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Volume 5 - Issue 10, October 2016 Edition

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Anandha Krishnan G, Don Caeiro

The corresponding study was carried out to detect changes in audio file using spectrograph. An audio file format is a file format for storing digital audio data on a computer system. A sound spectrograph is a laboratory instrument that displays a graphical representation of the strengths of the various component frequencies of a sound as time passes. The objectives of the study were to find the changes in spectrograph of audio after altering them, to compare altering changes with spectrograph of original files and to check for similarity and difference in mp3 and wav. Five different alterations were carried out on each audio file to analyze the differences between the original and the altered file. For altering the audio file (MP3 or WAV) by cut/copy, the file was opened in Audacity. A different audio was then pasted to the audio file. This new file was analyzed to view the differences. By adjusting the necessary parameters, the noise was reduced. The differences between the new file and the original file were analyzed. By adjusting the parameters from the dialog box, the necessary changes were made. The edited audio file was opened in the software named spek where after analyzing a graph is obtained of that particular file which is saved for further analysis. The original audio graph received was combined with the edited audio file graph to see the alterations.

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Pavana Shireesha Paningipalli, Dr. F. B. Sayyad

It is important to recognize that the design of any machine is an interdisciplinary process, involving aerodynamics, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, stress analysis, vibration analysis, the selection of materials, and the requirements for manufacturing. The operation of any mechanical system will always produce some vibration. Our goal is to minimize the effect of these vibrations, because while it is undesirable, vibration is unavoidable. The result of excess vibration can vary from nuisance disturbance to a catastrophic failure. Bike chassis is a major component in a vehicle system. This work involves vibration analysis to determine the key characteristics of a bike chassis. The dynamic characteristics of bike chassis such as the natural frequency and mode shape were determined by using finite element (FE) method. Al material will replace the conventional MS material. Experimental modal analysis was carried out to validate the FE models. Predicted natural frequency and mode shape were validated against the experimental results. Finally, the modification of the updated FE bike chassis model was proposed to reduce the vibration, improve the strength and optimize the weight of the bike chassis. Tools used are catiaV5 for 3D modelling, Hypermesh for meshing, and Ansys for post processing.

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Rahul Upadhyay, Suprakash Gupta

Design of blasting parameters plays an important role in the optimization of mining cost as well as cost of subsequent processing of ore. Drilling and handling costs are the major mining cost. This work presents an indirect optimization model for mining cost, through optimization of blasting parameters for a particular set of drilling and loading equipment.

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Isabel Ribeiro, Bruno Sousa

In a world that undeniably competes for investment, visitors and residents, the adoption of approaches derived from the marketing has become a reality in the search for sustainability. It is a fact that a city marketing policy is able to promote and transform an image, boost economic activity and enhance all aspects of the city that present competitive advantage over other territories, so this is why associate marketing with cities makes sense. This study aims a better understanding of the city marketing problem and their relationship with the events, especially through the perceptions that residents have toward the events themselves, and how this may influence their attitudes. Although the cultural approach of the city has been evolving in order to be an effective vehicle for the development of cities, this often represents failure, due to lack of strategic policies. Being the Carnival of Ovar the largest event and the one that brings more benefits to the city, the primary purpose of this research was to analyze the influence of the residents’ perceptions in their attitudes, in particular the support for this event.

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Sharaaf N. A., Haamid M.N., Samarawickrama S.S., Gunawardhane C.N., Kuragala K.R.S.C.B, Dhishan Dhammearatchi

Emerging new Technologies and large scale businesses have made this world, a global village. Many business organizations provide online services targeting global consumer bases. Transaction in international scale has been enabled by banks all around the world through E-banking in order to supply the needs of above business organizations. E-banking serves lots of benefits to both customers of banks and banks itself. It adds value to customer’s satisfaction with better service quality and enables banks to gain a competitive advantage over other competitors. Online banking need to possess high level security in order to provide safe, consistent, and robust online environment which guarantees secure data transmission and identity of both bank and customer. Lack of security may lead to less trust or hard to trust attitude towards online banking. Although customers are attracted by online banking convenience, they seem largely in concern about identity theft and phishing. Analysis of many research papers on e-banking security models and their respective advantages and disadvantages have been discussed in literature review. Username, password, E-banking dongles, fractal images, biometric scans and advanced encryption standards are some of the suggested solutions for E-banking security. This study focuses on the security beyond above mechanisms. This paper ensures security of online banking at three levels. At client side, using internet dongle integrated with finger print scanning technology, at banking sever side and data transmission level. This model also includes username, password and advanced encryption for further security. Complete description on the model has been discussed in methodology section. Future works on this topic and Conclusion are covered in separate sections.

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H. Idriss, K. M. Haroun, M. D. Abd Allah, M. H. Eisa, A. E. Elfaki

In this paper, low pressure chemical vapor deposition device is used to synthesize carbon nanotubes (CNTs) of cobalt nanoclusters. The physico-chemistry properties of cobalt nanoclusters obtained of carbon nanotubes with diameter sized between 2~3 nm. The effect of temperature variation was between 650 to 950ºC. The gas flow rates of (Argon, 100 standard cubic centimeters per minute (sccm), Hydrogen 50 sccm and (Acetylene, 10, 20, 30 sccm) were applied respectively, for each 20 minutes of the samples. The best obtained result of the CNTs affected by acetylene rates and temperature variations. It was exactly obtained at 650ºC and Acetylene rate 20 sccm. Finally; implications of the scanning electron microscopic SEM nanotubes results and their possible applications were discussed using fractal methods.

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Agus Salim, Aswanto, Muhadar, Syamsuddin Muchtar

Nowadays the agenda of corruption eradication have been undertaken by various institutions such as the judiciary, the police, the Corruption Eradication Commission and other bodies related to the corruption eradication. The type of research used in this study is normative-jurisdiction and empirical-jurisdiction. To obtain the necessary data in this study, the researcher conducted library research as a reference in some libraries are quite representative. Results shows that the effectiveness of corruption eradication that conducted by regulatory authorities in order to combat corruption has not been implemented maximally, because each institution as a subsystem has not carried out an interdependent relationship both vertical and horizontal nature. If we expect the eradication of corruption can be implemented optimally, it is recommended that the coordination between law enforcement agencies in the integrated criminal justice system is necessary to build their common vision, interpretation and perception in the implementation of the duties for the institution authorized to eradicate corruption.

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Samsul Tamher, H.M. Said Karim, Muhadar, Syamsuddin Muchtar

This study aimed to determine the consistency of High Attorney of Papua in corruption investigation and efforts to return the state financial loss. The type of study used in this paper is a normative-juridical and empirical-juridical. The results showed that the High Attorney of Papua in corruption investigation is not optimal due to the political interference on a case that involving local officials so that the High Attorney in decide the case is not accordance with the rule of law. The efforts of the High Attorney of Papua to return the state financial loss through: State Auction Body, civil- and criminal laws.

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Slaviana Pavlovich

My aim is to discover moral and ethical sides of 3D printing which is a new technology and, paradoxically, a new phenomenon of the twenty-first century. Particularly, 3D bioprinted organs and tissues is a controversial issue, because this technological advancement may be viewed by society as a servant or it can even potentially become its master. For example, in the health care system, doctors may change their attitude to patients by using 3D bioprinted organs and tissues whenever it is needed, also, taking away responsibility from patients. Thus, there can be great social and psychological consequences from 3D bioprinting in a long term. Furthermore, Pete Basiliere, an analyst in a world's leading information technology research company, suggests that 3D printing can also bring economic consequences, resulting in the loss of at least $100 billion in intellectual property theft per year by 2018 globally. By analysing the economic, psychological and social impact of the 3D printing technologies, I want to research whether anyone is going be responsible for the 3D printing production and who is going to give a right to 3D bioprint.

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Sismudjito, Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar

Poverty is the problem of social related to the development. Some of the province in Indonesia which is North Sumatera consisting of 8 cities and 25 districts. Most of the populated shows a number poverty are still relatively high. According to the Susenas, in North Sumatera Province particulary West of Nias is the county that classified as having a number of high poverty, and decrease in the number of poverty was only 1% each year. To that, local governments West of Nias make the implementation of the building area shaped participative which stems from the social motivation sociated in the West of Nias. In this study formulated to the problem is the social motivation and community participation is a factor objectify the construction of underdevelopment area.This research using a combination of a quantitative approach and qualitative approach by the combined method. This method can be done in together, turns even combined with starting from the framework exploration, then inditifity and classifying data with sourched from the questionnaires development and depth interviews. In this research also used technique of population and research sample. Management of the data could be done by 3 statistics techniques : (1) Product Moment Correlation, (2) Partial Correlation, (3) Analysis of the line.The result of research suggests that through the work of social motivation and community participation can positive affect towards underdeveloped area. The level of community participation appears through an increase participation degrees towards the development of underdeveloped area. The working of community participation could a achieved development in its area with shows a sense of empathy from members of society, So it can be concluded that the high participation facilitate the realization of the development of underdeveloped area.

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Huda Basloom

Much effort has been dedicated to achieving realism in the simulation of deformable objects such as cloth, hair, rubber, sea water, smoke and human soft tissue in surgical simulation. However, the deformable object in these simulations will exhibit physically correct behaviors true to the behavior of real objects when any force is applied to it, and sometimes this requires real-time simulation. No matter how complex the geometry is, real-time simulation is still required in some applications. Surgery simulation is an example of the need for real-time simulation. This situation has attracted the attention of a wide community of researchers such as computer scientists, mechanical engineers, biomechanics and computational geometers. This paper presents a review of the existing techniques for modeling deformable objects which have been developed within the last three decades for different computer graphics interactive applications.

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Mamatmusaev Tokhir Shaydulovich

This article is dedicated to researches of historical places, also, are seen the special phrases used in town planning and architecture, component of historical cities, historical framework, linear system and the significance of centers in the development of cities, also, researches of dwellings which are the basic component of cities.

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Rashmi T V, Dr. Keshava Prasanna, Mr. Girish L

Cloud computing is a technology which provides computing resource on demand over the internet as a service. To meet this, many opensource cloud operating system are provided for the tenants, in order to get useful services from the cloud. There are many opensource cloud OS like AWS, Open Shift, HP, OpenStack etc. Out of all these OpenStack comes with free of cost and it has got a huge community. It can be installed and deploy in private institution or company with free of cost. This paper provides a model and techniques for the dynamic load balancing in OpenStack for managing the traffic/loads among the Virtual Machines. The main purpose is to increase the utilization of computing resources and minimize the traffic. Load Balancing as a Service is one of the main service in OpenStack Networking. OpenStack is an opensource platform which provides Infrastructure as a Service. It allows users/tenants tocreate their own private clouds and to deploy Virtual Machines, which manages different workloads. In this paper, we provide an architecture of openstack LBaaS, for dynamic load balancing in open stack cloud deployment.

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Abbas Saleh, Mansyur Ramly, Mursalim Umar Gani, Suriyanti

The Objectives of this research were to examine and analyzes empirically abot: (1). The influence of competence to the work satisfaction of the nurses, (2). The influence of work environment to the work satisfaction of the nurses, (3). The influence of leadership transformational to the work satisfaction of the nurses, (4). The influence of competence to the performance of the nurses, (5). The influence of work environment to the performance of the nurses, (6), The influence of leadership transformational to the performance of the nurses, (7). The influence of work satisfaction to the performance of the nurses at the private hospitals class B in Makassar. This research employed the primary data through survey. As respondents of population was the number of nurses at the private hospitals class B in Makassar. They were 1.009 nurses. This research used Slovin Method sampling. The samples of this research consist of 170 respondents, which the samples determined by proportional technique. Propostional Stratified Random Sampling formula was used to agglomerate the hospital and each care unit of the object research. In which the data was analyzed by Path Analysis in testing hypotheses. The analyzsis result showed: (1). Competence, work emvironment, and leadership transformational had influence significantly to work satisfaction of the nurses, (2). Work environment, leadership transformational, and work satisfaction had influence significantly to the performance of the nurses, (3). Competence did not influence significantly to the performance of the nurses. But competence coult increased performance of the nurses in work satisfaction of the nurses, so competence would had better meaning when the hospital could increased work satisfaction of the nurses as reality of the implementation of competency that was getting better. The practical implication of this research could given the increasing knowledge and understanding to the nurses and hospital management to improve the Performance of the nurses at the private Hospitals class B in Makassar, through competence, work environment, leadership transformational, and work Satisfaction of the nurses.

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Leulalem, S.B., Dr. Kifle W., Prof.Nata T.

Geological and geotechnical study was conducted in concrete gravity dam which is planned to be constructed in the Maychew River 40 km south of Axum town for the purpose of water supply for the town. The objectives of this research were: to map geology of the area, to characterize geological defects within and around dam site, to evaluate the water tightness of the dam site, and to determine the bearing capacity of the dam foundation. The research involved: review of different literatures, lithological and structural mapping, characterizing rock masses by using different rock mass classification methods, interpretation of subsurface data (geophysical, core drilled data, test pit data etc.). Results of the study indicate that the area is underlain by Quaternary sediments, metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks. The Quaternary sediments are characterized by low permeability, low plasticity and are poorly graded nature. Metasedimentary rocks are found covering the right abutment of the dam whereas at reservoir area it is found intercalating with metavolcanic rocks. These rocks are moderately jointed and sheared with faulting and folding noticed; due to these they have a relatively high permeability. Metavolcanic rocks which are found covering the left abutment are strong, less permeable and fractured. Most of discontinuities such as fractures, bedding and foliation in the study area are oriented E-W, NNW-SSE and NNE-SSW. The VES, tomography and drilled core result revealed that the potential problems (seepage/leakage) could occur due to presence of faults, joints, karstified black limestone, lithological variations, groundwater depth and topography at right abutment. Differential settlements may also occur because empirically estimated moduli of deformation (Ed) of rock masses indicate that for right abutment much less than left abutment and different geological defects across the dam axis. To minimize these problems contact grouting and consolidation grouting are recommended as mitigation measurements.

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Lilis Erniyati, Alma Manuputty, Andi Sofyan, Nurfaidah Said

The purpose of this study was to: find and analyze the policy formulation of legal protection of women on the crime of domestic violence in Indonesia, find and analyze the policy of criminal law in the formulation of a system of criminal sanctions against the crime of domestic violence, find and analyze the constraints and solutions in the application of the crime of domestic violence This study uses normative research and empirical jurisdiction, which is supported by field research conducted by interviewing. The data used is primary and secondary data. The data analysis used is qualitative analysis. The results stated first: Policy Formulation against the crime of domestic violence based on provisions of Law Domestic Violence does not have an effect in the form of illness or impediment to carry out daily activities. Criminal law in the formulation of a system of criminal sanctions against the crime of domestic violence according to the provisions of the Law on Domestic Violence using this type of system an alternative formulation.

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Workneh Gebreselassie

Introduction-Sexual harassment is negative sexual act without the interest of the female, It include sexual jokes, showing sexual photos, film, pictures, bad sexual words, touching her body, interrupting her way, enforced kissing, sexual intimidation, snatching exercise books and other materials. These bad acts have negative impact on the female students. It create frustration, unwanted pregnancy, HIV/ AIDS, hopelessness, lack of self confidence and, drop out (USAID,2014, Master, 1992). This research work is likely to enrich the knowledge about condition of sexual harassment and initiate concerned policy makers, Administrators, security body, parents and the society as a whole, to assess their strategies and strengthened their efforts in order to create better corrective measures for prevention of sexual harassment. Objective - Status of sexual harassment and associated factors in the case of Adwa College of teachers and educational leadership education extension students Methodology - institutional based cross sectional study design was employed This research work has been carried out by dispatching self administered questionnaires randomly among 196 extension students of Adwa College of teachers and educational leadership education of 2014. The education level of the respondents was both 1st and 2nd year. The researcher has been influenced to limit the data collection with in this college because of financial and time constraints. eight classes had been taken randomly and self administered questionnaire had been given for all the available students(trainees) found in each class The collected data was analyzed quantitatively entering in to a computer using SPSS version 16 using Chi- square, Annova, Sign test Result - Among the 189 respondents female trainees 177 (93.7%) were living in rent house, whereas 12(6.3%) with their parent. Among the 189 respondents 104(55%) encountered with sexual harassment. The major types of sexual harassment were sexual intimidation by waiting on the way to /from college, 110(35.7%), followed by bad sexual words. 52(16.9%). Followed by rape 45(14.6%). Followed by beating, 37(12%). Followed by snatching of educational materials like exercise book &others, 30 (9.7%). Followed by enforced kissing, 24(7.8%), lastly enforced marriage, 10 (3.3%) with significant difference of (P<0.05). Majority of the harassers have been unknown males to the victims, on the way to/ from college 76(73%). Followed to this the renters of the house them selves12 (11.5%).Followed by class mates, 9(8.6%). lastly family members of the renters, 7(6.9%) with significant difference of (P<0.01). The major consequences of the sexual harassment were unwanted pregnancy 32(37.2%) and loss of virginity, 21 (24.4%). Conclusion and recommendation: This research work has investigated sexual harassment as series problem of the female extension students of Adwa College of teachers and educational leadership education. Majority (more than half) of the female extension students have been found affected by sexual harassment. Majority of the harassers have been unknown to the victims and made sexual intimidation waiting on the way of the victim to/from college. In order to make free our female students from this evil activity, the college management body should create strong relation with the Adwa town administration, in order to create awareness on the town society about the bad activity of sexual harassment and influence them in contributing on its prevention. The college management and the security body together should also create awareness on the college students, with especial focus to the female extension students on how to prevent themselves from sexual harassment.

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Agbotse Paul, Polycarp Delali

This study investigates the variability in yield, oxidative status and appearance of palm oils as affected by fruit type and extraction equipment in the small scale industry. A 2×3 factorial experimental design with palm fruit types (Dura and Tenera) and extraction equipment (digester screw, hand spindle and hydraulic presses) were studied. Quality indices of oils (i.e. free fatty acid (ffa), peroxide value, moisture content, impurities, colour) and yield were accessed using standard methods. The ffa values obtained for oils produced from both Dura and Tenera fruit types and the extraction equipment ranged 5.25% - 5.71%, were above the CODEX standard of 5.0 %. Furthermore, significant differences were also recorded in both moisture contents and impurities from the same oils produced. The oil yield from Tenera fruit types were two folds higher than the Dura fruit types. The redness colour of palm oils for Dura fruit types was a little above the Tenera fruit types. However, the yellowness and lightness of colour of palm oils for Tenera were higher than oils from Dura fruit types. Therefore the study concludes that the oil processors in the small scale industry preferred the digester screw press machine because it gave low level of impurities and moisture content than other presses. Tenera fruit type is the best choice for palm oil processing because of its higher oil yield content. However, in terms of oil colour Dura fruit type is preferred.

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Purevjav Urjintseren, Munkhbat Enkhtur, Badamkhand Demberel, Odbayar Tseyen-Oidov

Recently, there has been common trend among people to refuse from food and medications produced via synthetic method, but try to consume natural products as much as possible instead. In this regard, wild berries and medicinal plants are considered to be highly essential for human health as these kinds of plants serve as rich sources of biological active substances-phenol compounds. As a result of conducting research on source and spread of herbs which are commonly used as anti-diabetic medication, we have developed a technological method to extract preparations from medicinal herbs such as Peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall), Dandelion (Taraxacum officinalis Wigg.), Huckleberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L), Blueberry (Vaccinium uliginosum L), Cranberry (Vaccinium vitisidaea L), and Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica), accordingly studied chemical composition and antioxidant activity, and conducted pharmacological study. With the use of Folin Denis & Folin Ciocalteu reagent method,it was determined that the content of polyphenol compounds was 4.14-5.17% and 27.5 – 101.5mg/ml. The study was also aimed to investigate DPPH* free radical-scavenging activity in connection with term, temperature and concentration to identify the most rational technological procedure. As a result of study, it was identified that free radical-scavenging activity of herbs selected for the study was generally estimated at 564.25-1750.00 mcg/ml, whereas antioxidant activity of solvents with 2-10 mg/ml concentration was 417.20-1750.00 mcg /ml, respectively. This shows that such activity is dependent on concentration. However, in temperature of 30 – 1000С degrees, their activity has slowly been decreased by 1750 mcg/ml – 476.7mcg/ml depending on temperature. Regarding the stinging nettles, the activity was grown directly dependent from temperature. DPHH* free radical-scavenging activity was gradually increased in 1-10 minutes, but was relatively stable and active in 11-16 minutes.

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Dr. Agustin Nunez Arceňa

The purpose of this study was to find out the performance of the selected fourth year high school day students in Carmen National High School Carmen, Cebu in fundamental operations with or without calculator. Calculators are great invention that in one way or another helped the children in doing some of their mathematical computations. But a desire to identify the current condition of the students in performing basic mathematical computations by comparing their computational ability without using calculators and of using calculators pushes these curious minds to pursue this study. This study was conducted during the School Year 2013-2014.In conducting the study, the description method was utilized with the help of a researcher-made questionnaire as the main tool in gathering data in order to come up with sufficient and justifiable results. There are 229 respondents out of 535 total populations of the day session fourth year high school students.The results showed that the students were performing well in doing calculations with the use of calculators compared to those who were not using calculators. It only confirmed their dependency on calculators in solving basic mathematical computations, which by any case, only traces its disadvantages to the teaching matters. Attitude like relying on inventions that gave direct, fast and accommodating features were observable in most students and always results to weakening ability to judge the correctness of an answer due to the fact that they do not think of the real concept enough to determine what type of answer to expect.

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Koranteng, C., Amos-Abanyie, S., Kwofie, T. E.

The design of buildings in public educational institutions in Ghana predominantly adopts open-plan offices that are naturally ventilated with the aid of operable windows for reasons such as achieving adaptable spaces, improved social climate and effective ventilation. However, adoption of open-plan naturally ventilated offices in these educational institutions expose occupants to noise that emanates indoors and from outdoor sources which can interfere with and impede work performance. The study aimed at assessing noise exposure levels and occupants' satisfaction with noise level in selected naturally ventilated open-plan offices in Ghana. The study employed an empirical assessment of the noise levels in and around three of the office buildings using a PCE222 Digital Sound Level Meter and a survey involving interviews to assess workers' satisfaction of noise levels of the open-plan offices at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi. The results show that mean outdoor noise levels for offices ranged from 11 per cent below to 5 per cent above the WHO permissible limits, while mean indoor noise levels exceeded the limit by between 20-40 per cent during the course of the day. In spite of the high levels of noise, occupants generally considered the overall noise level in their offices as acceptable. Likewise, the results indicate that there are no significant differences in occupants' exposure to noise from their various sitting positions in an office space and floor levels in an office building. The paper recommends strategies to manage and improve ambient noise quality within naturally ventilated open-plan office spaces in Ghana. The study will be of relevance as a useful guide to organizations and policy makers concerned with built environmental issues.

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Mahamat Seid A.M, Maoudombaye Theophile, Ahmat Altidjani, Mahamat Nour Sakine, Ndoutamia A. G.

Water for consumption requires excellent physical, chemical and microbiological quality. This source of life is one of the most controlled food products. It must not only meet the quality requirements, but also must comply vis- à-vis a set of drinking water standards and must not contain any microorganism, no noise and no substance presents a potential danger to human health. This work was performed in the city of N'djamena and aims to assess the physico-chemical quality of the water pumping stations of the National Water Company in the city center and boreholes in human motor in neighborhoods peripheral devices. A total of 18 samples were collected, including 9 in the city center and 9 others in the suburbs. On each sample were determined physico-chemical parameters (potential of hydrogen (pH), temperature (T °), electrical conductivity, turbidity and calcium ions, magnesium, sulphates, fluorides, and nitrates). The results extend into the water pumping stations of ETS and manual drilling outlying districts respectively: temperature (28.0 to 36.1 ° C and 29.5 to 30.3 ° C); pH (6.5 to 8.5 and 6.3 to 7.6); electrical conductivity (201-671 ĩS / cm and 136-533 ĩS / cm); turbidity (NTU from 0.01 to 0.18 and 1.25 to 5 NTU); calcium (54 to 268 mg / L to 65-443 mg / L); magnesium (2.18 to 57 mg / L and 15 to 90 mg / L); sulfates (2 to 47 mg / L and 2 to 18mg / L); fluoride (0.0 to 0.61 mg / L and 0.12 to 0.98 mg / L) and nitrate (1.5 to 18, 2 mg / L and 0.1 to 0.6 mg / L). The results show that the contents of the parameters are consistent with the WHO standards for the quality of drinking water except calcium ions which their levels are high. Based on the parameters analyzed, the quality of water pumping stations of SNE and manual drilling is acceptable.

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Ian Phil Canlas

This study is part of an integrated teaching program in physics and English that attempted to develop and implement a teaching sequence on selected physics concepts using content and English language integrated learning (CELIL) methodologies. Specifically, this paper discussed its advantages and challenges as implemented in a school following a trilingual curriculum design. About 8 teachers were involved in the development and validation of the teaching sequence and 55 students from 5 classes were involved in the implementation process. Effectiveness was measured through students’ achievement using criteria-based assessment and simple Collaizi method was used to process the external observers’ and teacher-researchers’ reflections. Preliminary results revealed that CELIL methodologies maybe helpful in developing and increasing students’ conceptual understanding of selected physics concepts as well as improving their English language skills.

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Ashiqur Rahaman, Md. Razib Hosen, Khairul Bashar, Jahan Sadia Afroze, Umme Habiba Bodrun Naher

Leather processing involves transformation of putrescible animal hides and skin into non putrescible leather. Leather industry generates a huge amount of solid waste containing chromium. These solid wastes were disposed of through land filling which causes leaching out of in soil and water. Now a day increasing environmental legislations have encouraged tannery industry to develop a new technology. In this study, we incinerated chrome shaving dust at 500oC to 7000C for chromium extraction. Various oxidizing acids with different concentration were used for chromium extraction. Extracted chromium was measured by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Recovery of chromium was in the range of 297 mg/L to 222 mg/L. Nitric acid extracted maximum amount of chromium while sulfuric acid extracted minimum amount of chromium.

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Waqar Ahmed Pahore, Abdul Saboor Soomro, Nisar Ahmed Pahore

Climate change has multifarious impacts on soil, water and yield production. Considering this important aspect, a research study was carried in order to find out climate change impacts on soil resources and crop productivity in Jacobabad with aim to develop innovative soil and crop management practices as to minimize on-farm climate change impacts in the area. In our study, we tried to assess climate change impacts on soil salinity level, organic matter decomposition rate, soil moisture relationship, outbreak of plant diseases and insects pest in the area. Our study revealed a close relationship between climate change and soil health and cop productivity of the area. Currently, 60% soils of the study area are moderately saline having 7.8 pH and about 20% soils are sodic saline soils having ph 8.5 respectively. Organic matter content is less than 0.002% across study area. Moreover, plant diseases such as wheat rust, bacterial blast, powdery mildew and insect pests like aphid are occurring widespread. All these factors have left serious implications on the crop production. According to our findings that 40% to 45% cereal crop production such as of rice and wheat has declined. Currently, there is dire need to adopt innovative on farm practices to mitigate climate change impacts on soil resources of the area.

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Andi Tenri Fitriyah, Baharuddin, Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar

In the business people tapioca, tapioca drying is often a problem because they rely on sunlight. In the rainy season would be disrupted so that drying The resulting starch quality were poor and lower selling prices. An attempt developed of glucose and fructose syrup production from starch wet expected to increases added value for farmers. Manioc starch yield of about 15-25 percent and the yield into glucose syrup 80-95 percent of the dry starch. The quality of the production process glucose syrup can enhanced by peruses liquefaction, saccharification, purification and neutralization, as well as evaporation. The purpose of food science and technology service activities of knowledge and technology for the community (Ktfc) is to improve the quality of people's tapioca syrup and glucose/sugar liquid produced from tapioca starch processing, using appropriate technology. Community groups of food science and technology program for the community (Ktfc) as partner in service activities is a business group Tapioca People "Tapioca Jaya" and cassava farmer group "Sinar Jaya" in the Village Toddotoa, Palangga District of Gowa, South of Sulawesi. Plan service activities this form of raising the target groups: group Tapioca business people and farmer groups cassava "Sinar Jaya" as a producer of cassava. This service activities begins with conducting a survey to location where industry partners during these activities. Extension of the function and the importance of appropriate technology which will be applied, in particular to a group of business people tapioca "Tapioca Jaya" i.e. improvement of appropriate technology (the process of liquefaction, saccharification, purification, neutralization and evaporation) and the improvement of post-harvest processing of cassava namely: eliminate shrinkage results, and stripping is done with a mechanical device that previously had to be washed to eliminating the silicon content.

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Ahmed F. Atwan, Naseer K. Kasim, Waqar A. khudhair

In this research the calculations of carbon dioxide emissions CO2 in summer (May to September, 150 day) and winter seasons (December to February, 90 day) were performed by using the coefficient of performance for each air and ground source heat pump. The place of study case take relative to solar path in to account and the study case was three halls (men, women, and surgery halls) in Al-Musayyib hospital in Babylon.

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Ratna Kusuma, Wawan Kustiawan, Sukartiningsih, Afif Ruchaemi

Durio kutejensis the local durian forest result Kalimantan that has not been widely known outside of the island and not much cultivated. One of the obstacles of plant propagation is seedling superior quality are not available. Propagation through the technique of in vitro (Tissue culture) in plants Durio kutejensis (Hassk) & Becc not been widely tested, because the woody plants have grown a great degree of difficulty. Commonly cultivated plants through in vivo techniques. Sterilization is an important part of the culture in vitro. Sterilization of models have been tried, to overcome the initial barriers of culture. The development of in vitro embryo culture D. kutejensis through embryo explants using Murashige and Skoog (MS) with the addition of growth regulators GA3 (gibberellic acid) and BAP (Benzilaminopurine) produces elongation of hypocotyl added shoot growth and root elongation. Callus formed from embryonic explants green and yellowish white with compact texture on the addition of growth regulators BAP and 2.4 D 1gr/l. Callus formation has not been followed by the development of embryogenesis and not yet differentiation into shoots and roots.

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Peters Edem E., Henry Asante

This work is an inter-disciplinary discourse that examines the role that their collective efforts it properly harassed can play in the development of modern architecture to meet the quest for safe and comfortable homes. The paper aims at assessing how much presence there are sculpture and ceramics in architecture. Sculpture and ceramics are disciplines in fine art and industrial art respectively. The paper identifies the specific contributions each discipline gives to the making of modern architecture and offers suggestions for future improvement that will lead to entrepreneurial skill and its development.

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Arian Dokht Farnad Pour

The tourism business is perhaps the largest industry on earth. When strategically well planned and executed, tourism provides an economic stream both into and throughout a community and an incentive to preserve the best things a community, or destination, has to offer---from its wildlife habitats, its historic districts, or great scenery, to its local culture and heritage. This study is structured into two objectives. The first objective of the study is to identify potentials of Dehradun/Mussourie to attract and boom tourism and it objectives were identifying the opportunities and threats in Dehradun/Mussourie, understanding and how to attain the capabilities, identifying and the ways to reduce the weaknesses and providing suggestions and solutions for optimum use of existing capabilities in the region . The second objective of the study is to examining on applying best strategies with the help of ICT for acquiring sustainable tourism in Dehradun/Mussourie by employing a SWOT analysis.

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Peter Ashlame Agu

Skill acquisition is a critical component of any vocational or technical training program. When this component is missing or falls below expectation, it tends to defeat the objectives or the essence of the program. In Nigeria, many skill acquisition institutions experience great challenges in trying to provide the necessary facilities required for effective vocational training of those enrolled in their programs because of paucity of funds. The result is that students graduate from the programs without adequate employability skills for meaningful productive/service work after leaving school. In realization of this shortfall, government has directed technical colleges to establish what is called Production/Service Work (PSW) into its curriculum. This is with the view that in the event that there is shortfall in the supply of training facilities by sponsors of the programs, jobs could be brought in from inside or outside the school which could provide opportunity for students to acquire hands-on experience that would equip them with requisite skills for post-graduation work. As laudable as this initiative appears to be many schools in the North Central Nigeria are yet to implement the directive of the federal government in their schools, and even where this has been done, its implementation does not appear to be viable. Over the years, different technical colleges have adopted different approaches toward the establishment and management of production/service work in their schools. While some have recorded appreciable success in its implementation, others seem to exist only in name. The present study, therefore, sought to identify the current practices employed in the use of PSW in technical colleges, the appropriateness of the practices in use, and the alternative practices that could be adopted to improve and guide the implementation of the program with a view to enhancing the acquisition of employability skills in technical colleges in North Central Nigeria.

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Ira Zoga (Gjika), Nikollaq Pano

The increase of competition in the local and regional markets is forcing companies to provide high quality products and services, as well as to continuously improve their activities. The quality management systems and standard implementation in Albanian companies are the at the focus of this paper with the intention to evidence the actual situation and the results achieved from the certification process. The implementation of ISO standard requirements, together with the assessment of the benefits deriving from it, is a relatively new experience for Albanian companies and slightly developed in our economic literature. Consequently, this work follows a combined approach of reviewing the relevant rich literature of the last decades with the empirical survey of some Albanian companies that have chosen ISO certification as an instrument to gain competitive advantage in the market. The analysis of factors that drive companies towards such time consuming, costly, and managerially- wise committed process, is one of main study’ objectives. It is followed by the assessment of benefits deriving from this process for companies in quantitative and qualitative terms. Comparing the expected advantages from the certification with those actually obtained might assist companies themselves to improve their processes. From the other side, this comparison serves as a basis for suggestions and recommendations to other companies that intend to make good use of advantages the ISO certification.

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Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar, Himma Dewiyana

The research was done in coffee plantation during a month (July until August 2016) in Sumbul and Sidikalang districts with 2 varietes (Robusta and Arabica) with 5 samples treatment from each locations. The insects consist of 10 orders, 30 family with 30 genera are the collected on Sumbul and Sidikalang district in coffee plabtation. Highert individuals of Sidikalang district recorded are 241 individuals, compared to 185 individual in Sumbul district. The highest individual found in Sumbul from Families Scolytidae (H.hampei, 36 individuals), followed by Family Formicidae (Formica sp, 19 individuals) and the Family Vespidae (Dolochovespula sp, 12 individuals), compared with total individuals recorded in Sidikalang consists of Scolytidae (41 individuals), Vespidae (14 individuals) and Formicidae (12 individuals). The score diversity (H') varies with the very good diversities category, namely H'=2.26 (in Sidikalang district) and H'=1.98 (in Sumbul district). The environmental factors, sanitation, fertilization and combating pests using methyl eugenol traps supported to control of H. hampeii in coffee plantation in Sumbul and Sidikalang, Dairi.

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Leni Marlina, Aswandi, Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan

Most universities are already implementing wired and wireless network that is used to access integrated information systems and the Internet. At present, it is important to do research on the influence of the broadcasting system through the access point for video transmitter learning in the university area. At every university computer network through the access point must also use the cable in its implementation. These networks require cables that will connect and transmit data from one computer to another computer. While wireless networks of computers connected through radio waves. This research will be a test or assessment of how the influence of the network using the WLAN access point for video broadcasting means learning from the server to the client. Instructional video broadcasting from the server to the client via the access point will be used for video broadcasting means of learning. This study aims to understand how to build a wireless network by using an access point. It also builds a computer server as instructional videos, supporting software that can be used for video server that will be emitted by broadcasting via the access point and establish a system of transmitting video from the server to the client via the access point.

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Mohammad Teimouri, Hamidreza Kamrani, Kiana oskouei, Junaid Muhammad

Fullerene (C60) is a unique carbon molecule that adopts a sphere shape. It has been proved that fullerene and some of its derivatives several disease targets. Fullerene itself is insoluble in water. So, fullerene application is hindered in medical field. In this study, a literature search was performed and all derivatives were collected. The fullerene binding protein, previously reported in literature were also retrieved from protein databank. The docking study were performed with fullerene derivatives and its binding proteins. The selected proteins include Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel, estrogenic 17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, and monoclonal anti-progesterone antibody. The binding affinity and binding free energy were computed for these proteins and fullerene derivatives complexes. The binding affinity and binding free energy calculation of the co-crystal ligands were also carried out. The results show the good fitting of fullerene derivatives in the active site of different proteins. The binding affinities and binding free energies of fullerene derivatives are better. The present study gives a detail information about the binding mode of C60 derivatives. The finding will be helpful in fullerene-based drug discovery and facilitate the efforts of fighting many diseases.

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This research is further than the initial research has been done on the lessons of project management information system (MPSI). Included in the seminar of the International Conference on Technical and Vocation Education and Training, High on a hill on the 16th-17th-October 2015, organized by the State University of Padang (UNP). As well as on The 2016 Jambi International Seminars on Education (JISE) in Jambi, Indonesia, 3-4 April 2016. The results of initial research showed, that the quality of the teaching model of face-to-face with MPSI (konvensioanal) are on enough categories, so that needs to be developed a Blended Learning model that is merging model of face-to-face with e-learning model, in order to improve the quality of teaching for the better. The results of a pretest data analysis on a class of experiments and classroom control, showed results not much different, 12.32 for classes experiments, and 11.12 for the classroom control. Test of normality that is done for the second class also shows a normal distribution. Where r count for a class experiment = 0,0060 < 0,1772 = r tables, and r count for class control = 0,0572 < 0,1772 = r tables. Now this research has already come to the stage of prototype application design blended learning, will be in validation by an expert of computer design.

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Devashish Vikas Gupta

This paper puts forward the key features of plausible time-evolving statistical distributions of the Scale and Spin of ‘eddies’, describing the phenomenon of turbulence. Statistical distributions generally describe the state of the system in equilibrium states, but describing turbulent flows demands non-equilibrium statistics, as there is energy dissipation due to viscosity of the fluid and variations in macroscopic properties of the system with time. The approach put forward proves to be highly advantageous to explain the variation of eddy scale, using the ‘Scale Displacement Equation’. It ascertains a huge gain in understanding characteristics of the fluids subject to high Reynolds numbers. The phenomenon of ‘Spin Interference’, which is responsible for the variation of eddy spin in the system, is also described intensively. The put forth Scale and Spin statistics, parametrized by time, demonstrate some interesting features that are fundamentally linked to the behaviour of fluids.

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B.M.Terrence Chandike

Advanced Level examination is the most critical examination that determines the future of the students in Sri Lanka as it is the path for the higher education. In Sri Lanka, students are sitting for Advanced Level examination in Art, Commerce, Bio or Maths streams. The objective of this study was to develop a framework with Augmented Reality applications to be used in Advanced Level Bio science subject as a supportive learning technique, evaluating the performances of the students with developed Augmented Reality (AR) applications running on the computer. The study was carried out using the Advanced Level students in Gampaha educational region. AR application was developed using Java language and with available supportive tools. As this application was based on markers, another tool was used to create markers. An open ended questionnaire was provided to the selected students to identify the feasibility and students’ perception on the developed AR application for the students. A question paper was designed based on the subject area of the developed AR application to evaluate the student performances. After developing the AR application, it was provided to the half of the selected student sample(one class) and the other half of the students (another class) was exposed to normal existing learning procedure. Thereafter, both student samples were exposed to the common examination to assess the performances. AR application helped to enhance the students’ performances by increasing the student interest, better understanding, memorizing ability and increasing the pass rate of the students.

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Evanthia Bozou, Charalampos Kyriakidis, Filippos Iliadis

Wind energy is a renewable energy source that is emerging in a global scale, given the reduction in stocks of conventional energy sources and the growing interest in environmental protection. In addition, the European Union policies are moving to the same direction. Despite all the above, Greece has not efficiently developed policies and infrastructure about this valuable energy source. This paper focuses on the case of Lemnos island in the northern Aegean Sea. Although this island has gained wind farm investors’ interest, the total number of wind farms that are located on the island is not in accordance with its full potential regarding its average annual wind speed value. Τhe project’s main purpose is the development of a wind farm study in Lemnos, given the constraints on social and environmental criteria set by the Greek legislation for the proper functioning of the installation and the reduction of impacts on people and environment. The project's results can be directly used to promote investments in the island. Methods such as literature review, examination of case-studies, mapping and geographic information systems analysis were used.

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