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Volume 6 - Issue 7, July 2017 Edition

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Dr Sylod Chimhenga

Supervisors are expected to observe how student teachers prepare, deliver the lesson and conduct themselves as members of teaching profession and are expected to advise the students on how to improve their teaching skills. The present study is a descriptive survey which sought to analyze student teacher’s perception towards teaching practice as an exercise for grading or improvement and examine student teacher’s perception towards student-supervisor comments during discussion after classroom assessment. The sample comprised of 50 second year Diploma in Education who had undergone teaching practice in 2016. The students were purposefully sampled. In purposeful sampling, the researcher selects the participants because they possess particular characteristics or knowledge being sought. A questionnaire was used to collect data for this study. The findings indicated that majority of student teachers who participated in the teaching practice perceived that the supervisors gave grades which did not reflect the comments made about the teaching performance of the student teacher. Based on the findings recommendations were made, among others, that assessment should match the comments on areas needing improvement and meaningful accompanying comments should be made to guide student teachers in the desired directions during teaching practice, encourage student teachers to try harder or to give credit for work done well.

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Paul M. Grafilon, Jonathan Fuller, Shiitj B. Mer, Tristan Jay P. Calaguas

The student of AMA University persistence in computing which has the keys to providing their talent needed to fill the computer laboratory in the computing professions. A range of factors can affect a student’s decision to remain in a computing major or change to another major if ever they feel that computing education is difficult. This has to describe the activities in computer laboratory specifically exercises, machine problems, and computing case studies interacting different application programs as the basis of their skills and knowledge in programming capability. The nature of those activities addresses by using of IDE as open source in all programming applications which may result of specific intervention such as using the editor to create a source file, the code blocks, comments, and program statements are entered and the file saved. In case, there are no "corrective actions," taken as the editor does not know this is supposed to be a "source file" as opposed to notes for class. If working in a position-dependent language like Java, the developer would have to be very careful about indenting. The file has to be saved with the correct file extension and in a directory where the compiler can find it. Each source file has to be compiled separately, if the program has a few source files, they all have to be named separately in the compiler. When invoking the compiler, it has to be directed to look in the correct directory for the source files and where the output files should be stored. If there is an error in the source file, the compiler will output messages and fail to complete. For any errors, the developer goes back and edits the source file, working from line numbers and compiler messages to fix the problems and these steps continue until all the source files compile without errors. When linking, each object file is specified as being part of the build. Again, the locations for the object files and executable are given. There may be errors at this point because it is not until the entire program is linked that some errors can be detected. Assuming the linker finds all the variables and functions, it produces a file that can be run. If the program is running and working means all well for the developer. If it seems to do nothing, that means it's debugging time, since there is no insight to what the program is doing, the developer may go back and put in some brute force methods, like print statements to print messages out at certain points in the program or blink some light emitting diodes (LEDs) at strategic places, which means back to the editor, and the cycle continues. These are the causes of the developer can sort of sounds like rather than copying and pasting code from previous applications into a new one, that are rewriting the same functionality again and again. This is one of the varied reasons of the dry principle is geared more towards not having the same functionality duplicated throughout an entire system, but reusing code from other applications is better than rewriting it, since IDE is free and available as open source in any codes of environment. The main focus of the study is the development of utility for locking editor in protecting software exercises. Specifically, it sought to solve the following: To develop an editor that will lock the source code during programming laboratory exercises; To assess the propose system in Kirkpatrick model approach; To evaluate the testing assessment of the proposed system in terms of the following indicators: Efficiency, Usability, and reliability As the result, the locking editor for source code generation is a core program for the locking IDE software. It contains both the user interface such as students and instructor which work together in one package. The evaluation of multi-programming environment by testing the editor that, as it develops solutions keep in mind that locking editor uses the architecture and frameworks that most users are accustomed to see. It should build the development environment and use the tools in the way that makes the most sense for organization. The assessment of the proposed system in Kirkpatrick model approach such as reaction, learning, behavior and results with a weighted mean of 4.19, 4.37, 4.25 and 4.67 with a verbal interpretation of “Protectable” and “Highly Protectable” respectively. The determination in testing assessment of the proposed system based on ISO 9126 reveals of efficiency, usability and reliability with a weighted mean of 4.19, 4.58, and 4.75 interpreted “Highly Protectable” and “Protectable” respectively were the main features and characteristics of locking editor.

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Achilleus Almeida

Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a set of specifications, for developing enterprise-level applications created by the JCP (Java Community Process). In simple terms it provides a standard for developing multitier, enterprise applications. Advancements in technology further enhanced the need for scalable, efficient and faster solutions for information management. The JEE technology is best suited when it comes to meeting these requirements. J2EE architecture has various layers working in unison. These include the client, presentation, business logic and data access layer. The client tier acts as the interaction point between the client and the application. The presentation layer is where an interface is generated dynamically using different components. These components may include Servlet’s and JavaServer Pages (JSPs), or standalone Java applications. The middle tier is also called as the server tier. Enterprise beans and Web Services encapsulate distributable, reusable business logic for the application in the next tier which also happens to be known as the server tier. The forth tier handles connections with the respective databases.

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Anang Jati Kurniawan, Endah Wulandari, Mansur Elias Manurung, Nanda Evalia Manurung

The objective of the research was to find out inter-cultural communicative activity in a family of mixed marriages between two different culture (Javanese and Tionghoa). The research subject was a married couple who had been married for 21 years. The husband was a Tionghoa and the wife was a Javanese. The research used interpretative paradigm with phenomenological approach. The final objective of phenomenal data analysis was to present the deep, analytic description of the communicative inter-cultural phenomenon of the mixed-marriage. The result of the research showed that 1) the respondents always attempted to pay attention to anything outside themselves, did not give any negative comments and were ready to listen to each other, 2) were tolerant to the spouse’s ambiguity, respected to each other, did not coerce personal belief, and 3) showed empathy and were willing to get involved in the spouse’s activity.

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Evi Susilawati, Harun Sitompul, Julaga Situmorang

The general objective of this research is to see the effect of modeling learning strategy on students' learning outcomes of Civic Education. The subject of this research is the students of SMP Negeri I Labuhan Deli, Deli Serdang in class VII. The sample of research students of class VII-3 (seven-three) SMP Negeri 1 Labuhan Deli, Deli Serdang of North Sumatra Province as many as 380 students with the subject of research amounted to 73 people. Data analysis using Analytical Technique of Variance (ANAVA) which then from result of obtained data is converted by using normality normality test by Lillieofors test and to test homogeneity requirement using Bartlett test. Based on the results of hypothesis testing found that students who are taught with modeling learning strategies have better learning outcomes of Civics than students taught by conventional learning strategies. Then based on Scheffe test results proved that students are taught by using pemodela learning strategies get better learning outcomes of Citizenship Education compared to students taught using conventional learning strategies.

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Aisha Haladu Bornoma Amamata Larai Zakari

The poor acceptance of the implementation of the private sector partnership in the financing of infrastructures in Nigeria was discussec in this paper, where it was identified that skill and competence, unethical practice, low political influence and capacity building were some of the challenges facing Estate managers in discharging their statutory roles in implementing private partnership on infrastructure financing in Nigeria. The policy implication of this is that, if these challenges are not urgently checked and corrected within the shortest time, the home based professionals may lose its relevance in practical sense in core service areas. If we want to claim monopoly of our role as prescribed by the law and not doing things right, I want to bring to our notice that some multinationals have been importing Valuers/assessors from overseas since they are not satisfied with the home- based service provider.

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Tetti Nauli Panjaitan, Irma Suryani, Sri Wanasari, Syarifah Chairunisak

The title of the research was Interaction of Verbal Communication of the Teacher from thePhilippines in the Teaching Activity for Nursery II Students at the Singapore International School, Medan. The objective of the research was to find out the verbal Interaction communicationin the teaching activity of the teacher from the Philippines in Nursery II Class at the Singapore International School, Medan. The school is one of the international schools with foreign teachers. It uses English as the teaching medium in the teaching-learning process. The teacher in this class comes from the Philippines and the students are from 3 to 4 years old.The result of the research showed that the teaching activity in the Nursery II class at the Singapore International School, Medan, was done in two ways between teacher and students; the teacher used more verbal communication while non-verbal communication was used as a supporting method. The learning process was done through singing, telling stories, games, and using teaching tools like television, pictures, and toys in the communication process in order to make the students easier to understand what had been conveyed by the teacher.

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Dr. Boughelamallah Hanane-Algeria

Note-taking is a hot topic that attracts much considerable attention over time due to its great importance in teaching–learning process. Teaching listening comprehension in the Algerian EFL classrooms is designed to solve the problem of failure in taking good notes while listening.

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Miguel A. Fontanez-Delgado, Angel Ojeda-Castro

The objective of this research is to provide a framework for the selection of a privatization project and the support of a system of decisions. An analysis of 21 articles from 2001 to 2016 were carried out. The results indicated that PPPs is a tool to assist governments of countries with a limited or available budget to perform their duties in the provision of their services. PPPs may have access to financial markets, either by a combined allocation between government and private enterprise or by private financing in full. The develop of a structure with DSSs, generate a competitive advantage in terms of PPPs transitions. The experience with the DSSs offers an advantage with the decision making and in turn allows an interactive contact with its citizens.

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Batchu Suresh, S. Kishore Kumar

Military aircraft engines employ afterburner system for increasing the thrust required during combat and take-off flight conditions. V-gutter is employed for stabilisation of the flame during reheat. For fifth generation aero engine the gas temperature at the start of the afterburner is be-yond the allowable material limits of the V-gutter so it is required to cool the V-gutter to obtain acceptable creep life. The design of cooling configuration for the given source pressure is worked out for different rib configurations to obtain the allowable metal temperature with minimum coolant mass flow.1D network analysis is used to estimate the cooling mass flow and metal temperature for design flight condition. CFD analysis is carried out for four cooling configurations with different rib orientations. Out of four configurations one configuration is selected for the best cooling configuration.

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Al Kubati M., Al Qraafi Fahd, Mattash M., Al nethary M.,

This paper presents geothermal exploration and their geothermometric characteristics in the western part of Yemen. Geologically this volcanic province totals areas approximately 45,000 km2. Tectonically the study area is considered one of the most active in the Arabian Plate boundaries that affected by the opening of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden as well as by the African rift valley. Extensive field work had been carried out to evaluate the geothermal characteristics of this area. Water and gas samples were collected from hundreds of thermal springs and shallow domestic wells and geochemically analyzed and reported. Temperatures and PH values range from 35 to 96.3 °C and from 4.5 to 8.5 respectively. Deep geothermal gradient indicates that the geothermal gradients in the western part of the province (Red Sea coast) are relatively high up to 182 °C at the depth of 3290 m. Volcanic units are affected by hydrothermal processes and became intensively altered. By applying geothermometric methods, four geothermal fields have been primarily identified, they are: Al-Lisi and Isbil (Dhamar province); Al-Qafr (Ibb province); Damt (Dhala province) and the Red Sea coast geothermal fields and three water types were recognized which are Na-HCO3-Cl-S and Ca-Na-Cl and Na –HCO3.Results from Al-Lisi and Isbil geothermal area are considered the most promising field. Geothermal detail studies have been achieves and location of the first geothermal exploration well is located in Al-Lisi and Isbil field.By applyig geophisical methods Iso- Resistivity contour maps,these maps reflected high resistivity areas and low.Clearly shows the low resistivity values incentral and Western part of the study area about 11Ωm,While up Resistivity values to the area in the eastern 600Ωm.Also through the use ofthe different current electrode spacing (AB/2) 700, 1000, 1500, and 2000m.We find the low- Resistivity areas becoming more widespread and concentrated in the center of the study area and shrink high - Resistivity areas.Indicating increased electrical conductivity with increasing depth.

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Dr. Sikander Ali, Wajeeha Zafar, Sammia Shafiq, Mehvish Manzoor

With the increasing demands of world biotechnology industries, there is a need to enhance the productivity, reaction stability, reusability and shelf life of enzymes. So, novel techniques are required to facilitate large scale and economic formulations. Enzyme immobilization is done in order to meet all the challenges to enzyme activity. It provides an excellent base for increasing availability of enzyme to the substrate with greater turn over a considerable period of time. This can be done by entrapment, support binding, cross linking of enzyme crystals, etc. Several natural and synthetic support materials are used for the immobilization of enzymes. These increase the efficiency of an enzyme to a great extent. Nowadays, immobilized enzymes are preferred over their free counterpart due to their prolonged availability. Immobilized enzymes are widely used in pharmaceutical industries, cosmetic industries, food processing, biofuel production and many other sectors.

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Ella Yusnita, Yanti Puspitasari, Dwi Susanto

This research aims to determine the effect of giving IBA and NAA and plant media combination to the growth of shoot cutting of Agarwood. This research was done by 2 treatments which are IBA and NAA (RO = 0 ppm, R1 = 50 ppm, R2 = 100 ppm, R3 = 150 ppm and R4 = 200 ppm) and plant media (M0 = soil, M1 = soil + rice husk, M2 = soil + compost) respectively. The data was analyzed with the variant analysis (ANOVA), and continued by Duncan test (P=0.05). The results showed the awarding IBA and NAA with a concentration of 50, 100, 150 and 200 ppm was able to increase the average percentage live shoot cuttings almost reach 100%, media increasing the percentage of living shoot cuttings. Interaction between media and solution IBA and NAA effect on growth of shoot cutting.

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James Chandra

WLANs have become the network of choice over the years due to its many benefits however due to this very reason many threats have become associated to it and is the focus of this paper. The paper also highlights mitigation techniques to tackle the listed threats along with some best practices.

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Salendra Prasad

The WLAN security includes Wired Equivalent Primary (WEP) and WI-FI protected Access (WPA). Today WEP is regarded as very poor security standard. WEP was regarded as very old security standard and has many security issues which users need to be addressed. In this Paper we will discuss Wireless Security and ways to improve on wireless security.

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Nilesh A. Lal

Network security is protecting data and message from cybercrime. Cryptography system is designed freely to communicate over a computer network. It is a process where sender sends encrypted message to the recipient. Symmetric encryption is known as the single key encryption. RSA algorithm is a symmetric key uses public key and private key. Diffie Hellman cryptography is where both parties exchange secrets keys to encrypt message.

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Madhusudan,N.M, Manjunath.H, Dhavalagi.Pallavi

Dahi is an indigenous milk product, obtained by the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). Different brands of dahi samples (24) were collected from various BBMP Zones of Bengaluru and analysed for the LAB. The results conveys that, the enumeration of LAB present in dahi werelactococci, streptococci, leuconostoc, lactobacilli,the study found that incubation condition with respect to temperature and time was different for different parameters based study.The findings related tolog count for LAB. The results revealed that lactobacilli was found to have highest log count compared to other isolates.The findings for screening of LAB isolates using sterile skim milk. The results conveyed that Titratableacidity(TA) and Direct microscopic count(DMC) carried out for each isolates and the selection of isolates is based on the early setting time and more DMC counts . Further more than 50% of streptococci isolates set the milk early with curdling followed by lactococci and least was found in case of lueconostoc isolates.

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Abdulmalik Sada Maiwada

A consensus among the global scientists essentially expanded as the changes in climate developed and these sharp changes are expected to happen when the earth’s system is stretched across thresholds. Climate change is one of the global most imperative themes in our own time because of its consequences waiting for the upcoming generation. This paper aimed at assessing the impacts of climate change on the wheat production in the United Kingdom during the two development stages (Grain filling and Grain ripening) over the 30 years period from 1982-2011. A gridded meteorological data from UKCP09 was used to get the mean for the wheat development period that is most sensible to climate (June to September). This was correlated with the UK wheat yield data retrieved from the department for environment, food and rural affairs (DEFRA) using Microsoft excel and R statistical software. The results revealed a highest increase in temperature than rainfall during the wheat development period and that temperature is having more impact on wheat yield in the UK than rainfall. It is also found out that climate change is only but a factor among other factors that influenced the wheat yield in the UK for the past decades. Other factors such as genetic improvement, better changes in cultivating practice, better management of pests and diseases and high application of NPK fertilizers could have more effect on the UK's wheat yield for as far back as decades than only a change in climate.

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C. O. Okpanachi, J. C. Chukwu, E. N. Yisa, H. Z. Abdullahi, S. Sadiq

The study of the physicochemical analysis of biodiesel produced from waste vegetable oil in Sedi, Minna, Nigeria was carried out in order to ascertain the quality of the biodiesel produced as regards physical and chemical parameters which include visual appearance, colour, cloud point, flash point, and cetane index, diesel index, kinematic velocity, calorific value. Biodiesel is a renewable resource that can replace petroleum diesel which comes from fossil fuels that are limited and will be exhausted in the near future. Biodiesel can be made from the transesterification of vegetable oils, animal fat, greases and oil crops such as soybean and it is biodegradable. The biodiesel produced was subjected to physicochemical analysis and results of cetane index was established to be 52, the flash point using pensky martens close cup was determine to be 1600C, diesel index using IP21, 0.3411, kinematic viscosity at 400C to be 4.12 and calorific value of 10867cal/g. The investigated physicochemical parameters show that the biodiesel produced is suitable for use in diesel engines without modifications and is cheaper to produce compared to petroleum diesel.

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Jashnil Kumar, Mohammed Farik

Password protection is a major security concern the world is facing today. While there are many publications available that discuss ways to protect passwords and data, how widely user from around the world adhere to these rules are unknown. The novelty of this study is that this is the first time a review is done on software tools that can be used to crack Advanced Encryption Standards. Firstly, the study does a review on top 10 software tools that are available to crack Advanced Encryption Standards. After which an analysis on two software tools was performed to see how long each software tool took to crack a password. The result of the study gives Advanced Encryption Standard researcher, Network security researcher, and the general public helpful information on how to strengthen advanced encryption standards and strengthen passwords that are hard for the software tools discussed above to crack.

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Surya Darma, Wawan Kustiawan, Sigithardwinarto, Sumaryono

The objective of the study was to identify the parameters of soil damage, so that the level of damage that occurs was known, as a decision-making material with an appropriate approach to the problem, so that the productivity of the land does not decrease, even increased as a cultivation area that has a function for biomass production. The first step is to determine the potential for indicative soil damage by overlaying with the GIS-based digital map, i.e. soil type map, slope, rainfall, land cover, then with the spatial and regional plan map. The results obtained 4 classes of potential indicative soil damage, namely low (1), medium (2), high (3) and very high (4). Observations were made at (3) and (4). Number of field observation points and soil samples respectively 4 and 2. Field verification found that an effective soil depth (solum thickness) at (3) was ≥90 cm, 25-40% slopes were used for agriculture, whereas (4) was <20 cm and ≥60% only secondary forest. The results of the evaluation found that 5 parameters exceeding the threshold, namely solum thickness (s), surface of rocks (b), permeability (p), soil acidity (a) and electrical conductivity (e). Based on the relative frequency score, the soil damage status is slightly damaged at (3) by limiting factor (a) or D.I-a, while at (4) moderately damaged by limiting factor (s), (b), (p) and (e) or D.II-s, b, p, e. Improvement actions in D.I-a are soil treatment, organic fertilizing (compost) and liming, whereas in D.II-s, b, p, e is difficult to repair due to natural factors.

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Ashim Ratna Bajracharya, Sudha Shrestha

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) is the stage of rapid urbanization and its population is on the steep rise with increase in economic activities. Many people are migrating to KMC from other parts of the country for job opportunities. In urban mobility, work trip has a dominant share and at present, people are dependent more on private vehicles, than public transport to go to their work places. This research investigates the travel behavior of employees, living in KMC and its relation to four main variables of socio-demographic background of an employee, i.e. age, gender and income group and household vehicle ownership. Data was collected by household questionnaire survey. Different descriptive analysis and inferential statistical analysis were carried out and it shows that role of socio-demographic variables on travel behavior is quite significant in many aspects on choice of travel mode and trip length of the employees. Finally, based on the findings of the research, recommendations for urban transport policy were made, so as to increase the share of public transport for work trips.

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In this study, we try to see whether the regional fiscal capability is in low category, medium category or high category. The analysis in this study uses descriptive and quantitative analysis by evaluating various components of regional budget along with other aspects such as population. In the descriptive analysis it is found that the components of regional budgets such as local revenues, profit sharing, income, general allocation and personnel expenditure are increasing every year and the number of residents is increasing every year. In the quantitative analysis obtained the calculation results that, in 2011 obtained the value of calculation of fiscal capacity of 356,733, this shows that the fiscal ability of the district of Luwu then the average monthly income of the community only Rp.29.727, 82 The results illustrate that the fiscal capacity of Luwu regency is still relatively low. In the year 2012 obtained fiscal capacity calculation result value of 768,356,52it shows that the fiscal ability of the district of Luwu then the average monthly income of the community is only Rp. 64,029,71. The results of this study illustrate that the fiscal capacity of Luwu Regency is still relatively low. In the year 2013 obtained value of fiscal capacity calculation of 1,034,595, it shows that the fiscal ability of the district of Luwu then the average monthly income people only Rp. 86,216.25 The results of this study illustrate that the fiscal capacity of Luwu Regency is still relatively low. In the year 2014 obtained the value of fiscal capacity calculation of 444,650, it shows that the fiscal ability of the district of Luwu then the average monthly income of the community is only Rp. 37,054 The results of this study illustrate that the fiscal capacity of Luwu Regency is still relatively low.

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Ari Sasmoko Adi, Wawan Kustiawan, Sigit Hardwinarto, Sumaryono

In Indonesia, there are 22 location of Grand Forest Park spread in different region in Indonesia (Kemen LHK, 2013), while in east Kalimantan has 2 grand forest park, those are The Bukit Soeharto Grand Forest Park in Kutai Kertanegara Regency and The Petangis Grand Forest Park in Paser Regency in Tanah Paser. Grand Forest Park is the conservation area for the purpose of natural or artificial flora and fauna collecting. The native or artificial species are used for many purposes of research, science, education, cultivation supporting, culture, tourism and recreation (UU No. 5, 1990). The purpose of research to know the extent of land cover caused by degradation as resulted from plantation land clearing, agriculture, mining and the residents who settled in Bukit Soeharto Grand Forest Park Region. The land cover in 2016, the extent of plantation land that have been used was 836.100 ha, community 27.371 ha and mining 1.587.640 ha.

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Gilberto Crespo-Perez, Dr. Angel Ojeda-Castro

The objective of this research was to develop a framework for understanding the Convergence of Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Internet of Things as the future of Decision Support Systems. To develop this framework, the researchers analyzed and synthesized 35 research articles from 2006 to 2017. The results indicated that when the data is massive, it is necessary to use computational algorithms and complex analytical techniques. The Internet of Things, in combination with the large accumulation of data and data mining, improves the learning of automatic intelligence for business. This is due to the fact that the technology has the intelligence to infer and provide solutions based on past experiences and past events.

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Annisa Nur Ramadhani, Mimin Aminah Yusuf, Rika Kisnarini, Dewi Septanti, Happy Ratna Santosa

Fullfilment for the needs of housing is a priority that cannot be suspended, especially in urban areas of developing country whose population continues to increase because of the rapid urbanization. Indonesia as the developing country still has a fairly high backlog approximately at 7.6 millions unit house in 2014, most of them are low income people. The Government has several plan in striving for the scarcity of housing. One of them is the development of rental flats which have goals for the social housing fulfillment for low income people and increase their housing affordability by lowering the rental rates. The intention is to assist the low income people save their money to buy their own homes. But in facts, there are several constraints related to this rental flats finance, such as late payment by the residents, uncontroled right transfer, and the tariff adjusted to the ability of the inhabitants, can not cover the cost of the physical building management and maintanance. This study aims to evaluate Sombo rental flat finance for for low income people, in which the data are collected through in depth interview, observation, and documentation. The results of several qualitatively descriptive analysis show that the effectiveness of rental flat financing in the aspect of the purpose and goal to facilitating low income community needs of housing is quiet accomplished. Beside that, the organization is also well structured and have the efficient human resources. But Sombo rental flats effectivenes is relatively low in the aspect of profit ability, rental financing program, and in the enforcement of rules and regulation. The main problem is in the arrears of residents rental payment and the deficiency for maintanance cost so it has to depend on the city government subsidies. The rental finance constraint are caused by several factors, which are historic factors, resident’s factors, and the vision and commitment of the city government to facilitate housing for low income people in Surabaya City.

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Yusniar, Saiful Bahri, Ricky Alfanda

This research focused on PT. Bank ACEH that has been converted into Islamic bank which has an emphasis on Customer loyalty as the most expected result from a research on consumer behavior. For the company, customer loyalty can be achieved through Customer Delight. There were 350 (three hundred and fifty) respondents as the sample of this research. The selection of bank customers was conducted in branch offices with a consideration that there are more varied banking transactions conducted in branch offices than in the sub-branch, cash, and unit offices. Given that the number of customers in each branch office is not similar, therefore, the researcher used proportioned stratified random sampling to determine the number of respondents. The factor of brand trust has a role as a partial mediating variable between Customer Delight and customer loyalty of PT. Bank Aceh

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Zakir Tas

The demand for large diameter pipes in terms of their strength and toughness properties is increasing day by day. The quality and mechanical strength values of the steels, used in new gas pipeline projects, are gradually increasing. Today, high strength steels are used instead of the steels with low yield values. In this study, the micro-structure mechanical properties of the high strength X70 steel, used in the Trans Anatolian Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), were investigated before and after the welding process and the weld zone was examined. The submerger arc welding process has been employed for the weld process. While the mechanical properties were determined by tensile, notched bend impact, bend and hardness measurements, the microstructures were examined by using optical microscope and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The radiographic and ultrasonic methods were employed in the non-destructive test of the weld zone.

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Lotfi Harrabi, Tarek Abboud, Toan Vu-Khanh, Patricia Dolez, Jaime Lara

The aim of this paper is to study the mechanical behavior of knitted fabrics, which are used in protection gloves, at large deformation and different strain rates in terms of extension/recovery cycling. The non linear viscoelastic model, proposed here, is based on the standard solid model. It contains three nonlinear spring and damper elements. The idea is to consider that, by analogy with elastomers, the mechanical behavior of the fabric in terms of hysteresis loop is due to the contribution of two parts: the first one represents the equilibrium state of the fabric and the second one is due to the deviation from this equilibrium. Then, the stress-strain behavior of the fabric at different strain rates can be computed using the same parameters determined at one value of strain rate. A good agreement has been obtained between the experimental and theoretical results.

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Ivan L. Bajak

It is proposed that the ball lightning and UFO are analogous objects. The variety of different observations is explained. It is proposed on a uniform basis using a hypothesis that the ball lightning and UFO are created like a spherical capacitor filled by polar molecules mainly and in some cases by various chemicals which influence the final manifest of the object. A mechanism of a formation of the spherical capacitor is discussed. A peculiar behavior like e.g. sudden change of direction of motion, shape of disc and possible penetration through wall is explained as a consequence of internal structure of the object. Finally an experimental verification of the hypothesis is suggested.

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S.A. Raji, K.J Olaleye, M.O Adebisi, D.N Nwadike

Carrying out a design on a conventional Activated Sludge Plant under several conditions and various criteria is becoming complex, tedious and cumbersome. The era of Computer has resulted in a faster, accurate, and more advanced method of obtaining data, storage, processing and analysis. Several tools are being developed to design and solve various engineering problems and environmental engineering field is no exception. Some packages have been developed in this area in basic, C - language, visual basic etc. This research focuses on the full design of a conventional Activated Sludge Plant. Some of the components developed include: Daily Sewage Flow, BOD of Sewage entering the aeration, BOD left in Effluent, BOD removed in Activated Plant, Efficiency required in Activated Plant, Rate of air supply, secondary sedimentation tank and Sludge drying beds. Design for the checks was also developed. Some of the checks include: Aeration Period, Sludge Retention Time, Volumetric Loading and Return Sludge Ratio. Visual Basic Package was adopted for the design.

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Abderrahmane Gamar, Zakaria Khiya, Touria Zair, Mohammed El Kabriti, Abdelaziz Bouhlal, Fatima El Hilali

The presence of heavy metals in landfill leachates poses a risk to the environment, especially in the unpaved dumps where their dissipation in groundwater might occur. This study is focused on the assessment of heavy metal load in landfill leachate of El Hajeb (Morocco) and their effects on the environment in general. To do this, raw leachate samples were collected monthly from basins available at the heart of the landfill and analyzed using the atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) to quantify the heavy metals during the period which extends of May, 2015 to February, 2017. The results showed the presence of Pb (2.68 mg/L), Co (0.92 mg/L), Hg (0.009 mg/L), Cr (5.14 mg/L), As (1.95 mg/L), Cd (0.41mg/L) and Mn (61.52 mg/L) in significant amounts. What makes these extremely toxic effluents and thus presented a potential danger for the health of the riparian population and the adjacent groundwater. The determination of heavy metals content will thus make it possible to orient the choice of the leachate treatment process to answer the strictest standards of rejection.

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Mohammad Sedighimanesh, Ali Sedighmanesh, Neda Ashghaei

In today's business environment which unable to meet the needs of the customer without modern technology, providing quality and efficient services plays a critical role in attracting and maintain the customers. One of these attractive technologies is self-service services. Therefore, in this study Expectation-confirmation model in the context of IT has been employed to investigate the effect of self-service technology on customer satisfaction. This model is widely used in the field of online technology. This is a descriptive study and The data gathering tool is two technological questionnaires self-service and customer satisfaction that were distributed among 369 people of available customers of the online store of Tehran which have an electronic symbol,after confirming the validity and reliability. The analysis of research data was performed using spss21 and Amos 21 software and structural equation modeling indicated that all model assumptions have been confirmed, Conceptual model in the considered population is verified and has comprehensiveness.

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Ali Sedighimanesh, Mohammad Sedighimanesh, Neda Ashghaei

Objectives: e-commerce can be represented as any online trade and commerce via the Internet. Methods/Analysis: It should be noted that online purchase is not based on the actual experience of purchasing goods, but is based on aspects such as image, the qualitative information and publicizing of the product. Customers should be searched on the Internet randomly to evaluate the product and also reduce the risk of buying. So customers obtain product information before making a purchase and then perform the evaluation and diagnosis of products Findings: The survey was conducted according to studying the model using a questionnaire, which collected data analysis has been made in SPSS software. Improvements: The results of this study show that the brand image and internet word of mouth advertisement and moderating variables (price reductions, customer trust mode and ) has a tremendous impact on customer purchase intention.

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Shireen Nisha, Mohammed Farik

This paper aims to review RSA, examine its strengths and weaknesses, and propose novel solutions to overcome the weakness. RSA (Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman) is one of the best cryptographic algorithms in use today that ensures secure communication over networks.

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Arjun K. Pillay, Mohammed Farik, Edwin Liava’a

Wireless connectivity devices such as mobile phones and laptops are being increasingly used by University students to access learning resources on campus networks and the Internet. Each of the mobile devices offers security protocols for connection to a Wi-Fi router. This paper presents an overview of Wi-Fi security and recommendations in relation to free Wi-Fi service at The University of Fiji.

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Douglas T. kureve, Nentawe Y. Goshew, Samuel T. Awuhe

This research work focuses on developing an amplitude modulation index based equation that can predict the harmonic content in the conventional seven-level cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter (CHBMLI) at low switching frequency. A logic circuit using phase opposition disposition pulse width modulation (PODPWM) scheme is used for the seven-level CHBMLI. The multilevel inverter (MLI) is simulated for amplitude modulation indices from 0.10 to 0.26.The simulated and calculated results of the harmonic content in the output voltage at amplitude modulation index of 0.20 produce minimum values of 16.61 % and 13.00 % respectively. The harmonic content from the amplitude modulation equation, on average, deviates from the simulated result by 2.74 %. Simulation results are obtained using MATLAB/SIMULINK software.

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Anyalogbu Ernest A. A., Nnoli Matthew C., Ezejiofor Tobias I. N., Nweje-Anyalowu Paul C.

Fatty acid composition of plant food (oil) is important for its economic and nutritional value. Assessment of fatty acid contents of two Nigerian masticatories cum traditional snacks: African walnut kernel (AW) and African elemi pulp (AE) were carried out. Samples were subjected to graded wet heat contact time based on their traditional methods of processing and their oil extract evaluated for fatty acid (FA) contents using chromatographic method. The processing methods had no statistically significant effect on both the oil and FA contents of the samples. Both samples contain nutritionally relevant levels of fat ranging respectively from 49.8±1.08 to 52.8±2.70g/100g sample and 41.93±6.03 to 42.8±4.61g/100g sample in AW and AE. A total of six fatty acids including two essential ones namely omega-6 (C18:2) and omega-3 (C18:3), were identified and quantified in the two plant foods. The predominant FAs in the plant foods were oleic acid (16.12±1.86 - 17.11±1.31g/100g fat), linoleic acid (16.88±1.66 - 18.80±1.52g/100g fat) and linolenic acid (55.95±5.68 - 57.08±6.57g/100g fat) in AW and palmitic acid (48.59±4.35 - 50.51±3.29g/100g fat), oleic acid (32.02±3.27 - 35.74±1.46g/100g fat) and linoleic acid (15.15±3.57 - 15.40±3.82g/100g fat) in AE. The study shows that on the average, one serving of AW could supply about 41.52% and 647.09% of the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDIs) for the essential FAs Linoleic and Linolenic acids respectively, while that of AE will supply about 29.13% of the RDI for Lineleic acid. Based on their essential FAs contents the plant foods apparently have potentials for applications as nutraceuticals.

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Falguni Patel, Mohammed Farik

Among all available conventional encryption algorithms, the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the most secured and highly used algorithm. AES algorithm is widely used by variety of applications like Archive and Compression tools, File Encryption, Encryption File System, Disk / Partition Encryption, Networking, Signal Protocol, among others. This paper highlights the Brute Force attack and Cryptanalysis attack on AES Algorithm. This paper also discusses about a novel recommendation of a combination model of AES Algorithm and Random-X Cipher.

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Wiwik Sudarwati, Umi Marfuah

The raw material inventory control system determines and guarantees the availability of raw material stock in the right quantity, quality and timing. The problem in this research is the procurement of raw materials of tobacco. PR. Sukun still often experiences the excess. This is related to the frequency of raw material purchases and the quantity of raw material purchases, which can lead to waste of working capital embedded in raw material inventory, raw material ordering costs and raw material storage costs. The purpose of this research is to know how to make an efficiency level in procurement of raw material inventory between EOQ method compared with policy of PR. Sukun. The type of research used is analytic descriptive type. Data analysis begins by analyzing raw material quantity comparison, total raw material inventory cost and raw material cost between PR Sukun policy with EOQ method. Based on the results of research known that by using EOQ method can be much more efficient compared to policy of PR. Sukun. The quantity and frequency of purchasing raw materials is less but still take into account the safety stock and reorder point, so the production process is not disturbed. In addition, the cost of purchasing, ordering costs and raw materials storage costs less so as to create efficiencies on the cost of raw materials inventory. PR. Sukun in the procurement of raw material inventory should use EOQ method to be more efficient, and take into account the safety stock and reorder point to avoid the inventory excess of raw materials.

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Kamran Rasheed, Muhammad Imran, Muhammad Noman, Muhammad Iqbal

Today, Computing technologies are becoming the pioneers of the organizations, and helpful in individual functionality i.e. added to computing device we need to add softwares. Set of instruction or computer program is known as software. The development of software is done through some traditional or some new or evolutionary models. Software development is becoming a key and a successful business nowadays. Without software, all hardware is useless. Some collective steps that are performed in the development of these are known as Software development life cycle (SDLC). There are some adaptive and predictive models for developing software. Predictive mean “already known” like WATERFALL, Spiral, Prototype and V-shaped models while Adaptive model include agile (Scrum). All methodologies of both adaptive and predictive have their own procedure and steps. Predictive are Static and Adaptive are dynamic mean change cannot be made to the predictive while adaptive have the capability of changing. The purpose of this study is to get familiar with all these and discuss their uses and steps of development. This discussion will be helpful in deciding which model they should use in which circumstance and what are the development step including in each model.

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Kumur J. H., Siya T. K., Adamu B.M, Reuben B.Z., Dahiru S.

This research work aimed at analysing the various notifiable diseases reported in Adamawa State. To find out the most common disease notified. The data were secondary data extracted from reported cases of notifiable diseases across the twenty one local government areas of the State between 2008 and 2011.The total number of cases reported was 1085304. The findings revealed that, Malaria ranks the top of notifiable diseases with total of 85.5% and Trachoma is the least number of occurrences with total of 0.0008%. Also it was observed that, cholera is the highest in term of spread and was in comparison with other notifiable diseases reported to be widely distributed across the State while malaria which was the most prevalence was endemic in some particular parts of the State. The study recommends that, the health care personnel must be adequately trained to identify the disease and notify the higher authorities for prompt response.

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Lotfi Harrabi, Tarek Abboud, Toan Vu-Khanh, Patricia Dolez, Jaime Lara

In order to study the mechanical behaviour of elastomers at large deformations, a theoretical description was developed for the loading-unloading hysteresis loop at large deformations and as a function of the strain rate. Bergström and Boyce’s proposition that the elastomer behaviour is controlled by two contributions, the first one corresponding to the equilibrium state and the second one to a non-linear rate-dependent deviation from that equilibrium state, and their use of Zener’s rheological model, were applied to an uniaxial tension configuration. A validation of the description was performed with nitrile rubber. A good agreement of the theoretical description with experimental results was obtained. This simple description of the hysteresis behaviour of elastomers as a function of the strain rate provides a useful tool for estimating the mechanical behaviour at various strain rates, with potential application in the design of protective gloves.

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Liman Aminu Doko, Ephraim Michael, Bagudu M Ndayako, Suleiman Y mohammed, Abubakar Assadiq L

The digestive system, hence digestion of food is usually one of the topics taught at the secondary and tertiary levels of education. Often, this topic is taught using teaching aid in the form of diagrams or charts drawn on plane papers. The inanimate nature of these teaching aid employed makes learning less interesting and comprehension difficult. This paper presents the design and construction of a semi animated digestive module with remote control that visualizes the movement and process of food digestion in the body. Basically, the system consists of carved wooden digestive organs with light emitting diodes (LEDs) carefully fixed on the path of digestion. A remote control is also built to aid remote access to the module. These LEDs start to blink indicating swallowing from the mouth down to the anus illustrating the process of digestion which also involves the production of enzymes. A comparison of with the improved teaching aid will make conventional types showed that it aroused student, interest during teaching and learning process. It also reduced too much abstract explanation. Thus making teaching more efficient.

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Nur Azlina, Rusli, Hariadi

This study aims to determine (1) the influence of integrity on audit quality, (2) the influence of objectivity on audit quality, (3) the effect of work experience on audit quality, (4) the influence of knowledge on financial management on audit quality, and (5) Motivation to audit quality. The sample of this study is the auditor who works in inspectorate in Riau Province, precisely in Inspectorate of Bengkalis, Siak, Pelalawan, Kuantan Singingi, and Pekanbaru City. Data were analyzed by using multiple regression method using SPSS version 21. The data used is primary data by using questionnaire. The analytical technique used to perform the hypothesis is random sampling. The results showed that integrity, work experience, knowledge of local financial management and motivation had no effect on audit quality while objectivity had an effect on audit quality. Adjusted R Square of 0.626. This shows that the quality of audit on Inspectorate in Riau Province can be influenced by factors studied by 62.6% and 37.4% influenced by factors not observed in this study.

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Allan L. Hilario, Phylis C. Rio, Geraldine Susan C. Tengco, Danilo M. Menorca

Plants are rich sources of antioxidants that are protective against diseases associated to oxidative stress. There is a need for high throughput screening method that should be useful in determining the antioxidant concentration in plants. Such screening method should significantly simplify and speed up most antioxidant assays. This paper aimed at comparing the applicability of a semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer (Pointe Scientific, MI, USA) with the traditional standard curve method and using a Vis spectrophotometer in performing the DPPH assay for antioxidant screening. Samples of crude aqueous leaf extract of kulitis, Amaranthus viridis Linn, and chayote, Sechium edule Linn, were screened for the Total Antioxidant Concentration (TAC) using the two methods. Results presented in mean ± SD (μg/dl) were compared using unpaired Student’s t-test (P<0.05). All runs were done in triplicates. The mean TAC of A. viridis was 646.0 ± 45.5 μg/dl using the clinical chemistry analyzer and 581.9 ± 19.4 μg/dl using the standard curve-spectrophotometer. On the other hand, the mean TAC of S. edule was 660.2 ± 35.9 μg/dl using the semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer and 672.3 ± 20.9 μg/dl using the spectrophotometer. No significant differences were observed between the readings of the two methods for A. viridis (P>0.05) and S. edible (P>0.05). This implies that the clinical chemistry analyzer can be an alternative method in conducting the DPPH assay to determine the TAC in plants. This study presented the applicability of a semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer in performing the DPPH assay. Further validation can be conducted by performing other antioxidant assays using this equipment.

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O. Aygun, H.Durmaz

In this study, a type of curd, a yoghurt-like product (YLP), was prepared by potato juice and milk and some of its physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory properties were examined. Analyses were applied to four yoghurt groups consisting of YLPs manufactured by using milk and potato juice at different ratios (0.5% for YLP1; 1% for YLP2 and 1.5% for YLP3) and yoghurt produced using starter culture (control group). Lactobacillus spp. and Lactococcus spp. numbers in all yoghurt samples manufactured by potato juice showed increase after the seventh day. The YLP manufactured by potato juice at a ratio of 0.5% was most preferred by panelists among the other YLP samples and most similar to yoghurt with starter culture.

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Golina Samir Adly, Dr. Wagdy R. Anis, Dr. Ismail M. Hafez

The corrosion caused by chemical reaction between metallic structures and surrounding mediums, such as soil or water .the (CP) cathodic protection system is used to protect metallic structure against corrosion. Cathodic protection (CP) used to minimize corrosion by utilizing an external source of electrical current which forces the entire structure to become a cathode. There are two Types of cathodic protection system (Galvanic current, Impressed current).the Galvanic current is called a sacrificial anode is connected to the protected structure (cathode) through a DC power supply. In Galvanic current system ,a current passes from the sacrificing anode to the protected structure .the sacrificial anode is corroded rather than causing the protected structure corrosion .protected structure requires a constant current to stop the corrosion which determined by area, structure metal and the surrounding medium. The rains, humidity are decrease soil resistivity and increase the DC current .The corrosion and over protection resulting from increase in the DC current is harmful for the metallic structure. This problem can be solved by conventional cathodic protection system by manual adjustment of DC voltage periodically to obtain a constant current .the manual adjustment of DC voltage depends on experience of the technician and using the accuracy of the measuring equipment. The errors of measuring current depend on error from the technician or error from the measuring equipment. the corrosion of structure may occur when the interval between two successive adjustment is long .An automatically regulated cathodic protection system is used to overcome problems from conventional cathodic protection system .the regulated cathodic protection system adjust the DC voltage of the system automatically when it senses the variations of surrounding medium resistivity so the DC current is constant at the required level.

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B. Amar Babu, V. Pandurangadu

In the present work, SCF/carbon composite was prepared with a commercially available vinylester, methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (catalyst) and cobalt napthenate (accelerator). The prepared composite is aimed to use in aircraft application. The composite is treated to improve the characteristics of SCF/Carbon. Drilling characteristics were studied for both treated and untreated composites. As per Taguchi orthogonal array of L8, eight experiments were conducted on the composites and machining characteristics like thrust force, surface roughness and amplitude of drill vibration were measured. Interaction effect of parameter on the machine characteristics was studied using response surface methodology. Analysis of variance was also used to identify significant parameters for the three machining characteristics. A multi response optimization technique was used to optimise parameters for minimization of thrust force, surface roughness and amplitude of drill vibration.

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H.E. Mulyasa, Wiwik Dyah Aryani

The principal issues that made this research topic is how to build a religious culture in schools (the study focused on the management of Islamic education curriculum in Building a Culture of Religious SMA and SMA BPI 2 Bandung STATE 7). This study aims to analyze and describe the activities carried out in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum of Islamic education in realizing the religious culture in schools; as well as supporting and inhibiting factors. The theories used as the basis for the implementation of the research is primarily concerned with Cultural Education, Curriculum Management, and Islamic Education, equipped with relevant research results. This study used a qualitative approach with case studies. The main data source is the Principal, Vice Principal, teachers, school committee, and Students. Data collected through observation, interviews and documentation study analyzed qualitatively, through data reduction, organizing and grouping data, investigation, interpretation and verification. The final conclusion is that the Islamic education curriculum management starting from planning, implementation until the evaluation has been directed and designed to embody the religious culture in schools. In the implementation of management curriculum of Islamic religious education in realizing the religious culture in the school is demanding independence of teachers and principals to conduct participatory decision making and collaborative. Management of Islamic Education curriculum has also been developed by some of the main characteristics of the school, taking into account the principles of curriculum development. However, implementation is still found some inhibiting factors, such as the school environment is not yet fully support towards the realization of religious culture. Recommendations presented to various parties to undertake further study, and perform a variety of efforts to improve the management of Islamic religious education curriculum in realizing the religious culture in schools.

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Adhitya Agri Putra

This research is aimed to examine effect of stock market development on relationship between foreign ownership and profitability in ASEAN. Research samples are 491 manufacture firms listed in stock market of Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia from 2012-2013. With regression analysis, this research find that stock market development have effect on relationship between foreign ownership and profitability in ASEAN. Stock market development as a function of indicator of investor mood, legal and policy making, and management practices; support foreign shareholder role in profits increasing. This research shows new evidence of role of macro economics level factor, which is stock market development in ASEAN countries, as foreign owners’ role supporting in profits increasing. Stock market development is important factor to answer inconsistencies of role of foreign owner, since foreign ownership will be more growing up in open market between countries, in profits increasing.

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Sirilius Seran

Parents’ social and economic factors: education, job opportunities, income, and students motivation have causal relationships with the students’ achievement. The form of relationship can be directly or indirectly. Education and job opportunities affect achievement through students’ motivation. Research objectives, to know: 1) a direct relationship between education, and job opportunities with the students’ achievement, 2) indidrect relationships between social and economic variable of students’ achievement, 3) a causal relation of social and economic variable. Target of this research is 115 students from 11 class of 4 SHC, with Alfa 1%, produce 104 people as sample. Data collection used questioner, given to the students and parents. Using a track analysis (path analysis) seen that the direct interface between education with students’ achievement is significant. Nevertheless, causal relations between variables are significant research.

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Neeraj Anand Sharma, Mohammed Farik

Cryptography is one of the most integral components when trying to maintain achieve a secure communication medium and determining the best cryptography algorithm is as important as having a secure communication. In this paper, we will find out the two superlative symmetric cryptography algorithms available and used nowadays. Then, observe which algorithm is better than the other and finally give some recommendations based on the results achieved. This will surely narrow down the options as to which algorithm to choose when trying to achieve a secure communication.

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Dagm Alemayehu Tegegn

The process of modern urbanization in Ethiopia began to take shape since the later part of the nineteenth century. The territorial expansion of emperor Menelik (r. 1889 –1913), political stability and effective centralization and bureaucratization of government brought relative acceleration of the pace of urbanization in Ethiopia; the improvement of the system of transportation and communication are identified as factors that contributed to this new phase of urban development. Central government expansion to the south led to the appearance of garrison centers which gradually developed to small-sized urban center or Katama. The garrison were established either on already existing settlements or on fresh sites and also physically they were situated on hill tops. Consequently, Limmu Genet town was founded on the former Limmu Ennarya state’s territory as a result of the territorial expansion of the central government and system of administration. Although the history of the town and its people trace many year back to the present, no historical study has been conducted on. Therefore the aim of this study is to explore the history of Limmu Genet town from its foundation up to present.

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Nwakpuda Nat. I.

The various approaches of separating baseflow from other streamflow components are hinged on their respective strengths and drawbacks with respect to the watershed considered. Little wonder therefore, that this research work has ventured on some methods amongst multitude of emerged methods, to establish the best method(s) of baseflow separation and henceforth address the strength and drawback dichotomy associated with the different baseflow separation methods. The examined methods of baseflow separation used in this work are conveniently categorized into five basic approaches of fixed interval, sliding interval, local minimum, Baseflow Index and frequency analysis. Data for the analyses obtained from Otamiri River at Nekede were utilized for this study and daily recorded streamflow discharge data obtained from the historical records held at the libraries of the Anambra Imo River Basin Development Authority, Owerri and the Nigerian National Meteorological Services. The results of the predictability of the stream flow from the estimated baseflow for all the methods used conformed as evident in the regression analysis and the results showed that the value of the coefficient of simple determination (r2) was highest in the fixed interval method and least in the frequency analysis method which implies that the fixed interval method was the best method of separating the base flows for Otamiri stream.

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Zamonov Akbar Turginovich

This paper gives scientific analyses about fire arms – cannons, tufangs and zarbzans, which were introduced in Bukhara Khanate in XVI century and the mechanisms and role of use of such weapons.The article is based on translated sources, published studies and previously in the years of independence.

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Erika Situmorang, Hariyono, Yusnila Wati Gultom

Matthew, the oldest son of Mr. Joni and Mrs. Hani cannot speak normally although he is four years old. He will get furious by hitting his head and keeping rolling around on the floor if we do not fulfill his want. The parents have to struggle hard to make their son grow and develop normally like other normal children. Besides sending him to a Special School, they also use their own method to cure his retardation. The research used a case study by finding out the inter-personal communication between Matthew and his parents. The data were gathered by conducting in-depth interviews with the parents and observation on the communicative activity between Matthew and his parents in order to get triangulation data. The result of the research showed that 1) the paradigm used was symbolical interactions which explained the method of communication between parents and their son who underwent Speech delay, 2) the theory used in the research was the theory of effectiveness in communication, 3) The result found that family was the environment where children spent most of their time during their growth; therefore, parents should provide an favorable environment which supports their children’s growth and development.

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Imeldarina Ginting, Muhammad Irfan Batubara, Fransiskus Batista, Juliati

Staying in the termination environment for a long time as well as very limited facilities is certainly very influential on the physical and psychological development of children Rohingya refugees. Limitations of interaction with the surrounding environment, limited financial condition of the family, unmet need for continuing education and environmental conditions and shelter that has not been fully adequate. This condition certainly affects the rate of development of refugee children, some of whom are very anxious and feel they have no future. Based on the initial observations of refugees both parents and children are very open, the main problem is that there is no certainty in the future when they will be placed into a third country and the lack of educational facilities for their children. The average family of refugees has been living in a termination of more than 5 years. Parent-child communication can affect the overall functioning of the family and the psychosocial well-being of the child (Shek, 2000). Therefore, the role of parental communication is needed to overcome traumatic in the Rohingya refugee children. This study aims to find out how the parent communication to overcome the traumatic conditions of children by forming children's self-concept, giving recognition and support, and create models. The research method used is descriptive qualitative method by collecting data through interviews to some parents and children in termination both experiencing direct violent conflict and discrimination that happened in during their stay in their country Interpersonal communication between parents and their children in a conflicting situation was interested to be analyzed by using Coordinated Management Meaning Theory because in a conflicting condition parents should set their psychological condition aside as the traumatic victims. The result of the research showed that the function of parents’ communication with their children could help solve the children’s traumatic condition by developing their self-concept, give recognition and complete support, and apply exemplar model to them so that they could reduce their trauma. It could be seen through the increase in their activity and their willingness to self-actualize by continuing their study and their transparency toward their surrounding.

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Murlizar, Raja Maghfirah, Yenira Vegi Indrawati

Even though it is a new comer in facial beauty parlors, Klinik Kecantikan Giva Skin Care, located on Jalan Sei Batanghari Medan, is able to compete with the other beauty parlors. The tight competitiveness in beauty parlors has caused it to think hard to creatively attract and increase consumers from time to time. In carrying out its marketing strategy, it applies Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Transmedia Branding through varied new media which contribute ideally to develop the brand of Klinik Kecantikan Giva Skin Care to its consumers and its prospective consumers. The objective of the research was to find out and identify Word Of Mouth (WOM) as part of IMC and Transmedia Branding which have been consistently done by this beauty parlos in the last two years. The research used descriptive qualitativemethod and constructive paradigm; the data were analyzed by conducting case study. Constructivism considered that the subject (in this case, Nanda as the marketing manager of Klinik Kecantikan Giva Skin Care) was the central factor in the communicativeactivity and in the social relations and was functioned as the social control. The data were gathered by conducting observation, in-depth interviews with the marketing manager, and library study. The result of the research showed that Klinik Kecantikan Giva Skin Care applied Transmedia Brand and IMC in the form of Advertising, Direct Marketing, Interactive Media and Internet, Selling Promotion, Publicity, and Personal Selling in order to maintain its survival in the midst tight competitiveness in beauty parlor business in Medan.

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Bharat Kwatra

Nowadays, people suffering from obesity/cholesterol are often heard. This disease is due to the excess of mainly carbohydrate and lipid in an individual’s diet and the lack of expenditure of energy such as exercise. Therefore, the patawali plant, or its scientific name, Tinospora crispa is believed to be a traditional cure for the problem. A sample of patawali plant (Tinospora crispa) juice, lime juice, ginger juice and grapefruit juice was prepared for the experiment. Next, fresh chicken fats are chosen and prepared as they contain a high value of cholesterol. The chicken fat was rinsed with water, dried using a filter paper and then immersed in the juice samples for a duration of 1 hour. The initial and final mass of chicken fat was recorded. At the end of the experiment, it is found that ginger and Tinospora crispa shows significant in reducing the mass of chicken fat. Thus, it can be concluded that Tinospora crispa and ginger has the potential to be the future cure for obesity.

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Swapnakumari Patil, Dr. Anwar Mubarak Mulla

The Indian power system is probably going to face extraordinary technical and institutional shifts in the future. Present-day Indian energy policy targets the demand for a clean, economical along with safeguarded energy supply. Decentralization of the electricity system is known as one technique of realizing effective and renewable energy supply and dealing with factors over aging electricity facilities and potential limitations. With this paper, we offer a dialogue about of the economics of elevated use of Localized energy generation. We discover that there is a broad scope for exploration considering the private Localized generation solutions. In this view, we offer strategies for the forthcoming stage of policy development and research which are likely to be necessary to focus on public policy on local generation and its role in the future of Indian energy supply.

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Oda I. B. Hariyanto

The dynamic of human movement allows to be happened the cultural acculturation between nations and tribes. Acculturation process runs well if it produces the integration of cultural elements. Culinary is a part of culture that is inherent culture on that nation; therefore the dynamic of human movement allows to be happened culinary acculturation among nations. Culinary acculturation can be happened in various forms, the entry of foreign culinary elements into traditional culinary or vice versa. The review of culinary acculturation is conducted through qualitative approach with multidisciplinary sciences, with the reason that culinary is part of culture. Culinary product studied is Pizza Oncom Keju that is original from Indonesia. The study result states that the goal of culinary acculturation for insider, first is relate to how traditional culinary keep exist and it is most popular by society, in the situation of rampant foreign culinary. Second, put traditional elements into foreign culinary, so it happens diversification of culinary products becomes the treasures of a nation’s culinary wealth. Diversification is happened when the characteristic of traditional culinary is present in foreign culinary. One of culinary product of western and eastern acculturation result is Pizza Oncom Keju, where it mixes the basic materials of flatbread with traditional elements of West Java, which is spices and oncom.

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Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan, Mesran, Robbi Rahim, Dodi Siregar

Rabin-Karp is one of the algorithms used to detect the similarity levels of two strings. In this case, the string can be either a short sentence or a document containing complex words. In this algorithm, the plagiarism level determination is based on the same hash value on both documents examined. Each word will form K-Gram of a certain length. The K-Gram will then be converted into a hash value. Each hash value in the source document will be compared to the hash value in the target document. The same number of hashes is the level of plagiarism created. The length of K-Gram is the determinant of the plagiarism level. By determining the proper length of K-Gram, it produces the accurate result. The results will vary for each K-Gram value.

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Wisnu Istanto, Evy Diah Wulansari, Ocky Dwi Suprobowati

Microscopic examination of malaria is needed to help diagnosis for a symptom of malaria. Standard error rate of malaria examination is the amount of ≤ 5% [5]. This study aims to determine the error rate factors that occurs in malaria microscopic examination by students’ Health Analyst Department Health Polytechnic Surabaya. This study is an observational descriptive study of qualitative analysis techniques and methods of this study is cross sectional. The number of sample in this study were 62 D3 and D4 degree fourth semester students’ Health Analyst Department Health Polytechnic Surabaya. This Research was done on the implementation of the pre-analysis (election unfit microscope for use and preparations are well preserved); the analysis (Reading preparation on Plasmodium falciparum tropozoites and gametocytes stadiums) and the post-analysis (microscopic examination results of Plasmodium Falciparum malaria tropozoites and gametocytes stadiums). The error rate of reading microscopic examination malaria Plasmodium Falciparum gametocytes and tropozoites stadium is 4.83% ≤ 5%. The microscopic examination of Plasmodium falciparum malaria tropozoite has higher error rate than; it is about 3.22% ≤ 5%. By Chi-Square Test, the use of the microscope has a relationship with readings examination plasmodium falciparum tropozoites and gametocytes stadiums as much as p=26,172a> 13.964 (α = 0.05).

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Kristina Karapetyan, Flora Tkhruni, Arevik Israyelyan, Elena Yermolenko, Arshaluys Verdyan

The diversity of multidrug-resistance (MDR) of pathogenic strains to antibiotics, most widely used for treatment of human diseases in the Republics of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh were examined. It was shown, that difference of resistance of pathogens to antibiotics depends on their isolation sources. It was shown, that bacteriocin containing partially purified preparations, obtained from different strains of Enterococcus faecium and durans species, isolated from various samples of matsun, salted cheese and other acid milk products from milk of different domestic animals from rural households, inhibited the growth of multidrug-resistant bacteria belonging to different taxonomic groups with different efficiency.

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Eze Somtochukwu, Onah Thomas, Odukwe Anthony

Influence of processing parameters on flexural properties of injection moulded polypropylene was investigated using response surface approach. Investigations were focused on the rheological behaviour of injection moulded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products at different temperature. Flexural strength test was conducted on the test specimens moulded at different injection parameters ranging from 1700C to 2100C barrel temperature, 33 seconds to 43 seconds cooling time, 46 rpm to 56 rpm screw speed and 350C to 450C mould temperature. The test information was subjected to design expert 10.1 analyses. The results obtained indicate that a melt temperature has an effect on viscosity of injection moulded polyvinyl chloride. Also, optimum parameter values of 390C mould temperature, 52 rpm screw speed, 1900C barrel temperature, cooling time and flexural strength respectively were obtained. The results of this finding will be useful in polymer industries were polyvinyl chloride is been used as a raw material during injection moulding were flexural strength is a paramount requirement of the output component.

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Hamit Topuz, W.L.Wilkinson

This study aims to present experimental studies on the dispersion of immiscible liquids in agitated vessels for a range of liquids and geometries under both batch and continuous conditions. Preliminary experiments were first carried out in a small scale single –stage mixer-settler unit operating with the 20% TBP/OK, 0.05M nitric acid, uranyl nitrate system. This work was followed by measurements of drop size distribution in agitated liquid-liquid systems in 6 and 9 inches baffled and a 20 cm side square tank using six-flat bladed turbine type impellers. The drop size measurement technique employed fiber optic probes and photography. The liquid-liquid systems used for the measurements were methyl-iso-butyl ketone/water, cyclohexane/water and 20%TBP/OK/0.05 nitric acid. The volumetric fractions were 0.10, 0.15 and 0.20 Impeller speeds varied from 300 to 500 r.p.m. A correlation of the mean drop size for the cylindrical and square vessels under both batch and continuous conditions were established.

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Anyalogbu Ernest Anayochukwu Aniemeka, Ezejiofor Tobias Innocent Ndubuisi

It has been reported that seeds and fruits, but for their content of antinutrients, could offer a cheap means of providing adequate nutrients to their consumer. The effect of processing on antinutrients contents of the pulp of African elemi, AE (Canarium schweinfurthii) and kernel of African walnut, AW (Plukenetia conophora) consumed as traditional snacks (masticatories) in Nigeria were investigated. The levels of the antinutrients in raw samples of the traditional snacks as well as their corresponding residual levels in samples subjected to graded doses of heat treatment were evaluated using standard methods. Saponins, alkaloids, cyanogenic glycosides and oxalate were obtained in both samples while AE contained tannins and flavonoids in addition. The concentrations of saponins (1.00±0.19) and flavonoids (14.98±2.91) in raw AE and saponins (1.05±0.13) in AW were increased by the processing methods. The rest of the antinutrients were decreased in both samples. The effects on saponins and oxalate became significant (p<0.05) as the processing time was increased. The plant foods, with respect to the tolerable limits of the antinutrients, could therefore be considered safe for human consumption at all levels of processing.

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Gaurav Kumar, Rahul Kumar Yadav, Sanjay Bhutungru

Anti-patterns are poor solution to design and im-plementation problems. Developers may introduce anti-patterns in their software systems because of time pressure, lack of understanding, communication and or-skills. Anti-patterns create problems in software maintenance and development. Database anti-patterns lead to complex and time consuming query process-ing and loss of integrity constraints. Detecting anti-patterns could reduce costs, efforts and resources. Researchers have proposed approaches to detect anti-patterns in software development. But not much research has been done about database anti-patterns. This report presents two approaches to detect schema design anti-patterns in relational database. Our first approach is based on pattern matchingwe look into potential candidates based on schema patterns. Second approach is a machine learning based approach we generate features of possible anti-patterns and build SVMbased classifier to detect them. Here we look into these four anti-patterns a) Multi-valued attribute b) Nave tree based c) Entity Attribute Value and d)Polymorphic Association . We measure precision and recall of each approach and compare the results. SVM-based approach provides more precision and recall with more training dataset.

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Parag Gawade, Meeankshi A

Internet of Things (IoT) joins the objects of this present reality to the virtual world, and empowers at whatever time, anyplace network for anything that has a turn ON and turn OFF switch. It constitutes to a world where physical things and humans and other living things, and virtual information and situations, collaborate with each other. Substantial measure of information is created as expansive number of gadgets is associated with the web. So this expansive measure of information must be controlled and changed over to helpful data keeping in mind the end goal to create productive frameworks. In this paper, we concentrate on to a urban IoT framework that is utilized to construct Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). IoT based intelligent transportation systems are intended to bolster the Smart City vision, which intends to utilize the progressed and capable communication systems for the organization of the city and the residents.

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Mirza Mursalin Iqbal, Kafiul Islam

PV (Photovoltaic) systems are one of the most renowned renewable, green and clean sources of energy where power is generated from sunlight converting into electricity by the use of PV solar cells. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy has great environmental advantages as they have no harmful emissions during power generation. In this paper, a PV system with battery storage using bidirectional DC-DC converter has been designed and simulated on MATLAB Simulink. The simulation outcomes verify the PV system’s performance under standard testing conditions.

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