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Volume 6 - Issue 3, March 2017 Edition

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Young Ho Lee, Ivan Marsic

There has been demands of context-aware systems in a hospital domain and several types of sensors have been applied as sources of medical activities. Unlike the previous passive RFID use of simply identifying objects, this paper presents a system for motion detection of medical objects in a trauma bay by ranging the received signal strength indication (RSSI), using UHF passive RFID tags as one of those sensors that provide information on medical activities. To use passive RFID RSSI for motion detection, Three different types of RSSI estimators are evaluated to process noisy RSSI and the adaptive threshold is proposed in the system to improve the resolution of detecting motion. Our system has been tested with recorded RSSI values in a laboratory and an actual trauma bay during simulated resuscitations performed by trauma teams. The proposed system has achieved 85.9 - 92.1% accuracies for most passive items that are used in a trauma bay.

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Dr. Ghaith Al-Werikat

With the new developments and challenges within the construction industry, improving the construction supply chain is becoming a major concern to both governments and industries. Improving the construction supply chain helps in improving the quality of construction projects, reducing cost, wastes, delays and other disruptions. This paper discusses the analysis of material flow in the construction supply chain. The methodology consisted of preliminary investigations, survey and simulation development to analyse the extent of impact that material flow has on construction projects in Jordan. Both the main survey and the investigations revealed that material flow delays, are caused mainly by 3 types of delays; late delivery, wrong specification and material damaged on site. The highest impact regarding late deliveries was scaffolding with a 16% probability of occurrence, a 2-day delay on the activity’s duration. Concrete ranked highest regarding wrong specification with a 19% probability of occurrence, an 8-day delay the activity’s duration. Regarding materials damaged on site, bricks ranked highest with a 9% probability of occurrence, a 3-day delay on the duration. The simulation results exhibited a delay of 50% on the projects duration and a probability of a delay occurring is 9.2%.

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Claudia Chiorean

In nowadays Europe, a wind of terror, of an intensity comparable to that of the belligerent periods, walks freely and occasionally strikes the apparent tranquility of our lives. Islamic fundamentalist attacks, seemingly coming from nowhere, without prior psychological preparation manage to create hardly measurable effects. Media and, consequently, public opinion resonate dramatically to a reality that is destabilizing the social, political, economic, cultural, individual or group balance in many parts of this bewildered and concerned Europe. It is a tense context, in which fear and terror annihilate rationality and freedom of expression being able to maintain a toxic atmosphere of information, and independent media can serve conjecturally, unintentionally even to the harmful interests of those terrorist groups.

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R. Ait Novatiani

The purpose of this study was to analysis professional skills of internal auditors in the three state-owned companies in Bandung. The research method used descriptive method, the sampling technique used in this research is non probability sampling that the saturation sampling, data collection techniques used primary data and secondary data. Based on the research results, it can be concluded that the ability of professional internal auditors in the three companies in Bandung good, meaning that the company State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) already meet the ability components of professional internal auditors that their conformity with the standards of the profession, knowledge and skills, human relations, and communication, continuing education and professional rigor.

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Janavi Gohil, Sarthak Doshi, Dhairya Chheda, Arvind Prasad

In this paper we have simulated a flow sheet of aqua ammonia refrigeration system using Cape Open simulator. The main aim of writing this paper is to compare the results obtained from thermodynamic simulation of aqua ammonia refrigeration system and the results obtained from the flow sheet simulation in Cape-Open to Cape-Open (COCO) simulator. The corresponding COP values obtained from both the sources are calculated and compared. With the error being very minute; the calculations using simulator prove to be more efficient and timesaving when compared to the results obtained by calculations done using tedious thermodynamic simulations and constant mass balance for different process conditions.

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Ari Yuniastuti, Mohammad Endy Yulianto, Indah Hartati

Gaultherin is the active form of salicylate from plants Gandapura. Gaultherin has some characterictics which make it potential to become a natural aspirin, anti-cancer, antiinflamatory dan cardiopulmonary. Currently, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is a medicine which is used by most of the people in this world because of its function as antipiretic, antiinflamatory, and analgesic. Approximately the need of pharmacy industry towards gaultherin will be increased in the following year. However, at the time being, there is still no any effective methods to produce gaultherin from gandapura. This difficulty in the process of taking gaultherin is based on the process of its extraction, where the tissue is broken, so, gaultherin will be hydrolyzed change to be its individual components, like methyl salicylate and disaccharides. The hydrolysis process is believed to be catalyzed by the enzyme gaultherase inside. This research is aimed to analyze the production of gaultherin form gandapura using the gaultherase enzyme inactivation process through extraction with alcoholic solvent and determine the correct condition to get the highest production of gaultherin. The result of the calculation shows that the bioextraction process variables of gaultherase enzyme inactivation which is mostly influential are pH and alcohol concentration. The more pH extraction, will increase the outcome of gaultherin active compounds The optimum condition of bioextraction enzyme inactivation is in pH 8 with 14,46% gaultherin active compounds and regression equation in . The bigger solvent concentration, the more gaultherin be extracted. The production of gaultherin will optimally reached in the 90% concentration of ethanol with the result of 13,10% active compounds

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Francis Kwadzo Agbenyegah, Michael Asante

This research work investigated the firewall security and performance relationship for distributed systems. Internet connectivity is growing with most enterprises migrating to the use of web based services for services provision. As organization grab the Internet as another business tool whether to sell, to team up or to communicate - web applications have turned into the new weakest connection in the organization's security technique. Firewalls provide a mechanism for protecting these enterprises from the less secure internet over which customers or collaborating partners transfer packets destined for the corporate network. The connection between the security and execution proficiency is exhibited through distinctive scenarios and the relationship between security and performance in firewalls is assessed. We demonstrated distinctive networks (with and without firewalls and diverse firewall functionality and simulated such systems with an eye on their performance). The simulation was done for 300 work stations and simulated in a way that all the 300 work stations access an email and web application under three different scenarios. Attention is on the relationship between system security and performance; the impacts of firewalls on system execution. Different scenarios were assessed through simulations utilizing OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition 9.1 to demonstrate the impacts of firewalls on system performance. The result shows that maintaining security which involves the utilization of numerous applications and the use of firewall has an effect on network performance.

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Mfon. C. Utin, Samuel. E. Ofodile, Regina. E. Ogali and O. Achugasim

Heavy organics from crude oil was precipitated using single n-alkane and binary mixtures of n-alkane solvent of varying ratios. Precipitation can occur due to changes in composition, temperature or pressure during crude oil production and transportation. The heavy organics Precipitates were studied and fractionated using column chromatography to separate them into different components. The focus of this research is to determine the resin content of the solid precipitate from the various ratios of the different binary mixtures using uv-visible spectroscopy. The results obtained showed increase in the absorbance of the resin content with decreasing carbon numbers for both single nC5, nC6, nC7 and binary mixtures (3:1) of nC5: nC6, ( 3:1) of nC5:nC7and (3:1) of nC6: nC7.

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Wafa Hatim Balla, Ali A. Rabah, Babiker K. Abdalla

The sugar industry uses much water and produces a significant amount of wastewater for disposal. Efficient utilization of water is vital in the process industries, not only to reduce the cost of the supply and discharge of freshwater associated with the process but also to minimize environmental problems associated with the use and discharge of water. This paper presents the analysis of fresh water used and wastewater discharged in a sugar manufacturing process. In order to reduce the load of the cooling water system. The system was modified to an open recirculation cooling water system. Also, the excess condensate internal water and the discharged water from cooling water system were analyzed and optimized using pinch analysis and mathematical optimization techniques by Resource Conversation Networks spreadsheet software.

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Hamzah Hafied

“The influence of the performance of the employees in this study is the clerk PD. Makassar city with The total sample as many as 70 employees. Method in the collection of data in this study is a questionnaire, interviews and documentation. Methods of data analysis using the method of descriptive and quantitative methods with multiple linear regression analysis used to measure the influence of leadership, compensation, Discipline of work on performance Clerk PD. Supermarket Makassar city. Based on a test of the free variable F leadership, compensation and discipline work together has a positive and significant influence against variables bound (employee's performance). Through testing (R) correlation coefficient obtained that level of correlation or relationship between leadership, compensation and discipline work Against Employee Performance is high i.e. relationship of 96.9%. While the rest of 0.8% is affected by other factors. And compensation is the most dominant factor affecting the performance of the employees of the Office of PD. The city of Makassar.

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Nasibeh Mousavi, Mitra Mohebbi, Mohammad Teimouri

These years because of energy crisis all of country try to find a new way to reduce energy consumptions and obtain maximum use of renewable energy. Iran also is not an exception of this progress. Renewable energy is energy that is provided by renewable sources, such as the sun or wind. In general renewable energies are not adaptable to every single community. Because of location and special climate conditions of Iran, most applicable renewable energy systems in Iran are solar and wind energy. Main purpose of this paper is to review and identify most applicable renewable energy systems of Iran and also review on traditional and current methods that utilized to obtain maximum use of these renewable energies.

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Deepa T S, Dr D N Shivappa

A study conducted in an Small and Medium scale Enterprise (SME) revealed that a Vertical Milling Centre (VMC) frequently faces circularity deviations while machining the Arm of a Self Centering Steady Rest. A cause and effect analysis is carried out to determine the probable causes of deviations. Further more a statistical analysis of the deviations using ANOVA revealed that the circularity deviations are related to the linear worktable movement of the VMC. In order to overcome the deviations VMC was recalibrated. After recalibration of VMC, an analysis on new sample revealed that there was no circularity deviations observed beyond the specified tolerance limits.

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Rani Maharani

Aureobasidin L (AbL) 2 was synthesised using a strategy applied for the synthesis of analog [2S,3S-Hmp]-AbL 1, through a combination of solution-, and solid-phase peptide synthesis. It was assumed that the synthesis of the natural AbL 2 will be more straightforward than the synthesis of the analog 2. However, some issues were found during the synthesis. Due to these issues, a small amount of AbL 2 was obtained. The AbL 2 was characterized by ESI-MS analysis and a comparison of 1H-NMR spectrum between AbL 2 and [2S,3S-Hmp]-AbL 1.

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Yuslan, Marthen Arie, A. Pangerang Moenta, Irwansyah

The Constitutional Court as a constitutional court must find a law by studying the legal principles and norms in the constitution. The norm as a measure that must be fulfilled by everyone in relation to other or their surroundings. The type of research was a normative research. The approaches used in the research were statute, case, historical, comparative, and conceptual. The results of the research indicate that the ideal characteristic of the Constitutional Court’s dispute in realize a justice in regional elections, through ways of upholding the principles of progressive electoral law and ultra vires. Based on analysis result, it is necessary a paradigm shift in the Constitutional Court in realize a justice at the regional elections from analytical jurisprudence towards sociological jurisprudence. Constitutional Court to consider the imposition of a decision regarding an offense the elements of systematic, structured and massive along disputes the result of vote counting. In addition, a progressivity is needed in shaping the jurisprudence distribution systems of Special Courts under the judicial authority of the constitutional court.

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Avinash A. Musale, Eknath S. Ugale

Actually there are too many Methods which are used for solving the various types of equations by various methods. The equations may be like linear, quadratic, simultaneous, radial, and exponential as well as the equations with the number of variables. And for the Simultaneous Equation the methods are like Addition, Substitution, Elimination as well as Graphical Method also. We know there are too many methods like Gauss Elimination, Gauss Seidal, and Jacobi used for solving the Simultaneous Equations. But here we are going to introduce a new Method for solving the Simultaneous Equations as well as the comparison between the Methods above told and the new one. The paper will show you a new easy method for solving the Simultaneous Equation and the difference between the methods that are being used in the colleges which are Gauss Elimination, Gauss Seidal etc.

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Tristan Jay P. Calaguas

Microcontrollers are using in control and information processing; it can be used in wide application such as agriculture, health care, commercial facilities, robotics and education. These micro controllers are computers in chip that comprises of input and output ports, central processing unit, registers and main memory, as well as communication interface such as Ethernet interface, serial interface, High Definition Multimedia Interface, power source and many existing interface that can be found in this type of computer. In this study, the researcher decided to conceptualize an innovative application of this type of computer where it has a potential to use as tracking system in specific individual’s activities. Since, some of office people are complaining in CCTV camera about their privacy, this innovative concept of technology is in similar purpose, but, if we will compare the application concept in closed circuit camera, the researcher decided to use visual graph instead video data that is in high exposure In the first phase, the researcher made a concept on how the simple Light Dependent Resistor will apply in Schools’ Office Environment Application domain using microcontroller that was used as data log system and how this can be optimized without forcing the Dean or any designated person in office to operate it in hand due to their busy working hours. In the second phase, the researcher develop the proposed data log system that are acquiring data through light luminance from fluorescent light of deans office and sending it in the IOT cloud platform. The researcher used fuzzy logic theory to model the operation of the proposed data log system. This study used experimental type of research, when the prototype was developed during second phase, the researcher simulated the operation. As the result, the proposed data log system is sending data to Thingspeak IOT Cloud platform, it displays the correct output, which based from the rules and it is in column graph content. The overall result, based on experiment, the proposed data log system is functional.

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Md. Rezwan Miah, Asma Sarker, Md. Azizur Rahman,Tarannuma Ferdous Manny, Debashis Sen

Adsorption of sulfide (S2-) from aqueous solution on commercial charcoal was studied using conductometric technique. A proportionally constant for concentration of S2- and its conductance was obtained by measuring conductance of S2- solution over a concentration range of 0.00050.02 M. The time-dependent measured conductance of S2- solution was converted to concentration using the obtained constant. The adsorption data were analyzed by both Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms. A surface coverage equal to 2.5 mg per gram of charcoal was obtained. The adsorption was found to follow first-order kinetics having rate constant equal to 2.65  103 s-1.

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Okorondu, J.N., Osuji, Leo C., Ofodile, S.E.

This study deals with biodegradation experiment on soil contaminated with crude oil. The soil sample sets A, B,C D, E, F, G were amended with inorganic fertilizer to enhance microbial growth and hydrocarbon degradation, moisture content of some of the sets were as well varied. Biodegradation ratios (nC17/Pr, nC18/Ph and (nC17+nC18)/(Pr+Ph) were used to monitor biodegradation of soil sets A, B,C D, E, F, G for a period of 180. The soil samples were each contaminated with the same amount of crude oil and exposed to specific substrate treatment regarding the amount of nutrients and water content over the same period of time. The trend in biodegradation of the different soil sample sets shows that biodegradation ratio (nC17+nC18)/(Pr+Ph) was more reflective of and explains the biodegradation trend in all the sample sets throughout the period of the experiment, hence, a better parameter ratio for monitoring trend of biostimulated biodegradation. The order of preference of the biodegradation ratios is expressed as nC18/Ph < nC17/Pr < (nC17+nC18)/ (Pr+Ph). This can be a relevant support tool when designing bioremediation plan on field.

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Surendra .H, Dr. Mohan .H .S

Due to the technological advancement, enormous micro data containing detailed individual information is being collected by both public and private organizations. The demand for releasing this data to public for social and economic welfare is growing. Also the organizations holding the data are under pressure to publish the data for proving their transparency. Since this micro data contains sensitive information about individuals, the raw data needs to be sanitized to preserve privacy of the individuals before releasing it to the public. There are different types of data sanitization methods and many techniques are being proposed for Privacy Preserving Data Publishing (PPDP) of micro data. Synthetic Data Generation is an alternative to data masking techniques for preserving privacy. In this paper different fully and partially synthetic data generation techniques are reviewed and key research gaps are identified which needs to be focused in the future research.

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Yoyo Sudaryo, Dyah Purnamasari

Indonesia's economic fundamentals have not prompted the government to build the economic structures to the existence of Micro. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This sector has been proven to provide jobs and provide opportunities for SMEs to thrive in the community. MSMEs can’t be doubted because it proved able to survive and become the economic driving, especially after the economic crisis. On the other hand SMEs are also facing many problems, the limited working capital, human resources is low, and less clever mastery of science and technology. Another obstacle faced by SMEs is the relationship with the business outlook is less clear and the vision and mission planning is not yet stable. Provision of information and networking markets, ease of access to funding and mentoring and capacity building in information technology are some strategies for improving the competitiveness of SMEs in Indonesia. Therefore, it is necessary synergy between all parties, especially the government and microfinance institutions. This model is based on the consideration of SMEs as the largest group of economic actors in the Indonesian economy. The method used in this study is a survey explanatory, with the technique of data collection through questionnaires, interviews and observation. The population of the Small and Medium Industries (SMI) Shoes Cibaduyut Bandung. Then analyzed with descriptive scoring system and non-parametric statistics through different test average.

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Dr. Ghaith Al-Werikat

The construction supply chain plays a major role in the construction market competition. Construction supply chain management assists enterprises by helping to improve competitiveness, increase profits and have more control over the different factors and variables within the project. This paper discusses the construction supply chain characteristics, challenges and problems supply chains encounter and the benefits of an integrated supply chain in the construction sector.

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Radhika Wadhera, Nishu Chawla

The term Celebrity refers to an individual who is known to the public (actor, sports figure, entertainer, etc.) for his or her achievements in areas other than that of the product class endorsed (Friedman and Friedman, 1979). The objective of this research paper was to examine the celebrity endorsements impact on companies and buying behaviour of customer. In order to achieve objective of the present research an empirical study was designed. A large sample on convenient basis of customer was selected. A questionnaire was circulated among the rural and urban respondents and total 50 valid responses were collected. Questionnaire was classified into four sections. The test the significant difference between overall opinion of respondents Z-test was applied and further analysis percentage, average and standard deviation was also applied.

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Juanda Nawawi

This research is meaning to analyze and describe the role of local goverment districts in the institutional Bajo Ethnic traditional fisherman of, coordination and cooperation between unitary district equipment, and to prove the control of distric goverment to tent about catching fish by traditional fisher of Bajo etnich. The location of this observation or this research is in Bone, with paradigme research of mixed methodology that are dominat by qualitative research and quantitative research as a support or less dominant (Cresswell, 2009). Information of this observation has been choosen by purposive sample that is by informant which is coming from Bajo etnich, lecturer, citizen, and the staff of non-govermental organization (LSM). The results of this research indicate that local goverments have an important and strategic role in empowering the communities of Bajo Ethnic in institutional perspective that is sopported, motivated and to legitimate the Bajo Ethnic fisherman group. (Punggawae-Sabina) in meaning the guidance and the obeyer, and also to develop the control and cooperation between units of local work through marine and fisheries departement and units of local work which is related in giving the extension and protection and the assistance to Bajo Ethnic traditional fisherman, also increasing supervision of fishing by Bajo Ethnic traditional fisherman.

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Imen Jayari, Mehrez Chaher

This research analyzes how alliances can achieve their goals through inter-organizational learning that ensures knowledge transfer, stimulates the creation of new knowledge and contributes to innovation. Inter-organizational learning is dependent on the barriers that can limit it, such as the tacitness of allies’ knowledge, which can kept expressly in order to defend accessing to knowledge especially that which is related to competitive advantage. This research aims to complement the work on tacit knowledge transfer and to clarify shadow areas by analyzing its effects on achieving alliances’ goals. A quantitative empirical analysis, adopting a hypothetico-deductive approach, was carried out in order to validate the causal model. The results show that tacit knowledge transfer supports the development of new technologies.

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C. O. Okpanachi, S. I. Ibrahim, A. C. Okoro, K. Dogo, M. K. Idris

The suitability of local quartz sand in the production of bath crucibles is a study that was carried out in order to impart overall strength on bath crucibles, hence reduce breakages during fettling. Therefore, this research constitutes a study to enhance the efficiency of production of bath crucibles by addition of quartz sand in slip preparation. The steps taken in the beneficiation of quartz sand for the production of bath crucibles are comminution which entails crushing and milling, classification, washing, liquid dispersion, sizing and reduction of iron content by magnetic separation. The slip contains materials like plastic clay, feldspar, kaolin, talc, sodium silicate, water, quartz sand, etc. These were all milled in the ball mill for slip production, casting and fettling, glazing and sintering to get final bath crucibles as the end products. Quartz sand is used in a variety of products essentially as raw material for the foundry casting and glass industries and also in chemicals, water filtration and ceramics, the heat resistance nature of quartz sand makes it an excellent refractory substance for these industrial processes. Slip can be prepared for production of bath crucibles without the inclusion of quartz sand; however the addition of quartz sand is needed to improve the mechanical performance of the slip in the production of bath crucibles.

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Dwi Purwanti

This study aimed to determine the contribution of Al-Tusi in geometry and trigonometry. It also aimed to see how he proves the sine rule. In this study, there are two issues raised is how the contribution in geometry and trigonometry and how he prove the sine rule. This study used a mathematical approach and historical approach. Mathematical approach used to see trigonometry theories and sine rules. While the historical approach used to see his past. To describe the results, documentation method like creation or references relating to him required and data analysis by analytical descriptive done. Based on the results he had a contribution in the proof the fifth postulates of Euclid in Geometry. While in the trigonometry he able to be a pioneer in proving the sine rule and its proof did by the drawing of the circular arc. This is clearly different with general studies studied.

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SORO Yaya, OUATTARA N’Golo, DIAHA N’Guessan Constance, N’DA Konan

This study focuses on the small-scale artisanal fishery that captures blue marlins (Makaira nigricans) in Cote d'Ivoire. The sizes, weights and quantities landed of this species were approached according to the marine seasons and fishing areas. These fishermen, mostly Ghanaians, use canoes (12 to 17 m) as craft, and drifting gillnets (4800 to 5400 m) to catch fish. The choice of fishing area depends on the direction of the current. When the current flows westward, fishing takes place in the east, and vice versa. These choices have the advantage that, at the return, the driving force is developed in the direction of the current. In either case, the net is arranged perpendicularly to the direction of the current to act as a filtering barrier. In the absence of marine current, the net is arranged perpendicularly to the north-south axis. The Man-Whitney test applied to maturity states following seasons and fishing areas showed a significant difference (P <0.05). Sector A2 (offshore waters in front of Abidjan, Grand Bassam and Jacqueville) would be conducive to the capture of mature individuals during warm seas. On the other hand, during upwelling, fishing should be favorable to sector B (offshore waters in front of Grand-Lahou and Fresco) where adult marlins are accessible. Capturing M. nigricans on the continental shelf should be discouraged, as recruits abound in this area to feed and shelter from large offshore predators.

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Arlis Dewi Kuraesin

This article aims to know the culture of the organization and management accounting information system based on existing theories. The management information system is a collection of sub-systems which are interconnected with each other to work together in harmony to achieve one goal of process data into information needed by management in decision making. An important factor influencing the use of information systems is Cultural Organization. Management Information system success is influenced by several factors, one of which is the organization's culture. Organizational culture has a very strong influence on the overall organizational and individual behavior due to the information system is a major component of the organization are influenced substantially by organizational culture.

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Revanth Sonnati

In daily terms we call the current era as ‘Modern Era’, which can also be named as the era of Big Data in the field of Information Technology. Our daily lives in today’s world are rapidly advancing never quenching ones thirst. The fields of science, engineering and technology are producing data at an exponential rate leading to Exabyte(s) of data every day. Big data helps us to explore and re-invent many areas not limited to education, health and law. The primary purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth analysis in the area of Healthcare using the big data and analytics. The main purpose is to emphasize on the usage of the big data which is being stored all the time helping to look back in the history, but this is the time to emphasize on the analyzation to improve the medication and services. Although, many big data implementations happen to be in-house development, this proposed implementation aims to propose a broader extent using Hadoop, which just happen to be the tip of the iceberg. The focus of this paper is not limited to the improvement and analysis of the data; it also focusses on the strengths and drawbacks compared to the conventional techniques available.

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