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IJSTR Volume 6 - Issue 10, October 2017 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Barnabas Oluwaseyi Alabi, Daniel Iyanuoluwa Oni

Electric charge is the property of a matter that allow for electric and magnetic forces interaction. These charges can be controlled by unipolar electromagnetic field. In this study, such unipolar field that can propagate was generated. This unipolar electromagnetic field was simulated and tested for propagation. To produce a propagating unipolar magnetic field, a time-varying unipolar electric current generator was considered. The model considered was simulated in the National Instrument’s Multisim windows application environment. The generated electric voltage waveform was viewed via the output ‘grapher’ of the application. Various loads were connected to ensure consistency in the unipolar waveform for different load value on the generator. The result obtained showed that a unipolar field which could propagate, can be achievable only when the signal involved was properly rectified. After rectification however, the desired waveform and signal was produced. The test for propagation was done using a core of iron and a small solenoid connected to the rectified output and the field produced was magnetic, this attracted a metal clip 1.0 cm away and a larger core attracted a hammer from around 10.0 cm away. The study concluded that a propagating magnetic field useful for the control of charges can be generated if the signal involved is made to be unipolar in nature.

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Mohammed Yimer

There is a growing concern among national governments to include Civic education in their curriculums. This is because Civic education plays an indispensable role in creating awareness among the citizens about their rights and responsibilities. Ethiopia too, commencing its transition to democracy has taken significant steps to do so. In this regard, one of the significant departures of the EPRDF government from its predecessors in terms of curriculum reform is the inclusion of Civic education in tertiary education. The study shed light to assess the role of Civic education in shaping students attitude in terms of appropriate service provision, good governance, tolerance of diversity and others. Using sample respondents of 201 students randomly selected from the three universities, namely Arba Minch, Wolayta Sodo and Hawassa universities, generalizations were deduced. The facts drawn from both the qualitative and quantitative surveys indicated that Civic education is playing a crucial role for cultivating informed, reasonable and active citizens and the subsequent building of constitutional democracy in Ethiopia. The study indicated that, the problems related to good governance in the various government offices are not the result of lack of the required skills but due to the lack of Civic knowledge. The Civic dispositions that build the citizens traits are not inherited, and as such every new generation is required to acquire the knowledge, learn the skills, and develop the dispositions or traits of private and public character that undergird a constitutional democracy. Civic education, therefore, is-or should be-a prime concern. There is no more important task than the development of an informed, effective, and responsible citizenry. Democracies are sustained by citizens who have the requisite knowledge, skills, and dispositions. In the absence a reasoned commitment on the part of its citizens to the fundamental values and principles of democracy, a free and open society cannot succeed. It is imperative; therefore, that educators, policymakers, and members of civil society make the case and ask for the support of civic education from all segments of society and from the widest range of institutions and government.

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Dyah Rini Indriyanti, Siti Nur Faizah, Muji Slamet

Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is the top five major plantation commodities in Indonesia. Cocoa fruits in Temanggung, Central Java Province were attacked by fruit sucking insect, Helopeltis sp. Helopeltis sp is also known as a major pest in plantation crops in Indonesia. This study aimed to analyzed the mortality of Helopeltis sp. after the application of parasitic fungi Beauveria bassiana in certain doses. B. bassiana used was in form of kaolin powder produced by Plantation Corps Protection Center (BPTBUN) of Salatiga. This study used four doses of treatment : 0 gL-1, 100 gL-1, 150 gL-1, and 200 gL-1. B. bassiana used had a spore density of 4.2 x 108 spores/g with viability of 67.2%. Results of the study showed that B. bassiana could infect and kill Helopeltis sp. The optimum dose to control the population of Helopeltis sp. is 150 gL-1. Spraying was conducted two days in a row, then followed by 1 week interval. This study took more than four weeks to completely kill the test insects. The results are useful for the recommendations of biological control agent of Helopeltis sp pest in the field.

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Prakash Humane

Conventional fuel sources for power generation are to be replacing by nuclear power sources like nuclear fuel Uranium. But Uranium-235 is the only fissile fuel which is in 0.72 % found in nature as an isotope of Uranium-238. U-238 is abundant in nature which is not fissile, while U-239 by alpha –decay naturally converted to Uranium- 235. For accompanying this nuclear fuel, there is another nuclear fuel Thorium is present in nature is abundant can be used as nuclear fuel and is as much as safe and portable like U-235.

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Bukidnon, Philippines, Gladys S. Escarlos, Denis A. Tan

This study investigated the motives, attitude and performance of teacher education students of Central Mindanao University. It aimed to determine the respondent’s profile, their motives underlying the choice of teaching profession, their level of attitude towards teaching as a profession and toward the role of a teacher, their level of performance in general education, professional education, and major courses and identify the predictors of their performance. A structured questionnaire was used to gather the necessary data from the randomly selected two hundred ten (210) respondents form second to fourth year level. Data showed that students CMUCAT rating ranges from 81-100 which indicates high performance in the entrance test. Moreover revealed that majority of the students were children of families with low income but were intrinsically motivated in pursuing teacher education degree and have positive attitude towards teaching as a profession and as their future career. Step regression analysis showed that independent variables like CMUCAT rating, towards teaching as a profession, and motive involving taking up education as their second choice is difficult to pass profession has a greater influence on academic performance as reflected by its high beta weight. The remaining 56.7% of students’ academic performance can be explained by other factors not included in this study. These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for IJSTR JOURNALS. Use this document as a template if you are using Microsoft Word 6.0 or later. Otherwise, use this document as an instruction set. The electronic file of your paper will be formatted further at IJSTR. Define all symbols used in the abstract. Do not cite references in the abstract. Do not delete the blank line immediately above the abstract; it sets the footnote at the bottom of this column. Don’t use all caps for research paper title.

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Md. Tabraz

The garment industry is rapidly growing with new concepts for keeping fashion business alive. To survive in the fashion industry new innovations are necessary for a while. In order to meet the demands for the market, a computer-aided design (CAD) system gives opportunity for mass customization in fashion. The system enables to create more styles, random changes, make new design, dimension of collection, pattern generation, graded size pattern, marker creation and fabric cutting. By integrating the system with the processes of garment sewing, test of fit and final adjustment, mass customization can be realized in the apparel industry. For the manufacturers, the efficiency of the supply chain can be improved by reducing human efforts, costs, and production time. For the customers, better fittings with faster delivery stimulate the desire of purchase and enhance their satisfaction. This paper illustrates that why Fashion CAD study is important for garment industry in Bangladesh.

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Deny Bayu Prawesto, Suryanto, Bintoro Wardiyanto

This study aims to determine a soft competency model and its development for the Committment–Maker Officer in land acquisition for public interest. From the result of data analysis it is indicated that the soft competency model of Committment–Maker Officer in land acquisition for public interest consists of 3 (three) criteria namely self concept, individual traits and motives. Meanwhile the development pattern of soft competency model of Committment–Maker Officer in land acquisition for public interest is based on suitability of Committment–Maker Officers. The used method in this research is a qualitative approach in the form of case studies. The research objects are matters relating to land acquisition for the construction of Peterongan Irrigation Networks in Jombang Residence. In this case the researchers act as instruments as well as data collectors. Thus the status of the researchers is known by the subjects or the informants. The applied type of research is a descriptive qualitative to study existing problems and applicable work procedures. Informants in this study consist of 5 (five) persons from the authorized institution in land acquisition as informants of the subject, plus 7 (seven) persons as significant other informants. Data collection techniques were conducted through Focus Goup Discussion (FGD) interviews, observation and documentation. The result of data analysis indicates that the soft competency model of Committment–Maker Officer in land acquisition consists of 3 (three) criteria namely self concept, individual traits and motives. Meanwhile the pattern of developing soft competency model of Committment–Maker Officer in land acquisition for public interest is based on the suitability of the three factors. Based on the results of this study, the Committment–Maker Officer in the land acquisition for the public interest should continue to apply and to develop the soft competency model in the land acquisition process for the construction of Peterongan Irrigation Network. Consequently the development program that has been going on for tens of years can be completed immediately.

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Baharuddin, Elihami

This study investigated Indonesian EFL learners’ approach of two reading approaches (cognitive and metacognitive), their perceived contact on effectiveness, and the association between reading approach and effectiveness on their English reading comprehension. Fifty-Three English-major freshmen from University Muhammadiyah of Parepare participated in these lessons. Two principal questions were addressed: (1) what is the most frequent use of reading approach reported by individual students? (2) Is there any significant association between reading approach and effectiveness on their English reading comprehension? To examine the effects of approach instruction on students’ reading performance, a qualitative interview technique and quantitative research methods including a paired-sample t-test and Person Product Moment Correlation were used to estimate the relationship between reading approach use and effectiveness on students’ reading accomplishment. Significance showed that the most frequent use of reading approach was found to be metacognitive approach, followed by the cognitive approach. In addition, there was a significant positive connection between reading approach and effectiveness on their English reading comprehension. Reading approach, on the other hand, was unrelated to reading achievement. Results of interview findings were analyzed to explore in-depth in sequence about the condition of approach used. The implications of these findings for implementing effective reading strategy instruction are discussed.

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W.S Gothami, M.E.S.A.De S Ariyaratne, Amal.D Premarathna, M.D.N Jayaweera

This study was carried out in a commercial broiler farm with 5000 birds. High mortality (27.3%) among 5 days old chicks was reported in a broiler farms at central province in Sri Lanka on March 2014. Among 5000 birds, 3000 were affected and more than 500 birds were dead at the time of complaint. Affected birds showed signs of respiratory difficulties, off food and drooping feather apart from the high mortality. Flock has been treated with Greseofulvin (50mg/20L) for a period of one week. But still high number of deaths was observed. Post mortem examination was carried out in birds and samples were isolated from lungs, heart and liver. Impression smear was prepared from the lung and stained with Leishman stain. Fungal hyphae were observed in the impression smear. Greenish grey colour colonies were observed on SDA. Moreover, bacterial analysis of liver and spleen showed E coli infection. After analysing history, clinical signs and culture results the disease was diagnosed as Aspergillus pneumonia with E coli infection. With the treatment, daily mortality was reduced from 12% to 1% over a period of one month. But expected average weight was not gained.

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Safiye Meriç Açikel, Cem Çelik, Ali Serdar Gültek, Ahmet Aslan

The production of flame retardant leather is important for some leather types as motorcyclist jackets, flight or automotive upholstery leathers. For this reason, in this research it is aimed to produce flame retardant leather and effect of flame retardant on leathers treated with Tributyl Phosphate (TBP) were investigated. Tributyl phosphate (TBP) chemical solutions were applied to the leathers at differing rates that are; 0%, 7%, 14% and 21% by padding finishing technique and after the flame retardant application, the leathers were finished with traditional finishing recipe. Flame retardant property of leathers were researched by vertical (ISO 6941:2007) and horizontal (ISO 3795: 1989) fire resistance tests. Also leathers were characterized by TG+DTG and SEM. The results showed that TBP treated leathers have good flame retardant properties and can enhance effectively the fire retardancy of leathers.

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Zikri Azham, Daddy Ruhiyat, Abu Bakar M. Lahjie, Mustofa Agung Sardjono.

This study aims to determine the potential dynamics of carbon stocks in various land cover classes in the city of Samarinda, in the calculation of carbon stocks, land cover only devided into three (3) Class Land Cover (CLC) is a secondary forest CLC, CLC thickets and CLC shrubs. Research results show that the above ground carbon (AGC) stocks on Secondary Forest Land Cover Class average of 71.93 tonnes/ha, the land cover classes thickets of 32.34 tonnes /hectares and shrubs land cover classes of 19.66 tonnes / hectare. The carbon stocks in 2009 amounted to 2,589,929 tonnes, in 2012 there were 2,347,477 tons and in 2015 there were 2,201,005 tonnes. Estimated decrease in land-based stock carbon in the city of Samarinda during the period 2009-2015 amounted to 388,943 tonnes, or an average of 70,170 tonnes per year, or approximately 2.73%/year or the emissions in the field of land amounting to 254,538 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

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Rosanna D. Gonzales, Manolito E. Bernabe

Community’s participation in the activities like the preparation and creation of historical timeline. resource and hazard mapping as well as vulnerability assessment matrix (VAM) are effective tools in determining hazards, impacts and interventions of a certain locality. The most common hazards are typhoons, saltwater intrusion, floods and drought. Data were collected through focus group discussions (FGDs) from respondents along coastal areas. Findings revealed that natural calamities had great impact to livelihood, properties and health. The damaged business operations, fishing and agricultural livelihood led to loss of income, likewise the sources of water were also contaminated. Planned interventions include launching of periodic education and awareness program, creation of evacuation centers and relocation sites, rescue centers, installation of deep well water pumps and irrigation systems, solid waste management, drainage and sea walls construction, canal rehabilitation/dredging, tree planting and alternative livelihood programs.

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Syarwani Ahmad

LPTK (Institute of Education and Education Personnel/IEEP) has an important link in the Indonesian national education system that can not be separated from others, both inside and outside the education system. As an educational institution who will certainly determine the color of education, it will certainly continue to improve itself in all things so that its graduates are well-educated, well-skilled, well-achieved and have good characters. To do so, the institution have made improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, creativity, pleasant and motivating situations, appearance, empathy, productivity and academic ability. All of these components are certainly supporting factors in producing high quality graduates of educators and education personnel.

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Osman M. S. A., EL Sherbieny, M. M., Abd AL Hamed. R. Z., Emam A. M.

The Minimum Order Frequency Assignment Problem (MO-FAP) is one of the main four schemes of the frequency assignment problem. The MO-FAP is a process of resource management of using the limited available spectrum in communication systems efficiently. The main objective is to minimize the total number of different used frequencies in the spectrum while satisfying the increasing capacity of customers, and quality of the service. In this paper a modified PSO is called Intensified Particle Swarm Optimization (IPSO). The proposed modified PSO is used for solving MO-FAP, while tackling the original PSO of being trapped in local minimum in the search space. The execution of the IPSO incurred using LabView programming. The effectiveness and robustness of the proposed algorithm have been demonstrated on a well-known benchmark problems and comparing the results with a number of previously related works.

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Nan Pawt Sai Awar, Dr. Aye Mya Cho

Myanmar is located in earthquake prone zones in the world seismic map. The Sagaing fault line crossing north to south of the Myanmar is capable of producing damaged earthquake in present and future. Large earthquakes had recorded in this fault for many years. The 2012 Thabeikkyin earthquake occurred because of a sudden movement of the Sagaing fault. Many buildings were collapsed and damaged during this earthquake. An effective and simple risk evaluation procedure for the buildings did not have yet. This study aims to evaluate seismic risk with a simple survey procedure based on Rapid Screening Procedure for the local houses in Upper Myanmar. This procedure is used for some local houses in earthquake-affected areas during earthquake. The average percentage of the accepted houses in this study is about 84.7%. From the past study, the percentage of no damage to moderate damage in brick-nogging buildings is about 86% (646 buildings of the total 751 buildings). The result shows that most of the local houses are safe and good condition.

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Muhlis Hafel

This research aims to describe and understand in detail the inter-sectoral conflicts of maritime institutions, namely, Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI AL), Directorate of Marine Police (Ditpolair), and Marine Resources and Fisheries Supervisory Work Unit (PSDKP Satker), in activities controlling of foreign illegal fishing in Morotai Island marine. Method used to analyze the issue is case study approach in Naval Base on Morotai and Ternate, North Maluku and Ternate Ditpolair, and Satker PSDKP on Ternate and Morotai. Data collecting, using observation techniques, interviews, and literature reviews. Data analysis using qualitative method approach. The results indicated that conflict of inter-sectoral maritime institutions in activities controlling of foreign illegal fishing in Morotai Island marine caused by violation of the Joint Agreement Charter (PKB), lack of coordination with local government, and sectoral ego of inter-sectoral institutions.

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Michael E., Udeh O. R., Oyedele J., Abdulganiyu Y. L., Zakari A.

Since the discovery of energy, safety has been a paramount subject matter. This, we can see in today's electrical systems where protective devices such as fuse and circuit breakers are used to prevent fire hazards resulting from overload, overvoltage and short circuits. However, with all the revolution in technology, these options may be considered less smart since the fuse, made with wire strands calculated for specific current capacity faults permanently when the specified current rating is exceeded. While the circuit breaker which is made up of mechanical switch fails as a result of carbon forming and the wearing away of the contacts because of arcing. As a means of improvement, this paper presents the design and development of an automatic single phase protective device using solid state relay (SSR). This study is to ensure automatic cut off from power supply in cases of overvoltage (above 240 V AC) or when overload and short circuit (current above 8amps) is detected without permanent damage of a fuse placed along current path. Also the design will ensure that there is an automatic close circuit whenever the trigger switch is (momentary switch) is closed. The system is achieved via the use of PIC micro-controller, current sensor and other discrete components. The system is tested and works well inhibiting the frequent faulting of fuses. It also helps to prevent hazard as a result of overvoltage, overload and short circuit and ensures a close circuit when the trigger switch is closed.

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Michael E., Isah Y, Bako Hussaini, Hassan O. F., Ezika V. C.

The importance of line switching cannot be overemphasized as they are used to connect and disconnect substations to and from a distribution grid. At the cradle of technology, line switching was achieved via the use of manual switches or fuses which could endanger life as a result of electrocution when expose during maintenance. This ill prompted the development of automated line switching using relays and contactors. With time, this tends to fail as a result of wearing of the contact which is as a result of arcing and low voltage. To avert all these ills, this paper presents Arduino based Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) line switching using Solid State Relay (SSR). This is to ensure the safety of operators or technologist and to also avert the problem associated with relays and contactors using SSR. This was achieved using RFID RC-522 reader, ardriuno Uno, SSR and other discrete components. The system was tested and worked perfectly reducing the risk of electrocution and eliminating damage (wearing of the contacts) common with contactors and relays.

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Michael E., Otaru C. O., Liman A. D., Bomoi M. I., Awotoye B.

For years, waste bin has been part of our lives; this has necessitated many inventions and innovations to make it automated. In this light, much research was channeled towards the opening and closing of the bin when the presence of human is sensed. However, this may be considered less smart since the bin will operate when the presence of human is sensed even though there is no intention to use it. To avert this ill, this paper presents the design and development of a smart waste bin. The objective of this paper is to develop a smart waste bin that detects the presence of man at a particular distance (1 meter for usage so as not to spill the dirt) and obeys voice command to open or close the lid. This is achieved by the use of PIR, ultrasonic module, voice recognition module, Arduino and servo motor. Results gotten after testing the developed system shows that the performance of the waste bin attains a better level of smartness compared to existing waste bin.

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Ridho Alamsyah, Wasito, Ririn Irmadariyani

This research aims to analyze the Regulatory Policy of The Republic Indonesian (PMKRI) Number 91 in 2015 on Factors Affecting Tax Payer Willingness. This research is a kind of quantitative research using descriptive statistical approach.. this study uses the object in the form of personal tax payers registered in the tax office primary jember by questionnaire method. Sampling technique in this research is technique of Convinience Sampling. the sample used in this study are as many as 100 Individual Tax Payers who report the Annual SPT on 22 February to 30 March 2016 manually in KPP Pratama Jember. The results showed that the Regulatory Policy of The Republic Indonesian (PMKRI) Number 91 in 2015 has given a significant effect on the factors that influence the willingness to pay taxes that pay taxes awareness, knowledge and understanding of the tax laws as well as good perception on the effectiveness of the tax system..

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Syaefudin Suhaedi, Evi Febriana, Syaharuddin, HRP Negara

Government policies in distributing fertilizers and seeds of food crops such as rice and crops depend on the growing season of the farmers. Therefore, before conducting the distribution, it is necessary to spread early planting season in each region farmers so that the result of distribution is optimal. One of the alternatives that must be done first is to predict the pattern of hydroclimatological data cycle of the coming year to see the pattern of data of previous years. In this case required a method that can be used to predict the hydroclimatological data. The exact method used to make predictions is Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Back Propagation. As a follow-up step will be predicted by this ANN will be used to build system planning optimal cropping pattern for agricultural crops to avoid harvest failure (puso) in order to obtain maximum production results so as to support national food security. Based on the results of the simulation is known that ANN Back Propagation with two hidden layer are able to predict hydroclimatological data with an average accuracy of 95.72% - 96.61%. While the prediction validation obtained an average percentage error of 1.12% with the accuracy of 99.76%. The data used for training, testing, validation, and prediction are data in Central Lombok, NTB, Indonesia.

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Nsengiyumva, A., Mbabazi, M. P., Rurangwa, E., Shukla,J. &Ntaganira,E.

Common bean has emerged to be an important staple food as well as cash crop for the majority of farmers in Rwanda. Productivity is a function of the usage of improved inputs like seeds, fertilizers, combined with farm management practices. Although biofertified beans have been introduced as improved varieties, their adoption is disappointing. This study was initiated with the objective to assess the effect of adoption of biofortified beans on social economic welfare of farmers in Nyagatare district, Eastern province of Rwanda. Stratified survey was used with 197 households’ heads’ selected by multi stage random sampling and cluster sampling. Qualitative and quantitative methods were then used for data collection. Propensity Score Match was performed to determine the effect of adoption on bean yield and income between adopters and non-adopters groups. The results showed that in four agriculture seasons considered 2016 A, 2015 B, 2015 A and 2014 B, Average Total Effect (ATE) between the yield of adopters and non-adopters were 334.0625, 499.3531, 185.4956 and 241.575 respectively, and were significantly different (p< 0.05). Application of propensity score matching on income between two groups of farmers overlapped due to backyard farmers. Biofertified beans proved potential for high production and income than local bean varieties.

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Zaimar, Mursalim, H. Abbas, Supratomo

Changes of shape, dimension, and component part of impeller might change of characteristic fluid flow so that pressure static in the fan housing changed. Changing some geometric characteristics of the centrifugal fan has more efficiency taking with energy crises into consideration. Several factors that can affect fan performance, namely: design and type, size, rotation speed, air condition or gas through a fan, operating point on the nature of the relationship between a volume of air flow and pressure. The purpose of this research was to test of fan performance of the modified centrifugal fan with the serrated blade impeller. The addition of a percentage of closing the inlet causes the air volumetric rate, the airflow energy, BHP and total efficiency (except for the fan total and static pressure). The experimental test results, there are static pressure data and the resulting total pressure is different or distorted (10-17% of deviation) from calculation data based on the fan laws. This is possible because of changes in the shape of the blade with serrated on the inside of the impeller. Based on the performance curve shows that the selection of impeller speeds of 800 RPM produces a relatively high air volumetric rate is proportional to the total pressure of the fan and the flow energy so that it is more efficient than other impeller speeds.

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Zulqarnain M., Dayan F.

Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) uses different techniques to find a best alternative from multi-alternative and multi-criteria conditions. Classical TOPSIS uses crisp techniques for the linguistic assessments, but due to imprecise and fuzziness nature of the linguistic assessments, there must be some tools to deal this vague information. In this paper, we discuss about Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS (IF-TOPSIS) and use this method for the selection of best alternative for an automotive company.

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Enny Virda Yuniarti, Emyk Windartik, Amar Akbar

Gout arthritis is the build up of uric acid in the joints causing pain manifestations. In addition to pharmacological treatment that is, non-pharmacological treatment is necessary also to pain, using red ginger compress. This research aimed to determine the effect of red ginger compress to decrease the patient's pain scale of uric acid. The research design uses a quasi-experimental approach non randomized control group pretest-posttest design. The sampling used total sampling in order to extract some 24 elderly respondents who suffer from gout in Elderly hospice Mojopahit Mojokerto. Data of this research were taken from the checklist and observation sheets pain scale before and after the administration of red ginger compress. Analysis of data used statistical test two independent samples t test. The results showed a pain scale of respondents in the treatment group were on a scale of 4-6 and 7-9, and after being given the scale of the intervention to the scale of 1-3 and 4-6 scale, whereas the control group did not experience a decrease in pain scale. Statistical test results 2 independent samples t test obtained p value 0.029 (p <0.05). So H0 is rejected, which means there is the effect of red ginger compress to decrease the patient's pain scale of uric acid. Red ginger compress for gout sufferers who are experiencing pain, decrease pain scale effect on the how to help lower levels of prostaglandins and leukotriene (inflammatory mediators) and performed regularly 1 times a day for 15-30 minutes.

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Amrit Kumar Jha

Farmers’ field trial was conducted at Patratu (Ramgarh) to study the effect of lime, compost, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for remediation of high trace metal levels in mustard-maize cropping system. Results reveal that microbial inoculants with or without vermicompost increased the trace metal removal, however, vermicompost alone decreased the removal. Vermicompost, lime and lime + vermicompost significantly reduced the total Cd uptake by mustard and maize. Inoculation with Glomus mossae resulted in elevated level of Cd in mustard and maize plants. Total trace metal content in soil was significantly reduced by microbial inoculation alone or that in combination with vermicompost. However, DTPA-extractable trace metals decreased with addition of amendments as well as inoculation of microbes. Glomus mossae was most effective in remediating the trace metals. under this study, the total metal content reduced effectively by their inoculation alone while inoculation along with vermicompost resulted in reducing the DTPA-extractable fraction, more effectively. The extent of reduction in total Cd and Pb after harvest of both crops was 6 to 26 and 5 to 12 per cent, respectively over control. However, the corresponding values observed for DTPA extractable Cd and Pb was 53 to 65 and 20 to 32 per cent over control in microbial inoculation and 46 to 47 and 14 to 17 per cent in case of amendments.

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Dr. Mustapha Bin Danquah

In his study, Holloway (2014) intimated that English takes the crown as the most common second language around the world with 55 countries speaking it as a second language. This corroborates Mydans’ (2007:2) expression that English is “riding the crest of globalization and technology”, because it dominates the world as no language ever has. By the most common estimates, 400 million people speak English as a first language, another 300 million to 500million as a fluent second language, and perhaps 750 million as a foreign language. Mydansfurther stated that it is “the common language in almost every aspect of life, from science to air traffic control and to a student playing with his classmates and on the radio, pop music carries the sounds of English to almost every corner of the earth” (p. 2). Little wonder, Winter (2014), the coordinator of a multidisciplinary research team, refers to English as the most influential language in the world.

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Boukari Souley, Ismail Abdulkarim Adamu

the increase use of hand held devices such as smart phones to access multimedia content in the cloud is increasing with rise and growth in information technology. Mobile cloud computing is increasingly used today because it allows users to have access to variety of resources in the cloud such as image, video, audio and software applications with minimal usage of their inbuilt resources such as storage memory by using the one available in the cloud. The major challenge faced with mobile cloud computing is security. Watermarking and digital signature are some techniques used to provide security and authentication on user data in the cloud. Watermarking is a technique used to embed digital data within a multimedia content such as image, video or audio in order to prevent authorized access to those content by intruders whereas, digital signature is used to identify and verify user data when accessed. In this work, we implemented digital signature and robust reversible image watermarking in order enhance mobile cloud computing security and integrity of data by providing double authentication techniques. The results obtained show the effectiveness of combining the two techniques, robust reversible watermarking and digital signature by providing strong authentication to ensures data integrity and extract the original content watermarked without changes.

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Sulaiman L. Azis

The decentralization of education in accordance with the Law on Regional Autonomy in Indonesia is the delegation of authority in the form of regulation, management, guidance, supervision and substance, curriculum, quality of learning, teacher qualification, and infrastructure in the education service unit from the central government to regency/city governments. The management objectives cover three strategic steps, namely; increasing equity and expanding opportunities to obtain quality education; development of competition insight and nation's superiority; and strengthen education linkages to match development needs. In its implementation constrained several problems, especially curriculum, human resources, funds, and educational infrastructure. The success of the decentralization of education in addition to the commitment of government in the development of institutional and coordination organizations, also requires the professionalism of supervisors in carrying out professional coaching teachers.

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Ameilia Zuliyanti Siregar, Himma Dewiyana

It has been identified the extent of damage due to the activity of Captotermes sp, Microtermis sp, Formica sp, Araneus sp and Stegonium sp on books in the USU Library. Furthermore, prevention of dominant pest attack on the book containing cellulose as the main food of termites, termites control (action term) control by Action Research method (action research, Kurt Lewin adoption) is done intensively from July to September 2017. used are of neem leaf (Azadirachta indica), tobacco leaf (Nicotiana tabacum), rubber cassava leaf (Manihot glaziovii), and betel nut (Areca catechu) which can be used as Termite Baiting System (TBS). This method includes three stages, in the form of planning (planning), activity and reflection (actuating and reflexion) and evaluation (evaluation). The results show the higher number of termites in F1799.3 = 0.328* with zero days after application. Based on the research recorded in sampling for 3 months with 4 treatments had a significant effect on the percentage of the number of termites that died and collected with the value of F is 86.27, p ˂ 0,000 and the percentage of death is F = 59.13 (p ˂ 0,000). Pearson correlation value recorded percentage of termite mortality (r = 0.349 **) and percentage of book affected (r = -0,597**) showed a very significant relationship. Pinet pellet is the best attractant in controlling termite pests, followed by tobacco plants, poisonous yams, and neem. Optimal FFB techniques in its use can control termite colonies in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Leola Dewiyani, M. Kosasih

Currently, it is undeniable that the competition to get a job is very tight and of course universities have an important role in printing human resources that can compete globally, not least with the Department of Industrial Engineering Faculty of Engineering, Muhammadiyah University of Jakarta (FT UMJ). Problems that occur is based on the analysis obtained from the track record of graduates, researchers found that 60 percent of students of Industrial Engineering (FT UMJ) work not in accordance with the level of education owned so financially their income is still below the standard. This study aims to improve the competence of students of Industrial Engineering Department FT UMJ in entrepreneurship courses, especially through the development of Problem Based Learning based learning model. Specific targets of this research were conducted with the aim to identify and analyze the need to implement learning model based on Problem Based Learning Entrepreneurship and to design and develop the model of entrepreneurship based on Problem Based Learning to improve the competence, independence and creativity of Industrial Engineering students of FT UMJ in Entrepreneurship course. To achieve the above objectives, this research uses research and development (R & D) method. The product produced in this research is the detail of learning model of entrepreneurial model based on Problem Based Learning; entrepreneurship model based on Problem Based Learning; and international journals

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Trijeti, M. Harris Maulana

During SUTT tower construction starting from survey, foundation work, steel installation, tower towing and other, the possibility of risk must exist. These constraints are found both technical and non-technical that can affect the performance of the project. What is discussed is what dominant risks arise that affect the length of time of implementation and how the determination of risk categories and ratios occurring in SUTT development. The purpose of writing is to identify the risk due to the project and analyze the most dominant risk that can affect the implementation time of the project SUTT. Questionnaires were spread to the contractor and analyzed with Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to determine the risk rating, then using risk factors SNI. From interviews with experts, handling responses were obtained for the 3 highest risk ratios: difficult site locations should be made of work paths for material transport and when passing community land must seek permission from the landowner. Bad weather should stop work to keep workers safe and wait for the weather to improve. Socialization of the community by taking a social approach to the local government and community leaders who are in the project environment.

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Hamit Topuz, W.L.Wilkinson

This study shows how dispersions consisted of droplet sizes ranging from 100 microns and above of immiscible liquids in agitated vessels coalesced and settled back to their phases by employing commercially known as knit-mesh made from stainless steel and nylon. These components known as higher surface energy and lower surface energy contained coalesce aids respectively. In addition, to compare, coalesce aid made purely from commercially known as duplex-nylon also used. The experimental set up was 1:3 scale of a single stage mixer-settler unit of the already existing unit which was in use at BNFL Springfield Works. The liquid –liquid system made from 20 % tri-butyl-phosphate (TBP) technical grade of odorless kerosene forming the light organic phase or solvent phase and, 5% M nitric acid forming the heavy aqueous phase. The solvent phase contained 70 gram of uranium per liter. Uranium contained phase was supplied by above mentioned company.

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Purnamie Titisari

The objectives of this research are: (a) to analyze the model of the optimization of the empowerment and performance improvement of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by identifying and analyzing the external and internal conditions, human resource capability, new product development capability, and production and operation capability, (b) to analyze the competency level that consists of knowledge, skills, and abilities of the human resources of the SMEs and (c) to examine the effect of internal and external factors and human resource competencies on the innovation capability and performance of the SMEs. The population of this study was all SMEs’ workers or craftsmen in the creative industry center located in Jember that consisted of 30 persons from SumberJambe Batik and 20 persons from Tanoker. Census sampling was applied in this research. Data were analyzed by using Partial Least Square (PLS). Results show that most respondents agree and give positive assessment on the external factors of the SMEs of SumberJambe Batik and Tanoker. Most respondents also give positive evaluation on the level of human resource competency of the SMEs that consists of knowledge, skills, and abilities. The competency factor of human resources has a positive effect on the innovation capability of the employee. Thus, the hypothesis which states that internal factors, external factors, and human resources competency positively affect the performance of SumberJamber Batik and Tanoker in Jember is accepted.

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S. Pehlivanlar Onen, O. Aygun

The aim of this study was to determine enterotoxin producing ability and antimicrobial susceptibility of coagulase negative staphylococci (CNS) in goats’ bulk milk, cheese and salted yoghurt. CNS strains were identified by using GP card in VITEK 2 system. The presence of enterotoxins was determined by enzyme immunoassay test by using RIDASCREEN test kit. Antibiotic susceptibility in CNS strains was detected by using AST-P640 card in VITEK 2 system. A total of 100 CNS strains were isolated in 22 (55%) bulk milk samples and in 23 (57.5%) cheese samples. Staphylococcus spp. could not be isolated from salted yoghurt samples. The most encountered species were S. caprae (51.9%), S. chromogenes (11.5%) and S. xylosus (9.6%) from milk samples and S. saprophyticus (60.4%), S. xylosus (12.5%) and S. haemolyticus (8.3%) from cheese samples. Four CNS strains (4%) isolated from samples were capable of producing enterotoxin. While all isolates were resistant to at least one antibiotic, 74% of CNS strains showed resistance to two or more antibiotics. Enterotoxin production ability and high antibiotic resistance of the CNS strains isolated from goat bulk milk and cheese can lead to a risk for public health.

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In Ethiopia most of the buildings and roads are constructed without thorough investigation of geological environment and materials. This is due to during all civil engineering structures site investigations and constructions on the odd occasion engineering geologist are involved. This made different problems on engineering structures in Ethiopia such as subsidence, cracking and settlement of buildings and roads. Not only this but also less experience of designing and consulting engineers in the construction company. To reveal that the root cause of this problemthe detail research finding was needed to solve these difficulties in construction around Arbaminch town. To characterize the area this research work used visual observations of the geology, geo-botanical condition, measuring of horizontal and vertical variation of the lithology, drilling trial test pits and trenches as well as engineering characterization of soil in the laboratory. Based on these, different zones of engineering geological maps were produced depending on different situations. The parameters were geological structural measurements, surficial geo-dynamic activities, geotechnical characteristics of geological materials, and geo-botanical conditions.The basic scenario identified during this research is soil types and its thickness, the undulating surface of sound rock surface and groundwater fluctuation. Based on these results it is better to use deep foundation or deep excavation to get sound rock with uniform bearing capacity or to replace weak geological materials by better geological materials.

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Onaopemipo Taiwo

It is desirable for an electric network to be 100% efficient, in which case the total power generated in the network equals the total power consumed. However, due to the presence of impedances in transmission lines connecting buses as well as Transformer windings, some inevitable power losses are incurred. It becomes necessary to bring these losses to their lowest ebb to reduce the cost of generating power as well as improve the overall efficiency of the network. In this vein, the 330-kV, Nigerian 31-Bus system has been selected for power flow analysis. A careful observation of this system shows that some bus voltages are below the permitted voltage limit of 0.95pu-1.05pu (313.5kV-346.5kV). Kano (0.7193pu), Gombe(0.7961pu), Jos (0.8123pu), Katampe (0.9044pu), Kaduna (0.8530pu), Yola (0.7975pu) and Jalingo (0.7917pu) are buses that have violated this limit. Kano bus (0.7193pu) has the lowest voltage because it has a large load and is far from Generator buses. The essence of this analysis is to use tap changing Transformers as well as Capacitive and Inductive shunt compensators to improve the bus voltages to acceptable values while bringing the total power losses to the barest minimum. The method employed in this power flow analysis is the Newton-Rapson (N-R) iterative technique written in code-based “R”.

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Nana Sepriyanti, Ahmad Fauzan, I Made Arnawa, Lufri

The preliminary study on Calculus classes in Department of Mathematics of Tarbiyah Faculty of IAIN Imam Bonjol Padang, reveals that the instructional process and materials that the lecturer used not yet facilitated the students to construct their own learning in calculus. The effectiveness of learning calculus is still low and the learning process is still conventional. So that, it needs for the development of calculus-based contextual learning model. The purposes of this research were to develop a model of calculus based contextual learning (CBCL) that is valid, practical, and effective. But, in this article, it just discussed about the effectiveness of this model. A Design research was conducted to develop a model of calculus instruction through contextual based adapted from the model suggested by Plomp [18]. The design research phases involved preliminary research, prototyping phase and assessment phase. The research data were qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data were collected through observation and questionnaires and quantitative data were obtained through testing and observation activities of students. The result of prototype phase showed that the Syntax calculus-based contextual learning model consists of five phases, namely: (1) Phase 1. Delivering objective, Giving Motivation and Apperception, (2) Phase 2. Organize the students into groups and Delivering learning how to learn, (3) Phase 3. Guided group work, (4) Phase 4. Guiding and Class Discussion (5) Phase 5. Reflection and Evaluation. The improvement of the model of CBCL at the effectivity test show that the all four aspects of assessment obtain the effectivity percentage value with effective category, that is the result of students activity observation of the model of CBCL is 70,5% with effective category, students learning interest questionnaire of the model of CBCL is 76,5% with effective category, the IWS score is 74,39 with effective category. The students’ mathematical connection ability taught by using the model of CBCL is higher than the student mathematical connection ability taught by using conventional learning.

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Desderia Mgombezi, VegiMaheswara Rao, Said Hamad Vuai, Somit K. Singh

Water with high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions is hard water. Water is essential for animals and plants.But water with very high concentrations of calcium and magnesium is harmful to health and also economically costlyfor replacement of damaged pipes due to clogging in industries. Four samples of well water were collected from Swaswa, Kisasa, Nzuguni and Ng’hong’onha in Dodoma municipality, Tanzania. This study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of naturally available cactusmaterials (Opuntiaspp) as adsorbents for hard water treatment. Determination of hardness before and after treatment was carried out by using EDTA titrimetric method. The results revealed that the concentration of hardness decreased as the dose of adsorbent increased. The initial hardness before treatment was found as 547 mg/L.With 0.5 g of adsorbent the hardness decreased to 268.7 mg/L. The effective dose of adsorbent was 3.5 g which reduced the hardness to 105.46 mg/L. The maximum efficiency of hardness removal for the adsorbents studied in this research was 80.7 %. From this study, it is found that the adsorbents prepared from cactus materials have shown higher efficiency in removing hardness; hence this adsorbent is highly recommended for the hardness removal purposes.

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Bambang Gunawan, Sri Purwanti, Nurlina, Tatuk Tojibatus

The advantage of cattle breeding in addition to giving a positive impact providing main products such as meat and milk, also have the another advance. As matter of fact, the livestock business must produce waste. Within use appropriate technology by utilizing cattle liquid waste into fertilizer material after going through the processing or fermentation process to become an organic fertilizer that is beneficial to the plant. This study proposed to carry out the effect of POC concentration of cattle urine on the germination rate of sugarcane bud that is more effective and efficient. The experiment was conducted at Experimental Garden of Agricultural Faculty at the University of Merdeka Surabaya, with an elevation of ± 5 meters above sea level. This research used Randomized Block Design (RAK), with 1 treatment factor. The POC concentration of cattle urine (P) consisted of 8 treatment levels ie 0 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 40 ml, 50 ml, 60 ml, and 70 ml POC per liter of water. This research revealed two results; first, the significant influence of POC concentration of cow urine on increasing growth of sugarcane bud plant on the variables studied, including bud length, root number, and dry weight per plant during germination period of sugarcane plant. Second, The highest value achieved by treatment P7 is the concentration of 70 ml of POC of cow urine per liter of water at all observation parameters.

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Yiğitcan Bora, U.Bahadır Önen, Dr. Nurettin Umurkan

Nowadays with the population growth, utilization of public transport and individual vehicles in transportation network is increasing rapidly. Concordantly the usage of fossil fuel rates is going up. Fossil fuels are not only used in transportation sector in the same breath they are intensely used in energy production, buildings and industry sector. Effectively use of these resources cause harmful gases. Besides, adopted sustainable energy policy is obstructed by the reason of these resources’ exhaustible nature. More recently electric vehicles (EVs) come into prominence in order to preclude such concerns of conventional internal combustion engines (ICEs). In order for environmentally friendly EVs to be able to replace vehicles which has ICE, researches are focused on maximizing the range of batteries, optimizing the charging times and minimizing the negative effects on system. In this present study the relationship between EVs and smart grids, battery types and charging stations are examined.

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Chu Thi Thanh Huong, Huynh Thi Lan Huong, Tran Thuc

To cope with the impact of climate change over the past years, Quang Ngai Province, Viet Nam has implemented responding measures including developing action plans to respond to climate change and implementing some adaptation actions. However, the effectiveness of these adaptation actions has not only been fully assessed in Quang Ngai province but also in the whole country. In order to assess the effectiveness of the adaptation activities in order to adjust direction of development the new activities to response to climate change impacts, the process for assessing the effectiveness of the adaptation actions have been developed based on the Result Based Management Method (RBM) and the Delphi Technique. This process is applied to assess the effectiveness of “Reforestation and Restoration of Coastal Mangroves in Binh Thuan Commune, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai province” project. The initial results show that the project has certain effectiveness on the socio-economic development aspect and climate change response. It is necessary to continue to access the effectiveness of the adaptation capability of the project to have more concrete results and to see the long-term effectiveness of the project.

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Lotfi Harrabi, Jean-Yves Dréan, Adrien Tritter

This paper presents results from the first hemp experiments in Aspach-le-bas (France) carried out during summer 2014. Field trials were performed, testing the variety Futura 75 at a seed rate of 50 kg/ha. Two rain densities have been used to analyse the effect of irrigation on its growth. Seven different configurations have been also studied in this work in order to figure out the best one for the hemp cultivation in this region. The composition of hemp biomass in terms of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignine has also been analysed for each configuration.

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Niaz Morshedul Haque, Ifthekhar Ahammad, Sayem Miah, Asad Ahmed Miki, Hasan Ahmed

This paper deals with the design and construct of a 100 Watt, 220 Volt and 50 Hz Inverter. The system is designed without any microcontroller and it has a cost-effective design architecture. The elementary purpose of this device is to transmute 12 V DC to 220 V AC. Snubber technology is used to diminish the reverse potential, transients and excessive heat of transformer winding and transistor switches. Switching pulse generated by NE 555 timer circuit and comparator circuit was used to take signal strength input from its rear as well as from both sides for triggering the MOSFET switches. Another switch is used to invert pulse between two switching circuitries. A 5 volts regulator (IC: 7805) was used to supply fixed 5V for biasing the switching and amplifying circuitry.

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Tariku Sinshaw

There has been an issue of overload passenger monitoring despite having stationed police at different locations for manual checkups. This has led to many injuries and death due to passengers being overloaded. This project aims at developing a system for monitoring and reporting excess passengers in public transport. It is based on global system for mobile communication (GSM) modem. This paper includes GSM modem, liquid crystal display (LCD) and buzzer alarm as output from microcontroller and passive infrared ray (PIR) sensor as input. If the number of passengers become above the required, the microcontroller send data’s to the GSM modem. GSM modem transmit the information to a database and then to the respective authority such as traffic police. The central database stores all information for the systemsuchas different traffic police stations with respective contact numbers, user name and message sent by the system. This helps to control excessive passenger, hence reduces the number of deaths and severe injuries.

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Evi Susilawati

The purpose of this research is to develop the learning of Civic Education based on blended learning in Faculty of Education and Education of Islamic University of North Sumatera (UISU). This research uses mixed methods research. The subject of the research is the students of the Faculty of Education and Education of the Islamic University of North Sumatra. Subject selection is based on a consideration because they have generally mastered the computer and even they have followed the lectures online, so it is suspected will not face technical problems in following the Civic Education course. Data collection using questionnaires with faculty research subjects and students of the Faculty of Education and Education Islamic University of North Sumatra. Blended learning option is to answer the main problems in this research is how to optimize the use of computer technology in the process of learning Civics in the Faculty of Education and Education Islamic University of North Sumatra. Through this research produced learning products. Before actually applied in the learning process in the form of learning management system, as the product of the development will be tested the level of effectiveness, efficiency and interesting in the process of learning Civics.

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Arnis Budi Susanto, Wasito

Innovation strategy is a key driver for the performance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by applying a culture of innovation in a strategic and structured way. To improve the performance of SMEs innovation strategies are aligned and closely related to the innovation process undertaken by SMEs in various fields

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Frank Peprah, Michael Asante

Face Recognition System employs a variety of feature extraction (projection) techniques which are grouped into Appearance-Based and Feature-Based. In a vast majority of the studies undertaken in the field of Face Recognition special attention is given to the Appearance-Based Methods which represent the dominant and most popular feature extraction technique used. Even though a number of comparative studies exist, researchers have not reached consensus within the scientific community regarding the relative ranking of the efficiency of the appearance-based methods (LDA, PCA etc) for face recognition task. This paper studied two appearance-based methods (LDA, PCA) separately with three (3) distance metrics (similarity measures) such as Euclidean distance, City Block & Cosine to ascertain which projection-metric combination was relatively more efficient in terms of time it takes to recognise a face. The study considered the effect of varying the image data size in a training database on all the projection-metric methods implemented. LDA-Cosine Distance Metric was consequently ascertained to be the most efficient when tested with two separate standard databases (AT & T Face Database and Indian Face Database). It was also concluded that LDA outperformed PCA.

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Osarumwense, P.O, Edema, M.O, Usifoh, O, Marvis, E.

The condensation of methyl 3, 5-dibromoanthranilate with acetic anhydride yielded the cyclic compound 2-Methyl-6, 8-dibromo-4H-benzo-oxazine-4-one which further produce a novel 2, 3-disubstituted quinazolin-4-ones via the reaction with hydrazine hydrate. The compounds synthesized were unequivocally confirmed by means of infrared, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (1H and 13C), Gas chromatography Mass Spectrophotometer and Elemental analysis.

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A. J. M. Morshed

The current study has played an important role for the determination of heavy metals in the different types of face wash. In this study, 32 samples of 15 branded face wash were gathered from the local market in Bangladesh. The analysis of these samples has performed using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). A total of 16 samples are herbal and also 16 are synthetic out of 32 samples. The range of heavy metal concentration for synthetic face wash was obtained (0.55 – 11.35)ppm for iron followed by BDL for cobalt, (BDL – 0.50)ppm for nickel, (BDL – 0.66)ppm for copper, (0.28 – 10.92)ppm for zinc, (BDL – 0.21)ppm for lead, BDL for cadmium, (BDL – 0.51)ppm for manganese and (BDL – 7.19)ppm for chromium. On the other hand herbal face wash samples contain the range of heavy metals as (0.80 – 1358.46)ppm for iron followed by BDL for cobalt, (BDL – 0.43)ppm for nickel, (BDL – 1.85)ppm for copper, (0.37 – 136.77)ppm for zinc, (BDL – 28.13)ppm for lead, (BDL – 0.02)ppm for cadmium, (BDL – 32.17)ppm for manganese and (BDL – 14.95)ppm for chromium. It was referred that very high concentration of iron has found in three herbal samples. One herbal product also contains high concentration of lead. The excess range of chromium has found in one synthetic and two herbal products. It was observed that four herbal samples hold the high concentration of zinc and also two herbal products contain excess amount of manganese. The high mean value of iron was obtained from both synthetic (as 5.58ppm) and herbal (as 166.42ppm) face washes. It was noted that the low mean value was found for both cobalt and cadmium in synthetic samples where only the cobalt has shown low mean value in herbal samples.

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Boumann Ephraim Sule

Solar energy, obtained from the sun, is the world most abundant and cheapest source of energy as a cooking fuel. It comes in two forms: Concentrated Solar Thermal, direct conversion of solar energy to heat that cooks and Solar Photovoltaic (PV) a conversion of solar energy to electrical then to heat energy, the former technology is simple and far cheaper. Despite all these architectural and engineering researches is yet to capture it for indoor cooking because of inability to cook year round due the claimed hindrances by weather condition such as clouds, rainfall, wind, dusty atmosphere and many others. This paper attempted to look into the possibility of cooking year round in Kaduna city. It collected and analyzed ten years climatic data from three different meteorological stations strategically located round the city; this showed a low solar radiation in the month of August. It further compared the result with a literature review of solar cooking carried in the same month, the findings showed at the peak of each weather hindrance a another element overrides it to give enough minimum energy for cooking a meal(s). This paper has therefore pointed the potentials of Kaduna city climate for year round use of concentrated solar thermal as a cooking fuel in residential building and further recommends the architectural collaboration with engineers for the direct capturing of solar rays into residential dwelling as a sustainable cooking fuel.

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Xuan Nam Chu

According to experts, enhancing competitiveness is an important solution for enterprises to build competitive capacity in bidding, deciding the majority of win or lose in bidding. A good contractor can be eliminated in the first round because the bid does not meet the requirements of the investor. In order to have a good quality of bids, enterprises should pay attention to the following tasks: organizing the preparation of bidding dossiers, setting the bidding prices, selecting the optimum construction methods and work implementation plans. after bidding. Improving the quality of the bid preparation process should start from improving the quality of the staff in charge of bidding. At present, the experience of bidding of many enterprises is limited, especially the experience of working with foreign investors. Therefore, businesses need to build a team of qualified professionals in the field of bidding. The training and professional fostering in this field should be carried out annually. They focus on foreign languages, informatics, knowledge of law and knowledge on international bidding. This is considered important preparatory steps that enterprises want to improve their competitiveness when participating in bidding, especially participation in bidding packages using international donors and bidding packages cannot ignore it.

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Xuan Nam Chu

The increase in maritime activity in this key area also implies the risk of accidents at sea. Recently there have been many collisions or sinking incident, fatal, causing great damage to imports and exports. What to do to best support the maritime means and minimize the number of accidents occurring on the lifeblood of the region is an urgent need for the maritime industry in general and the company guarantees maritime safety in particular.

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Yuris Maulana Akhmad, Isti Fadah, Istatuk Budi Yuswanto, Yuangga Ramad Ramadhan

Jember develop Batik is used as one of the area's identity. Although less famous Jember batik with batik-batik in Java batik is actually in this area has existed since the time of the Dutch East Indies. The purpose of this study is: To know and explore the riches of jember batik, batik jember To see the potential, to analyze the fundamental problems faced by batik entrepreneurs jember, To analyze the fundamental problems faced by batik entrepreneurs jember, to determine the contribution of Jember Fashion Carnaval in increasing turnover batik Jember. This research is a qualitative descriptive study that describes the phenomenon in depth. This study uses primary data is the result of interviews with key people associated with the object of research. The results showed Batik Jember excavated from local wisdom that is inspired by the town of Jember commodities featured in the tobacco and cocoa industries Batik Jember able to increase revenues, especially those working in the batik industry. JFC proven to be a branding for the town of Jember. People know Jember not only as a producer of tobacco and cocoa, but as a city of world-class carnival

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Rajendra Prasad, Kedar Narayan, Raj kumar

Friction welding is a solid state welding technique which is being used in recent times to weld similar as well as dissimilar metals for getting defect free weld. Many combinations like low carbon to stainless steel, austenitic to ferrite stainless steel, aluminium to copper and titanium to aluminium or steel have been tried out by various solid state welding processes with quite good results. In the present work the 3 level full factorial design has been employed to investigate the effect of welding parameters on tensile strength, toughness and heat generation during the welding of Al-6061 alloy. Mathematical relationships between friction welding parameters and mechanical properties like heat generation, tensile strength and toughness have also been developed. An attempt has also been made to examine the fracture surfaces of test specimens using SEM. It has been found that welding speed is the most significant parameter that’s affect the heat generation, tensile strength and toughness. it has been found that tensile strength and toughness during welding increases with increased in welding speed, while tensile strength and toughness initially increased as the welding time increases, after that it decreased with increase in welding time. The difference in weight of alloying elements can be clearly seen by analyzing spectrum of elements.

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Bharadwaj Turlapati, Amulya Pramidi

In a world, where connecting and communicating with devices have never been more in need, The Internet of Things thereby has a demanding need for a strategy of a design to ensure the communication between these devices is reliable, maintainable and scalable. Having many permutations and combinations of possibilities of devices and solutions offered to world, this paper addresses a solution with a working use case to design the system, check for reliability, throughput, maintainability, scalability and address the issues in the current system and how this design will help to overcome those issues.

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Sudarlan, Omar Dhanny

East Kalimantan Province is one of the rich provinces in natural resources such as coal mining, oil and gas. Utilization of the natural resources is expected to be used optimally to improve the welfare of the community. The purpose of this research is to find out how big the influence of natural resources sector which the consist of mining and quarrying sector and processing industry sector and government expenditure for education against poverty alleviation in East Kalimantan Province. This research uses explanatory method with time-series and cross-section data and applying multiple regression model with Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method. The results of this study show that (a) the natural resource sector and government spending on education have no effect on per capita income growth, (b) economic growth as measured by per capita income growth positively affects on poverty and government spending on education is not significantly influential to poverty reduction, and (c) the natural resource sector has no significant effect on the poverty headcount in East Kalimantan.

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Sofyan Abas

This research was conducted to analyze the role of Sharia banking in strengthening the micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) in North Maluku, Indonesia. This research is a qualitative research that is analytical descriptive. This qualitative research is actually a study of economic institutions acceleration, mainly Islamic banking finance institutions in North Maluku Province in financial intermediation activities, such as financing partnerships with UMKM in terms of financing to support the strengthening of regional and national economies. The data sources of study were obtained from competent informants and directly involved with the activities of their respective institutions, among others, officials in the Sharia Banking, officials in the ranks of the Cooperatives and UMKM service, the elements of business entities of the UMKM group and related stakeholders in North Maluku province. The results show that the role of financial intermediary of Sharia banking in North Maluku Province can accelerate the sector of UMKM as a pillar of the society's economy. Therefore, the business capital of Sharia banking is a very basic requirement for UMKM sector to exist in its economic business in North Maluku.

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Wilda al Aluf, Sudarsih, DidikPudjoMusmedi, Supriyadi

This research aims to analyze the effect of motivation, job satisfaction and work environment on the employee performance at hospitalization department of Asembagusregional public hospital Situbondo district, Indonesia. This research could be classified as explanatory research. Using cencus sampling method, the sample of this research was all the employee of Asembagusregional public particularly in hospitalization department as many as 49 persons. The data was analyzed using multiple linear regression. The result showed that motivation has positive and significant effect on the performance of employee. It indicates that better motivation will increase the performance of employee.Job satisfaction has positive and significant effect on the employee performance. It means that higher job satisfaction of employee to their office will increase the performance of employee in Asembagus hospital. Work environment also has positive and significant effect on the employee performance.This research contributes to knowledge regarding how to motivate employees to work hard, how to make employee feels satisfied with their job, and how to provide adequate work environment on the workplace.As a final point, it will be useful for further studies to compare the results of this study in different sectors and regions to analyze the similarities and dissimilarities.

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Ukpong, A. J., Ikediasor K.C., Ekhalialu O. M., Osung E. W.

Sequence stratigraphic analysis was carried out on well “X2” (interval 2590m -3300m) in the Greater Ughelli Depobelt of the Niger Delta based on wireline logs and biostratigraphic data. Standard laboratory preparatory and analytical methods were employed during the study and the data sets generated were integrated to construct a high resolution sequence stratigraphic framework for the study well. Results of the analysis revealed two (2) 3rd order depositional sequences and three (3) Maximum Flooding Surfaces (MFS 1, 2, and 3) dated ?33.0ma, ?31.3ma, and ?24.3ma respectively. The sedimentary units (mostly sandstone and shale intercalations) penetrated by the study well form part of the Agbada Formation of the Niger Delta and are of Early to Late Oligocene and younger ages. This age assignment is based on the co-occurrences of index foraminiferal taxa (Hopkinsina bononiensis, Spiroplectammina wrightii, Uvigerinella sparsicostata, Lenticulina grandis and Bolivina imperatrix) recovered from well “X2”. The study well consists of Highstand System Tracts (HST) and Transgressive System Tracts (TST) which are made up of aggradational, progradational and retrogradational facies sequences.

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Oda I. B. Hariyanto

World happiness index becomes highlights and hot topics to be discussed because those cases will impact globally, to solve the problems are by doing improvement and development continuously with giving comprehension and improvement toward quality of life. Thinking paradigm orientates to society; development and service are based to society, happiness index of a country becomes parameter of success that leads its society to a safe, peaceful and prosperous life. This research method uses descriptive qualitative research method with multidisciplinary approach, the reason of this study is conducted naturally by using some methods, theories, techniques, and instruments. The aims of the study is to get factual data so it produces an accurate and valid research. This finding especially can be spirit and motivation in developing and serving to society-based, so it improves image of West Java Province particularly and for Indonesia in the worlds’ eye.

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Seidu Azizu, Mohammed Fuseini, Shafaatu Alhassan Daud

Modelling terminal examination management system using link softwares for Senior High Schools in Ghana is reported. Both Microsoft Excel and Access were integrated as back and front-end respectively. The two softwares were linked for update of records as well as security purposes during data entry of students’ records. The link was collapsed after the deadline of data entry to convert the access table to local and enhance data security. Based on the proposed system, multiple parameters such as invigilators, marks, grades, attendance, and absenteeism were assessed and identified for the various subjects in the entire examination processes. The System applied structured query language(sql) for searching specific named parameter for analysis where the total number written papers, number of students and performance could also be accessed.

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Mohammad. Sharif. Malekzadeh , Abbas. Saleh Ardestani , Shohrehosadat. KarimiJahromi

In traditional costing systems, the emphasis is on the production volume and products' units and also it is assumed that the products consume the resources. In activity based costing, it is argued that the production of the products requires some activities and activities are consumers of the resources. Therefore, in costing based on the activity, initially overhead costs is allocated to the activities (pile up of costs under the title of costs reservoirs) and then the allocated costs to the activities are allocated based on a factor called cost driver to products or production lines. In activity based costing, the major activities in the process of production are divided into four classes of product unit level, product category level, product support level, and factory level. In the present research we aim to design a budgeting model with strategic planning approach and regarding the views of the elites and the previous researches, a questionnaire is presented on the intended field and using the structural equations (SEMs) a model is presented in order to evaluate the parameters of the applied strategy in the Ministry of Power that according to the results related to the impact coefficient the greatest coefficient is related to the allocation of financial resources on financial strategy dimension with an impact factor value of 4.954.

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Syafrizal Ikram

The purpose of this study is to determine how much influence the results of competency test Accounting Manual on MYOB results in Vocational secondary schools (SMK) public and private. The population of this study is the average test scores of SMK in the province of western Java competency test results of manual and MYOB accounting practices by the Indonesian Institute of Accountants West Java Region. The number of samples will be used in this study amounted to 24 vocational schools, consisting of 12 State Vocational Schools and 12 Private Vocational Schools. The average value of the manual accounting competency test has a positive effect on the average value of MYOB competency test in public SMK. The average value of the manual accounting competency test positively affects the average value of the MYOB competency test in private SMK. There is no difference influence the average value of competence test Accounting manual against the value of the average MYOB competency test for public SMK and Private SMK group.

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Dra, Hj. Nuryanti, Dr. Samsir, Prima Andreas

Knowledge-based economy requires organizations to be able to apply knowledge management to a company. This study aims to determine the relationship of knowledge management to business performance and competitive advantage in Riau food products on small and median enterprises. Mapping of conditions of knowledge management, business performance, competitive advantage in small and medium enterprises were analyzed using descriptive analysis. Any efforts to improve the effectiveness and performance of employees in a company or organization are important factors in improving the company's capacity of available intellectual capital.

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Praneeth Kumar Baru, Roopasri Vemula

User Experience pertains to designing, studying and evaluating experiences that users have while using or interacting with the system with a specific context. UX is seen as a field of study, a phenomenon and as a practice as well. To understand it with an analogy; justice as a phenomenon, law as a field of study and a lawyer’s work as a practice. Evaluating the user’s experience can help quantify or measure to the extent to which the system is being understood or perceived the way it is supposed to be. Evaluation methods can take various forms and are categorized in this paper. Essentials of the user experience are elaborated and furthermore, some quantified data is presented that discusses the role user experience in e-commerce website and also the future prospects of the e-commerce domain are briefly described.

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Mugyenyi Raymond

Information communication technology has increased globalisation in higher learning institution all over the world. This has been achieved through introduction of systems that ease operations related to information handling in the institutions. The paper assessed and analysed the information systems security performance status in higher learning institutions of Uganda. The existing policies that govern the information security have also been analysed together with the current status of information systems security in Uganda. Citations related management of information systems, security and policies have been identified and analysed. A proposed model illustrating the effective management of information in higher learning institutions have been developed. Relevant recommendations and conclusions have also been developed.

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Suria Darma, Wawan Kustiawan, Daddy Ruhiyat, Sumaryono

This study aimed to (1) determine the effect of each organic fertilizer dosage (a) the growth variables of Trembesi seedlings and (b) the quality of planting media after 120 days planted Trembesi Seedlings. This study also aimed to (2) obtain the optimum dose of organic fertilizer to be applied to the implementation of post-mining land reclamation and revegetation within the Forest Cultivation Zone. This research used various manure: Control without fertilizer; NPK synthetic fertilizer control; chicken manure, cow manure, and organic litter compost. Each of the organic fertilizer was given at doses of 125, 250, and 375 g/polybag. The test plants used were Trembesi seedlings (Samanea saman) at 4 months of age.The experimental design was prepared using Randomized Block Design (RAK) with 5 replications in each test plant group. Data analysis was completed with Fisher LSD Test and Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) as well as regression analysis.The treatment of organic fertilizer dosage showed significant in all variables of growth of trembesi seedlings, except on average of Trembesi seedlings height at 90 days after planting (DAP) and on average stem diameter of Trembesi seed of 30, 60, 90, 120 DAP. Effect of organic fertilizer dosage to planting medium after 120 days planted Trembesi seedling. All variations of fertilization dose increase the pH value, organic C, N-total, C/N ratio, available P, available K, Ca++, Mg++, Na+, K and cation exchange rate (CEC). Treatment dose of 375g/polybag of chicken manure was the best treatment dose with the highest number of twigs on Trembesi seedlings at the age of 30 DAP (21.00 twigs), 60 DAP (36.40 twigs), 90 DAP (63.60 twigs), 120 DAP (106.60 twigs), The Longest length of twig was found on Trembesi seedlings with age of 30 DAP (17.95 cm), 60 DAP(21.61 cm), 90 DAP (28.49 cm), 120 DAP (32.11 cm), longest root length and heaviest biomass weight of Trembesi seedling wasfor the age of 120 DAP, which were 58.80 cm and 487.22 g, respectively.

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Yohanes Susanto, Mulyadi, Fakhry Zamzam

The objective of this study was to examine and influence among the strategic partners, administrative experts, employee experts and agents of change on service performance (Study at the State Electricity Company of South Sumatra). The sample used in this study consisted of 360 population, with 150 sample respondents representing the region, Palembang, Jambi, Lahat, Bengkulu and South Sumatra Regional Office. The sampling method used was purposive sampling, the analysis used is multiple linear regression analysis. Based on the data analysis, the regression equation obtained is Y = 7,206 + 0,514 X1 + 0,215 X2 + 0,884 X3 + 0,109 X4 + e. The result of study by using t test partially had the most dominant influence on the service performance that is employee expert was 0,884. The result of study simultaneously used F-test count was 93,349 or P-value (Sig) 0.000 <α 0,5 meaning that it can be stated that there was a positive and significant influence between Strategic Partner variables, Administrative Experts, Employee Experts and Change agent simultaneously on Service Performance of State Electricity Company (PLN) South Sumatera. The value of coefficient of determination ( was 0.713 this is implied that there was an influence of strategic partners, administrative experts, employees experts and change agents simultaneously on Performance Service of Human resources of State Electricity Company (PLN) South Sumatera of 71.3%. It is suggested that to the state electricity company that partially the strategic partner role had the most dominant influence on electricity service in south Sumatra. This means that the company's strategy to overcome the global competition in the electricity sector, and simultaneously the role of human resources had the most dominant influence. It means that the Company’s commitment in efforts to improve and develop human resources should become a special attention in order to improve the service to customers.

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ISSN 2277-8616
IJSTR - January 2022 - Volume 11 Issue 1