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IJSTR Volume 6 - Issue 9, September 2017 Edition - ISSN 2277-8616

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Chafaa Hamrouni, Naceur Abdelkarim

In this article, we propose a Microstrip Antenna for Ultra Small Satellite (USS) telecommunication subsystem application in UWB (Ku frequency band and Ka band). The designed MA is based on circular patch antenna. We process by minimizing and adjusting the MA dimension to lift the latch of bandwidth while maintaining quality performance of other properties. We have developed a studied geometric shape and used tricks to design them. Obtained antenna feds by microstrip line and the ground plane. Antenna feed elements are placed on the same plate to reduce the spatial dimension. Successful results are presented to validate function of proposed design and its precision operating at high frequencies.

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Buzuayehu Abebe Yeketetu

The concentration Heavy metals (Pb, Cr, Cd), macronutrients (Na, K, Ca) and physicochemical properties (Temp., pH, EC, TDS) of soil, vegetable and water were investigated using standard procedures. Soil sample was taken using auger with 0 - 20 cm depth, using zigzag method. To determine the statistical differences between more than two groups of data ANOVA were used and t-test were also used to compare between two groups of data. And each vegetables sample was collected from the same place where a soil sample was taken. Uncultivated area was taken as control. Except, potassium, all physicochemical parameters for both ground (GW) and surface water (SW) were within recommended range of the standards (WHO and FAO) for agricultural use. The pH for GW as well as SW was slightly alkaline. Except Pb, Heavy metals concentrations for soil and vegetables samples were below the safe limits for human consumption. This high Pb levels in meki may probably attributed to more vehicular exhaust fumes. But, when statistically evaluated, using ANOVA, heavy metals concentration in soil samples were all significantly different (P<0.05) from Controlled (uncultivated) area. This shows that anthropogenic activities leading cause of metal emission. The concentration of macronutrients for soils and vegetables analyzed in all parts are within the range set up by the standards. The main purpose of this work is to know the sources of heavy metals emission and to control it using different methods.

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Ominikari, Abraham Godwin, Onumadu, Francis N., Eshiet, Abasiama Asuquo

The study assessed the activities made available to farmers for participation through Fadama III Project in Bayelsa State. Objective of the study was activities made available to farmers through National Fadama III Agricultural project delivery agency. Purposive sampling technique was used to select One-Hundred and fifty (150) farmers that participated, and 150 staff from the delivery agency. Data were collected with a structured questionnaire. The data collected was analyzed using frequency count, percentage, mean (X ̅), standard deviation (STD), while z-test was used to test the null hypotheses at 0.05% level of significance. Farmers in the state truly believe in the existence of various activities in Fadama III project in the state as being made available to them through the delivery agency. The result of the z-test showed that the mean response of the farmers in Fadama III projects was 2.986 while the mean response of the delivery agency was 3.793, there was significant difference (z = -20.245) in the mean score response of the delivery agency and participants of National Fadama III Agricultural Project on the various activities that were made available to the farmers at P ≤ 0.05. The study therefore recommended that National Fadama III Project activities should be reorganized to be of great benefit to the farmers, proper training in all the activities should be made available for effective participation, empower the participants to improve their income level, and to move them away from poverty by improving their standard of living by reorganizing the Fadama III Project.

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Musa Hassan Muhammad, Fiddausi Uba, Madinat R., Muhammad Muhd, M.A Sulaiman, Munzali S. Zubair

This study was conducted to isolate and identify bacteria air pathogens in our college lecture rooms using the natural sedimentation technique. The studied areas include political science lecture room III, criminology and security study lecture room III, English lecture room III, environmental management and toxicology lecture room II, mathematics lecture room II, physics lecture room II, postgraduate lecture room and main hall science. A total of 64 samples were collected during the course of this study out of which 56 (87.5 %) showed positive bacterial growth. The isolated bacterial species were identified as Staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, Streptococcus species and Bacillus subtilis. Staphylococcus aureus had the highest percentage occurrence of 51% followed by E. coli (25%) and Streptococcus species (21%) while Bacillus subtilis recorded the least (3%). These pathogens could be linked with several infections such as gastrointestinal tract infections, respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections and skin disorders. These findings would alert the students, staff and workers to these pathogens and their existence in our lecture rooms.

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Hamit Topuz, Arda Albayrak, Gamze Karslı

Lubricant markets are becoming even more competitive and therefore companies are relentlessly striving to reduce the inventory running costs to lessen the company expenses at a reasonable level in order to remain competitive in this highly volatile environment. It helps the companies becoming profitable and thus business grow. In this study our main goal was to focus on imported commodities from other branches of the company. The goods imported, due to the Company Policy, are not manufactured in the country. We try to improve existing model and to adopt above mentioned goods for calculating the safety stock levels that the company, especially during high seasons, experiencing stock outs resulting inevitable business losses. We presented a cost model approximation. It is shown that the proposed model not only reduce substantial cost of inventory, but also help to meet the customer expectations without employing highly expensive sophisticated software tools and therefore, it substantially aims to increase customer service level too.

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Nabila Al Balushi

This paper focuses on expansion of Barlow’s predictive model in which a large data set of 2,392,998 eligible screening mammograms taken from Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium which was previously used by Barlow in 2006 to predict a diagnosis of breast cancer in women through including interaction of exploratory variables. 12 explanatory variables that are assumed to influence the risk of developing breast cancer in women and they are :age, breast density, menopause status, race, Hispanic, BMI ,number of first degree relatives with breast cancer, previous breast procedure, age at first birth, surgical menopause, results of last mammogram, and current hormone therapy. Forward selection method was used to select the best predictive model including significant interaction terms. The results showed 33 interactions were included in the new model through forward selection procedure improved the predictive model. However, only 10 interaction terms were found to be significant across all levels of the risk factors. Also, the updated predictive model was found to better than the main effect model, as the AIC value decreased.

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Theingi Win Hlaing, Hla Myo Tun, Zaw Min Naing, Win Khaing Moe

This paper aims to evaluate the performance of target detection in the presence of sea clutter. Radar detection of a background of unwanted clutter due to echoes from sea clutter or land is a problem of interest in the radar field. Radar detector has been developed by assuming the radar clutter is Gaussian distributed. However, as technology emerges, the radar distribution is seen to deviates from the Gaussian assumption. Thus, detectors designs based on Gaussian assumption are no longer optimum for detection in non-Gaussian nature. The theory of target detection in Gaussian distributed clutter has been well established and the closed form of the detection performances can be easily obtained. However, that is not the case in non-Gaussian clutter distributions. The operation of radar detection is determined by radar detection theory with different types of Swerling target models; such as Swerling I, II, III, IV and V. By using MATLAB, these signal detection techniques are developed.

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Noel Bakobie, Bismark Adoah, Samuel J. Cobbina, Wilhemina Asare, Abudu B. Duwiejuah

The study was to assess household perception of water quality and its associated health consequences. Nine water samples were collected from three water sources and transported to the Water Research Institute, laboratory for analysis and 120 questionnaires were randomly administered. The physico-chemical values were within the Ghana Standard Board and World Health Organization maximum limits for potability except turbidity and nitrate concentrations. Nitrate concentrations ranged from 1.19 to 46.97 mg/l with a general mean value of 14.11 mg/l. Generally, there was a significant difference (P < 0.05) in some physico-chemical parameters values and E. coli count for the three water sources. The microbial count exceeded GSB and WHO limits for potability except Escherichia coli making the water unwholesome for drinking purpose. The community’s perception of water quality did not reflect much in the laboratory analysis. It is recommended that, proper treatment should be done at the household level to prevent health implications.

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Reza Tajarlou, Behzad ghorbany darabad

The public tenders are very important instrument, which the public sector uses to the allocation of great part of public expenditure for Welfare of citizens. Due to the the lack of resources and the optimal use of it, in line with the public interest and the rights of tenderers, tenders play a key role in the public sector operations; they can be defined as an instrument to increase the effectiveness of the public sector as a whole. But with the conflict of interests of the public and private sector, there needs to be transparency so that the rights of the parties to maintain and public confidence in the state increase. Transparency in Tenders cause the Suppliers that win the bids are those with the best product, at the best price targeted at achieving the best outcome. This paper examines the concept and types of tenders for the effects of transparency in government tenders.

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Jessica Saini, Mayank Agarwal, Akriti Gupta, Dr. Manjula R

Global Positioning System (GPS) is used in numerous applications in today’s world. A real time vehicle tracking system using the GPS technology is proposed in this paper. The project Android App based Vehicle Tracking Using GSM AND GPRS mainly focuses in tracking the location of the vehicle on which the device has been installed. It will then send the data in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates through SMS on the user’s mobile where the coordinates will be plotted in the Android app automatically. Initially, the GPS installed in the device takes input from the satellite and stores it in the microcontroller’s buffer. In order to track the vehicle, the mobile user has to call on the SIM number that is registered in the GSM module of the device. Once the call is received, the device authenticates the calling number. If authenticated, the location of the vehicle is sent to the registered mobile number in the form of SMS. After sending the message, the GSM is deactivated and the GPS is activated again. The coordinates of the location received in the SMS can be viewed on the android app. The hardware part described in the paper comprises of GPRS, GSM module, LCD to view the coordinates, ATMega Microcontroller MAX 232, Arduino, RS232 and relay.

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Hifnalisa, Asmarlaili, S., T. Sabrina, T. Chairun Nisa

Bener Meriah district is one of the arabica coffee producing regions in Indonesia. Most of arabica coffee in Bener Meriah district grown on Andisol. Generally, the availability of P in Andisol is very low. Phosphate providing microorganisms and organic matters can be used to increase Andisol P availability. The objective of this study was to examine the effect of the application of phosphate providing microorganisms and organic matters on P status in Andisol and P content in arabica coffee seedlings leaves in Bener Meriah district. The experiment used a randomized block design that consisted of two factors. Factor I was the application of phosphate providing microorganisms consisting of without microorganisms, Glomus sp., Kurthia sp., Corynebacterium sp., and Listeria sp. Factor II was the application of organic matters consisting of T. diversifolia and coffee bean skins. The results of the study showed that Glomus sp., Kurthia sp., Corynebacterium sp., and Listeria sp. decreased soil P-retention by 2.38, 5.12, 7.48, 9.17% respectively, increased soil P-available by 24.85, 36.03, 52.79, 77.33% respectively, and increased P-content in the arabica coffee seedling leaves by 22.22, 33.33, 37.03,72.27% respectively, compared to without the application of microorganisms. The application of coffee bean skins resulted in lower soil P-retention, higher soil P-available and P-content in arabica coffee seedling leaves than T. diversifolia. The application of Listeria sp.-coffee bean skins resulted in the lowest soil P-retention, the highest soil P-available and P-content in arabica coffee seedlings leaves.

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Thembamala. C. R

‘Ilavankaathy ilekiyam’ is an authentic siddha herbal confection recommended for the treatment of Diabetes mellitus. This present study has been carried out to scientifically emphasize the therapeutic effectiveness of Ilavankaathy ilekiyam as a monotherapy in the management of NIDDM at a dose of 2.5mg by oral route and it is taken two times daily. An open clinical study was conducted on 15 patients at Meegoda Ayurveda hospital, Sri Lanka. The effectiveness of the herbal confection was assessed by subjective and objective clinical parameters by means of changes in the severity of clinical manifestations and the fasting blood sugar levels for consecutive 25 weeks using a self-reported assessment criteria. The data was statistically analyzed by SPSS/16 software. The diet and other regimens which could aggravate Diabeties mellitus were well instructed to the patients. The herbal confection showed statistically high significance (p<0.01) in improvement of the overall clinical manifestations of Diabeties mellitus and reduced levels of fasting blood sugar was a concordance.

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M.V.S. Mendis

Human capital is a paramount important part of todays’ business world. For any company to achieve its corporate strategies, it is important to have motivated, committed workforce within the company. Therefore keep employees satisfy is a necessity for any organization. Otherwise they may leave the company as there are lots of job opportunities remain in this modern business world. This study focus on how reward system of an organization impact on employee turnover intention. This study empirically evaluated five independent variables (remuneration, cash incentives, work life balance, supervisor support and employee recognition) and their relationship to the turnover intention of non-executives in the logistics industry of Sri Lanka. The sample consists of 97 non-executive staff in the logistics industry of Sri Lanka. The data collection was done by using a self-administrated structured questionnaire. The results indicated that remuneration, cash incentives, work life balance, supervisor support and employee recognition variables were negatively and significantly correlated with turnover intention. And those relationships were strong. Results of regressing the reward system on turnover intention showed that reward system is a powerful predictor of labour turnover in logistics industry of Sri Lanka. The research findings give evidence that better financial and non-financial rewards have strong impact on employee turnover intention. Therefore to reduce employee’s high intention to leave the company, the management needs to develop well balanced reward system in both financial and non-financial aspects.

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Alemayehu Letebo Albejo, Temam Abrar Hamza , Huligerepura Sosalegowda Aparna

This study investigates the role of buffalo colostrum and milk whey derived peptides in protection against oxidative damage induced by 2, 4-Dinitrophenol (2, 4-DNP) in human blood serum samples in vitro. A biomarker enzymes for oxidative stress like Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and acid phosphatase (ACP), oxidative damage markers indicating extent of host antioxidant reserve indicators like reduced glutathione (GSH) were measured by spectrophotometric techniques in four different groups namely (1) Human blood plasma only (control) , (2) Human blood plasma + 2,4-DNP, (3) Human blood plasma + colostrum whey derived peptides + 2,4-DNP ,(4) Human blood plasma + colostrum whey derived peptides , (5) Human blood plasma + milk whey derived peptides + 2,4-DNP and (6) Human blood plasma + milk whey derived peptides. Following exposure to 2, 4-DNP, levels of antioxidants like GSH was significantly decreased in comparison to control, e.g., GSH [0.568 ± 0.015 vs0.871 ± 0.022µmol/0.1 mg proteins. In addition, the concentration of biomarker enzymes for 2,4-DNP induced membrane damage and oxidative stress like ALP and ACP were increased in serum by oxidant compared to control, e.g., ALP [5.497 ± 0.185 vs. 2.782 ± 0.000µmol/mg protein], ACP [1.689 ± 0.047 vs. 0.629 ± 0.047µmol/mg protein]. Pretreatment with buffalo whey derived peptides significantly protects 2,4-DNP induced RBC membrane lyses and release of ALP and ACP into serum environment. e.g., ALP [3.444 ± 0.094 vs. 5.497 ± 0.185 µmol/mg protein], ACP [0.629 ± 0.047 vs. 1.689 ± 0.047µmol/mg protein]. Pretreatment with whey derived peptides give protection to oxidative damage and shifts the trend towards amelioration and replenishment of the antioxidant status.

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Mai Salaheldin Elsherbiny, Dr. Wagdy R. Anis, Dr. Ismail M. Hafez, Dr. AdelR. Mikhail

Solar energy is rapidly gaining ground as an important mean of expanding renewable energy use. Solar tracking is employed in order to maximize collected solar radiation by a photovoltaic panel. In this paper we present a prototype for Automatic solar tracker that is designed using Arduino UNO with Wind sensor to Cease Wind effect on panels if wind speed exceeds certain threshold. The Proposed solar tracker tracks the location of the sun anywhere in any time by calculating the position of the sun. For producing the maximum amount of solar energy, a solar panel must always be perpendicular to the source of light. Because the sun motion plane varies daily and during the day it moves from east to west; one needs two axis tracking to follow the sun's position. Maximum possible power is collected when two axis tracking is done. However, two axis tracking is relatively costly and complex. A compromise between maximum power collection and system simplicity is obtained by single axis tracking where the plane (North south axis) is fixed while the east west motion is accomplished. This work deals with the design of both single and two axis tracking systems. Automatic trackers is also compared to Fixed one in terms of Energy generated, Efficiency, Cost and System reliability.

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Basyarullah Lubis

In the construction of public facilities and infrastructure, attention should always be given to matters that are directly or indirectly related to the construction of such facilities and infrastructure. As in the construction of drainage, there are several things that affect it, one of which is most often used as a reference in the calculation of drainage channel dimension is maximum rainfall or maximum daily rainfall intensity. Tanjung Selamat is chosen for study because this road is a liaison route for the surrounding community activities and Tanjung Selamat area and Medan city or Pancur Batu District. Therefore, it is necessary a review of the existing drainage channel of rapid development that occurred in Jalan Flamboyan Raya of Tanjung Selamat village both residential areas and places of business. This situation reduces the area of water catchment so that water is often abundant and make the existing drainage channel cannot accommodate it. This research is conducted in several stages, and with Pearson's Log Distribution Method of Type III which aims to determine the magnitude of the peak flood discharge in a particular repetitive period. Based on the results of research and calculations that have been done know that the amount of existing drainage discharge ( )is smaller than peak flood discharge ( )in the area around Flamboyan Road Raya of Tanjung Selamat village. Other causes of the flooding that occurred in the location where the research that the authors do is human behavior that is not friendly to the environment such as littering haphazardly or into the drainage channel, less attention to the maintenance of drainage channels around their dwelling, soil-walled conditions so very vulnerable to changes that affect the ability of the channel to drain the water. Equally important is the development around Jalan Flamboyan Raya of Tanjung Selamat village especially the establishment of various buildings either for residences or for business places resulting in reduced water catchment area. To overcome the problem of puddles / floods with the concept of minimizing or eliminating it in the area around Jalan Flamboyan Raya of Tanjung Selamat village which has an area of water puddle  6.839742165 Ha is rearranged the existing drainage network.

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Try Koryati

This study aims to determine the most appropriate concentration of IAA hormones + Kinetin on rubber clones to accelerate the mature tapping. Experiments have been carried out in Karang Inong Plantation, PTP N I Langsa, East Aceh. This study is arranged in two factors of Nested Design. Clones factor is consisted of 5 level and IAA hormon + Kinetin factor has 7 levels. The results showed that the concentration of IAA hormones + Kinetin is different to each clone to accelerate mature tapping. Application of IAA hormone + Kinetin significantly affect the parameters of girth, bark thickness, number of latex vessels, latex vessel diameter, leaf area and the amount of chlorophyll. Application of IAA 600ppm + Kinetin 60 ppm (H6) show the largest increase on the girth. Clone treatment is also has significant effect on all parameters, but the largest girth found in clones PB 330 and IRR 5. Combination of Clones with IAA hormone + Kinetin significantly affects the bark thickness, the number of latex vessels and latex vessel diameter. Application of IAA 400 ppm + Kinetin 60 ppm has no significant effect on girth, but able to accelerate the mature tapping particularly for clones PB 330 and IRR5 (K2H4 and K5H4) as indicated by girth size namely 48.15 cm and 48.20 cm respectively at planting age 46 months.

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Loay Bushara, Dr. Abuagla babiker, Ashwani Upadhyay

This paper is about developing a php algorithm that sense real time data by a distributed WSN from the area under consideration and uses that information to define the exact location of fire & provides the shortest, safest path for affected people. This algorithm also sends information immediately to the nearest firefighter center & help them to reach the spot for rescue operation using shortest possible path. The area considered to test & validate the applicability of algorithm is Elshagra GAS depots in south Khartoum Sudan. This algorithm takes into account all the fired spots & predicts level of support needed based on intensity of fire. The algorithm is demonstrated on a scattered wireless sensor network test platform and in simulation. The results of simulations are presented in subsequent sections to demonstrate the applicability of algorithm.

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Nsengiyumva A., Byamushana C.K., Rurangwa E.

Soybean (Glycine max .L) is an important food crop in Rwanda and has recently been identified as one of the priority crops for the Crop Intensification Program (CIP) for the country. However, its productivity is low, standing at about 0.8 t/ha against the potential of 3-5 t/ha, depending on the varieties used. The use of organic and inorganic fertilizers to increase soybean productivity is constrained by their high cost to most small scale farmers. Use of farm yard manure is also limited by the unavailability of livestock to most soybean growers. In this regard, the most viable alternative to fertilization would be deployment of Nitrogen-fixing microorganisms to soybean farming systems. These, however, need to first be tested on the available soybean varieties. A field experiment was carried out in Nyarubaka sector of Kamonyi District to evaluate the response of two soybean varieties (Peka6 and SB24) to Rhizobium inoculation without limitation of phosphorus. The experiment was laid down in completely randomized block design with three replicates. The results obtained showed significant differences (P < 0.05) in grain yields and nodules mean score between inoculated and no inoculated treatments. The variety Peka6 responded to the Rhizobium inoculants more than SB24. Although further studies need to be conducted to obtain conclusive information on these Nitrogen fixers, the study indicates that Peka6, in combination with the right Rhizobia inoculants, could be recommended to replace conventional fertilization for our poor farming households

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R. K. Tsatsop, G. Djiobie, K. Regonne, V. Bama, A. Mbawala, M. Ngassoum

The purpose of this study was to optimize the formulation of ointment base by using statistical mixture design. Screening of hard thickeners (Palm Stearin, Beef Tallow and Beeswax) was done to choose the best hard thickener or combination of hard thickeners whose nature and proportions would give the best semi-solid and consistent ointment with desired rheological properties (Spreadability, viscosity, hardness). Contour plots of each response were depicted, based on the equation given by the statistical-fitted models. The optimum area for the ointment base properties, were located and the combination Beeswax:Palm stearin:Beef Tallow was chosen. Other optimization was done to check the contribution of different factors (Hard Thickener, Soft Thickener and Lubricant) on the rheological properties and their correlation. A strong inverse correlation was found to exist between the spreadability and the viscosity of the ointment base (91%). A multi-response optimization was done to obtain a combined optimum proportion of ingredients that gave us 5% HT, 84%ST and 11% L. It can be concluded that the ointment base obtained with optimal rheological and drug release properties can be used for cosmetic and pharmacological applications. The plant extracts can be incorporated in this matrix for herbal ointments.

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Purvil Bambharolia, Prajeet Bhavsar, Vivek Prasad

Cloud computing is a novel technology in the field of distributed computing. Usage of Cloud computing is increasing rapidly day by day. In order to serve the customers and businesses satisfactorily, fault occurring in datacenters and servers must be detected and predicted efficiently in order to launch mechanisms to tolerate the failures occurred. Failure in one of the hosted datacenters may propagate to other datacenters and make the situation worse. In order to prevent such situations, one can predict a failure proliferating throughout the cloud computing system and launch mechanisms to deal with it proactively. One of the ways to predict failures is to train a machine to predict failure on the basis of messages or logs passed between various components of the cloud. In the training session, the machine can identify certain message patterns relating to failure of data centers. Later on, the machine can be used to check whether a certain group of message logs follow such patterns or not. Moreover, each cloud server can be defined by a state which indicates whether the cloud is running properly or is facing some failure. Parameters such as CPU usage, memory usage etc. can be maintained for each of the servers. Using this parameters, we can add a layer of detection where in we develop a decision tree based on these parameters which can classify whether the passed in parameters to the decision tree indicate failure state or proper state.

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Akaram Husain, Zaiton Hassan, Asma Saleh W. El-mabrok, Mohd Nizam Lani, Mohd Bodrul Munir

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) are known as to have inhibitory activity against fungi and other pathogens. In this study LAB from soil and fermented chilli fruits were evaluated for their inhibitory activity against Fusarium sp. CID124-CS that was isolated from chilli fruits. Three LAB isolates (Lb. plantarum1-MSS, P. pentoceous1-MSS isolated from soil, one Lb. plantarum1-FCF from fermented chilli) and two from ATCC culture Lb. acidophilus ATTCC314 and Lb. plantarum ATCC8014 showed strong inhibitory activity against growth of target fungi evaluated by well diffusion assay showed high growth inhibition (6.05 mm to 7.60 mm) within 48 h at 28oC. Adding LAB supernatant to Potato Dextrose Broth (PDA) with fungi reduced mycelia growth from 36.00% to 60.00%. Similarly, fungal mass reduction with cells of LAB in De Man Rogosa and Sharpe Broth (MRSB) ranged 98.0% to 99.9% after 72 h incubation at 28oC by micro tire plate assay. Whereas, conidial germination in MEB with LAB supernatants were reduced by 93.3% to 96.6% using micro titre plate assay. This study showed that cells and CFS of LAB isolated from soil have antifungal activity and could be used as antifungal agent against Fusarium sp. CID124-CS that infect to chilli.

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Akpan, W. A , Odukwe, A.O. , Okorie, B. A.

This study presents a methodology for application of condition based maintenance (CBM) in Nigerian electric power industry. The inspection cost, condition monitoring instruments cost and anticipated failure cost at Afam iv electric power station were investigated using a proposed model. A matrix for decision making that minimizes the total expected cost in the system was determined using combinatorial optimization. This method is highly recommended for CBM management of the power plant.

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This research analyzes effects of foreign direct investment and Its Impact toward employment and export performance in Indonesia 2005-2015. This research with secondary data focuses on the Supporting factors in which attract foreign direct investment into Indonesia. This research focused on the problem; First; the impact of labor, export results, economic growth rate, exchange rate, inflation rate, interest rate, and tax toward foreign direct investment, second; the impact of foreign direct investment on the expansion of employment and export performance in Indonesia during the period 2005-2015. The result of this research explains that variables of human resources(labor) and export performance give positive effect as significantly to attracting foreign direct investment in Indonesia. While foreign direct investment in Indonesia gives positive effect to employment creation and to export performance.

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Budi Susatia

Lifestyle is a habit of one's life that can affect his health status in the future. Hypertension is a relatively disguised problem but it contains great potential for big problems as well. Hypertension can cause disability or even death. the authors are interested to examine the influence of lifestyle on the incidence of hypertension in adult age (30-40 years) in the Polyclinic of Internal Medicine RSUD dr. Saiful Anwar Malang. This study will produce a picture of the lifestyle of patients who control in the Polyclinic of Internal Medicine dr. Saiful Anwar Malang, aged between 30-40 years, will further investigated the lifestyle and if there any influence on the incidence of hypertension in adulthood (30-40 years). The research design used is descriptive method. Descriptive method is a method of research conducted with the main purpose to create a picture or description of a situation objectively. Population in this research is patient who control in Polyclinic of Internal Medicine RSUD dr. Saiful Anwar Malang with the age range between 30-40 years with the number of 295 people for the average of 2 weeks. Based on data obtained in the study (such as attachments 8 and 9) on the results of data processing lifestyle of patients , it can be stated that there is no lifestyle influence on the incidence of hypertension at adult age (30-40 years) in Internal Disease Polyclinic in RSUD dr Saiful Anwar Malang. The number of questions per subvariabel is not the same, so the result of lifestyle picture obtained is not proportional. When working on the problem is when the patient is waiting for a doctor to come or wait to be called for review, so the possibility of the patient is not concentrated in answering questions.

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Ibrahim. A.H.Mohamed

This paper has been presented to outline some issues with the institutional theory and it is based on the theoretical understanding. In order to conceptualize the rules, their pragmatic application will be discussed. There are many efforts have been made to develop this theoretical perspective for developing empirical understanding of the theory. During recent years, this theory went through major advancements and gained popularity; however, we believe that it has several significant theoretical/methodological issues, which limit its applicability and effectiveness. The most important issues include static institutional explanations, and difficulty while calculating some institutional variables. In this study, we have addressed a major issue with this theory, which is its static nature, using the “institutionalization” concept, explaining institutional structures, and developing better institutional explanations. This study negates/refutes the claims of many researchers, who stated that the institutional theory is rich in concepts and has advanced to, "warrant more formal models and codification." The present study is an effort to resolve the conflict between researchers belonging to different schools of thought on the theory. In this paper, we tried to identify the range and depth of the conflicting concepts and areas of agreement. This paper demands of researchers and specialists to clarify their stance providing details and contributing towards this theory's further development, which will certainly benefit researchers and professionals in this field.

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Satria Tirtayasa, Mukmin

Small Medium Industry (SMI) is one of important sector for Indonesia economy, especially for the region/province development. Because of the North Sumatra province goverment has to indentify the competitiveness of SMI industry of every districts and analysis what are dominant factors that has a high competitiveness of SMI at Serdang Bedagai Districts, thus it can make contribution for goverment program and activity to increase SMI. The SMI competitiveness research analysis based on the five aspects, such as capital, production, promotion, management, and sales. The reseach sample of Serdang Bedagai Distric t are 100 SMI where spread at 15 Sub-Districts. The reseacrh have found that two sub-Districts has high competitiveness, such as Pantai Cermin Sub-Distric and Sei.Rampah Sub-District. Meanwhile, factor analysis found that promotion aspect and production aspect are dominant factors for SMI compettiveness at Serdang Bedagai Distric (North Sumatra-Indonesia) with Variance Explaince 35,65 %. Therefore, both aspects (promotion and production are importan factor of Serdang Bedagai District government to enhance the SMI.

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Azhar Susanto

Organizational commitment is factor which can improve the quality of accounting information systems. In Indonesia, this phenomenon happens in many organizations showing that there is disintegrated accounting information systems which then causes unqualified accounting information. This research was carried out in order to find out fact through examination presenting in the influence of Organizational commitment towards accounting information system. Data used in this research were gained through survey by distributing questionnaires to company in indonesia. The data were then managed statistically by applying SEM PLS. Research method used was explanatory research. The result of this study shows that the problem in inqualified accounting information system occurs due to the Organizational commitment is not entirely good as expected.

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Azhar Susanto

Management change are factor which can improve the quality of accounting information systems. In Indonesia, this phenomenon happens in many organizations showing that there is disintegrated accounting information systems which then causes unqualified accounting information. This research was carried out in order to find out fact through examination presenting in the influence of management change towards accounting information system. Data used in this research were gained through survey by distributing questionnaires to company in indonesia. The data were then managed statistically by applying SEM PLS. Research method used was explanatory research. The result of this study shows that the problem in inqualified accounting information system occurs due to the change management is not entirely good as expected.

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Azhar Susanto

Business process and risk management are factors which can improve the quality of accounting information systems. In Indonesia, this phenomenon happens in many organizations showing that there is disintegrated accounting information systems which then causes unqualified accounting information. This research was carried out in order to find out fact through examination presenting in the influence of business process and risk management towards accounting information system. Data used in this research were gained through survey by distributing questionnaires to company in indonesia. The data were then managed statistically by applying SEM PLS. Research method used was explanatory research. The result of this study shows that the problem in inqualified accounting information system occurs due to the business process and risk management is not entirely good as expected.

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Engidaw Abel Hailu

In this paper, the results of the energy audit of buildings in Arba Minch Institute of Technology (AMIT) are presented. The objective of the study was to identify the energy lossy applications, activities and traditions and to suggest the least costly energy conservation mechanisms. All functional lighting systems, office equipment, desktop computers and water fixtures (showerheads, dishwashers, toilet flushers and hand washers) are taken into consideration for the study. Increased energy consumption due to daytime operation of lighting systems, inactive mode operation office equipment and desktop computers and poor water management practices were the focus of the study. Based on the audit results, poor water management practice in the campus contributes the most to the total energy loss followed by the inactive mode energy consumption of desktop computers and daytime operation of outdoor lighting systems. Therefore, a significant amount of energy can be saved by practicing regular maintenance of water fixtures and pipes in the campus. Moreover, awareness creation campaign can help a lot in reducing the energy loss, which could be resulted from inactive mode energy consumption of computers and daytime operation of lamps. Installation of electronic day light control and motion detection systems can be potentially used to reduce the energy consumption of lighting systems operating in the daytime and in class rooms and halls both in the day and night time respectively.

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Dr. Sarita Dash

In today’s economic scenario, the rising incomes and expectations in the wake of rapid urbanization has created a crying need for creation of value concept in the appropriate climate which will encourage emergence of good human-beings, a band of worthy as well as socially responsible professionals and will eventually lead to the creation of a good society. So, this paper has been designed to look at the present status of Architectural Education at Diploma level in a dynamic society. To meet the demands of the changing needs of the changing society, the future architectural education should address some pertinent issues regarding soft skills, which has been discussed in this paper. A little measure has been taken to explain that the innovations and practices in architectural education will impose new demands on the teachers who are mainly responsible for the rectification of the foundation at root level to cultivate the human values as a part of their teachings. The paper has also talked about the outcome of evaluation that necessitates the change in education to express the qualitative significance to human consciousness.

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Chowdhury Saleh Ahmed

The climate resilient cluster village with handlooms was established by an NGO named “ActionAid Bangladesh” with the objective of ensuring secure living and productive service for sustained livelihood in the Jamuna river basin of Bangladesh. The experience was that the poor people had their handloom factories and dwellings devastated by flood almost every year with consequential threat to livelihood and dignity of the women. It was therefore felt essential to facilitate them in building multi-hazard resilient handloom factories so as to make them self-protective from windy storm, foggy weather, monsoon flooding theft etc. The program started with a threadbare discussion with the vulnerable communities in a participatory manner where the program staffs has sat with the community groups, especially the poor, to generate the basic analysis of vulnerabilities, the community is facing and its link to climate change. The community itself did the analysis and analyzed the vulnerability faced by them. The result is building of climate resilient handloom industry for 10 families whose industrial unit and dwellings were devastated almost annually by flood. A variant of a social and economic analysis is carried out to determine scaling up of these types of adaptations to similar ecological zones of the country and elsewhere.

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Regino T. Panes, Gloria P. Gempes, Rinante L. Genuba

The purpose of this study was to determine the best fit model of job satisfaction. Specifically, it established the interrelationship among spiritual leadership, school culture, efficacy belief, and job satisfaction of the teaching force of selected private schools in Region XI. Quantitative research design and structural equation model were utilized in this study. The data were gathered from the 400 teachers of selected private schools in Region XI. There were four sets of survey questionnaires used in data gathering. Findings revealed that the level of spiritual leadership, school culture, efficacy belief were very high, and high for job satisfaction. There were significant relationships between and among spiritual leadership, school culture, efficacy belief and job satisfaction. Results also revealed that spiritual leadership, school culture, and efficacy belief significantly influence job satisfaction. Importantly, the parsimonious model suggested that spiritual leadership and school culture are drivers of job satisfaction of the teaching force of respondents in the study.

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Dyah Rini Indriyanti, Siti Mahmuda, Muji Slamet

Beauveria bassiana is a parasitic mold for insect, it is commonly used as a control agent. Spodoptera litura is insect pest attacked tobacco plants in Salatiga. This studied would give analysis the effectiveness of B. Bassiana on S. litura larvae mortality with various doses. B. bassiana was obtained from Estate Crop Protection Board (BPTBUN) in Salatiga, Central Java as dust formulation. The S. litura. larvae were obtained from tobacco farm, then adapted to laboratory environment for two days before used for Bioessay. There were five different doses treatment: 1g 100 mL-1, 2g 100 mL-1, 4g 100 mL-1, 8g 100 mL-1 and 0 g 100 mL-1 (as control). Each treatment used 10 larvae and repeated five times. The result showed that B. bassiana with 8 g100 mL-1 concentration was more effective to kill S.litura larvae than others doses. The important finding of this research is that B. Bassiana can be used to control S. litura larvae safely and not pollute the environment.

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Delvia Gita Friolina, Sudarsih, Tatok Endhiarto, Didik Pujo Musmedi

This study aims to examine the influence of competence, communication, and commitment to the performance. This research has been carried out in Department of Environment and Transportation (DET) in Bondowoso, Indonesia. This study used quantitative approach with explanatory method. To analyze the data, the study uses 163 respondents and applies multiple linear regression analysis. The statistical result showed that competence has positive and significant effect on the performance of civil servants in DET Bondowoso. It means if competence of civil servants suits their job, it will increase performance of the civil servants. Communication have positive and significant effect on the performance of civil servants. It indicates that better communication that will increase the performance of civil servants. Commitment has positive and significant effect on the performance of civil servants. It means that higher commitment of civil servants to their office will increase the performance of civil servants in Department of Environment and Transportation in Bondowoso.

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Widyawati Boediningsih, Afdol, Suwardi

Indonesia is a very rich country, fascinating the beauty of the panoramic, so attract much foreign tourists to come and see its beauty. Furthermore Indonesia is a country that often experience natural disasters, ranging from floods, mount erupted until to Tsunami, Indonesia Located in a geographical location that is prone to disaster. Disasters can be caused by both natural and behavioral factors that are not responsible for utilizing and managing natural resources and the environment. In some areas of Indonesia, disasters examples that hit the country. So far, there are available disaster management regulation tools, namely Law Number 24 Year 2007 which provides disaster management framework, Pre-disaster comprehend, emergency response, and post-disaster. Although the law has outlined comprehensive disaster management provisions, so far is still focused on the emergency response period. Further actions such as mitigation, rehabilitation and reconstruction appear not to be a top priority of disaster management activities. Other issues that are still scattered are coordination, rescue aid, appropriateness of assistance, and distribution spread evenly. Institutional : On the mandate of Law 24/2007 also institutional had been formed National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) at the local level throughout and Indonesia.BNPB also set up a technically existing technical unit (UPTD) of 12 units. A BNPB Institution supported by trained human resources (HR) trained to be deployed to even the most difficult terrain.

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Advik Kumar, Esmriti Batacharia, Raja Sadana

The effects of ever-increasing wind power generation for solving the economic dispatch (ED) problem have led to high penetration of renewable energy source in new power systems. Continuing search for better utilizing of wind turbine associated with thermal sources to find the optimal allocation of output power is necessary in which pro-vide more reliability and efficiency. Dynamic nature of wind energy has imposed uncertainties characteristics in the poser systems. To deal with this problem, an effective probabilistic method to investigate all unpredictability would be a good idea to make more realistic analysis. This paper presents a heuristics optimization method based on harmony search (HS) algorithm to solve non-convex ED problems while uncertainties effects caused by wind turbines are considered. To involve a realistic analysis as a more practical investigation, the proposed probabilistic ED (PED) approach includes prohibited operating zone (POZ), system spinning reserve, ramp rate limits, variety of fuel is considered in this studies. Point Estimate Method (PEM) as a proposed PED model the uncertainties of wind speed for wind turbines to present better realization to the problem. Optimal solution are presented for vari-ous test system, and these solutions demonstrate the benefits of our approach in terms of cost over existing ED techniques.

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Lamenew Fenta, Animut Assefa

The prevention of pathogenic bacteria by lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated directly from foods is an innovative approach. With the aim of determining the anti-bacterial activity of Lactic acid bacteria isolated from “ergo” and “qotchqotcha”, Ethiopian fermented food, 12 samples of each were taken from the 4 different kebeles of Assosa town. Isolation of LAB from the selected samples were carried out using MRS media. The different set of isolates were characterized using primary biochemical tests. Isolates which were gram positive, catalase negative and KOH negative were considered to be presumptive LAB and further characterized by using different biochemical tests for further identification. 16 isolates from ergo samples were isolated. Based on Bergey’s manual of determinative bacteriology, the 16 isolates belonged to four (4) LAB species, namely Lactobacillus acidophilus (18.75%), Lactobacillus casei (31.25%), Streptococcus thermophiles (25%) and Lactobacillus bulgaricus (25%). Likewise, 5 isolates were isolated from Qotchqotcha and the five isolates were found to be Lactobacillus acidophilus (80%) and Pediococcus acidilactici (20%). Cell free solution from MRS broth culture of theses LAB was prepared and tested against Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Staphylococcus aureus using agar-well diffusion method. Of the 16 isolates isolated from ergo, 9 of them show antimicrobial activity against E. coli O157:H7 (with a largest inhibition zone measured about 7.33±1.20mm by EK0101) and 12 of them show antimicrobial activity against S. aureus (with a largest inhibition zone measured about 11.66 ±0.88mm by EK0201). On the basis of morphological and biochemical test done, EK0101 was found to be presumptive Lactobacillus acidophilus and EK0201 to be Streptococcus thermophiles. All of the isolates isolated from Qotchqotcha showed antimicrobial activity against the tested organisms though there was a significant difference in their activity (P<0.05). The isolate QK0201 showed an inhibition zone of about 6.67±0.88 mm against E. coli and 12.3±1.20 mm against S. aureus. QK0201 was also found to be presumptive Lactobacillus acidophilus. Generally, in this study, ergo and qotchqotcha were found to be a good source of LAB which have the potential to inhibit the growth of many pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and S. aureus. So, there is a possibility to use them as an alternative therapeutic agent with no risk of antibiotic resistance and also against spoiling microorganisms.

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Degye Goshu, Mohammed Yimer

This paper examines the dynamics of food supply per capita and undernourishment in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) for a panel of 42 countries. The dataset was constructed from the FAO and the World Bank global databases for four rounds in five-year intervals. Ordinal measures of national food supply status were generated from daily calorie supply per capita of SSA countries. Regional and inter-temporal dynamics of food supply status (very low, low, medium), transition rates, and the associated forces underpinning this dynamic process were analyzed and stylized by parametric and non-parametric measures. Economic and socio-demographic factors and regional heterogeneities determining the dynamics of food supply situation in SSA were identified by random-effects ordered probit model. The empirical findings indicate that the food supply level of SSA countries was enhanced by agricultural production and industrial value added, as a proxy for structural transformation. However, it was adversely affected by military expenditure, inflation level of consumer prices, proportion of rural population, age dependency ratio, and regional heterogeneities. The likelihood of SSA countries to face incidence of very low, low and medium calorie per capita supply was 23 percent, 61 percent and 16 percent, respectively. To improve the level of food supply per capita and thereby to reduce food poverty situation, SSA countries and other stakeholders need to focus on policies designed to enhance economic growth through agricultural production, creation of employment opportunities with structural transformation, enhancing health care services, improving their demographic structure through family planning, and controlling national and regional shocks and instabilities.

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Caglar Mert Aydin

Flavour development in cheese is a complex process in which major catabolic pathways involved. Initially, the curds of different cheese varieties have almost the same flavours, however the curd produce flavour compounds which lead to discrimination among cheese verities in terms of flavour throughout ripening. The major biochemical pathways involved throughout ripening of cheese are the followings; liberation of FFA (free fatty acid), associated catabolic reactions, the degradation of the casein matrix to peptides and FAA (free amino acids), the reactions for catabolism of FAA and the metabolism of lactate and citrate. In this review, the general pathway for formation of volatile and non-volatile flavour compounds are stated and detailed knowledge as to products of amino acid catabolism, proteolysis, lipolysis, lactate and citrate metabolism well discussed.

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Vivek Jitendra Panchal, Nachiket Milind Chitnavis

It is the object of the presented paper to provide an electromechanical rotary valve actuating system for opening and closing valves of an internal combustion engine, capable of separately controlling both the inlet and exhaust valve operations of each individual cylinder in a multi-cylinder engine. This indicates that only one valve will be required for each cylinder of the engine. Previously published versions of this concept require a separate valve for intake and exhaust in each cylinder. The system provides an alternative to the camshaft assembly, in an attempt to overcome the limitations and inadequacies inevitably posed by a fully mechanical system. The prototype development is approached in a theoretical manner, beginning with the conceptualization and design of a rotating disk with a notches and corresponding closure surfaces to open and close the flow path. The actuated disk and notch design is then refined and followed by the design of an inlet and exhaust manifold to correspond to the valve design, and the theorizing and design of a sealing gasket. The rotating speed of the valve is determined by a general idling speed, and can be varied to provide variable valve timing with the motor. The final assembly eliminates a majority of the moving parts currently used in camshaft systems, like the cam, camshaft, rocker arm, push rod and springs, and results in a significantly lighter valve actuation system. By eliminating the translatory motion of valves, the problem of valves slamming on the valve seats at high velocities is eliminated, thus greatly reducing engine wear.

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Uba, Felix, Yesuenyeagbe A. K. Fiagbe

Ghanaian water bodies have been under threats recently, ranging from illegal mining, sand winning, reclamation of water bodies for the purposes of human settlement, pollution, etc. Civil and mechanical installations on the coastal waters have increase due to the discovery of oil recently and such situations are not spared by oil spills. Oil spills are an inevitable consequence of the need to produce, store, and transport oil. The commercialization of oil production has placed Ghana among High-Risk Zones which are characterised by high traffic density and the presence of navigational hazards. Despite Ghana’s awareness about oil spill accidents in both preparedness and response, it is likely it will be compromised when any accident occurs as it has more pressing demands on finite funds and resources. This situation might place Ghana among ill-prepared countries against oil spill combat. An important part of contingency plan is the prediction of locations that are susceptible to oil after spillage. This can be done by the use of satellite information, reviewing and comparing previous incidents, laboratory work or by fine tuning models which as of now the country is not having despite all the precautions to prevent oil spills. When spill models are used properly, they provide ecological, economic and social benefits. Hence, the need for such decision-making tool for Ghana to create an environment for the contingency plans to be tested, validated and upgraded. Such exercises not only maintain and increase the skills of the response personnel, but also lead to improvements and fine tuning of the plan as weaknesses and gaps are identified.

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Syaharuddin, Habib Ratu Perwira Negara, Vera Mandailina, Lalu Sucipto

This research aims to develop the project application in teaching and learning Calculus using Grapichal User Interface (GUI) of Matlab. The scope of the development result includes (1) PreCalculus, (2) Function Limit, (3) Derivative and its application, and (4) Integral and its application. Every aspect of development is presented according to the standards of material competence, learning achievement indicators, and solutions or settlement steps on each issue presented. This project application can be used by lecturers and students in universities to improve motivation, mastery of material and student learning outcomes in the Calculus course. Development of this project application is done through 4 stages called 4-D namely: Define, Design, Development, and Dissemination. Based on the data analysis, the results obtained at the validation stage of expert validity level average of 3.575, which means "quite valid". Then on a limited trial the average student gave a response of 92.00% which means "very good". While in the first field trial the average student gave a response of 89.30% which means "very good", and in the second field trial the average student gave a responded of 90.15% which means "very good". Besides that, we also solve computational calculus problems in Edwin J. Purcell Dale Varberg's Book of Volume 1 of Edition 5 of 48 questions that are divided into 64 cases.

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Chirag Panchal, Junwei Lu, Sascha Stegen

Wireless charging is a popular upcoming technology with uses ranging from mobile phone charging through to electric vehicle (EV) charging. Large air gaps found in current EV wireless charging systems (WCS) pose a hurdle of its success. Air gaps in WCS cause issues in regards to efficiency, power transfer and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) leakage issues. A static In-Wheel WCS (IW-WCS) is presented which significantly reduces the issues associated with large air gaps. A small scale laboratory prototype; utilizing a standard 10mm steel reinforced tyre, has been created and compared to a typical 30mm air gap. The IW-WCS has been investigated by experimental and finite element method (FEM) based electro-magnetic field simulation methods to validate performance.

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Muhammed Arif Sen, Veli Bakircioglu, Mete Kalyoncu

This paper presents an inverse kinematics program of a quadruped robot. The kinematics analysis is main problem in the manipulators and robots. Dynamic and kinematic structures of quadruped robots are very complex compared to industrial and wheeled robots. In this study, inverse kinematics solutions for a quadruped robot with 3 degrees of freedom on each leg are presented. Denavit-Hartenberg (D-H) method are used for the forward kinematic. The inverse kinematic equations obtained by the geometrical and mathematical methods are coded in MATLAB. And thus, a program is obtained that calculate the legs joint angles corresponding to desired various orientations of robot and endpoints of legs. Also, the program provides the body orientations of robot in graphical form. The angular positions of joints obtained corresponding to desired different orientations of robot and endpoints of legs are given in this study.

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Rumesh Weerakoon, M.D.J.W Wijesinghe

There are various cases and impacts of child labour and it has been a universal problem and remains as one of polemical challenge faced by the world. The problem of child labour not only causes to damage their physical and mental health but also their education right, freedom, development of childhood etc. Both developing countries and developed countries are faced to the phenomenon of child labour. 28 % of Working children have faced injuries or fallen ill at least once in a year due to work in Sri Lanka. The main objective of the study is to examine the impact of child labours on their health. 200 primary data were collected in Peta, Sri Lanka using simple random sampling method. Binary Logistic regression was employed to identify the health effects of child labour. According to the study child labors have faced some illnesses or injuries due to employment. Hours of working, carrying of heavy loads, operate heavy machines and equipment, place of work and expose to things were highly correlated with physical harm of child labors. Carrying heavy load, operate heavy machines and equipment and working place highly affected to physical harm of child labor. Many of them are employed on the street as street vendors, construction sites, factory and hotel and restaurant. Injuries and physical harms are highly related to the working place. Therefor the study recommends to empower the families, provide the better formal education and vocational training to overcome this issue.

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Bakar Djibat

This study aims to reveal and analyze the educational values contained in Sopik tradition of Makian Island community, North Maluku Province. This research is a qualitative research using a descriptive approach which is intended to explore and clarify the Sopik phenomenon on Makian island community of the North Maluku province, with describing a number of variables related to this problem. The phenomenon is education values contained in the Sopik tradition, then implemented in community social life so it is always sustainable and still implemented by every generation in the future, especially the parties who litigation that need a solution wisely. This study is not intended to test a particular hypothesis, but only describes the phenomenon as mentioned above, this is in line with the chosen approach by the author is a qualitative approach where not limited by a particular measuring instrument. Research data was collected through observation techniques, in-depth interviews, and documentation techniques. The data were analyzed using continuous, interactive qualitative analysis technique. The results finding that many values can be expressed and developed in education in Indonesia, by applying a number of local wisdom that developed in the community.

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Peter M. Lukonde, Peter R. K. Chileshe

The paper reports the layout of a mapping process for literature, theoretical and conceptual framework and methodology for mining ventilation engineering evaluation, design and methodology for a hot deep mine. The purpose of mine ventilation is to provide suitable environmental conditions in working places that promote comfort and efficiency as well as the safety and health of underground personnel. The objectives addressed in this paper include: (a) evaluation of a current mine ventilation system for a hot deep-level mine, taking into account the existing ventilation system infrastructure, for building of a mine ventilation baseline parametric database for subsequent end of life mine ventilation design; and (b) design of the extension end of mine life ventilation system taking into account increased production, high geothermic gradient and subsequent increase in depth of mining. The methodology used in evaluating an existing underground mine ventilation system and designing the extension end of mine life ventilation system employed three stages: (i) Literature mapping to identify authors, titles and technical papers at global, regional, and national/district scales relevant to the research; (ii) Conceptual and theoretical framework mapping to extract a kernel or core of concepts, hypotheses and theories from the literature map to drive the formation of methods of implementation; and (iii) Methodology and implementation mapping to direct and control the processes of data collection, analysis and interpretation. A sample case study of a deep-level underground mine has been used in this paper to provide examples of data collection, data analysis and interpretation, key findings and results, discussion and ‘what is new’, conclusions and recommendations, when the proposed mapping process is employed.

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Roswani Siregar

Along with the human history, translation is the sustainable communication tool among the cultures to preserve this knowledge from generation to generations. Undoubtedly, both translation plays a very important role in an increasingly globalized world, and translators have the prominent roles in the development of countries. Many translators really enjoy their work, but hesitated to teach a course due to their lack of pedagogical knowledge and believe that the translation skill is gained by personal experiences and talents. Thus, this paper attempt to promote the translation teaching in classroom by set the preliminary approach to teach translation. The sequences of teaching design are described by propose the brief definition to the nature of translation, the importance translation teaching, the translator competence, and design of translation course. This paper is the preliminary approach to translation teaching for beginners in university setting.

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Haryanto, Toto Nusantara, Subanji, Swasono Rahardjo

This article discusses ethnomathematics in Arfak indigenous communities. The focus of this research is how to calculate Arfak society in the form of the language of the hatam. The purpose of this study is to know the type of numbers in the language hatam by people in everyday life in the calculation and then look for the addition of algorithms according to the type of number. The method used in this research is ethnography. Next searched the addition of algorithms that match the type of numbers used by the community. The results obtained in this study are the numbers in the language hatam using base number 5-10. Of the numbers obtained, the appropriate summation algorithm is Abacus 4.1.

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Thamrin Tarigan, Andi Sofyan, Syamsuddin Muchtar, Wiwie Heryani

Corruption as deeply rooted in every facet of national life. The payment of compensation money as much as possible with the property obtained from corruption crime. The research is a juridical-sociological-legal research (empirical), a research using library material or secondary data as initial data then continued with primary data or field data. The results show that the imprisonment and compensation money in Corruption Act, imprisonment as a means of deterrent effect and coaching, compensation money is used as an instrument of corruption seizure, especially before the birth of money laundering. Related to the commitment and the role of imprisonment and compensation money by law enforcers in corruption crime can be seen from some judge consideration in deciding criminal corruption. In criminal payment of a compensation money, many convicted persons cannot pay, its basis the third party suing the government for evidences seized in effort to fulfill the payment of compensation money.

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Olajiga B.O, Olulope P.K

The power outage in Ado Ekiti is disturbing and has produced a negative effect on the life and economy of the people. This study presents investigation of power supply challenges in Ado-Ekiti Low Voltage Distribution network with the specific focus on the development of an algorithm for its improved performance. In this work, voltage quality problem and its cause was investigated. Load flow of the Llow Voltage (LV) network was carried out using impedance modeling with the aid of MATLAB/SIMULINK. Results obtained from the analysis were applied to develop algorithm for improved performance of the LV network while measures for improved LV performance were formulated from the developed algorithm. The analysis indicated that the voltage drop on the LV network is within the range (0.87p.u-0.94p.u). Voltage deviation is completely outside the permissible range of ±6%.

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P. K. Olulope, A.M. Adebimpe

Fault, power loss and increasing demand for power by the various consumers pose a great challenge to the stakeholders in the energy sector. This study presents analysis of fault and power loss on 11kV network in Ado-Ekiti power distribution system. In order to achieve this aim, operational problem involving network unavailability due to fault occurrences and power loss due to outage are valuated and analyzed using descriptive statistical method. In the course of the study, outage events and durations, downtime of disconnected loads and nature of faults were observed and captured for analysis using statistical method. It is alarming, as this study reveals that substantial portion of the total power supplied to Ado-Ekiti in four years was lost as a result of the faults on the four (4) 11kV feeders in the State capital. Analysis of the result shows that frequent open circuit and earth faults are the causes of the losses and the implications on the economy in four years under consideration was estimated at one hundred and eight million, eight hundred and thirty five thousand, nine hundred and sixty eight naira (N108, 835, 968 .00). The percentage contribution of each feeder to the total fault of the network between 2008 and 2011 range from approximately 17% to 31% while the percentage contribution of each feeder to the load loss of the network range from approximately 17% to 33%. It was observed that reduced outage on the feeders and quick response to faults whenever it occurs are the ways of eliminating or reducing the losses.

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IJSTR - January 2022 - Volume 11 Issue 1