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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 8, August 2018 Edition

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research  
International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research

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ISSN 2277-8616

The Implementation Of Policy On Expansion Development Of Employment Opportunities For Productive Workforce In Tidore City

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Abdul Halil Hi. Ibrahim, Muhlis Hafel, Abdul Rahman Abdullah



Productive workforce, job opportunities, employment development, Tidore Island.



The purpose of this research is to determine the expansion development and government policy to develop employment chance for the productive workforce in Tidore City. This research used observation, interview and documentation to collect the primary and secondary data, and using the qualitative method to analyse the data. The data obtained from the Department of labour and transmigration in Tidore City. The results showed that the development of employment opportunities had been done through the program of expanding employment opportunities and increasing the workforce competence. The government of Tidore City has also exploited the expansion of employment for productive-age workers, and through the Office of Manpower and Transmigration, the government of Tidore City has facilitated productive workforce through training and apprenticeship for skilled workers in developing skills and competencies. The government has been assisting the workers with internship and training to improve their competence and expertise. Therefore, the local government to provide the budget to expand and develop the employment as well as to strengthen the cooperation with the private employer and regional owned enterprise to extend the job, to manage, and to decrease the capacity of workers consistently.



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