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IJSTR >> Volume 7 - Issue 12, December 2018 Edition

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Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice Of Adolescents Student On Sexual And Reproductive Health In Selected Government And Private Senior High School In Cimahi City West Java Indonesia; Inputs For An Action Plan

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Yayat Suryati



Knowledge, Attitude, Reproductive Health.



This study was conducted to determine the self-assessed knowledge, attitude and practices of adolescent student respondents enrolled in the selected government and private senior high schools at Cimahi City, West Java, Indonesia. An adopted survey questionnaire was the main instrument in gathering the data used in answering the research problems and in testing the hypothesis. The questionnaires were distributed to senior high school students. A total of 376 samples were the respondents of the study. They were chosen using random sampling techniques. Thereafter the raw data were encoded and statistically treated for analyses and interpretation so as to find answers to the research problems and test the hypotheses. The assessment of the respondents were quantified using the weighted mean. The test of significant difference were done through the use of t-test and the relationship was obtained through correlation test using the point-biserial correlation coefficient and ratio-correlation coefficient formulas.



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