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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 8, August 2018 Edition

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International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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Banana Beach Resort Services And The Level Of Customer Satisfaction

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Charlo Bianci Montehermoso Guray



Business, Management, Beach Resort, Services and Satisfaction



Beach resorts in the Philippines aimed to build and maintain high quality services available to the clienteles in order to compete in the global market especially this time that ASEAN Integration came in to the country’s business systems. Banana Beach Resort in particular, is considered as the leading elite class resort in Mindanao that is committed to render services beyond compare and beyond its best for the benefit of all clients whom we labeled as beach resort goers. A descriptive-correlational design of research was used and it employed quota sampling in administering the questionnaire to the respondents. Data were statistically treated and analyzed. Presentation and Analysis were done in accordance with the research questions. Findings, revealed that all of Banana Beach Resort services; Accommodation, Food and Beverage, Water sports and Tours were much extensive. In like manner, the researcher had found out that the clients of Banana Beach Resort were much satisfied from the services they have received. Surprisingly, data revealed that the relationship between the services of the resort and the level of satisfaction is found “Not Significant”. It implies that the services of the beach resort have no significant relationship to the satisfaction received by the clients. This is well supported by Professor Noriaki Kano in his Kano Model Theory that states that customer satisfaction is not always proportional to how fully functional the product or service is or in other words, higher quality does not necessarily lead to higher satisfaction for all product attributes or services requirements. It was then recommended that Philippines’ beach resort owners specifically the banana beach resort must consider the Kano model theory where the focus lightens the 3 attributes to satisfaction: 1) basic or expected attributes, (2) performance or spoken attributes, and (3) surprise and delight attributes in order to develop a more comprehensive services that will give a full satisfaction to the target market.



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