problem-solving students. The objective of this study was to analyse expert agreement on STEM-based physics in an interactive laboratory (i-Lab) component. The Fuzzy Delphi method with 5 Fuzzy scales was used to collect data. A total of 25 experts in various fields of physics education were chosen as respondents for the study. The data were collected and analysed using the Fuzzy triangular Fuzzy number and the position of each component was determined using the "defuzzification process". A total of six items on the questionnaire (component i-Lab) were submitted to specialists for approval and evaluation. The questionnaire was validated by three experts, with a value of Content Validity Index (CVI) of 0.941. The findings show that 93% of experts agreed that all listed components need to be included in the development of STEM-based physics-based interactive laboratory (i-Lab). The expert consensus found that the "Glass Block Refinement Index" component was ranked first for i-Lab development followed by components of "Scientific Investigation", "Mass and Inertia", "Acceleration Due To Gravity", "Specific Latent Heat of Aluminium" and "Specific Latent Heat of Water".


Relationship Between Employer Branding And Employee Citizenship Behavior: Brand Centered HRM As A Mediator

Ammar Ahmed Hadia Khan Zujaj Ahmed SehrishIqbal

To grapple with challenges that market faces today organizations including Telecommunication sector are thoughtful about to strengthen their performance of organization and stand out in market at top of the leading well reputed organization. Therefore based on literature regarding employer branding that highlights the several studies that provide suggestions of some most important and effective factors of employer branding that leads towards the employee citizenship behavior but there are certain factors and inconsistent findings that need to be further investigated with help of mediating role of brand centered HRM .Through mediating role of brand centered HRM further provides clarity in enhancing employee’scommitment with the organization.Taking into consideration this phenomenon suggested the conceptual framework representing the employer branding dimensions,brand centered HRM andemployee citizenship behavior that demonstrate the success of organization. This paper attempts to generate very useful insights about the performance of telecommunication sector that how telecommunication sector of Pakistan branding themselves as aexceptional workplace to work and earns reputation in the perception of current and prospective personnel, greater the company’s reputation, greater the employee citizenship behavior.From the perspective of employee citizenship behavior, conceptual discussions linked to employer branding that can contribute to our understanding of citizenship behavior of employees.Therefore, thispaper attempts to examine the role of brand centered HRM as significant contributor in employer branding and leads towards employee citizenship behavior.


Intelligent Urban Transport Tracking And Management System

Samer I. Mohamed

Egypt’s current bus system is large enough to satisfya significant portion of the populations demand, yet fails to do sodue to mismanaged resources. Static lines and unclear schedulescreate a confusing and unappealing user experience which pushesmore of the population to cars for their transportation needs. Thisclearly leads to more congested streets which result in a net lossof productivity as well as an increase in stress, unnecessary fuelconsumption, and harmful emissions. An intelligent bus solutionis multi-faceted. It consists of (1) connected buses which arecapable of providing their geo-location data, feedback aboutdriving behavior, and health data to detect failures before theyoccur; (2) cashless payment through RFID cards to ensure muchtighter control over pricing; (3) a processing server or cloud, inwhich all of the incoming data would be handled; (4) knowledgesystems which dynamically optimize bus schedules and routesthrough learning algorithms; (5) and a mobile application tocapture demand and inform passengers of bus arrival times.The main functions and algorithms of the proposed systemare achieved based on machine learning algorithms and webtechnologies, whilst the hardware component is implementedbased on System-on-Chip technology with custom hardware tointerface with the vehicle. This paper will focus onthe software component of the proposed solution. It is shown that byapplying the proposed system to a previously static bus systemthat fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and carbon emissionscan be reduced by 10-20% while overall passenger satisfactionis increased.


Carbon Footprint Calculation For Gayo Arabica Coffee Primer Processing

Rahmat Pramulya, Tajuddin Bantacut, Erliza Noor and Mohamad Yani

The carbon footprint of coffee production has links to the issue of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the activities of the coffee production system unit are calculated based on the amount of CO2, N20 and CH4 compounds. Sources of emissions come from fossil fuels, electricity, decomposition of organic matter in liquid waste and pulp and burning of parchment skins. The purpose of the paper or research objectives is to identify the footprint of carbon emissions in each unit of the semi-wet primary coffee processing system in order to determine the hot spots that will be the focus of efforts for sustainable improvement. System limits are “gate to gate” with pulping, collector, hulling, cooperative system units. Based on the identification results, the highest to lowest carbon footprint footprints for each system unit are pulping, cooperative, collector, and hulling with carbon equivalent emission values in a row of 0.214 kg CO2-e/kg green bean (62.87%), 0.1 kg CO2-e/kg green bean (29.27%), 0.019 kg CO2-e/kg green bean (5.47%), and 0.008 kg CO2-e/kg green bean (2.39%). The high carbon emission in the pulping system unit is due to the presence of waste produced in the form of naturally decomposed liquid waste with a carbon emission value of 0.125 kg CO2-e/kg green bean. Therefore, the hotspot in this identification is the use of water in the pulping system unit. For continuous improvement, it is necessary to minimize the use of water in the pulping system unit.


Ethical Views And Issues Of Human Perfection In The Works Of Abdurauf Fitrat "Rakhbbari Nazhot" (Leader Of Rescue) And "Oila" (Family)

Rakhimova Mumina Zokirzhonovna

In this article analyzed ethics and educational views, peculiarities of the work “Rakhbbari Najot” and “Oila” by Abdurauf Fitrat are enlightened.


The Extent Of Compatibility In The Financial Ratios And Adopted Procedures In The Detecting Of Creative Accounting Between The External Auditor And The Financial Analyst

Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Al-zoubi

Abstract The study aims at knowing the compatibility in the financial ratios and adopted procedures in the detection of creative accounting in both income statement and balance sheet between the external auditor and financial analyst. To this end, a questionnaire consists of three fields each of them contains both procedures and financial ratios to detect creative accounting since 350 questionnaires have been distributed on a sample consists of 118 offices and companies. The findings of the study deduced the existence of compatibility between the external auditor and financial analyst as indicated in findings. The study recommends the cooperation necessity between the external auditor and financial analyst for their agreement on various procedures and financial ratios that lead to performance development and companies’ preservation of fraudulent, manipulation, or any other practices might affect them.


Symbolic Representation Of Colors In Medieval Architectural Decoration

Saipova Madina Saidakhbor kizi

This article describes the peculiarities of the use of colors in medieval architectural decoration, the harmony between architecture, nature, the universe and colors, as well as the national traditional foundations of color symbolism in architecture.


Consortium Journals With Reference To Agriculture: A Study


Most of the research papers are available in electronic format, and it will be accessed via different online databases based on the publishers. Consortium for electronic Resources in Agriculture (CeRA Consortium) was developed exclusively for the literature belong to subjects of the different fields. The present study explores the content analysis of the CeRA Consortium for e-resources in agriculture. This paper investigates to find out the subject wise, topmost publishers, topmost publishing countries, and category wise in the resources in the agriculture and related discipline. The study deals from the consortium for e-resources in agriculture in the Jgateplus.com site, and results in information analysis also been taken up to identify the research output of agricultural and allied sciences.


A Survey Of Counterfeit Product Detection

B.Prabhu Shankar, Dr.R.Jayavadivel,

— The modern global development of a product or technology always comes with risk factors such as counterfeiting and duplication, which can affect the company's name, company revenue and consumer health. Finding the authenticity of a product is the biggest challenge. Counterfeit and duplicate products are causing a major downturn in the world market. Thus product makers are targeting huge losses and benefits. India and other countries are fighting such counterfeit and counterfeit products. In this situation, the reliability of products such as barcode and QR code is rarely used. This technique also sometimes fails. The analytics presented in this study show that modern technology to detect counterfeit products and ensure the reliability of a product. Therefore, what technical methods are used to determine the reliability and reliability of a product is described.


Competence Enhancement Strategy At Uncertified Builders Group, Pringtali Village, Jember

Amri Gunasti

Abstract: In Indonesia on the whole builders who worked on the construction project, only about three percent have a certificate of competence. Although the 97% builders do not have the certification, where they are very important and acknowledged its existence. Only in the field, because they do not receive adequate training, competence often they do not fit the needs of the construction project. In addition to the weakness of the ability of hard skills, they also have drawbacks soft skills. An assessment of the blacksmith or concrete, there is still a sizeable gap between what is expected by the foreman, construction manager, site planner and users of other builders. Due to the presence of the builders are not certified is very important, so we need to find strategies to improve the competence of the builders. The object of research is a group of builders, village Pringtali, Jember. To determine the strategy carried out a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis of the calculation results is known that the total value for the internal factor evaluation (IFE) is +0.79. Instead the value for the external factor evaluation (EFE) of -0.47. When coupled between the IFE with EFE value builders group, Pringtali village, Jember is located in the third quadrant. Because it is on the third quadrant builders groups described as an organization that is weak but very Opportunities . The strategy that should be taken is to change tactics, builders groups who are not certified must change the previous strategy, because the old strategy is feared difficult to capture the opportunities that exist, such things be done by improving the performance of the workers.


E-Commerce & M-Commerce Growth, Issues & Challenges In India

Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi

Over the last decade, Internet have changed the language of E-Commerce transactions for customer towards purchase and sell of good and service. M-Commerce (through E-Commerce) has transform the shopping experiences of customer of India. Emergence of latest technology bring paradigm shift from E-commerce to M-Commerce in online business scenario. According to Data Via Statista source E-Commerce sales graph showing a rising trend and expected to cross a mark of USD 4.878 billion sales growth by the end of year 2021. E-commerce offers wide range of products, choice and convenient delivery options whereas M Commerce offers platform for online transaction through mobile phone. The research objective is to analyze the present status of e-commerce business, its issues & challenges for business growth in India. It is an explanatory and conceptual Paper based on the market study and customer response towards M/E- Commerce transaction.


The Potential Of Indigenous Endophyte Bacteria To Promote Local Tomato Growth Isolated From Dry Land In Muna, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia

Jumarddin La Fua, Laode Sabaruddin, La Ode Santiaji Bande, and Sitti Leomo

The exploration of endophyte bacteria as a growth promote has been done to find the best endophyte bacteria so that it can be used for the purposes of agriculture and food security in the future. Twenty-one endophyte bacteria isolates were isolated in the local tomato roots and stems in the dry land of Muna, Indonesia. Local tomato seeds treated by endophyte bacteria indicate an increasing dry weight of normal seeds, increasing germination and vigor index compared with seeds with non-endophyte bacteria. Of the 21 isolates of endophyte bacteria, twelve of them which are able to increase the viability and vigor index of local tomatoes belong to the Pseudomonas sp and Bacillus sp, such as isolates BU II 06, LAK II A02, SWR III B02, SWR I A05, SWR II B04, SWR II A03, SWR I A02, LBR I A03, SDM II A03, SDM II A04, MO II A02 and KS III A08. The analysis results whether endophyte bacteria isolates are potential to produce IAA indicates that from twelve isolates tested, ten of them can produce IAA. Isolates SWR II BO4 has the highest ability to produce IAA, and the lowest was found in isolates SWR III. Besides, six other isolates can generate high enough IAA, namely IAA LI II A03, LI B04, SWR II A02, LAK II A02, SWR I A04 and SDM II B05. The results indicate that endophyte bacteria isolated from the local tomato crops have the potential to promote plant growth, which makes this study very important and promising for the development of biological fertilizer on dry land.


Mediating Effect Of Self-Satisfaction, Intrinsic Motivation And Performance. A Study On Malaysian Archers

Irza Hanie Abu Samah, Abdul Shukor Shamsuddin, Intan Maizura Abd Rashid & Mohammad Harith Amlus

Improving athletes’ performance and ensuring continuity of athletes is important for national sport development. However, in national sport archery, there was lot of turnover happened. Unfortunately, this athletes’ turnover leads to issues of maintaining the performance. factor such as athletes’ satisfaction and motivation have significant influence on athletes’ performance. The objective of this study is to examine the mediating effect of self-satisfaction in the relationship of intrinsic motivation and performance. Results indicate that self-satisfaction mediates the relationship. This research contributes in term of methodology where using both SPSS and PLS3.0 in determining the performance difference and relationship of the variables. Finally, the information in this research can give some guidelines and framework on how coaches can treat their athletes to improve the interaction and facilitate training session effectively


The Effect Of Diversity Inclusion On Employee Growth Mindset In Malaysian 4- And 5-Star Hotels

Irza Hanie Abu Samah, Abdul Shukor Shamsuddin, Intan Maizura Abd Rashid & Mohammad Harith Amlus

In hotel sector, the word of diversity is common. Hoteliers are among various background, and somehow the differences can bring the positive benefits such as creativity and performance. Current research explains on the factor of diversity inclusion towards employee Growth mindset. Research on explaining growth mindset as an independent variable has been widely discussed. However, lack of researches has been determined to study the factors that can influence on employee growth mindset. The results in this study indicate that the diversity inclusion influence positively on growth mindset (β=0.47,p


A Detailed Study Of An Internet Of Things (IoT)

Abhishek Malik, Amrit Thapa Magar, Harsh Verma, Meeta Singh, Pinki Sagar

The word ‘internet’ can be regarded as one of those constant living objects that have been developed over the past few years and has continuously been gaining the newer heights in the modern era. In other words, it has always been upgradable and changeable along with its evolution at the same time. Different various technologies with the newest features have been something very attractive that has successively gained people’s attention. And with no doubt, this can be stated as the major reason behind the milestones that internet has received in very less time. With an evolution of an internet, various things related to the internet have been rapidly increased, which can relatively be termed as the Internet of Things (IoT). Rightfully so, the combination of technology and fun creates IoT for us. Since the use of IoT is a huge number in this short span of time, the growth of IoT, especially in this generation has been immense and incomparable to any other entities evolved in the recent times. In addition to this, IoT’s success has also risen because of its reliability in daily life application and its effective use in business areas that have been ruling the market. Various studies and research also signify the need to have more focus on the term Internet of Things (IoT). Hence, IoT is also supposed to be the future internet in the upcoming years. The detailed explanation about the origin and existence of IoT have been discussed further in the article below.


Waste Management Initiatives And Activities In India For Society's Welfare

K Venkata Rami Reddy, Dr. A. Sree Ram

The purpose of writing this paper is to understand the current practices of the various waste management initiatives and society’s welfare in India. The other objective is to understand waste management crises and provide suggestions to reinforce waste management practices in Indian cities. This paper is focused on secondary research. In order to improve, existing waste management initiatives, activities and crises are being investigated. It offers an overview of the various waste management systems in India and offers the suggestions for improving the health of society in waste management. The paper attempts to understand the various initiatives taken in the waste management of our country by central government, state governments, private companies and corporates. This work is original and can be further expanded.


Robust Classification Using Skew-Adjusted Projection Depth

Muthukrishnan R and Ramkumar N

Measures of location and scale play a prominent role in almost all statistical data analysis include classification analysis. Identification of a good measure of location is foremost step of any data analysis techniques, to understand the data. Many procedures are established to estimate the measure of location for the past two centuries. The traditional procedures are very less reliable when the data deviates from the model assumptions. Data depths procedures are recent advances in statistics to locate a reliable location by consider deepest point in a data cloud. Data depth is main concept of nonparametric approach to multivariate data analysis. Numerous depth notions have been proposed during the last few decades. This paper explores the concept of projection depth and skew-adjusted projection depth. The experimental results such as computing depth based location, misclassification probabilities in the context of classification analysis show that the skew-adjusted projection depth established its superiority over the projection depth



I Wayan Eka Mahendra

This study aims at determining the effect of mathematic performance assessment towards students' higher-order thinking skills. This research is classified as an experimental research with non-equivalent control group design involving a sample of 140 high school students in Denpasar, Bali, which was taken by simple random sampling technique. The instrument used to capture data is the HOTs test which has previously been tested for logical validity, empirical validity, and reliability coefficient. The collected data were tested with parametric statistics in the form of t-test after passing the prerequisite test, such as the normality test of data distribution and the variance homogeneity test. The results of this study indicate that there are differences in HOTs result between the students who were given a performance assessment with the students who were given conventional assessments. It is hoped that teachers will reduce the dominance of the use of conventional assessment and gradually move to a more authentic performance assessment


Simple Additive Weighting Method In The Triage Decision Support System

Tri Sagirani, Moch. Ghifar Virawan, Vivine Nurcahyawati

The Islamic Hospital in Surabaya is one of the private hospitals operating. Like other hospitals, the Islamic Hospital also has many facilities; one of them is the Emergency Room. This space functions as the initial room for patients who come to the hospital in emergency conditions. Triage is a method commonly used in determining a patient's emergency when entering an emergency room. However, not all health workers have good ability in determining the emergency of patients because to master the method requires experience and adequate knowledge about triage. To overcome those problems, the Triage Decision Support System was made using the Simple Additive Weighting (SAW) method which will help health workers who do not have many experiences in determining patients' emergencies. This Decision Support System is made to be web-based so that later this system can be applied on various computer devices. The results of the simulation and experiment of the system showed that the system can perform the SAW Calculation process on the triage examination criteria that are used and determine the triage color category, and this system can also produce patients’ and response time reports.


Infrared Spectroscopic Investigation Of Sulfate And Other Associated Minerals Of Hungund-Kushtagi Schist Belt With Special Reference To Their Modes Of Vibration

Marularadhya C. Hiremath

This paper attempts to explain the presence of mica, feldspar, chlorite, quartz along with some sulfate minerals in metabasalts, metarhyolite and varieties of granitic rocks. The samples were collected in and around Gadisunkapur village of Bagalkote District, Karanataka and further processed to determine the major and minor mineral constituents present based on the Fourier transform infrared studies, wherein it describes the spectroscopic features of different minerals like sulfate, quartz, feldspar, mica, chlorite. The area falls under Survey of India (SOI) Toposheet No.56 D/4. From the present investigation it confirms that, some sulfate minerals such as barite, jarosite, anglesite, celestine were reported in all the rock samples collected, along with minor amount of quartz, feldspar, mica, chlorite minerals.



M. Premapriya & M. Jeyaseelan

Fishing is a traditional occupation wherein the role of women was immense and their issues were also myriad. The women who retail fish in streets encountered various problems. The socio-economic of these women were same universally. Illiteracy, lack of livelihood avenues, occupational health hazards, issues from life partners were further intricate their positions. Five unique case studies from Pillaichavadi, a fishing village of Puducherry were presented here to understand status of fisher folk women. To support their family financially they opted this calling in spite of their health issues. Keywords: Women fish mongers, auction, negotiation, Poverty, Health issues.


Enhanced Frequent Pattern Mining From Biological Sequences With Wildcard Controls

Rajesh Kaluri

Patterns regularly showing up in sequences give basic information to so main specialists, for example, atomic scientists, to find rules or patterns holed up behind the information. Because of the biological complex characteristic in the data items, designs once in a while precisely imitate and rehash themselves, yet rather show up with a somewhat unique shape in every form. In this paper, a gap limitation (additionally alluded to as a wildcard) which is a character and it is going to be replaced for the possible predefined character of a selected alphabet. It processes adaptability to clients to catch valuable examples regardless of whether their appearances fluctuate in the sequences. So as to discover patterns, existing apparatuses expect clients to expressly determine gap requirements in advance. In all actuality, it is regularly nontrivial or tedious for clients to give legitimate gap limitation esteems. What's more, a change made to the gap esteems may give totally unique outcomes, and require a different tedious re-mining system. In this manner, it is alluring to naturally and proficiently discover patterns without including client indicated gap prerequisites. The frequent subsequences at that point shape designs later on. Two heuristic techniques (one-way versus two-way checks) are proposed to find frequent subsequences and gauge their recurrence in the sequences. The test comes about on both engineered and true PROTEIN successions show the execution of the two strategies for the purpose of pattern recurrence estimation and frequent pattern mining.




The objective of our project is to design, implement and validate an Internet-Based Electronic Voting System (e-VOTE) by using any resources like their mobile phones, personal computer and to provide all required services for organizing and conducting an opinion expressing process.Online Election Application would have modules like Admin login, Candidate Information, Voters registration, Admin verification, Voters login, Voting, Counting of votes and result declaration. Admin Login will be handled by the administrator. Voters will have Unique ID (Register number) and Password, using which they can vote for a Candidate only once per Election. The project is beneficial, as this make the election process easier. The project is beneficial for Voters as they can vote from anywhere at any time. This application allows the Admin to login in and upload all the candidate details including their previous milestone onto the application. The admin can check each voter's details and verify the documents and can remove faulty accounts. Only after verifying voters ID and Password they can vote. This application allows Voters to view a list of Candidates. The admin has overall rights over the application and can moderate and delete any details not about Election Rules.


Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality To Aid Students With Learning Disability: A Review

Carolyn Joseph

Augmented reality and virtual reality have been around here for many years. These technologies are used in various fields of marketing, military, entertainment and much more. There are researches for the implementation of these technologies for education purpose especially for students with learning disability. Simple tasks such as reading and writing can become exhaustive and frustrating for such students and they furthermore loose the interest in education. There is a need for a different approach for educating these students and thus AR and VR comes in aid. Studies have found that AR and VR can enhance the learning ability of children by making the learning process more interactive and enjoyable. This paper covers the researches done in past years for the cause and gives a roadmap to future researches in the field.


Design And Fabrication Of Weed Uprooter


Weed is an unwanted plant grown in many areas and it affects the health of the soil. Therefore, weed management is very important. There are many approaches in various places to remove these weeds. They use sickle in the early days to clear the weeds from the ground, but it requires more time and human energy. The tool's total height is 3.6 feet and weighs 4 kg, so operating is flexible. Moreover, the weed uprooter consist of a spring mechanism by which the operator needs to give a little amount of force. In other methods, when removing weed plant half-cut plant or unremoved weed roots cause continues growth of the plant on the ground again. This weed uprooter is more effective in removing weed plants completely from the ground with the aid of long sharp teeth. Compared to other methods, this method consumes less time with minimum human energy and can remove more weed plants than other methods.




-The purpose of this project is to provide feasible shelling machine for all grades of farmers at affordable price. It is to design and fabricate a compact grain shelling machine. It reduces the human effort and time consumption. Deshelling is the major time-consuming process in crop cultivation. The farmer has to take the shells to a deshelling mill for shelling grains. The transportation of goods incurs high cost and consumes more time, leads to increasing in production cost. Such farmers resort to manual means of shelling which results into low efficiency, high level of wastage and exerting of much labor. This machine was constructed to shell grains and separate the cob from the grains. The Grain Shelling Machine consists of three units, Prime Mover, Shelling unit and Cleaning unit. Our aim is to design the simple and compactable deshelling machine to deshell the grains in the agricultural field itself. The residues from this process are utilized as manure to the field. By designing a new deshelling machine our aim is to eradicate the losses for the agriculturist in the production.


KLIMA: A Microclimate Frost Protection For Highland Crops In Benguet

Janelli M. Mendez

Severe weather condition decreases agricultural productivity. Recent years have witnessed a confusion of IoT answers useful to varied application domain names. This paper presents an occult IoT observation post platform for good farming. Specifically, the researcher tends to design a frost protection system with early warning system that collects from the deployed devices on the farmland in time period and provides frost forecasts and an early warning for the farmers using SMS based and Web-based monitoring for the weather stations. The planned system will effectively facilitate boost agricultural productivity by providing farmers with a lot of accurate frost forecast, thereby reducing the chance of frost harm.


Experimental Study On SP And TCT Connections Of PV Modules Under Realistic Shading Conditions

Rupendra Kumar Pachauri, Antima Tanwar, Sparsh R. Tripathi, Deepak Kumar

The aim of this paper is to calculate the impact on the performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems of the realistic causes of the shading effect. Four 20W solar PV modules (2x2 size) are considered and arranged in series-parallel (SP) and total-cross-tied (SP) for extensive analysis. In addition, the performance effects of current-voltage (I-V) and power-voltage (P-V) curves to conduct the comprehensive analysis will be taken into account with two types of shading patterns such as fallen leaf and bird dropping conditions on the solar PV modules. Finding multiple power maxima points such as local and global maximum power points (GMPPs) because of the shadow effect is also reduced by the output PV array power. In separate shadow cases, the performance parameters such as power on GMPP, minimal power loss and fill factor (FF) will be analyzed experimentally for both the PV array configurations.


On Some Coefficient Inequalities For Certain Classes Of Regular And Multivalent Functions With Differential Operator

Dr M Elumalai

In this paper the author establishes the new result corresponds to the generalized differential operator $mathcal E_{eta,p}^{delta,m}psi(z),$ related to $p-$valent regular functions. Also compute the Fekete szeg"{o} coefficient estimates are obtained for $|a_{p+2}-lambda a_{p+1}^{2}|$ when $lambdageq 1,$ with sharpness for the operator, and also point out, as particular cases, the results obtained earlier by various authors.


Differences In The Effect Of Household Socio-Economic Characteristics On Non-Food Consumption Patterns Of Arek And Madura Island Cultural Areas In East Java

Alim Sholehuddin

This paper aims to analyze the determinants of non-food consumption that occur in households in the Arek cultural region and Madura Island cultural area in East Java Province. The two regions have different culture / community characteristics, economic conditions and geographical conditions. Overall non-food consumption is grouped into 6 major groups of non-food commodities. This study uses cross section data of the 2016 National Social Economic Survey. Independent variables are socioeconomic factors which include income, age, sex, education level, marital status, household size, migration, regional typology, and household poverty status and the dependent variable is the budget share consumption of household non-food commodity groups. The results found that household non-food consumption patterns in both regions were influenced by household socioeconomic factors with a slightly different effect.


Hiring A Plant Manager (HR Procurement) To Payroll Accounting Information System At Industries In Bandung Indonesia

Nur Zeina Maya Sari, R. Rina Novianty Ariawaty

Management function that will be highlighted this time the management of human resources (HR) who have an understanding of the design formal systems in an organization to ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to achieve organizational goals. Research methode is qualitative approach with interview industries in Bandung. The result to know how selected candidates hiring a plant manager based on consideration industries in Bandung effect to payroll accounting information


Effect Of Activators On Chemical Activation Process Of Low Rank Coal Of East Kalimantan

Yuli Patmawati

Indonesia is one of the countries that has large coal reserves in the world; 67,198,300,021 tons/year of low-rank coal such as lignite production in East Kalimantan. Coal is divided into four classes: lignite, sub-bituminous, bituminous, and anthracite. The use of low-rank coal (lignite) is still limited for briquettes and as fuel for electricity generation. This study aims to determine the effect of aktivators on chemical activation process of low-rank coal into activated carbon. Low rank coal which has been prepared -100 +120 mesh is carbonized at 6000C for 3 h, then after cold it was activated using 2.5 M concentration of HCl, H3PO4, NaOH and NaHCO3 with a ratio of 1: 4 (w/w) for 8 h. Then the washing is carried out until the pH is neutral and dried at 700oC for 2 h. Furthermore, an analysis of activated carbon refers to Indonesian National Standard (SNI 06-3730-1995) was carried out including moisture content, ash content, volatile matter, fixed carbon and iodine absorption number. The best results were obtained by using HCl with activated carbon characteristics such as a moisture content, ash content, volatile matter, fixed carbon and iodine absorption number respectively as follows 5.23%, 11.72%, 8.85%, 74.20% and 660.40 mg/g.


Predictive Modeling Using Support Vector Regression

Muthukrishnan. R, Maryam Jamila. S

Regression analysis is a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables. The main focus of the analysis is on the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables. Usually classical regression is used to fit a model and predict using it for a given data. There is a need of a better procedure for estimating the model that will give more accurate results on prediction when the classical procedure turns out bad. Thus, we explore Support Vector Regression, a type of Support Vector Machine, which attempts to minimize the generalized error so as to achieve better performance. It is an advanced technique of regression that performs well with large number of observations. This study compares the classical Regression with Support Vector Regression using datasets containing one and more than one predictor. The accuracy of regression procedures is studied with RMSE and R2 with the help of R software.


Assessing The Impact Of Skylight Design On Daylight Availability And Visual Comfort In Top-Lit Atriums For Commercial Buildings: A Case Of Bhopal

Shashi Saxena

Nowadays, the demand of energy efficiency has stemmed into serious demands and environmental worries, which have drawn the responsiveness of building designers to natural ventilation in summer, the usability of daylight becomes a source of energy for buildings and using solar heat in winter. The aim of this thesis is to implement a parametric design and evaluate the contribution of different design parameters or conditions at an early design stage. For this study, the physical form of the atria is kept with an existing case and only geometrical forms of skylight are considered for the study. The study adopted a mathematical model to evaluate daylighting performance based on the Mat Lab results showing the relationship among the key components that basically influence the daylight and visual comfort. This study may be seen as a step in developing architectural guidance that seeks to provide designers with a rough reference when they are making decisions about atrium design in early design stages. However, the notion of the research is to provide reliable guidance from simple measurable or calculated inputs. The paper focuses on the atrium form and the skylight shape, aperture as two chief components to predict daylight availability in atriums


Novel Design Of Transformerless Solar PV Farm For Increasing The Grid Transmission Limits During Day And Night


Renewable energy power generation is increased due to increasing energy demands, reducing of carbon emission and fossil fuel depletion. Form all renewable categories, Solar power generation is increased due to sun available for many hours. For transferring of highly efficient power transfer is possible now due to improved version of power converters. Compared to transformer fed grid tied solar PV system, transformerless grid tied solar PV system has high efficiency. But in night time Solar PV inverter is idle in both the cases. New control design is introduced in this paper to make use of PV inverter in night time as reactive power compensator. The output of Solar PV array is not sufficient to provide input to Inverter. Voltage of PV array is step up using Boost converter. The output of inverter is not pure sine wave to connect directly into Grid/Load. Generally, LCL with Damping Resistor filter is widely used to filter out the distortion due to small size and reduced resonant peak. In this paper, Transformerless Solar PV Farm was simulated for 3 modes of operation in PSIM Simulation tool. Stability Analysis of controllers are done by using pole zero plot and Bode plot.


Heterogeneous Server Queue With Partial Breakdown And A Threshold On Slow Server

R. Kalyanaraman and S. Kalaiselvi

This paper presents an analysis for a heterogeneous two server queue with system breakdown and with finite capacity/infinite capacity. But, during breakdown period the server works in slower mode. In addition, the second server has been added to the system only if K or greater then K customers are in the system. For the models, the steady state results have been obtained. Some particular models, some performance measures and a cost structure has been presented. Also some numerical models are presented. Finally a conclusion has been given.


The Effect Of Shopping Centers On Consumer Buying Decision For Consumer Goods - Afield Study On Safeway Amman-Jordan

Professor Mustafa Said Al-Shaikh

The objective of this study is to identify the effect of shopping centers on consumer purchasing decisions for consumer goods by developing a set of independent variables (location, size and design, quality of goods and services, diversity and reputation of goods, and efficiency of salespeople), on the purchase decision of Safeway customers. In order to achieve the objectives of the study and to test the hypotheses, a random sample of 460 consumers was selected. The survey retrieved 96% of the questionnaire. After excluding a set of questionnaires from the analysis due to incomplete data, (89%) the sample size of the study is 410. SPSS was also used to analyze the data and test the hypotheses of the study. The study founded a number of results, the most important of which is that the effect of location, capacity and design, quality of goods and services, diversity and reputation of goods, efficiency of salespeople on the purchasing decision of customers reached (44.2%), On the other hand, the salespeople efficiency variable in Safeway was the least explanatory power among the variables on the buying decision at a rate of (24.2%). The study recommended the development of the capabilities and competencies of the salespeople at the Safeway centers to provide the best services that ensure the satisfaction of customers, the maintenance and provision of goods and services of high quality to suit the expectations of customers.


A Novel Data Hiding Tool Based On PVD: SteganoPixTrans

Sanjive Tyagi, Rakesh Kumar Dwivedi, Ashendra Kumar Saxena

This paper presents a novel steganography software tool SteganoPixTrans based on pixel value differencing method (PVD). Proposed tool consists of a tailored package that transformed secret data like video, audio, image, text into Base64 format, a common pipeline (CP). Then another designed package transform Base64 text format into binary segments, additionally these segments are used in embedding process. A PVD based steganography using SteganoPixTrans tool is achieved by concealing secret information by dividing host image into 2 x 2 blocks of pixels and crisscrosses it in zigzag fashion; the PVD is calculated for all Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) components between non-overlapping pixels of selected diagonal path with in targeted block. This paper introduces a unique approach of a common pipeline (CP) to conceal confidential data of most file formats inside another carrier image that supports lossless data compression like PNG (Portable Network Graphics), GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and BMP (Bitmap Image File) etc. Exploratory result displays that the proposed approach provides productive software tool in term of secured Steganography and high payload. SteganoPixTrans is integrated software developed on NetBeans IDE 8.2 in Java. Java is an Operating System independent programming language that permits running this software on machines with different operating System.


An Analysis Of Resilience Level Of Business Unit Of The Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDEs) Associated With The Dimensions Of Service Quality Using The Canonical Correlation Analysis (Case In Saintis Village, Percut Sei Tuan, Deli Serdang, Indonesia)

Ami Dilham, Beby Karina Fawzeee Sembiring, Fivi Rahmatus Sofiyah, Iskandar Muda

In an increasingly modern world today (social, technology, and environment), a business will not be able to guarantee and maintain a competitive position and survive the disruption of the business environment. This article provides a literature review on business resilience and its application in the context of Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDES) level. The purpose of this study is to determine the business resilience level of BUMDES and its relationship to the quality of the products offered. Business resilience in this study was illustrated by some variables, namely customer satisfaction, customer retention and willingness to pay more. The population in this study was the entrepreneurs of BUMDES in Saintis Village. There were 60 people used as the sample. The primary data were collected using questionnaires and interviews, while the secondary data were collected using literature study. The hypotheses in this study were tested by using canonical correlation with the use of SPSS program. The results of this study are expected to be useful for BUMDES Enterprises to determine the level of business resilience and also relationship between the business resilience and product quality.




Data mining (DM) is the exploration of useful and needed patterns from a huge database. In recent years, the complex biological data lead the data mining into the clinical context and diverse DM approaches made ease of interpretation as well as computational analysis. Biclustering is one of the emerging technique to analyze gene expression and the key feature is identifying the subset of the gene along with the functional interrelation of gene sets. The main objective of this article is to identify Protein Protein Interaction (PPI) and significant enrichments based on KEGG and Gene Ontology (GO) for the identified biclusters. This paper focused on mainly four processes starts with computing DEGs followed by constructing biclusters using CC, BiMax and QUBIC algorithm. Further the research work identify the Protein Protein Interaction (PPI) network for the identified biclusters and finally the extractions of significant enrichments based on KEGG and GO. In QUBIC algorithm, biclusters formed by considering only disease or normal samples in each cluster. Thus, the research work considered to extract the PPI network for the significant genes present in each bicluster of QUBIC biclustering algorithm and also extracts the Gene Enrichments of Biological Processes, Molecular Functions and Cellular Components that are predominantly participating in each cluster. Similarly, this research work also identifies the significant KEGG pathways in which the genes present in each bicluster participated.



Murugan P C, Vel Kumara Samy V, Vijaya Prasath S, Vishnu Bharathi T

The leaves that are found in the pathways, gardens, roads etc. are not disposed of properly and they cause pollution in the land. During autumn season the leaves are found to be larger in number, thus the people are spending more time and energy for collecting the leaves. There is a need of specific device which is used to overcome this problem. In recent years a greater number of devices are introduced for the purpose of collecting the leaves and debris from the ground. In this, people are facing different issues such as size of the disposable bag, noise produced by the device, safety precaution when it is operated by current etc. In order to avoid this problem, we are developing a machine for the purpose of collecting the leaves and debris from the ground. The vacuum blower and the storage tank which is used for collecting the leaves is mounted on the main frame. The hole is created for connecting the vacuum blower and the storage tank. The electric motor is mounted on the corner of the main frame and it is attached with the blade. When the power is given the vacuum blower collects the leaves due to the pressure difference created inside the vacuum blower. The collected leaves can be feed into the blade. The leaves are chopped well by the blade and it is disposed.


Automated Pottery Wheel For The Village Community To Manufacture Earthern Pots

Murugan P C, Tamilarasu V, Tharani Dharan N P, Sreenithiyanandan R S, Vivek Raj S

This article aims to develop the pottery wheel machine which is operated by sewing machine pedal and also electrical motor. Based on the problems in the conventional method, it is understood that there is a scope for pedal operated pottery wheel and alternatively with electric motor operated pottery wheel. So, this machine can be work with the pedal mechanism as well as by an electric motor. The human effort and work is more in traditional methods. By implementing this mechanism, the manpower required will be reduced. This design proffered an efficient method of doing forming of an earthen pot and reducing the human work. Its purpose is to efficiently transfer human foot motion through a pedal mechanism and a bevel gear setup to rotate the potter’s wheel. When the pedal is operated, the flywheel transfer the mechanical energy to the horizontal shaft through the belt drive mechanism. After that the horizontal rotation is converted in to vertical rotation by using the bevel gear for the rotary motion of pottery wheel. This device reduces the time needed to produce the earthen pot. So that it is suitable for mass production. In addition to that by using the electric motor, the manual work will be reduced.



Neha Avinash Kulkarni, S.T.Chavan

Power generation from stream turbine requires high speed reduction. Housing adds strength and rigidity, it also helps to maintain precise alignment of gears and bearing. Gearbox noise results mainly due to vibration of its housing excited by critical rotating speed. These correspond to excitation in resonant manner for a particular mode. Thus it is required to find vibration modes of casing to avoid failure due to resonance. In this paper modeling of single stage single helical gearbox running at high gear ratio and low center distance is done. Finite element analysis (FEA) is done on Gearbox casing to find Natural frequency modes and harmonic frequency response to avoid condition of resonance in gearbox.


Design And Fabrication Of Sprig Cassava Chopping Machine For Farmers

Dr. R. Kiruba Shankar

— In India, the cultivation of cassava is mainly done in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam, etc. Tamil Nadu stands first both in area and production followed by Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. The mixed cropping system practiced in these states provides the much needed additional income to the small and marginal farmers. As per the second advanced estimates for the period 2012- 13, the total area under tapioca in India is 216.66 thousand hectares and the production is about 7319.13 thousand metric tonnes. The cultivation of cassava can be done by using planted sprigs of cassava’s. This re-cultivation process is a cyclic process which requires manual power. Farmers used to chop the planted cassava sprigs of around 10cm for the re-cultivation of cassava and this requires manual power and time consuming. So the needed project that can chop the cassava sprigs as per the requirement for the further cultivation s to be designed and fabricated.


Design And Fabrication Of Irrigation Channel Maker For Agricultural Lands

Dr.M.Bhuvanesh Kumar

This project work is based on the fabrication of a farming equipment used for channel making. We designed and fabricated the channel making equipment according to the sizes of channels need for cultivation of crops like tapioca, turmeric. Earlier farmers were using traditional farming which is time consuming, hardworking and costly, hence we introduce new technology. In general, the various types of machineries and equipment’s used for these purposes are very costly which made its unavailability to various farmers. By introducing this equipment to farmers, the channels can be made wisely. The channels used for various crops are not the same. So according to the need of the size of channels, the channel making tools are changed.It also reduces the time involved in making the fabrication of the equipment. The primary objective of the channel making equipment is to make channels in a faster manner despite of unavailability of workers. To tackle the problems faced by the farmers in making the channels, the equipment designed uses the 4 stroke diesel engine along the belt drive system for transmitting power from engine to the rotractor shaft. We have not used any tyres for the equipment as the usage of tyres can unwantedly create some markings on the agricultural land. To avoid such markings,we opted for using the rotractor blades.


Analysis Of Surface Runoff At Oil Palm Plantation Areas From The Uses Of Bio-Pore Infiltration Holes (BIH)


Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is a particular plantation commodity of Indonesia, especially Aceh province. Therefore it is crucial to support the sustainability of the land even though it is used for the plantation. One of the ways is to continue to make conservation efforts on sloping land that is used as the cultivation of oil palm. The difficulty in cultivating on sloping land is keeping the area from the phenomenon of surface runoff due to rain. High surface runoff can result in erosion and leaching of nutrients in the soil. Therefore, this paper presents an application of biopore infiltration holes (BIH) to be able to control surface runoff in oil palm plantations. The biopore infiltration hole was filled by compost from oil palm empty fruit bunch (EFB). The experimental plots with and without the use of biopore infiltration holes was experimented to determine its effectiveness. The characteristics of biopore infiltration holes are 10 cm in diameter, 60 cm in depth with a total of 5 pieces per area of 135.15 m2. The study was conducted in three months in 2017 to observe surface runoff caused by rainfall. The results show that the total volume of surface runoff in experimental plots using biopori infiltration holes can reduce surface runoff by 26.50%. It can be a reference for oil palm researchers and farmers to be able to apply biopori infiltration hole conservation methods to reduce surface runoff in oil palm plantations.


Power Management System For Isolated Hybrid PV/WT/PEMFC Power Generation

Rupendra Pachauri

In this article, an energy source for standalone power generating scheme is incorporated into a hybrid wind turbine (WT)/photovoltaic (PV)/fuel cell (FC). WT and PV systems are the system's main power generator, while the FC system is used as an energy backup source. For the suggested scheme, a general power management strategy is intended to handle the power flows among the various sources of energy. Using MATLAB/Simulink, a simulation model for the hybrid power scheme was developed. The system efficiency is explored using transient assessment of system parameters under distinct load demand energy situations.


Detection And Classification Of Speech Pathology Using Deep Learning

Santhana Megala S

Speech or Voice Pathology investigation performs a significant role in the recent record of Health Industry. The need for analysis is that the detection and classifications of tones of pathological voices, till now, which is believed as a tough task within the sector of speech analysis. Sometimes Patients are probably in tough state to identify a modification in voice parameters, like hoarseness; however the voice pathologies might result from a large spectral fluctuate of causes, like respiratory disease to a cruel tumor. Medical practitioners like otolaryngologists were discovering different kinds of speech pathologies from the patient’s speech from mouth i.e. oral communication. Unluckily, this classification rate of Speech pathology by the physician consultants is just concerning 60-70%. Thus tone of voice or speech pathologies is found by the analysis techniques like laryngostroboscopy or small laryngoscopy, which distress the individual to a decent scope, in addition to that it is expensive. It is not possible to detect the speech pathology at the initial stage by manual diagnosis. The primary objective of this paper is to propose automatic diagnostic tools to assist the voice or speech diagnosis. This speech pathology identification system works based on the support of the medical practitioner, which helps in identifying the pathology even in the beginning stage. In this paper, the speech or voice signal is examined by the acoustic variables like Noise removal, Windowing, Smoothing, Mel consistency and Jitter. Finally the classification of voice pathology is done based on the Neural Networks and Deep Learning. The experimental results were also discussed in detailed manner. From the experimental results it is clear that the Speech pathology recognition system successfully classified and labeled the normal voice and the pathological voice.




To maintain and increase the performance of an organization is one among the major aims of any HRM. In the recent past however, minimal studies have been carried out to extensively address the character of performance which takes different directions and has always been linked to HR practices which on manipulation gives different outcomes (Cary & William, 2005). When the study is carried out, it adds some outcomes to the already known HR practices and they include organizational, financial and the employee outcomes (CIPD Publishing, 2005). The study further analyzes how the human resource practices determine the dimensional outcomes and try to explain why job satisfaction is important for any organization.


Current Trends In Plant Disease Detection

Kiran S M

Plant diseases causes the major loss in the field of agriculture worldwide. The diseases affect the stem, root, leaves and fruits. Detecting the diseases in early stages and taking proper actions can reduce the disease spreading. DNA –based, serological and texture bases methods provide essential tool for accurate plant disease diagnosis. This paper provides the review of different methods used in plant disease detection based on features extracted from the plant parts. These extracted features are useful in the classification of plant diseases.


Energy-Hole Avoidance Based Efficient Data Transmission Scheme Using Improved EDGR Protocol

M. Sridhar, P.B.Pankajavalli

In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), constructing scalable and efficient protocol is a challenging task. Geographic routing is an attractive technique for a limited resource WSN environment. Based on the information about the local region of the node instead of global information, the transmission of the data is initiated and energy hole is a major drawback in geographic routing protocol. In order to address this issue, Energy-aware Dual-path Geographic Routing (EDGR) is improved using grid and clustering mechanism. Nodes in the network are grouped and region is segregated as grids. Node with highest residual energy is elected as a Cluster Head (CH), which broadcasts the data to the relevant neighbor node and prevents from forwarding beside the edges of the hole. In the network, reduced energy utilization among the node, increased lifetime and success rate of data transmission is achieved using improved EDGR. The simulation of the improved EDGR protocol is compared with the Energy-efficient Beaconless Geographic Routing (EBGR), and EDGR protocols.


The Design Of Virtual Learning Environment: A Case From Pangasinan State University, Open University Systems

Randy Joy M. Ventayen, Caren C. Orlanda-Ventayen

The Pangasinan State University, Open University Systems, is one of the institutions in the Philippines that offers blended and distance learning approaches. Since the initial operation, last 1997 up to the present, the transition to different learning strategies was adopted to deliver quality education different from the conventional method. The objectives of this study are to be able to determine the practices of professors in online education, discuss the readiness model for online education based on the needs of Open University Systems and propose a designed virtual learning environment for Open University Systems. An interview and constructed questionnaire were utilized to gather the practices and requirements of the professors in open and distance education. Observations and previous researches were analyzed in order to come up with a proposed readiness model and design of a virtual learning environment for Open University Systems. As a result of the study, most of the professors are utilizing the free platform, personal accounts such as social media and email were used in order to deliver learning. To solve the need of the institution, a proposed eLearning readiness model was discussed which includes content readiness, technological readiness and proper attitude towards eLearning. A proposed virtual learning environment with interconnected applications was addressed in order to satisfy the need of the Pangasinan State University, Open University Systems. This practice of the Pangasinan State University is documented in order for starters in online education to adopt one of the best practices in distance education.


Assessing The Urban Design Qualities Of Streets For Pedestrians: A Case Study Of Gurgaon

Ms. Varsha Khetrapal Kumar, Dr. Sudipta K. Mishra and Dr. Jayprakash Chadchan

Urbanization is taking over all the cities rapidly. Urban design is all about place making. Urban design is nothing but visualizing which will be an environmentally, socially and economically viable space. Urban design of an area includes built mass, transportation network, economic sustenance, and other aspects together. Streets are the backbone of city. Spatial qualities of streets give better street environment, livability and adaptability to the street users. Urban design of and area not only affects the inhabitants of the building, but also the people passing by. Walking is very personal experience and many surrounding factors affects the walking experience. The good street environment can motivate people to walk, which will lead to safe community, interactive streets, healthy living and better environmental conditions. Quality of urban design can be measured through identified quantitative method of evaluation evolved by Ewing and Hand in 2009. The spatial qualities of streets based on its physical characteristics such as Imageability, enclosure, human scale, transparency and complexity can be measured to understand the existing conditions. The identified physical characteristics can be measured based on the color, shape, size of buildings, sizes of windows, height of buildings, activity on the street, number of people on street, landscape, etc. This paper aims to evaluate the urban design qualities of selected streets in Gurgaon with respect to the identified parameters. The final evaluated values can be discussed for Better Street fabric, which gives safety, accessibility, and mobility to all street users. The complete streets are context sensitive streets and to have in-depth knowledge of context, urban design qualities will be the sole contributors. The method adopted to study is based on literature review and field survey (questionnaire survey, photos, byelaws and observation). The observed values will be measured with the help of identified coefficients and based of total values the street characteristics can be reviewed.


Modeling Of Occupational Shift Among The Artisan Tribes: A Study Based On Mahalis And Loharas Of Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal

Anamika Ghosh

The principal occupation of the artisan tribes is crafting. Crafting activities always demand a special type of skill which is achieved through serious and continuous efforts. The artisan tribes have achieved this skill in their respective activities through several generations’ experience. The Mahalis and Loharas, the two artisan tribes of West Bengal are traditionally associated with bamboo craft and black smithy respectively. But at present these people have started to change their parental occupation which brings a sudden threat to their cultural identity as the occupation of the artisan tribes is intimately related with their identity. The article attempts to find out the present pattern of employment as well as occupational shift among the artisan tribes of Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal. To find out the factors influencing the decision of occupational shift, the Binary Logistic Regression Model is used. The results find that at present 74.02% respondents have shifted from their traditional occupation and engaged in other occupations ranging from agriculture to methodical jobs and their decision is significantly influenced by three factors i.e. type of tribe, extent of employment and monthly income. Keywords: Artisan Tribe, bamboo craft, black smithy, occupational shift, Binary Logistic Regression Model.


Ethnic Dialects Of The Assamese Language

Amal Nath

Assam is a land of different ethnic communities. Assamese is the main language of Assam. The tribes of Assam are- Missing, Deori, Rabha, Karbi, Bodo, Tiwa, Moran, Sonowal Kachari etc. All these tribes have their own languages. Many clans are found within the tribe, which have dissimilarities or varieties in their language. These varieties are known as ethnic dialects. Assamese has also many ethnic dialects. The above tribes are bilingual. They use their mother tongue in their household affairs or their language is limited only in the gateway of their house. To communicate with others they have to choose a common language, that is the Assamese language. Though they use Assamese, we don’t find the proper Assamese form in their Assamese speaking. Many influences of their mother tongue have seen in their Assamese speaking. These are also a different form of Assamese. A dialect is a variation of a language. Therefore we can term it as dialect of the Assamese language. In this paper an attempt has been chosen to enlighten the features of the Assamese ethnic dialects. For this discussion field study and socio-linguistic method will be used.


A Detailed Comparative Review On Routing Protocols, Congestion And Meta-Heuristics Approaches In MANET

S.B.Manoojkumaar, C.Poongodi

In past few decades, Mobile communication and its evolution provides greater impact in research field. Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks are extremely flexible networks, as it does not rely over any central authority or infrastructure. Owing to this nature, MANETs are considered as extremely ubiquitous in defence, commercial and public sector. Even though MANET possesses significant usage, it faces enormous problems with routing, congestion, security, network overheads, packet drops, battery power and end-to-end (E2E) delay. To handle these inadequacies numerous routing protocols, congestion control techniques and energy management approaches are designed which has to deal the certain drawbacks encountered in MANET. These approaches generally use the fidelity concept which changes based on packet drops. Reliability is observed via indirect or direct techniques. Significant objective of routing protocols is to model/design trust and battery powered mobile node before choosing it as an effectual node for secure data transmission. With existing algorithms, nodes determine intelligent choice of packet losses and subsequent hop that are effectually diminished. So as to offer a integrity validation, authentication services is essential to mitigate colluding agents which leads to packet drop and modification of packets etc. that is needed to be forwarded. During collision novel packets termed Acknowledgement is utilized to eliminate and identify malicious nodes. This work provides a detailed survey on existing protocols in MANET along with the challenges, design issues, applications and so on. As well, this study spotlights of existing Meta-heuristic optimization approaches for routing and congestion management and related issues. Various performance metrics are considered like channel occupancy, Report rate, Energy efficiency, packet loss, Queue length and window size. Conventional routing protocols performance is compared for extracting the advantages and disadvantages. Meta-heuristics approaches and its corresponding design models are discussed in detail to identify the shortcomings and novel design idea to overcome those shortcomings is provided.


Relationship Between Knowledge Management And Organizational Resilience In Northern Healthcare Sector

Prof. Sanjeev K. Sharma, Tamanna

The healthcare sector is knowledge intensive, and for the improvement of research and development productivity and innovation knowledge management is a vital component. The healthcare sector is thus greatly influenced by effective knowledge management. The present study is an extension to the research paper titled “Does Knowledge Management Enhance Organizational Resilience?” presented at national conference on “Paradigm Shift in Management Practice for Fostering Excellence”. The study highlighted the importance of knowledge management in sustainability and competitiveness of an organization. The study was conducted with a sample of 210 employees of thirteen hospitals from the states of Himachal, Punjab and union territory of Chandigarh to study the relationship between the four dimensions of knowledge management and organizational resilience. The results of the study revealed that the four dimensions of knowledge management had a positive influence on organizational resilience. The present study aims at extending the previous conducted study to measure the relationship between all four dimensions of knowledge management with the three dimensions of organizational resilience in the healthcare sector in Northern India. For the present study the statistical sample consisted of 420 respondents from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies from three states: Himachal, Haryana, Punjab and two union territories: Chandigarh and Delhi. The results of the study revealed a positive and significant relationship exists between knowledge management and organizational resilience and their sub dimensions.


Does Green Business Improve Corporate Image And Firm Value?

Mohamad Nur Utomo, Widyastuti Cahyaningrum, Kaujan Kaujan, Julia Safitri

This research is aimed to conduct empirical investigation on the effect of green business on firm value with corporate image as mediation variable at Small & Medium Enterprises in Tarakan City. All variables are latent variables measured with indicators. Primary data are collected through questionnaire given to respondents. Data analysis technique involves quantitative descriptive statistic and SEM-PLS, and the operational of this analysis is assisted by computer application of WarpPLS Version 6.0. The analysis gives some results. Among others, the use of green business concept has positive effect on corporate image and firm value. Corporate image influences firm value positively and plays mediation role (indirect effect) in the relationship of green business on firm value. Theoretical implication of this research is that the results of research are supporting Resource-Based View Theory and Competitive Advantage Theory. Limitation of this research is that the data are based on subjective perception of respondents. It is suggested that the next research should observe respondents not only based on subjective perceptions but also through direct monitoring on green business activity of SMEs.