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Volume 8 - Issue 5, May 2019 Edition

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Morgan Bulla, Elijah Maronga, Christopher Ngacho

Extensive body of research has acknowledged Microfinance Institutionsí positive influence on Small and Micro enterprisesí (SMEs) growth. However the subject of relationship between MFIs financial strategies on SMEs growth in Homa Bay County has not been explored. This study, therefore examined the role of financial strategies employed by MFIs and their inputs on SMEs growth in Homa Bay County. Specifically, the study explores the effects of interest rate, loan repayment period, credit allocation efficiency, and managerial training strategies on growth of SMEs in Homa Bay County. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. Data were collected using questionnaires from 100 SMEs who were either owners or managers of those enterprises. These SMEs were selected from a target population of 1000 using stratified random sampling. Data were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics, The findings indicate that managerial training, credit allocation and loan repayment strategies have a positive effect on growth of SMEs while interest rate strategy has a negative effect on cost of borrowing. The study recommended that a 24 hour credit allocation on a cellular platform should be provided to enhance credit access; micro finance institutions should be given incentives to attract others to join the sector; managerial training should include value chain addition and sectorial approach training; and tailored loan repayment should be encouraged to meet diverse needs of SMEs.

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Based on the results of a report from the Aceh Health Office, the number of standby village coverage in Aceh Province has reached 66.5% but the number of active village coverage that is active only reaches 13.3%. Whereas in West Aceh District in 2016 Alert Village was formed, totaling 131 villages were on standby. Meanwhile, when compared with the coverage of the success of alert villages in the village of Peunaga Pasi in 2016 it had a gap of 20% of the target of 80%, reaching only 60%. This research is descriptive analytic with cross sectional design, with the total sample taken total population of 71 respondents. The analysis used is univariate and bivariate analysis. The place of this research was conducted in Peunaga Pasi Village, Meureubo Sub-District, West Aceh Regency on 24 March to 12 April 2018. From the results of the chi-square statistical test it can be concluded that there is an influence of community knowledge on the achievement of alert villages. (P-value 0,000 <0,05), there is an influence of community attitudes toward the achievement of idle village success (P-Value 0.003 5 0.05), there is an influence of the role of community leaders on achieving village success standby (P-Value 0.008 ≤ 0.05 ), there is the influence of community facilities and infrastructure on achieving the success of idle villages (P-Value 0.017 5 0.05) in Peunaga Pasi Village, Meureubo District, West Aceh Regency. It is recommended to the Puskesmas to be able to take policy in giving support and motivation to the community and health cadres in order to achieve indicators of village success.

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The focus of this research is Pluralism in Medan. The purposes of this research are 1) To explain the condition in Medan 2) To describe the existence of ethnic diversity in Medan 3) To analyze the influence of western culture towards ethnic diversity in Medan. This research used qualitative method, while the data were collected by conducting interviews. The field findings showed that migrants in Medan City, who still implemented the traditional cultural values in their daily life during the colonial period, and the stronger sense of ethnicity of the society arise in Medan. Gradually, the economic growth and cultural diversity in the urban society of Medan, make the society experiences a cultural transformation. The assembly of various tribes in Medan due to economic factors, makes the migrants to adapt quickly and leave their own culture, so that it gradually shifts the cultural values. The shift of cultural values is assumed to lose their identity from a particular tribe. The society in Medan city, in their daily lives, have been using Bahasa Indonesia and almost do not longer know their tribal languages.

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Khairina Nasution

This study aims to explain the Indigenous Mandailing Cultural Values In Local Genius/Local Wisdom Umpasa the Perception of the native speakers. Umpasa is one of the oral traditions in Mandailing community which can be grouped in the form of a long poem. The concept of value in umpasa serves to illustrate the culture inherent in Mandailing community in the form of suggestions, prohibitions, the guidelines for action that should be maintained because it is positively charged in determining the attitude of life. Umpasa found, among others, shows (1) the relationship with God (2) the relationship between humans (3) a bad attitude (4) a strong determination and aspiration (5) attitude or outlook on life. Umpasa can be used to anticipate the shift in cultural values that apparently began to wane among the younger generation of Mandailing due to globalization.

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Lila Pelita Hati, Fitriaty Harahap, Nursukma Suri, Rita M. Setianingsih

In January 2008 at the bottom of the sand in Bogak Beach in front of Fishermanís Housing Estate (Perumnel) in Hamlet XII, Bogak Village, Tanjung Tiram Sub-district, Batubara Regency, North Sumatera Province, a ship was found. After investigation, it was revealed that the ship is a relic closely related to the life of the community in the area at least at the beginning of the 18th century when many sailors and merchants from different countries and nations engaged in economic activities. In addition to the discovery of the ship, ceramics from China and VOC coins years 1734, 1752, 1760, 1780, 1781, 1788, and 1790 were also found at the same time. This research tries to uncover to explore the historical and archaeological sources in Tanjung Tiram Sub-district and describe the role of those coins in the economy of the 18th to 20th century AD. This research employed the approaches of epigraphy, heraldry, and arts, in addition to history. The methods used were data collection, data processing, analysis, and formulation of recommendations. Data collection was undertaken to gather primary data through observation and secondary data (through reports, inventories, Dutch archives, and research findings).

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Lila Pelita Hati, Rita M. Setianingsih, Fitriaty Harahap, Sri Pangestri Dewi Murni

The arrival of other nations to Indonesia was colored because of the trade (VOC) in the colonial period in Indonesia, and also the existence of tourism. The presence of a number of tourists to Indonesia, especially to the city of Medan, North Sumatra causes everyone for the needs of lodging. For Medan City there are several lodgings, such as hotels; villas and also guesthouses. There are some Hotels like de Boer Hotel, Astoria Hotel, Grand Medan Hotel, but unfortunately for Astoria Hotel and Grand Medan Hotel have been replaced by Grand Angkasa hotel building. Lodging in the form of villas in Medan City are such as twin villas on Diponegoro street, villas on Sena Street and Angsana Street, villas in Lampu/Bundar street, Wai Yat Inn (now Wai Yat Hotel & Restaurant) on Asian road, retirement Wihelmina. Wai Yat inn used to serve as a haven for rubber traders from Sibolga and other areas. At that time the inn is also as a place to have fun and place to prepare breakfast (dejeneurs), lunch (diners) and dinner (soupers). It also presents Opera and St. Nicolaas cake, Indische Rijsttafel cuisine, order taarten food, koude en warme pudingen, kuode en warme schotels. This research used survey or direct observation to the location and also conducted literature study about the history of the 18th to 20th century about lodging in Medan City. It was especially from the news in the print media like de Sumatra Post newspaper.

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Marnis Nasution, Deci Irmayani, Ronal Watrianthos, Sudi Suryadi, Ibnu Rasyid Munthe

The purpose of this article is to compare between two data mining methods. Namely rought sets and k-means which both types of data are mining for clustering. Data mining itself is a method used to explore knowledge from a pile of data which so far has only been archived. While the clustering method itself is one method used to classify tendency, either the rought set method or k-means itself is used to find tendency or classify data. Both the method of rought set and k-means have the advantages of each according to needs. It is important to know what the advantages of each method are before deciding to use which method to use.

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Iwan Purnama, Sudi Suryadi, Ronal Watrianthos, Deci Irmayani, Marnis Nasution

Security is very important in all aspects to protect data. Text messages on mobile phones, which is sms (short messages service) is one of the important data that needs a data security system. Data security is used to maintain the confidentiality of important data that we have on mobile devices. The encryption process is used so that messages cannot be read by other unwanted parties. While the decryption process is used so that the message can be read back by the intended party. Rivest Cryptography, Shamir, Adleman (RSA) is one of the asymmetric cryptographic algorithms that use a key pair, that is the public key and private key. The key length can be set, where the longer the key formation bit, the harder it is to solve because it is difficult to factor two very large numbers. This study applies the Rivest, Shamir, Adleman (RSA) algorithm for text message security applications based on Android. Based on the research that has been done, the author can draw conclusions, namely: Rivest, Shamir, Adleman (RSA) cryptographic algorithm can be implemented for text message security Android based. So it is safer to exchange text messages (SMS) so that user privacy is guaranteed

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Arnis Budi Susanto, Purnamie Titisari, Andriana

The purpose of this study is to find out how the "key" typology of innovation business models of biotechnology products from the Center for Excellence. The research will focus on the typology of innovation business models of university. Descriptive research patterns will be used in this study with the aim of exploring the state of the subject or object of research based on existing facts. The results of this study are typology of innovation business model at the University as a center of excellence for technology-based science and technology already has and meets the requirements. The typologies that are formed based on academic nuances are supported by biotechnology-based resources and the results of biotechnology research that have exceeded the target. With the availability of adequate resources, it can be said that COE in the university in the botelnology sector has been feasible to be developed.

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Yuliana Kansrini, Zulhadi Hasibuan

These Agricultural tools and machines have a very complex meaning for agriculture in Indonesia because they provide many benefits including increasing production, reducing crop losses, reducing farming costs and expanding planting intensity. Research Objectives to determine the level of effectiveness of the use of agricultural machinery and equipment, and to find out the factors that influence the effectiveness of the use of agricultural tools and machinery in the district of Hamparan Perak, Deli Serdang district. This type of research is survey research. The research sample amounted to 38 respondents, Determination of Samples by Purposive Sampling method. The results of the study show that the level of effectiveness of the use of agricultural machinery and equipment is high at 71.57 percent. The results of the study showed that age had a significant and significant effect on the effectiveness of the use of agricultural equipment and machinery with tcount (2.215)> t table (2.04841), while education, farming environment, experience, motivation, socio-cultural, land conditions, expertise, and materials Oil Fuel Does Not Affect the Effectiveness of the Use of Agricultural Equipment and Machines. Simultaneously the variables of age, education, farming environment, experience, motivation, socio-culture, land conditions, expertise and fuel oil, did not have a significant and significant effect on the effectiveness of the use of agricultural tools and machines where the value of F (1.54

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Andreas, Enni Savitri

Auditor switching is a management action to switch the most recent company auditor. The management of public companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange are known to use auditor switching. There are some reasons that encourage management of public companies to make auditor changes. These include audit opinions, the size of public accounting firms and changes in management. The study was conducted on companies that meet criteria of LQ45 index, and this companies are recalculated twice a year by Indonesian Stock Exchange research and development department. Based on the sample selection criteria a sample of 33 companies was obtained. Data analysis used logistic regression analysis. The results of the study indicate that audit opinions and management changes had no effect on auditor switching, but the size of the public accounting firm was evidently influence the decisions of the public companiesí management to implement an auditor switch.

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Suryaning Bawono, Zainuri, Regina Niken

This paper highlights the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Rupiah and Baht against the USD with David Ricardo's purchasing power parity relative approach. We investigate whether fluctuations in the exchange rate of the domestic currency have an influence on the purchasing power of proxies with GDP per capita in the period of three financial crises namely the 1997 Asian financial crisis, the 2008 Subprime Mortgage Crisis and the 2011 European debt crisis. domestic money to people's purchasing power in Indonesia and Thailand. This analysis is based on the non-linear (dynamic) time series Threshold Autoregressive (TAR) model in the period 1994-2017. Our estimation results show that the fluctuations in the exchange rate of the domestic currency have a strong influence on people's purchasing power in Indonesia and Thailand.

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Aninditya Sri Nugraheni, Mohammad Rofiq

The requirement of Indonesian Language mastery for refugees in Rudenim is needed. For instance, it is utilized to communicate with the Rudenim watchmen and as their preparation to be placed at a community house where they will socialize with Indonesian Societies. The lack of refugeesí intention to learn Bahasa Indonesia, moreover with learning schedule which is only performed once a week becomes the teachersí problem. Therefore, the author was attempted to develop the teaching material that can be used by the teachers to enable them in presenting the material. The development of teaching material emphasizes on the learnersí independence self-learning. This research was aimed to know the process of Indonesian Language learning for Foreign Speaker (ILFS) at the Immigration Detention Centre of Semarang and develop ILFS teaching material. The methods of this study were research and development. The result of this research was the Concept of Indonesian Language for Foreign Speaker learning which was performed by the teacher based on active, creative, effective, and fun learning principles. Fun Self Learning was a teaching material concept which emphasizes on independence aspect in the learning process. The material was presented thematically and used the drill method. Bilingual was used as the Grammar, while the graphic was made using Fun Learning concept.

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Uğur ErgŁn, GŁlhan ZorgŲr UÁdu, Merve Nur Ak, Erkan «ağlar, Emrah Akay, Eren Altun

Cholangiocarcinoma (CCA) is one of the primary malignant tumors of the liver caused by biliary epithelium. Approximately 15-25 percent of hepatobiliary malignancies. The incidence is increasing with age and it is generally seen between the ages of 50-70. Many reasons such as infection, biliary stasis and carcinogens are risk factors and the exact cause is unknown. The clinical picture of CCA varies according to the localization of the solitary lesion. Surgical treatment is the only curative method for patients with CCA. It is not very common for cholangiocarcinoma, a malignancy of hepatobiliary origin, to appear at an early age. In this article, we present a case of CCA in a young patient presenting with nausea, weight loss and abdominal pain.

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Diah Yulisetiarini, Hadi Paramu, Sri Wahyu Lelly Hana, Cempaka Paramita, Kristian Suhartadi W.N, Fajar Destari, Gusti Ayu Wulandari,Purnamie Titisari, Ema Desia prajitiasari, Arnis Budi Susanto

The creative industry is a very potential industrial sector, especially in today's technological developments that require people to use existing technology to hone and enhance their creativity. Creative agents themselves are activities that begin with the use of creativity, skills, and talents to create prosperity and employment through the creation and utilization of existing resources. The purpose of this study is to map the characterization of the creative industries in Jember Regency and their potential based on the functional management functions of the Industry creative is an activity that focuses on creation and innovation. The creative industry in this region has considerable potential, can be seen through the many creative industries that exist in the Regency of Indonesia. Optimizing the potential of creative industries in this region still requires various efforts so that existing creative industry products can become go glocal. It is suggested that the development of the creative industry is management, the inability to keep up with technological developments, so that some of the existing creative industries are not optimal.

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Andriana, Dian Anggreini, Farida Wahyu Ningtias

The purpose of this study is to find out what catfish processed products can be diversified so that they can increase the selling value of catfish management products, describe how to increase the selling of innovative catfish management, find out the benefits of catfish processing diversification, and describe how to increase sales diversified catfish processed products. This study is a review literature study with objects in catfish cultivation MSMEs in Jember Regency. The results obtained from this study are processed catfish can be diversified to increase selling value, diversification of catfish processed products include Shredded Catfish, Catfish Nugget, Catfish Bone Stick, and Catfish Krupuk, the benefits of verifying catfish processed products include increasing value economical, and increasing acceptability if in the "real" form of catfish sometimes people do not want to consume catfish, and marketing techniques that are carried out are marketed in the neighborhood around boarding schools and through social media namely Instagram so that it can become revenue generating for boarding schools.

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Damai Yanti, Tin Rostini

Serving the people is a great opportunity for an organization to demonstrate its credibility and its versatility. Thus the implementation of the Government's activities in the region on the basis of the reference to Minimum Service Standards (SPM) will be a guarantee against a society that his needs well served by the Government as the servant of the people. In addition the Minimum service standard can serve as a benchmark the success of local government in organizing the obligation (KEMENPAN-RB 2017).The purpose of this research is to know the relation of perception of the quality of service of Obstetrics (KIA) with the level of satisfaction of patients clinics in West Bandung Regency. The research method used was deskriftif corelation. This research using a sample of clinics that have not been accredited and far from the center of the selected health centers namely Gununghalu, Cililin, Rajamandala, Ngamprah and clinics. Visitor services the patient obstetrics (KIA) in clinics associated at least 3 x 15-year-old ˃ visits with a number of samples of 100 respondents, with divisions in the health Gununghalu 20 respondents, Cililin 15 respondents, Rajamandala 46 respondents, Ngamprah 19 respondents using the quota sampling, the data obtained using questionnaire and in the analysis using the chi square test. Results of the study were patients with less perception of 39 respondents (39%) level of satisfaction with less satisfied 12 of the respondents (12%), whereas patients with good perception 61 respondents (61%) with the level of satisfaction satisfied 88 respondents (88%). the results of the statistics obtained that (pvalue = 0.00) < (α = 0.05). There is a relationship can be summed up the perception of the quality of service to the satisfaction of the patient.

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Rusnila Hamid; Syarif; Nilwani Hamid; Khairawati

The cultural research of Gulong Poetry in Ketapang, West Kalimantan has two objectives: 1) To know the development of Gulong Poetry as Malay literary art in the Kingdom of Tanjungpura in 1970-1990, 2) To find out the dynamics of Gulong Poetry art towards the West Kalimantan Malay community with the National Resilience approach. This study uses a historical method that begins with the heuristic stage, namely the collection of data from contemporary historical sources found at the National Archives of the Republic of Indonesia, National Library, Historical and Traditional Valuation Centers of Pontianak. And the next stage is to criticize the existence of culture with the National Resilience approach. The results of the study show that the Gulong Poem is an oral literary art that has been passed down from generation to generation since the time of the Kingdom of Tanjungpura to the contemporary era. This art had experienced stagnation during the Dutch colonial period and Japanese Occupation, then reappeared in the 70s to 90s and 2000s. In a social perspective, Gulong Poetry was released from the limitations which previously developed only in the royal environment into arts which lived in the middle of the people, becoming a medium for West Kalimantan Malay people to express their aspirations, inspiration, criticism, and entertainment. In the viewpoint of art, Gulong Poetry undergoes a change from the previous literary book and is preserved through the tradition of transferring books from hand to hand and narrated by word of mouth, into the art of oral literature whose text is written and the poem is read and sung in front of the public. Entering the era of globalization, the culture of the Gulong Poetry is feared unable to survive with the global flow of modern art, which is now very often heard by the public. Gulong poetry can only be heard by the public at certain events such as the sacred community of Malay people who are aware of culture such as marriage and circumcision.

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Burdan Ali Junjunan; Dadang Suwanda

In carrying out public service duties, government duties, and the task of development, the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) employees must have professional capabilities as individuals as set out in ASN management based on the merit system. The absence of a clear career pattern arrangement will result in the low performance of government employees (PNS) and consequently have a low quality of public services, even resulting in service users having to pay a high cost economy. Career development through a good career pattern can encourage employees to grow and develop according to professionally owned competencies. Employees will be motivated to perform well which contributes to the improvement of agency performance. In addition to the above, there is a clear career pattern that also provides career security for structural and functional officials in the central and regional government. Career patterns are used as a guideline or reference in the appointment of someone to a certain position by referring to the position competency standards held, so that the process of transferring, promoting, transferring and demoting government employees (PNS) is better organized. Career patterns may no longer depend on the policies of the leadership of the institution. Clear career patterns in the area will also have a positive impact on the political climate in the region, where officials will be neutral when regional elections are held. Therefore policies need to be formulated regarding the career pattern of civil servants as a guide in the management of career patterns of civil servants that are selective, fair and competitive.

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Arnis Budi Susanto, Suyatno

Currently all universities are required to have more value to be able to compete by utilizing all available resources. Resources may include facilities, infrastructure, and human as a whole which is expected to produce quality graduates who are qualified. This paper aims to critically examine the existing state universities in Indonesia based on the views of educational organizations. contribution of this paper provide input for the college to be able to identify factors that exist to improve the quality of education in universities

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Handriyono, Arnis Budi Susanto

This study aims to analyze the quality management system in companies in developing countries. The population in this study are several companies engaged in the service sector. The sample used was 102 companies. The method used in analyzing data is using linear regression. The results of the study show that the application of a quality management system will affect the performance of employees in companies engaged in the service sector. The results of the study recommend that company leaders need to optimize quality management to improve company performance. In addition, management also needs to develop proactively the effectiveness with QMS managers on a periodic basis so that they are able to find out the needs and solve problems faced with changes in the competitive environment.

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Sulastri, Edi Harapan, Dessy Wardiah

This study aims to produce products in scouting activities that can improve the character of students' discipline, and also be able to find out the effectiveness of product development scouting activities in Air Kumbang 12 Elementary School. This study uses the Research and Development (R&D) method while the model used the Dick and Carrey development model with the ADDIE model concept. The population of the research are students of SD 12 Air Kumbang who are in the Banyuasin Regency. Data collection techniques used are questionnaires, interviews, documentaries. The data analysis technique uses a quantitative approach (Paired sample t-test) module validity, module practicality, module effectiveness. Research results Based on the feasibility criteria for scout-based character education learning module, the overall score of field trials in 30 students obtained a total score of 4164 with a percentage of 86.75% so that education scouting-based character learning modules were in the "very feasible" category. So that the module is worthy of being used as a learning resource for both teachers and students in the process of disciplinary learning through scout activities at elementary school of 12 Air Kumbang. With this module, students are expected to be disciplined in Elementary School of 12 be increased through scouting activities.

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Suliah, Edi Harapan, Yasir Arafat

This study aims to find out the Headmasterís strategy to maximizes using infrastructure and teachersí role to improve learning quality. This study was carried out in State Elementary School of 7 Banyuasin I, Banyuasin Regency. The method of research used descriptive qualitative methods. Data collection techniques used interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of the study state that the strategy of Headmaster in an effort to maximize the facilities and infrastructure and the role of the teacher in improving the quality of learning be effectively. Some of the strategies used by Headmaster include efforts to maximize space due to the insufficient number of classrooms by dividing study hours in the morning and evening. The strategy of the next Headmaster is to maximize the space that is also functioned as a UKS room because State Elementary School of 7 Banyuasin does not yet have a UKS room. The next strategy of Headmaster is to maximize the function of the library as a place for school administration processes. The effort of Headmaster to maximize the role of the teacher with the first maximizing the function of the teacher as homeroom teacher and the second is to maximize the function of the teacher as the teacher of the extracurricular school The strategy of Headmaster maximizes the teacher's role is considered effective in improving the quality of learning.

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Sarina, Muhammad Kristiawan, Dessy Wardiah

The research aimed at developing a Module for the Use of Patchwork as a teaching material for Handicrafts in Workshop and Entrepreneurship Subjects for High School Students. This research was conducted at SMA Negeri 1 Tanjung Raja. This research is Research Development or Research and Development (R & D), using a 4-D model. The technique of collecting data uses interviews, observation and documentation. The results of the study concluded 1) The module developed was declared valid with the assessment score of the module material validation is 4.50 and included in the classification very well; 2) Modules stated to be practical with the results of the questionnaire of trainee participants obtained a score of 4.52 and entered into a very good classification so that it is worthy of use; 3) Modules developed are categorized as effective, this is indicated by the results of student-made crafts better than before and can be of economic value.

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Yunita Safitri, I Made Arnawa

The purpose of mathematics learning is to have the students think logically in order to allow them to achieve knowledge. Logical thinking may help the students to conclude the knowledge. In order to do so, students should possess reasoning skill. Constructivism approach can actually trigger studentsí mathematical reasoning skill in the learning process. This is due to the constructivism itself is enabling the students to build or to explore their own knowledge. Moreover, the students also provided with opportunity to take initiative in comprehending their knowledge as to facilitate them in learning, so that they would have an optimal opportunity to allow them to train to develop their competence. Among the developed reasoning skill indicators are performing mathematics manipulation, arranging or providing evidence toward solution validity, and drawing conclusion as well as assuring the validity of an argument. The development model employed is plomp model, which consists of three stages; first, preliminary research stage; second, development or prototyping stage; and third, the assessment stage.

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Christina Whidya Utami

For a number of decades, customer orientation is considered as a key to reach success by organizations, while marketing orientation and entrepreneurship orientation each is seen as a fundamental philosophy in analyzing and responding to business activities. The combination and consistency of marketing orientation and entrepreneurship results in Entrepreneurial Marketing (EM). EM highlights the importance of entrepreneurship in creating markets, exploring and exploiting opportunities, and directing operational strategy proactively and dynamically. This article attempts to examine: 1) the evolution and legitimacy of EM conceptually, 2) the constructing dimension of EM, 3) the driving factor of successful implementation of EM, 4) the anticipated impact of the implementation of EM, and 5) the implication of managerial implementation of EM for business organization.

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Najibullo Kaliev

Complex scientific and experimental researches are carried out with the involvement of young scientists to determine the technical condition of historical monuments of Khorezm and Karakalpakstan.

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