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IJSTR Volume 1 - Issue 11, December 2012 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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R. K. Koech, H. O Ondieki, J. K. Tonui, S. K Rotich

Abstract:- The increasing environmental concerns and the escalating conventional energy supply costs are creating a resurgence of interest in renewable energy resources. Hybrid Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV/T) solar technology is a relatively new solar conversion technology which convert the incident solar radiation into usable electrical and thermal energy simultaneously. The basis of this technology is the negative temperature coefficient of the electrical conversion efficiency of crystalline PV cells that leads to reduction in performance of installed PV panels at high irradiance levels. In addition, the commercially available PV modules have relatively low efficiencies of not more than 20% meaning that 80% or more of the incoming solar radiation is wasted and converted as heat, raising the operating temperature of the module. A low temperature fluid, usually water or air, is circulated through the heat exchanger attached to PV back to extract the excess heat from the panel hence cooling it in the process. The heat extracted can be harnessed and used for low temperature applications like space heating and ventilation in buildings or drying applications in agricultural and industrial sectors. In this study, a steady state thermal model of a PV/T air solar collector was developed, validated from experimental data and then used to study the effects of various parameters on the performance of the system. The results indicate that increasing the air mass flow rate when the design parameters are optimum will result into a significant increase in the overall performance of the system.

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Sajjad Hashemi, Seyyed Yasser Hashemi

Abstract:- Cities have been equipped with different information systems, which these systems need to cooperate with each other, in order to provide the consumers with accurate, efficient and trustworthy information. But existence of different data types in different organizations which these systems are implemented in different platforms is considered a Challenge for interaction of these systems. Service oriented architecture as a computational model and an approach to integration of information systems and interaction between them, could largely overcome these problems. In this paper through studying challenges of information systems in electronic city and with concentrating on advantages of service oriented architecture, a new architecture for integration of systems in electronic city and overcoming the challenges of information systems security to providing accurate information and efficient services to consumers has been proposed.

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Wales Singini, Emmanuel Kaunda, Victor Kasulo, Wilson Jere, Orton Msiska

Abstract: The paper deals with the surplus production models of Verhulst Schaefer that were applied to the small haplochromine cichlids fishery to investigate the sustainability properties of the stock and management of the fishery. The basic objective of this paper is to illustrate the way in which bioeconomic analysis can achieve long run sustainable exploitation of the fishery. For this purpose, conventional economic model was used along with biological population growth model to develop a bioeconomic model. The parameters of the bioeconomic model were estimated using data of catch, effort, price and cost of small haplochromine cichlids fishery from 1976 to 2011. Standard reference points were analyzed and profit function was introduced to analyse the fishery economic rents. In order to achieve maximum level of economic rent from the fishery maximum economic yield solution was determined and recommended for adoption in the management of small haplochromine cichlids in Lake Malombe.

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Loubet Unyendje, Mustapha Mahfoud, Moradh El Yaacoubi

ABSTRACT:-The authors report a rare case of the bilateral floating forearm in a 25- year-old man , who presented the combination of injuries after a fall from third floor; The bilateral dislocation of the elbow and fracture - dislocation of two wrists .The elbows were reduced orthopedically and the right wrist was treated with external fixator and pinning in the left wrist. At twelve months the patient only complained of moderate pain for exceptional efforts. Complete amplitude elbow was restored. The flexion and extension were respectily 50° and 40°in the left wrist, the prono-supination was 75°.At right wrist the flexion and extension were 40° and 30°, the prono-supination was 45°.The wrist radiography showed two radius consolidated.

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Dr. Srinivas R, Dr. P. Srinivas, Dr. V. Viswanath, Dr. S. Suresh, Dr. T. Devaki and Dr. V. Narayana

ABSTRACT :- OBJECTIVES: To assess the oral health status, oral hygiene practices and personal habits of institutionalized street children in Guntur city. METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on all street children (255) between 5 -15 years present during the study period in Guntur city. Information regarding the demographic factors, personal habits and oral hygiene practices was obtained by interview method using questionnaire in a private area away from other participants. Along with this oral examination was performed according to ADA type III examination using mouth mirror, CPI probe in a natural day light. Data was collected by using modified WHO Proforma (1997). RESULTS: Mean age of study subjects was 11.02±2.3. Among the children interviewed in the present study, 3.1% had indulged in substance use any time in their life. Bleeding and calculus was diagnosed as 52.5% and 42.4% respectively in children. Prevalence of dental caries was 50.19%. The mean dmft value was 0.70±0.395 and mean DMFT value was 0.49±0.930. 43.13% subjects require one surface filling, 11.4% subjects require two or more surface fillings, 17.3% subjects require extraction. CONCLUSION: The present study reveals higher levels of dental caries experience and untreated dental disease. Institutionalized street children from present study are commonly faced with oral health problems, especially periodontal problems.

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Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan

Abstract:- The adoption of wireless mobile computing solutions has been of benefit to government institutions, commerce and learning institutions among others. This is because of the higher customer satisfaction and higher productivity that have been made possible. A wireless network is a computer network, which is not connected by cables. This assists business enterprises and organizations by facilitating a flexible environment and avoids the capital cost of installing cabling in a building. The network is implemented by use of radio waves for transmission. This paper will discuss how to handle wireless security in an organization.

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Kuldeep Kumar Singh, J. K Dwivedi

Abstract:- Modern power system comprises of complex networks, where many generating stations and load centres are interconnected through long power transmission and distribution networks. Utility distribution networks, critical commercial operations and sensitive industrial loads all suffer from various types of outages and interruptions which can lead to significant financial loss, loss of production, idle work forces etc. Today due the changing trends and restructuring of power systems, the consumers are looking forward to the quality and reliability of power supply at the load centres. A power quality problem is an occurrence manifested as a nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in a failure or a mis-operation of end use equipments. With shifting trend towards distributed and dispersed generation, the issue of power quality is taking new dimensions. The present investigates PID controller and fuzzy logic controller as concerned to UPQC application for power quality improvement. The UPQC is studied and its advantages over conventional APFs and UPQC are discussed in detail. The relevant mathematical models and equations to explain the working of UPQC are derived for both the cases (PID controller and fuzzy logic controller).The relevant simulations are carried out using MATLAB Simulink.

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Nawaraj Chaulagain, Deepak Kumar Khadka

Abstract:- Relationships have been reported between job satisfaction, productivity, absenteeism and turnover among healthcare employees across the world and as such, it affects employees' organizational commitment and quality of healthcare services. The aim of the study was to determine the factors influencing job satisfaction among healthcare professionals at Tilganga Eye Centre. The cross sectional data from self-administered questionnaires were conducted among 75 participants. The results showed 76% of healthcare professionals were satisfied with their current jobs in overall job satisfaction at Tilganga Eye Centre. No association was found in between socio-demographic characteristics and job satisfaction. Variables such as responsibility, opportunity to develop, staff relations and patient care were significantly influencing factors for job satisfaction. In health service sector, healthcare professionals are satisfied not only with financial benefits but also with satisfaction that they draw from taking care of patients relations.

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Ma'zumi, Jakaria

Abstract:-The purpose of writing this article is to discuss the contribution of madrasah to the development of the nation character. Analysis methodology used in this study is qualitative analysis based on causal effectual analysis model, which connects the madrasah conditions and their effects on the development of the nation character. The result showed that madrasah could provide a positive and significant contribution to the development of the nation character.

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Uma Basu, Subhabrata Gangopadhyay

Abstract:- Starting from an asymptotic representation of the velocity potential at infinite distances, the radiation problem of water waves due to a line source in presence of a bottom having step deformation is studied. Relations connecting amplitudes of radiated waves at infinite distances are worked out using Green's second identity. The general asymptotic forms of the potential form at infinite distances are written down in a discrete manner. A matrical representation connecting wave amplitudes is arrived at.

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Reena Antil, Pinki, Mrs. Sonal Beniwal

Abstract:- This article covers functions and applications of DWDM system components. The operation of each component is discussed individually. DWDM terminology like Attenuation, dispersion, and optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) are measures of optical signal quality and are the key factors involved in DWDM system design and operation. From transmitter to receiver, the quality of the optical signal and the path across which it travels determines if it is successfully detected and recovered at the receiving end. A description of each type of signal measure and its relationship to a DWDM system is given.

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Basavarajaiah D. M., B. Narsimha murthy, B. Leelavathy, Maheshappa K.,

ABSTRACT:-The disease dynamics and progression of HIV-MTCT over a period of time and disease transmission and susceptible simulation model (DTSM-MODEL) were computed by different reproduction numbers for each time interval with set of fixed values of the parameters. As per the model, study found that placental absorption ,prolonged breast feeding and absence of ARV at the onset of birth or delivery, after six hours of birth ,prolonged breast feeding influenced factors for increase of MTCT of HIV infection (Karnataka).DTSM model achieved local asymptotically stabilization , globally disease Free endemic equilibrium ( and consistently maintained endemic equilibrium

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Mostofa Jaman

Abstract:- This is a segment of the Literature Review chapter of a working paper titled, "Introducing Sugar Cane Juice in the Foreign Market- A Thorough Market Potential". The paper entails a detailed analysis of the market segment strategy for the betterment of understanding and ensuring essentials in considering the right customer class to push the natural product to. The report is still in field level and data are collected from several districts in Bangladesh and surveys are being done to facilitate potential foreign buyers looking to import.

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Farhad Soleimanian Gharehchopogh, Neda Jabbari, Zeinab Ghaffari Azar

Abstract:- According to the growth of the Internet technology, there is a need to develop strategies in order to maintain security of system. One of the most effective techniques is Intrusion Detection System (IDS). This system is created to make a complete security in a computerized system, in order to pass the Intrusion system through the firewall, antivirus and other security devices detect and deal with it. The Intrusion detection techniques are divided into two groups which includes supervised learning and unsupervised learning. Clustering which is commonly used to detect possible attacks is one of the branches of unsupervised learning. Fuzzy sets play an important role to reduce spurious alarms and Intrusion detection, which have uncertain quality.This paper investigates k-means fuzzy and k-means algorithm in order to recognize Intrusion detection in system which both of the algorithms use clustering method.

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Ms. Sangita M. Pokale, Ms. K. A. Kulkarni, Prof. S. V. Rode

Abstract:- This paper present an application study in data logging device.The new kind of soft-core processor was designed based on NIOS II technology. The device make use of NIOS II processor provided by ALT ERA to be implemented in FPGA.NIOS II is a versatile embedded processor family that presents high performance and has been created for FPGA. Author targets implementation NIOS II soft core processor from Altera FPGA Platform. Also one of the FPGA vendor XILINX, are providing MicroBlaze & PicoBlaze RISC architecture. This is of 32 bit processing architecture. Author has implemented one simple digital circuit design on implementation of 8 bit asynchronous counter along with multiplexed seven segments LED Display Driver. Paper shows comparison on HDL based SOPC designing and usual discrete level hardware designing and testing. For HDL based circuit design Xilinx synthesis tool version 9.1 was used. Also after having success in this implementation author has implemented NIOSII soft core processor using QuartusII 10.1 & SOPC Builder Tool from Altera.

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Deshmukh D. T., Lunge H. S.

Abstract:- India is an agriculture based country and sixty five per cent of agriculture is heavily dependent on natural factors such as rainfall and temperature. India is an important grower of cotton on a global scale. Vidarbha is the eastern region of Maharashtra State. Nearly 89% of cultivated area of Vidarbha is under rain fed farming.Now a day's global warming has become a great challenge for the agrarian economy of India. This paper analyses the agriculture productivity of cotton lint, average maximum and minimum temperatures and total rainfall data for twenty two years obtained from IMD, Pune for five districts of Vidarbha. Regression and correlation analysis is obtained and their significance is tested. It is observed that 4 month average total mean rainfall shows decreasing trend for all the study districts except Wardha district. Global warming vulnerability profiles are developed at the district level for agriculture for these districts of Vidarbha region and Wardha observed as the most vulnerable district.

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Bassam Alzain

Abstract :- The most common cause of anemia is a deficiency of iron; but it may also be caused by deficiencies of folates, vitamin B12 and protein. Some anemias are not caused by nutritional factors, but by congenital factors and parasitic diseases such as malaria. This study attempted to estimate the prevalence of anemia and investigate nutritional status among pre-school children in three rural communities of North Gaza government area. A total of 150 children between the ages of 24 - 62 months were randomly selected over a period of six months and prevalence of anaemia was estimated. The World Health Organization (WHO) age-adjusted cut-off for hemoglobin were used to classify anemia. Under- nutrition (stunting, wasting and underweight) was classified according to the National Centre for Health Statistics standards. Heights, weights and Mid Upper Arm Circumference were measured.Haemoglobin levels of children were estimated by cyanmethaemoglobin method. The information regarding their age, sex, clinical condition and kind of the food intak was collected in a Proforma through an interview. Chi-square and t- test was used to assess the relationship of anemia to sex, dietary habits, and nutritional status. The prevalence of anemia was 65.3 % having haemoglobin levels lower than 11g/dl. The percentage of anemic children among male and female children was 35 and 30 respectively and statistical analysis showed that male children were more susceptible to anemia. Malnutrition was patent; 34.0% of the children were stunted, 20.3% wasted and 45.0% underweight. Anaemia was also significantly higher in Jabalia camp than in bait hanon and Bait lahia town pre- school children (P<0.001) . Consumption of all the food intake by majority of the children was comparatively less than the recommended dietary allowances . Data on anthropometry revealed that out of total children screened (N=150), mean height and weight in all the age group was significantly (p<0.05%) less than the National Center for Health Statistics standards. The mean MUAC in all the age groups was significantly (p<0.01%) less than the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey standards. It is concluded that poor anthropometric indices, undernutrition and iron deficiency anemia may be due to lower intake of food than recommended.

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Dr. Minimol Anil Job, Dr. Habil Slade Ogalo

Abstract:-This research paper analyses and highlights the significance of micro learning in the education industry. Technological innovation has made our society a knowledge intensive one, where successful performance of individuals or groups heavily relies on the acquisition and utilization of relevant information contents and suitable communication means to achieve task objectives. Micro learning is a new research area aimed at exploring new ways of responding to the growing need of lifelong learning or learning on demand for members of our society, such as knowledge workers. The education industry is regularly updating curriculum to cope with the changing demand of industry and business to meet the challenges in the internal and external environment of businesses. In this research a quantitative research methodology is used based on a questionnaire survey. The result of this study highlights the importance and need of micro learning in education industry.

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Varaidzo Dandira, Kumbi Mugwindiri, Tauyanashe Chikuku

Abstract:- In the leather sector different types of finished leather products are prepared from raw salted skins. About 130 different types of chemicals are used in leather manufacturing ranging from common salt (sodium chloride) to the very expensive chrome sulphate. The chrome tanning process is widely employed in many countries including tanneries in Zimbabwe. Many chemicals are used to prepare hides for tanning, and after use these chemicals find their way into the environment. All three categories of waste, i.e. gaseous, liquid and solid are generated from the tanneries. This paper seeks to address the environmental pollution problems at a leather manufacturing company in Zimbabwe. An essential part of such a new approach is the concept of Cleaner Production (CP), an integrated preventative strategy aimed at minimising waste and improving the efficiency of processes, products and services. Raw salted skins are mainly used in Zimbabwe and these result in many salts finding their way in the tanneries effluent. This research was therefore mainly concerned with salt reduction in the effluents by incorporating a chilling unit to the tannery though they are many Cleaner Production options in the leather manufacturing industry.

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Aalay Kapadia, Prof. Vijay Savani

Abstract:- Comparator is one of the most important analog circuits required in many analog integrated circuits. It is used for the comparison between two different or same electrical signals. The design of Comparator becomes an important issue when technology is scaled down. Due to the non-linear behavior of threshold voltage (VT) when technology is scaled down, performance of Comparator is affected. Many versions of comparator are proposed to achieve desirable output in sub-micron and deep sub-micron technologies. The selection of particular topology is dependent upon the requirements and application. In this paper, we have shown the implementation of different topologies in 0.5 μm technology using the Mentor Graphics Tool. We have done the pre-layout simulation of two different topologies. We have performed DC, AC and transient analysis. We have also calculated output impedance. We have prepared a comparative analysis about them.

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Dr Nehal Anwar Siddiqui, Dr Ashutosh Gautam, Anant Tandale

Abstract:- Hydro carbon is released in the atmosphere through rotogauge (Ref photo @) while loading of LPG and Propane in the tankers contributes occupational health problems to the workers, greenhouse gas effect (Ref $) as well as revenue loss though it is insignificant in case of one tanker but it is significant if we consider loading and unloading of tanker at National level per day and Organizational level per year. In order to overcome the problem of releasing of hydrocarbon through rotogauge (for measuring liquid level inside the tanker) it is necessary to study this topic in detail along with the effect of these hydrocarbons on the workers working in that area. To know the effect of released hydrocarbon on the loading operators their medical checkups were done in three different seasons. The result of the study will tell the effects of these hydrocarbons on operators, extent of energy loss and revenue loss as well as the method to minimize the loss of hydrocarbon in atmosphere during loading and unloading of tankers thereby limiting the exposure of the operators to hydrocarbon vapours.

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S. K. Chikpah, B. Demuyakor

Abstract::- The research was conducted to determine the effects of spontaneous solid state fermentation on the proximate and some antinutrients (crude phorbol ester, tannins and phytic acid) concentration of Jatropha curcas kernel meals (KM) obtained from four different agro-climatic conditions. The kernel meals were fermented for 7, 14 and 21 days and compared to the control meal (unfermented meal). The proximate composition of Jatropha kernel meals fermented for 14 and 21 days were significantly different from those fermented for 7 days and the control meals. However, the 7 days fermented meals were also significantly different in chemical composition as compared to the control meals. The result showed significant increase (p < 0.05) in dry matter, crude protein and ash content of all fermented meals. Tannin content was not significantly affected by the fermentation process. However, crude phorbol ester (CPE) and phytic acid concentrations in kernel meals decreased significantly (p < 0.05). Approximately 60 % reduction in CPE was achieved in 21 days fermented kernel meals. It is therefore indicative that spontaneous solid state fermentation could be used to detoxify Jatropha seed/kernel meals for use as livestock feed.

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Pranita A. Bhosale, Prof. V. V. Dixit

Abstract :- For weather monitoring system and irrigation controller, we need to measure different parameters i.e. Atmospheric temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Radiation, Soil temperature, Sunshine and Rain fall etc. The key objective of this project is to report on a developed indigenous low cost time based microcontroller based irrigation scheduler who performs user defined functions and outputs commands to derive appropriate actuators (relay, solenoid valves, motor). A soil moisture sensor was modeled, simulated and tested for achieving, with low-cost, accurate and reliable measurements. A low-cost high-performance and small temperature sensor is used, with the same PCB circuit it can measure humidity also. The tipping bucket rain gauge is used to measure rain fall. After a pre-set amount of precipitation falls, the lever tips, dumping the collected water and sending an electrical signal. An anemometer is a device used for measuring wind speed, and is a common weather station instrument. Hence current research focuses on precision agriculture, soil conservation and crop irrigation scheduling and water quantity control for increasing water use efficiency. There is a need to develop new indigenous irrigation controller to improve farm productivity and input use efficiency of water and other nutrients. This system presents the design and development of Irrigation controller System built around PIC16F877A microcontroller. The system consists of microcontroller, peripherals including RTC, LCD and driver circuit relay to switch on/off a motor.

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G. A. Boamponsem, M. Kumi, I. Debrah

Abstract:- The heavy metal pollution is a major environmental problem especially in mining areas. The study was carried out to quantify heavy metal levels and compare their accumulation in the stems, leaves and roots of Lactuca sativa (lettuce), Brassica oleracea L. var capitata (cabbage) and Daucus carrota var sativa (carrot) irrigated with wastewater from Nagodi mining site. Pot experiment was conducted using surface soil (0-20cm). Differential accumulation and translocation of copper (Cu), lead (Pb), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) cadmium (Cd) and zinc (Zn) in the root, stem and leaf of vegetables were investigated using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Cd concentration in the various parts of D. carrota was in the range of 0.070 -0.090 mg/Kg. The highest concentration (17.30 mg/Kg) of Mn was found in the stem of L. sativa. Fe was highly absorbed (139.6 mg/Kg) by B. oleracea roots. The highest concentration (0.221 mg/Kg) of Cu was found in D. carrota roots and the highest concentration (35.35 mg/Kg) of Zn was found in the roots of Brassica. Cd accumulation in L. sativa and B. oleracea was below detection limit (< 0.002 mg/Kg). Pb absorbed by the three genotypes was below detection limit (< 0.005 mg/Kg). Though heavy metals were absorbed, their concentrations were below WHO/FAO recommended limits; vegetables cultivated with such wastewater may be considered safe for consumption.

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S. Vidhya Reddy, K.Srimathi

Abstract:- In mobile ad hoc networks, common mobility during the communication of data causes route failure which results in path rediscovery. In this, we suggest strategic routing topology for route resurgence by congestion endurance in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. In this topology, every source and destination pair establishes manifold paths in the single route discovery and they are cached in their route caches. The cached routes sorts on the basis of their resources availability. In case of route failure within the main route, overhearing neighbor establishes a local recovery path with maximum bandwidth from its route cache. In simulation results, we explain that the proposed approach improves network routing performance.

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