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IJSTR Volume 8 - Issue 11, November 2019 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Prachi Gupta, Ratnesh Kumar Dubey, Dr. Sadhna Mishra

SMS or Email spams are dramatically increasing year by year because of the expansion of movable users round the world. Recent reports have clearly indicated an equivalent. Email or SMS spam may be a physical and thriving drawback because of the actual fact that bulk pre-pay SMS packages are handily obtainable recently and SMS is taken into account as a trusty and private service. SMS spam filtering may be a relatively recent trip to deal such a haul. The amount of information traffic moving over the network is increasing exponentially and therefore the devices that are connected thereto are considerably vulnerable. Thus there's a bigger have to be compelled to secure our system from this kind of vulnerability, here network security play a really vital role during this context. In this paper, a SMS spams dataset is taken from UCI Machine Learning repository, and after perform pre-processing and different machine learning techniques such as Naive Bayes (NB) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) are applied to the dataset are applied and compute the performance of these algorithms

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Rosita Mangesa, Kasmawati Kasmawati, Darma Darma, Syafa Lisaholit, Aria Bayu Setiaji, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

Gogorea is one of the villages in the area Buru island that serve as the site of gold. Most of the people of the island rush to mine the use of mercury in the amalgamation process. Mercury is harmful chemicals and cause adverse effects to living beings and the environment, to overcome it can be utilized microbes that are resistant to mercury. The purpose of this study is to obtain a bacteria that is resistance. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. To get the bacteria resistant to mercury initial phase was isolated, then tested the sensitivity of bacteria to mercury, and the next stage of bacterial identification. Based on the results of the samples obtained four isolates Gogorea village, which when tested sensitivity to 10ppm, 20ppm, 30ppm and there is no clear zone so that the four isolates are considered resistant to mercury. Of the four isolates were identified by a type of bacteria the sample G1.1 Chryseobacterium sp. Gogorea is one of the villages in the area Buru island that serve as the site of gold. Most of the people of the island rush to mine the use of mercury in the amalgamation process. Mercury is harmful chemicals and cause adverse effects to living beings and the environment, to overcome it can be utilized microbes that are resistant to mercury. The purpose of this study is to obtain a bacteria that is resistance. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. To get the bacteria resistant to mercury initial phase was isolated, then tested the sensitivity of bacteria to mercury, and the next stage of bacterial identification. Based on the results of the samples obtained four isolates Gogorea village, which when tested sensitivity to 10ppm, 20ppm, 30ppm and there is no clear zone so that the four isolates are considered resistant to mercury. Of the four isolates were identified by a type of bacteria the sample G1.1 Chryseobacterium sp

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Divya Sharma, Sarita Singh Bhadauria

Intrusion is the biggest problem in the world of digitalization. Everything is inter connected with each other makes it easier to use even for intruders. Intrusion detection system helps in detecting security breaches, so it can be prevented /handled. In this paper, a hybrid approach i.e. negative selection based neural network (NS-ANN) approach is presented. The proposed algorithm is implemented using Java over KDD cup dataset. The result computation obtained using confusion matrix and computation parameters. The performance is compared to existing techniques and it is seen the efficiency of proposed work is better over other traditional available solutions.Intrusion is the biggest problem in the world of digitalization. Everything is inter connected with each other makes it easier to use even for intruders. Intrusion detection system helps in detecting security breaches, so it can be prevented /handled. In this paper, a hybrid approach i.e. negative selection based neural network (NS-ANN) approach is presented. The proposed algorithm is implemented using Java over KDD cup dataset. The result computation obtained using confusion matrix and computation parameters. The performance is compared to existing techniques and it is seen the efficiency of proposed work is better over other traditional available solutions.

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Halima Sadia, Dr. Syed Qamar Abbas, Mohammad. Faisal

Now-a-days, Information technology has covered almost every aspect of human life. The software industry is a main component of IT industry. Software projects have a very high probability of failure and a major reason behind is poor requirement engineering process. Potential requirement related threats or risks must be identified in the earlier stages of development so that negative impact of their effect can be minimized. Many approaches have been proposed to effectively manage requirement engineering challenges. This work aims to study available work in requirement risk management along with their pros and cons

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Karthik Sekaran, M. Sudha

Major Depressive Disorder is an acute-form of mental illness. It interferes in the personal life, education, eating and sleeping habits of a person affected by depression. The factors that cause depression are generally identified as environmental, genetic and other psychological reasons. Medications like anti-psychotic drug treatment and counseling are said to be responsive in controlling the mental condition for a short-term. But the current treatment methods are not effective for the patients, living with prolonged depression periods. Gene therapy gets its momentum on medical diagnostic procedures to treat the patients with handful strategies. Lipopolysaccharides, a kind of endotoxins presents in the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria could cause potential threats to human body. In this work, the responsiveness of lipopolysaccharides simulated in blood of patients with depression over normal people is analyzed through their gene expressions. The samples are collected from Gene Expression Omnibus repository. A hybrid feature selection technique is proposed to select the biomarker genes of depression. Experimental results revealed the significant genes affected to Lipopolysaccharides simulation that discriminates the samples accurately. Machine Learning algorithms are employed to train and classify the data. This system finds 100% accurate classification of the normal and depression samples with the identified gene biomarkers.

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Prashant Kumar Dhakad, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Sokindra Kumar

Citrullus colocynthis (L.) Schrad. is regularly known as colocynth. The natural product mash of colocynth has restorative properties while the seeds have nutritive characteristics. C. colocynthis is impervious to high temperatures and develops in the desert areas of Western Asia, North Africa, Middle East. C. colocynthis likely conveys qualities of intrigue that could be investigated for initiating abiotic stress obstruction in transgenic plants. In spite of the fact that the tissue culture and atomic science of this species have been investigated, the latter has been principally used to determine ordered associations with different individuals from the Citrullus family and curcubits. Hereditary mining of the plant is rare while hereditary change conventions are likewise uncommon. The point of the present review is to display a short outline of the bioremediation viewpoints of C. colocynthis.

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P. Saleem Akram

In this paper a miniaturized three band metamaterial antenna is proposed for different wireless applications. The antenna is evaluated in three design models, the operating bands are 8 GHz and 6.9 GHz. The proposed antenna design has a ring monopole, with dB bandwidth of about (7.4-9GHz) (6.3-7.25GHz) (7-8.9GHz) are used for WLAN, WiMAX, C and X-band applications. Antenna design plots in HFSS tool and Origin pro to analyse further. The antenna has good impedance matching, acceptable gain and stable radiation characteristics across the operational bandwidths. This proposed antenna models are designed using the HFSS as well origin pro software and same were compared for analysis.

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Nurfaezah Mohamad Zahir, Rizauddin Saian

Predicting flood is crucial in the South East Asia region as flood will affect life and property of the people in the region. The main objective of this study is to develop a classification model for predicting flood based on river water level. The study is conducted in Perlis, Malaysia. Perlis is a small state which is situated in the northern part of Malaysia. For the purpose of this study, data from six rainfall distribution stations in Perlis starting from year 2000 until 2014 is used. There are two classes that is used to classify the class of the river water level which are danger and normal. This study used a variant of Ant Colony Optimization algorithm called Ant-Miner to develop the classification model. The finding shows that Ant-Miner produced a better predictive model with better predictive accuracy as compared to J48

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Ahmad Syaufi, Mursidah

Customary criminal law is the living law regulates actions that violate the feeling of justice and propriety that lives in the community, causing disruption of peace and balance of society. To restore peace and balance, a customary reaction occurs. In maintaining customary criminal law, where each problem can be resolved completely, against every problem that exists and that may exist, because customary criminal law prioritizes the achievement of togetherness goals. In an effort to settle criminal cases it is time to pay attention to the mechanism of settlement through customary criminal law, so that it is necessary to study the existence of Dayak customary criminal law in Central Kalimantan Province. Based on the results of the study it was found that in Central Kalimantan Province the original inhabitants of the Dayak tribe continued to apply and adhere to the application of customary criminal law in an effort to maintain the form and characteristics of local wisdom originating from the Dayak community and cultural traditions. Customary law is not entirely an unwritten law, because there are also written elements in the Dayak community in Dayak customary law.

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V.Lambodharan, N.Anitha, J.Venketsan, M.Latha, G.Geetha

In this paper we explore, learn and propose a new technique we can define the interval valued intutionstic fuzzy Cartesian product and composition, union and intersection on interval-valued intutionstic fuzzy graphs and examine various of their properties. We also initiate the idea of interval-valued intutionstic fuzzy complete graphs and some properties also interval-valued intutionstic fuzzy complete graphs and interval valued intutionstic fuzzy isomorphisom.In this paper we explore, learn and propose a new technique we can define the interval valued intutionstic fuzzy Cartesian product and composition, union and intersection on interval-valued intutionstic fuzzy graphs and examine various of their properties. We also initiate the idea of interval-valued intutionstic fuzzy complete graphs and some properties also interval-valued intutionstic fuzzy complete graphs and interval valued intutionstic fuzzy isomorphisom.

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Ridlo Nur Cahyo, Yudho Taruno Muryanto

Immediately executable judgment (Uitvoerbaar Bij Voorraad) often result in problems, especially when its object is land. The problems arise when the judgment has been already executed in the first instance yet it is annulled by the higher instance (appeal), so that the recovery process becomes an issue. This condition indicates a need for an in-depth study on the regulation of immediately executable judgment. The problems to be studied are: (1) The regulation of land execution towards immediately executable judgment (Uitvoerbaar Bij Voorraad) in Supreme Court Circular (SEMA) No. 3 of 2000 and SEMA No. 4 of 2001 on Immediately Executable Judgment, (2)Has land execution towards immediately executable judgment (Uitvoerbaar Bij Voorraad) in SEMA No. 3 of 2000 and SEMA No. 4 Of 2001 on Immediately Executable Judgment reflected legal equity and equity for the concerned party? The analysis result found that the provisions in SEMA no 3 of 2000 and SEMA no. 4 of 2001 are merely general in nature. There has been no regulation specifically regulating the implementation of execution, particularly land execution under immediately executable judgment. Accordingly, the author argues that SEMA no. 3 of 2000 and SEMA no. 4 of 2001 have not been able to cover problems related to the execution of immediately executable judgment, particularly those related to land execution. Therefore, it is necessary to design a legal product that specifically regulates the implementation of execution, especially land execution under immediately executable judgment. This is important to ensure the legal certainty and equity for the concerned parties during the land execution under immediately executable judgment

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Shaswat Shetty

Branding is regarded as one of the key functions of marketing. Without brand name, it is difficult to differentiate your product in the market. Branding has a lasting impact on the minds of the customers. Brand preference can thus be said as the extent to which customers or users give priority to one brand over the other. Brand preference is the result of company’s dedication, hard work and quality goods and services. The goal of very organization is to improve customer loyalty as loyal customers assist the company in achieving its long term objectives of profitability and growth. In our country, the telecom industry is advancing at a great pace. The total number of telephone subscribers in India reached around 1189.28 million as on 31 July 2019(Press Release on Telecom Subscription Data as on 31/7/2019).There are several telecom providers in the market. The advent of Reliance JIO in the market has made a significant impact on the customer base of other providers. The research paper aims to study the brand preference of telecom operators amongst college students in Mumbai. It also endeavors to find out the key challenges faced by the users with reference to telecom services. Analysis is also done to know if the users are happy with the services provided by their existing telecom service provider.

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Darshan G. Gaidhankar, M. S. Kulkarni, Aman Jain

Development of new construction materials, capable of absorbing more energy is the need of the society and this the area in which research needs. Because of the excellent behavior under flexural and impact strength, ferrocement is the widely used structural element under such circumstances. Also it has excellent mechanical properties. The thickness of ferrocement panel considered is 40 mm and 50 mm. As the thickness of the ferrocement panel is very less, M50 grade of mortar is used. The ferrocement panels are casted using galvanized welded square mesh and galvanized woven square mesh with 04, 05 and 06 mesh layers. For crack controlling, few ferrocement panels are casted using corrugated steel fibers and hooked steel Fibers in addition to the regular mesh (1% by weight of sample). The ferrocement specimens are tested under drop weight impact test. The drop weight impact test is done by dropping a weight of 3.5 Kg from a height of 0.5m and 0.75m. It is concluded that, the impact strength of the ferrocement panel reinforced with galvanized welded square mesh is excellent than the ferrocement panels reinforced with galvanized woven square mesh. When the steel fibers are added in the ferrocement panel, the energy absorption capacity of the ferrocement panel under impact loading is increased. The ductility index is found to be decreased with increase in the drop weight height.

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Nitin Namdeo Patil, Jayantrao Bhaurao Patil

The ease of availability of Internet in recent decades for sharing ideas and knowledge has motivated authors to publish their contents digitally instead of conventional paperwork. This leads to widespread availability of the author's information to a large volume of readers. But with this global connectivity, many security issues have raised threats to authorship and copyright of genuine authors. The digital contents are vulnerable to illegal copy, distribution, reproduction and authentication. For digital information in numerous natural languages, significant attempts have been made to secure the text from unauthentic access. Each of these concentrate on distinguished language construct(s) to attain uniqueness. In this paper we propose a new robust watermarking technique for Hindi language. Hindi belongs to Devanagari script and no watermarking technique for it is developed till now. We use pratyaya as important Hindi language construct in our structural approach to protect Hindi language digital text across the globe

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Sanjay Kumar Singh, Arvind Kumar

The objective of this communication is to carry outnumerical studyof heat transfer and friction factor in a double pipe heat exchanger (DPHE) counter-flowarrangementusing twisted tape with dimple inserts. The study investigated the effects of twisted tapes with dimples insert of different dimple diameters of 3mm,5mm and 7mm at D/H ratio 3. The numerical analysis revealed that the value of Nusselt number was maximum for dimple diameter 5mm and it is 1.37 - 1.46, 1.19 - 1.24 and 1.10 - 1.18 times greater than the twisted tape without dimple,for twisted tape with dimple diameter 3mm and with 7mm respectively. The friction factor was found to be directly proportional to the diameter of the dimple.For tube fitted with twisted tape without dimple,for twisted tape with dimples of diameter 3mm, 5mm and 7mm,the values were 3.34 - 3.63, 3.62 - 4.36, 4.86 - 5.10 and 5.76 - 6.06 times greater than the plain tube. The results emphatically reflected the positive impact of twisted tapes with dimple inserts on heat transfer enhancement in DPHE.

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Josefina Amanda Suyo Vega, Mónica Elisa Meneses La Riva, Víctor Hugo Fernández Bedoya, Jorge Luis Aníbal Baldárrago Baldárrago, Susana Edita Paredes Díaz.

In the process of basic education, life skills are developed and strengthened. Therefore, it is necessary to apply innovative tools and strategies to strengthen the student's mathematical learning. Objective: To identify the strategies used in the mathematics course, which are expository, teamwork, action, symposium, use of mental maps, comparative charts, and the use of technology in an alternative basic education institution in Callao. The methodology was quantitative, cross-sectional, non-experimental. The study consisted of 60 students who were applied the instrument of learning strategies in mathematics, which consisted of 35 items. Each dimension consisted of 5 questions, measured through a Likert scale. The test was submitted to expert evaluation for validity and reliability tests respecting the corresponding ethical aspects. Among the results found, there is evidence that 24% expositive strategies are developed and 5% strategies using technology. It is concluded that it is necessary to rethink strategies in practice during the learning process to ensure that the competencies of the participant are strengthened in the dimension of statistics and probability, developing learning strategies using technology to enhance the learning of mathematics in alternative basic education

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Gökçe Çiçek CEYHUN

in the recent years, fast growing world population and reduction of scarce resources have forced people to look for new sources. In this manner, decreasing of terrestrial based sources has shifted the attentions of nations to the marine related resources in terms of having reserves of oil and gas that located undersea areas of the world. However, exploration, drilling and transferring oil in maritime areas may have significantly harmful effects on marine wildlife, coral reefs, environment etc. Especially oil spilling may threat human health and life, may damage marine ecosystem, may destroy different marine species, may reduce biological diversity, may jeopardize bird populations, may disrupt food chain and, may cause interruption of national and international transportation. Due to these vital reasons, this study has explored the effects of oil drilling applications on maritime areas with common cases of world seas. In order to emphasize the impacts of oil drilling on maritime areas, a detailed literature study has been conducted within the scope of this study. Subsequently, the prominent examples of oil drilling activities in world seas have been investigated. In the end, the paper has concluded with prudential suggestions by taking advantages of current implementations for oil drilling in prominent maritime areas.

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Mukhtar, Risnita, Istikomah

This study aimed at examining the Effect of Principal Leadership Style, Organizational Systems and Work Motivation on School Effectiveness. This research is located in the State Vocational High School in Jambi Province which consists of SMKN 2 Jambi City, SMKN 1 Batanghari Vocational School, and SMKN 1 Merangin Vocational School. This research is a quantitative research with survey as a method for collecting data. Simple random sampling technique was chosen in this research with a sample of 219 teachers. The Hypothesis tested uses path analysis with a significance level α = 0.05. The results showed that the Principal Leadership Style, Organizational System and Work Motivation partially or simultaneously affect the School Effectiveness. The implication is the better the Principal's Leadership Style, Organizational System and Work Motivation will increase the School's Effectiveness.

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Sunil, Satyanarayana, Sachin Acharya, Arun Kumar Jogi

The medicinal uses of Jasmine are well documented. It is used to enhance the immunity of the body, treatment of anxiety, stress, and sunstroke. The leaves are used in the treatment of mouth disease, treatment of cuts and wounds. The Jasmine plant is also the source of exotic fragrance. It is an important scent noted in perfumes and has herbal properties and hence today, Jasmine flowers are of much economic importance. Farmer’s decision making on production of Jasmine depends on future price to be realised during the period of cultivation. Hence forecasting accuracy plays a vital role in Jasmine production. A hybrid model has been considered an effective way to improve the forecast accuracy. In this paper, hybrid model of SARIMA-ANN is proposed for forecasting the prices of Jasmine flower. We also compared the performance of hybrid model with traditional SARIMA model, ELM, MLP and NNETAR (ANN). The study concluded that the hybrid model of ARIMA-ANN is more appropriate model for forecasting the prices of Jasmine flower. The best model is used to forecast prices for next 12 months.

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Abhinav Bhargava, Poonam Sinha

As the research is going on the most of the application of antenna shifting towards the high frequency range, that is important because most of the lower band upto 4GHz is occupied by many applications. The technique in which similar structure developed again and again called fractal antenna. By increasing same structure multiple times the electrical length will enhanced as well as bandwidth may be increased. By fractal many objective excellently achieve. Size reduction also called miniaturization can also achieved by modified fractal approach. This paper represents a unique rectangular patch with defected ground. The meaning of defected is modified or slotted. Three rectangle are added to the top layer of the antenna by which radiation can be enhanced. In this paper combination of fractal and defected ground is used for bandwidth enhancement. In this work bandwidth enhancement is done, simulation is done by HFSS software. Antenna is useful for 3GHz to 14GHz, which represent bandwidth of 11GHz. In this range many wireless application can be shifted. In the given range, VSWR is also achieved less than two, and return loss is also less than -10db. Mathematical analysis is done by considering the center frequency as 4.5GHz and than antenna is analyzed, simulated and optimized to achieve the super wideband. In the proposed design microstrip feed line is used for utilization of its advantages. Practically easily available substrate that is FR4 is used for simulation with the thickness 1.6mm and dielectric constant 4.4.

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Oscar L. Mwale, Peter K. Kihato, Agnes Mindila

In radio network planning user mobility is an important factor that can reveal the user’s needs and hence allows the proactive adaptation of services. By predicting mobility of subscribers, the network can do proactive resource management and take prior precautionary measures when need arises. This paper presents a machine learning prediction algorithm that be used in capturing some of the mobility patterns exhibited by the users moving in a wireless environment and can then predict the future locations of these users. To identify the important locations of the target user from his/her trajectory the data is analyzed to find out insights in terms of movement of the subscribers and mobile data used. An unsupervised clustering technique using Density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise (DBSCAN) is performed to extract various clusters for different locations. Finally, to predict the location of the subscribers into the clusters/locations above several supervised machine learning classifier models are proposed with Random forest showing the best results. When tested on real data, the model achieved 94% of the future locations’ prediction accurately. In a future work, future locations predicted will be used to proactively and dynamically allocate mobile resources to the subscribers.

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Rabab Naeem Alag, Zahid Sa’doon Aziz

Escherichiacolinrepeatedlyiicausing urinary tract, wound and blood infection resulting in significant/morbidity iand mortality due to hadnplasmid encodedjhESBLs which in turn lead tojtreatmentfailure.tThepresent study was focused on the estimation of β-lactamnantibiotic resistance patterns, the determination of Plasmid ESBLs represented by blaCTX-MAand.blaTEM gene. So atotal of (291) clinicalasamples (urine,awound swabs, blood and seminal fluids) were included in thisstudy. All bacterial isolates were subjected to the cultural, Imicroscopical, and biochemical examinationsamethods, confirmed byaAPI 20E and Vitek2 system. Where the resultsjirevealed that 105 of isolates were identified as E. coli. Antibiotic sensitivity was performedby using disk diffusionmethodsssagainstjjβ-lactam.mInvestigation of extended spectrum β-lactamase(ESBL) production for isolates wasnperformed using Initial screening and double discsynergy..methodu(DDST). The results showed that most isolates showed highresistance to ß-lactam antibiotics,ywhile all isolates were sensitive to Imipenem. The results oftiPCR technique were performed to detect P1asmid encoded ESBLs blaCTX-M andblaTEMgenes,urevealed that (100%) of E. coli isolates carried this genes for both.

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Sanjiv Kumar Tomar, Santar Pal Singh, Akhtar Husain, Kuldeep Singh Kaswan, Krishna Tomar

In this framework, we proposed a framework for enhancing the features of face recognition system. We are doing Image pre-processing basically for features enhancement of an input image that provides efficient image recognition. Some changes in every phase are important to improve the recognition results. A similar approach has been applied. A schema has been proposed for better face recognition system. Enhancing image contrast and then rotating the image by some degrees to get different view perspectives of the image, cropping the face in proper region for exact feature selection continued by a hybrid approach of ant colony optimization and genetic algorithm for face detection.

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B.Vaisali, P.K. Krishnan Namboori

Tumor hypoxia develops as an adaptation taken up by the cancer cells during prolonged radiation and chemotherapy. The cancer cells start to survive in the harsh environment of less oxygen and poor vasculature, with this modification. The tumor microenvironment is set up as a result of mutations occurred in hypoxia specific genes. A tool has been developed to identify the mutation involved in causing the variation and promoting the disease. The main objective of the work is to design an early prediction tool for tumor hypoxia mutation and to identify the genetic variants to understand the susceptibility of cells to the mutations. The predictive model has been found to have an accuracy of 72.5% and the genetic markers have been identified using pharmacogenomic approach.

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Khushnuma Bano, Azra Ishrat, KK Mishra

Organizational Commitment can be defined as the extent of involvement of an employee in the organization with the desire to work, an obligation of working and having no intent to leave. A high level of organizational commitment can lead to improvement in the performance and efficiency of an employee in accomplishing the tasks and goals of the organization. Though OC of an employee can be seen in various fields but as the aim of the study is to compare the factors that affect the OC of teachers in case of public and private universities of the Lucknow city. Research papers used for the review is both empirical and theoretical in nature. Though overall commitment of private universities is more than the public university because of a better opportunity of growth, promotion, quality of work-life and healthy working conditions. However, this study is focused on deriving the impact of each factor and finally determining the impact on the public a private university. But still, there is a scope of analyzing the performance altogether. Apart from this mediating and moderating test is conducted to derive the factors which influence the relationship between OC and organization performance along with determining the strength and magnitude of the effect. There are certain factors that could have been included in the study i.e. like personality traits of an employee, and school principals but still the analysis shows that private universities provide more opportunity of raising teacher’s commitment in comparison to public universities.

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Muhammad Luthfi Hamzah, Astri Ayu Purwati, Ermina Rusilawati, Hamzah

The library is a place that contains books, articles, papers and reading sources that are arranged regularly as a source of information material. Therefore, considering the rapid growth of technology, good management of library is every important for every university. A library is the heart of a tertiary institution as it supports the implementation of the tri darma of a tertiary institution. It is necessary to have a good library management in order to help students and lecturers in finding sources of information. Surely, a professional library management is needed in improving the quality of higher education. Because of that, it is necessary to have a system that makes library information management effective and efficient from changing manual systems to systems using technology. This research method was started from identifying the scope, setting goals, studying the literature, analyzing problems, designing models with UML, Designing a system for managing library information management and testing system. The framework of this research methodology describes the design of library information management application using the Rapid Application Development method. The programming language used in making this library management information system used PHP and MYSQL

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Panbarasan.M, Karthikeshwaran.R

The proper placement of cement in the annular space around the wellbore enables the closing off wells drilled with non-aqueous drilling fluid (NADF) by its effective replacement with cement. If this process not occur properly, it results in the residual amount of NADF accumulation inside the wellbore which leads to the lack of stability, fluid influx and constraints in the well stimulation and workover operations particularly in case of horizontal wells. In this paper, a new cementing procedure called Interactive Cementing System (ICS) is formulated along with special physical properties of cement which will be highly effective in the NADF environment

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Panbarasan.M, Karthikeswaran.R

The uprising necessity for petroleum results in the swift evolution of drilling techniques in more complicated structure of wells and drilling operations under rough conditions. To meet this non-aqueous phase drilling fluids (NADF) is used to achieve good wellbore stability, thin filter cake, excellent lubricity and low risk of stuck pipe. The NADF is prepared by modification of bentonite with quaternary ammonium salts and addition of clay minerals. In this paper, a newly formulated environmental friendly restructured rectorite and biodiesel based drilling fluid is prepared and discussed.

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Indah Purnamawati, Bunga Maharani, Aisa Tri Agustini, Ririn Irmadariyani, Yosefa Sayekti, Djoko Supatmoko, Bayu Aprillianto

In carrying out their social responsibilities, companies can carry out their social responsibility activities in line with achieving their strategic objectives. However, on the other hand, the companies can implement CSR which is unwittingly not in line with companies'strategic objectives. As a company, a state-owned plantation company and regional-owned plantation company also should carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The obligation arises because types of both companies are exploring or managing natural resources. This study aims to analyze the differences in the implementation of strategic corporate social responsibility model between regionally-owned plantation company and large state-owned plantation company in Pandhalungan area. The objects of this study are regionally-owned plantation company called as Company X and a given plantation of state-owned plantation company called as Company Y. The analysis method of this study is comparison. In analyzing data, this study used a CSR strategic model matrix developed by Sayekti (2011) that integrated GRI, value chain, and diamond framework indicators. The results of this study found differences in the implementation of strategic CSR model between both study objects. Company X undertook only strategic CSR activities, whereas Company Y undertook CSR activities both strategic and non-strategic. That difference caused by various factors, including the difference in vision and mission and companies’ objectives, the difference in binding regulations related to CSR activities, and the difference in CSR budgeting. Furthermore, the results of this study also showed the difference in the influence of strategic CSR implementation carried out by both companies.

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Bambang Piluharto, Ahmad Roziq, Asnawati

there are not many activities aimed at creating an entrepreneurial spirit for village youth. Meanwhile, many young people of productive age villages have the potential to become entrepreneurs based on local resources by utilizing biomass waste. Liquid smoke is the result of condensation or condensation from the biomass pyrolysis process. The content of liquid smoke includes phenols, organic acids and carbonyl, which are widely used as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and food preservative. Sources of raw materials that can be used to produce liquid smoke can be obtained from agricultural production wastes such as coconut shells, corncobs and sugarcane bagasse. This activity aims to develop rural youth entrepreneurial skills through the manufacture of liquid waste based on agricultural waste. The form of liquid smoke making activities includes training in making liquid smoke. The training was emphasized on making liquid smoke using agricultural waste as raw material. The results of this activity can improve the skills of rural youth in applying liquid smoke generation technology with various sources of biomass waste. The results of this training can improve the skills of rural youth entrepreneurs through making liquid smoke and encourage village youth to become entrepreneurs.

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Yudha Alif Auliya, Isti Fadah, Yustri Baihaqi, Qurrota A’yuni Ar Ruhimat

Jangur Village is a village located in Sumberasih district, Kab. Probolinggo. The majority of the population make a living as kapok farmers and craftsmen. In Jangur village there are several problems, among others: Lack of types of employment, low education level, small entrepreneurship development of the community is not optimal. In Jangur Village most of the people work as kapok craftsmen, but the processing is on a small industrial scale and carried out partially. Some of the leading handicraft products are mattresses, pillows and bolsters. To improve the economy of the community, in 2018 the proposals carried out community service activities and focused on establishing kapok craftsmen groups. In the service that has been done, the solutions offered are diversification of kapok processed products and processing of kapok seed waste. Jangur village has potential community resources and potential raw material resources. Raw materials for kapok are found in the vicinity of Jangur Village and abundant. After the formation of kapok craftsmen groups began to emerge some new problems, namely the poor management of kapok craftsmen and marketing group partners who were not done well. The issue arose because there was no management capable of managing production and finance well. Existing problems also cause income gaps among kapok craftsmen because the production division is not evenly distributed. see the potential and problems then designed an e-commerce information system that is able to manage product management and marketing. Product management is done by applying the EOQ method in managing inventory of goods. To increase revenue and increase orders, it is considered integrated E-commerce. marketing media includes website media and social media. Collaboration of a support team that has a background in economics and agriculture is needed to develop "Kampoeng Kapuk Jangur. Proposers also have a lot of experience in managing and developing Micro small and medium enterprises.

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Siti Lestari, Eddy Suprayitno, Anik M. Hariati

Palm kernel meal is waste produced from the extraction of palm oil. The main problem in the use of palm kernel meal in fish feed ingredients is the high crude fiber content making it difficult for fish to digest. The purpose of this study was to observe palm kernel meal fermented with Bacillus lichemiformis to improve the quality of feed raw materials. The research was carried out with the length of fermentation treatment 0,24,48,72, and 96 hours with 3 replications. The results showed that the fermentation of palm kernel meal at the 48th hour using Bacillus lichemiformis gave the best results on increasing protein levels by 30, 22 and the results of physical characteristics test of aroma, texture, lumps, and colors also gave the best results. Then the crude fiber decreases for 96 hours after fermentation.

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Senthilkumar. PL, kavimani. T

The openly dumped vegetable waste pollutes the soil and releases greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. In the present study, the discarded vegetable wastes are processed and further, the experiment was carried out to utilize the Processed Waste (PW) as a soil medium for plant growth. For experimentation, five different mix proportions were attempted for assessing the growth of Sorghum bicolor or great millet a grass species largely used for cattle feed. The Processed Waste was mixed with soil (river sand) in the ratios (PW to soil), of 25:75 (P1), 50:50 (P2), 75:25 (P3), 100 (P4) percent PW and 100 (P5) percent soil. The experiment was carried out for 20 days and during experimentation pH, Temperature, Moisture content (MC), Electrical Conductivity (EC), and volume of water supplied were periodically monitored and recorded. The physical characteristics of five mix proportions (P1 to P5) provide optimum conditions for plant growth at the beginning of the experiment. However, the mediums mixed with PW possess 10 to 15 % higher Water Holding Capacity (WHC) than the sand medium. Further, it was observed that air-filled porosity in the mediums mixed with PW was 30 to 40 % higher than sand. The chemical characteristics indicate that the pH of the mix holds PW was slightly towards acidic to neutral (pH of 6.5 to 6.9) and it was acidic in soil (pH of 5.7). The EC of soil (1.3 dS/m) is less than EC (1.9 to 2.2 dS/m) of PW mixed medium this might because of the presence of higher nutrient content in the PW mixed medium. At the end of the experiment, it was inferred that the plants in pot P3 aided with 75% PW and 25% Sand show a higher growth rate than other mix combinations. The growth rate was assessed by determining the Root to Shoot ratio (R: S) and mean weight gained by the plants in the respective bins.

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Dalia Sukmawati, Ratna Paramitha Larasati, Tri Handayani Kurniati, Zico Arman, Hesham A. El Enshasy

Amylase enzyme has been widely used for food industries since centuries. Molds are known to be the source for industrial amylase production and this enzyme can potentially increase the efficiency of chicken feed. The aim of this study is to screen the molds isolated from chicken feed collected in UNJCC to produce amylase enzyme. Screening was carried out to select the most potent isolates producing amylase enzymes based on amylolytic index values, using starch agar medium incubated for 4 days at 28 °C. Molecular identification was performed based on rDNA region and was confirmed by macroscopic and microscopic morphological characters. The screening results showed that out of 42 isolates, 10 strains can produce amylase. The result showed that isolates K02, K17 and K26 had the largest IA values of 1,298, 1,132 and 1,066, respectively. Isolate K02 was identified as Aspergillus versicolor, while isolate K17 was identified as Penicillium tardochrysogenum with 100% similarity. Isolate K26 was identified at the genus level, Penicillium, with the highest similarity with Penicillium chrysogenum at 99.67%. The presence of Aspergillus and Penicillium group in the chicken feed exhibited the great importance of molds amylase in feed fermentation. Therefore, they could further be utilized in the fermentation industry for improving cost-effectiveness of the production.

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Kenneth Filbert, Seng Hansun

This research discusses the design and development of a web-based ticketing and customer support system for the IT consultant company PT Mitra Mentari Global (MMG), This research aims to build a system that can aid customers of PT MMG in submitting any problem or complaints they might have when using PT MMG’s products in the form of a support ticket, while also helping the employees in handling and organizing those complaint tickets from customers. The object of this research is the ticketing and customer support system itself, which was designed and built for PT MMG. The research started with the fundamental design of the system. After the design and building of the system were completed, it was tested using the black box testing method. The measurement of a unit of satisfaction, End-User Computing Satisfaction (EUCS), from customers who have used the system, was done through a data collection using a questionnaire that can be accessed by customers after they gave their approval on the work of a ticket. The testing results show that every feature of the system that was tested is working correctly. The analysis on the questionnaire data, which was filled by nine customers, results in an overall EUCS value of 3.742 from the five instruments of EUCS (Content, Format, Accuracy, Ease of Use, Timeliness) that was measured, which indicates that the customers of PT MMG is generally satisfied with the system that they used.

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Khantidevi Dhammayanti, Arya Wicaksana, Seng Hansun

Corporate Human Resource (CHR) Kompas Gramedia is a business unit of Kompas Gramedia which is in charge of managing and developing Human Resources (HR) of Kompas Gramedia company. Decision making on position placement in Kompas Gramedia is carried by CHR by using the manual technique. The time needed to reach the final decision of position placement takes approximately one to two months. Thus, the role of a decision support system in CHR Kompas Gramedia is really in need. In this study, the decision support system for position placement in CHR Kompas Gramedia uses the Profile Matching and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) methods with competency aspects and weights set by the CHR Kompas Gramedia. The Profile Matching method is used to provide assessments, determine gaps, and weight criteria, while the AHP method is used to calculate the pairwise, eigenvalue, priority scale, total eigenvalue, consistency index (CI) matrix, and consistency ratio (CR). This decision support system has been successfully designed and built using the Profile Matching and AHP methods. This decision support system has been tested successfully and evaluated by distributing questionnaires to 31 respondents. The evaluation process was done using the Technology Acceptance Model and Likert scale which scored 84.51% for perceived ease of use and 83.98% for perceived usefulness.

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Nurkhairo Hidayati

Collaboration skill is known as the ability of someone to work both effectively and take responsibility for making the commitments that are necessary to achieve a common goal. Collaboration skills are important for students because, through collaboration skills, students are expected to achieve meaningful results when they experience real life in the community. The purpose of this research is to identify the collaboration skill of biology students at the Universitas Islam Riau in the human anatomy and physiology class. The research method used was a survey of 112 participants. Data collection is done by observation using observation guidelines. The collaborative skill indicators studied include responsibility, respect others, contributes, organizes work, works as a whole team. The results show that the indicators of collaboration skills from the lowest to consecutive are works as a whole team (58.5), organizes work (60.1), contributes (64.9), respects others (75), responsibility (76.4). In general, student collaboration skill is still in the good category (66.98), and therefore, a proper learning strategy is needed to improve student collaboration skill.

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Reni Dwi Susanti

This study aims to describe the application of the jigsaw method with a metacognitive approach to social statistics learning and to see the ability of problem-solving and student responses to learning social statistics. Data collection methods in this study used three instruments namely observation, tests and questionnaires. This research is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach. The results of the study of the application of the jigsaw method with this metacognitive approach showed a very good category from the overall average with the breakdown of student activities getting 85,06, student responses getting 88,27 and the level of problem-solving skills obtained 91,02.

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Eddy Noviana, Otang Kurniaman, Munjiatun, Nugraheti Sismulyasih Sb, Sri Dewi Nirmala

Disaster mitigation learning is preliminary knowledge in detecting disasters in Indonesia, for that it needs KOASE comic media as an alternative learning media. The research method uses a quasi-experiment with a one-group pretest-posttest design with a sample of 72 primary school students, data collection techniques by doing pretest and posttest which are analyzed using the formula of learning outcomes, after getting categorized according to student knowledge. The results of research on pretest disaster mitigation knowledge data 60.30 with sufficient categories, and 79.70 posttest data with good categories while to see improvement using N-Gain with an average of 0.42 with intermediate categories. So it can be concluded that the use of KOASE comic media in disaster mitigation learning can improve student knowledge outcomes about disaster mitigation.

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R. A. Rathnayake, W. K. I. L. Wanniarachchi

Room Acoustics (also known as Architectural Acoustics or Building Acoustics) involves the scientific understanding of how to achieve a good sound quality within a building. The main purpose of this paper is to build a Room Acoustics Simulation which is capable to: demonstrate visualization of sound propagation around 3-D virtual room environment, examine the Room Impulse Response (RIR) and perform a less computational cost audio demonstration to understand the behavior of reverberation and echo effect. Furthermore, this paper proposes a new method to obtain the RIR for a given receiver point. In this paper, Image-Source Method (ISM) use as a modeling method for this acoustic simulation. Since all the previous works about ISM are done for 2-D room environments, this paper could be the first to implement ISM for 3-D virtual room environment.

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P. Agus Budi, Imam Buchori, Bambang Riyanto, Yudi Basuki

The strategy in managing cities to remain in a condition of sustainability is to implement Smart City (SC) policies, which are policies that can integrate information and communication systems into various technical systems and infrastructure of a city. However, the change in infrastructure, land use makes the tab development, regional development will increase mobility transportation access. One of the policies that support the success of the SC policy in Indonesia is the policy in the field of transportation in order to anticipate changes in the characteristics of mobility in peripheral areas. This study will measure the success of transportation policies in anticipating an increase in the frequency of trips, expansion of the distribution of trips and changes in the choice of transportation modes to achieve sustainable transportation in rural areas. The research methodologies with survey used was a mobility analysis survey in the Mijen District, Semarang City, Indonesia. The steps taken in data collection are, first, the frequency of the trip is measured based on the trip generation model by considering the variables of vehicle ownership, public income, public transport rates, public transport comfort, public transport driver behavior and public transportation comfort. Second, the distribution of travel and the choice of transportation mode is a reflection of the desire of the community to achieve the destination of the trip and the chosen mode of transportation. The results of the study show that the latest transportation policy in the form of the operation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and online transportation implemented by the government greatly influences mobility in the periphery, namely first narrowing the gap in the demand and supply transportation balance.

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Ahmad Ma’ruf

This study aimed to discover the comprehension of business actors of Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in creative industry sector on the concept of sharia finance as well as formulating the development strategy of financial literacy toward business actors of creative industries. This study used a qualitative approach of case study in Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia. The types of data used are primary and secondary data. The data analysis was performed through a descriptive-statistical analysis, and the policy formulation was done through SWOT analysis. This study found that the index of sharia financial literacy on the majority of SMEs in the creative industry sector is in the medium category (sufficient literate). The improvement strategies for financial literacy are performed through a) the strategy of collaboration between stakeholders (penta-helix); b) the establishment of education centers and the socialization of sharia finance at regional level; c) sharia-based bank and non-bank financial institutions should be more aggressive in providing financial services to SMEs.

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Mohammed Saifur Rehman, Maneeth P. D, Brijbhushan S

Due to abundant use of natural aggregates in construction field .existing natural sand deposits are slowly emptied due to increase in urbanization and various other reasons, hence the use of natural aggregate should be minimize .Ceramic tiles waste is occurring from demolition of structures and also from manufacturing unit which leads to increased in amount of solid waste on earth utilization of crushed ceramic tiles in concrete leads to decrease in the usage of natural aggregate and also reduce amount of solid waste on earth. The main aim of this study is to utilize waste ceramic crushed tiles as partial replacement of fine aggregate at 40% and alcoffine as replacement of cement at various % i.e. 10%,12%,14%,16% and steel fibers is also used in the mix.M45 grade of concrete was design. Tests on mechanical properties and durability is carried out and compare with normal concrete. there is good development of strength when compared to normal concrete.

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AR. Chitra Juliet Mangeshkar, S. Prasad, A. Paul Williams

Gender Equality is one of the foremost important factor in the contemporary society. Gender inequality has to be eradicated in its all forms. With globalization, countries around the world are well integrated in terms of societal, economic and cultural values. This integration has brought immense changes in the societal as well as the workplace culture. Foreign Direct Investment not only brings in the investment in the form of money, it also brings in new ideas and values along with it. The Indian society has deep rooted gender discrimination in its structure. The nations around the world are striving towards excelling in creating an enabling environment that is conducive for working women. This is evident from the efforts of the India in achieving higher ranks in the Gender Inequality Index published by the World Economic Forum. With the emerging trends in the workplace environment, this study attempts to analyze how the foreign direct investment impacts the gender employment rates in the country. This paper also brings out how the technological advancements and other managerial know-hows are influencing the enforcement of gender equality in the Indian society and how the FDI inflows are influencing the Gender employment rates in India.

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Jasem Mohammed Abdeen, Sameer Ahmed Bilal

Kuwait has very hot and dry weather conditions (50 to 60 °C).Dry bulb temperature exceeds the wet bulb temperature by than (20 °C) during summer time. Air-conditioning unit's condenser coil pressure and temperature considerably, increased .This decrease the total cooling capacity and increase the power consumption .This fact was behind the idea of a field study of evaporative cooled condenser used in residential cooling systems. The use of evaporative cooled condenser increases the heat rejection process with the cooling effect of evaporation and improve coefficient of performance. There are ways to Retro Fit the existing units for improving the condenser performance at high ambient temperature. A study carried out by spraying water at irregular intervals over a non-metallic wired mesh area in front of the condenser heat dissipation area. The sprayed water rapidly evaporates and provides a cooler on coil air temperature as much as 15 – 24 °C lower than the incoming air. All existing evaporative air inlet cooling test sites indicated a significant energy saving power consumption between 20 – 35% and COP could be increased around 50%. Considering the chance of retrofitting existing air-conditioning, units gives the opportunities to reduce peak power load consumption related to cooling process by simple using normal city main water. In the study, the operation mode in response to varying load conditions, the obtainable COP, the water consumption rates and the amount of recoverable heat evaluated as outdoor air conditions was kept within the controlled conditions. This study gives a lot of information for future studies on large-scale application in residential buildings in State of KUWAIT as well as in Middle East and Mediterranean countries.

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Amir Rajaei, Mahmood Kondori

Identification through fingerprint has always been one of the most significant practical problems. There has always been a great challenge called Low-Quality Fingerprint Images (LQFIs) in fingerprint recognition. The paper used a two-step approach to enhance LQFIs, where the images that were enhanced in two main stages after some pre-processing. In the pre-processing step, we first segmented the fingerprint images using an algorithm. Then we performed local normalization. Then we estimated the local orientation for each pixel. In the first step, we used a Directional Median Filter (DMF) and then a simple interpolation method for fingerprint image enhancement. In the second step, we used a frequency filter to eliminate the noise and small spots in fingerprint images. In doing so, we used a low-pass filter in frequency domain. The results of the experiments showed that our proposed method produces better results in terms of quality.

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Vikas Khullar, Manju Bala, Harjit Pal Singh

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex neurological and developmental disorder with emotional uncertainties of intensive and explosive behaviors. These emotional deficits in ASD are treated as ‘meltdown or tantrum' and it leads to hyperactivity, impulsiveness, aggression, self-injury, and irritability. The abnormal Heart Rate (HR) could further be considered as a probable state of meltdown or tantrum occurrence in ASD. In this paper, an unsupervised machine learning algorithm has been applied over the acquired HR to detect abnormal state by using the Outlier detection algorithm. Hence, this proposed system has been capable of detection of the abnormal state in heart rate which could be an act of physiological outcome during a probable meltdown or tantrum. With the help of a graphically interactive environment, it is easier for clinicians as well as parents to understand and access the meltdown or tantrum related HR behavior.

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Mukhtar, Risnita, Khairul Anwar

This study aimed at determining the effect of transformational leadership, management information systems, and organizational climate on lecturers job satisfaction. The usefulness of this research is to enrich the scientific paradigm in the field of Islamic Education Management, especially the study of organizational behavior. This research is a quantitative research with survey method. The research population is all lecturers at the private Islamic colleges in Jambi-Indonesia. The sample of this study amounted to 131 Lecturers taken using the cluster area sampling technique. Questionnaires with a Likert scale are used as instruments. Data analyzed by path analysis begins with an analysis of the test requirements which include the normality test through the chi-square formula, homogeneity test through the Berlet test, and the test of linearity and regression significance. The results of the analysis indicate that there are: 1) The direct effect of transformational leadership on lecturer job satisfaction with a path coefficient of 39.94%; 2) Direct effect of management information systems on lecturer job satisfaction with a path coefficient of 40.40%; 3) Transformational leadership and management information systems have an effect on simultaneously on lecturer job satisfaction of 74.10%; 4) Direct influence of transformational leadership on organizational climate with a path coefficient of 31.97%; 5) Direct effect of management information systems on organizational climate with a path coefficient of 50.43; 6) Transformational leadership and management information systems have an effect on simultaneously on organizational climate of 69.40%; 7) Direct effect of organizational climate on lecturer job satisfaction with a path coefficient of 69.00; 8) Indirect effects of transformational leadership on lecturer job satisfaction through organizational climate of 63.57%, 27; 9) Indirect effects of management information systems on lecturer job satisfaction through organizational climate at 61.27%; 10) Transformational leadership, management information systems, and organizational climate simultaneously affect lecturer job satisfaction of 70.50. The conclusion of this study is transformational leadership, management information systems and organizational climate affect the lecturers Job satisfaction.

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Muhammad Nurtanto, Fadli Rozaq

Automotive sector in vocational schools, training centers (Diklat), or universities in facilitating the transfer of knowledge at the basic level as well as advanced skills. The teaching aid is a simulation tool and the real component parts of a particular system are separated or arranged as needed without eliminating the characteristics of the system. The main reason for teaching aid in the automotive field is to simplify complex systems for the need for systematic and constructive learning. In addition, students are able to identify the intent of the system that is made easily and with specific skills. All fields of education and vocational training develop these teaching aid, one of which is the electrical system, namely ignition. In the development of design there are no manufacturing standards that are tailored to the types of needs. The process of implementing knowledge transfer and skills transfer in workshops or workshops is done by standing and this is tiring for a number of students. Some elements namely the characteristics of students based on height, width, and movement during practicum are often ignored. Thus, the development of the redesign teaching aid or re-design needs to be considered with an ergonomic approach.

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Nurcholis Alfarisi, Luthfi Aziz Mahmud Siregar, Tengku Chairun Nisa

The research was aimed to determine the effect rasio combination of Naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA) and 6-Benzylaminopurine (BAP) plant growth regulators and explant types of Asam Gelugur plant (Garcinia atroviridis Griff) and their interaction in the Murashige Skoog (MS) media. This research was conducted in the Tissue Culture Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sumatra Utara, Indonesia in February until June 2018. The research was used the completely randomized design with 2 treatment factors with three replications. The first factors is combination of NAA and BAP dosage with nine rates, including G1 (0.2 mg.l-1 NAA + 0.5 mg.l-1 BAP); G2 (0.2 mg.l-1 NAA + 1 mg.l-1 BAP); G3 (0.2 mg.l-1 NAA + 1.5 mg.l-1 BAP); G4 (0.4 mg.l-1 NAA + 0.5 mg.l-1 BAP); G5 (0.4 mg.l-1 NAA + 1 mg.l-1 BAP); G6 (0.4 mg.l-1 NAA + 1.5 mg.l-1 BAP); G7 (0.6 mg.l-1 NAA + 0.5 mg.l-1 BAP); G8 (0.6 mg.l-1 NAA + 1 mg.l-1 BAP); and G9 (0.6 mg.l-1 NAA + 1.5 mg.l-1 BAP). The second factors is the explant types such as apical shoot (E1) and axillary bud (E2). The results were showed that the addition of 0.2 mg.l-1 NAA + 1 mg.l-1 BAP (G2) in the MS media had significant effect on the percentage of bud formed, number of buds, length of buds, and number of leaves. The axillary bud explant (E2) had significant on the number of buds. The interaction of E2G2 had significant on the number of

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Nazia Chowdhary, Ashish Kumar, Sandeep Singla

In this work, an automatic license plate detector is proposed using digital image processing methods in which video camera can be implemented at the entry point of the vehicles which is further processed by breaking the video into frames such that license plate comes into focus range of the camera. We have developed a system where all these processes are automated using an intelligent algorithm on MATLAB. The systems use different color spaces which are converted first from RGB channels which are further used by image binarization. Binarized image is applied to connected component analysis in which properties of the regions i.e. Area, Bounding box containing height and width parameters and centroid are used to exclude the unwanted portions in the image and to segment the characters of license plate in the frames. Further template matching is implemented to extract the license plate number in text form. The proposed system is experimented on a private parking spot in the locality in which video clips are taken for the vehicles in the entry point and proposed method is applied on the frames of the clips where license plates are focused from the viewer’s point of view. Experimental results show 90% accuracy of detection of number plate regions and characters in the collected dataset. Results can be improved further for other language number plates as well as this work is carried out on Indian license plates written in English Language.

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Milan Chandel, G. C. Jain

Manganese (Mn) is a naturally occurring essential trace element which act as cofactor for many cellular enzymes. Although it is essential at low levels but the excessive exposure of the Mn has been reported to be toxic. The aim of present study was to elucidate the toxic effect of manganese chloride (MnCl2.4H2O) on sperm parameters and oxidative status of cauda epididymis and fertility of male Wistar rats. Thirty two adult, male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups each having eight animals. Group A served as control and received normal saline (0.5 ml/rat) as vehicle while Group B, C and D received 50, 100 and 150 mg/kg b.wt. MnCl2 per day respectively, orally, for 60 days. The results of present study showed marked decline in sperm count, motility, viability, litter size and fertility and significant rise in sperm morphological abnormalities in rats exposed with MnCl2 as compared to control rats. A significant increase in lipid peroxidation, simultaneous decrease in antioxidant defense parameters and marked degenerative and atrophic changes in cauda epididymal histoarchitecture was also noticed in MnCl2exposed rats.Thus, the findings of the present study suggested that manganese chloride exposure had significant impairment of sperm parameters, fertility, oxidative status and histoarchitecture of cauda epididymis of Wistar rats.

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Yenni Asbur, Yayuk Purwaningrum, Mindalisma

Cover crops have positive effect on agroecosystems to protect soil from erosion and nutrients loss, increasing soil fertility, organic matter, soil carbon stocks, availability of soil water, suppress weed, and provide nutrients through residues decomposition. This study aimed to evaluate growth of Asystasia gangetica (L.) T. Anderson in shade and without shade conditions, and to study the benefits of A. gangetica as a cover crop to improve soil chemical properties. The experiment was conducted in an experiment field, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara, Gedung Johor Medan, Indonesia. The results showed that the growth of A. gangetica as a cover crop was not affected by shade. Soil organic carbon (C-organic), total nitrogen (N-total), available and total potassium (K-available and K-total) were significantly higher in the soil planted A. gangetica as cover crop respectively by 10.64%, 29.41%, 11.54%, and 7.49% than in the soil without cover crops.

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M Praveen Kumar, Kaushik Dey, Dr. M Viswanadham, Mahesh Ravindranathan

Map preparation is tedious problem from the past. To prepare a map so many people need to work and the time taken to generate a map is tedious. And it is a heavy process because we need to keep every detail required in the map. So human interpretation is important there and way to occurrence of errors also more while in the map generation process. To generate a complete map of each data it takes much time, if we want to prepare a selective data of map with a particular scale it is more difficult because to select purpose of map and scale of the map and which data to be retained in the map. More human interpretation and skills are required to achieve these results. These will be overcome by the generalization process. The generalization process is also very lengthy and time to reduce all these we plan to automate/semi – automate the tool process to have the generalized tools. These process of generalization will cover maximum of the problems faced while map generation. Because of the technological look over these problems the solution is made out by preparing required tools that will help to generate the map. So many instruments made automation of map generation and many developments are currently in trend to produce the generalized map. The tool development will reduce this generalization process to much extent. There are some multi-disciplinary ways of using the arcpy site package and using the Pre – defined codes and functions to develop the generalization tools. By taking into account the algorithms of generalization process we will develop the tools which will act as automation process. We can design a tool and by using the ArcGIS software functions and classes for our generalization process. The outputs are generated by giving the inputs in designed tools. The standard tools are developed finally that will generate the generalized map of 1:250k scale by using the 1:50k vector data. The study achieves the generalization tools by working on the 1:50k vector data. Many exceptions are taken into consideration while developing the generalization tools. Everyone has different procedures to develop the generalization tools. We are planning to develop the generalization tools in ArcGIS environment.

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Rajendra B. Mohite, Dr. Onkar S. Lamba

Voice controlled devices in today’s Internet of Things era are required to be developed with most common problem in which surrounding sounds mixing into voice commands. These problems are addressed by various researchers and have provided various methods which consist of machine learning, deep learning and conventional processing approaches. This paper gives a brief survey of such methods which separate the required sounds from mixed sounds blindly.

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Gurpreet Singh, Manisha Malhotra, Ajay Sharma

Cloud deployment is increasing day by day which will surge the demand of effective resource provisioning and consolidation of virtual machines in data centers. Automatically it also concerns with the quality of service (QoS) and service level agreement (SLA) defined by user. To reduce SLA violations provider has to ensure the appropriate usage of resources which will directly increase the QoS. Due to more usage of cloud, there is a need to address on these issues. This paper presents the mechanism to minimize the SLA violations in cloud environment.

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Ujjal Sut

Banking sector provides the backbone to a fledging economy. It is the pivot around which the entire money market of the country evolves. In the promotion of economic development role of banking sector can not be overlooked. No doubt , the banking sector has to take the major responsibility in pioneering the path of development and stabilizing the financial health of the country. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) was formed by a group of governors of G-10 countries in 1974. BCBS in 1988 released Basel-I record and in 2004 Basel-II record was released. This paper relates to the impact analysis of the various parameters mentioned under Basel III accord on the profitability of the bank. For this study we have taken SBI (State Bank of India) ,an Indian Multinational public sector bank. Multiple regression analysis has been used to analyze the impact of the specified parameters on the performance of the bank.

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Saloni Manhas, Swapnesh Taterh, Dilbag Singh

Attackers are constantly trying to con users and organizations to cause financial damage, loss of sensitive information, and ruin their reputation. Pharming attacks are becoming a headache for website users due to its severe consequences. This attack is achieved by stealing user’s credentials and redirect them to malicious websites by using DNS based techniques. Therefore, to give additional safety Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL) was introduced. It operates by authorizing the actual web server for you to the customer, vice a new versa in so doing each party confirming the actual reliability by using digital certificates. However, SSL is still vulnerable to pharming attacks. Results show that the proposed technique provides 97% accuracy along with high performance in F-measure, sensitivity and specificity which is commendable and proves that SVM is an adequate machine learning method to successfully carry out detection of pharming attack.

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Prof. B. William Dharma Raja, Dr V. Sasikala

Instrumentation refers to the tools or means by which investigators attempt to measure variables or items of interest in the data-collection process. Present paper evaluates the effectiveness of the workshop on instrumentation organised by the Centre for Techer Resource and Academic Support, under School of Education sanctioned under Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT) scheme by the MHRD, Government of India in imparting knowledge on construction of a quality research tool among/for research scholars and young supervisors. Pre-test post-test single group design was adopted to evaluate the effectiveness of the workshop on imparting important criteria, principles, development and construction of a quality research instrument. The subjects for the study were 25 research scholars and young supervisor who were the participants of the workshop from four states of India. The data was collected using an ‘Achievement Test on Tool Construction’ developed and validated by the investigators. The twelve hours of intensive lectures and hands on training on instrumentation piloted by two well renowned resource persons were the intervention. The results of paired t-test analysis revealed that there was a statistically significant difference among research scholars and young supervisors. The findings of the study revealed that workshop on instrumentation significantly impacted the participants to gain knowledge of designing a reliable, valid and credible research instrument.

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Dr. Md. Abdul Muqsit Khan

The well-being of the users has been a great concern for the user interface designer for many years, little attention has been paid by the UI designers in this direction, an ergonomic user interface design using roles in a Multi-agent system can full fill this gap. This work contributes to the potential solution by developing an Agent-Based Ergonomic User Interface, this paper presents the design phase of the proposed Agent-Based Ergonomic User Interface Development Environment. As agents have been accepted as technology, there is a thriving need for practical methods for developing agent applications. An architecture for Agent-Based Ergonomic User Interface using the Prometheus methodology is presented in this paper. Prometheus contrasts from predominant methodologies in that it is a comprehensive methodology, evolved out of the pedagogical and industrial experience. The proposed role-based MAS architecture includes seven types of agents: AgentContextOfUse, AgentAdaptationProcess AgentContextUser, AgentContextPlatform, AgentStimuliGenerator, AgentContextEnvironment, and DispatcherAgent. In designing Ergonomic User Interface, Roles are vital, the work also identified the various actors and their roles in the multi-agent system.

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Rashmi Rai, Lakshmypriya K.

Employees change their behavior many times in a day due to many factors. It is not uncommon to see any employee being agitated over petty issues at work place. This paper aims at identifying meaning, relationships between moods and performance. Employee’s decision-making abilities depend on mood and his mood depend on his personality, work environment variables such as protocols, procedures, work events, dynamics of formal and informal communication. We equate this daily swing to three-time frames named morning, afternoon and evening. Our attempt has been to try to establish a relationship between moods and emotions and employee performance which can increase the productivity level of the employee. This research intends to establish a more robust relationship and involves better evaluative and interpretive models to cope with the non-linearity’s related to the complexity of the model and facilitate better decision-making with more accurate and intricate or comprehensive yet simple approach. Development of such relationship will help managers in dealing with the employees and take measures to increase productivity by adopting suggestions and conclusions from this study.

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A. Lakshmanarao,Y.Swathi, P.Sri Sai Sundareswar

According to WHO (World Health Organization), Heart diseases are the reason for 12 million deaths every year. In most of the countries, half of the deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases. The early diagnosis of cardiovascular sicknesses can help in settling on choices on the way of life changes in high hazard patients and thusly diminish the difficulties. In this paper, machine learning techniques are used for the detection of heart disease. We also applied sampling techniques for handling unbalanced datasets. Various machine learning methods are used to predict the overall risk. The framingham_heart_disease dataset is publically available on the Kaggle. This dataset is used in our experiments. The end goal is to predict whether the patient has a 10-year risk of future coronary heart disease (CHD). The dataset contains 15 features that give patient information. By applying machine learning techniques, we achieved 99% accuracy in heart disease detection.

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Nishchal Adil, Somesh Dewangan, Kusum Sharma

In today’s era researchers and stakeholders are witnessing the advantage of digital interventions in the field of agriculture. Many organizations are keeping records of agricultural practices and its outcomes and data being produced by such organizations is increasing exponentially. Therefore, these agricultural data must be analyzed for the purpose of observing useful patters and information. In our study we are using rapid miner tool for implementing data mining techniques to analyze available data set, mining useful patterns and obtaining predictions using generalized linear model, deep learning, decision tree, random forest, and gradient boosted trees and support vector machine algorithm.

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S.Lavanya, Dr.S.Meikandasivam, Dr.D.Vijayakumar

On proper control in transmission network, overloading can be eliminated or reduced by power sharing in interconnected transmission system, by introducing FACTS device in power system network. To improve power system performance, TCSC device from FACTS family has high potential in applications including transient stability improvement, reduction in power loss, control over real power flow, capability of transfer of power enhancement in transmission system and mitigating sub synchronous resonance etc. This paper present TCSC- a facts device optimal size and proper location on transmission line system because of high cost and attain its benefits of TCSC in transmission system. This paper also describe, the discussion, work performed by researchers in this field of finding optimal location, size of TCSC- its application on power system stability improvement and control strategies.

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Siswo Hadi Sumantri, Avando Bastari , Okol Sri Suharyo

Naval Base located in the state working area play significant roles as the deployment forces positions as well as the home-bases having 5 (five) R: Rest, Refresh, Refuel, Repair and Replenishment. Some spot determination models have been greatly developed but have some weaknesses such as in the term of location sustainability approach as a system dynamics among the interacted aspects. The change of the system dynamics situation has caused some Bases undergoing the degradation threat. It means that the Bases do not function as the fundamental one. This research is aimed to find out the value of Naval Base Sustainability using Dynamic System Thinking Method from the mutual interacted Technical, Economical and Political aspects as a system. In the technical aspect, it will be viewed from the variables of the base performance (hydro-oceanography, channel depth, logistics supply capability of materials and personnel). In the economic aspect, it is observed from the economic development variables of maritime industries influencing the availability of the base areas, in the political aspect, it is watched from the susceptibility of the base area. The final result of this research is by finding out the Value of Naval Base Sustainability using Dynamic System Thinking Method.

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The term data security revolves around two radical things namely data protection and data integrity. The advent of cloud solutions has completely transformed the data storage and access mechanisms. Today, technology permits the user to store and access data through the internet without much access restriction. Therefore, conserving the integrity of data becomes the most grueling task than it was thought formerly. The digest functions come in aid to provide a comprehensive solution for the integrity violations of remote data. But, the cryptographic attacks on the digest functions like MD4, MD5, RIPEMD, and SHA-160 algorithms made the research community to reconsider the design principles of the digest functions for the cryptographic use. This work attempts to perform a functional analysis of the standard keyless-digest functions like MD-5, SHA-160, SHA-2 Family, and SHA-3 family in the perspective of security. The term data security revolves around two radical things namely data protection and data integrity. The advent of cloud solutions has completely transformed the data storage and access mechanisms. Today, technology permits the user to store and access data through the internet without much access restriction. Therefore, conserving the integrity of data becomes the most grueling task than it was thought formerly. The digest functions come in aid to provide a comprehensive solution for the integrity violations of remote data. But, the cryptographic attacks on the digest functions like MD4, MD5, RIPEMD, and SHA-160 algorithms made the research community to reconsider the design principles of the digest functions for the cryptographic use. This work attempts to perform a functional analysis of the standard keyless-digest functions like MD-5, SHA-160, SHA-2 Family, and SHA-3 family in the perspective of security.

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A.John Pradeep Ebenezer, Dr. J. Abdul Samath

Video Streaming is a technology which allows the user to view a video online without being downloaded on a host machine. Many researches have been currently done to increase the quality of experience of the user. Dynamic Adaptive Bitrate streaming is the recent technology in video streaming which increases the quality of experience of the user by dynamically adjusting the video content based on the network condition. This adjustment in the content of the video viewed is not done based on the user perception and preferences. This paper presents a novel idea in improving the quality of experience of the user viewing the streaming videos by studying the preferences to different multimedia parameters color, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpen, gamma, motion blur, Gaussian filter, frame resizing and audio equalizer. In this work user preferences to various multimedia parameters based on their personality types were examined and it reveals that there exist a correlation between user personalities and color, hue, contrast, saturation, motion blur and color threshold filter parameters. The findings suggest that user quality of experience can be enhanced by streaming the video based on their personalities with appropriate color, saturation, hue, color threshold, contrast settings in the video that is streamed.

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Nishad Nawaz

The paper examine the employee welfare facilities in Adugodi based manufacture Industry to know the effectiveness of employee welfare facilities. To achieve the above aim, the study developed objectives and hypothesis to meet the requirements. For the analysis purpose was tested the percentage methods, coefficient correlation and rank correlation to know the effectiveness of the welfare facilities in selected organizations. The study administrated the questionnaire and collected 100 respondent’s opinion and analyzed and found that the employees are opined that they are delighted with facilities given by the organizations. The study was conducted in the Adugodi based organizations, and the findings will help manufacturing companies to redesign their welfare schemes.

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A. Alex, V. Sundar

Work-life balance is balance of individual’s life between personal and professional activities to regulate the level of prioritisation. Quality of work-life refers to the quality of relationship between the employees and total working environment.The present study aims to evaluate the association level of quality of work-life and work-life balance with respect to nature of work environment at the Puducherry Road Transport Corporation (PRTC), Puducherry, India. The researcher experienced the research work from Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam by collecting the primary source from the 445 respondents at Puducherry Road Transport Corporation, Puducherry. The data has been evaluated by using statistical tools such as Chi – square and Clutter analysis. The study found that 9.21% of the employees strongly agreed for good work environment, 22.02% of them disagreed for good work environment and 68.77% of them moderately agreed for work environment. The research work examined that there is no association between work environment and region of employees in PRTC (chi square = 9.889, p=.129) and association between work environment and nature of employment in PRTC (chi square = 9.694, p=.138). This research work helps the management to regulate the working environment of employees and motivate them to work effectively and efficiently through maintaining the cordial relationship among the quality of work-life and work-life balance. It also helps to increase the quality of performance laid down by the human resources by providing the peaceful and smooth circumstances at all levels of employees.

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A.K.M Sazzadur Rahman, F. M. Javed Mehedi Shamrat, Zarrin Tasnim, Joy Roy, Syed Akhter Hossain

Chronic Liver Disease is the leading cause of global death that impacts the massive quantity of humans around the world. This disease is caused by an assortment of elements that harm the liver. For example, obesity, an undiagnosed hepatitis infection, alcohol misuse. Which is responsible for abnormal nerve function, coughing up or vomiting blood, kidney failure, liver failure, jaundice, liver encephalopathy and there are many more. This disease diagnosis is very costly and complicated. Therefore, the goal of this work is to evaluate the performance of different Machine Learning algorithms in order to reduce the high cost of chronic liver disease diagnosis by prediction. In this work, we used six algorithms Logistic Regression, K Nearest Neighbors, Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine, Naïve Bayes, and Random Forest. The performance of different classification techniques was evaluated on different measurement techniques such as accuracy, precision, recall, f-1 score, and specificity. We found the accuracy 75%, 74%, 69%, 64%, 62% and 53% for LR, RF, DT, SVM, KNN and NB. The analysis result shown the LR achieved the highest accuracy. Moreover, our present study mainly focused on the use of clinical data for liver disease prediction and explore different ways of representing such data through our analysis.

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Dr. Ibrahim Patel, V Sripathi Raja, A Srilatha Reddy, and Ashok Shigli,

One of the serious problems for bedridden patients is that they require a device which can detect pressure ulcers at an early stage. In order to test the efficacy of the device, a tissue phantom material was needed to reduce testing costs and optimize specific device parameters. In order to accomplish this task different potential phantom material were investigated and tested to determine which specific material would be able to replicate the electrical response of human skin across a wide range of frequencies. Potatoes were able to replicate a similar bio-impedance response to that of humans and were modified to simulate a pressure ulcer. The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Sensor system can measure complex impedance of different human tissues in the range of 10Hz to 1MHz based on direct digital synthesis technique. Old measuring systems are based on Phase sensitive detection where as the new (GSR) Sensor system shows its integrity in theoretical analysis and simplicity in practical implementation Pressure ulcers are major health problem where hospitalized patients are more affected and approximately 3 million people are suffering with this problem across the world. According to the statistics in 1993, Pressure sores were observed in hospital stage of around 280,000 and this number has increased to 455000 in 11 years. Pressure ulcers are injury to skin and underlying tissues caused by constant pressure.

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Muhammad Hanif, Raras Setyo Retno

This study aims was analyzed and described the values of local wisdom that predisposed the resident to empower people with mental retardation (disabilities) using the Akon-Akon Kambing methods (Akon-Akon Goat Methods). The study was conducted in Sidowayah Hamlet, Sidoharjo Village, Jambon District, Ponorogo Regency, and East Java, Indonesia. This research used a qualitative descriptive approach. The data source was taken from primary sources and secondary sources that were determined by purposive sampling technique. Retrieval of data using in-depth interviews, observation, and recording documents. Data were analyzed using the Miles and Huberman's techniques about interactive model analysis. The results illustrated that Akon-Akon Kambing was a method of maintaining goats belonging to others that were considered as their own, any profit-sharing, and managed on a rolling basis. These resident action are driven by local wisdom values. Local wisdom included the belief that children and resident of mental retardation was a part of God's test that must be responded wisely because all had meaning and contained religious messages, social ethics and moral responsibility towards the social environment, and norms in the form of suggestions, prohibitions statements, sanctions, and wisdom expressions of life.

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Muhammad Mohsin, Uzma Zaidi, Qaiser Abbas, Hassan Mahfooz Rao Nadeem Iqbal, Imran Sharif Chaudhry

Background: The study is investigating conventional and behavioral pricing multifactor impact on price fragility from the equity market of Pakistan. The impact of conventional factors is significant on price fragility. The recent research has not covered the desired scope of such relationship due to several issues such as sample size, lack of database resources and systematic reviews. Moreover, thr available literature of price fragility is very limited. In Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), there is an immense need to develop corporate culture to promote standard modern financial practice to enhance financial productivity and sustainability. The current research having theoretical framework is valuable and is providing information about pricing multifactor impact on price fragility in reference to Pakistan. Method: The positivist approach is used as a research paradigm. In this correlational study, the probability sampling was used. While, systematic sampling was used for data collection of PSX, the sample was tested parallel to the mean-variance random walk theory. Results: It was found that the factors of value, size, Illiquidity and Price earning premium are significantly (P< 0.01) affecting the price fragility. Findings and Conclusions: Specifically, the herd behavior and disposition effects are found to be insignificant. However, the size, value, liquidity and the price earning resulted in a significant impact on the price fragility in short run. For the corporate culture, sound corporate governance boards should be established, family governance system should be replaced by an independent democratic board. Mispricing and arbitragers require serious control. The study is discussing implications in the light of results for the prosperity of PSX.

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Prof. Dr. Susi Hendriani, S.E., M.Si, Dr. Hj. Yulia Efni, S.E, M.E, Ezky Tiyasiningsih, S.E, M.Si

Based on Kampar Regency Regulation Number 14 of 2007 concerning the establishment of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) in Kampar Regency (Kampar Regency Regional Gazette of 2007 Number 14). This is a special concern for Kampar District Government. Through a substantial village fund released by the government, the Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes), which is one of the engines of the economy, must be optimized. This certainly can increase development and economic growth quickly and evenly in the Kampar Regency. Private sector participation in development and enhancing economic growth through partnership patterns greatly assist government efforts in dealing with strategic problems faced by the government, 'BUMDes as a driver of the rural economy has an important and very large function for the people's economy. But in fact the Kampar Regency based on the index value of building villages is still very low when compared to other regions in Riau Province, this is certainly because the development of each village is certainly not the same. BUMDes operational activities often face obstacles, such as problems in terms of management systems that are not good and the quality of human resources is still low. The main problem that is often faced by BUMDes is that the quality of human resources is still low due to their very low competency. BUMDes manager performance will greatly affect the condition of BUMDes. One way to improve the performance of managers can be done through increased competence. The importance of competence in improving the performance of BUMDes managers because this can have a significant influence on the performance of managers of BUMDes, means that having good competencies that they have will provide an increase in the performance of BUMDes.

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Novrita Hidayati, Dony Permana

This study purpose to see, observe, study and explain the ability of problem-solving and learning activities of students in learning mathematics and the conditions of learning tools used and developed by teachers. The study used a sequential exploratory design and sampling using a purposive sampling technique. Data collection is done through interviews, observations, and giving tests. Data analysis techniques used descriptive techniques for observing and interviewing data results, and scoring rubrics for mathematical problem-solving skills for test result data. The results showed that the ability to solve mathematical problems and learning activities of students was still not optimally developed. Some of the factors causing this are 1) the difficulty of the teacher in compiling learning devices related to the real-life of students so that learning becomes meaningless, 2) students are accustomed to copying and recording formulas provided by the teacher, 3) mathematical learning models that have not directed the participants students to be actively involved in the learning process and have not guided students to construct their knowledge in improving mathematical problem solving abilities. Based on these results, further action is needed in the form of research into the development of mathematical learning tools based on Problem Based Learning (PBL) to improve students' problem-solving abilities and learning activities.

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Md Oqail Ahmad and Rafiqul Zaman Khan

Task scheduling is one of the key problem in the cloud computing environment. It is responsible for mapping the tasks to the appropriate resources, keeps the whole system balanced and optimizing the performance of the overall system. In this paper, we proposed a PSO-based task scheduling algorithm using adaptive load balancing approach where the tasks are expected to be heterogeneous. The proposed PSO-ALBA algorithm enhanced the performance of the standard PSO algorithm using adaptive load balancing approach. Adaptive load balancing approach handles overloaded and under-loaded condition simultaneously. Load balancing method guaranteed to balance the load by measuring the capacity on each virtual machine. Tasks are relocating according to the status of each virtual machine based on the deadlines of the tasks. The implementation results carried out using CloudSim simulator. The performance evaluation shows that the proposed PSO-ALBA algorithm optimizes the makespan and throughput compared with other heuristics algorithms such as PSO and ACO.

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To process information which is in the form of pixels is stored, the image processing method is used. this work process is associated with the orange fruit nature or quality evaluation .The orange fruit nature or quality evaluation have the numerous phases e.g. pre-processing, feature extraction and classification. Navie bayes classifier is used in the existing approach that gives cheap accuracy and execution time for the quality and nature of the orange fruit evaluation. In this work process, the navie bayes classification approach is changes with support vector machine for quality and nature of orange fruit evaluation .The current approach is compared with previous approach in the form of accuracy, execution time, specificity & sensitivity .After the analization, it is observe that the execution time is low as it is comparing with the previous approach and another parameters like- accuracy, specificity & sensitivity of current approach is high for the orange fruit nature evaluation .The gray level co-occurrence matrix algorithm is used for feature extraction.

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Emmilya Umma Aziza Gaffar, Achmad fanani Onnelia Gaffar

Economic growth as measured by GDP growth rates and economic growth set as an increase in GDP strongly helps government predictions about the economic situation and the formation of economic development strategies. This measurement is done by combining mathematical and computer technology to make qualitative and quantitative predictions scientifically and appropriately for economic growth trends. It is a good practical sense to use scientific and proven methods to predict future GDP development trends of a particular economy. In some cases, machine learning methods have proven to be better forecasting results than statistical methods. A Deep Neural Network (DNN) is one type of ANN (Artificial Neural network) architecture based on deep MLP (Multi Layer Perceptron), which uses Deep Learning training techniques. This study proposes the use of DNN to predict the percentage of GDP distribution at current prices by industry sector. In this case, the DNN used will have multiple outputs as many industry sectors. The aim of this study is how to predict for the next period with the smallest possible prediction errors by using DNN.

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Herdianti Darwis, Fitiyani Umar

Complete data is generally required in data analysis especially in time-series-related study. However, incomplete data due to equipment malfunction, human error, disaster, or other unknown reason is practically discovered. It is required to perform missing data prediction before forecasting the future values. Recommendation system is a system that predicts the "rating" or "preference" of a user over an item. Instead of dealing to a function of time series, the weekly precipitation data of Makassar City is placed into a matrix form consisting of "years" in row as the users and "weeks of the year" in column as the items. This method is also known as matrix decomposition. Accuracy of prediction by root mean square error (RMSE) and mean absolute error (MAE) have been performed to compare the predicted result by using the matrix decomposition to the observed values. In this study, matrix decomposition is discovered as a reliable method in dealing with the missing values of historical observation and forecasting the future values simultaneously.

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I Nyoman Gede Arya Astawa, I Gusti Ngurah Bagus Catur Bawa, Sri Andriati Asri, Ni Made Kariati

We have seen technological developments lately. Computer science has evolved and implemented into various aspects of life such as health, education, transportation, etc. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is one result of the development of computer science. One variant of ITS is the license plate recognition system. Segmentation techniques are usually used to distinguish an image or separate the image into a set of new imagery. The segmentation result of an image is usually a set of new images. In the plate recognition system the result of segmentation is the image of the characters found on the plate. The character image is extracted before entering the character recognition stage. Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is one approach that can be done to feature extraction from an image. In this research, the process of license plate recognition is done by using morphological method as segmentation technique and LBP as its feature extraction.

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Imam Tahyudin, haviluddin Haviluddin, Hidetaka Nanbo

Some of the solutions for solving numerical Association rule mining problem are by discretization and optimization methods. The popular algorithms of optimization are A priori algorithms, Genetic algorithms (GA) and Particle swarm optimization (PSO). This research has aim to study time complexity of those optimization algorithms. The results show that the time complexity of evolutionary algorithms such as GA and PSO are faster than the time complexity of A priori algorithms.

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Siska Anraeni, Herman

The degree of accuracy and precision becomes an important part of engineering in classification method. In this research, the hybrid Lacunarity and Euclidean Distance (ED) is used for classification of human kidney condition. Meanwhile, the image datasets comprised of 10 images for training and 10 images for testing have been used. Based on the experimental results, Lacunarity method has been able to extract features of the iris image with a 16x16 size of box counting. Then, the classification of kidney health conditions (i.e., normal and abnormal) has been calculated using an algorithm Euclidean Distance (ED) with an accuracy rate of 70%.

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Hudali Mukti, Ayu Linanda

Various kinds of legal protection efforts to the community around the mining area are still not qualified. Therefore this study examines the authority of stakeholders who have not fully covered the problems of the community, and the obstacles that have created a paradox in the community towards the position of the community as a victim (collective victim) marginalized because of the stakeholder's involvement in following up on violations of mining activities. The technique used in this research is Purposive Sampling, and data retrieval is done by interviewing research to several places, and library research. The results recommended some ideas in developing a model of legal protection as a first step in reforming the appropriate form of legal protection for the community as victims of pollution in the mining industry (Collective Victim).

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Ahmad Adzri Bin Abdul Halim Shah, Anuar Shah Bin Bali Mahomed, Rana Mohsin Ali, Raja Nerina Binti Raja Yusof

Mobile banking developments and trends in recent years had great impacts on banking sector worldwide. Therefore, the disruptive innovative technology has accelerated changes in the way of banking business. The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of Technology Acceptance Model on RHB Mobile Banking. The sample used in this study includes 85 responses of RHB Mobile Banking users collected through structured questionnaire distributed via cyberspace. For statistical analysis, structural equation model (SEM) approach was used. The present study suggests that mobile banking use increases as long as customer perceives it as useful tool. Findings confirmed that perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and perceived trust were the key constructs for promoting mobile banking usage in Malaysia. Furthermore, the importance performance matrix analysis trust has seen the most important factor. Thus, banks can focus on cultivation of positive trust beliefs about mobile banking among prospect customers.

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Mrinal Mukherjee, Chanchal Maity

Information Communication Technology (ICT) can bring a meaning full qualitative difference in the manner & methods the lessons are transacted in the classroom. Majority of the studies established that degree of integration of ICT by teachers is positively correlated with their attitude to use of ICT resources. Despite the availability of ICT resources the teachers are inadequately integrate ICT in teaching learning. A purposive investigation was executed on 65 teachers who teach 9th & 10th grade students of the state aided schools of West Bengal, India. The study was conducted to find out the differences of attitude of practicing teachers towards integration of ICT in class room, before and after the short term training, provided under CSSTE scheme. A standardized Likert instrument was used to collect relevant data. By means of paired t-test it is revealed that respondent teachers have positive attitude towards use of ICT as pedagogical tool in teaching learning but it was evident that the short-term training fails to make any impact on their attitude towards utilizing the ICT resources in classroom teaching learning. Though the result is statistically insignificant, but results revealed but that the training have positive impact on teachers, in-terms of utilizing ICT resources, belong to Under Graduate, Rural and Arts Stream, while the training showed negative impact on their counterpart. The impact was positive for the respondent teachers irrespective of their gender. Though the impact of training is not consistence in all the relevant dimensions of teachers’ attitude the study has thrown a light to the fact that use of ICT in teaching learning should be given higher level of weight- age priority than current degree of emphasis it is enjoying. Thus it is indicates the necessity of more intensive Teachers’ Training with the focus of ICT pedagogy.

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B.ChinnaRao, Dr.M.Madhavilatha

In the wireless communication system, the unknown noise is interrupted the digital contents which leads to degradation. Hence removal of noise is an important task to maintain the image quality. In our proposed framework, image denoising is carried using an adaptive thresholding based on complex wavelet transform. Adaptive thresholding based denoising holds the high capacity to tune its parameters according to the noise type and noise intensity.For the preservation of edges with minimum complexity a Gabor filter is utilized and succeeded by the patch grouping mechanism. A novel dualthresholdinglike fuzzy shrink with adaptive thresholding is incorporated. Experimental results show the proposed mechanism by quantifying the signal strength, structural preservation and edge preservation throughesteem to the PSNR, SSIM as well as FOM. In the experiments, the proposed approach indicates an optimal performance in both the edge preservation and quality enhancement.

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A. Muhammad Idkhan, Fiskia Rera Baharuddin

Comfort at work will significantly affect the level of productivity and personal health of workers or students. Research conducted comparing the phenomena that occur with the standard values issued by official institutions. The research was in the machine tool laboratory of the Engineering Faculty, Universitas Negeri Makassar. The research conducted is qualitative and quantitative. The parameters tested in the study are the noise level and room layout. Primary data obtained from the results of noise measurements with Sound Level Meters on average per 10 minutes later for room layout through direct measurement and then distribution of questionnaires to see the perception of the workers. Data needed in research analysis take and analyzed using the IBM SPSS Program. From the results of the study obtained an acoustic level (noise) with a value of 82.14 dB (A), while the ideal standard for space is 85 – 90dB (A), then the design of the room with the results of 41.48 square meters, while the ideal standard for each work unit ranges from 64 meters square. From these results it is necessary to check the noise threshold every year so that the comfort and health of the workers maintained. Room patterns that still tend to be narrow, not following applicable standards will indirectly reduce productivity at work, and there is a tendency to not pay attention to comfort and safety in the laboratory or workshop

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Najmul Hoda, Naim Ahmad

The internet-based electronic banking (e-banking) has brought strategic changes in the traditional modus operandi of banks. All the stakeholders benefit from e-banking including customers, companies and regulatory organizations. It helps banking companies to reduce the operational costs, increase the reach and offer flexibility. Similarly, customers receive services in the most convenient ways through various channels (mobile, computer, ATMs, etc.) at all times. Nonetheless, the retention and continued usage of the services are imperative for the banks to attain the desired benefits of e-banking. Therefore, satisfaction level of users is important especially in Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) where the rate of adoption of e-banking is still slow. Further, the behavior and reactions of customers who have used e-banking services determine their intention to continue as well as recommend to others. This study focuses on the post-adoption (usage) behavior including satisfaction of consumers who have already used the services in the Saudi Arabian context. A survey questionnaire with 5-point Likert scale was used to collect responses on variables of satisfaction and post-adoption behavior. Factor analysis is applied for grouping of items of satisfaction and post-transaction. Further statistical analysis was carried out to study the relationships between demographics, internet and e-banking usage behavior with satisfaction and post-adoption behavior. Total of 137 responses were received through Google survey. Descriptive statistics shows that sample of respondents are good representative of university population. The factor analysis on satisfaction has grouped items into two constructs service quality and security, and savings and convenience. Similarly, post-transaction actions into factors of positive and negative actions. Further, statistical tests reveal that gender, age and education has association with e-banking purpose. Similarly, all demographic variables including internet access have association with e-banking frequency. Further, most males are satisfied for savings and convenience and high internet access cause more satisfaction for service quality and security. Further, people with doctoral degree are likely to take positive actions and high internet access is associated with negative actions. Finally, e-banking consumption pattern also has association with satisfaction and post-transaction actions. The research would be helpful to banks in Saudi Arabia to understand the satisfaction level of e-banking users and also the factors affecting post-transaction action. Further, the research contributes to the existing literature on e-banking especially focusing on post adoption behavior and in an important GCC country.

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P Pandiyan, S Koventhan

A malignant (Cancer) cell is once formed in the human body then it will grow as a tumor by a proliferation of cells. To control the cancer cell growth radiotherapy is one of the medically adopted methods, which is prescribed on a cyclic basis. When a radiation is introduce to the body, both normal and mutant cells are killed. Life-threatening hazards may develop due to either long-time administration or short time radiation administration leads to the loss of white blood cells or growth of tumor size respectively. It is acknowledge that the process of cell growth and destruction square measure random. Keeping this in mind a stochastic model was developed to study the cancer cell growth under radiotherapy as well as the under-recovery state. The Laplace transformation of the tumor size distribution under transient conditions is derived. The equilibrium probabilities of tumor size both in radiotherapy and recovery states were derived. The probability of extinction of the tumor, the average, and variance of the number of cancer cells in the tumor was derived. These models are useful for obtaining the radiation therapy spells with minimum risk.

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Surya Wijaya, Samsul Arifin, Nerru Pranuta Murnaka

This research is based on the requirement for junior high school students to be able to solve Mathematical Olympiad questions in the last few years, thus requiring their teachers to be able to solve Mathematical Olympiad questions and teach them. The purpose of this study is to investigate whether there is an increase in the ability of junior high school mathematics teachers after attending a training program on solving Mathematical Olympiad questions. This research was conducted in September 2018 with 14 junior high school mathematics teachers from Tobasa Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia. This research uses a quantitative one-sample research method with one group pretest-posttest design. We use a technique of data analysis of improvement tests in the N-gain test using a t-test with the assumption that normality is fulfilled. The results showed that there was an increase in the ability to solve Mathematics Olympiad questions for junior high school teachers after attending training on developing Mathematical Olympiad questions, with an average N-Gain score of 0.778.

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Anuja Gupta, ManojJha, NamitaSrivastava

The main aim of this article is to assess the hedging performance of a new class of GARCH model called SGARCH model and a statistical technique called wild bootstrap method. For establishing the model, hedge ratios and corresponding hedged portfolios are constructed. Also unhedged and hedged portfolios are compared using the parameters hedge ratio, hedging effectiveness, variance and semi-variance. The data set consist of daily spot and future price of the CNXNIFTY50 index for the period Jan 2006-Dec 2015. Wild bootstrap has two components viz. residual and paired resampling methods. These are percentile based methods and provide a range of hedging strategies which are more informative and safer than ordinary least square method. With the help of SGARCH model, time varying hedge ratios are estimated. This model involves less number of parameters which made it easy to understand and compute. For comparing the hedging effectiveness, R2 or the coefficient of determination is used. Throughout this study, it was found that hedging done through SGARCH model provide better results than the wild bootstrap method. The findings of this analysis may prove to be highly valuable for investors trying to reduce the spot portfolio risk for longer time horizon.

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Aritra De, Debashis De, Tirthankar Datta

The perpetually mounting demand of reliable higher data rates, better quality service, enlarged coverage with limited available RF spectrum and existing transmission problems caused by various factors viz. fading and multipath distortion etc. are the key challenges faced by wireless system designers now a days. These needs motivate to introduce novel technique named as Multi-Input-Multi-Output (MIMO) technology that promises a cost effective way to provide an efficient solution to reach the goal by improving spectral efficiency, operational reliability and assisting fading link reliability without sacrificing bandwidth efficiency. In this work, an efficient spectrum allocation is done of a MIMO network using game theoretical model commonly known as the tragedy of Commons to detect that amount of unused spectrum efficiently. Game theory practices rational choice theory along with assumptions of players' common knowledge in order to envisage utility-maximizing decisions. Users can detect the unused spectrum commonly known as cognitive spectrum by using log likelihood ratio test where a threshold value is detected using log-likelihood ratio model and the unused spectrum is allocated to the user who needs an extra band for some higher usage. Interference is avoided in this work using successive interference cancellation (SIC) approach.

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Tareq Bani-Khalid, Abdullah Matar Al-Adamat

Exploring how the degree of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosure among Jordanian industrial firms is affected by fiscal statement arrangers’ moral intelligence is this research’s aim. It was anticipated that the higher extent of financial statements’ CSR disclosures is correlated to fiscal statement arrangers’ greater moral intelligence. Overall, the process of preparing fiscal reports and the level of CSR disclosure were found to be positively correlated to a greater degree of moral intelligence, thus confirming the research hypotheses..

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Boopathimanikandan S, Preethi G, Lavanya D, Sreesureya V

The power generation from renewable energy resources is popular due to increase in energy demands, depletion of fossil fuels and enforcement of carbon emission reduction. Nowadays, solar photovoltaic Energy generation is increased due to reliability and availability of solar for many hours. Due to development in power electronics converter, high efficient power transfer is possible. In this research, transformer-less solar PV system was design for both grid connected operations and Island mode of operations. The modulated output of the VSI results in generating switched voltages, which produces distorted currents. Passive damping technique is used designing of LCL Filters to reduce the distortion in output voltage and current. Performance of Transformerless solar PV inverter was evaluated in two modes of operation include grid tied operations and Island mode of operation and stability of controllers was analyzed using pole zero plot and Bode plot.

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Chan KarKeng and N. Suki

The population of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) patients in Malaysia is growing at an alarming rate and studies have shown that improper dietary habit is one of the root causes contributing to this growth. With high smartphone penetration rate identified, a mobile application which aims to ease dietary management process by integrating artificial intelligence technologies (AI) to perform food recognition and dietary recommendation is thereby proposed. This paper presents the preliminary study to gather diabetic patients and general public opinions for the proposed system. An online survey in the form of questionnaire was conducted to collect information from T2DM patients and general public including their confidence level on AI technologies, perceived motivating factors on using mobile dietary logging solution and preferred input method for dietary logging. Also, an experienced clinical dietitian was interviewed to gain domain knowledge including commonly used dietary guideline, method of dietary analysis, and her opinions on the proposed system. This study yielded results where people are, in general , confident that AI technologies could be beneficial for aiding dietary management although the popularity of a similar system is still low in the local market. Results also showed that people would prefer image-snapping based dietary logging method as it is perceived to be more convenience than traditional text-based method. This study has justified the need for the proposed system as a technological solution in aiding dietary management process for T2DM patients as well as the general public who are concerned of developing diabetes in the future.

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T.S.Prabhu, Dr.V.Jaiganesh

WSN comprises a collection of sensor nodes (SNs) distributed with small in size. To monitor the presence or absence of a particular target within the communication range, the SNs are deployed in the network. Energy is a foremost resource in target detection since the SN has inadequate battery capacity. Energy limitation of SN leads to lessen the network lifetime (NL). The several methods are developed for target detection but it still not improving the detection accuracy with minimum energy consumption (EC). In order to improve target object detection with improved NL, an Ensembled Spectral Reweight Boost Clustering Based Target Object Detection (ESRBC-TOD) technique is introduced. At first, numbers of SNs are arbitrarily positioned in the network. Then, ensemble clustering is performed by measuring the initial energy and residual energy (RE) of SN. The ensemble clustering technique initially constructs the ‘n’ weak learners. The spectral clustering algorithm is used as weak learner to cluster the SNs based on the RE level. The Reweight boosting technique combines the weak learners and converts a strong one. Then, the SNs are grouped into diverse clusters with higher accuracy and lesser error rate. For energy efficient target detection, the cluster head (CH) is chosen in WSN. The cluster comprises one CH and several member nodes. Cluster member identifies the target node within the cluster and transmits the information to CH. After that, CH gathers information of target object and transmit to sink node via the neighboring CH. Sink node sends the gathered information to base station (BS) for finding the target objects. This leads to increases the target object detection accuracy (TODA). Simulation is performed with different metrics namely EC, TODA, false alarm rate (FAR) and target object detection time (TODT). The observed results show that the ESRBC-TOD technique effectively improves the TODA and minimizes the EC, FAR as well as TODT than the state-of-the art methods.

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A.Gnanasekaran, P.Manikandan, P.Poongothai, J.Vigneshwari, P.K.Senthilkumar

Urinary Tract infections (UTIs) are the most common bacterial infections and more complicated in diabetes mellites patients due to the increased prevalence of both asymptomatic and symptomatic bacteriuria. The study was conducted in the Rajah Muthiah Medical College and Hospital (RMMCH) is a government medical college located in Chidambaram. A clean-catch midstream urine sample was collected in a leak-proof sterile wide moth container from each patient. Each sample was inoculated on the C.L.E.D Agar, one strip was used for the detection of glucose level in per individual urine sample. Both data results were interpreted with the distribution.

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Yuriy Pyvovar, Oleksandr Mykolenko, Andriy Detiuk, Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Popovych Olena

Issue of the legal nature of contracts concluded in the process of educational governmental order is socially necessary, first of all, for all participants of this process to know norms of which branches of law to use or apply in the exercising and especially protection (defense) of their constitutional rights. The purpose of this article is to prove the administrative and legal nature of the contracts concluded in the process of formation, placement and performance of the educational governmental order. The research methodology was formed on the normative concept and the contractual concept of the administrative law. Authors are proved that in the event of disputes when concluding and performing contracts on educational governmental order, the administrative and legal procedures of public law shall be applied to resolve the conflict. Based on the purpose of the institute of educational governmental order, we consider it expedient to change the principles of formation of relations between a governmental customer, educational institution (a performer of the governmental order), a degree-seeking student, focusing on the main idea "invested state funds should be returned to the customer in the form of a benefit (profit) that contributes to meeting a specific state need)."

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Ybralem Bugusa, Shruti Patil

Safety and protecting our self from accidents that causes sudden life lose, injury and damage is the wish of every person. To bring this safety it is crucial to identify the main factors that cause the accident and find solutions. Prediction of real-time risk is among the solutions that aware the drivers to concentrate on their driving during driving process. Real-time risk prediction is important part of Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS). The main objective of this study is developing model that predict the driving risk during driving situation. We have used the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) data set with three events crash, near-crash and normal state. 16 variables with 15 independent variables are considered which we consider them as relevant variable in crash risk prediction and 1 dependent variable. The variables are selected from driver information, roadway information and weather condition. For this investigation, we compared the result of Elastic net and individual algorithm in the ensemble with the ensemble model. Resampling with replacement to improve the accuracy of minority class. According our experiment ensemble algorithm performs better overall accuracy than Elastic net and other individual algorithms used as base learner in ensemble model.

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Mulyono, Adler Haymans Manurung, Firdaus Alamsjah, Mohammad Hamsal

This study discusses the role and dimensions of the implementation of corporate governance, organizational innovation and e-business on competitive advantage and corporate financial performance. The research sample comprises 67 companies listed in the financial sector of the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The questionnaire is rated using a Likert scale. The data were analysed using structural equation modelling (SEM) and partial least square (PLS). This study finds that corporate governance has a positive effect on financial performance and organizational innovation has a negative effect on financial performance. Corporate governance has a negative effect on financial performance through competitive advantage, while e-business has a positive effect on financial performance through competitive advantage, while organizational innovation has a positive effect on financial performance through competitive advantage

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Assed Lussak, Edi Abdurachman, Idris Gautama So, Rini Setiowati

This study aims to analyse the survival of small businesses in the food and beverage sector in today's competitive market, especially in Bali. It is the most visited area in Indonesia by domestic and international tourists. This certainly has an impact on how the small business must be able to adapt to the tastes that continue to move dynamically, the use of technology and the generational preferences of the visiting people. This research uses an explanatory research method, while the analysis technique uses moderated linear regression analysis. The sample technique uses purposive sampling with a total sample of 23 respondents. The results of this study indicate that continuous improvement can amplify the effect of operational improvement on business survival, although its moderating effect is not significant.

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Ahmad Kholil, Budiaman, Mirtawati, Aam Amaningsih Jumhur

Mutiara Waste Bank (MWB) is part of neighbourhood RT. 05 RW. 13, Jakamulya Village, Bekasi City, which innovates in the waste bank activities. The MWB applies 3R through the application of plastic crushing machine to recycle plastic waste. The purpose of Program to determine the benefits of the implementation of a plastic crusher machine at MWB so that it becomes a reference in developing business of 3R-based waste processing for the welfare of the community around the Waste Bank through the active participation of RT residents. With the implementation of the machine, the profits of MWB are increased by the added value of the results of the processing business. Previously, plastic waste was only collected without being processed and sold to collectors. Now the processing of plastic waste is done at the MWB which is close to the household environment. The application of plastic crusher machine can optimize the activities of the waste bank according to the 3R concept. Therefore this activity benefits the environment and enhances the economy of the community.

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Ambrocio Teodoro Esteves Pairazamán, Víctor Hugo Fernández Bedoya, Walter Gregorio Ibarra Fretell, Veronica Liset Esteves Cárdenas

Recent international evaluations regarding educational level have revealed that Peru is in the rankings of countries with the lowest performance in various subjects, including mathematics. The Polya method is presented as a solution to this serious situation, which assures that if its four steps are considered, better results will be obtained than the traditional method of teaching mathematics. This study narrates the application of a motivational program, in which the Polya method was applied in order to improve the solving of mathematical problem solving in the third grade of secondary school in educational institutions in Peru. The researchers identified two groups of students, one composed of 39 students in which mathematics was taught applying the traditional method (control group), and another group of students composed of 41 students in which this program was applied (experimental group). The period of this quasi-experiment covered the third quarter of school year 2019. Pre-tests and post-tests were applied to both groups. Finally, the hypothesis was contrasted by means of the chi-square test, obtaining as a result 182.142 with a confidence level of 5%, which affirms the general hypothesis formulated, that is: if the motivational program based on Polya's method is applied, then the solving of mathematical problem solving in the third grade of secondary school in Peru will be improved.

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Manpreet Kaur, Jasdev Bhatti, Mohit Kumar Kakkar, Deepika Goyal

In this paper timetable strategy is designed and discussed in detail for handling any university course scheme based on resources available. In addition to regular courses some new additional parameters like Engineering exploration, Team teaching technique, mentoring of students, etc. are discussed that run parallel with unique mechanism. The allocation of timetable on basis of three different modules has been discussed satisfying all major and minor challenges. The language named python is applied for optimizing and displaying timetable into three different views class wise timetable (for students), faculty timetable, and classroom timetable.

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S. Yahya Mohamed, A. Mohamed Ali

Graph theory has applications in many areas of computer science, including data mining, image segmentation, clustering and networking. Product on graphs has a wide range of application in networking system, automata theory, game theory and structural mechanics. In many cases, some aspects of a graph-theoretic problem may be uncertain. Intuitionistic fuzzy models provide more compatible to the system compared to the fuzzy models. An intuitionistic fuzzy graph can be derived from two given intuitionistic fuzzy graphs using max-product. In this paper, we studied the degree of vertex in intuitionistic fuzzy graph by the max-product of two given intuitionistic fuzzy graph. Also find the necessary and sufficient condition for max-product of two intuitionistic fuzzy graphs to be regular.

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V Mageshwari, Dr. I. Laurence Aroquiaraj

Social media facilitates the users to exchange their opinion, thoughts and ideas. The advantage of sharing an information through social media is, it will widespread the content quickly. There are so many social media platforms among which Twitter is one of them. Through twitter the user can communicate the information briefly. So many real-world issues are discussed on twitter, in which the discussion about HIV/AIDS is ranked as one of the topmost topics. Due to the advancement of social media many users have come forward to discuss about this societal topic. These kinds of discussion will help the communication campaigns to promote better HIV/AIDS education. In this work tweets were collected by the keywords including HIV and AIDS. Following the pre-processing steps, feature extraction has been carried out. Feature extraction is very crucial step in mining twitter because the data is in unstructured format. So, increasing the efficiency of feature extraction will improve the outcome of classification task. In this work an efficient feature extraction method has been proposed which gives a better result when compared to existing.

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V Saikrishnan, A Karthikeyan, S Laksmisankar, N Beemkumar

Thermal characterisation techniques are used for the temperature based physical properties measurement to ascertain the suitability of materials in latent heat energy storage as a storage medium. Differential Scanning Calorimetric analysis and Thermo Gravimetric Analysis are such techniques. Organic/food grade erythritol and xylitol, supplied by a provincial manufacturer were examined for their use as phase change materials in latent heat thermal energy storage systems. Differential scanning calorimetric tests showed the three important thermal characteristics - melting temperature, fusion enthalpy and specific heat were quite similar to that of the industrial-grade materials previously studied. Thermo gravimetric analysis revealed the temperature dependant physical characteristics - thermal steadiness and purity of the materials. Thermal disintegration temperatures, the specific heat at solid and liquid states of the samples showed their fitness as phase change materials. The enticing thermal characteristics exhibited, promising them as fertile phase change materials for low-temperature thermal energy storage applications.

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C. Kaleeswari, Dr. K. Kuppusamy

Internet of Things (IoT) is a recent technology, a vast range of smart applications are deployed in various platforms to utilize the quality of day – to – day life. Community based Smart Retail is one of the important IoT application. Cloud acts like a server in this research work that offers easy to access the data via the network connectivity with on – demand. In a recent era, to maintain the detailed list of goods in inventory management is so complicated. The stock owner and the clients can faced the problems of incrementing sales, cost reduction, goods details, offers, searching a product to spend a long time in a store. To solve these kinds of complexities, we propose a new scheme for Smart retailing System. Really, unification of Location of Everything Techniques and Cloud Computing can make a smart service application for IoT. With the help of this paper admin can easily maintain the inventory control and also clients can easily see the goods details like cost, offers, notification of the new product, location of the product, product availability, etc. To use the cloud storage, the users can access the data and store the data in a secure environment.

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Rizgar R. Zebari, Subhi R. M. Zeebaree, Karwan Jacksi, Hanan M. Shukur

Enterprise systems have a clear role in the market processes, especially e-business systems which play basic role in the world today, with presence of technological evolution many recent technologies appeared which can serve e-business trend such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and virtual marketplace engineering, which facilitate general enterprise system e-business and e-commerce jobs such as: (buying products in easy way, rapid service delivery to the clients, online responding to the customers’ requests with effective cost, etc), but with rapid marketplace changing and turbulent environment and increasing pressure from stake-holders, it is crucial key for companies to be implemented with high flexibility for competitive issues. These enterprises have to react to these unpredictable changes and provide appropriate services to the customers with minimum cost and time without needing to rebuild the entire system from the start, i.e. this can lead to more time and budget consumption which is needed to rebuild the system to adequate to the environment demands/requirements. Therefore, the companies should consider flexibility factor during implementing their system, because there are various client demands should not be delayed or postponed for another time. This paper is devoted to putting forward the e-business system requirements. hence to implement flexible enterprise system model that organizations entail to take them into account to gain adaptive system. so to minimize the time and cost at the same time and competing with the other enterprise systems in an effective way in term of the cost and time.

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Simmi Bagga, Dr. Anil Sharma

In this highly competitive and strategic world, data analysis is very much noteworthy for helping in better decision making process. Because of the variety, velocity and volume of data, traditional data management tools are insufficient to handle the need of hour. These tools are inexpert to manage unstructured and semi-structured data. To overcome these limitations various new database tools are introduced over the time which lead to the category of NoSQL. The NoSQL databases provide a feasible query processing tool for data collections which are not structured. In this paper authors emphasizes on what is NoSQL and why NoSQL gained popularity in the recent time, the review of various categories of NoSQL databases and will accomplish that which database has the best performance under the specific requirements and scenario.

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Ravi Kaushik, Shailender Kumar

Identifying regions in an image and labeling them to different classes is called image segmentation. Automatic image segmentation has been one of the major research areas, which is in trend nowadays. Every other day a new model is being discovered to do better image segmentation for the task of computer vision. Computer vision is making human’s life easier by automating the tasks which humans used to do manually. In this survey we are comparing various image segmentation techniques and after comparing them with each other we have explained the merits and demerits of each technique in detail. Detailed analysis of each methodology is done on the basis of various parameters, which are used to provide a comparison among different methods discussed in our work. Our focus is on the techniques which can be optimized and made better than the one which are present before. This survey emphasizes on the importance of applications of image segmentation techniques and to make them more useful for the mankind in daily life. It will enable to us to take full benefits of this technology in monitoring of the time consuming repetitive activities occurring around, as doing such tasks manually can become cumbersome and also increases the possibility of errors.

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B Siva Kumar Reddy

Although the many technologies are evolved during the past few decades, the spectrum utilization is not yet utilized efficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on technologies which will be helpful for using spectrum efficiently such as called as spectrum sensing technologies. In the literature, different spectrum sensing methods are proposed in which the most efficient method, Cyclostationary method is focused more in this paper. When a signal is transmitted over a wireless channel, the signal will be disturbed due to the channel noise. This channel noise may lead to phase, amplitude and frequency offset. However in this paper, the frequency offset estimation of Cyclostationary detection in Cognitive radio network for number of CR users is analyzed and remaining offsets are assumed as null.

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Dr. C. Srinivasan, Dr. Mohsin Khan, Dr. Nirmala S S

The major issue in green edible agricultural products (GEAPS) logistics supply chain is to identify the suitable mechanisms to develop logistics processes that controlled by various independent farmers and third party logistics companies in south India to optimize the total minimal cost and risk control mechanisms. A heuristic method is proposed to develop and effectively control the logistics and supply chain risk factor and cost reduction.

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Dheeban S S, Muthu Selvan N B, Senthil Kumar C

The usage of conventional energy sources is being replaced by renewable energy sources. The solar energy is the most widely used renewable energy source. The solar energy can be harnessed from the sun with the help of photovoltaic panels. The photovoltaic panels can be configured to function as a standalone system or a grid-connected system. The standalone system is more reliable and easy for installation. The standalone system plays a major part in the rural electrification. This paper involves the mathematical modeling of the solar panels and analysis of the standalone system with a battery backup.

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Vinaykumar S Jatti, Savita V Jatti, Akshaykumar P. Patel, Vijaykumar S. Jatti

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a process for developing Rapid Prototype (RP) objects by depositing fused layer of material according the cross sectional geometry designed in the software. Various parameters used in the FDM process significantly affects the quality of parts produced. This work aims to study the effect of process parameters such as layer thickness, printing speed, infill percentage and extrusion temperature on mechanical properties of FDM printed parts. Mechanical properties such as tensile strength, impact strength, flexural strength and surface roughness of these printed parts are been studied. One variable at a time approach has been adopted to carry out this work.

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Seralathan S, Baji Babavali S K, Guru Venkat I, Hariram V, Micha Premkumar T

Formula SAE car with single type wing on the front and the rear wing generates downforce and high drag. Aerodynamic loads acting on high speed Formula SAE car play an important role on its dynamic behavior which results with decreased fuel efficiency and a lesser downforce. In order to improve the aerodynamics Formula SAE car, split type rear wings are used to which produce a lesser drag and more downforce comparatively with respect to single type rear wing. Therefore, the focus of this study is to simulate Formula SAE car with split rear wings to improve its aerodynamic behavior. Simulations are carried out using STAR CCM+. The numerical results obtained showed that split rear wings reduced the drag by 12% and increased the downforce by 38%. This would benefit the car to increase its cornering speed and improve the overall fuel efficiency.

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Reda Elbarougy

The objective of this research is to improve the estimation accuracy of emotion dimensions: valence and arousal. Former studies for speech emotion recognition (SER) mostly supposed that the affective content is stable and unchangeable through the entire utterance. Thus, these studies have been conducted based on the entire utterance as one unit for estimating these dimensions. However, this assumption is not fulfilled especially for long utterance because emotion is dynamic and may fluctuate through the long utterances. Consequently, the extracted low-level descriptors from such utterances are less effective for SER systems since they are mixture of different affective states. Most of these research ignored the investigation for the proper time scale to be used when extracting features. Therefore, a novel emotion unit based on voiced segments is proposed for improving the estimation accuracy. To evaluate the proposed method, SER system based on the dimensional approach using support vector regression is used. For validating it, the EMO-DB database is used. To measure the accuracy, mean absolute error (MAE) for the estimated values of valence and arousal is used as a metric. Results revealed that the emotion unit that contains three and four voiced segments gives the best MAE for valence and arousal, respectively. It is found that the performance of the proposed method using voiced related emotion unit outperforms the conventional method using utterance unit for both valence and arousal. The improvement in terms of MAE is from 0.68 to 0.51 for valence dimension, and from 0.34 to 0.21 for arousal dimension.

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E.Helen Parimala, Dr.S. Albert Rabara, P.Theepalakshmi, Y.Sunil Raj

one of the serious attacks that occur in the cloud environment is the Denial of Service (DOS) attack that makes the service unavailable for the genuine users. Due to the occurrence of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack events, it threatens the network security services. Cloud infrastructure is mainly preferred due to the storage of the large datasets. But, this environment faces a serious trouble similar to the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that delays the service available to the true users. The attack does not make any trouble happening to the datasets but do affect the resources, services and framework of the cloud. The DDoS attack could be detected by the firewall due to their makeable identity and dynamic nature of attack. A Cloud-based DDOS attack detection model (CDDOSD) had been proposed in this paper that is carried out with the Binary Firefly Optimization Algorithm (BFFOA) and Classification and Decision Tree (CART) classifier. On comparing with the other classification algorithm, CART classifier is found to have the superior learning speed and BFFOA selects the feature from the dataset. The attacks on the cloud host are performed by the tools of the real-time DDoS attack. It is determined that the CDDOSD detects the attack caused by the DDoS with the minimum low false positive rate and promotes high efficiency. BFFOA significantly reduces the feature of the dataset that promotes classification and training with the low dimension of computational space. With the proposed scheme, a secure cloud environment is maintained and also in this paper, the suggested methodology is contrast in the midst of previous mechanism and also establishes to be greater with the performance.

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Chitra K, Prakash VS, Kamatchi kannan V

This paper depicts the design of T-Source inverter (TSI) for solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system. High efficient inverters are needed for solar PV application in modern electrical power scenario. The TSI offers high efficiency because of high voltage boost capability. However in the traditional solar PV system using Voltage Source Inverter (VSI), additional step-up transformer and boost circuit is required to stepup the voltage. This decreases the efficiency, by increasing the size, cost and losses of the system. The proposed solar system with Simple Boost (SB) PWM controlled TSI conquers the draw backs of VSI. The high voltage boost in TSI is due to shoot through time period. The harmonics and voltage stress are also reduced in this system. The mathematical modeling of SB PWM controlled TSI fed solar system and the simulation results are presented.

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Manish Bilgaye, Adesh Kumar, Anurag Srivastava, Piyush Dua

Material independent memory effect is all prevalent in the nature because of the dynamical properties of electrons and ions. These perturbations are responsible for generating and evolving to new states and hence the history of the material which is referred to as memory effect. This memory effect reflects as a variable resistor suggesting paradigm change from charge based volatile memory to resistance based nonvolatile memory indicative of huge power savings and related advantages. Studies from many aspects have been carried out on memristor like requirement of free energy barriers between two sates to hold the memory state intact, impact of ionic conduction and concentration polarization, thermodynamic behavior, impact of thermal fluctuations, and response of the system to noise. The scope of the paper includes review of candidate materials showing memristive properties, study of memristive properties and physical phenomenon of these materials and operating current, voltage and power range of various memristors.

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V.D.Ashok Kumar, Dr.S.Pushpa, Dr.V.Subedha

Foot print is a parameter associated with biometrics which is very common as well as distinct. Many methods have been developed in field of automated biometric based identification. Like other biometric identification, foot print recognition is also a unique method, since feet have different characteristics it forms the basis for identification. The morphology of foot print explains each person’s individuality. Due to enormous population around the world, there is more need for unique identification technique. Foot Print Recognition System (FPRS) works in a principle which serves as a basis for identification and authentication purpose. Since medical field still lags in biometric security, this system proves to be a great application for the medical field. It provides a way for identification and authentication of one’s own identity. This paper first discusses about the foot print pattern and various recognition technologies used. It also describes about various disease associated with the foot, their level of severity and their effects. Finally, it also reveals about the future work to be carried out in this aspect.

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Vijay Anand M, Vijayakumar K C K, Murugan P C*, Bhuvanesh Kumar M

Ergonomic plays an important role in human comfort, which provides better relationship among human, machine and working environments. Work related musculoskeletal disorders are the impairments of bodily structures such as muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves and bones, caused or aggravated primarily by work itself or by the work environment. This study investigates the physical factors and demographic factors which influence the occurrence of work related musculoskeletal disorder (WMSD) among ironing workers in laundry shop. There is an infinite number of population of laundry shops exists in Erode city. The sample size is identified using simple random sampling. The survey is to be approached among 300 occupational ironing workers in laundry shops. A questionnaire is prepared based on the Nordic questionnaire. Questionnaire includes work related questions such as personal, occupational and health aspects. The interview based surveying has been carried out among the workers. The study determines the Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) symptoms reported from the survey. The study investigates that the occurrence of Musculoskeletal Disorder among the respondents seems to be common. The prevalence of neck pain (89.33%) is comparatively higher than the wrist/hand pain (81.33%) and shoulder pain (73%) during the repetitive ironing tasks. The MSD symptoms are common among both male and female workers. A proper preventive and corrective measure has to be suggested for the obtaining results in order to improve the discomfort among the occupational ironing workers in occupational laundry shop.

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Mustapha ALAOUI, Hattab MAKER, Azeddine MOUHSEN, Hicham HIHI

This paper proposes the emulation of different photovoltaic (PV) materials and technologies using an innovative PV array emulator based on Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR), this electronic power device aims to reproduce faithfully the real PV module behavior independently on environmental conditions change, it allows scientists, industrials and researchers to carry out their measurements and experiences on PV systems without depending on PV panels, which require the sun to perform tests and do not allow repetitive measurements at the desired temperature (T) and irradiance (G). Moreover, PV modules actually are very expensive and require a large area to reach some powers, all these limitations and others are handled using this designed PV emulator. Simulation results using Matlab Simulink software are given and analyzed in order to evaluate the performances of the developed equipment and to judge its efficiency and capacity to track rapidly and accurately the I-V characteristic of different PV modules.

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Mustapha ALAOUI, Hattab MAKER, Azeddine MOUHSEN, Hicham HIHI

This paper proposes a new design and development of photovoltaic (PV) source emulator, this nonlinear power supply has as purpose to facilitate the research on PV systems by reproducing the electrical behavior of actual PV modules and providing as a result similar current-voltage (I-V) and power-voltage (P-V) characteristics. The current study provides some simulation results using Matlab Simulink software of the developed PV array emulator, which consists basically on a fuzzy logic controlled interleaved DC-DC buck converter, this nonlinear controller is able to deal with the nonlinearity of the PV characteristics and it has good robustness against weather parameters variation and dynamic loading. Furthermore, the proposed PV array emulator can emulate PV array under uniform solar irradiance as well as partial shading conditions.

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Hemlata Aggarwal, H.D. Arora, Vijay Kumar

Fuzzy sets are very useful tool to elaborate concept of uncertainty in decision making process. In this paper, we discuss theory of Fuzzy sets and apply this theory to solve a real world decision making problems. We solve the problem by defining choice value and also modify our algorithm by assigning weight to each parameter and then calculate the weighted choice value.

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T. Dharani, Dr. I. Laurence Aroquiaraj

In the digital era, the labeled and unlabeled images play a vital role in any person's life. Recognizing the labeled images from multi-domain image databases by using the low-level image feature is still a critical task in research. The multi-domain images are large scale, and also include the relevant irrelevant semantic concept. The research gaps of the image retrieval system are more consuming time and money, low quality of image, recognizing a newly added images and poor knowledge of multi-domain image. So the people are using irrelevant images with some alterations image, so, they are affected in the semantic gap and requirement-wise. The multi-domain images due to their uniqueness, it plays a key role in each field. It removes the unlabeled images in the image database. The Pattern Based Image Retrieval System (PBIRS) helps rectify the above research gaps and retrieve the relevant image. To overcome the above gaps by using PBIRS with three-level features extraction are color-RGB color channels and pixel counts, texture-GLCM, shape-region and contour-based features and Fuzzy Edge Detection. Finally, evaluate the performance with Mean Square Error (MSE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Peak Signal Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for better accuracy.

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Sijila K , Anisha Tomson M, Dr.Aji Joy

The construction industry is facing a drastic change in standard processing technologies and many construction automation methods such as 3D concrete printing (3DCP) merged in the construction field. 3DCP can allow flexible construction without the use of much expensive structure and materials. 3D concrete printing is an innovative construction method and has many advantages in the construction field such as reduction in construction time, reduction in cost, flexibility in designing, reduction in errors and environmental factors. Concrete is extruded through a nozzle and layer-by-layer concrete plates are formed to construct the model without the mold. Studies has been done to detect and resolve various design and operational problems faced in 3D concrete printing which would help in future development of the construction process. Goal of this project is to built an efficient and low-cost hardware structure which will print a 3D concrete cube using an algorithm. In this CNC machine, the XYZ movement controlled by an ARM microcontroller (LPC 1769) with software implemented on LPCXpresso using embedded C. The microcontroller converts G-code which was transmitted by UART from PC into machine language instruction which is to be sent to the motor driver of the CNC printer to print the model.

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A. Abdul Rasheed

Identifying the person who influences all the other persons in the network is always an interesting phenomenon. Social networking connects the individuals and organizations over the globe. With the advent of online social networking sites, the individual can make their own network and be popularizing within the network is made easier nevertheless of considering the geographical location. Though there are numerous methodologies introduced to find such influential person(s) in the network, this research focused on social network analysis approach called preferential attachment to find such persons. It is considered as NP-hard problem, due to the reason that it is complex in structure. As a proof of concept, the proposed methodology is adopted over few exemplary datasets with variant in sizes. The results are showing that the proposed method is able to accommodate the different size of the dataset and finds the influencers nevertheless of considering its size.

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Pritisha Dakuwa, S.bardaloi

CdS:Ni nano particles are synthesized by chemical bath deposition method grown into Ammonia at room temperature. The formation of nano particles are confirmed and calculated by XRD analysis. Different instrumentation techniques XRD, TEM, SEM etc. are employed to investigate structural properties of CdS:Ni. Crystallite size is found to be approximately 5.1nm from XRD analysis. The particle size is calculated from TEM study is found to be approximately 5.6 nm. SEM analysis are performed to study the morphological studies of CdS:Ni nano particles. Optical studies are performed with different instrumentation technique UV-VIS, PL analysis etc. Absorption peaks from UV-VIS analysis is found to be approximately 410.2 nm. The peak of photoluminescence is found at 493.6nm for Ni doped CdS nano particles. The antimicrobial studies are observed against two different strain Escherichia coli E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus (S.Aureus) and found affective towards these strains.

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A.Jenifer, P.Sakthivel,*, K.Senthilarasan, P.Sivaprakash, S.Arumugam

Implantation causing infections and inflammations are of great challenge towards the surgeons and doctors in biomedical applications. Nickel doped hydroxyapatite was synthesized via the wet chemical method and characterized by means of FTIR, XRD, and HRTEM with EDAX. The studies showed the presence of nanoparticles ranges between 49-54nm with spherical like morphology. The FTIR spectrum showed the presence of OH- and 〖PO〗_4^(3-) groups. The EDAX confirms the incorporation of nickel ions into Hydroxyapatite. The in vitro assessment like Antibacterial activity, Anti-inflammatory activity and Hemolysis test has been carried out for the samples. The sample NHA showed good antibacterial activity against the gram positive and gram negative bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. The sample NHA anti-inflammatory activity was nearby the standard drug Diclofenac sodium. The NHA nanoparticles were non-hemolytic according to the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials Designation) F 756- 00 resulting in the usage of NHA samples for biomedical application.

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Faraj Mazyed Faraj Aldaihani, Noor Azman Bin Ali

This study aimed to investigate the impact of relationship marketing on Customers Loyalty of Islamic banks in the state of Kuwait. Five dimensions of relationship Marketing was included in the study: Trust, Communication, Commitment, Competence, and Cooperation. On the other hand, customer loyalty was measured by two dimensions: Attitudinal Loyalty and Behavioral Loyalty. To achieve the aim of this study, a random simple sampling was applied as a sampling technique. Population of this study was the customers of four Islamic banks in the state of Kuwait, they were provided with 600 questionnaires, (560) responses were valid for test. The researchers used the descriptive and analytical methods. The results indicated that there is a significant statistical impact of relationship marketing dimensions (Trust, Communication, Commitment, Competence, and Cooperation) on Customers Loyalty of Islamic banks in the state of Kuwait. Based on the study results, the researchers recommend managers and decision makers of Islamic banks in Kuwait to be committed to their customers in terms of the needs and desires, and to provide timely services to customer to win their commitment in return.

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Rohit Gupta, Loveneesh Talwar, Rahul Gupta

The analysis of electric circuits designed by taking elements like resistor Ɍ, inductor Ł and capacitor Ϲ is an essential course in electrical, communication and electronics engineering. Such electric circuits are generally analyzed by adopting the matrix method or classical method or Laplace transformation method. In this paper, a convolution method is discussed for the analysis of a series Ɍ - Ł -Ϲ network circuit connected to a steady voltage source, and a parallel Ɍ - Ł -Ϲ network circuit connected to a steady current source. The response obtained by solving the governing differential equation of a series Ɍ - Ł -Ϲ network circuit connected to a steady voltage source via convolution method will provide an expression for the electric current flowing in the series Ɍ - Ł -Ϲ network circuit, and that of a parallel Ɍ - Ł -Ϲ network circuit connected to a steady current source will provide an expression for the voltage across the parallel Ɍ - Ł -Ϲ network circuit. The nature of response of such series (or parallel) network circuit is determined by the values of elements- inductor Ł, capacitor Ϲ, and resistor Ɍ of the network circuit.

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Baranidharan V, Vignesh S, Tamilselvi K, Suriya M and Vijaypranav PK

A highly secured and robust image watermarking scheme using sharp frequency-based contourlet transform (SFCT) for grayscale images is proposed in this work. At first, the host images are decomposed by the SFCT where the features having low-frequency coefficients are extracted. The extracted features are further analyzed by the score matrix from the principal components analysis (PCA). The singular value decomposition (SVD) is used to extract the singular values from the score matrix. The Arnold transform is used for the similar processing the watermark after being scrambled. Finally, the resultant lower-dimensional SFCT-PCA-SVD features from the watermark images. These techniques are evaluated by calculating assessment parameters and various image processing attacks. The parameters such as Normalized Cross-Correlation (NCC), Structural Similarity Index (SSIM) and Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) values are compared with existing systems. These evaluation results show that the proposed new SFCT-PCA-SVD outperforms than the existing systems will give secured and robustness over the various image processing attacks.

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M. Afif Salim. , Agus B Siswanto, Hari Setijo P., M. Sofi Ardhani

The massive earthquake that hit the West Nusa Tenggara from the date of July 29, 2018 which was followed by several aftershocks, caused damage to wide area coverage in some areas of Lombok.The method used in this research is the method of observation and survey, where researchers conducted observations and surveys in consultancies PT. Indra Karya (Persero) Engineering Division II Semarang. The cause damage to the structure of reinforced concrete after the earthquake was a lack of shear strength of the structure due to the use of columns and shear walls were too little, Cracks in the column or beam dikibatkan by shear force, Cracks in the column due to non structural, slip between concrete and steel reinforcement , or shear failure at a joint between the beams and columns, the concentration of damage at specific floor due to stiffness uneven distribution throughout the building level, the release of secondary components such as walls due to a bad relationship. Some repair methods are: the use of shotcrete, additional reinforcement, Reinforcement damage can be repaired by means of welding or tacking reinforcement pedestal. Repair cracked brick wall that can be done with shotcrete, dry aggregate mixture -portland packing with cement or mortar and epoxy injection. Retrofitting can be done with a brick wall prestressing, by adding a reinforcement on the surface of a brick wall wearing a plaster. Reinforcement steel structure after the earthquake Lombok is done by several methods, among others: Replace bolts and rivets are there with bolts of high quality, Uniting with either the connection is less strong, Reduce span element long, Adding extents cross-section of the profile, Replace with steel high quality.

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Emil Ordukhanyan

The article explores the issues of democratization, integration, and political regime type in post-Soviet 15 countries during social and political order transformation. This research is especially based on comparative analysis of Freedom House's Nations in Transit: Confronting Illiberalism empirical data. As a result of this research four groups of post-Soviet countries are defined taking into account their peculiarities of political regime types as well as their foreign integration policies. It is concluded that EU member and EU associated post-Soviet countries have better results and positive trends for democratizing of their political systems. As for EEU integrated or non-integrated post-Soviet countries, they already built semi-consolidated or consolidated authoritarian regimes. Being EEU member Armenia has the best democracy score in Eurasian bloc of post-Soviet countries. Armenia is unique EEU member state that has also signed the CEPA with EU. And if needed Armenia has a potential to contribute to democratic transition of other EEU member countries. It is also proposed that consociational democracy can be more proper model for democratic transition in post-Soviet plural societies if they develop participatory political culture. The need for a consociational model for plural societies in post-Soviet space is needed to avoid ethnocratic values, which in their turn can lead to the development of non democratic, especially ethnocratic regimes.

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Tarun Gogoi

Since 2014 General Election unlike other parts of India, the Northeast Region also influenced by BIP Dominant system. This paper is an attempt to understand the youth voters view on political change in Northeast India. This paper will try to understand the youth voters perception about recent political change in Northeast India after 2014 general Election based on its two months fieldwork survey in three Northeastern states.

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P.Gowthami, Dr.J.Chockalingam

The computer aided image vision system plays dominant role in disease diagnosis. The medical image, video contents vary in different texture, orientation, colour and shape. The video retrieval system has gained interest due to growing volume of visual and multimedia data. Conventionally, video retrieve from database based on specific patterns, shape and structure. However, the complex organ structure in brain and abdomen, cause inaccurate video retrieval. In this paper, we propose Local Binary Pattern (LBP) for effective medical video retrieval from video database. Initially, the input video file converts to video frames. The LBP via circular symmetric neighbourhood selects sampling point and neighbouring pixels for video retrieval from database. The effectiveness of video retrieval system validate by physician. The LBP based video retrieval system performs better compared to Uniform-LBP (ULBP) and Local colour vector binary pattern (LCVBP) algorithms.

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SC Vetrivel, V Krishnamoorthy

Entrepreneurship is essentially a journey of an individual, which results in the development of not only the individual but also the society that nurtures him/her. This whole journey begins with the intention to venture into entrepreneurship, which is the basis of this study. How does an individual get this intention? What motivates him to take the first step towards becoming self-employed? What is the role-played by entrepreneurial self-efficacy in this scenario? Can education and entrepreneurial exposure enhance entrepreneurial self-efficacy and entrepreneurial intentions in an individual? These are some of the questions this study tries to find answers for.The prime objective of the concept of “Make in Country” is job creation thereby generating large scale employment opportunities. The skill enhancement of the 25 sectors which work in the development of the nation and is thus termed as the backbone of the economy, to be focused majorly in the initiative and thus inviting more and more FDI into these sectors.The purpose of the research is to identify the various factors which are responsible for influencing entrepreneurship among the students pursuing Management Studies in Colleges in Erode District. This study has been conducted for the period of December 2018 to March 2019. The researcher employed convenience sampling method for collecting data from the respondents. This study identified five dimensions which are responsible for entrepreneurial motivation among management students. These are: Need for achievement, Independence, passion, opportunity identification and locus of control. Out of identifying dimensions, from this study it is inferred that there is a significant impact on independence, opportunity identification and locus of control on entrepreneurial motivation.

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The spider will bite sometimes only. When it does the device will detect whether the spider is poisonous or not. It is much more efficient than a human eye and less time consuming. Such a device has never been done before and it could save life as approximately 7 people die each year due to the spider bite.In this most of them are small children attacked mainly by the brown reclusive spider which attracts small children. This will help the user to tell them which spider had bitten and anfirst aid remedy will be shown to prevent it for the time being. We also scan the depth of the wound to tell about the bitten area is poisonous or not.In this we have used the faster region convolutional neural network Faster R CNN algorithm.Then to get the accurate results of the bitten area. We use the Z buffer or depth buffer method. This will help to perform the required action to get the results easily. We have successfully done the required experiments to train the system and perform well. Our method of detection is done by the size of the wound.

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R.Vasumathi, Dr.S.Murugan

High utility itemset mining is gaining momentum in the field of data mining techniques. The problem of high utility itemset mining is an extension of the problem from the frequent itemset mining. Frequent itemset mining is a well-liked problem in the data mining task which considers finding the frequent patterns in the database. Several algorithms are proposed to mine the high utility itemsets. In this paper, we proposed a method high average utility itemset mining in big data. The number of distinct items and the size of the databases are both too large. Hence, two new tighter upper bounds are used to reduce the irrelevant itemset in the database. We try to implement a new algorithm, two new tighter upper bounds for high average utility pattern mining using map reduced algorithm to reduce the search space and processing time. Experiments conducted on real-time server data sets and compare various parameters with the existing algorithms.

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Ms. V Indhumathi, Dr. P Vidhya Priya, Dr Somasundaram R

The paper identifies the various aspects of warehouse receipt financing method of funding working capital. The importance of WRS financing, types, limitations, scope to develop in future and ways to benefit individual farmers, producers in short- term. Lack of awareness about WRF and EWRF among the rural farmers and others and insufficient warehouses and banking facilities are the notable constraints. By providing sufficient warehouses to store with warehouse receipts or electronic warehouse receipts, simplifying bank procedures to avail WR finance (loans), the farmers and logistic-holders can be profited by storing their produces (products) and avail required finance with a view to mitigate the short- term financial requirements. “Warehouse Receipt Financing- Golden Eggs in the Hands of Depositors”

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Dr.Antony Selvadoss Thanamani, Padmapriya P, Malathi M, Sharmila S, Dr. A. Kanagara

Text classification is a fundamental development in trademark tongue handling. It might be performed using distinctive classification calculations. It is appeared in ongoing exploration that naive Bays text classifiers have accomplished recognizable classification execution in spite of its solid supposition of contingent freedom among highlights. So as to debilitate this ridiculous supposition and improve the classification precision, there are commonly three techniques: structures controlling, highlights controlling, and occasions controlling. Cases controlling can be additionally isolated into example weighting and case choosing. In this paper, we propose another example weighting way to deal with naive Bayes text classifier. In this new approach, the preparation dataset is initially partitioned into a few subsets as indicated by their promise weight esteem. At that point each preparation occasion in a subset is weighted by the separation among it and the mean of the preparation subset. Thus, it can process complex besides, multi combination data in powerful circumstances. Here we propose an naive bayes classifier which scales straightforwardly with number of markers and information focuses which can be utilized for both double and multiclass classification issues. We actualized the exhibited plans utilizing Java. The trial results exhibit the presentation improvement in the classification strategy utilizing genuine datasets.

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Siddhartha Behera, Brijesh Kumar, Bibhu Prasad Panigrahi

The dc-dc buck-boost converter is commonly used for transforming electrical power at different level because of their requirement starting from low power such as domestic application to reasonably high power like industrial application. The most important of this converter is its flexibility that it is able to operate in both stepping-down(buck) and stepping-up(boost) of the input voltage by varying its duty-ratio of the switch. A commonly buck-boost converters includes the combination of components such as boost inductor, boost capacitor, boost diode and switches etcand appear in different orientations in literature. But the switches in these circuit suffers from hard-switching and add switching loss thus reducing efficiency of circuit. As the demand of this converter is growing day by day because of its versatility of stepping up and stepping-down the input voltage, the aspect of better efficiency is a prime concern and obviously the soft-switching of devices is major issue that needs to be critically investigated. In literature there appears few papers as far as soft-switching of buck-boost converter is concerned. In most cases, the addition of more than one or two switches makes complexity for the soft-switching operation for which it lacks interest for the researchers. Many a times the inclusion of isolation in this circuit takes into consideration of coupling inductor that adds space and weight to the circuit. The proposed topology presents a non-isolated type of buck-boost converter which facilitates the soft-switching of the device. In this research work. a new simplified soft-switching buck-boost converter is proposed. The components of this converter are properly designed to enable soft-switching for the switch. The simulation of the proposed circuit is carried out with the help of MATLAB (Simulink) to validate the performance.

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Hema Singh, Dr. Sangeeta Goomer

Arsenic a toxic ubiquitous metalloid is termed as ‘poison’ among general public. It is present and cycles in all four spheres of the ecosystem i.e., atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biospheres. The concentration of arsenic in the environment has been increased due to natural sources, and/or through anthropogenic activities. Humans are mainly exposed to arsenic though consumption of As-contaminated water and foods. Rice crops are known to accumulate arsenic more efficiently at higher concentration (⁓10 folds), when compared with other crops like wheat and barley, because rice crops are grown under continuous flooded conditions. Under such conditions arsenic becomes mobile and rice crops easily uptakes arsenic. This is of major concern as rice is a staple crop for more than half of the world’s population. Therefore, presence of arsenic in rice will cause greater negative impact on the health of a large population. Nowadays bran products and brown rice are sold as ‘premier health food products’ in the market and are very popular among health conscious people. However, recent studies have shown that bran and brown (unpolished) rice also contains arsenic, the concentrations are even found higher than white rice. This can be a terrible irony for the population dependent on whole meal diets, as it can lead to a greatly increased exposure to arsenic. However, not much work has been conducted in this direction. Therefore, more extensive studies are required for building data on arsenic levels around the world. Proper remediation and mitigation steps should be implemented in those areas where arsenic concentration is above the safe limit. Further investigations are required to reveal the other arsenic exposure routes to humans. Practical guidelines on avoiding and reducing arsenic exposure are needed to be circulated among general public.

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Ashomi Kalita

The present study aims at investigating the long run cointegration and causal relationship between imports and economic growth in India over the period 1980-2012. The variables which are used are import as a percentage share of GDP (LIMP) and real GDP at factor cost (LGDP). By applying the econometric tests including stability tests, ADF Unit Root Test, Johansen (1991) cointegration test, VECM and Block Exogeneity Wald Test , the study has find the evidence of the existence of long run relationship between import and economic growth and import led growth strategy is applicable in India over the long run. However the study does not find any short run causality between the two and this is not surprising at all since import may not be the source of growth in the short run because imported technology in the form of capital goods takes time to increase the productive capacity of the country and growth does not always be the source of imports. Sometimes, imports may be financed through the borrowing either internal or external or through emigrant remittances etc.

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Piyush Dhamdhere, Navin Kumar Singh, Himadri Biswas, Aryan Gupta, Vairamuthu S

Augmented Reality is a general term for a gathering of advances used to mix PC produced data with a normal viewer natural sense. Since smartphones have become ubiquitous, “Augmented Reality” has been developed to run on them. AR tools utilize the devices sensors (camera input, compass, etc) and put helpful data (in a particular order) in a layer over the picture from the phone camera or webcam which, thus, is seen on the device screen. Augmented Reality has massive potential in the field of education and training. This paper shows an instructive application for some, individuals pass by abnormal kids with learning handicap without notice. Dissimilar to different incapacities like viral fever, physical problem and visual disability a learning failure is a disguised hindrance. Students with learning handicaps get down to business, go to school and college and move forward on a gainful life. It is even more so beneficial for children with learning disabilities. It makes them excited about education as the AR Scrapbook uses fun, interactive and compelling experiences. This paper is designed as a social collaborative experience. It helps in development of cognitive skills and fine motor skills. It sparks the imagination and creativity and enhances their general knowledge and vocabulary. It also intends to help children learn faster and better. This is education of the future.

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Muhammad Wali, Rizaldi Akbar, Taufiq Iqbal, Fauzan Putraga Al-Bahri

E-Guide is basically one of several applications that are used from electronic media. This application is an application for Electronic Social Media that can help convey information to the entire community, especially those who access the application. In the world of tourism, prospective tourists, both local, national and international, can obtain information directly about the various attractions that are provided in the e-guide application. The e-Guide application is expected to be a complete e-tourism application, regional destinations that have not been published yet indirectly contribute to potential tourism areas in Sabang City. Business opportunities will impact the community and business people in the city, where people can take part in promoting tourism and opening business opportunities. This study aims to develop a Tourism E-Guide Application and Measure the level of tourist satisfaction using the Tourism E-Guide Application that was built, this application also utilizes the chat and call feature where application users can communicate directly to the public or tourism businesses in Sabang City. The method used in this research is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with a Waterfall based model. Based on the results of testing what has been done, the Tourism E-Guide Application can be stated successfully developed based on user needs. In this study about 100 questionnaires were distributed to measure the level of satisfaction of tourists who use the Tourism E-Guide Application to find information and communicate directly with the tourist area. The results of measurement of tourist motivation show that the majority of users strongly agree that our prototype is easy to use and also useful. There were no users considered in this study who did not agree with the statement submitted. We found the results very encouraging. They show that the prototype e-guide has potential and can be expanded to support the region and increase the number of tourists.

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Abhilash K P, Puneeth Kumar M V

Out of all the upper limb disability, the amputation in elbow restrict majority of hand movement which not only challenge for patient for carrying its day to day work such as eating, picking of object etc. In this study, an attempt is made to design and develop interlock mechanism based elbow disarticulation prosthesis in this design the focus is given on the locking mechanism. The available mechanical elbow joints are made up of externally locked which cosmetically not acceptable, it may come in contact with body which will cause tear and load carrying capacity also got deteriorated. In the interlock mechanism based joint , it enables the amputee patient to perform the sound gate motion of the hand moreover it is cosmetically suitable and user friendly, initially cad model of the design is carried out followed by fabrication and present trial the feedback from the patient are incorporated for fine tuning of the design.

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Sandhya B S, Dr. Rohini Deshpande

Machine learning is a powerful tool in the smart analysis of bulk amount of data. This can be applied in the analysis of big data present in the network in wireless communication as well. Machine learning tools can also be used to reduce the human interference to a great extent in solving the complex computational problems in mobile communication. With the intention of detecting active mobile users using machine learning tools several papers are reviewed. This helps the mobile network provider in the resource management. It is also surveyed that the machine learning tools are suitable in the understanding of behaviour of mobile users.

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Dr. Mugeshkannan Reguraman, Ms. M. Jensirani, Mrs. M. Sharmila Devi, Ms. R. Vijayalakshmi & Ms.T. Aiswaryagomathi

The purpose of this paper is aims to analyze the perception of Initial Public Offering issues in GCC countries. IPOs play the kick start role as well as render the catalyst function in making these economies getting diversified with vibrant corporate sector in very many sectors-primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quinary fields. An in-depth study of major domains of the IPOs would help assessing the relevance of IPOs in changing the economic and financial façade of these economies and also tuning the IPOs to strengthen these economies. Purposive-cum-Snowball sampling method was used. Sample respondents are 33 financial intermediaries and 305 individuals from GCC countries. Multiple regression method has been used to analyze the data. The study found that the company factors are given more importance by the financial intermediaries in evaluating the efficiency of an IPO pricing; Financial Intermediaries give maximum priority to company level evaluation factors than investor level evaluation factors.

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T. Dhivya, I. Paulraj Jayasimman ,J. Joseline Manora

If be the majority set of if contains a majority neighborhood set of then be the inverse majority neighborhood set of with respect to .In this article the inverse majority neighborhood number of are determined for cartesian product of graphs.

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Anand Antony, Shashank Dhandharia, Saket Gupta, .M. Azhagiri

Although a lot of information is available in interpersonal organizations there are events where clients are not ready to reveal a portion of their information that incorporates age, sex, and different socioeconomics. This is an important issue as slant investigation uses such information to create valuable applications in individual’s everyday lives. These include demographics such as age and gender. There are several cases in social networks where a user does not provide their age or the age provided is incorrect. This affects the accuracy of the sentiment analysis by which many of the applications are made that depend on the data available on social networks. Here comes this age prediction model to aid. In the above-mentioned situations, this proposed model could increase the accuracy of sentiment intensity metrics. The composition styles which incorporate the utilization of grins, accentuations, emoticon are being examined utilizing the deep convolutional neural system (DCNN) and are executed into the eSM (upgraded assessment measurements) for giving increasingly exact and exact outcomes. The deep convolutional neural system had the best execution, arriving at an accuracy of 0.95 in the validation tests.

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Dr. Mahesh

TOPIC: Dental Anxiety among children regarding different Dental treatment - Modified Child dental anxiety scale (MCDAS)

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Priyanka Choudhary, Dr. Radha Kashyap

Women has developed as an important segment in apparel buying. They give lot of importance to apparel resulting in changing behaviour of consumers. The purpose of the study is to expand knowledge of apparel buying behaviour of Indian consumers by understanding the apparel buying preferences of working women and to assess the impact of big five personality type on various dimensions which influence the apparel buying behaviour of working women like consumer characteristics, product attributes, promotion, store attributes and reference groups. Hence the study was conducted on 480 working women belonging to the three age group 26-35 years, 36-45 years and 46-55 years. The study was conducted in Jaipur which is the capital of Rajasthan state. Convenient sampling technique was used for selection of sample. Data analysis was done using percentage, mean and correlation. It was found that there is a positive correlation between the apparel buying behaviour dimensions and big five personality type. The findings of this study will contribute towards understanding of behaviour and will provide a meaningful insight to retailers, entrepreneurs and merchandisers regarding apparel buying behaviour.

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Dinesh Kumar K, Komathy K, Manoj Kumar D S

The Blockchain technology is growing exponentially into our daily lives. The Blockchain integration with IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing have lot of benefits and challenges. The various industries and financial institutions started to implement the exploration of blockchain. The blockchain revolution will not take much time to spread all over the world. In order to identify the scope of blockchain in financial and industrial sector, this paper reviews the integration of IoT and smart contract would give lot of advantage in financial sectors and extreme automation in industry.

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Aranga Arivarasan, Dr.M.Karthikeyan

India is big country in the universe basically very much dependant on Agricultural. One of the important aspects in agricultural development heavily relies on the appropriate soil type. From the beginning of human history the relationship with the soil has influenced the ability to cultivate crops to achieve the success of civilization. The soil endorses as the foundation of agriculture because of the relationship between humans, earth and food sources. In computer Vision the CBIR is most widely used measures while dealing with the images. In the proposed system an efficient approach to identify eight different soil types based on the color and texture of the soil image is achieved through implementing the CBIR principles. As initial process HSV histogram and the Tamura texture features are extracted from the soil images to train the Support Vector machine. Next the Support Vector Machine is tested with a new soil type to identify its category. The distance metric used here is universally well known Manhaten distance metric. The experimental results were evaluated with eight different category of soil type. Each soil type contains 25 images to compute 200 images for the dataset. The proposed system yields better predominance compared with existing models by achieving an overall accuracy of 80.21 percentages. : India is big country in the universe basically very much dependant on Agricultural. One of the important aspects in agricultural development heavily relies on the appropriate soil type. From the beginning of human history the relationship with the soil has influenced the ability to cultivate crops to achieve the success of civilization. The soil endorses as the foundation of agriculture because of the relationship between humans, earth and food sources. In computer Vision the CBIR is most widely used measures while dealing with the images. In the proposed system an efficient approach to identify eight different soil types based on the color and texture of the soil image is achieved through implementing the CBIR principles. As initial process HSV histogram and the Tamura texture features are extracted from the soil images to train the Support Vector machine. Next the Support Vector Machine is tested with a new soil type to identify its category. The distance metric used here is universally well known Manhaten distance metric. The experimental results were evaluated with eight different category of soil type. Each soil type contains 25 images to compute 200 images for the dataset. The proposed system yields better predominance compared with existing models by achieving an overall accuracy of 80.21 percentages.

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I Putu Sastra Wibawa, F.X Adji Samekto, I Putu Gelgel

Bali Provincial Regulation No. 16 of 2009 on Spatial Planning for Bali regulates the radius sacred space of the Uluwatu Temple as far as 5 km. This is contrary to the social and cultural realities of the Pecatu village community. In reality, a radius of 5 km is not possible to be designated as an space that is not built because the people of Pecatu Village have had customary law rules that existed before Bali Provincial Regulation No. 16 of 2009 on Spatial Planning for Bali was established. Indigenous people have the belief that the Uluwatu Temple's sacred space is the Uluwatu Temple forest. There was a conflict between the state law and the customary law of the Pecatu Village community. This research is an empirical legal research using a multidisciplinary approach where the application of law is juxtaposed with the use of a geographical information system (GIS) to determine the reality of the development of the sacred space of the Uluwatu Temple. This research raises two issues, namely the reality of the law governing the sacred space of the Uluwatu Temple, and the results of mapping the sacred space of Uluwatu Temple by using a geographical information system (GIS). The results showed that not only the state law was in the form ofBali Provincial Regulation No. 16 of 2009 on Spatial Planning for Bali, but there were also customary laws of the Pecatu Village community which regulated the space of the temple of Uluwatu Temple. In reality, based on the results of mapping the built space in the space of the sacred space of Uluwatu Temple, it shows that the rules of the indigenous people of Pecatu Village who have a perception that the sacred space of Uluwatu Temple is the Uluwatu Temple forest is more acceptable because the space has not been built either in the form of residential or tourism accommodation.

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Vivek tiwari, Kavita khare

Network-on-Chip is an emerging paradigm for integrating very high number of Intellectual Property blocks on a single Integrated Chip. Crossbar switch is one of the important parts of NoC. In this paper, 2x1 MUX are used instead of existing crossbar design with 4x1 MUX, to meet the requirement of high speed networks. The proposed design reduces area by 40% and delay by 7.14 % as compared to 2-D cross bar switch as well as conventional crossbar switch. The functional verification and synthesis of proposed cross bar switch design is done by using Xilinx ISE 9.2i

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S. Chaine*, S. Bhuyan

A goal is to establish improvement in the system frequency profile for the power system. The analysis of the dynamic participation of doubly fed induction generator (DFIG) in existing frequency regulation mechanism is presented. The modified inertial control scheme, takes advantage of the fast response capability associated with electronically- controlled variable-speed wind energy conversion systems (WECS), allowing the kinetic energy stored by rotational masses to be partly and transiently released in order to provide earlier frequency support.

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Uktamova Khilola

The article analyzed the comparative analysis of linguist’s opinions on the classification of words in the works of 20th-century scholars in Iran and Afghanistan and dedicated to Persian and Dari grammar.

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Renuka, Maneeth

The purpose of this project is to find out the strength parameters and durability of concrete. The stone slurry powder (SSP) is a fine dust particle from stone cutting industry which is main reason for environment pollution. Crumb rubber (CR) tire particle which are obtained from waste tire rubber were used for present investigation. In this project the stone slurry powder is used as a replacement of cement at replacement ratio of 10%, 20% 30% & 40%. Crumb rubber of 20mm size is used as fine aggregate at 10% replacement constant at every trial mix. For optimal mix (30% SSP & 10% CR) the workability was good and durability test (Acid Attack Test) was excellent & weight loss was around 0.35%. The strength parameters like compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength test was carried out upto 28 days curing. The strength obtained for split tensile and flexural strength is more than conventional concrete but compressive strength is nearer to the target mean strength as designed. Mix (30% SSP & 10% CR) can be used in construction as alternative to conventional concrete. But we can increase stone slurry powder upto 70% and crumb rubber can be maintained not be more than 10%, use of very fine particle crumb rubber less than 2mm size can enhance the compressive strength.

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V.Bindu, K.R.Padma, Ch.Madhuri, and D. Sarada

World health organization (WHO) has highlighted the significance of augmented blood cholesterol as a menace for Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).Considerable Medical research over several years has unveiled the cause of many diseases. In India the heart diseases affect people of all ages, but most commonly affected individuals were in middle aged and often found to be suffering from arthrosclerosis. With upcoming modernization life style and economic development, nutritional changeover characterized by improvement in socio-economic status and increasingly sedentary life style contributed to the prevalence of CHD among adult, middle aged and elderly population. With the emergence of nutritional diet in accordance for control of blood cholesterol which is main source for CHD. In our current review, we have laid more emphasize on dietary patterns and behavioural life style which are crucially in relation to CHD.

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Abhijit Biswas, Md. Anwar Hussain

As the demand for more time critical System – On – Chip arises, the design complexity of the SoC also increases. The increased design complexity in turn introduces other complex factors such as efficient placing of the system blocks on the chip and their interconnection for optimal performance. Typically in earlier days a bus interconnects or point – to – point interconnection was being maintained. These interconnection techniques pose serious limitations on scalability and floor planning apart from communication overhead of the SoC. The designing of complex SoCs cannot rely on these early techniques. Which motivated researchers to think in direction of putting a well-structured and well-formed network using reusable components in the chip, and a paradigm shift has been witnessed from designing a SoC to designing an interconnection network or NoC. This paper presents the advances and modifications in Fat tree topology that hasbeen seen during the years that follows.

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S. Sharmila S.Vijayarani

Association Rule Mining (ARM) is a one of the significant technique to find correlation, casual patterns from large dataset. The association rule mining algorithms work in two phases, namely frequent itemset generation and rule generation. Frequent itemset is an itemset whose support is greater than user-specified minimum support and rule generation: Association rule shows how frequently a itemset occurs in a transaction by using minimum support and confidence. These association relationships can help in decision making for the solution of a given problem. Fuzzy ARM is a variant of classical association rule mining. Classical association rule mining uses the concept of crisp sets. The crisp set is based on Boolean values either the item is present or not. Because of this reason classical association rule mining has several drawbacks. To overcome those drawbacks the concept of fuzzy ARM has introduced. In fuzzy ARM, each element is given a degree of membership value and range from 0 -1 based on a user given membership values, frequent itemsets are generated. Fuzzy association rule mining (Fuzzy ARM) uses fuzzy logic to generate interesting association rules. The main objective of this work is to compare the existing fuzzy association rule algorithms namely Genetic, SLAVE, Fuzzy Frequent Itemset, Multiple Fuzzy Frequent Itemset with four performance metrics such as number of frequent items ,rules ,execution time and memory space .From the analysis Multiple Fuzzy Frequent Itemset produced the best result.

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M. Sumithra, Dr. S. Malathi

The essential role is done by the picture handling strategies in a wide assortment of applications. Hotspot and focal point of picture handling methods are the areas that Picture Processing focuses primarily into at greater rates and depths. A few broadly useful calculations and systems have been generated for picture segmentation. As there are no broad answer for the picture segmentation issue, these methods regularly must be joined with area learning so as to adequately take care of an picture segmentation issue for an issued domain. In edema portion’s cancer is very difficult to predict the boundary. Nobody has given an exact estimation of edema cancers’ boundary. The Novelty segmentation calculation that segregates the brain MR and CT pictures into cancer and edema. The identification of the specialized and normal working cells and their products of the living things are performed equally with the specialized and ubnormal working cells and their products of the living things on the grounds that inspects the change brought about by the spread of cancer and edema on solid tissues are vital for treatment allocation. By using Improved RANSAC algorithm to calculate ROI in different types of MRI pictures and getting exact origin or centre of that region which is growing the same characteristics of that origin surrounding. At last we planned to do a two-step strategy to create new type of the glioma boundary with its surrounding combined together and increasing the distance perfect level set type.

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K. Sowmiya, J. Thomas Joseph Prakash*

The potential for the synthesis of metallic and semiconductor nanoparticles has expanded research applications in the development of novel technologies. In the present study, a simple and eco-friendly package. Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) use Acmella oleracea leaf extract. ZnO NPs are characterized by various techniques such as UV-Vis , XRD, DLS, FE-SEM , EDX and FT-IR. XRD data showed the crystallinity of nanoparticles and EDX measurements indicates higher zinc content 67.63% and 32.37% of oxygen. FT-IR confirmed the presence of functional groups of leaf extract and ZnO NPs. DLS results confirmed successful synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles. Size and morphology of particles determined from FE-SEM and UV visible absorption spectra ZnO NPs exhibited absorption band at 314 nm. Combined ZnO nanoparticles are potentially antibacterial agents have been studied in Enterococcus aerogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus vulgaris. Antifungal agent have been studied in Candida albicans and Candida vulgaris. These results indicate aqueous extract Acmella oleracea Effective reducing agents for green synthesis of ZnO NPs with significant antimicrobial potential.

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Hind Ahmed, Ahmed Hashim

The nanocomposites are really promising for industrial, environmental and medical applications. In this work, new types of nanocomposites have been prepared from (PVA-NiO) and SiC for humidity sensor with high sensitivity and low cost.The experimental and theoretical studies on structural and optical properties of nanocomposites have been investigated.The optical microscope and FTIR studies were examined. In variation of wavelength(220�800)nm, the optical properties of nanocomposites were examined. Results showed thatthe optical absorbance of (PVA-NiO) increases with increasing of ((SiC)) nanoparticles concentrations. The energy gap decreases while the optical constants of ((PVA-NiO)) are increase by increasing of (SiC) nanoparticle concentration. In variety of humidity ((40�80)) RH.%. The different of electrical resistance for ((PVA-NiO-SiC)) nanocomposites with relative humidity is studied. The results showed that ((PVA-NiO-SiC)) nanocomposite have a great sensitivity for relative humidity.

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Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad, Rabiatul Adawiyah Abdul Rohim, Farah Muna Ghazali, Nor Azlida Aleng, Mohamad Arif Awang Nawi

SAS stands for the Statistical Analysis System, a software system for data analysis and report writing. SAS is a group of computer programs that work together to store data values and retrieve them, modify data, compute simple and complex statistical analyses and create reports. This research paper gives special attention to the multivariate normality assessment using SAS syntax procedure through graphical assessment of multivariate normality. This special syntax is created by considering numbers of dependent variable at a time. This provided a clear view about normality assessment for the studied data and allows a parametric analysis for the further data analysis. Through the SAS syntax, an applied researcher can easily use the syntax which provided in this paper by changing variables of interest and run the analysis. The graphical plot will be available after running the syntax. Therefore researcher is able to assess normality of multiple dependent data. The assessment of the normality is based on graphical plot which based on Chi-Square versus Mahalanobis distance plot. This step provided a very basic platform before we are proceed multivariate analysis. As a conclusion, it useful to researchers to check the normality assumption of multiple dependent variables.

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Rohit Verma, Dr. Jahid Ali

Classification engineering is reported to be very critical and tedious task in the field of data, image and pattern recognition. Labelling the images into one of the earlier defined categories, is the responsibility of a typical classifier. Preprocessed image does require for decent results. For fantastic and fabulous achievements, image should be free from any kind of noise and should be normalized to the acceptable parameters. There are myriads of classification techniques but the most challenging aspect is to identify the best technique which could intelligently recognize optical characters on the basis of predefined features of characters. This paper elaborates extremely important classification techniques viz. K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN), Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). Various classification techniques are compare on the basis of literature so that the researchers could take the advantage and select the best possible technique for their objectives.

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Abbas Sahi Shareef, Farhan Lafta Rashid, Aseel Hadi and Ahmed Hashim

The enhancement of thermal performance for water - polyethylene glycol with (SiC-WC) and (CeO2-WC) for saveandrelease of solar thermal energy have investigated for highgain of melting and solidification times. The experimental resultsshowed thatthe time of heating and cooling decrease with the increase of (SiC-WC) and (CeO2-WC) concentrations. The times of heating and cooling decrease with an increase in WC nanoparticles concentrations to water-PEG/CeO2 and water-PEG/SiC nanosystems.

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Syaiful, Muslim, Nizlel Huda, Amirul Mukminin, Akhmad Habibi

The purpose of this study was to examine the communication skills and mathematical problem solving ability among junior high school students through problem-based learning. This study involved 120 seventh grade students. This study used two kinds of tests and attitude scale, namely: communication skills test, problem solving ability test, and attitude scale. The result of this study showed that problem-based learning (PBM) was better, compared to conventional learning in improving students’ mathematical communication skills. Judging from the learning and school factors, the study indicated that problem-based learning (PBM) had a more significant influence on improving students’ mathematical communication skills. Based on the learning factors and gender differences, the finding indicated that problem-based learning (PBM) had a significant influence on improving communication skills and mathematical problem solving ability, both on male and on female students. Problem-based learning (PBM) was significantly better at improving students' mathematical problem solving abilities compared to conventional learning. Problem-based learning (PBM) has an impact on the formation of students’ positive attitudes towards mathematics.

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A.V.S. Pavan Kumar, Dr. R. Bhramaramba

The Backbone of the Indian economy is Agriculture, and it is the main source of living for the Indian population. In agriculture crop yield is a basic data representation to predict user awareness for real-time applications. Different types of agriculture-related methodologies were introduced to explore user knowledge which can help farmers and different government-related organizations making better decision and policies which lead to increased production. In agriculture, water utilization plays a vital role and the main issue is to utilize the quality of water, it is an aggressive concept to describe efficient utilization of water in agriculture. Simple Regression Model and time series analysis are one of the techniques for conducting physical-chemical parameters like PH, Mg, Cl, etc. in labeled data sets with processing of efficient utilization in groundwater. To increase user awareness on agriculture field with effective quality parameters like pH, Mg, and other related parameters, also improves all these parameters is necessary to improve the quality in water resource utilization at agriculture sector, So that in this paper, we propose Pareto Optimal based Fuzzy C-means clustering (POFCM) to multi-attribute relation with water quality physical parameters in agriculture crop yield production environment. Performance analysis provides useful information for monitoring water quality in agriculture food production.

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Astri Ayu Purwati, Muhammad Luthfi Hamzah

By looking at internet-based business opportunities that are very promising, many business people try to combine the internet and transportation. The application of total service quality management in Online transportation is very important considering online transportation provided service to customer with digital based application in accordance with technological development. This study used all online transportation user in Pekanbaru as population and the number of sample was 150 respondents. Data analysis technique used was Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) using Partial Least Square (PLS). The result shows that TSQM has positive partial impact on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Another result also shows that customer satisfaction on online transportation has impact on customer loyalty. Which means the implementation of TSQM on online transportation provider must be concerned as an important strategy for management in order to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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Osamah Mahfoudh Hezam Alhakimi, Rajasvaran Logeswaran, Subhashini Gopal Krishnan

The main aim of this work was to design and develop a real-time simulation system for electrical power distribution in smart grids using renewable energy sources that are to function in different circumstances. The performance of the developed proposed system was evaluated by testing the power generated and power demand using online weather forecasting. Renewable energy was the main power sources with hydro power and diesel as back-up supplies. The system is targeted to generate sufficient energy to meet the power demand even the occurrence of erratic weather. Fuzzy logic is used to enhance and improve the real time and live simulation to make it as realistic as possible, with different sets of rules for each of the influencing parameters, namely, temperature, wind, cloud cover and load as input, and diesel, hydro and battery storage as output control. The results achieved was based on a 5-day forecasting measurement and every 3 hours, while the expected load differs between live and manual measurement. The accuracy and measurement of the overall system was estimated at about 95%. As a future enhancement, a paid subscription for the weather forecasting data to get the full benefit of the options available and allow for 16 days forecasting at intervals of 30 minutes, and secondly to incorporate more accurate calculation for transmission losses and battery storage/charging algorithm.

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Dr. Ahmed Kamel, Dr Moataz Elbahi, Dr Robin Kabha, Dr Hassan Mustafa, Dr.Fathi Salameh

This study explores the extent of using public relations practitioners to online interactions methods in Non-profit organizations concerned about development working in Egypt, and its role can play in improving public relations functions. The main question of the research is: to what extent are the interactive communication methods used by the public relations practitioners in Egyptian Non-profit organizations to communicate with society? Results have concluded that the rate of using different interactive communication methods in public relations is still low. The main obstructive in using interactive media methods in Egyptian Non-profit organizations is the lack of trained public relations practitioners, The Egyptian Non-profit organizations are using the interactive media mainly for the narrow benefits of the organization and still missing the power of its uses to these platforms for community, as building and mobilization tool.

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Dr. Pooja Modh, Dr. Dheeraj Khajuria, Dr. Arun kumar, Dr. Satej Banne

The Agrya is the foremost or best among substances of different qualities, actions and effects. Here an attempt is made to classify the Agrya dravya into different groups done on the basis of Action on Dosha, Action on Dhatu, Action on Mala, Action as Prabhava, Action on G.I.T., Action on Respiratory system, Action on Cardio-Vascular system, Action on Reproductive system, Action on Urinary system, Action on Nervous System, Action on Skin diseases, Action on E.N.T. disorders, Action on Haemorrhoids, Usage in Panchkarma, Long term usage, Aetiological factors for the diseases, Ahara-vidhi, Rasa, Effect on Mana, Related to Milk, Related to Sadavrutta, Related to Vyadhi Sutra, Related to chikitsa chatuspada and Related to Desha so that these are readily used in different branches of Ayurveda. The present critical review helps in proper planning of a treatment protocol and also prescription of wholesome and unwholesome diet in different ailments.

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Dr.G.Anandharaj, K.Suganthi

As an evolving and prospective computing paradigm, mobile cloud computing (MCC) can significantly improve computing capacity and save energy from intelligent mobile devices. Because of some intrinsic mobile device defects, such as restricted battery power, inadequate storage space, and mobile apps, many mobility management problems, quality of service (QoS), energy management, and safety problems are faced. A mobile device implementation is known as Task. The main focus of the task scheduling is to improve the effective use of resources and thus reduce the completion time of the task. This research explores relative analysis of energy-efficient and improved QoS-driven tasks Scheduling (E2IQDTS) algorithms for optimizing multi-objective problem in a Mobile Cloud Computing Environment scheduling parameters such as Makespam, Dynamic Offloading, Deadline-satisfied, Task Length, Priority, Delay-Sensitive, etc. Evolutionary algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm (GA), Genetic Programming (GP) and Differential Evolution (DF) are used.

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Preety Madan, Sudesh Rani

Mosquito repellents are using as residential insecticides in developing countries. Because mosquitoes are vector of many diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, filariasis and other viral diseases. So, it is constrain to use mosquito repellents. The mosquito repellents which are popularly made up of chemicals and use in a common house these are used at least for 8-10 hours per day. Further human beings are may come under its exposure either directly or indirectly (through the mother to her baby) in pregnant women. Use of these SMR (synthetic mosquito repellent) in last decade, has been increased in India mainly in liquid form, a bottle containing liquid mosquito repellent and a graphite rod at center which produces fumes on heating. These fumes of synthetic mosquito repellent may cause adverse effect on human health, cause breathing problems due to dysfunction of alveoli in lungs, may intrude into the brain by open up the developing blood-brain barrier and can cause functional loss in the developing baby. Neurotoxic effects like oxidative stress, headache, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, silliness and body ache may also be seen in such patients. Information regarding negative impact of these mosquito repellent on human health is not sufficiently available.

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Chandrama Kalita, Sanjib Karmakar

The sol-gel method has been implemented to synthesize CuO nanoparticles at 100ºC. X-ray Diffraction (XRD) pattern has been employed to establish the monoclinic phase structure of prepared CuO nanoparticles. Crystal size (using Debye-Scherrer’s relation) of the prepared nanoparticles have been calculated from XRD data. Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) has been utilized to confirm the nanometric size of prepared CuO nanoparticles. The band gap of the prepared CuO nanoparticles has been estimated from UV-visible absorption spectra. The chemical composition of prepared CuO nanoparticles has been inspected by Fourier Transform Infra Red (FTIR) spectroscopy. Surface morphology of prepared CuO nanoparticles has been analyzed by using Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM). CuO nanoparticles have shown adequate bactericidal effect against gram-positive bacteria L. Monocytogenes and gram-negative bacteria Escherichia Coli. The antibacterial activity of CuO nanoparticles has been investigated against these two bacterial strains.

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K. Barkavi

In this article, the recent advances in the grid management of solar photovoltaics (PV) are discussed. Several power quality issues are arising during the solar PV power generation as well as in the distribution networks. The challenges and development related to the renewable power grid and hybrid power management issues are enumerated with the salient methods and techniques to overcome the key power quality challenges and the future scope to overcome the grid penetration issues, especially variation in the intensity of energy sources and demand management.

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Shinde-Pawar Manisha, Jamsandekar Pallavi

Social Media and sentiment analysis is a glamorous field of attraction for researchers. Amplified data generation and its challenges need significant solutions to satisfy the needs of investigation or to discover relevant and required glimpse to support decision in domain of study. Opinion mining is knowing attitude if author of content tracking general attitude about the topic of content or product or service. The study reveals the systematic framework for analysis of quality of selection and application of measures of interestingness. This framework involves fuzzy based method for classification, prioritization of decisions against measures to define and validate the novel method and results in data mining. The researcher aims to value work of fiction of evaluation in data mining.

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Mona Sahu, Kalakanda Alfred Sunny, Masepogu Wilson Kumar, Gadudasu Baburao and Gnanasaravanan S

In the past decade, there has been a rise in automation in every field of occupation. Occupational computer use has tremendously increased in each part of the World. This analysis was designed to investigate the effects of work postures on the musculoskeletal stresses experienced by computer tasks operators by computer aided designers and office staff working on computer in an engineering institution in India. 20 office staffs and 20 CAD (computer aided design) designers were invited for the study. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) evaluation checklist and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) tool was used to understand the health-related issues on the users and incorrect work postures adapted during computer usage. The survey results were analyzed and the results suggested that CAD designers had discomfort in the wrist, trunk and neck region whereas office staffs had discomfort in. This research suggested that the discomfort level of CAD designers working on computer is higher compared to the office staff. The suggestions to improve work postures while working on CAD software’s are also laid out in this paper.

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Ulfia Rahmi, Azrul

This research was due to the importance of the application of blended learning in tertiary institutions. The practitioners, however, question the achievement of critical thinking skills and HOTS in the application of blended learning. This study aimed at identifying the quality standards of discussion in blended learning to improve the students’ higher order thinking skills (HOTS). It then disclosed the relationship between these standards with learning outcomes and the implementation of discussions held in the blended learning environment of the E-Learning Development course in the Education Technology study program (N = 45). Face to face and online discussion activities were assessed using instruments in the form of discussion grading sheets and test items. The data were then analyzed descriptively and one way anava. The results of this study identified six standard discussion of blended learning to improve the students’ HOTS skills. On the basis of it, the lecturers and universities conducting the blended learning are required to facilitate the improvement of HOTS by integrating and combining the best sides of face to face discussions with the online ones by paying attention to these six standards.

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S. Baskar, G.Kumar

Land suitability assessment is one of the important researches in agricultural practices. The main aim of the present study is to assess the crop land suitability for cultivation in Mannargudi block, Tamil Nadu, India using remote sensing and GIS applications. The land suitability parameters such as slope, land use / land cover, soil, geology, aspect and drainage density were selected. All these parameters determine the suitability of a given area for a particular type of crop cultivation. Further, all the parameters were integrated using weighted overlay analysis is available in ArcGIS software. The final suitability map was prepared and reclassified into five classes like very high suitable (18.28%), highly suitable (52.75%), moderately suitable (21.52), less suitable (6.49%) and not suitable (1.06%) in the study area. The results revealed that about 29.02% of the study area fall under moderately suitable to not suitable for cultivation which is immediate attention need for sustainable agricultural management in the study area.

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Rutuja Kadam, Aniket Jagtap, Rahul Joshi

Indian economy mainly depends on the agriculture that why agriculture is one of the backbones of all business. Now worldwide agricultural and farm production India has the second rank. Indian agriculture is affected by various factors such as geographical, historical, climate, political, biological, due to topography and socio-economic factors. Now, sugarcane is one of the cash crops in India. The productivity of the sugarcane crop is decreasing due to the infection of various types of diseases, inappropriate conditions of soil and due to an incorrect diagnosis of disease. The sugarcane crop has various types of disease such as red rot disease, leaf spot disease, sugarcane mosaic virus disease, yellow spot disease, and brown spot disease. In this paper disused image processing and machine learning for the correct identification and diagnosis of sugarcane diseases. Here, disused the performance of existing approaches such as CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), K-Means Clustering, SVM (Support Vector Machine), Deep Learning, and Image processing technique. The drawback, main future perspective, and features of the previous approach in this area are summarized.

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Shikha Moni Borah

Development projects are perceived as symbols of national progress. Although the carefully planned and judiciously executed development projects have been instrumental in the faster economic growth of the nation, these projects have often proved to be destructive by inducing displacement of certain section of population. In this light, the first section of the paper deals with the question of defining “development induced displacement”. The second section deals with the evolution of thinking on displacement and rehabilitation in the context of India across three phases: British era, initial independent era and neo liberal era from 1990s onwards. Such an account helps us to understand Indian government’s preoccupation with “development” that overshadows everything else. Such an account will be followed by Medha Patkar’s analysis of growing assertion of displaced people. The fourth section studies the ongoing debate on displacement induced by the Lower Subansiri Hydro- Electric Power Project (LSHEP) in North East India followed by an understanding of growing movement against development project in general and anti dam movement in particular. An understanding of these phenomena brings out the conclusion that the primary concern of these movements is not merely to oppose “development” as such but the way “development induced displacement” has been addressed. The growing uncertainties and contradiction around LSHEP project have acted as a testimony to such assertion.

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Muhammad Ramadhan

Demand for infrastructure services varies for each economic activity. The higher the income. the higher the demand for infrastructure. Therefore. to improve welfare. there needs to be a realization of the budget for the development of public infrastructure development. because this also relates to public administration reform in Indonesia. This study aims to see the relationship of budget realization from public infrastructure financing to welfare in Indonesia. The research method used is the Least Square Panel used on the type of panel data consisting of time series data and cross-section. In this case. the researchers tried to use panel data with the 2014-2018 time series in several provinces that experienced massive infrastructure development in Indonesia. The results showed that the economic driving infrastructure and education infrastructure had a significant impact on GDP per capita. Thus it is necessary to strengthen budget planning for the development of public infrastructure to improve economic welfare.

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Sonam Gupta, Kanika Sharma

The process of scheduling is indispensable for efficient use of resources available with the wireless sensor networks such as battery lifetime available with the wireless sensor networks. Numerous scheduling techniques are usedincluding dynamic multilevel priority packet scheduling technique which is a great solution for providing fairness and minimizing delay for the network involving both real time and non-real time data. Dynamic multilevel priority packet scheduling scheme makes use of zone based routing algorithm in which the sensor nodes are arranged in zones. Although this technique presents great results but still the energy efficiencycan be improved by inculcating the pros of a stable and energy- efficient clustering algorithm with the above mentioned scheduling technique. The clustering technique makes use of advanced nodes along with normal nodes. The advanced nodes are equipped with extra energy and are responsible for the maximum data aggregation. The node arrangement is done in such a way that the energy of normal nodes is utilized minimally and no data is aggregated by them. The advanced nodes are in close proximity to the base station and their energy is utilized efficiently. Thus network lifetime is improved as the nodes remain alive for more time.

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Isnaeni Rokhayati,Bambang Agus Pramuka,Sudarto

The purpose of conducting this research is to determine the effect of company characteristics and the characteristics of SMEs owners on the targeted leverage. This research is a quantitative study in nature with a sample of research is SMEs located in Banyumas Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. This study employed multiple linear regression analysis with e-views (econometric views) program on panel data as a statistical approach. The results showed that the variable of growth rate, company size, liquidity, and asset structure significantly influence the leverage of SMEs. Further, profitability has a negative effect but not significant on SMEs leverage. While the variable characteristics of SME owners also have an impact on SMEs leverage. Results of statistical analysis also show that variables such as knowledge, experience, and risk propensity have a significant effect on SMEs leverage. Finally, gender differences statistically have no significant effect on the SMEs leverage The results of this study are expected to provide information for SME owners about factors that influence corporate leverage decisions in terms of company characteristics and characteristics of SME owners/managers.

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Sanjay Singh Bhadoria

Opinion mining is an important area of research in the recent years which combines web mining with computational intelligence to collect opinions through websites, social media, company data analysis and customers. Opinion mining algorithms collect opinions from websites and classify them using the mining process such as Support Vector Machines (SVM), Neural Networks, Decision Tree, Naïve Bayes and other classifiers. Moreover, opinion mining is useful in business since it highlights the positive or negative attitude of their students as well as the products and services. This helps the business managers to improve their method of services and to modify the products which will suit the student interests. Sentiment analysis is a type of opinion mining technique which uses natural language processing and other computational intelligence techniques to make effective decisions.

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Sanjay Singh Bhadoria

Educational Datamining (EDM) has inspired the development of innovative approaches and improvements in instructional settings. The Vast Array of practice and research in this area has enforced significant possibilities and software out of personalization and adaptation Design and pedagogy decisions centered on students' needs. Learning Analytics (LA) and EDM play with an important Role in improving learning procedures by offering advanced software of analytics Techniques. This also Results in the understanding discovery regarding the learning procedures, and advancement and integration of personalized, flexible, and interactive informative surroundings. Technology enhanced learning (TEL) surrounds to boost the information and abilities of students. Inquiry based learning (IBL) targets contexts where students are intended to detect knowledge as opposed to passively memorizing the theories it eases learning and improve learning accomplishments of the students.

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Mahendra U Gaikwad, Krishnamoorthy A, Vijaykumar S Jatti

Selection of appropriate process parameters for improving quality of product, time of machining largely depends upon the implementation of optimization techniques. This paper surveyed different traditional (Response surface methodology, Taguchi optimization, Grey regression analysis, Artificial neural network and Fuzzy logic techniques) and modern optimization techniques (Teaching learning based optimization, Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization, Jaya optimization technique) with the intention to identify the effect of process parameters for improving output parameters in EDM machining process. It is observed that less study has been reported on Jaya optimization technique, hence the current research is focused on optimization of the process parameters (voltage, current, pulse on time an pulse off time) for improving material removal rate (MRR) and surface roughness(SR) during EDM machining of NiTi60 alloy. The experiments were conducted using L9 Taguchi orthogonal and mathematical predictions models were generated using regression analysis. Jaya algorithms were developed with the intention to maximize the MRR and minimize the SR as the objective functions. Results obtained by Jaya algorithm were better than Taguchi optimization technique. Hence, it can be concluded that Jaya (modern) optimization technique can be effectively implemented to optimize the process parameters in EDM process.

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Faizal Zakaria, Mohamad Fadjar, Uun Yanuhar

Aeromonas hydrophila is a gram negative opportunist bacterium associated with aquatic animal disease. Cephalopod ink has shown potential antiretroviral activity. The ink extracts of cuttlefish showed antibacterial effect. This study aims to investigate the antibacterial activity of the methanolic extract of the ink of cuttlefish (Sepia sp.) against Aeromonas hydrophilla. The shadedried ink sample from approximately 30g ink sacs obtained from 15 animals were immersed separately in methanol (1:3 w/v) solvents for overnight. Dried extract was used for the experiments. Isolate of Aeromonas hydrophila was originated from Jepara Brackishwater Aquaculture Center. The average yield percentage of cuttlefish tintan extract obtained was 4.86%. The results of the MIC test in table 5. show that the highest average absorbance value was obtained at a concentration of 50 ppm which was equal to 1,716 nm and the lowest absorbance was obtained at a treatment dose of 300 ppm at 0.841 nm while the Mc Farland tube was 0.933 nm. The results of antibacterial test on table 2 showed antibacterial activity of cuttlefish ink extract at concentration negative control showed diameter zone of 5 ± 1.2 mm, at positive control showed diameter zone of 31 ± 1.2 mm, at 250 ppm result 19 ± 0.9 mm, at 300 ppm result 22 ± 1.4 mm, at 350 ppm result 31 ± 1.2 mm.

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B. Venkateswarlu, B. Mahaboob, C. Narayana, C. Subbarami Reddy

Data Envelopment Analysis has manifested itself as an outstanding data-oriented performance evaluation method when multiple outputs and inputs appear in a set of peer Decision Making Units (DMUs).This research article primarily focuses on the estimation of slack based measure of efficiency of a DMU. In terms of Shepard’s distance functions, Farrell Efficiency (FE), Output Pure Technical Efficiency (OPTE), Output Overall Technical Efficiency (OOTE) and Output Scale Efficiency (OSE) has been proposed here. A Fractional Programming Problem (FPP) has been evaluated in order to compute the slack based measure of efficiency of a DMU and the definition of output distance function and its properties are also presented. Furthermore this paper proposes a slack based efficiency measurement problem as a fractional programming problem which is transformed into a linear programming problem.

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Dr.G.Kanagavalli, Dr.U.Arumugam, G.Lingavel, R.Vijayalakshmi

The aim of the study smart phone usage among student community. Smart phones have now become cross-generational staples as people of all ages communicate with each other across the world. Smart phones are used to replace digital cameras, watches, video recorders, and many more. Having a smart phone is like having a tiny computer in a pocket. The purpose of the study impact of smart phone usage among student community. The main objectives of the study to analyze the impact of smart phone usage among student community. The methodology based on primary data. The data collected through questionnaire method. The sample size of the respondent 123 student. The data analyzed tools can be used percentage analyze and factor analysis. The findings of the study Smartphone is seen as an icon of young generation. People see mobile phones as an extension of their hand and they depend on social network ties to establish their self. Mobile communication affords greater freedom to its users regarding time and space. We are in a transition age from a broadcast media to a personal communication technology, giving more freedom for personal identity, new utilities of public space and new forms of networking and coordination in the society.

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A. Pappu Rajan

Nowadays, companies are tending to use social media marketing to create awareness about the product and promote their brands to the customers. Social Media Content Marketing is an important to convey effective information to the consumers to make them engage with the brands. Brand health is measuring how the digital audience feel about company and their products. The social media analytics is focusing the customer web sentiment which will help the company branding. In this article there are few indicators are taken to measure the brand health of the company such as time on site, repeat visitors, social likes, interaction from four social media sites Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google plus. Using data of two-month interaction under various categories to find the brand health of a company through web analytical tool. The major insights of this research are the before and after comparison of post posted on social media to find the interaction and that leads to engagement towards the company paints value added post which leads to the involvement towards the brand health and the post type, user post, weekday, time, hour to find the interaction in a day to day posts of the company. The Extraction, Transformation and loading techniques have utilized for web data analysis. The text or web content have classified and analyzed through text analytics in machine learning and the data can be grouped by using clustering. The data insight has discussed and how it helps to improve the business performance with better business decision making. This paper discusses the basic concepts of social media analytics, related literature review, business analytics process, data insights and conclusion.

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Izzatul Nabila Sarbini, Lee Feng Koo, Tze Jin Wong, Fatin Hana Naning, Pang Hung Yiu

Elliptic Curve Cryptography is a cryptography based on the algebraic structure of elliptic curves over finite fields. The security of Elliptic Curve Cryptography depends on discrete logarithms that is much more difficult to challenge at equivalent key lengths. Lucas sequence is a sequence that satisfies the recurrence relation and is very useful for fast and reliable primality testing. Therefore, a cryptosystem had been developed which is analogous to Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem, and is based on second order Lucas sequence. This cryptosystem will be tested by using chosen plaintext attack. The chosen plaintext attack is one of the homomorphic attacks. It is a consequence of the multiplication structure and based on homomorphic nature. Thus, this paper reports a way the chosen plaintext attack succeed in Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem based on second order Lucas sequence.

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O. Necibi, Ch. Guesmi, A. Gharsallah

This paper focuses on the specific concepts of chipless Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) tag destined for short range applications. The planar tag is composed of 3 nested Circular Split Ring Resonator (C-SRR) based on an angular encoding technique depend on polarization diversity. To validate the proposed approach, a tag with a coding capacity of 3 bits has been designed with a compact size of 6× 6 mm². Tags with different orientation of an open ring have been simulated using a Rogers RO4003 substrate and their radar cross-section (RCS) responses have been presented. The proposed method is based on an angular encoding where its main advantage is to require a very reduced bandwidth compared to the Pulse Position Modulation (PPM) frequency coding techniques.

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Thanesa Iyer, Dr.Jaya Yadav

The survey report of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, 2018-19 reveal that service sector alone contributes for 54.17 per cent of India’s Gross Value Added at current price. With employers across globe focused on “Hiring smiling faces” employees in service sector are constantly forced to hide and fake their emotions. The constant faking or hiding of emotions by service sector employees give rise to the phenomenon of Emotional Dissonance. Emotional dissonance is the unease developed as a result of hiding and faking emotions at work. Researchers over years have proved the harmful effect of emotional dissonance on employee well being and organization effectiveness. Therefore it is of utmost importance to keep a check on emotional dissonance of employee by developing a emotional dissonance scale as till date there are very few scale designed to measure emotional dissonance and even fewer to designed to cater across service sector. Thus the present study aims to adapt all the available emotional dissonance scale rated on 5 point scale. For the purpose of study a sample of 130 service sector employee were chosen using simple random sampling and the scale item were chosen using exploratory factor analysis and validated using confirmatory factor analysis. The final adapted scale was uni-dimensional in nature and comprised of 4 item on a 5 point scale with the internal consistency coefficient 0.798 for the whole scale. Therefore the findings suggest that Adapted Emotional Dissonance Scale is sufficiently reliable and valid for individuals working across service sector organization

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Durdana Ovais

The primary objective of this research paper is to establish the relation between two variables namely employee engagement & corporate social responsibility. Literature review established the fact that employee engagement and the perception towards CSR activities are interrelated. The research centers around affective engagement and its relationship between different dimensions of CSR. The empirical study is based on the data collected from the white collar workers of M.P. India The outcome of the research establishes the fact that, employee engagement is significantly correlated with perception of organizational CSR activities. the results proves that employee engagement significantly and positively impacts CSR. But the research study rejected the hypothesis that Employee Engagement has a higher impact on organizations directly undertaking CSR activities.

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Yuvraj G. Pardeshi, Vineeta Basotia, Ashwini. P. Kulkarni

In this paper, linear partial integro-differential equations (PIDE) with convolution kernel are solved using Modified Differential Transform Method (MDTM) and compared with Two Dimensional Differential Transform Method (DTM). The concept of two dimensional DTM and MDTM are briefly explained. The results obtained by MDTM and Two Dimensional DTM are compared. Finally, performance and accuracy of both the methods are discussed and reveals that MDTM is very effective, convenient and reduces a lot of computational work and time than two dimensional DTM.

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Dr. E. B. Elanchezhian

Currently, Renewable Energy Sources (RES) has become one of the mainstream topics in power system studies and a trend in power generation. These days, the concept of microgrid comes out as the natural alternative to the conventional power systems, which provide an effective and sustainable alternative for the integral use of renewable energies. This paper proposes a convex model of Combined Economic Emission Dispatch (CEED) considering RES in a microgrid environment. A new methodology based on Teaching Learning Based Optimization (TLBO) algorithm is implemented on an islanded 3 unit microgrid system comprises of three conventional thermal generators, one wind farm and one solar photovoltaic system to assess the economic impact of inclusion of renewable sources in microgrid for CEED studies. The proposed approach contemplate the proficient operation of a microgrid with minimal pollutant emissions considering various renewable power sources, which makes it a practical methodology to apply in real-time operating conditions. In addition, the results are compared with recent heuristic methods, which allow validating the accuracy and quality of the proposed optimization methodology.

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R. Senthil

Solar energy is one of the preferred renewable energy sources to provide the required energy for domestic and industrial needs. Energy security is the one of the most sought-after aspects as it is the main driving force for a country’s overall and sustainable development. Solar energy is evidently the key to a sustainable future as it can effectively meet a significant part of the energy demand without the undesirable repercussions of environmental degradation, carbon emissions and global warming. This article sheds light on the effective utilization and recovery of solar thermal and photovoltaic collectors with associated energy storage in buildings. Building integrated solar energy systems and their end life management has been discussed. Undoubtedly, solar energy and buildings are inextricable in such a way that solar energy has been restricted or allowed in the building to improve the human comfort inside the buildings.

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Hamood Ali Hamood Al shamaly, Sumesh E P, Vidhyalavanya R, Jayakumari C

Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) has been considered to be the most menacing eye related disease which causes blindness or vision loss in a long run. This disease, usually spread to people who are affected by diabetes. Thus detecting this disease at first place is mandatory. Diagnosing to be done from medical images has been gaining importance in medical science. However, identifying abnormalities in retinal images are difficult and challenging in medical field. Thus efficient computing methods has to be employed to facilitate the detection of DR from Retinal images. Digital image processing is one such method where it has influence in medical field. In this paper, a DR detection technique, involving digital image processing, has been developed by utilizing retinal image, where fundus image has been obtained from patient’s retina. Here, a MATLAB based system has been utilized for analysing the fundus image that are captured via Peek retina attached on smartphone camera lens. This proposed work aims at segmenting the fundus image into Exudates, Micro aneurysm, Optical Disk and haemorrhage and examine whether the retinal condition is in Proliferative / Non-Proliferative DR stage. To achieve this, additionally, morphological methods such as erosion and dilation have been utilized which enables the MATLAB base system to learn the pixel positioning pattern of the fundus images in order to detect the factors associated with DR. Various performance measures has been utilized in validating the proposed technique. From those performance analysis, we could observe 98% accuracy in detecting PDR and NPDR within 39 seconds (half minute). Though the attainment of accuracy is relatively high, there are further possibilities in improving the detection rate of the system.

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Nguyen Mau Dung, Nguyen Phuong Le

This study aims to investigate the local participation in agricultural water management in Que Vo district in the Red River delta of Vietnam. The study results show that although the farm households did not actively participant in formulating the irrigation & drainage plan, they played quite active role in adjusting irrigation plan, leading the water and keeping water in the fields. The local participation also significantly contributed to maintaining and improving the canal system, especially through the irrigation month in the years. For enhancing local participation in agricultural water management in the district, it is necessary to raise the farmers’ awareness on water savings, to provide the training course for irrigation & drainage team members, to assign the canal maintenance task to the farm households, and to improve the mechanism of participation mobility

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Ani Yumarni, Endeh Suhartini, Mulyadi

Nazhir is one of the elements that must be fulfilled in the implementation of waqf. The existance of nashir is also one of the uniqueness of another form of management of Islamic Philantropic funds, namely zakat. Nazhir’s role is to manage and empower waqf objects so that the existance of waqf objects can provide and bring benefits in a sustainable manner of the benefit of the general public (ummah). The results of the development of waqf that are managed professionally and by Nazhir who is trustworthy (amanah) and professional, and by the BWI Institute will bring benefits and for the public, both in the form of designating a development of mosque / musholla facilities, Islamic educational institutions, Islamic hospital development, or for the benefit of other people's economic empowerment assistance. This paper provides an overview of how the concept of the mandatory sector is seen in the formation and appointment of Nazhir Legal Entities in terms of managing waqf assets. The Voluntary sector is inherent in the basic principles of the practice of waqf. So the authors assume that a waqf asset that is managed by using the principle of 'mandatory', will have an impact and a large contribution to sustain the economy of the community. As is well known, there are quite a number of social institutions that sustainably show a large contribution to improving the welfare of the community, and this is sourced from and by endowment funds which are voluntarily submitted from the endowment. The forming of Regulation Number 28 of 2004 concerning Amendments to Regulation Number 16 of 2001 concerning Foundations is in tended to better ensure legal certainty and legal order, as well as provide a correct understanding to the public regarding the Foundation, so that it can restore the function of the Foundation as a legal institution in order to achieve certain objectives in the field of social, religious and humanitarian.

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Tri Monarita Johan, Ambyar, Jalius Jama, Raimon Efendi, Muharika Dewi

The research was based on preliminary studies and needs analysis conducted on Nursing Information System Courses, which was found the problems in the Information System was not optimal. These were caused by several factors, among others, the model and learning strategy were not appropriate and have not been implemented by the concept of student centered learning. A need analysis was also found the existence of the personality/needs of lecturers and students who have high expectations of the learning process to improve the competencies of the 21st century, among others critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. This study was aimed at producing a MONAKI Based learning learning model on Information System courses in higher education that were valid, practice and effective. Type of the research was a Research and Development (R and D), and the development methods and procedures used the ADDIE model with five stages are Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. The analysis technique uses the Aiken'V test, and the validity uses expert testing and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The practicality test was carried out by applying the product to students in form of a product practicality questionnaire and to test the effectiveness of the product using experimental and control classes. The findings of this research were a MONAKI Based Learning model on Nursing Information System in Higher Education, which was equipped with a Model Book, a Teaching Module, and Learning Manuals. The model and support system met the validity criteria which suitable for using according to experts. Model and Modul development met practicality criteria with practical values according to lecturers and students. The results of the effectiveness test show that the activities and learning outcomes are significantly improved by using the MONAKI Experimental class compared to the control class. The ability of critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity (4C) have significantly developed. The results of this study can be used by lecturers, students and learning designers. The implication of this study was that the MONAKI based Learning model have beeen able to optimilized the learning process in the Information System courses in Higher Education. Based on the findings, it can be be concluded that the new development model has significantly improve the students learning.

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B. Mahaboob, B.Venkateswarlu, C. Narayana, M. Sivaiah

Nonlinear model building has become an important tool in Predictive Analysis and Forecasting Theory. MLE is a phenomenon in which one can obtain unknown coefficients of a distribution by optimizing a likelihood function. Maximum likelihood estimate is the vector in parameter space which optimizes the likelihood function. This research article throws a light on the BIAS in the MLE of unknown coefficients of statistical models which are not linear. In addition to this a test for the linearity of regression has been proposed. If the ML function possesses derivatives one can apply first derivative test to obtain optimum values. But in some situations the equations of first degree of ML function are to be solved in explicit manner. For example in linear statistical model OLS estimator optimize the ML function. In vast number of cases advanced numerical techniques should be implemented in order to get ML function. As the application of ML technique is both flexible and intuitive this technique has become an indispensable tool in statistical inference.

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Muhamad Iqbal, Firmanul Catur Wibowo, Maman Rumanta

The study aims to Investigating Science Interest and Cognitive Domain with Science Contextual Teaching and Learning (SCTL) Methods in primary school. The study was conducted at primary school of Bojong 2, Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia is using a sample of third grade students in the second semester of the academic year 2018/2019. The research type is Quasi Experimental with Nonequivalent Control Group Design research design. Data collection techniques are done by written tests and questionnaires. The number of samples is 62 respondents. Data analysis techniques used the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test to test data normality, Fisher's test to test the homogeneity of data and t-test to test statistical hypotheses. From the results of test the posttest hypothesis using the t-test, the value of tcount is compared to ttable at the alpha level (error level) 5% with degrees of freedom (n-2) and the value of ttable (0.05; 60) = 1.670 is obtained. Thus, because t-count is greater than ttable (3.833> 1.670), Ho is rejected. Thus, Ha is accepted, and based on the value of t-count compared to ttable at the alpha level (error level) 5% with degrees of freedom (n-2) and the value of ttable (0.05; 60) = 1.670 is obtained. Thus, because of tcount is greater than t ttable (2.2312> 1.670), Ho is rejected and Ha received. So it can be concluded that there is a positive influence and a higher value on learning outcomes and interest in learning science that uses the Science Contextual Teaching and Learning method compared to conventional models, and based on the observation sheet the activities of teacher learning implementation are both very good because each meeting has increased. The average results of the meeting in the experimental class and the control class are quite far that is equal to 97% and 82% means that almost all learning activities are carried out.

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Shanmukhappa Angadi, Raghavendra Katagall

India is mainly an agriculture based country. Agricultural farm security is important to protect the agricultural produce. Valuable investments can be ruined intentionally or unintentionally by a person who intends to rob or destroy the property or by animals. Introduction of modern technology into agriculture has enabled a view to think about building security systems for the farm lands. IoT technology helps in building various applications for Smart Agriculture. When Vision is embedded to IoT, the possibilities are endless. A new proposal for agricultural farmland vigilance is proposed in this paper. The proposed system employs Raspberry Pi board to detect any malicious activities or motion in the farm land and triggers the PiCam to take picture of the scene image. The object in the image is identified by the image processing module through Single Shot detectors and Mobilenets technique of Deep Learning using OpenCv installed in the Raspberry Pi board. This message is sent to the farmer as notification in email and telegram tool. The experiments are carried out on a farm land and the accuracy and consistency of the system are measured and tabulated. The results show that the system is 92% accurate and 100 % consistent for detecting malicious activity.

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Jayant, Vijay Singh

Indian economy, hitting a rough patch, slipped to 5% growth rate in the first quarter of FY20 which is the lowest in last six years, owing to sluggish demand, collapse of automobiles industry, mounting NPA, cautious approach by lending institutions, structural transformation and economic reforms etc. The economy blooms as the industry expands with sound financial health while the economy trembles if the financial statements of the companies predict tougher times ahead. Be it the slowdown or the boom, the stakeholders in the business keep continuously predicting the financial performance of the company to safeguard their vested interests. To survive today’s volatile and vying environment, both business and its stakeholders need to be innovative and agile. But, no matter how efficiently planned and agile the business is, the key lies in accuracy and reliability of the information predicted in corporate and financial analyses. Which company or investment may give expected returns? How sound the operational and financial health of the company is? What financial information indicates high growth prospects and sound health of a company? Answers of all such crucial questions lie upon the accurate prediction and a correct set of predictors. This is even more tricky and subjective in nature to chose which variables are true or significant indictors among the plenty of information. There has always been debate upon the selection of different financial and managerial variables, and also upon the statistical tools adopted to shortlist such variables. The present study attempts to give a function of key financial ratios and financial indicators which are significant in predicting the financial performance of the companies. The Discriminant Function Analysis has been applied to derive the variate significant for the revenue of a company.

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Shivani Jaswal, Manisha Malhotra

Cloud Computing has been considered as a future technology of internet. This is all because of sharing of IT resources, feature of scalability, flexibility and higher levels of automation. With this the rapid growth, Cloud Computing has bought concerns of security trust. Various trust issues of Cloud have been addressed by a combination of frameworks, standards and related technologies. Sometimes, consumers avoid a specific technology whenever it shows no ability to cope with their security demands. This type of loss can occur in computing platforms such as Cloud platforms and mobile platforms. Also, the concept of fault tolerance that helps in working of a system even when some of the functionalities are not working with full efficiency. Along with Trust, Fault tolerance is also a vital issue in Cloud computing platforms and applications. This feature enables any system to continue its operation at a reduced level, rather than completely failing in delivery output, especially when some subcomponent of the system malfunctions unexpectedly. This paper represents various trust and fault tolerance models existing in cloud environment along with its existing challenges.

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IGA Gangga Santi Dewi

: Pekalongan City is a coastal city where most of its beaches are affected by abrasion resulting in flooding in almost all cities. To overcome the flood, the government made a dike and will reclaim the beach. Research with the Socio Legal approach with social science theory related to the law. This study focused on the positive impact of coastal reclamation in Pekalongan City. The positive impacts of coastal reclamation include land can be cultivated for mangroves, tourism objects and business of coastal communities for the welfare of their families.

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Venkatesa Prabhu.S, Baskar.R, Gurusamy Ramesh, Amare T.Adugna

In this study, the impact of pulp density (PD) on indirect bioleaching of the sphalerite ore has been resolved over a time of 20 days using adapted Leptospirillum ferriphilum. The strain was segregated from the Chitradurga mine sector in Ingaldhal (Karnataka, India) and was exposed to molecular strategies before bioleaching experiments. The bioleaching process was done at fixed parameters of initial pH, rpm, and temperature at 3.0, 150, and 28 ± 2°C, respectively, and differing PD 1–5% (w/v) in orbital shake flask. At 1% and 5% PD, the bioleaching efficiency of zinc from the ore was 87.85% and 60.1%, respectively, while that of iron from the ore was 92.74% and 65.7%. The results showed that efficiency of bioleaching was unequivocally impacted by PD and maximized at low PD. Rate kinetic study through the first-order kinetics indicated that the maximized rate constant values of bioleaching were obtained at experiments with lower PD. The Michaelis–Menten (M-M) type equation was utilized to anticipate the connection between metal leaching rate and PD as the constraining substrate. From the observed data, the estimations of the M-M kinetic parameters km and Vmax were found to be 2.729 mgL-1 and 1.0172 mgh-1L1, respectively, for leaching of zinc, and 1.5058 mgL-1 and 0.1325 mgh-1L-1, respectively, for leaching of iron. The kinetic investigation using shrinking core model for rate-controlling step was completed on bioleaching data. It demonstrates that the rate of zinc and iron leaching with the strategy of indirect bioleaching of sphalerite by L. ferriphilum is constrained by the dissemination mechanism of ash layer.

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In Indonesia nowadays the theme of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual (LGBT) in Indonesian literary works grows rapidly. It can not be separated from the condition of the urban cultural context which is built in it. Novel Re: by Maman Suherman is the most important part of lesbian literary work, and Rere becomes the main character. Rere was described as a lesbian prostitute in Jakarta during 1987-1989. The cause of Rere becoming a lesbian will be analyzed further by using the personality theory of Sigmund Freud.

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Habibullah, Juli Sardi, Aswardi

Indonesia is one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and floods. One of the main issues that occur in areas affected by disasters is the power outage and gas shortage. This situation is added by the difficulty to obtain certain basic needs such as water and fuel. To maintain the availability of food for people affected by disasters, portable electric stoves are one of the solutions. By considering that due to power outage in a disaster-hit regions, this study propose a design of solar powered portable electric stove. This portable stove is designed to have power option of 300 Watt and 600 Watt using an Arduino Uno controller system. Test results showed that it needs 20 minutes to boil 1 litre of water using 300 Watt and only 15 minutes if using 600 Watt of power. Therefore, this equipment is useful for people in disaster impacted areas.

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T. Venkat Narayana Rao, Gaddam Rishitha Reddy

Agriculture is a non-technical sector where in technology can be incorporated for the betterment. Agricultural technology needs to be quick in implementation and easy in adoption. Farmers usually follow a method called crop mutation after every consequent crop yield. The crop mutation allows the soil to regain the minerals that were used by the crop previously and use the left-over minerals for cultivating the new crop. To know if the soil has reached the point where it is unfit to yield the particular crop, farmer has to experience a loss in yield. One financial year for a farmer is very crucial to accept the loss. This paper implements a that would help in maintaining the soil fertility consistently. This method is traditionally implemented in many countries where the change in crop is done after a loss in yield for cultivating the same crop continuously. There are three soil parameters that come into consideration when we have to predict the soil quality. This method suggests the solution for the above stated problem using Machine Learning Techniques. This paper suggests a software enabled solution considering crucial soil parameters and soil factors to predict the soil quality.

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Shylaja .J, Annapoorani. M

The study aims to assess smart phone addiction predictors and subjective health problems among adolescent boys. A cross sectional Institution based survey was conducted amongst 205 Technical students of FX Technical College, Tirunelveli, south India. A self-reported English questionnaire of Smartphone addiction scale short version for adolescents (SAS-SV) was used. Data were analyzed statistically by SPSS-16V. About 86.8% of students were being highly involved with their mobile phone. The major smartphone addiction predictor was frequency of mobile phone use (OR=0.43) times more likely to exhibit addiction and subjective health problems were head ache and eye burning (37%) back pain and neck pain (31%) that shown a small effect (ω2= 0.058) and medium effect (ω2= 0.103) among Smartphone users.

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Gitalee Sharma and Mithun J Sharma

The measurement of Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE) of Organic Solar Cells (OSC) noted in literature till date is absolute and not relative. As in absolute measure, comparative ranking cannot be made by referring to a benchmark, scope for improvement is on lack. However, relative measurement compares the absolute values, thereby providing scope for benchmarking, referencing and improvement projections. This paper proposes the application of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), a non parametric operation research approach for relative efficiency measurement of OSCs (DMUs). The DEA model used reveal that out of the 25 OSCs studied here, one OSC (i.e. DMU Y[28]), is found to be efficient and all other DMUs are inefficient relatively taking Y[28] as benchmark. The result of input/output oriented DEA method used to measure the relative efficiency of OSCs prescribes to hold input/output constant and to determine how much of an improvement in the output/input dimensions of inefficient OSCs is necessary in order to reach the frontier.

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Zulakmal, Ahmad Iqbal Baqi, Putri Rezeki Ramadani Harahap, Muhafzan

In this paper, a linear quadratic optimization problem subject to discrete singular system is discussed. Formulation of optimal control and optimal state of the linear quadratic optimization is established

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Reynold Culimay Padagas

Optimizing resources and capabilities towards an improved academic performance while enhancing the lifelong learning skills of students is a caring manifestation of being a good teacher. In nursing, Anatomy and Physiology is a challenging course and the delivery of instruction is also perplexing. The study aimed at examining the effectiveness of the Incredible Edible Cell Project (IECP) as a teaching strategy in Anatomy and Physiology. The study utilized pre- and post-test experimental design. It involved 58 randomly selected students from the two sections currently enrolled in the said major course. A pre-test was administered to determine their baseline knowledge about the human cell. The IECP was introduced and was completed in the anatomy laboratory followed by a post-test. To measure their soft skills, the IECP survey was developed. The IECP survey also provided essential feedback particularly on issues, concerns, and problems faced during the conduct of the IECP. While the findings showed that the IECP accelerated the post-test results of the students, the students also acquired soft skills based on the supplementary survey conducted. Critical thinking, reflective thinking, curiosity, team spirit and collaboration, among others are some of the worth noted soft skills learned. However, the students reported several issues, concerns and problems such as poor time management, inattentiveness to minute details of the IECP mechanics, inability to employ leadership and followership skills, inability to delegate tasks, and non-acceptance of opinions and ideas from team members, and many more. The soft skills are not a product of overnight interventions but rather a set of skills that can also be acquired using any innovative teaching strategy such as the IECP. Further improvements of the academic performance necessitates specific measures that require teacher wisdom, creativity, and innovativeness to impact quality learning and instruction in general.

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Sayfiddinov Sadriddin, Miralimov Mirakhim Mirmakhmutovich, Makhmudov Said Makhmudovich, Akhmadiyorov Ulugbek Solijonovich

This article proposes modern ways to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the Republic of Uzbekistan at the design stage. Analyzed existing methods for improving energy efficiency of buildings and their individual elements determined the main factors of influence on the formation of energy-efficient buildings.

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Ponmurugan, M. Karthikeyan, A

The antibacterial activity of haemolymph of the induced fifth instar larvae of the mulberry silkworm, Bombyx mori in response to Bacillus cereus was investigated by well diffusion method. The control larvae C1 were fed with normal leaves till cocoon spinning. The second set of control larvae C2 were injected with bacteria broth solution. The experimental larvae E1 were injected with live bacteria B. cereus, E2 were injected with attenuated bacteria, E3 were injected with a mixture of haemolymph derived from E1 larvae and live bacteria and E4 were injected with a mixture of haemolymph derived from E2 larvae and live bacteria. Zone of inhibition for the haemolymph of E1 and E2 against E. coli was 6mm and 5mm respectively. Likewise zone of inhibition of E1 and E2 was 7mm and 5mm respectively against B. cereus. Only minimum zone of inhibition of 2mm and 1mm was observed against both Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia respectively. It was inferred that Escherichia coli and B. cereus were sensitive to haemolymph of E1 and E2. Purified haemolymph proteins exhibited a moderate zone of inhibition of 3mm against all the four bacteria tested. Compared to crude haemolymph purified sample of E2 showed greater antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia.

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Jerome P. Magsino, Edwin R. Arboleda, Reynaldo R. Corpuz

The credit card number can be secured by hiding the original data to a ciphertext. Different methods of enciphering can be used but some of those are prone to any brute force attack especially those that have been used by many. This paper proposes to hybrid the El Gamal encryption scheme with RSA and chaos algorithm. The authenticity of the system and its speed has been tested to prove the efficiency of the new system.

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Rajeev Singh, T.P. Sharma

The notion of ubiquitous computing is possible mainly due to wireless communicating devices. Various types of wireless communication including WLAN communication among these devices are possible. WLAN is a short range but effective means of data communication. It is basically an extension of the wired LAN. For making the WLAN communication secure, various standard protocols like WEP, WPA and WPA2 exists. It is has been established that none among these standards provide total security and therefore a new standard i.e., WPA3 is now evolving. Under such transition state, it becomes essential to know the present status of the WLAN security environment. This paper provides an overview of the WLAN security covering the prominent areas of research under WLAN security. It also summarizes the outcomes of major research works in this domain.

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Mukhabbat Samandarovna Khamidova

This article is devoted to learning history of architectural monuments of Uzbekistan in the researches of the Soviet period. Special attention is given to history of studying peculiarity of architecture of Uzbekistan, especially history of architectural masterpieces’ structure, shape, view and ancient traditions in national architecture and questions of decorations in it. Additionally, the role of archival documents, photo documents of Central State Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan, The Committee of Preservation Middle Asia’s ancient art monuments, and natural resources and museum affairs in Central State Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan is illuminated on studying of Uzbekistan’s architectural monuments in the end of XIX - XX centuries. It pays special attention to covering the history of the activities of state institutions in scientific study, restoration and preservation of architectural monuments of the republic. The article also has scientific analysis of documents of personal archives of scientific researchers such as V.L. Vyatkin, B.N. Zasipkin, S.N. Polupanov, M.E. Masson and G.A. Pugachenkova who play an important role in the study of various aspects of the research topic of architectural monuments of Uzbekistan.

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Kasimov Ibrakhim Irkinivich, Kasimov Irkin Umaraliyevich, Akhmedov Akhadjon Urmonjonovich

The article gives increasing shift fault stability of asphalt in the conditions of Uzbekistan it was searched economic directions of researching of technology for producing viscous bitumen with application of gel forming additives as surface-active agent «SP-EIW».

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Jimjali Ahmed, Ahmad Fadhli Mamat, Mohd Raihan Taha, Mohd Syazwan Md Rahim, Mohd Anuri Ghazali

Susu Dam, in Cameron Highlands, is one of the dams in Malaysia with major fluctuation during operation. Leryar Village, which is a settlement of about 400 aborigines, is located on the bank and a rim slope failure could be catastrophic to the community. As such, this study investigates the landslide hazards due to the fluctuation of the reservoir and intense rainfall by conducting soil investigation, hazard mapping and advanced laboratory tests. Tests were conducted to obtain the hydraulic and mechanical properties of the soil, in the saturated and unsaturated states, which are necessary to simulate rapid drawdown and rainfall-induced shallow slides. Results of the slope stability analyses using this method differ greatly from the methods normally used by practitioners. Conventional methods would conclude that the slopes are sufficiently stable with Factor of Safety (FOS) values of at least 1.47, while this method, which involves rigorous testing and numerical modeling, resulted in an FOS of as low as 0.37. This implies the need to conduct extensive soil tests and apply the latest theories in soil mechanics to obtain reliable FOS for shallow failures involving transient flow conditions, such as rapid drawdown and rainfall infiltration. Aerial hazard map, using a qualitative approach, also agrees well with the FOS of the specific slopes. This suggests that a qualitative method of estimating landslide hazard could be used as a precursor to the advanced laboratory testing and slope stability analysis, which is costly and time consuming.

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A. B. Jagadale, S. S. Sonavane, D. V. Jadhav

Extracting features of eye lens will be beneficial in identifying eye disease, and their categorization acquired due to opacity. The characterizing lens is critical as, its localization is challenging. Smaller size, source reflections, and color variation due to opacity are hurdles in lens localization. Also, lens size varies due to iris deformation, focusing of camera, and change in image resolution. In the research work published here, image processing challenge of lens localization is addressed by using deformable Active shape model (ASM). The circular lens is extracted using region properties like centroid of image. Extracted lens circle is normalized by Daugman rubber sheet normalization transform. The normalization process transforms lens circle with any radius to fix size rectangular image. Coefficient matrix is obtained by processing normalized image by discrete wavelet transform (DWT). The obtained coefficient are used as basis for categorization with Support vector machine (SVM) based regression. Proposed system in this research work is suggested for detecting and categorizing lens opacity or cataract, tested for set of lens images, and achieved 95.25% cataract detection accuracy. Use of normalization process makes system independent of scale and rotation of image.

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Tonia Mei-Shia Jong, Chin-Hong Puah, Choi-Yean Yeoh, Rayenda Khresna Brahmana, Shirly Siew-Ling Wong

The financial burden of cancer treatment has a huge influence on the patients and their families. However, there is a lack of information about the financial impact of cancer treatment on cancer patients. Better planning of financial expenses for cancer treatment can improve the recovery process of the patient. Accordingly, this paper serves as a preliminary study on the direct and indirect cancer treatment costs borne by the cancer patients. By surveying cancer patients or survivors in the Kuching area, the empirical findings indicated that the cost of cancer treatment in the public hospitals is far more affordable than private hospitals. Moreover, the empirical results showed that the main expenses (cost of doctor appointments, consultation and treatment costs) are greatly affected by the financial condition of cancer patients. The factors of “additional expenses of cancer” such as cost of food, cost of household bills and cost of specialist equipment and modifications were also statistically supported as causing high financial burdens on the respondents. Daily expenses like food, groceries, and education expenses have been reduced due to finance treatment. Awareness about cancer treatment costs is important so that patients can better plan accordingly.

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Ilham Zamil, Agusti Efi, Budiwirman3, UNP Padang, Indonesia

This research is motivated because there is no reading material and guidance for learning Minangkabau Songket in West Sumatra. Since the activities of weavers are inherited only to the family lineage. The learning process is very traditional, namely through oral. Children who learn to weave are accompanied by weavers. Through oral learning, weaving songket is inherited. This makes the learning process of songket weaving disturbed. If there are no weavers, weaving learning cannot be carried out automatically. What if there are no more instructors/weavers? There is no kind of written document that can help craftsmen in weaving cloth. Similarly, the West Sumatra songket learning guide for the next generation. There is no reading material for the next generation of West Sumatra songket woven. The method used in this study is research and development. In research and development methods used is the 4-D model. This method and model was chosen because it aims to produce the Development of Minangkabau Songket Weaving Training Models.The results of the development have produced Minangkabau Songket Weaving Training models through the four-D development model. The produced Minangkabau Songket Weaving Training model has a level: Validity of Model book 0.72 classified as valid, the validity of the instructor book 0.87 is very valid and the craftsman book 0.76 is valid. The practicality of the model book is 70, 56 and classified as practical, the practicality of the instructional book is 70.37 and is classified as practical and the effectiveness of the craft book is 72, 89 and it is effective.

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Meilany Nonsi Tentua, Agus Sihabuddin

The C4.5 algorithm is a widely used classification method in recommendation system as it has several advantages. However, it also has several disadvantages, such as 1) the finding of nodes with zero values or nearly zero value that does not contribute in generating rules 2) too many nodes are formed so that the tree generated is too large. The weaknesses of the C4.5 algorithm need an improvement so that the algorithm can run well with the existing case. This article proposes an improvement to the C4.5 algorithm by using L’Hospital Rule and prunning (C4.5 LHP algorithm). Based on the experiments conducted using eight datasets, the result shows that the improved C4.5 LHP algorithm has a higher level of accuracy (about 1,08%) compared to the C4.5 algorithm and C4.5 LH. Besides, in terms of the excecution time, the C4.5 LHP algorithm is faster than the C4.5 algorithm.

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Sumit Vashishtha, Dr Pradeep Chouksey

In this paper an efficient framework has been developed which is capable of integrating data mining concepts efficiently along with the preprocessing concept which can handle data efficiently. Our proposed work is divided into four parts. In the first phase the data preprocessing is applied based on the content which can efficiently classify the data based on the content. The content based categorization is used for the clustering purpose in the second phase using k-means and fuzzy c-means. In the third phase data is preprocessed according to the operations performed. Finally the time based on the overall operational process is calculated. The results obtained suggest that the k-means and FCM both perform well in those data and the categorization is done through simple adaptive weight process. But in comparison to both fuzzy c-means is better k-means as the ranking category obtained is high..

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V. Vetriselvan, Dr. G. Yoganandan

In today’s scenario, people prefer to take different types of medicines in order to cure their disease. Ancient medicines that were followed years ago are again come into practice and has gained importance among the public. Homeopathy is one the traditional medicine that has reached people especially young generation. Since it does not have any severe treatment and free from side effects most of them prefer to undertake homeopathy. This study was an attempt to explore to what extent the public is aware of homeopathy and its popularity among them. The study was carried out in Salem district of Tamil Nadu with the sample size of 400 general public. The tools used for the study were descriptive analysis and weighted average method. The study concludes that large number of people now prefers homeopathy treatment. The detail of the survey including more population had positively given a better idea of the preferences of the public.

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Roghib Muhammad Hujja, Lukman Awaludin

Landslides have hit Indonesia for the past several years. The disaster killed many victims. Landslides are a natural disaster so that this disaster cannot eliminate. One rational solution that can do is minimizing the existing victims, where the solution represented by the Early Warning System (EWS) or an early warning system for the detection of the landslide [1]. Utilization of sensor network technology can be used to prevent an increase in loss of life, property, and environment in a natural disaster [2]. The operational mechanism of the developed EWS runs on the concept of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) [3]. Until now, the WSN has a weakness in accommodating the use of power for each node. The existence of this weakness can disrupt the process of data transmission, which results in the system working less responsive and even lost information. The weakness influenced by the accuracy of the frequency of data transmission and supporting infrastructures such as processing units and battery sources. Therefore, this research focused on determining the appropriate infrastructure specifications supported by the design of the regulation of the frequency of data transmission in EWS landslides, on optimizing the use of power without losing important information.

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Nosirova Zarifaxon Gulamjonovna, Ubaydullaev Sardor Ikhtiyor ugli, Ruzikulov Davlatbek Nazaralievich

The experiences results carrying out on testing pesticides in fight against mulberry pyralids in periods when we used entomophages against pests have been presented. As the entomophages lacewing, bracon and trichogramma and as pesticides “Avaunt” and “Alexander” preparations have been chosen. In order to obtain comparative analysis “Karate” preparation as the etalon pesticide has been used. It has been shown from the analysis of experiences results that the efficiency degree on destroying mulberry pyralid caterpillars on each of three preparations equals to 75-80%. As the same time in cases of using “Avaunt” and “Alexander” preparations up to 10% lacewing, 12% bracon and 40% trichogrammes have been damaged. As the cases when “Karate” preparation are used then these entomophages up to 85-90% have been destroyed.

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U. Nagababu, Govindh Boddeti, Bhagavathula. S. Diwakar and Anindita Chatterjee

The research paper describes a simple one-pot and single phase synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNP) coated with sulfamerazine (SM) through chemical reduction approach by using NaBH4 at room temperature. The structural and morphological analysis was performed by ultraviolet-visibile spectroscopy (UV-Vis), infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and high resolution transmission electron microscope (HRTEM) techniques. The obtained sulfamerazine encapsulated silver nanoparticles (SMAg-NPs) with an average size of 29.6 nm in spherical shape. The synthesized SMAg-Nps were further screened for antibacterial evaluation against gram positive and gram negative bacteria employing disc diffusion method. The results attested the enhancement in antibacterial properties of SMAg-NPs.

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K.Karunanithi, S.Saravanan, K.Rajesh

This paper is concerned with modeling the possible future paths of electricity sector of an Indian state, Tamil Nadu (TN). Sources of renewable energies (wind, solar energy) are environmentally friendly and electric power generation in TN has concentrated on new and renewable energy technologies (RETs). TN power sector has 34% of installed capacities from on shore wind plants in the year 2013. The main objective of this paper is to study the environmental influence of renewable energies on existing electricity generation market of TN with energy-economic model called ‘Long-range Energy Alternative planning system’ (LEAP). In this paper, two scenarios, based on the penetration of RET, low and high RET scenarios have been modeled. For each scenario, the global warming potential is predicted quantitatively. The effects of demand side managements (DSM) and supply side management (SSM) are quantitatively examined in terms of environmental implication of all scenarios.

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B.Srinivasan, Dr.K.Mohan Kumar

Online Social Networks(OSN) are becoming the essential needs of everyday life. The users of OSN share their interest in different areas without knowing the topic at every second. This paper forms a model to find the hidden topics on user’s posts by using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and flocks similar users whose topics are the same.

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Lakshmana Phaneendra Maguluri, R Ragupathy

Twitter is an American online microblogging and social networking platform where people around different places of the world share their opinions, express their views on various topics, discuss current issues and etc. These opinions and reviews which are seen on this platform are based on that particular individual’s perspective which can be conflicting to others. Also, the numbers of reviews on this platform are so many that one cannot go through all those reviews to come to a conclusion about what they are searching for. In order to perform this analysis, we take the help of Twitter UPI, a major source that is used for the collection of a dataset and real-time tweets and performs analysis on that data. In this paper, the emotional tone behind a series of words on twitter is determined. The main objective is to implement various algorithms like Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Naïve Bayes (NB) for the classification of tweets. The approach followed here primarily focuses on the real-time analysis and classifies the polarity of a tweet at the word level and each tweet is categorized is either positive or negative with help of feature vector and classifiers of the above algorithms. Also quantitative analysis of SVM and NB are carried out through performance metrics like accuracy, sensitivity, specificity, prevalence, kappa, etc.

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Anvesh Parashar, Abhilash Sonker

In recent year machine learning algorithms found several applications in different domains like image processing, natural language processing, pattern recognition and various data mining application, especially deep learning neural network have proved its capabilities in every major machine learning application. One such application is Ambient air quality prediction and classification. Due to deteriorating air quality special efforts are being made all over the world by different agencies to model and counter air pollution using machine learning algorithm for making state of the art prediction models. But choice of these model is solely based on trial and adapt method and an approach to optimize hyperparameter of the chosen model is needed. This paper focusses on some basic application of Deep Learning Neural Network to classify the air quality data and use of hyperparameter optimization using Talos for deployment of the model.

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M. Sushanth, Dr. T. chandra Sekhara Reddy

Many researchers have instigated self curing properties in view of the fact that they provide an efficacious solution for saving water. The interpretation of the research is analyzing the self curing capability of concrete by using Zeolite as a self curing agent. The work is carried out by different replacement by the weight of cement with 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% of Soaked Calcinated Zeolite(SCZ) under different curing conditions at 7,28 and 56 days. The concrete with 5% SCZ is having self curing properties and its compressive strength at 7, 28 and 56 days in dry and wet curing conditions are more than that of reference mix. SEM-EDS and FTIR analysis show the formation of clinoptilolite in the concrete, which induces self curing properties to the concrete.

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Ihsan Sanggar Rahman, Mohamad Fadjar, Agus Tjahjono

Water physical-chemical parameters are an important indicator of success in seaweed cultivation cycle using the Long-line method. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the water physical chemistry parameters of Eucheuma cottonii seaweed cultivation based on dynamic modeling simulation concepts. This research was conducted during the period of Eucheuma cottonii cultivation with the observed variables were the physico-chemical parameters of water at the culture site. The results of the study mentioned based on water quality standards, in general the condition of water quality in the study location is very supportive for seaweed cultivation business. As well as based on the simulation of dynamic modeling concepts it is shown that the productivity rate of ecological seaweed cultivation is significant influenced by dissolved oxygen levels and water temperature fluctuations. So it can be concluded, that dynamically fluctuations in temperature and dissolved oxygen parameters caused by weather conditions or other natural factors have a positive correlation with the rate of growth and productivity of Eucheuma cottonii seaweed cultivation.

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Husni Mubarok, Nandang Rusmana, Nandang Budiman, Dodi Suryana

The study has developed of peace culture value, the schools as educational institutions should ideally provide a peaceful atmosphere, not a few schools have succeeded in building such an atmosphere of life, lately the atmosphere of life in schools began to be insecure, various conflicts began to spread to the surface such as hatred and intimidation, sexual harassment, aggressive behavior, high learning pressure, physical punishment to violence behavior. A culture of peace will build a mindset and peace towards a developmental approach. The research aims to examine the effectiveness of sociodrama techniques to develop the value of peaceful culture in class XI schools. The study uses a quantitative approach, a quasi-experimental method. The data collection process uses a questionnaire for developing the value of a peaceful culture. The results of the study generally show the development of an effective value of peaceful culture, and have a significant effect on the dimensions of love, compassion, harmony, tolerance, interdependence, and gratitude, but have not been significant on the dimensions of nurturing and sharing, and people’s soul recognition of others.

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Ashish Saini, Rajkumar, Satendra Kumar

Software Product Line Testing (SPLT) is an immensely important task because it confirms the validity of a product while it is a time consuming and costly process. To minimize the time and check the validity confirmation of a product, an efficient method is required to decide whether a product of an SPL is faulty or not. A tester can decrease the actual cost of testing and its maintenance cost as well as time by using such efficient method. In this paper, we concentrate on an idea, where we use an Artificial Neural Network (ANN) technique, which works to test a software product line. In this technique, the backpropagation algorithm is used to train a Neural Network (NN) based on the set of test cases of the product’s actual version. The trained network treats as a black-box testing approach, in which two parts are presented for an algorithm. SPL product’s validity is measured by the distance between actual and faulty outputs.

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S.R.Vijayalakshmi, S.Muruganand

Gaussian mixed model, LK optical flow method and background subtraction from foreground method are used to extract the fire and smoke region in foreground of video image. Multi feature of fire characteristics are used to extract the information. Colour feature of suspected region are extracted according to the colour model RGB and HSI spaces. Background blur feature is extracted using two dimensional discrete wavelet transform. If smoke appears in scene, the contour edge of the background would become blurry. The motion direction feature is extracted using LK optical flow method and gaussion mixed model. The DHT 11 digital temperature - humidity sensor in sensor node is used to extract temperature and humidity values for measurement and TIMSP430 microcontroller for processing the information. The video node and sensor node extracted information are combined to detect the possibility of fire in the area during worst season conditions. By this method, the accuracy of fire and smoke detection is improved even in the worst environmental condition such as rainy weather. From the simulated and experimental results, the proposed method improves the accuracy and detection rate. Combination of sensor output and video output give excellent value in finding smoke or fire from videos. They reduces false detection rate of detecting smoke from non-smoke videos. It can be used in outdoor large environment.

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Archana Pal, Vishal Singh Negi

Centromere plays a major role in the faithful segregation of chromosomes during cell division. This task is achieved by a large protein complex called kinetochore, which is made of several proteins. The centromere is characterized by a histone H3 variant popularly called CENP-A in humans and CenH3 in plants. CenH3 is one of the most rapidly evolving proteins, which is a paradoxical situation for a protein involved in essential biological function. Additionally, many of the kinetochore proteins found in mammals are missing or have extremely high divergence in plants. Therefore, understanding the phylogeny of CenH3 in plants is important for studying kinetochore assembly in plants. In this study, we utilized a computational approach using R and Bioconductor for a comprehensive study of plant CenH3. We found five major clades of plant CenH3 among which the N-terminus is highly divergent and the conserved regions were clustered in three domains. This study has revealed the detailed analyses of plant CenH3 and it will be useful for further investigation aiming at the determination of precise biological functions including its interaction with other proteins that help in the maintenance of centromere structure and function in plants.

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Tina Tri Wulansari, Sfenrianto

The information system strategic plan was made to avoid the failure of information system implementation. STMIK Sentra Pendidikan Bisnis is a university that is committed to the modernization of business processes, one of which is a study program accreditation process. The condition and position of institutions towards the internal and external environment did know by using a quantitative SWOT analysis. The result of this SWOT is that the institution is in quadrant one. Quadrant one gives information that the institution is in an extreme condition and has many opportunities to develop. In supporting the modernization of the accreditation process and increasing competitive value, an information system strategic planning was developed using the Zachman Framework. In the framework is modification with the accreditation forms 3A instruments. In this study, the Zachman Framework perspective is limited to the view of the planner and owner. SI / IT portfolio planning uses the McFarland Strategic Grid tool and produces eight information systems in the strategic quadrant, two systems in the key operational quadrant, three systems included in the Support quadrant, and one system in the hight potential quadrant of the 14 information systems, priority implementation made in the next four years with the most top priority being eight strategic information. The stages include five phases, namely: analysis of existing conditions and plans, infrastructure preparation, server preparation, database preparation, and making and developing information systems.

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Dr. Jayanta Pathok

Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya (1924-1997) was a prominent Assamese novelist, story-writer, poet, playwright, prose writer, translator, editor and literary organizer. Bhattacharya’s fictional works Yaruingam and Mrityunjay helped proudly institute Assamese literature on the all-India stage. Mrityunjay is universally glorified as an outstanding novel in Assamese literature. Mrityunjay is unique in the category of novels written in the context of India’s independence movement. Novelist Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya was a personality enthused by the socialist idealism. The author involves himself in the task of presenting in a realistic way the struggle and contemplations of a group of freedom fighters, who were charged with a dream of liberating their nation from the state of subjugation. The plot of the novel is centered on the incident of the derailing of a train at Mayong area close to the Nagaon district in Assam. It is a true illustration of the pursuit of human liberation.

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Dr.M. Mary Jansi Rani, K.Jamshida

The purpose of this article to paradigm Runge-Kutta (RK) methods to obtain the numerical solution of intuitionistic fuzzy differential equations (IFDEs) and Convergence RK methods for solving intuitionistic differential equations. Then fourth order RK methods have been compared Arithmetic mean (AM),Centroidal Mean (CeM) andContra-harmonic Mean (CoM) to solve the solving intuitionistic fuzzy initial value problems (IFIVPs). The absolute error results are compared with AM, CeMand CoMwhich show good accuracy.

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Ayu Azkiyah Azizah, Arning Wilujeng Ekawati, Happy Nursyam

The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of maggot meal substitution on fish meal as the main source of protein in carp feed formulations. Maggot are cultivated on pollard meal media, then check the nutritional content and amino acids. Substitution of maggot meal with fish meal, with treatments A (0%), B (25%), C (50%), D (75%) and E (100%). The main parameters observed included survival rate, specific growth rate, feed conversion ratio, protein efficiency ratio. The results biomass weight is 263.16 g, with a nutrient content of 54.34% protein, 16.02% fat, 10.00% ash, and crude fiber 10.83%. And the results use of maggot meal substitution in feed did not have an effect on the survival of carp, but had a very significant effect on the specific growth rate of 45%; 2.16 BB / day; 44 % for feed conversion ratio 1.94, 52% for protein efficiency ratio 1.65.

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Emil Ordukhanyan

In post-Soviet countries, the process of democratization is not linear and causes a variety of conflicts. The electoral process and the election institute, as essential elements of electoral political culture, have an important role in political process, especially when the state is transitioning to a parliamentary system of governance, where the quality of internal and external state politics effectiveness mainly depends on the national legislative body. Based on comparative statistical data analysis as well as using behavioral and discourse approaches, the article explores voter turnout in 1991-2018 national elections by revealing its impact on electoral processes as well as peculiarities of elections in Armenia. The findings of conducted research have shown that there was a higher voter turnout during presidential than parliamentary elections and constitutional referendums which is due to more personalized than institutionalized perception of political power. The electoral institute is not sustainable and has a conflict nature in Armenia. To improve the functioning of electoral institute and to restore public confidence in it, it is not necessary to improve only the legislation but to develop the political forces by inclusion of democratic values in public consciousness through political process. In this sense, the evolution of party system based mainly on democratic ideas and not only on personalities is needed. The political process in spring of 2018 in Armenia may create some preconditions ensuring electoral process transparency, taking into account the increase of public confidence among elections as well as the significant decrease in election fraud, and the credibility of early parliamentary election results after the Velvet Revolution. 2018 early parliamentary election can be considered as a step forward to democracy improvement in Armenia.

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Muhammad Kashif Siddhu, Shahrul Nizam Yaakob

Over the last few years deep learning has out classed traditional machine learning in several domains like machine translation, computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing etc. The advent of neural networks based architectures and deep reinforcement learning has revolutionized the field of machine learning. Document analysis community has also taken advantage of this new era. Recently deep learning methods employed in document analysis have enjoyed tremendous success. These methods are robust to deformations, scaling and rotation. Therefore, they are best suited for text recognition. Particularly, convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks coupled with embedded attributes have been exploited extensively in word spotting as well as text recognition. In this paper, we summarize and compare most significant deep learning techniques used so far in Arabic, Urdu, Pashto and Latin scripts. A brief introduction to the state-of-the-art frameworks and libraries for building deep learning based systems is introduced at the end of the article. The article concludes by identifying unexplored possibilities which may serve as guidelines for future work.

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Ajaya Kumar Mahapatra, Sandhyalati Behera, Brijesh Kumar Jha, Mihir Narayan Mohanty*

The physical parameters of human being are most complex that needs to compensate with the stochastic process. Out of all other signals like ECG, EMG, EOG, EEG signal acquisition and analysis are a difficult task. At the time of acquisition of EEG signal artifact may occur due to muscular and eye blinking which is hazardous. In this paper the artifact is considered by the hazard function and is estimated. For this paper, human brain tracks the hazard on momentary basis and can observe these variations. Early to estimation, the parameter distribution is performed and chosen as exponential distribution and the errors have been shown in result section to track the artifacts for further process.

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Anusmita Dutta

This paper delves into the concept of foreign aid and its theoretical understanding with an objective to eventually decode India’s policy of aid to Afghanistan. The concept of foreign aid, which began as a temporary expedient of Cold War diplomacy, has in the present day evolved into a virtually universal norm. Besides dealing with the scholarly interpretations of this potent political symbol, the clear intention here is to recover the subtlety present in India’s aid to Afghanistan. India being one of the largest donor of aid to conflict-ridden Afghanistan impede intellectual inquiry to decipher the calculations driven by geo-political and strategic aspirations. What are the drivers behind India providing aid to Afghanistan? What are the sectors India is investing in, the volume, size and the structure and its impact? The historical legacy of this aid program and the rationale behind it is also part of this inquiry. While doing so the paper seeks to comprehend India’s aid program and its unique characteristics compared to other aid donors. The understanding of the South-South cooperation in this aid programme of India is also delineated, as different from the West-centric debate of North-South cooperation in aid giving.

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Ranmeet Kaur

Teaching students to understand vocabulary in the English language is important, and yet challenging. Students are not eager to learn vocabulary due to its complexity and would perceive that vocabulary lessons as dull and unexciting. With the purpose of injecting the element of play and learning in a vocabulary classroom, this study investigated the effectiveness of using language games in teaching vocabulary in a secondary school in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. Language games were chosen as they could expose students to a more fun and interactive way of learning vocabulary as element of fun in a learning environment would be appealing to students regardless of their varying learning styles and language proficiency. This study was conducted in a government secondary school in Shah Alam, Malaysia involving 33 Form 1 ESL students from a mixed-proficiency class where data was collected quantitatively using Pre-test and Post-test questions and open ended and close ended questionnaires. Results from the pre and post-tests significantly showed that language games in English language lessons, specifically focusing on vocabulary acquisition, helped to increase the students’ motivation to learn vocabulary while improving their ability to memorize the new words learned. The study’s findings highlighted that use of language games was effective during lessons as the games attracted them to the learning process and simultaneously heightened their interest to learn the language.

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S.Suganthi Devi

Cloud is a dynamic on-demand service providing end-Users with a dynamic environment in which data quality is guaranteed to remain confidential in cloud databases. The Cloud database is a collection of information containing the highest level of security access to data. This research proposed a new data security model, a Meta Heuristic Neural Network (MHNN), which guarantees high confidentiality and security of the data in the cloud. The hybridized hashing idea has been used to store fragmented sensitive information. This data security model is introduced via dynamic encryption fragmented component. In the data security model the Meta Heuristic Neural Network is used to process data encryption for sensitive information in order to improve confidentiality. This works with a few cloud databases that achieve high information security and confidentiality.

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Loknath Deshmukh and Sardul Singh Sandhu

Ophiocordyceps sinensis commonly known as soft gold mushroom is highly valuable medicinal mushroom in Asian medicine. The bio-metabolites obtained from this fungus have potent activities with far-ranging capacities. In the present research solvent extracted fractions of secondary metabolites were checked for their far ranging anti bacterial potentiality. The entomopathogenic fungus was procured from its habitat, isolated and identified microscopically. The solvent-solvent extraction method was performed to extract bio-active compounds from fermented broth. Various solvent fractions were tested against six bacterial strains (Vibrio cholerae, Salmonella typhimurium, Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus) for examining the antibacterial activity. The butanolic fraction showed maximum zone of inhibition against all six bacterial strains ranges from 15mm to 24mm as compared to positive control. Maximum standard error percentage was ±3.464102 and minimum standard error percentage was ±0.57735. Ophiocordyceps sinensis is well recognised fungi but its cultivation is challengeable but their vegetative cultivation and secondary metabolite production and their uses are convenient and approachable. Therefore the extracted and fractioned compounds containing bioactive metabolites can be used against deadly disease causing pathogens. Statistical analysis authenticated the outcomes for the acceptance of this eco-friendly and pharmaceutically important approach.

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Pavana H, Dr.Rohini Deshpande

Traditional power grids are enhanced to smart grids in recent years for better reliability, security and efficiency in power systems. Currently power grids are faced with challenges such as transmission and distribution losses, increasing incidence of faults and overloading of transmission line. Real time monitoring of overhead transmission lines, high voltage equipment in power grids will help in overcoming these challenges. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is one of the efficient methods for real time monitoring of smart gird equipments. WSN are flexible networks. They save cost on wiring, can work in harsh environments and does not require human intervention. This paper provides an overview of WSN usage for real time monitoring of smart girds.

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Venkateswara Rao Musala, Venkata Rama Krishna Tottempudi

Bus structures are commonly used in System on Chip (SoC) which needs a lot of wiring that causes an increase in Resistance and Capacitance (RC) of the framework in SoC. To avoid this an interconnection network called Network on Chip (NoC) is introduced for better communication in terms of latency and throughput among the processing cores in the vicinity of the selected network. It plays a major role to dress the issues in SoC. An on-chip routing resource is used to send the data packet based on routing decisions done in the router, which improves performance of interconnection fabric in terms of latency and throughput over resolute wiring and buses. Present routing algorithms in NoC experience a problem of channel load imbalance, which causes congestion in the routed path and effects the latency and throughput of the routed packet. This work proposes an adaptive routing resource fabric (Directional Routing Algorithm (DRA)) to avoid the congestive paths by identifying the unloaded path with the help of timeout piggybacking and load shedding, the DRA bypasses the congested path on the channel, based on direction specific traffic patterns. The proposed algorithm does better than Normal XY routing by 18% and 31% in terms of Avg.latency and throughput

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Shivdeep Chaudhari, Pooja Chaudhari, Pratik Fegade, Anand Kulkarni, Prof. Rahul Patil

In recent years, there is a considerable amount of increase in distribution of hate speech on social media and thus some important action needs to be taken to reduce the criticism on social media. Despite an oversized range of rising scientific studies to deal with the matter, a serious limitation of existing work is that there is less efficiency as methods used were like TFIDF and stemming. This paper introduces a new method based on a deep neural network combining convolution i.e. Convolution Neural Network (CNN) and long short-term memory (LSTM) algorithm for classification of tweets into hateful or not. Based on the report generated by hate speech detection on particular topic we are going to track the users who are doing frequent hate speech, comments and tweets on social media platform.

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Nurhaya Yusuf

This research aims to know integrally (1) the factors of assets structure, the level of growth of sale and profitability towards the Financial Structure of Trade Company in Namlea Buru Regency. (2) To know the most dominant factors affecting the roomates the Financial Structure of Trade Company in Namlea Buru Regency. The mode of the data to the analysis used in this research was a double-linear regression. The result of the test of F is counted 23 392> from table 9.78. This shows simultaneously that factors of assets structure, sale growth and profitability used in this research towards Significantly Affect the Financial Structure of Trade Company in Namlea Buru Regency. From all the variables, profitability is the most significant variable significance with 0:00 amount towards financial structure. Correlation between independent variables towards financial structure of Trade Company in Namlea Buru Regency is closely inter-related. This is pointed out by the coefficient point R 0.99 or about 99% and R-square is about 0.98% the roomates shows that 98% for the variation level of the independent variable. While the rest, 0.2% is elucidated by other independent variables exclude roomates on the research models.

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Mirza Ghazanfar Baig, Sandeep Kumar Nayak

In the current scenario of digitalization of volumes data used to process and store in a bulky variety. These kind of volumes data can be the operational and non-operational whereas regular transition for multiple operation use to perform which to analyze the structuring of data in huge amount. Regular updation also hazardous activity for operational data and regular deposition of past data are helpful for future prospective. Data specification may be extracted with the labeled data called supervised. An unsupervised learning is helpful for identifying equally likely entity for the future perspective. In this research paper, it is being tried to identify that the data is a fuel for Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with various equally likely item with the help of suggestive measures of supervised and unsupervised learning of data. The key attribute for handling errors such as environment and performance of error identification are also presented in the Machine Learning security, which shows the importance of environment for better performance of error management.

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Tina Elizabeth Mathew

Breast cancer being the top cancer, among all other types, in women worldwide has an increasing incidence particularly in developing countries where the majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages. Low survival is attributed to mainly late diagnosis of the disease, which is ascribed to lack of early diagnostic facilities. Many techniques are being used to aid early diagnosis. Besides medical and imaging methods, statistical and data mining techniques are being implemented for breast cancer diagnosis. Data mining techniques provide promising results in prediction and employing these methods can help the medical practitioners in quicker disease diagnosis. Numerous supervised techniques are being deployed to improve prediction and diagnosis. Decision trees are supervised learning models which provide high accuracy, stability and ease of interpretation. In this study, different Decision tree models, single and ensemble methods, are implemented and their performance is evaluated using the Wisconsin breast cancer diagnostic data. Rotation Forest classifier was seen to produce the best accuracy while using ensembles and NBTree in single models for disease diagnosis.

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Shynu Philip

This research is a comparative study of the Journey of Santiago in 'The Alchemist' who is after a personal legend and Christian in 'The Pilgrim's Progress' who sets his journey to attain Salvation. The aim of the study is to understand the similarities and differences of the terms such as Spiritual Quest, Sin, Purpose of Life, Truth and Sin. The growth of the two journeys has been analysed by highlighting the similarities and differences between the two. Such comparison not only helps in better understanding but it also helps to find new insights. Through the observations one states that though material treasure brings happiness but it is momentarily but a journey of trusting God will bring better understanding of the world.

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Gameil s. H. Ali,* , dr.a.nithya

In this investigation, identification of diabetics using data mining techniques is proposed. Primarily, a novel technique called Heuristic association pattern search [HAPS] has been designed for analysis on diabetic medical dataset. The medical data consists of two types of datasets: Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. The biological process of these patterns of diabetic datasets was analyzed through heuristic association pattern search. This method improved performance rate of analyzing the biological process and identifying biological changes of medical data and is helpful in extracting appropriate patterns for the cause of diabetics. When comparing to existing method, the proposed method extracts only lesser relevant patterns for each dataset which is the main advantage for escalating the performance rate. The online available diabetic dataset is considered in this investigation, followed by this, patterns from the source data has to be identified and has to be categorized. After categorizing the patterns, Relative risk Patterns are considered using Mining Risk Pattern Set Optimally (MRPSO) process which the essential attributes of the chosen dataset. The parameters such as local support, support, confidence level based on minimum threshold level has to be considered. Association memory and association rule has to be generated for the relative risk patterns with Heuristic Association Rules for Patterns (HAPs).Finally, Type1 and Type2 diabetics are classified using Association classifier by computing the correlation co-efficient. The experimental results show that the proposed HAPS method affords better performance rate in analyzing the biological process and mine relevant patterns of medical data. In this stage, the associative pattern articulating more was selected as the accuracy attained using HAPS is 98.3%. The results were compared with Mining Discriminative Patterns (MDP) and Triple Spectral Clustering (SC3). The results divulge that proposed HAPS ascertains biological association between diabetic types in lesser execution time and provides better pattern quality level based on the significance level.

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Hariram V, Godwin John J, Seralathan S, Guru Venkat I, Baji Babavali S K

This experimental investigation is focused on analyzing the influence of piston shape geometries on the emission and performance characteristics of a compression ignition engine. In this study, Deutz made single cylinder engine equipped with hemispherical bowl shaped piston was experimented to understand its performance and emission behavior. The mathematical model of the test engine was developed and validated using Ricardo two zone flame let combustion model. Two piston geometries (shallow and deep toroidal) was developed using Gambit tool and the fluid flow analysis was analyzed through Fluent CFD codes. The tangential, radial and turbulence velocities estimated to understand the fitness of the developed model. The contours of velocity vector at static temperature and velocity magnitude during the combustion phenomenon for numerically simulated piston geometries illustrated that shallow torodial piston was better suited in the present scenario with enhanced performance and reduced NOx emissions.

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Santosh Elapanda, U.V. Adinarayana Rao, Mula Manideep

Lean Six sigma (LSS) is the modern business improvement strategy which is being applied across the sectors. LSS is predominantly used for process improvements and business turnaround which also poses several risks if not properly managed. The social risks pose several challenges to the organizations management in terms of losing key competent staff and increased resistance to change. This paper presents the different risks associated with LSS implementation and illustrates the effects of the social factors. The effects are classified as positive and negative in order to control them effectively. Managing the risks are discussed based on the positive / negative effect and recommended the review mechanism for successful LSS deployment. The key outcomes and recommendations for future research are presented at the end.

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Dhamodharan Srinivasan, Dr. Mohanbabu Gopalakrishnan

Breast cancer is a type of cancer which can be formed in the cells inside the breast. Early diagnosis of the breast cancer is still a hard method for the clinical experts. Several traditional techniques are there for the detection of the cancer but all of them are not an efficient one. By all those techniques early diagnosis of the cancer is somewhat a questionable one. So, search for an efficient technique for the process of the effective imaging is needed. Microwave imaging is a hopeful method for the early prediction of the tumor or the carcinoma. In this paper, a 3D breast structure having different permittivity and conductivity is arranged in HFSS by using the Adaptive Finite Element Method (AFEM) is needed to solve the electromagnetic field values and a micro strip patch antenna operating at 2.45 GHz is designed with the help of the substrate material, FR4 . Here, the patch geometry i.e. the design and the ground plane can be changed. The rectangular micro strip antenna structure is then investigated to provide microwave imaging with a view to diagnose breast cancer very earlier. Here, different antenna designs are evaluated by modifying the ground plane and slotting on the micro strip patch.

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Wan Arfiani Barus, Dafni Mawar Tarigan, Rizki Fahillah Lubis

This study aims to determine the response of growth and production of upland rice in saline soils with salicylic acid technology. This research uses factorial randomized block design with two factors studied, namely: Variety, consisting of V1 (Inpago 9), V2 (Inpago 10) and V3 (Situ Bagendit) and Salicylic Acid Concentration with 4 levels, namely: A0 (In 0 mM), A1 (1 mM), A2 (2 mM) and A3 (3 mM). The results showed that salinity stress affected the growth and biochemical characteristics of the three upland rice varieties tested. Inpago 10 variety has better adaptability to salinity stress. The application of salicylic acid with a concentration of 2 mM tends to increase the growth and biochemical character of upland rice.

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P.Parthasarathy, R.Ragumadhavan, R.S.Karthic, S.Vijayprasath

The drip rate monitoring system constantly notes the drip flow of the patients and the heart rate monitoring system continuously monitors the heart rate of the patients. Our proposed work aims at developing a drip rate monitoring system and a heart rate monitoring system for hospitals to monitor patients and to alarm the medical professionals during the night hours thereby reducing the work strain of the nurses. Simulation results are developed using LabVIEW

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Kozhevnikova Alevtina Grigorevna

The article presents the materials for determining cicada species composition of rainfed alfalfa of Uzbekistan, their nutritional relationships, morphological and biological features. Studies have shown that in the rainfed crops of alfalfa fields in Uzbekistan, 28 species of cicadas were identified, including 22 species in the plain-hilly zone, 18 species in the foothill zone and 6 species in the mountain zone. From the families Arphrophoridae, Cicadellidae, Delphacidae, Dicryorharidae, Cixiidaae, Tettigometridae and Issidae.

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Avijit Bera

The urban ecological landscape of Haldia industrial town represents a semi- natural and altered cultural habitat which can be considered as a manifestation of human interaction with semi-natural environment in the face of industrialization and rapid urbanization. Manmade activities for urban development have brought about several changes in the form of landuse alternation, high pollution level, fragmentation of natural habitat. Which are gradually affecting the habitat character by modifying the semi-natural habitats and also by introducing some man-made habitats. In my present work an attempt has been made to identify and assess each of the urban habitat types in ecological terms and also to evaluate the impact of urbanization on the remnant semi natural habitats of Haldia industrial town. In this paper open source Google image was mainly utilized to analysis the habitat characteristics in site based case study in Haldia town. The founding is very significant to make decision to create eco-friendly situation in spite of the urban development of urban industrial site.

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Dr. G. Nedumaran C. Rani

The HR practitioners have got a challenge in retaining the best employees in the dynamic environment like IT industry. Organizations are unable ensure the IT professionals in retaining them longer period and there is uncertainty or gap that is existing in between the top management and IT professionals. This gap or uncertainty may be happened by influencing of several factors. Amongst them perceived and alternatives factors of the IT professionals are prime. These factors influence the IT professionals to stay or not to stay. This paper tries to document the practices followed by a select Indian IT companies in managing perceived alternatives factors and also highlights options of the IT professional show they respond to the policies.

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PA.Suriya, Muhammed Ashfaq, Sirajudheen2, Sonu V George

In this study, stone Matrix Asphalt mixtures execute the stresses in better way under heavy traffic loads.It is more cost effective than dense graded mixtures and they are largely used as surface-coarse mixtures. This paper discussing a research conducted to analyse the characteristic of bituminous mix modified with waste polythene and coconut fiber. The addition of PET has a significant positive effect on the properties of SMA and it can promote the re-use of waste material in industry in an environmentally friendly and economical way was observed from the final results. Based on the above performance, coconut could be used as stabilizing additive without affecting the design criteria of SMA mixture. The appropriate amount of the addition of PET was found to be 6% by weight of bitumen. This optimum percentage of PET results has given the maximum level of stability. It is calculated that use of waste polythene results in improved engineering properties of bituminous mix. In this paper, utilization of waste plastic and natural fiber to the optimum level and also provides an opportunity to construct an improved pavement material in surface course thus making it more durable

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Devinder Singh Hooda

Health expenditure is an important component of Government expenditure for social well-being. This paper analyzes the trends and growth rate of public health expenditure in Haryana during 2002-03 to 2016-17. On the basis of GDP, the paper selected major sixteen states of India to compare with Haryana to see the size and situation of health expenditure. The paper concludes that the health expenditure as a percentage of GDP ranges from 0.53 percent to 0.82 percent during the study period. The paper shows that the public expenditure on health in Haryana has increased only in absolute term but it is not satisfactory in relative terms. Out of 16 major states the rank of Haryana in public health spending as ratio to total expenditure is 12th in percentage term. Only Madhya Pradesh and Punjab have spent less expenditure on health whereas all other states have spent more expenditure as compared to Haryana in 2016-17. The result also shows that government health spending as percentage of GDP has also increased, but not enough to achieve the goal of ‘Health for All’. The paper also suggest that for the development of health sector government needs to spend more on health care services in Haryana.

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Wildan Nugraha

Safety Management System covered a variety of procedures and processes related to aviation safety improvement. All procedures and processes related SMS implementation in Aerodrome Operator should be recorded and documented. It has also been regulated in national and international regulations that all documents and records related to the implementation of SMS should be managed properly and correctly. The aims of this research to determine the extent to which the implementation of Safety Management System Documentation at Aerodrome Operator. This research starts with analyzing the implementation of SMS documentation, identify and seek the factors that influence performance of Safety Management System Documentation using a list of suitable checklist or Gap analysis and conduct interviews to SMS Manager and Officers related to SMS Documentation processes. The result analysed using factor analysis. The results are to provide recommendations in presenting master data and procedures of SMS documentation in order to achieve SMS documentation standard.

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Harris Simaremare, Reza Tanujiwa Putra, Rahmad Abdillah

The application of digital forensic static acquisition on cloud environment was successfully built on Proxmox. It was used for acquisition and examine deleted digital evidence. The examination results yields that the digital evidence produce from the acquisition procedures was readable by the forensic software. Our results also show that the acquisition process runs only about 5 minutes which is much faster than other acquisition tools which was 39 minutes. Certainly, this result supported by automatic system can enhance the digital forensic performance

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K. Rajesh Babu, Anishka Singal, Kandukuri Sahiti, Ch. V. S. Sai Jawahar, Syed Shameem

Early diagnosis of brain tumour may enhance expected lifespan. When not diagnosed at the initial stages, the brain tumour shortens the life expectancy of the infected. Accompanied by several segmentation algorithms, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has been typically used as a reliable evaluation protocol. In this paper include some of optimization-based segmentation techniques for brain tumour detection from a Magnetic Resonance (MR) image. This paper provides a comparative study about different optimization-based segmentation techniques. The comparison is done between different parameters that analyze the performance of the segmentation techniques include K-Means and FCM and some of the hybrid techniques for optimized segmentation such as clustering followed by Genetic Algorithm (GA), and clustering with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). For these segmentation processes to be done, first pre-process the MRI scan and then apply the further segmentation or optimization techniques to get a clearer and easily detectable tumour. We compare the results for each algorithm and find out the best and efficient method for detecting Brain Tumour from an MRI tumour. As per the performance metrics optimized based segmentation provide a very efficient output in an optimized time as compared with the without optimization of segmentation technique. This paper helps the surgeons to completely detect and diagnose the Brain Tumour without leaving any part of Tumour un-diagnosed.

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D.Radhika, A.Bhuvaneswari

Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network (VANET) is an intelligent transportation system owing to the rapid extension of safety and multimedia applications. But, successful data dissemination and reliable routing in VANET is still a difficult problem. In order to overcome such drawbacks, Bagging Ensemble X-Means Clustering Based Multi-criteria Whale Optimization (BEXCMWO) technique is proposed. At first, BEXCMWO technique applies Bagging Ensemble X-Means Cluster-based Routing (BEXC-R) where the total network is split into a number of groups. Each group contains the number of vehicle nodes. The BEXC-R uses the X-means clustering as a weak cluster to group each vehicle to the closest cluster centroid based on the vehicle’s density, direction, distances, and velocities. After finishing the clustering process, vehicle node with the minimum average distance among cluster members is selected as the cluster head in BEXCMWO technique for route the data from source to destination. Subsequently, the optimal nearest cluster head is identified with the help of Multi-criteria Whale Optimization-based Data Dissemination (MWO-DD) for distributing the data packets from the source vehicle node to destination vehicle node in VANET. The simulation of BEXCWO technique is conducted using parameters such as reliability, end to end delay and throughput. The simulation results show that the BEXCMWO technique is able to increases the reliability and also reduces the end to end delay of data dissemination in VANET when compared to state-of-the-art methods

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Han-Soon Sin, Woojin Paik

This study examined various methods to predict when the Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) players might quit the game. A relatively large data set consisting of 100,000 cases and 37 predictors was used. The data set was visualized with boxplots to conduct the exploratory analysis. Binary logistic regression and multi-layer perceptron were used to develop a prediction model. The boxplot analysis revealed that players who engage less in social interactions were likely to quit the game. This finding was partially confirmed by binary logistic regression analysis. Only the permanent form of chat type significantly affected user churn. The multi-layer perceptron model slightly outperformed the binary logistic regression in terms of the prediction accuracy at 85%.

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Kalpana Kulkarni, Dr. Swati Peshwe

Growth and Sporulation of Magnaporthe oryzae isolate has been studied by different people across world since screening of rice varieties for Blast disease resistance requires large number of inoculum preparation. Fifteen different natural and synthetic media were studied to understand the nutritional requirements of the blast pathogen–naming few Oat meal agar, rice media, rice and soyabean extract media. Mycelial yield, number of spores, radial growth were observed and compared. Based on the requirements of Magnaporthe oryzae, a new medium named KKSP formulated medium was composed for growth and sporulation studies. It was found that the formulated medium was also suitable medium for the growth of blast pathogen, where high mycelium yield was achieved in shorter time as compared with other standard media used so far. The KKSP formulated medium showed pink pigmentation and newly formed mycelia could be easily identified with morphology and septation pattern with visual observation.

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Na An, Stuart Adam Eisenstadt, Woojin Paik

Hypertension is known as the “Silent Killer.” Worldwide, over 7 million people die each year from hypertension complications. Hypertension can damage a person’s arteries, heart, brain, and kidneys. Stress is one of the significant causes of hypertension by repeatedly incurring blood pressure elevations and by stimulating the nervous system to produce large amounts of vasoconstricting hormones that increase blood pressure. To avoid applying various medications to treat both stress and hypertension, there has been growing interest in alternative and holistic methods. For example, a wearable breathing game system was developed for people to frequently conduct deep breathing exercises for the purpose of relaxation. The rationale behind this system is that slow and regular breathing increases the bar reflex sensitivity, which can reduce autonomic imbalances. An experimental study showed that an eight-week breathing exercise regimen elicited significant reductions in both stress and blood pressure level. However, it is difficult for regular people to continue performing these breathing exercises for an extended duration without sufficient motivation. The goal of the wearable breathing monitoring system in conjunction with a simple visual game proposed here was to ease such difficulty by providing encouragement and motivation.

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Samsuri Abdullah, Amalina Abu Mansor, Ali Najah Ahmed, Nur Nazmi Liyana Mohd Napi, Marzuki Ismail

: Climate change is a worldwide issue, caused by the emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) of which the dominant contributor is Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The amount of GHG produced by any higher institution can be quantified using carbon footprint (CF) estimation, of which the most established is UI GreenMetric carbon footprint approach. This study determine the CF at University Malaysia Terengganu, one of the public universities in Malaysia by quantifying 6 categories that are Setting and Infrastructure (SI), Energy and Climate Change (EC), Water (WR), Waste (WS), Transport (TR) and Educational (ED). Data was collected utilising primary and secondary data collection whereby primary data collection involves TR indicator for traffic volume. Other categories data were provided by the relevant authorities of UMT. Result shows a decreasing emission of CF for academic year 2017/2018 and 2018/2019; from 1212145.524 metric ton to 1209743.2 metric ton, respectively. This positive improvement is made possible by 2 approaches: employing correct technique of measurements plus verification of data and UMT top management sustainability plans and actions. However, there are 2 categories that need more attention for improvement i.e. WR (19%) and EC (17%). The findings from this study show a better achievement compared to previous year because of overestimated for TR indicator and unverified data calculation during secondary data collection. Outcome from this study increases UMT ranking from 13 to 6, out of 18 participated universities in Malaysia and the most important, it enables the university leaders to set up the eco-accommodating strategies and oversee social changes among the academic community.

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Rohini, Dr. Kanika Sharma

WSNs are spatially distributed, self-regulating sensors to track the physiological objects or observe the ecological information and gather the information to the main controller. WSN contains radio trans-receiver, micro-controller and sensor devices. A sensor device contains various applications that can be utilised in various fields. Different sensor devices are categorised on the basis of the inclines for the deployment of the fields that focused in term of economical, engineering, price and scalability. In wireless sensor network the system is controlled by the main controller and utilised to acquire information from various fields. Some of the applications of WSN is agriculture, monitoring of environment, Healthcare and transport services, authentication and surveillance, industrial uses. Wireless sensor network has the key restraint on power of sensor hops that is single hops contains a definite amount of energy. Hence, WSN may contain a robust energy reduced technique as key issue on the basis of energy. In present research, routing protocol utilise Power efficient gathering in sensor information systems (PEGASIS) is routing convention that depends on chain based and greedy approach. The sensors hops are arranged in form of the chain. In case any hop fails in between then the chain is rebuilt to bypass the failed hop. CH is allocated and transfers the information to the controller or sink hop. Performance metrices was analysed with packet delivery ratio to achieve the value up to 80%.In proposed research, a routing method for WSN is developed to improve the network lifetime, packet delivery ratio and energy consumption with help of number of rounds. The novel method has designed hybridization with GA+ALOA algorithm to resolve the issues in the network. GALO (Genetic-Ant Lion Optimization) is developed to improve the performance of the network. Simulation analysis is done using MATLAB. It is analysed that packet delivery ratio is improved up to 85%. Hence, the packet loss value is 9 bits and reduce energy is 0.9 joules.

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Mónica Elisa Meneses-La-Riva, Josefina Amanda Suyo-Vega, Jorge Luis Aníbal Baldárrago-Baldárrago, Víctor Hugo Fernández-Bedoya

The objective was to determine the effects of the intervention in the management of domestic solid waste for reuse, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact in the district of Los Olivos. The approach was quantitative, descriptive, quasi-experimental design. The population consisted of 40 families from a condominium in the north of Lima who were trained with 12 educational sessions on solid waste management. The participatory mechanism used was the intervention of a program that managed the reuse of domestic solid waste, which involved citizen participation in the municipal waste management process in order to reduce environmental impact and improve citizen awareness. The instrument used was an 11 question questionnaire on the level of knowledge about solid waste that it categorizes as adequate, moderately adequate and inadequate. Likewise, for the collection indicators, information from the SIGERSOL 2017 system was used, based on current regulations (paper, plastics, glass, and organic waste). The data collection techniques were direct observation and survey, respecting ethical considerations. The results demonstrated the effects of educational intervention in the management of domestic solid waste, and serves as a sustainable cooperation strategy within municipal environmental policies. It is concluded that the educational intervention plays a predominant role in the creation of responsibility, conscience and commitment of the citizens, thus developing a culture of care of the environment in the community. Hence the importance of educating and promoting good practices in the management of domestic solid waste to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life of the community.

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Srinivasa A H, Dr.Siddaraju

Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest technology enabled by the developments in technologies such as smart devices, communication technologies and internet protocols. Smart devices can able to communicate with each other without human involvement. The technologies like internet, mobile and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication are treated as the first phase of IoT. Applications of IoT are wide in range. Any application of the IoT accomplished with the help of different functions and functions can be treated as layers. This paper provides a detailed architecture of IoT in the form of layers. The paper covers layers starting from business to perception layer. Both hardware and software play an important role in the IoT, so the paper covers details of the hardware as well as software along with the challenges of IoT

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Jonner Nainggolan

This paper presents an optimal control model for malaria resistant to antimalarial drugs. Optimal control measures included: control on the use of mosquito nets to prevent contact with mosquitoes, treatments, and spraying mosquitoes with insecticides as a system variable. The application was performed with the fourth-order Runge-Kutta approach. The strategy of using a set of optimal controls was found significantly more effective to reduce the number of individuals infected and mosquito vectors, compared to the optimal control separately.

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Uma Rathore Bhatt, Pramod Kumar Yadav, Nitin Chouhan

In the present scenario, as the number of internet users and mobile devices are growing rapidly, there is need of high speed internet connectivity. Passive Optical Network (PON) provides larger bandwidth but at higher cost. Similarly wireless mesh network (WMN) provides high scalability, rapid deployment at relatively low cost but it is bandwidth limited due to channel interference. Hybrid fiber wireless network is the key to get high speed internet at lower cost. It has the merits of both networks i.e. PON and WMN. Survivability is one of the key issues in fiber wireless network because of the failure of components like ONU and OLT etc. In this paper we propose a solution for ONU and OLT failure. To handle ONU level failure we select backup ONUs in each segment of FiWi, in such a way that traffic from affected ONU can be effectively rerouted to backup ONU in minimum hop distance. For OLT level failure, we deploy network using spanning tree. Simulation result shows that proposed method results in low network cost in terms of reduced backup fiber length.

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Sumit Das, Manas K. Sanyal

The crisis of healthcare resources in terms of man and machine in our society is the crucial issues. The calamity well observed at outbreak especially in rural areas where sufficient resources for healthcare management is very difficult to manage. The rural people are not getting proper treatment due to the lack of doctors and they most of the instance committed death due to improper diagnosis by the chock doctors. The question is how to minimize this calamity? The answer to this query is to grow technological consciousness in the glove that is the motivation of these reviews article. It has been observed that in healthcare system could not go ahead a single step without soft computing (SC) and it highly related to Artificial Intelligence in this AI-era. The aim of this article is to highlight and resolve these issues by the reviewing the recent development of artificial intelligence (AI). The paper finds link of AI and soft SC techniques in the field of medical diagnosis and healthcare management. This article reviews the methodology and application of each sub-component of AI-SC in the field of medical healthcare system. It encompasses most of the AI-SC recent development techniques to acquire the knowledge about this domain under a single umbrella. The goal of this review is to explore the application of AI-SC that could enhance diagnosis process of the critical diseases in terms of minimal cost as well as maximal crisis management

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Mandapati Raja, B Siva Kumar Reddy

There is a tremendous development in technology for last two decades, however most of the researchers are failed to achieve 100% spectrum efficiency. It is very unfortunate to reveal that most of the spectrum is not yet used. Therefore, it is essential to study spectrum sensing techniques which is a major paradigm in cognitive radio networks. Cognitive radio analyses the sensing by identifying an unused spectrum and then this information is reported to the operator for further action to enable efficient utilization of spectrum. This paper presents Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC) of Cooperative sensing for number of cognitive users. Furthermore, the optimization of Energy detection spectrum sensing in Cognitive radio network is also analyzed

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Prashant Chaturvedi,Dr. Soni Changlani

Statistics photograph straining is the deficiency of redundancy in statistics illustration so one can obtain discount in storage value. DCT is broadly used in picture and video compression system. Some of algorithms had been proposed for implementation of DCT. Right here in this paper we review on 2D-DCT architecture by the use of 2D-DCT separability belongings by the use of a transpose buffer and also put into effect of optimization as well Zigzag parallel pipeline using VHDL. It was also discussed the VHDL synthesis results uses 615 slices, seventy four i/o pins, 6 multiplier,5651 logic mobile, operating frequency 124 MHz and pipeline latency one hundred sixty clock cycle. The coding is spurious the use of Xilinx 9.2i ISE synthesizedi the usage of Spartan 3E XC3S500.

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Adithya Valli Nettem, Elizabath Rani Daniel, Kavitha Chandu

Waveform design plays a critical role in the current radar technology. Different radar signals can be achieved using tools like ambiguity function and autocorrelation function. Linear Frequency Modulation (LFM) waveform is the most used radar waveform. The main difficulty in LFM is its first high side-lobe level despite of its simple design and Doppler tolerance characteristics. A weighting function is desired to reduce the side-lobe with a penalty of mismatch loss. In an effort, to achieve low auto-correlation side-lobe levels, Non-Linear Frequency Modulation (NLFM) signal has been explored. NLFM has a spectral weighting function inherently in their modulation function which exhibits profoundly reduced side-lobes from its analogues LFM. In this paper, five different NLFM signals are investigated and their performance is assessed based on the study of Doppler Effect, Doppler tolerance and PSLR values. The matlab simulation results were used to decide the most suitable waveform for side lobe reduction.

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E.Helen Parimala, Dr.S. Albert Rabara, P.Theepalakshmi, Y.Sunil Raj

Cloud Computing is developed to provide its users with access to resources worldwide as a human-centrated computing model. All power users who are specifically concerned with security in cloud computing may share resources. The attacks that cause attackers to challenge protection of CC include a denial of service and spreading a denial of service. Variety of defense systems have been developed and introduced in order to avoid denial of service attacks. Review of literature articulates that several proposed methods using simple Captcha test such as object pictures, distorted text, mathematical calculation and I m not a Robot is used for user authentication and secure integrated cloud environment and also avoid denial of distributed service attack, but existing methods has lot of limitations and it is not suitable for securing integrated cloud and IoT Environment. Hence, this paper proposes Dynamic Captcha Testing with Equal Probability Algorithm for first verification process, moreover puzzle is used for second verification process to strengthen security in Client side network furthermore to overcome distributed denial of service attack in the integration of Internet of Things and Cloud Environment.

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Novi Dila Kana, S.Sn., M.A.

Undoubtedly, picture books are popular for children as beginner readers. Yet, through the skill of visual literacy, this particular type of media is not constrained to the children’s audience only, but it can also be relevant to proficient readers such as young adults. The balance of fundamental design elements of visual and text forms a connection in conveying the intended narrative and meaning from the writer and/or illustrator’s imagination. With young adults’ awareness, visual literacy exceeds in aiding the ability to understand, interpret, and decode information, but also to form a relationship between the writer and/or illustrator with the reader. By being able to contextualise the illustrated narratives, young adult readers find an emotional relation to the story based on their life experiences. In understanding the importance of visual literacy through picture books, this research looks into the value of the medium for young adults by conducting interview analyses while observingthe importance of visual literacy within picture books.

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Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah, Megan Asri Humaira, Didi Mulyadi, Widyasari, Rasmitadila, Sri Wahyuni Ulfah

This paper provides a comparative study of management of both state and private elementary schools in acquiring outstanding teachers for national teachers competition. The aim is to suggest principles that can be incorporated to improve the designing of management of finding the inputs, process and outputs consisting of teachers quality at the input process, recruitment at the process stage and the outputs at career path for the outstanding teachers. The research uses comparative study consisting of state and private schools in West Java, Jakarta, Banten and Central Java provinces. The data were gained from 5 schools in the assigned areas through interviews and documentation. In the findings, similarity and differences of recruiting, developing and competing of the outstanding teachers at state and private schools. The research found that at input and process stage bot state and private schools share the same model as it is based on the guidance from the government. While at the output stage, especially for the career path, the outstanding teachers from state schools are much better in having opportunity to get a higher position while outstanding teachers from private schools, their opportunities to get higher and better position will be depending much on the policy at the assigned schools

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Munirah, Aslan Alwi

Hill Climbing Algorithm is used by people to produce bayes (bayes network) symptoms in the form of directed acyclic grpah (DAG). With this algorithm look for the optimal DAG of a dataset. However, a DAG is a symptom of causality / causation of bayes so that the optimal DAG search of a dataset is equivalent to the search for symptom causality that is most likely (optimum) between attributes or data variables. This means finding knowledge in the form of a causal relationship. Therefore, it is reasonable to mine the form of knowledge expressed in the form of rules from DAG by converting trending arrows between nodes as if-then relationships between variables. In this study, it was proposed how to mine knowledge (set of rules) from the dataset by using the optimal DAG from a dataset assuming that the optimal DAG produces the most optimal set of rules. Rule mining in this way uses hill climbing algorithms as a tool to produce optimal DAG. There are algorithms other than hill climbing such as ACO or Genetic algorithms, but the choice is dropped on hill climbing algorithms as the first trial of research.

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Shamshad Ali, Uzair Malik, Majid Jamil, M A Khan

The output power in PV module depends upon the solar irradiance and atmospheric conditions. Maximum power does not fluctuate under uniform environmental conditions. However, during the varying atmospheric conditions all the modules are not able to produce stable voltage. So, the PV characteristics become highly non-linear. To solve this non-linear problem the concept of PSO with inertia and without inertia is being used, which will be capable for tracing the global maximum power point. Since PV characteristics under varying atmosphere conditions consist of many peaks called as local maxima and global maxima. This paper presents the MPP technique using PSO with inertia under dynamic environmental conditions. So, with inertia optimizes the conditions under partial conditions and identify global maximum power point. This technique requires very less time to converge maximum power to the global maximum power point than the meta-heuristic techniques and as well as the conventional PSO.

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R.S. Masna Hatuwe

These studies look at the variable ROA, ROE, LDR can simultaneously affect Adequecy Capital Ratio at Bank Syariah Mandiri and predict ROA, ROE, and LDR partially have a significant positive effect on CAR at Bank Syariah Mandiri. Keguanaan from this study are expected to have benefits include policy makers can be used as a basis for planning the management of funds in order to maintain the health of banks through the Capital Adequecy Ratio, for the banking institutions can be used as an input in assessing the soundness of banks and an input for investors and prospective investors to assess the soundness of banks before investing.

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Abdul Rahmat, Achmad Daengs GS, Novianty Djafri, Imam Shofwan, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo

The role of leadership in fostering households occupies a strategic place and determines whether or not the family can prosper. Because of this, exemplary behavior from parents is needed here. That is, the attitude and actions of a family head or housewife will have a major influence on the social values of young children. This study aims to determine the influence of leadership family against juvenile social value. The sample of this study was 38 teenagers in Gorontalo City. Data collection methods used are observation, interviews, and questionnaires. The analysis used is product moment correlation. Has il research shows that the use values of co efficient of correlation (r) = 0,6681 or 66.81% is a positive number. This shows that the influence of family education on social values is positive and is at interpretation between 0.60 - 0.799 which is interpreted as a level of strong influence. The KD value = 44.62% shows a large influence between family education on social values, amounting to 44.62%. While the value of t count = 5.386618, with degrees of freedom (db) = 38 - 2 = 36 and a significance level of 0.05 = 2.02 so that, t count more than t table or 5.386618 > 2.02 then the correlation what happens is meaningful or significant so the correlation is the influence of family education on social values

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Nuraini Nuraini, Akhmad Riadi, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo, M Rusdi, Tri Kurnia Badu, Suryani Suryani, Irsan Irsan, Irwan Ismail, Sukainap Pulhehe, Vivi Rahim Hentihu

This article aims to dissect education political thinking in Indonesia regarding policies built for the advancement and Development of Indonesian community education quality. The educational policy that is still flavoured with capitalist and structuralist makes the pattern of education only produce human mapping in certain groups and strata of science. The approach used in this writing is literature research, with a data analysis technique in the form of content analysis with the aim of obtaining valid inference and can be re-examined based on its context. In the results of the study of education policy in Indonesia, there are several objectification for the changes in the strata policy to find their own identity as an institution that produces human resources. The need to change the centrality of educational patterns with generalities based on human resource capabilities and infrastructure availability. Using patterns of active theory, a view that emphasizes the observation of educational inputs collectively where the most important angle to be considered by the educational policymakers is the process of personal maturity of the students who must be facilitated, of their needs and be guided towards maturity.

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Muhasidah Muhasidah, Nasrullah Nasrullah, M Yusuf M, Ningsih Jaya, Naharia Laubo, Sri Angriani, Hasriany Hasriany, Imam Shofwan, M Chairul Basrun Umanailo, Nuzulia Nur Farida

Hawker Food contributed 22.9% respectively, and 15.9% to the overall energy intake and protein of the elementary school children (Riskesdas 2013).JThe children who became samples were 102 grades 4.5 and 6. Data is processed and analyzed by univariate and bivariate, using the Chi-Sqar statistical test, with α = 0.05. Research objectives is to be aware of the consumption of healthy food in children, the description of food consumption was discovered Healthy, well-knew the picture of learning achievement in children, and the learning of consumption of children healthy food, with the achievement of children in the SCHOOL in Makassar. Because of the limited time, effort and funds, then in this research researchers restrict only going to see descriptive snacks in the school, children's snacks from or at home, a picture of the disease due to snacks, a picture of learning achievement Children at school, and connect children's snacks with a level of learning achievement, at the primary School in Makassar City. The results showed that the consumption of healthy snacks of children is almost the same as children who consume unhealthy food, consumption of children's snacks from home or at home, healthy, but very few children who carry the provision from the House Learning Achievement in children is very influenced by the food consumed by children in school, and there is a relationship of consumption of healthy snacks, with the achievement of learning in children in the city of Makassar.

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D.Sreelakshmi, Syed Inthiyaz

: Medical images are images that contain visual and meaningful information that cannot be observed by an ordinary person. Medical images remain frequently corrupted through noise in its acquisition in addition to Transmission. The noisy image may convey the information in a different way. The key impartial of Image denoising methods is essential to eliminate such sounds whereas remembering as much as probable the required significant image features. In this paper, it is planned to review the maximum number of latest possible medical image denoising methods and give comparison of these popular models.

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Kunyanuth Kularbphettong

The aimed of the research were to study the factors affecting the IT service: a case of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand. The population for this study were selected by purposive sampling and questionnaire was used as instrument to analyze data by descriptive statistic. The result of this study found that the factor of demographic, like age, education and income do not affect the IT service quality among users. Staffs and students prefer to be serviced in person rather than on help desk counter and they suggest that IT helper should be more user friendly and provides information about the time that it would take to resolve issues. The total satisfaction level of the service providers was at the "highest" level for the services of the IT support, with the mean of 3.95. The service quality factors were in the high level and the service quality affects the service knowledge and service mind factors in the positive relationship. The analysis of multiple regressions found that the service mind (x1), the service knowledge (x2), and the organizational support (x3) influenced total aspect of service (ŷ).Also, the suggestion should enhance in management process of using computer laboratory and set explicitly the rules and regulations to use the room to clear and clarify for users.

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Gladys S. Escarlos, Joanne E, Bermillo, Ehlrich Ray J. Magday, Ma. Vivienne S. Salon

The research ascertained the impact of the extension program of the College of Education. Most of the participants belong to age 36 to 40 years old, married and more than half of them are college graduates from various degrees. The implementation of the mentoring program was rated “very satisfactory”. A mixed-method research design was used to investigate the pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge acquired by the barangay day care workers. Learning occurs after the conduct of the extension program. It disclosed a significant difference on the levels of competency on content knowledge before and after the conduct of the extension program and on the levels of competency on pedagogical knowledge before and after the conduct of the extension. Participants strongly professed that knowledge about the background of the learners’ development and learning, appropriate strategies and materials are useful and important in teaching. Thus, the extension program improved the instructional services of day care workers in the barangay center.

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Mohammad Kasim, Dr. Asif Husain

The damage of multi-storey RC framed building during earthquake ground motion depends upon their stiffness and mass and also depends upon discontinuity of stiffness, strength at adjacent storeys. Discontinuity of stiffness and strength to create a weakness at adjacent storeys. The vertical irregularity of building structure known as a setback and nowadays setback building widely constructed in urban areas because the natural vibration of such building does not create the huge losses as compared to regular building height it seen in various reports. The setback framed building is characterized by abrupt reductions in floor area to the upper storeys. Storey weight, strength, and stiffness also decrease with height above the foundation, but not necessarily at the same rate. Irregularity of the building is helpful for natural light and fresh natural air in urban areas where taller building constructed nearer to each other. This study was done for one regular and six setback models of G+9 storey RC frames, namely Model R, S1-type and S2-type. S1-types and S2- types setback frame structure have select for comparing the base shear, base moment, storey displacement and storey drift by using THA-Linear Time History Analysis and RSA- Response Spectrum Analysis for 0.3368 PGA- (Peak Ground Acceleration) concerning Regular frame. Furthermore, response spectrum analysis (0.2354g, 0.3368g, 0.487g, 0.757g, 1.022g, 1.475g PGA) for S1-4-8 and S2-4-8 type setback frame have done and obtained results are compared with regular Model-R in terms of the base shear, base moment, top-storey displacement (i.e. 35m height). However, another one study also done for these same models by using linear time history analysis for Bhuj earthquakes in terms of base shear, base moment, storey displacement, storey drift. These all studies have done by using finite element based software, SAP 2000 v20.0.0. As per all observations, we found that the Setback frame structures are not seen to be highly susceptible to damage or highly susceptible to higher mode effect as compared to the regular frame structure.

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Satheesh Kumar C, Dr. V Pugazhenthi

Tourism is taken into consideration as one of the global largest smokeless industries. Nowadays, it is one of the quickest growing industries also. The importance tourism has been nicely identified in both developed and developing nations in recent times. This paper attempts to try to give a clean photo about Kalasamala ecotourism projects and its problems and potentialities. It is a budding ecotourism centre and a biodiversity history spot in Thrissur district. The essential goal of the study is that to recognize the socio financial blessings of the initiatives. Besides that the paper tries to find out the effectiveness of infrastructure centres research design is used for this look at. Data are amassed from hundred neighbourhood citizens thru comfort sampling approach. Chi square take a look at is also used to check the affiliation among development and infrastructure centres.

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Molli Wahyuni, Nurhizrah Gistituati, Ahmad Fauzan, UNP Padang, Indonesia

Economic and business problems in daily life can be found in the newspaper. Economic and business neared within mathematics. Business Mathematics is one of the basic subjects taught in tertiary institutions in economics. Mathematics learning in tertiary institutions must be contextualized and linked to the environment and real-world examples. This research is a follow-up of the results of previous research on the development of newspaper literacy-based business learning models in universities. The development of a newspaper literacy-based business mathematics learning model is carried out using the Plomp model. In the previous research, the validity test was done through expert assessment and practicality of the one to one and small group stages. Beside of the field test, results of lecturers respons 80.90, and classified as practical. Result of student’s respons 90.94 and classified as very practical. On the assessment phase, different test results on student’s mathematical abilities (understanding concepts, problem-solving and mathematical connections) show significant differences, where p value or significancy 0,000 for all of the test, and it is effective

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Dhana Shree K,Janani B, Reenadevi R, Rajesh R

The population in developing metropolitan city increases day-by-day. Solid waste management is one of the major concerns of the modern world. Monitoring of waste bins manually in metropolitan areas and cities every day is not an easy one. The amount of garbage differs in different areas and manual monitoring causes more human effort and cost. Non-disposal of wastes at the right time affects human health and the environment. This system proposes a methodology for an automatic garbage monitoring system using an ultrasonic sensor and detects the garbage level in dustbin and intimates to the concerned in-charge for disposal. This method involves less manpower and also avoids contamination

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Saeed Hameed Aldulaimi, Marwan Mohamed Abdeldayem

This research aims to investigate the influence of leadership behavior on change management in higher education in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Also to propose and examine a framework for the influence of leadership on change management in order to achieve sustainability in higher education. The study used a qualitative approach in terms of in-depth interviews with 10 faculty members from 4 different universities who undergo significant changes through achieving the HEA Fellowship, UK. The findings reveal that the proposed framework is applicable to examine the influence of leadership on change management. Further, participants confirmed 19 significant themes of leadership behavior which are crucial in leading change management in higher education. The study also provides a practical map for the most significant leadership behavior considering essential in achieving change plans effectively in higher education.

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Muhammad Syurya Hidayat, Muhammad Rachmad Rasjid

This research focused on leading industry products of local creative industry, the factors influence the leading products development of local creative industry, and the policy of leading products development of creative industry in Muara Bungo regency in the future. The SAW (Simple Additive Weighting), multiple regression model and SWOT analysis model were used to achieve the objective of the research. The results of the research show that the creative industry products of Muara Bungo Regency are; 1) the brick / roof tile, 2) furniture, and 3) woven rattan and bamboo and agate. The two determinant factors that influence the development of creative industry products are labor and raw material. The two factors are dominant in determining the creative industry area because the industry product is in form of handicrafts. The product development policy of the regional creative industry is done through 3 policy instruments,(a) Increased production oriented to market demand and customer appetite. (b) The leading product offerings must follow trends within competitive design and technologies. (c) Increase the quality of labor and raw materials in order to produce quality products..

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V.Prabhu, D.Ruban Thomas, S.Ashok

There are a great many visually challenged persons on the planet. The powerlessness of perusing has enormous effect on the personal satisfaction. Existing arrangement of content acknowledgment are restricted by depending on explicit shapes or shading and of mind-boggling expense. The primary thought of this undertaking is to perceive the content having distinctive textual style styles and textual style shading and afterward convert into discourse signals. The content is sectioned to isolate the character. Division is trailed by limit discovery and the content is separated. These are carried out using the software named Tesseract. Then it is saved as a text file. The major work of this project is to train the Tesseract software to recognize printed text in any font style and font color from which to increase the accuracy of this software. Finally text is converted into speech. Coding is done in the popular language python.

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R. S. Fegade, Dr. R. G. Tated, Dr. R. S. Nehete,

This study offers a comprehensive review of the research articles related to the continuous casting for a selected grade of Aluminium alloys. Data were obtained from various articles between the years of 1976 to 2018 in journals and conference proceedings. Five categories have been distinguished based upon the studies of casting surface defects, casting speed effects, mould parameters, thermal and heat flow and other continuous casting survey. The most important defect produced is Pull-in of the casting which results due to improper control over solidification parameters. Many researchers discussed the issues of steel casting and rolling ingot defects such as crack, cold shut, run out, filter puncture and drag marks. Rare research work was found on the Pull-in problem in the rolling ingot of aluminum casting. Researchers attempted to solve this problem by CFD approach or by Finite element analysis approach for steel casting, but there is ample scope for modeling to be developed for many casting grades of aluminum alloys. So there is need to develop model for selected aluminum alloys continuous casting.

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Dr. P. Prabaharan, Dr. R. Jayavadivel, Dr. L. Malathi and M. Ramesh

Target tracking is the predominant application of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) which are used in security and military environments. The initial step in any WSN based application is Node deployment and localization. Random deployment used by many WSN, leads to coverage hole problem which will cause a greater performance drop. Localization is the process by which the location of the sensor nodes is estimated relative to the position of anchor nodes. These anchor nodes are deployed with predetermined positions. Based on various distance measures localization can be considered as unconstrained optimization problem. In this work, a target tracking framework is proposed with hybrid node deployment and evolutionary algorithm based node localization. For node deployment the Adaptive Virtual Force algorithm (AVFA) and for node localization, the adaptive micro-genetic algorithm (AMGA) is proposed. During node deployment, the static nodes are deployed randomly, the area coverage and coverage hole are calculated, and if coverage hole exits then the mobile nodes are deployed for patching the coverage hole using AVFA. Finally the complete target tracking framework is described and the overall system is simulated. The result of each stage is described and it is compared with the existing well known algorithm.

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J.Sridhar, Dr.K.P.Thooyamani , Dr.V.Khanaa

Rather than general substance based choice fashions, our gadget does not require sickness unequivocal factor fabricating, and might manage negations and numerical traits that exist in the substance. Our consequences on a buddy of around 1 million sufferers showcase that models the use of substance outmaneuver models the usage of simply composed statistics, and that fashions match for the usage of numerical characteristics and nullifications inside the substance. A variety of beyond undertakings, regardless, base on composed fields and loses the wonderful share of facts inside the unstructured notes. in this work we propose a trendy play out various undertakings framework for disorder beginning choice that joins both loose substance therapeutic notes and sorted out statistics. We take a gander at execution of modified sizeable mastering systems along with CNN, LSTM and unique leveled fashions. In spite of the hard substance, similarly improve execution. Furthermore, we take a gander at changed popularity strategies for therapeutic experts to decipher version conjectures

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Mumu Munandar, Firmanul Catur Wibowo, Tita Rosita

: Teacher professional competence is one of the factors to improve the quality of education. The teacher's professional competence is influenced by several factors, including welfare and motivation to teach. This study aims to analyze the influence of these factors. This study was conducted on teachers in the Solear District 01 Cluster, totaling 76 respondents. The independent variable in this study is the welfare and motivation of teaching teachers while the dependent variable is the professional competence of teachers. The Participatory Action Research (PAR) method is used to see the difference between the results of the analysis without participation and the active participation of relevant stakeholders. So the involvement of the Principal is important in this research. Scale measurement using a Likert scale. Data collection procedures using questionnaire and observation methods. As for the analysis of the data using descriptive analysis and simple regression and multiple regression. The software used in the analysis is SPSS 20. From the estimated standard for the variables of Welfare (x_1), Teaching Motivation (x_2), Teacher Professional Competency (y) the structural equation can be made as follows Y = 93.908 + 0.010 x_1 + 0.603 x_2. The analysis shows that the variable Teacher Professionalism is influenced by the welfare and motivation to teach together at 96.3% while the remaining 3.7% is influenced by other variables outside this research model. So it can be concluded that the effect is very significant. However, if you look at the analysis results of each variable, the positive value is only the variable of teaching motivation while the welfare variable is negative. However, the principal's observations through the observation sheet during the research of the respondents showed positive changes in an effort to improve their professional competence.

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Bhargav R. Vyas, Dr Jeegar A. Trivedi

There are many laws which are developed for the citizens of India. It is possible that all the people may not have enough knowledge about the laws which are developed for their benefit. In most of the case, the person needs to approach a professional for getting advice on the legal matters due to lack of information and knowledge. This paper aims at the discussion on the fuzzy inference system and the needs to develop the system for the law-based suggestion. Also, some other systems based on similar domain and technology are being discussed.

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Rina Nuryati, Lies Sulistyowati, Iwan Setiawan, Trisna Insan Noor

Farmer welfare improvement programs through efforts to reduce poverty have been carried out, but poverty rates are still quite high. The main cause is that farmers are classified as small-scale farmers with land tenure less than 0.5 hectares. Efforts made include the Integrated Polyculture Agroforestry Farming (IPAF) to diversify sources of income. The application of this pattern varies considerably depending on farmer ownership and currently there are various forms of IPAF cropping patterns. The study aims to analyze and identify differences in the welfare level of IPAF farmers in Cibalong and Karangnunggal Districts, West Java, Indonesia. The study was conducted from April to October 2018. Data sources were primary and secondary data. Primary data through a survey of 250 farm households with details from Cibalong 167 farmers and 87 farmers from Karangnunggal. Secondary data were obtained from various research results and literature studies, related institutions and other data sources. Data analysis is descriptive statistical analysis using the level of welfare of farm households based on the National Socio Economic Survey (NSES) 2012 indicators. The level of welfare of IPAF farmer households based on the method of NSES 2012, based on income indicators based on poverty criteria from the Directorate of Land Use, IPAF farmer households in the two districts studied were included in the near-poor category. The level of welfare of farmers, households based on the concept of poverty line, the score of IPAF farmers' household expenditure in Cibalong District is lower (2.96) compared to Karangnunggal District (3.00) and is included in the non-poor criteria. The recapitulation of welfare indicators according to NSES 2012, the level of welfare of IPAF farmers in Cibalong District is lower (75.45%) compared to Karangnunggal (78.31 percent).

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Ricca Anggraeni

Article 43 of Law Number 12 of 2011 concerning the Establishment of Legislation clearly stipulates that Academic Manuscripts are a condition that must be fulfilled in the process of establishing legislation, with the hope that the resulting legislation becomes an effective and efficient product to fulfill community legal needs. It's just that empirically, this necessity is only fulfilled as a formality so that the process of forming laws is in accordance with the procedures stipulated through legislation. With a pattern like this, finally the quality of the Act is not significantly affected, with the existence of laws that are not in accordance with the material content, or unable to accommodate the legal needs of all Indonesian people, so judicial review must be submitted to the Constitutional Court. This empirical situation is interesting to study by taking a sample of the Act produced after the enactment of Law Number 12 of 2011. The study was conducted by asking the question why the Academic Script is required does not affect the quality of the law produced? The question becomes very important to solve because there will be found factors or argumentative reasons that are the cause of the infertility of Academic Scripts to produce quality laws.

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Ratna Herawati, Novira Maharani Sukma

The election of the President is very important because it opens opportunities for the people to actively participate in electing candidates for the President, therefore elections are a form of democracy. Every election has certainly held a campaign in an effort to introduce candidates to the President and get the hearts of the people. In the campaign, there are many ways that can be done, including conducting a campaign with a dialogical approach, face to face with the people with an enlightening and quality political education agenda. In the campaign it is often found that each team successfully conveys a negative campaign through a variety of political statements and methods that are expressed in provocative languages, sarcastic, and blasphemous by expressing each other’s ugliness or deficiencies in order to bring down opponents, as well as various tricks to get sympathy and support from the people. With the many negative campaign forms, it raises the question of whether there is an influence that has been made on Indonesia’s national integration. This study uses a normative juridical method with conceptual and statutory approaches. The results of this study that the negative campaign that occurred during the 2019 Presidential election tended to result in political polarization within the community, due to a strong commitment to each of the presidential candidates, giving rise to Indonesia’s national disintegration.

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Ismatullayeva Nargiza Rasuljanovna

This article focuses on how to identify lacuna, including hyponymic and hyperonymic lacunas occurring in semantic fields in comparison to Chinese and Uzbek languages. The article provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the scientific views of world linguists who have conducted research works on the semantic fields, hyponymy inclusion relations and the phenomenon of lacunarity. In particular, the article provides a quantitative analysis of lacunarity in the terms of clothing in Uzbek and Chinese languages.

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Elfia Farida, Rahayu, Dyah Wijaningsih

This study was conducted on how the State attempts to maximize legal protection against the rights of migrant workers and their family members, especially in Malaysia and how Indonesian state law protects the rights of Indonesian migrant workers and their family members. This study uses a legal pluralism approach, which seeks to operationalize the constructivism paradigm to obtain empirical and non-empirical material data. The social legal approach is also used to reveal empirical data as material for analysis to be submitted to the Legal Entity (State). The results of the study indicate that legally, Indonesia's efforts to maximize legal protection against the rights of migrant workers and family members are through Law No. 18 of 2017. Specifically with Malaysia, Indonesia and Perkeso, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, or SOCSO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on March 4, 2019. Politically, Indonesian state politics to protect Indonesian migrant workers and family members, among others, by ratifying ICRMW and establishing laws No. 18 of 2017 which adopted ICRMW as a whole although not all aspects of migration. This effort is needed, considering philosophically, Indonesian migrant workers need to be involved in the policy-making process so that safe migration for TKIs is realized. Pancasila is used as a tool or touchstone to test Law No. 18 of 2017 because these principles can provide a normative basis for the law to prioritize human values and act fairly and civilized.

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Amalia Diamantina, Lita Tyesta A.L.W,

Beginner voters are citizens who have an age range of 17 to 21 years old unless married. Beginner voters who reach the million mark are potential voters for the victory of candidates in the 2019 simultaneous elections, especially the simultaneous general election in 2019 is not only to elect legislators but also to determine the President and Vice President, so the participation of voters is very important for the running of the democratic process and the succession of national leadership. This study was conducted using a normative juridical approach, which uses legal materials as its main study and is supported by conceptual study studies as a complement to the analysis material. Many problems faced by beginner voters can actualize their voting rights. The issue is related to regulations relating to the administrative requirements of beginner voters, the external conditions of beginner voters who are faced with the wilderness of information which is not necessarily true and the conditions of internal voters who are immature and have no experience in determining their political choices. Minimize these conditions so that the election as a means of implementing people’s sovereignty can guarantee the distribution of the voice of the people, especially the voters, for the continuity of a quality democratic process.

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Chanchal Yadav and Sonali Pandey

Sustainable Agriculture has become a serious issue due to energy crisis and environment issues. Therefore, the agricultural production is aimed to make maximum output with minimum input. During agricultural production it is necessary to use organic fertilizers rather than chemical fertilizers. For this reason, Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and Phosphorous Solubilizing Bacteria are important because they help in nutrient acquisition by plants especially P and Zn. The present study focus on the treatment of selected host plants viz. (Tomato, Brinjal and Cucumber) with nine combinations of VAM and PSB along with control. Various biochemical parameters like reducing and non-reducing sugar, Ascorbic acid, Amino acid, Phosphorous, Chlorophyll content, Phenol, Starch etc. was studied of the treated plants and compared with control. The performance of these inoculants was evaluated individually and in combination with one another for screening the best microbial inoculants. Different treatments were given and results were obtained after 30, 60 and 90 days of inoculation of these selected biochemical parameters in three different host plants. A significant increase was observed on the yield of these three treated plants in terms of all the biochemical parameters as compared to control.

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Abdul Latif, Andi Mardiana

Local wisdom is much associated with the values, habits and positive traditions of a society. In the treasure of Gorontalo people's understanding, the creation of cultural values rests on Islamic values, as stated in the Holy Qur'an. This assertion has been indicated in principle: "Adat bersendi syara', syara' bersendi kitabullah". One of the cultures of Gorontalo people practised in their daily life patterns is huyula. The research objective is to find out how the huyula role in managing business entrepreneurs as well as opportunities and challenges in its application in Gorontalo Province. The results of this research indicate that the value of Huyula's philosophy reflects the development of the business world in Gorontalo province. The way in which Gorontalo business people do is to strengthen the workings of employees and make employees the best people, to support the achievement and performance of the company. Furthermore, the commitment that is built to care for and improve the quality and competence of employees, with attention and caring, will undoubtedly make employees as superior positive energy to produce the highest business turnover. Opportunities for the implementation of the values of togetherness in business practices in Gorontalo province include: the majority of Gorontalo's population are Muslim, and adhere to the cultural principle "Adatbersendisara', sara' bersendiKitabullah", an order to implement huyula culture is an instant mind-set, Persaigan unhealthy and afraid of taking risks, it is still often found in business activities in a small part of Gorontalo society.

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Ahmad Juliana, Hamidatun, Roni Padliansyah

: The volatility of Indonesian exchange rate caused the manager and investor panics. It happens causes they not know the method for anticipating. According to their insufficient knowledge direct to contagion effect for business activities and mitigate for financial distress. In general, that condition will not happen if they able to anticipate the exchange rate movement using the best forecasting model. There for, we investigate the volatility of Indonesia exchange rate by comparing three best model for forecasting. The novelty of this study is comparing three best forecasting model are: generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (GARCH), artificial neural network (ANN), and Neuro-GARCH for predicting Indonesia exchange rate to US Dollar. The results shown that Neuro-GARCH is the best model for forecasting and more accurate, it causes the value of MSE and MAPE smaller than generalized autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity (GARCH), artificial neural network (ANN).

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Melvin Rajkumar R, Shafee S.M., Sathish S, Johnson Samuel, Balaji R

The present experimental study investigates to Tribological - behavior on Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nano particles used as an additive of SAE (20W-40) engine oil. The nanoparticles were synthesized using the Two-step process in the laboratory, were scatter in the volume concentrations of 0.01, 0.02, and 0.05 in the engine oil using an utrasonicator. The tests for finding to friction as well as a wear feature were conducted using a 4ball tribotester for the ASTM standard D4172, consisting Load of 40 kilo gram at 1200 revolution per minute rotation for testing time of 1 hour at the temperature at 75 °C. Then an experimental result revealed to addition of nano particles to the engine oil improves from friction and anti-wear properties to a great extent. In this case Coefficient of Friction (COF) and their corresponding Wear Scar Diameter (WSD) and Wear Surface Area (WSA) were reduced for the samples containing Nanoparticle additives than those without nano particles. The samples with nano particles also showed good stability over a period of 1 month.

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Karmila suryani, Ambiyar, wakhinuddin, Khairudin

This article aims to analyze the lecturer career development program of vocational education by using SWOT. It is associated with the rule of lecturers functional promotion that is called Tridharma, including; education, teaching, research and publications, community service and support. The method used SWOT analysis, IFAS (Internal Strategic Factor Analysis Summary) and EFAST (External Strategic Factor Analysis Summary). SWOT analysis is conducted on a new lecturer in vocational education who has only been carrying out his duties as a lecturer for 9 years. The results obtained through SWOT, IFAS and EFAS analysis show that the Strength value (Streghts / S) is 2.01, Weakness / W is 0.75, Opportunity / O is 1.73, Threats / T is equal to 1.73, Threats / T .78. While the IFAS and EFAS diagrams is in cell 1 which means that the lecturer is in developing status to achieve the desired career.

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Anam Sutopo

This study aims to know the influence of reading ability, speaking proficiency, and classroom management toward student’s interpreting skill for the seventh semester students of English Education Study Program, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Muhammadiyah Surakarta of University. The type of this research was associational quantitative research. The population of this study is all students of the seventh semester students of English Education Study Program, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta (UMS) in 2018-2019 academic year, consisting of 197 students. The sample of this study was 129 students who are selected by using random sampling. This research applied the questionnaire and test for collecting the data. The questionnaires are dealing with reading ability, speaking proficiency, and classroom management, while the test is in line with student’s interpreting skill. The writers used SPSS version 21.0 to analyze the data which consist of descriptive statistic, classic assumption test, multiple regressions and hypothesis testing such as t-test (partial), f-test (simulation), coefficient of determination, predictor contributions. The result of this research shows that F result is 58.277 with the significant is 0.000. The result of R2 is 0.583. It means that there is a positive and significant influence of independent variables toward the dependent variable individually and simultaneously. There are positive and significant influence from student reading ability, students’ speaking proficiency, and teacher classroom management toward students’ Interpreting Skill in the seventh semester of English Education Department, UMS in the 2018/2019 academic year consisting of 58.3%. This means that students can get good achievements in interpreting if they improve their speaking proficiency and use their reading ability that make them easier to learn

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Mrs.B.Sivaranjani, Dr.C.Kalaiselvi

The process of diagnosis and treatment concerned with various ailments that affects the retina and the choroid beneath it need acquiring a set of fund us images, which uses the fund us camera. Also, these images require processing for achieving a better form of diagnosis and also treatment planning. The process of retinal image template matching is highly necessary for the extraction of particular features, which may be of immense use in diagnosis and medical treatment. In addition, registration of retinal images is hugely valuable during the extraction the motion parameters, which aid in creating an entire map on the eye’s retina and also in retinal tracking process. This research work presents an analysis for the image preprocessing, dimensionality reduction, template matching and registration approaches, which were reported for retinal images also.

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YasmeenBano , Dr.S.Vasantha

Employability is the qualities of individual which helps individual to achieve their profession. Yasmeen Bano, Dr.S.Vasantha (2019), stated that employability is the set of skills and the capability of individual and graduated to maintain their employment. Dacre Pool and Sewell (2007), Employability is a set of skills that makes an individual to achieve their profession through which they can get the success. Employment for the university graduate is influenced by many factors like institutional ranking, image, branding and programme structure. Chevalier and Conlon (2003), their aims to provide information about higher institutional fees charge by the reputed universities and revealed that since those universities provide the quality teaching services to their students they claim that they should have allowed to charge higher fees based on their earnings and cost of provision and suggested that university reputation on degree program is important because it directly the paper affects the employability of graduates. The main purpose of this paper is to understand the impact of university reputation on employability among the graduates. The paper also highlighted the importance of university reputation on employability among the graduates. And the related information has been collected from the published journal and other sources secondary sources of information.

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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country with three major ethnic communities: Malays (68.8%), Chinese (23%) and Indians (7%). A major chunk of the Indian population in Malaysia is poor, while most ethnic Chinese are prosperous. However, at the socio-economic level, both the Indian and Chinese community feel being discriminated and that they are not being accorded equal citizenship rights alongside the Malays, while there is revival of Islam in the country. This feeling of marginalisation and vulnerability in non-Malays has affected the process of national unity and integration. The author seeks to argue that it is very important for a developed country like Malaysia to accommodate the concerns of citizenship and discrimination of Indian and Chinese diaspora. Revising the policy of Bumiputera will go a long way in achieving this vision. Also, this will help foster better bilateral relation with India and with China.

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Argha Ghosh, Dr. A. Senthilrajan

Packet Inspection techniques are useful for the purpose of monitoring and analyzing the network traffic of a network as well as for Intrusion Detection Systems also. Moreover, Packet Inspection techniques are widely used by all the security concern-oriented systems and servers as well as, by all kinds of firewalls, gateway, etc. for providing better security to end user. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) are generally used Packet Inspection Techniques to detect the vulnerable anomalies from the Internet to protect end-user. There are three types of packet inspection techniques are there and they are Shallow Packet Inspection, Medium Packet Inspection and, Deep Packet Inspection. Among all those packet inspection techniques, Deep Packet Inspection is the most used technique in recent time as well as the most effective technique for packet inspection in real-time traffic over SPI and MPI.Shallow Packet Inspection is the first introduced packet inspection technique in the domain of network data packet monitoring and mainly known for performing the task of identifying the packet’s IP address, port number moreover known for inspecting the header of the data packet. Medium Packet Inspection used network’s nodes in terms of Networking and Data Communication called middle-boxes though are mainly used to be placed in a network and using those middle- boxes, Medium Packet Inspection perform the job of monitoring the network. Deep Packet Inspection is the technique among those packet inspection techniques, though can perform the task of analyzing packet on the packet’s header as well as in packet’s payload also. This research work will give an overview of all the three-packet inspection technique as well as describe all the aspects of those three packet inspection techniques from the perspective of real-time network traffic identification.

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Thoyazan Sultan Algaradi, B Rama

Nowadays, Big data is an exclusive term which describes the intricate and large amount of any significance structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data taking into account its volume, veracity, and variety. However, the biggest challenge faced in this area is security. The encryption is one of the important techniques that highlight its role in solving many problems of security, especially in Hadoop where it proved its worthiness protecting sensitive data. In this paper, a novel blowfish-based algorithm including a key scheduling procedure is proposed and integrated with Hadoop. The proposed scheme ensures a high level of security against any attacks attempt. Here, a pre-configured programming model of MapReduce is utilized to deal with large amounts of data and encrypt them in a parallel way that ensures a shorter processing time. Results analysis of Performance of the proposed algorithm proves its effectiveness and superiority in comparison to the traditional blowfish algorithm. Besides, the proposed algorithm makes a fair balance between security, time-consuming, and performance.

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Y. V. Pavan Kumar

Electrical energy demand of urban community buildings such as buildings of financial districts, industries, IT SEZs, greater communities, universities, etc., are increasing day-by-day resulting in frequent grid outages. Besides, in the modern smart grid era, the energy sector is looking for the load side management to deliver superior services to the consumers and also to manage their network effectively. To meet all the aforesaid objectives, “smart microgrids” are being deployed at distribution level by using information & communication technology (ICT) and instrumentation & control systems engineering. The fruitfulness of these systems depend upon how best it can manage all its individual assets, where, asset management systems (AMS) play a crucial role. An AMS facilitates monitored and coordinated activities in an organization to enable controlled environment to realize full potential value from the critical assets of the organization. Further, significant growth in technology and device protocols brings added value to AMS deployment. However, technology refresh problems, standard architectures, and suboptimal unified standards are creating difficulties for the users to deploy AMS for their assets. So, it is very important to understand all these aspects that are related to the AMS deployment for smart microgrids application. With this objective, this paper presents an overview of AMS and all its related aspects such as the architecture and its components, objectives, fault analysis, risk management, etc., along with a practical case study of a smart power system network.

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Fitria Wahidatul Mujahidah, Suparman

The most important thing about learning mathematics is to understand the concept of the material presented. To understand the mathematical concept students must have certain competencies, the competencies concerned are problem solving. This study aims to design a student's worksheet on two-variable linear equation system material using the RME approach to improve problem-solving skills used for students of class VIII MTs Nurul Ummah, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This study uses research and development (R & D) in designing worksheets for students with an ADDIE model. Development procedures include five phases, namely: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. This research is limited to analysis, design, and development. The research object is the curriculum, student characteristics, and evaluation of the teaching materials used. The instruments used are observations, problem solving skills tests, and interview guides. Data analysis techniques using Miles and Huberman. The results showed that students needed students worksheet materials with RME approaches to improve problem solving skills.

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Melvinasari, Suparman

This study aims to develop teaching materials in the form of modules based on the Realistic Mathematics Education learning model to improve students' problem solving abilities. This research is a development research with ADDIE development model, namely Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The subjects of this study were mathematics teachers and VII grade students. I Data collection instruments include interview guides, class observations, and tests. Interview guidelines are used to determine the difficulties and interest in learning students in the learning process. Guidelines for observation are carried out to obtain information about the curriculum and learning resources used. The test results are used to determine students' problem solving abilities. The module design produced is based on the RME according to the curriculum, material, characteristics of students, and formulate objectives. This research will then be developed into the steps of Development, Implementation, and Evaluation that will produce finished products.

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Dr. Keshao D. Kalaskar, Shipra Yadav, Pankaj Dhumane

Cloud computing is emerging as a strong computing paradigm with a view to efficiently utilizing resources and providing Green IT services. However, from a customer view, the choice to move to cloud computing stays dangerous given the advantages that would be achieved in that way. Cloud study is more focused on technological problems such as safety, performance, effectiveness and so on. Research on cloud computing implementation is nevertheless in its infancy. This article therefore tries to develop a model to assess the cost-benefits of deciding whether cloud computing is acceptable. Different organizational parameters, such as server amount, energy specifications and other computing / non-computer assets, are taken into account. For cost-benefit assessment, this system takes a three-layer strategy and provides perspectives into profitability if an organisation moves into cloud computer in each layer. The three layers are cost estimates, cost estimates based on the data pattern and the specific estimates of project costs. These layers are intended to offer distinct decision-making concentrations to help executives to identify the opportunities for their organization's cloud computing. Data from companies comprising both tiny and big data centers were gathered for cost benefit analysis. In comparison to established companies, cloud computing was discovered to be lucrative for start-ups and tiny companies (small group data centers).

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Noor Hazlini Borhan, Hazura Zulzalil, Sa’adah Hassan, Norhayati Mohd Ali

Requirement prioritization plays a crucial role in the software development process. In Agile Software Development (ASD), requirement prioritization (RP) is challenging to maintain and requires a more formal process. It is essential to prioritize the requirements for making the correct decision for either single or multiple releases of a product. Ignorance of critical requirements during prioritization results in poor quality and unsatisfied clients. Various techniques have been proposed to prioritize requirements based on specific criteria. This SLR aims to identify the RP techniques focusing on Agile Software Development, as well as the issues or limitations of previous works. It will serve as a guideline for the practitioners to develop an effective RP process that can produce high-quality requirements that are expected to meet the needs of the intended users. Search terms with appropriate keywords were utilized in several online databases to recognize primary studies mostly related to RP in ASD. This SLR also shows the significant research gaps regarding techniques and issues for requirements prioritization in ASD. The researchers identified that a total of 25 papers report complete empirical results. Some critical issues of RP in ASD include severe limitations in terms of scalability, complexity, uncertainty, time consumption, starvation issue, dependency issues among requirements, limited research focused on the non-functional requirements and a lower automation approach. There are some significant challenges of RP techniques in ASD, such as a conflict between the stakeholders, changes in the priority list lead towards rework, and requirement selection factors during the RP process.

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Namra Joshi, Dr. Pragya Nema

This paper probe the application of FACTS device STATCOM for enhancement of voltage stability of 9 MW wind based distribution generation system which is connected to a grid through a transformer. The simulation results of considered wind farm illustrate that the after connecting the statcom to the considered system the voltage profile of the system is considerably improved.

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Divya Gupta, Poonam Bansal, Kavita Choudhary

: The main aim of speech enhancement is to enhance the overall standard and intelligibility of the speech by decreasing the background noise level. This paper proposes a speech enhancement technique to enhance the speech signal in wavelet domain. The technique used is a combined approach of generalized spectral subtraction and MMSE log-STSA. The Experiment is conducted on male and female Database at different SNR levels.

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Reda Elbarougy, Gamal Behery, Akram El Khatib

Text summarization is one of the natural language processing’s applications. It is used to reduce the amount of the input text to get the important information, to save the user’s time. Text summarization composed of four stages: preprocessing, features extraction, building the summarization model, and finally applying the summarization algorithms to extract the summary. This paper uses graph-based algorithm which used in many researches before in summarization of Arabic text graph-based procedure still have low performance, due to the complexity of Arabic language. In the pre-processing stage stop-words are deleted relying upon a pre-characterized list. This paper investigates the impact of the stop words in the summarization performance. So, this research done in two phases the first phase is with stop words and the second phase is without stop words. Then the summarization ranking algorithms is applied, then the summary is extracted according to predefined compression ratio with redundancy removal. This research using the following features: nouns, term frequency and inverse document frequency. To evaluate the system EASC corpus is used. The performance of the summarization is increased when stop words are removed.

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Suharno, Kazan Gunawan

Until now, Indonesia's National Food Resilience is still in an unstable condition. This condition provides a real picture that there are problems for the Indonesian people in the field of food resilience. Because of the position of the existence of a very strategic region of Indonesia, Indonesia should become a prosperous and independent nation and state in terms of food sources. This study aims to create an Agricultural Governance Revolution towards Indonesia's National Food Resilience. The method used is a Descriptive Analysis by creating a Stock Flow Management Diagram of Food Resilience relating to the context of good governance in agriculture which includes procurement or production, processing, distribution and use or consumption activities. The results showed that the agricultural governance revolution must cover at least 4 aspects, namely; 1) Food availability and resilience, 2) Food distribution, 3) Provision of Food reserves, and 4) Management of Food Resilience. Furthermore, good governance practices must be able to be applied consistently, to principles in partnership terms, as the basis for more open governance in an agricultural governance revolution towards Indonesia's National Food Resilience.

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Hamzah, Hasbullah

The growing number of unemployment in Indonesia requires research to increase the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and motivation of the community for reducing the unemployment rate. However, the previous research showed the insignificant changes. This study examines the effect of the learning-based capacity building to develop an entrepreneurship character of students. This study implemented quantitative using ex-post facto design. One hundred and sixty-six students majoring in Economics involved as respondents in this study. The type of this research is ex post facto by using a quantitative approach. This study analyzes the causal relationship between the two variables that is the application of learning variables Capacity Building and Establishment of Entrepreneurial Character. The data of this study were collected by distributing the questionnaire. The data of this study were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. This study showed that the level of capacity-based learning to develop entrepreneurship character of students is in the very high category. This study also indicated that the improvement entrepreneurship character of the student is in a very high category after following the learning based on a capacity building in entrepreneurship subject. Ultimately, this study exposed that learning based on capacity building influences the student entrepreneurship character majoring in Economics.

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