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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 8, August 2018 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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High Orange Seedling Shoots Of Siam (Citrus Nobilis L.) With The Diameter Of The Rootstock Japansche Citroen (Jc) In Andisol Soil Amendment

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Hermantino Saragih, Chairani Hanum, Revandy Damanik



the diameter of the rootstock, planting media, andisol soil, Japansche citroen and orange siam



This research aims to know the influence of the diameter of the rootstock Japansche Citroen and the type of the amendment to the land ceded on top soil planting media andisol the best citrus seedling shoots of growth citrus siam. This research was conducted in Siboras Nagori, Simalungun Regency from March until June 2016 with height 1200 m above sea level, precipitation type C (Oldeman classification), and soil type Andisol. Soil analysis done in the laboratory of the Central Faculty of Agriculture University of North Sumatra. The design used in this study was a Randomized Design Group (RAK) Factorial. The first factor is the diameter of the rootstock (D) consists of 3 levels namely: D1 = 7-11 mm, D2 = D3 = 12-15 mm and 16-20 mm. The second factor is the planting medium consists of 9 level: M0 = control (0), M1 = Phosphor Fertilizer (2 g/kg soil), M2 = Rice Straw (20 g/kg soil), M3 = Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil), M4 = Chicken Manure (20 g/kg soil, M5 = Rice Straw (20 g/kg soil) + Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil), M6 = Manure (20 g/kg soil) + Rice Straw (20 g/kg soil), M7 = Manure (20 g/kg soil) + Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil) and M8 = manure (20 g/kg of soil Straw + Rice Plant (20 g/kg soil) + Leaves Reed (20 g/kg soil). The results showed that there is an influence of the diameter of the rootstock JC high against of the shoots but in Planting Media has no effect against high shoots. The interaction of the diameter of the rootstock and planting Media has no effect against a real high shoots Orange siam.



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